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"decay siddique" Discussed on ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast

"You cannot sit here and say that this system and way in the way in which it works is open to input all this kind of stuff and so a new person coming in have no input and nothing will change. That is not how it works. Never has never will anybody who's managed people knows that that doesn't work and anybody. Who's managed to game will tell you? That certainly does not work one of the reasons why I want to bring this up is because we talked about this by wear hired some Mo designers prior to dragon age inquisition. Coming out. Now I was back running the channel and I did some podcast about this. Sorry if I moved the Mike you might hear that and I did some podcasts. About this podcast about you know that my personal belief was them higher in these. Emo designers meant that they're going to be some emo style. Trappings Within Dragon aging physician. We get dragon aging physician. And it's an emo that single player and you can't tell me it's not now. People have liked dragon aging physician. And I'm replaying at currently with some odds including I gotta give him a shout-out Nexus. Mods has a maude that adjusts the camera angle and puts it like sky room very close and I have enjoyed that game ten times more using that camera. Maude then initially We can talk about F. O. V. Camera MODs later because I do believe that camera angles can subtly change the way in which you interact with the character and the story making feel either closer farther away it it did. It just changed the way that game was made and this is something I talked about prior years ago. This is something we're seeing with ubisoft. Ubisoft said we're changing our editorial team. Because we've we've had some issues with the way these current games. I gotTa tell you guys. The editorial team is not really my issue with the far cry or assassin's creed games. It's not it's my game play issues that I have. I don't really see a problem with far cry. Fives overall story and ideas. I didn't love them but I sorta dug some of those characters. That really wasn't the issue. The issue was overwriting. Spawns gameplay issues where you get in a car and everybody fucking know who you were. It's like you could fuck a duck in one town and everybody in the town instantly new you did and Sky Room not that. There's a duck fucking Maude. But if there was a prophet downloaded. But you can't do that. So what we see is them cherry changing the narrative direction of their games. But I'm not a hundred percent. Sure that really means anything because when you look back you find out far primal which I believe is one of the better far cry and I know that that's not it. It seems to be mimic now as people have gone back to play it. But let's ignore if you like it or not. We'll just say it did feel different whether you liked it or not. Do you know how far cry prime was made? Three teams decided that they were GonNa go off and come up with basic prototyping for different styles of ubisoft games that were based in far cry. They came back and the team voted on which one they like. The most they liked far cry primal now. I don't know what the other two were but I like that idea. I think that's a great idea and a company like ubisoft has that ability many companies. Do not but I think that that is a stellar way to do things and I don't necessarily think this editorial team change on Ubisoft position will change that it could change the way in which they deliver stories which I think for some people might be the biggest issue but I really don't a lot of times I hear people saying Oh. I hated the story in this game. Most of them didn't have any real issues with stories. In a lot of the main games they had issues more long lines with the way the game plate. And I think that's actually telling in what will see in the future from those kind of companies so moving on from there to answer a coup- a couple of shorter patron questions to action. Sections ARE SAXON SAYS. Been debating for a while now and grabbing days gone the. Ps four in lieu of that. Is there anything you could recommend? If you have an xbox and game pass I would say checkout state of Decay Siddique one and two both have their issues but one of the things that state of decay does that. Almost no other game has done when it comes to the Zombie. Way in which you play. And you incorporate The character teamwork in a game. It adds these random skills and traits every single character including things they like and dislike and how they act and it really does cause you to believe that they're true team members. The original did this in spectacular fashion Even though they patched out one of the best parts of the game which was a simulation. Pardon I've talked about this all the time but I'm gonNA mention it here. The original game had it. So that if you pause the game or if you close game and played a different game and came back they simulated everything that could have happened. Prior to you leaving and coming back and you could actually lose a character it would say like so and so died while trying to get salvage and I loved that instead of patching into an option. They patched it out of the because people complained. Personally I felt that kind of ironman situation would be more acceptable now with dark souls. Dow Games and that kind of thing But they didn't put it into dark souls to however are sorry they didn't put it into state of decay to however. I think that there is a lot to like their despite not running the best you get a couple of friends together and just go out and play. I do like that game. It's really Microsoft's be team kind of thing Undead labs has never really been able to deliver on their complete idea. I think when it comes to their attack and what they wanna do but personally just for me when it comes to fun factor which is a big deal for games at that price at the price that you could probably get it now. I think it's worth actually checking out other games in that section. There really isn't a ton. Days gone is an open world huge Zombie game so I guess the only other one you can say is dead rising. I've had my issues with dead rising some sequels I liked more or less than others actually enjoyed four because I felt that they sort of made it a little bit tighter. They did get rid of some stuff that really liked. But this is something you'll see that I do with games. A Lotta Times is a I definitely will compare it to the prior titles when I review a game I personally have this in my guidelines that are reviewed the game based not only on where it is in a sequel. So if it's one two three or four how builds on one two and three or takes away in that can certainly heard it but also just what it offers alone because I think that is important. A lot of people maybe just brand new got an xbox one and so they're like hey. I WANT TO JUMP INTO DEAD RISING. And you're like okay. We'll dead rising. Four is the new one. And they're thinking of jumping into that and it's like how is that game overall by itself to just play. Is it fun to play alone ignoring the others? And then also you have to give some context and say but one two and three offered these things in four dozen tour four offers this one. Two and three don't so that would be another one. I would suggest at least checking out you know. The reviews were not in love with that. But I don't think people realize that with dead rising there. There's always been some concern about every single title in. Dead rising history. Everyone number one came out. People weren't a big fan of the timer. That occurred number two came out. They weren't a big fan of the character then. They did case zero than they did. Three which was co-op with a completely different characters. Well than they did four with Frank West but it was actually ty Olsson. The actor who took over Frank West now. I think he did a good job of the voice. It wasn't the original voice over but again you're talking about a time where that guy was only in one game and then aside game so I was okay with that switch but again there's a couple of games out there but not anything that really fits perfectly with days. Gone Days. Gone is first party. Triple A. Almost game for Sony where I think those others are double a Or AAA Elliott says. I'm not sure if you've had an opinion on the matter. Video Games as stress relievers. I've heard plague. Inc has become very popular in China. Due to the current virus crisis nine no similar cases from friends and family returned to games especially mobile games with simple systems at times when they had to deal with tremendous stress. Do you think more hardcore games can fill such a role as well? That's a good. It's a good question and yes but I think that that's not a question that really would ever be a no. It just depends on the person You do ask in the next part of the question. Can you share some personal experiences? So my Ridge in my original answer is yes of course. Hardcore Games can do that. I know people who play dark souls for relaxation which wouldn't really work for me but I get why they do that. And it's a system that they're accustomed to and people don't realize that what is very difficult for one person can be actually quite easy for another not only based on skill on pure skill but also just on memorization of the systems at play and understanding how to mini Max. Something and work with something when it comes to my personal experience. I can't say really hardcore games. I got into maybe a serious SAM on a hard core level I saw I certainly enjoyed. I absolutely love Armagh at the highest difficulties but I will say that I don't mind playing a game on hard difficulty to have fun into me. Fun Really is relaxing if that makes sense so hardcore or an easy game. I'll do both. I do like to do things outside of gaming. I'm a big fan of doing martial arts. I teach I also enjoy lifting weights. I enjoy air. Soft a great deal and those kinds of things getting out from behind the desk less so than I would like but as much as I possibly can. I also do a lot of friend things. I think. A lot of people friends. I don't necessarily turned directly back into the the the overall entertainment avenue. When I'm stressed that I normally would go to for work and I didn't do that. Prior to reviewing games by the way so nothing changed in fact a lot of people. Ask Me what changed between reviewing games and not reviewing games and I can tell you this I play. I play actual games less now than I did when I was not reviewing the reason why is because I was working job and I would have to set exact times down so I would almost feel like I need to play because I have to work tomorrow and need to play because after work tomorrow now would continually come up so I put that time down in. That would playtime when it comes to reviews. There might be a week or two where I get nothing. I've had people be like man. You Review so many games. How do you do it? And I'm like go back and look yes. There have been times where there's been two or three and I've stayed up twenty four hours in a row but that was stuff that I did normally on a weekend prior to reviewing for me really it's been playing a little less actually And doing more stuff with you guys on patron in the discord and and enjoying it but just it's just sort of been. I think when it comes down to a stress relief I've I've always taken stuff into this job that I had from other jobs in other things that I enjoy doing. If you guys can hear the fan noise I'm GonNa move that seal hear a little bit of just want to move that a little bit because it was blown on the Mike. I apologize if you hear a little bit. I'll try to clean that up next up. Jc Travis Butler says and this is the last one. Not sure if there's been asked before but what's an item from a video game you'd like to bring into the real world? Ashley's but in mass effect one that's an ASS Let's see what would I like to bring in a car? You Know I. This is something I always feel bad. Always.

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