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"That I would demand full of of NFL players and most of the quarterbacks. All right. So so I guess so. I know that you listen all the baseball you do. You're an insider for NHL network. I'm gonna hit pause on the NFL Network Insider. Uh, yeah, please do I like your name? A handful of quarterback? The knowledge I have of the NFL was back from when Dave Craig was playing. So that's that's what we got. Greg Erik Kramer, you Steve DeBerg. There was a really good Frank Reich really good backup quarterbacks in that era that I really admired because you know that's just it that I always gravitated towards the back up. So maybe I just see myself that way, but I really appreciated that era backup quarterback. Take it easy, buddy. Thanks for what? You have a great weekend. Deep Grogan. Or he was a good one, too. Wasn't it? Nicely done? Well, Frank Reich is actually a head coach. Now he's a pretty good one. Really. And in the NFL real Yes. He's a coach of the Indianapolis Colts day. My information is old. I got a lot of that. But you still had that when you've got three kids. I can tell you chapter and verse all about the pop patrol, but I can't tell you who's running NFL teams right now. All right. That was good. Look for John Palmer. Rosa MLB network Breaking down rider coming up later on tonight, but he has always, man. Thanks, man. Thanks for the conversation. Guys. I appreciate it. You're the best body. See, pre Brexit way. Why is he really I just threw that name out for giggles. I don't know. He was a head coach Really well. Amazing Wait, he helped win a Super Bowl. What the hell? We got more coming up in 90 seconds. But first, it's Steve to cigarettes. What's trending in the wide world of sports? You can add the name of Chase Daniel because he's gonna be in the league so long as a backup, he'll be added. Added to that Lisa and about the same age, right is Matt Prater, The Lyons kicker, and Adrian Peterson has been a lion so Maybe there's one name that he could add to the list. You guys were talking about Dodgers and Padres earlier and I can't wait for those games this year. Of course, they're not West opponents. They'll play each other a ton, and those were already the two best teams last year in the National League, but looking ahead at the schedule Late September. Dodgers and Padres for three. Next to last Syriza of the year will be those two at Dodger Stadium and what you mentioned with JP about all the talent and the resumes on this Dodger roster. The Dodgers this year could become the first team ever to in a single season. A three former Cy Young winners and three former M V P winners because Clayton Kershaw has won one of each of those trophies or has won each I should say, and Trevor Bauer David Price in the rotation Cody Bellenger, Mookie Betts in the lineup as well. And, yes, he mentioned that the Mets not only lost out on Bauer but on rail, Moto and Springer this offseason as far as free agents, but Jason. Any Mets fan should read The Can. ROSENTHAL article in the athletic tonight that Bauer age 30. Had such success is a Cy Young Award winner last year, Quote at least partly attributable to the poor quality of his competition in a regionalized schedule that eight of his starts in a shortened season war against sub 500 clubs that all but one start came against one of the league's 11 worst offenses, and also his spin rates jump so dramatically. The question is out there. Was he using illegal substances to help it. Can also writes Trevor Bauer will need to both own up to and put an end to social media tactics that include harassment when he responds aggressively to fans and reporters on Twitter, particularly women, prompting his followers to attack those Challenged him, so see, you're really You're not missing anything and his career to raise 3.90, including all those years, including it was a bomb. I'm glad we didn't get him. We've got to move on to some other guys. I'm saying this guy's a bum. You don't want to come. You don't want to come here to see many NLCS. That's how it's gonna work. That bum gets a three year deal without doubts. After each of the first two years, he learned $40 million this season with Ella, including the deferred money. Outfielder Marcel Ozuna will re sign with the Braves four year deal Where 65 Mil plus an option year he led the league in homers and RB eyes. Last year. Detroit re signed second basement Jonathan Scope He batted about 2 80 last year. The season before, with Minnesota Scope had 23 home runs and the Rangers signed pitcher Mike Faulty. Novich ex of Atlanta. Xander softly has a one stroke lead in the Gulf at Phoenix. Major League Soccer players reached agreement on a new labor deal. The vote to ratify is this weekend and in the NHL. It's nearing the end of the second period Vegas over the L. A. Kings five to nothing, then the late game with Ella hosting it in the N B A is Clippers versus Celtics. Did third quarter Clippers ahead. 73 66 Kawai Leonard 20 points. 10 rebounds so far in 2.5 quarters as Paul George is out due to a foot injury Celtics are missing Jalen Brown and Marcus Smart. Phoenix is beating Detroit 109 92, the Pistons record five and 17. Meanwhile, wins for Minnesota and Toronto now Toronto's win was at Brooklyn 1 23 1 17 Kevin Durant of the Nets do to contact tracing involving someone else did not start did play and then Durant was pulled in the third quarter due to protocols he should be missing. The Jamot, Philadelphia on Saturday night. Milwaukee one, It's contest Utah one again the Jazz 18 and five and for those who didn't hear the NC double announced today, the entire women's basketball national tournament this spring. Will take place in Texas, primarily San Antonio That follows the decision to hold the entire men's March madness in the state of Indiana primaries into the Annapolis and we're back to the show in a 2nd 1st a word from farmers call 1888 farmers and you could save on your auto insurance..

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