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"december first twenty thirteen hundred thirteen" Discussed on Deck The Hallmark

"You're halfway there. Joy brand new plus skewing paying. What do they get umbrella. plus first of all community unlike any other trend. Free listening Thing that's chad. Free out chatting swinging none of them. A swinging chad. Don't know what what nope have you met. Chad says that little dance swings sleep dancing jazz swinging. Get chad michael. Murray is when you get out chad. Don't one here guys what we're trying to say is to have plus is where you should be We would love to have you think. Fright panda Dan i understand that you have something that you've been wanting to get off your chest for a little bit and now i think is the time to go ahead and do that puck go. No no it's about time you're miserable. Just awful you terrible. That's doing afford no. Okay tracy put that in the rundowns. Chess i beg for call. He said hey. I need by chess. I said how important is a skill of to frankie muniz and he said poor while god got out and goes one two three four ashlee simpson. Full malcolm frankie muniz simpson said simpson simpson simpson. Why would i sim sim. Sim sim guys swinging. Now already Guys last christmas on a week of these already classic christmas today. Everybody would even christmas in conway. Hope you watched it on friendly. Niimi hope you enjoyed this one trip. But classic chris sorry classic christmas mcclatchy christmas classic christmas. How are you pal com. Tell me this movie came out in two thousand thirteen. Tell me about the. Chris was a twenty thirteen all. It was a special one. Why snow where yup everywhere the you're there to do. I was there to the we. All were you me. Everybody bouma fu go absolutely classic christmas classic christmas at conway it originally aired on december first twenty thirteen hundred thirteen. Who this natalie. She is A live in nurse care who is going to start helping suzy. Mayor is her name jones mayor sister. She's just home from the hospital Suzy's husband dunkin grumpy. Fella just wants to care for his wife. Ignore natalie need his hot dogs but all He thinks that he can take care of his wife. He doesn't need this nurse of an end up at. The doctor was the only way that i can let her go. Home is for there to be a nurse living to make sure that everything is good that she's well cared for so donkin and susie reminiscing looking at a picture of this wonderful night that they spent on a ferris wheel and they decide. We're going to get in the truck. We're going to go to myrtle. And we're gonna get in that ferris wheel but halfway to the ferris She starts to feel bad and so they have to go home. And natalie is like you shouldn't have done this. Anything bad can happen at any time. And deng as i think i know of that i wanna do affairs will give me a hot dog. And so he's very upset about this and so he decides you know what i've got a nice backyard. What an iphone ferris wheel right here. So he goes to. He goes to see what he can find. There's fellow also named tommy harris. Who's doing some christmas decorating next door. He's some kind of handyman And he wants to help. Suzie bringing a christmas tree. Duncan is like you get out of here. Boy don't need you here you'll you'll feet so that's happening. So duncan does to try to find a ferris wheel and he goes to myrtle beach and to see if anyone at myrtles giving away a ferris wheel no dice. Luckily someone at myrtle always knows where you can find something if you look hard enough. And so he sends them to the woods to talk to a guy about a ferris wheel. He goes the guys just like crazy. Carney who's got ferris wheel parts and he's like no you can't have it get out of so duncan decides you know what i'm not gonna take no for an answer. I'm going to bring my rv back because this guy needs a place to sleep. I'll give them my rv for ferris wheel deal and carney's like okay. I'll also shoot your tire as that's that's a quick like you know. Handshake deal in the cardi. World's search tire. So tommy ends up helping. Susie gets a christmas tree. Dunkin's not happy about that. But but but he doesn't need help with the ferris wheel and so he's like tommy. If you do this for me it'll help you pay off the debts that you have with me so real stuff going on there thomas. I'm not the same person i used to be. I'll help you with this. So natalie ends up breaking up with her boyfriend Because of long term and also because he's the worst definitely as long term long distance. I'm sorry to tell me of long-term good. It definitely has nothing to do. With the fact that tommy's working in the backyard looking dunkin has this neighbor. That hates him. He hates his neighbor and when she finds out that he's putting up affairs for his dying wife. She says i'm more shut that down. No way you're taking any of the attention away from my twig reindeer. She finally gets the city to shut it down. They all go to dunkin. And he gets real. Upsets tommy's up on the wheel and who knows what he ends up falling down. Boom boom takes quite. The tom bowl has to go has to go to the hospital. So dumb can goes to pick tommy up from the hospital when they get back crazy carney from the woods. He's there. He's finishing the job. No gun incite thank. God it's ready to go. So duncan goes inside. Takes suzie out into the hawk zone. For one. last ride is starts snowing conway and my friends was christmas. Conway we did exactly right guys. We did it well. I guess we'll take a break. Okay good about read some good reviews lately about how they love the brakes. I should be doing the handbrake after every segment. I think every segments every segment term did one after each one says our take on some of like every hot takes so we do hot take break right. Panic is hot. Take break bring is one now. You're we won't do a break after mind. We'll go straight to all the fields break. I love that introduce all the fields. Twelve to fifteen breaks an episode. I think this is a good idea. We'll see how this feels fish. We did it every body. what was what. it's.

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