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"del dallas heikal" Discussed on Lance McAlister

"Podcast and I very much appreciate that. All right let's wrap. It up with the scoreboard, the scores presented by our friends at uncork technology visit for dot tech break up the Marlins marlins sweep a doubleheader tonight over the Orioles Marlins now five and one I forget was John Hayman somebody tweeted. One of the baseball writers tweeted that the Marlins this is the latest in the season, the Marlins they've ever been in first place the years they won the world series they were wildcards. Let me repeat that this is the latest in franchise history the Florida marlins Miami Marlins have been in first place they sweep a doubleheader tonight they are five and one after everything they've gone through. What nine days without playing seventeen guys on the injured list one opting out replacement players being signed off the streets. Olympic speed skaters being signed in the marlins sweep a doubleheader tonight. The white sox fall to the brewers one to nothing. ooh Heck of a pitch up matchup pitching matchup tonight Hauser and Del Dallas Heikal the Yankees and phillies split a double header. Tonight was the Blue Jays over the braves two to one. The twins beat the pirates twins are ten and to the pirates are to ten. Red, sox. Shut out the raise tonight Peres gets the job done. It was the mets over the nationals three to one couple of story lines in that one Rich Portillo? He picks up the win that is career win number one, hundred, fifty in Rick Portillo's career. The other storyline Max Scherzer left after the first inning, it was a twenty-seven pitch first inning. His velocity was down it is said to be a hamstring issue which has been bugging him another pitcher with question marks surrounding him. This one doesn't sound as bad as some of the others. Let's see what else is. On the scoreboard here, those are your finals is believe the Marlins doubleheader and we got the phillies and Yankees doubleheader. So bottom three now, the angels lead the Mariners one nothing it's dodgers over the padres seven to five they head of the body they headed the ninth. Now bottom four rangers for as to top the diamondbacks beaten up the Astros twelve to seven diamondbacks headache seven run inning was at a nine run inning they hit for the cycle and the inning said fourteen batters to the plate giants over the rockies four two right now top seven and the cubs about. Say about to finish off there in the top of the eighth, we'll leave it at that and leading the Kansas city royals four to one. If the cubs win, they will move to ten and two on the season again interesting story this morning in Chicago listening to my Buddy David. Caplan fans debating what the make it a cubs start at nine to because the teams. They beaten have a combined record of thirteen and twenty nine. I would file that under. You can only play the teams that are on the schedule and the culture within six outs of going to ten and two on the season. Alright. Thanks for hanging out tonight, which we had better results to discuss will carry this over to tomorrow afternoon I will join you at five. Five ten tomorrow for the inside pitch and set up the reds and the Indians in the wrap up of the four-game series Next and then the at n you've been listening Kelsey Chevrolet extra innings on seven hundred wliw. Hey, lance mcallister. Here I'd like to thank Richter and Phillips Jewelers for sponsoring the podcast Richter and Phillips has the largest in shop collection of loose diamonds in the tri-state. That's a big deal because most places need to order 'em in lot of jewelers, request deposits to view diamonds, which is a big red flag trapping you into purchasing one of the diamonds they ordered instead of allowing you to view a wide range of diamonds. It here's a tip for you right now, if you visit richterphillips dot com slash lance, you'll get a fifty percent off code again, visit richterphillips dot com slash lance for fifty percents off..

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