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"deanna barbieri insurance" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"Ever seen the movie Harlem Nights with Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy has one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, I kid you not. I mean, I love that show because big knives pulled a hero move. Hey, turned CNN off in the studio, and we found Harlem nights on Beatty right now one of the best I've got to go back and watch it being It's so good. I'm stunned most of these cable channels now that we had on airplane last Friday in here we had on the movie airplane and that scene where mass chaos is going on in the inside the cabin of the airplane. They actually showed the boobies, right. I couldn't look, this is just regular cable TV right that I have seen. We were doing a Facebook live a lot. I didn't capture it. We've got to get in trouble. Cable TV is all grown up a lot. When you were gone last week. It sounds like it didn't Anytime Gets the airplane headed and you were looking at the North side west about 4 65 crash Before Meridian. We're looking at the left too late because of bad delay here really heavy, backto western Bulla Bhai, We're talking from college and then on the side crash Clear North bound sound by 4 65 Washington A little bit of traffic. It's clear now to have expansive by Indiana Farm Bureau insurance. You're good of being you, and he had a farm bureau insurances. Your insurance. Start with Deanna Barbieri Insurance and stop knocking on wood. I'm mad Bear. Follow us on Twitter for it's the traffic updates and tell you my bc travel cloudy skies and 83 The American Standard Cooling Weather Center here at 93, WNBC. You're listening to the Hammer and Nigel Show our three man I love this. Love the food Fighters story.

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