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"deborah hirsch" Discussed on Crime Junkie

"So early that evening, around 6 p.m., she decides to clean the entire car out. One way or another, that should help her find the source of the smell. She grabs some books off the front floorboard to put in the trunk, and when she pops the trunk, she is completely frozen. At first, she thinks she must be seeing things, but then she realizes she's not hallucinating. There in the trunk of her Ford Taurus is a man. And before she can even look at his face, she knows it's Rick's senior. For a second, Kim S doesn't know if he's alive or not. She thinks that he might jump out and attack her, and she backs away screaming. But after that initial moment of shock, it's obvious to her that he's actually dead. He's already starting to decompose. His skin is discolored, and he's fully clothed in the fetal position, with his legs curled up and his knees against his chest. There's even dried blood coming out of his nostrils. Chemists calls 9-1-1 and police are stunned. I mean, this isn't exactly a common occurrence. And by all accounts, she's probably been driving around with him in the trunk for more than 24 hours. As far as they can tell and what's later confirmed by autopsy is that this was some kind of freak accident. Rick senior crawled into the trunk on his own and died of hyperthermia, which is basically overheating, combined with cocaine and alcohol intoxication. It looks like he got a copy of Kim S's car keys when he stole her purse. Police actually find the black handbag in the trunk with him and the keys in his pocket. Look at this, please also find a knife in the trunk. Now Rick senior was apparently known to carry a pocket knife, so I'm not sure if that's the knife they find or if it's another one. But Kim asks and the police think that he was planning to jump out and attack her when she least expected it, using the emergency release handle inside the trunk, which according to reporter Deborah hirsch of the Charlotte observer was working just fine. So investigators theorized that once he crawled into the trunk, he must have somehow gotten disoriented due to the heat and the drugs and the alcohol, so he wasn't able to carry out his plan or even free himself and detectives tell investigation discovery that prior to his death, Rick senior told friends of his that he was going to give his ex, Kim S, the surprise of her life. Now Jaime's mom Kim Frehley is at work when she gets a frantic call from her sister who tells her what's going on.

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