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"del fantasma resolution house party" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

"It was a quick back and forth austin theory. Pick the win. I'm happy that he did After the match theory attacked rough within dexter. Loomis shows up rips out. Austin theories hair tickles. His nose with it smells it and We find out that. Dexter loomis is a sick pervert and i love every second of it. That's the character. Dexter loomis creepy kinda fucking guy on c. Him drawing pictures. I want him fucking like being like a fucking creep psycho. They have documentaries on netflix. About what do you think. Read and i know you were very high extra so i just hated the goofy fucking Also stories you know. He should be ripping people's hair out and shit like that. I told you. It's a mixture of that psycho killer slash dexter fucking Character gimmick should so that that's the way it's supposed to be he's gotta be a fucking creep in a work but the match was blairite pretty much we're worked. It worked for him. Definitely also theory got over and soda luma. So that's aluminum versus ghana is seeming like the the story effort for Vengeance day which everyone was looking forward to it being saint valentine's day massacre. But no then we get llegado. Del fantasma versus lucia house party in the semifinals. That we get llegado del fan. I finals. it was The route before that. Sorry we get the gardell fantasma. Winning here They will be facing ms k next week. i'm excite. Y'all laguna del fantasma versus fucking which by the way Someone said on twitter that Llegado del fantasma resolution house party might be tacky mentioned the year thing so people are saying. I don't know i thought it was okay. It was a good high flying match. Forty four did in. I don't think it was matched a year but it was fast paced interesting a better you the best teammates. I've seen on tv in a while. I actually because it was fast pace of people. In which. I'm okay i like. I like fast paced too. So i'm not complaining right. I thought it was good. And i'm not gonna knock anything of it. But i wouldn't say was matched a year way meter. Msk comes out. cut a promo on the gowda ovum. Tasmania promise to beat them. Next week as they admire the trophy Then we had done burton. Logan looking go to the ring and cut a promo done cosell. Imbalanced imbalance comes out challenges Done to a match at vengeance day and then edge comes out edges on annex. T let me tell you. Edge was shining all fucking night on annex. T he comes out says. He likes annex t because it focuses on wrestling instead of entertainment. What he thought about that. It's good i. I like that is gonna say you went to go put an x. T. over he was like for the first time ever. I'm seeing a company in w focus on the second w in w w the world wrestling exactly. Yes back. you know the wrestling aspect of things. So he I love when he said that he credits for inspiring him to return. We could face always young talent. He puts over pedone and fame baylor and says that when the royal rumble he could face anybody including imbalance for the championship read is is balanced and.

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