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"delaware township orientate" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"The case of gold. Still do well. That should not be held against him. I think it should be of a badge of honor so I I think again. I love to hear if there's somebody in your listening audience. Who is a hall of fame voter? Who did not vote for Hall of? Fame by love dig your. They're they're logic on what he failed to measure up on in their mind. Now I listening and and looking at at the Times that he that he didn't win who beat him. And it's a WHO's who of his era's you know best sprinters including into two thousand and one when he you know he would eventually end up going going to for his last nine give or take swept overboard. Squirrel squirt. Who of course broke bobby? Franken's Frustrating over in the Breeders Cup. Delaware Township Orientate won the two thousand and two at Arlington Son of a pistol was running son of a gun our tax and big JAG and re raise. I mean I don't know I don't get it I just don't I don't get it. I mean that and that you mentioned the buyers and I know that you know that that that doesn't mean a much to certain kinds of people however you know starting with the win in the Elkin Aho in ninety nine one fifteen one fifteen one fifteen one fifteen one twenty three one twelve one zero nine one nineteen one eighteen seventeen when fourteen one twelve one nineteen. J. I don't know if they're how many how many horses in the buyer era a put together a string of efforts like that. I would dare say nobody. You know I think one hundred and fifteen or higher.

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