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Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #102: Rob & Akiva Need a Verdict

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Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #102: Rob & Akiva Need a Verdict

"Today answers matter more than ever before. That's why IBM is helping businesses manage customer questions with Watson Assistant It's conversational AI designed to work for any industry. Let's put smart to work visit IBM. Dot Com, slash. Watson Assistant. Cowboys. owner. County. Jeeva needle. That's right. Robin Akiva Anita podcast episode Number One oh two, and today we are going to be talking about some true crime stories here where we're going to see if myself and uncle key can crack the case and now here he is the. Of Three Beloved podcasts One of the Kings of twitter here he is a Kiva. Winokur. No, I will not take that title. Twitter who prints of twitter. The clown clown Prince of twitter maybe. Like the joker. A lot of effort to get into that makeup everyday. The joker I don't really empathize with the joke that's like that's that's like a lot. I didn't talk for as a sort of like akin to the joker in any way. No I don't think. So I think there's probably other better cops out there for me Yeah. Is there a one Batman Villain that you really identify with I don't know the Batman Villains Joker. The Penguin riddler. The, the Penguin. waddles around. Do you have an umbrella. Yeah. I mean I. could see you in the top hat. I do wear hats sometimes. Yeah. Cover the line. That's not a bad day. Okay. All right. Kiva a we had a great reviews for. NAP Celebrity get me Outta here people love panel of people had a lot of fun even though it was a train wreck good as opposed to train wreck. Bad. I think it's a fair take. I don't think anybody was like that game the coming right back. Right yeah. But they had some opportunities for people to for us to showcase the four ray guess we oughta on last week and people seem to like them these. Okay. Speaking of great guests. We have a great guest back with us here today, and if I recall correctly I do not believe that she has been back with us since millennial bootcamp it is a great pleasure to welcome back to the podcast Dr Manson with Manda. How are you? I'm great. My friends, rob-robin ocoee. I'm so happy to be here with you that. Back Calcio. Okay. Also, we're GONNA be talking about these true crime stories that Amanda has put together, and then we have a very special mail bag it's going to be an Bot mailbag later on and then is it a tourney main or is it just the the best of the? Best Amanda. I have prepared for you a bracket. So there will be a rene idea tournament. Well okay. All right. So we should say play room for that. Episode, you're SORTA like a caretaker to the NAP on. Right. Fun and I have developed a very special and unique relationship during quarantine. I've been referred to as the Rap Butts Number One reply guy which I take very seriously. At times you know our relationship is very warm. So my life has been threatened more than once. You report that to twitter they actually. Are Concerned about that. Yeah Yeah I'm a little concerned about it too. So maybe I should go up the chain with that but Eugene Goo of their NAPA. I don't I don't know that rapper Doctor Guy who's immediately and he's like the number one trump mentions guy how okay of course. Yeah Dr Eugene? Goo. Goo EEG. Yeah There than Jewish, I think. Joe, I? Disagree. Joe Pas Nancy's brother Tony's always in there is a few people. That, we should know. You're on twitter all. Akitas. Is the France tape player. He's the most famous baseball writer. Yeah. No Joke Danske. Presidential mentions as much as you are neurogenesis his brother and don't them not to mention. City royals. Joe If you saw. All right. AKIVA yeah. All right. Let are you excited to talking about true crime? Are you a recruit true crime in? I feel like you've always talked about serial at the podcast. The breakfast food. Yes. I'm a big guy goes both ways. True Crime I. I I've always been into true crime the same as a lot of other people I don't really. Think I've sort of aged out of it like I don't know I. Think it was just there's too much content like true crime is a big John rather than like podcasts about movies or TV at this point, there's just hundred. So I do think a little bit I'm overwhelmed by the amount of content and I've so I don't. I wouldn't say consume any true crime content right now but. I've always liked it. I am excited to hear about some of these cases I am nervous but the name of the episode though. Okay. So the name of the podcast as I thought coming in was Robin King Verdict, a man who was going to be telling us about a case, and then we were going to be trying to figure it out but I guess that that is in flux. Well at that's fine I think that name is okay. What do you think about liking give you the history of this kind name so This was your idea for a show like he you propose to rob some months ago. The idea of two angry men based on the smell angry men moving. End Rob immediately vetoed that name because he thought that two angry men sounded like you would be arguing about something else in directly reference true crime so The idea when in the waiting room for a while, you actually reached out to me and asked if I would be the steward of this idea. This was an idea. Is The word steward Dr. Man. I can go and check the transcript. You'll probably not you probably didn't. So. Then we needed a name for it and I proposed a list of names that you discussed on the podcast with Rob Rob like need a verdict. The best to this was one of the names suggested and this is not the first time Akiva that you've been unhappy with a name that I proposed for podcast? Oh Will you hear him? I am actually the person who named Rene. Robin Kiva. Nita podcast and famously you were unhappy with that name and tried to rename the podcast for at least the first couple of episodes. Whose history kind to Dr Man they're up I think it's a great name. It's a great Mike. Concern? We're we're we were trying to figure out the acronym during during that prequel episode. And like are a in a P. It was a lot. We didn't realize like it took a lot for people did not according to podcasts were nap and episode five. Let me say that in the wild for anybody to call it Rene but now it's We took a while, but we did fight for branding and its stock. Yeah. Yes. Okay. All right. So. Keep a what are some of the suggestions that we're looking at. So the one thing you mentioned last week was true crime on happy hour I thought it was funny but I think it's maybe too cute. Okay. I don't know. So this podcast. We well, here's some other people already understand too. Yeah. Right we there is a spoiler here. Yeah, you might. Read it where you like blocked the words and they have to hover over the words the scene. Yeah. What the spoiler is. So we have shut up tim says my favorite murder enthusiasts. Jessica phrase. Robin even let me interrupt you right now. I want to let you know something about what my vision for this podcast was when. I stayed away for murder for a few reasons. There's a lot of the good mystery murders are really well known so. Sort of oversaturated and a lot of the a lot of these murder stories are just really gruesome and not very You know we don't want them. No. Show. That that's what we want. To Spooky season. Well I know how sensitive you are Akiva too scary content. So I did I did sort of steer away from the gruesome murder thing. So there are some really clever suggestions that people came up with that include murder, and there's a lot of you know murder mystery podcasts, but I stayed away from that in the cases that I suggest it. So here's some murder neutral ideas hit by car Claire says your crimes are trash. The incidents he says Robin achieve a trial and error Jim Pignatiello and he's verified which means his opinion really matters says not really like two angry men just wanted to give it to me Robert Akiba true detective. That's also from showed up to him who enjoys getting mentioned five or six times per tweet. Rodney a jury duty Robin Akiva a gavel. To. Gavel. Is that a play on words or something I don't know I'm not sure face the facts crime time with Dr Amanda. That's not bad. Yes. We're not only not beating need a verdict. retainer verdict yet right You're going to tell us the case and we have to decide what happened. Yeah I mean if if the podcast had a different name when I was producing it then maybe I would have gone into different direction Alma I. Think need a verdict. That's what I've prepared for us today a couple more just for. Please murder they podcast did. Not Murder. But if it was pretty sweet, that's funny name. I. How do you solve a problem with Akiva remote Goo that's not bad. Yeah. Okay. That's fine. So Robert Giving you the verdict as you already know when you in this episode. Okay Great. Unsolved for. Naps threes that's not terrible. Terrible. Yeah. Next, time for next time. Okay. All right. So we've got bought ideas to get to. So what are we start to get into some of these cases? Please hey great. Great. So let so like I said, you know I did kind of comb through keep mentioned. There's a ton of true crime content out there right now there's dozens and dozens of podcasters, new ones all the time, and so I combed through a lot of stuff and I really wanted to come up with cases that were more fun that we're mysteries that like I said you know weren't going to be. Really depressing kind of gruesome stories. So one. Thank you oh. Yeah I'm glad that you guys are on the same page with that. So the first cases. I'll add to that that it's very, very far, very hard that fun this podcast that are able to do it with murder that I feel like in news af to most of the time my rule is. The stories are not funny if there ends up being a death so I try to avoid that in most of the podcasting. Yeah that that that was very much my idea going into this. So the first case is very much in a true climb mold, and then the second couple cases could be more considered mysteries, but they're all going to be cases where I'm going to ask you guys to weigh in and give your verdict and sort of solve everything. Okay. So, are either of you familiar with the Gardner Museum. Heist I am not no never heard of it. Museum about gardeners. No, it's not actually a museum about gardeners the. It's It's the Alex Gardner Museum. Now, this was the Isabella Gardner Museum, which is a collection of work of of artistic work. It's located in Boston. And in Nineteen Ninety March Eighteenth nineteen ninety it fell prey to the biggest museum art heist of all time, and this is also the greatest property theft in US history when all totaling over five hundred, million dollars worth of rb taking notes. I'll try to keep things you can feel free to take notes, but I'll try to keep it simple for you and we'll could summarize along. how do you guys feel about museum heists. I'm the Anti. Museums. Stuff in them, the faster you're done with them. So I would say, definitely, support the museum. Why you anti museum. I know there is like I know it's not for me. I don't like do you take the kids? You're worried the whole time they're gonNA. Break all the stuff there. I guess okay. Not all museums are bad. So you wouldn't consider these thirteen stolen works of precious art agreed on Russia I don't support stealing precious art. So I guess I am conflicted here. See I would say that more pro museum, but it sounds like a keep a ghost to more museums than ideal. I WanNa go to any museums. I. When I was a teacher, I was sort wanting to the other teachers. when one when we took her to the museum for the whole day one unlike the Big New York City museums. And one of the students the senior more than Mr Winker stop complaining. The furniture? Fair enough. I thought it was funny. Yeah. But yes I'm I'm museum neutral. Neutral Okay Don't think they're open now. Anyway, you can get whatever you want out of their house the way. So. Let me give you the details of this heist numb as and then you guys can think of what you think actually went down. Okay so There were two security guards that were supposed supposed to be on duty during this overnight shift. Rick Abbott was the only security guard that was. There, at one twenty, four am when two men who were dressed as police officers came to the museum door. So. Rick Abbott Buzz in these police officers, which was actually against museum protocol you're not supposed to let anybody into the museum. After our without signaling the security system so He lets these two. So called police officers in. And is immediately handcuffed and arrested by these police. Officers keep a little bit like the plot of home alone I feel like that Marvin Harry were posing as police officers and going around the neighborhood. It will shock you to know that home loan was on in this very house just two hours. Are you. Familiar. loopier. Yes that's a good stick to impersonate a police officer. It's worked before. So. Endorsing the for our listeners to maybe do that endorsed police officers who were very popular right now. I don't I don't know if I would go so far. But in this in this case that got them into the museum personnel. Did. They get into the museum, and at this point, a second guard arrives and is also at like is also bound and arrested, and they admit that they're not actually police officers, their thieves, and this is a museum heist. Okay. So. It's good to announce it. So, at this point, we have the two guards there completely bound and. and. They're they're bound and they were taken to the basement. Per this story, and then in eighty one minutes at thieves moved through the museum and they feel these thirteen pieces of very valuable art. Did they tell the clothes from the museum security guards I was like that in movies where then they tie the guys up and then they take their uniforms. That's very clever. They were already dressed as police officer. So I don't think that they needed to change into A. Kind of uniform. But that would have been a good idea. I mean, they did have a costume. So that's fun stealing something with the costume. So the seeds go in, they get all of this precious. Are they remove it to their car in and and and escape? The next morning. There's the morning shift security guards come in, and they find that the art work missing they call the police, they searched the place they find the two cards that you overnight guards duct taped and bound with handcuffs in the basement. The security tapes from the night have been destroyed. So there's no video. And and then. They interview the two security guards anchor duty to find out what happens. So. This is where the story gets a little bit interesting. Despite. Interesting. Already I'm interested I'm interested in it. Now minority because I already know if we knew that we wouldn't be talking about it. So now we're going to see you is there anything about this story so far that you have any theories of the case maybe is it an inside job? Maybe? Thinking because she did make pains to say like, Oh, the first cured was there there may be the second security guard. The guy was in under something more money Mersa Yeah And also there's definitely more than two guys if there's doing this much art, that's my impression. And I'm sorry for assuming their gender could have been some women helping them. Day. The police. The thieves that were identified two men according to the report of these guards. So. Some some interesting things about. So that's a story that was reported. Obviously, there was no video footage they do have. Some evidence that suggests that people were moving throughout. They had some surveillance footage without bases. It's against people are moving throughout the rooms. But despite the fact that the guards were unmasked the security guards that were on duty could not provide a description I'm GonNa talk about one of the guards in particular the one that was there let the thieves and his name was Rick Abba. So he was interviewed he couldn't describe as a description of what the guards looked like. However, five years later he did say that one of the thieves look like Colonel Klink from Hogan's heroes on you got some sort of retrieved memory after the fact. By Rick Abbott. I thought that you guys would appreciate it because you're boomer is like me. Hogan's heroes. I don't know Hogan's heroes I mean that. That show aired in the late sixties so. I don't know of it. I don't know anything about something Nazi related, right? They were men that were in a POW camp. It sounds very classic Sitcom. Honor. Yeah. Yes. Okay. Captured soldiers. Doesn't matter does that probably not relevant for this particular case? So. It's a little bit strange that the security guard that Rick Abbott couldn't report like could have described the the the thieves. It's also interesting that he let in the police officers at all because there was a protocol for. Two handle somebody at the museum an even if it was a police officer, they weren't supposed to let them and they were actually supposed to call authorities. So he broke protocol. So that's another inconsistency. There's one security button in the whole museum and it was behind the security desk and when Rick Abbott left the security desk obviously when the police officers came in The thieves also left behind some valuable pieces that baby more experienced the would have. Would have taken as part of it. So there was a Michelangelo that was left behind. So there's some inconsistencies whether this was a very sophisticated theft or whether there was it was more of an amateurish theft, but obviously, like any theft of this size is takes a little bit of scale. This. Rick Abbott character is really interesting. Do you guys want to hear more about him? Tell me more? So Rick Abbott was a music school out and sort of local BOSTONIAN MS musician. He admitted to the police officers that he was often drunk and stoned when he was at work but just not the night of this heist. Coincidentally. So that's good. And he? Had done like some, there was some video footage of him opening and closing the door of the museum. which was a little bit irregular. The some people thought maybe he was signaling to somebody. And he had actually had visitors which was really not allowed. He had had people come to the museum before they weren't supposed to be there to party with him earlier. So he did not have a pristine record as a as a security guard. So. That's Rick Abbott whose number one witness he's actually this has been an unsolved mystery. Now, this happened in thousand, nine, hundred eighty, and this has been you know obviously unsolved for many many years now, and he's not under investigation by the FBI and he's never been a person of interest despite all of these and he's been present but he's never been an officials suspect despite all of these inconsistencies in his story. The the. Suspects that have been officially investigated have been things like the Boston Mafia. Whitey Bolger was one of the suspects. Other like known art eaves have been investigated, but there's no current ongoing. person that they think is likely to have done it but they haven't investigated rick. Abbott and. A number of. The in many many years. So do you what are you guys thinking at this point? What is your thoughts about this about about Rick and the story? Do you think that he's the type of person who could pull off a heist of this magnitude? Wonder with the with the art heists. Yeah. How what is the? What is the resale value for like clearly stolen pieces like these are very famous artworks that like any anyone worth their salt nor will know like Oh that monet was stolen. You know what I mean like right has to the damage the value like even if you hold onto it not for anything. Okay. Let's say somebody. Rips off the Mona Lisa and then I get it secondhand. Now I WANNA put it up in my house. Every time somebody comes to my house they're going to say, Hey, isn't that the Mona Lisa like working? Ten thousand piece of Laffy Taffy surrounding the now. It's a great question. What do you do with this stuff? How do you make money off of this? How do you monetize it? Obviously, if these works were like being traffic around the Dark Net. Yeah I don't know I. Don't know what you do with hot art. I, wonder if there's a dark museum where like they can't resell them but they could. Sell you know so private admission, it's in like Bulgaria and you just go there and it's like all the great stoneworks they buy them and you get like it's the world's greatest museum. They've got tons of art from everybody that's just the one but who are the guards at the Black Market Museum question? That's a good question. Characters there's pro I mean I'd say everyone involved in the Bulgarian Art Museum is Probably Pretty Shady. So. That's I. Guess like where where would this be today? They have the museum has a ten million dollar. Who has any information about the about lead the could lead to the arts recovery and this is that's like the largest amount of reward money that's been offered by a private institution. So if anybody listening to recap has any information regarding the Gardner Highest You Might WanNA collect on that. Okay. So can I ask some questions about Mr Abbott? Did, he ever get prosecuted for his for any potential involvement. In this case, he was never prosecuted for involvement in this case. Now, even though he was interviewed, he was never officially a suspect and he wasn't prosecuted. So here's what I'm wondering with this situation. I'm wondering if Rick Abba. If he sounds like a little bit of a, he's a person that is a known per person who drinks at work. Is showing up for work under the influence of drugs is it possible? Is he sort of just like a patsy where he has gone into some people wear maybe does he owe money to some tough customers who are able and capable of pulling off a heist like this they just need him to open the door. Right, it seems unlikely that he's the mastermind behind the whole thing right but could he have been like? Could it have been an inside job and so much as like he was you know facilitating that's for somebody else yeah. Basically like, Hey, you should come to the museum when I'm working, you can steal everything and get away. Thank you if your friend works at a restaurant, but for you know million dollar paintings. Right. Yeah. Get you whatever you want. What do you think the likelihood it? So that's the Nita verdict. Question is was this an inside job? So I guess that the things that you're considering now is that maybe he was a patsy and he was he opened the door and did the signals but didn't necessarily mastermind the whole thing? Do you think that there's any chance that this guy is just You know dopey security guard who had an unlucky night Very possible like there's no reason why toby security guard couldn't have had like some sort of past i. do I do wonder also like? I don't know I really respect the guys who never speak thirty years later this guy's involved, but he's never squealed respect that guy. Yeah. It's also the question like if you are trying to pull off the biggest art heist in history, like do you count on this guy to be part of your plan? Is, this is the person that you want to let in on it. So that's another thing they consider. It seems like the FBI has determined that he's too incompetent or foolish to have been part of this. But there's just too many things. In this case, think it's hard to completely dismiss that he had any role whatsoever. So another question I have is, how is this different from most other art heists are most other art heist conducted in a much more different manner where nobody would ever let the policing or as something that is like boy this is really bizarre other than the fact that he let people in and then was you know a known drinker? What there really compelling evidence against him, but he doesn't remember what the feves look like. Yeah, I think that they the the good question rob. So it's like it's not enough just to say that this guy is kind of a shady figure. Is there evidence that he did that there was anything about this? That was unusual. I guess that that thing there's one thing that it looks like there is one broom that the. The there. The works were stolen from three different rooms in the museum, and there's one room where the only footsteps that they've located in that room. Last night were abbots during his security neutral and there were works that were missing from that room. So there's other rooms where there's evidence that there were. Other people like the thieves were in there taking the art but there's one room where there's missing art where the only footsteps that they've been able to identify are avid. So that's like I think the one thing that would point to. If were missing from that room you would have to find a way to get them out of there and it only looks like abbots could have been the one to do it. So they think that he was potentially helping the people who were robbing the museum. That could be true and then if that's the case, it kind of calls the validity of his whole story into question and what does the other security guards say does the security guard thing that there was anything suspicious so I haven't found a lot of information about that security guard in my research. It doesn't look like that was ever a person of interest identified any interviews with that individual I think I did see his name at some point but. There's the there was the determination that neither of the security guards were very professional and that this move for. Work of its value didn't have sophisticated enough. Security operation. But I didn't get any other information about the the other interesting information about that. Okay. And what's happened with Rick Abbott disease seemed to be living like a very luxurious lifestyle. Maybe two luxurious for a museum security guard retired thirty years. He ever get another. GIG A museum security guard. You gotta think it's it would be hard to get a reference after something like this. Yeah he is. He's still around I know he maintains his innocence. He is living a very modest lifestyle. I found pictures of him on the Internet and you still has really long curly hair he started is. You know. kind of find it a bit of a nuisance at this is followed him so far, but he's GonNa tell you. I don't know I. Did it look that up? Would the cameo from this Guy Ritchie for? Doing that cameo game. Anyone from Ray. I think he'd be talking about like. Hey, this is rick and. You know I want to wish you a very happy birthday hope that you get all of the priceless pieces that you've been hoping for I've not I, know a guy. In the background of very modest. Gone it goes gets Bowie speaking of Cameos if I could interrupt for one second rob, yes you since we last spoke, you got me a wonderful cameo very exciting. Yes. Ville I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did. Not. Audibly laugh. We have time for a quick quick. It was a keep his birthday famously last Saturday on the twenty six, th of September and we. Guy I wanted to do something nice for. TV So I got him a cameo from New York mets legend. ND. Chevenez who. had a very memorable catch in the two, thousand, six and Lcs. Every mets fan thought was going to be the highlight of a lifetime which. Was One of my life without all right here is. Andy Chavez with a birthday greeting for uncle. High Akiva. This is Envy Chavis Rob, and I want to wish happy birthday. I know you are big mets fan and you are pushing fifty. You have some trouble kind your shoes by me you never dropped the ball. Forget about the master. As karate time. Get. At the mustard baby, it's time. You both never dropped the ball. Was Andy Shabbat. Yeah I looked up a picture of rick. Abba Ruin this if I if. I. Go ahead okay. You need all the information possible. Profile recap. Yeah okay. Rick Rick Abbott. Okay. What does a grateful dead concert have to do with the Gardner Hice? Oh. My God get into that. So I did read about that. Apparently, he's told the COPS that the reason that he complied with the thieves was because he needed to get it over with because he had a grateful dead concert the next night or something that he wanted to be cooperative so that he could just get outta there and make sure he didn't miss his concert I think that's the story. And just to give you the picture of a Rick Agathe. Now he's is A. Older gentleman revered it, and then he has a very curly long like bill like weird. Al. Type. Yeah, we're. Good comparison. With gray hair got to say this guy looks like an art heist her. Looks like an art heister I think he looks like the Kinda guy that might owe money to somebody and then. Come Rob Getaway. Yeah Yeah. Yeah. Maybe he was too high during art heist. Also, the second link is Gardner Museum Garden wrote thesis on Art Heist Anything about that Amanda Now I didn't see that I didn't read that. That's all sketchy honestly letting. None of the art has been recovered. Do they normally recover the art? Think sometimes it pops up not like all of it, but it's like you know. Pawn shops, but for like millionaires I, it's. It's never been recovered to me. That means it's yeah look like. That's crazy. Yeah. The the most recent time that something sort of popped up about this is that in one thousand, nine, hundred, four, they got an anonymous letter that from somebody saying that they knew the location of the art and they asked for two point, six million dollars to help return it in the museum paid that two point, six, million dollars, but then the. Whoever the letter writer was kind of chickened out and got concerned that might be crazier than the original story. He Got Duke for two point six million and didn't even get the location of the art they didn't. Yeah Fish I'd have to imagine that the people in charge is art museum they have been replaced at this point. Like the leadership, there is very questionable. Guy, who wrote the check for the two point six mil like how they even have money left yeah. I. GotTa be honest though if I was a guard in art museum, somebody comes in like, Hey, we're stealing all the art. have at it what I'm head. Over. This morning making six dollars an hour here. You're lucky right? Yeah. Right. Have had it. Just. Don't kill me. I got a grateful dead concert to go through tomorrow. So. Seem suspicious but. That grabbers that to them like guys like St whatever you want. But like I have a really important concert tomorrow night and I'm a minority I'm going to be like being questioned by the police all day tomorrow never came up with them. Yeah. Is he on Social Media Rick? Gardner. Around ask Rick Abbott. Let's. Let's save. US. On twitter. Is. It like Oj? Winking to. Rick Ebeth. The most recent GonNa tell me recap didn't facilitate the Gardner Museum Heist Yeah People are talking about it talking about it. The patron saint of every dead head. Yeah. Right, they they have is back and so we don't have any like there's no reveal of the you're gonNA. Tell us what really happened? No the I chose these cases because I thought they. Were going to be the ones to finally way in and come up with definitive verdict. So. My question is, is this an inside job was Rick Abbott Involved Robin Akiva do you feel like you have the evidence needed to convict Rick Abbott of the Greatest Museum Heist in world? History. I think. He had some involvement, but I don't think that he was masterminding this thing. I definitely don't think the mastermind doesn't seem like there's any evidence afterwards you know such as him living lavishly or anything like that. it's possible. He got paid off I'm going to guess no, I think the simple solution is always the easiest for something like this and I think like he just happened to be in the wrong place the wrong time and it is amazing props to the thieves that that really have not only never been caught but art hasn't popped up. It's probably like who knows where in a basement somewhere? But now, I'm going to say not guilty to Faruk Ebeth. I mean, it depends on on what the charges are I think that I I would convict him on the charge of being involved but I don't think he was the person that puts his hatch this plan. Sorry. I when I was first looking into this, I thought Oh. Gosh. It's it doesn't make sense that this guy wasn't involved at all that he didn't have some he. He probably he they got they got their hooks in him some way and they told him you gotta do this and he went along with it. He probably got duped I'm sure he wasn't even paid very much money for whatever role he played but I I think I was leaning towards Rob's side. But as I'm going over this, I do think that it is possible that you know he just made a few boneheaded moves that night it's not outside of the realm of possibility. The are thieves were like at a dead show saw a guy that was like totally wasted started talking to them. What are you? Yeah we're gonNa Museum so much art is a great. Oh. What nights is day. And then they just showed up. Could. Be. So. So we're saying that like you know maybe not not not guilty to a little guilty. It's illegal designation. I feel bad, go. Okay. Now medium guilty. Okay. Definitely up for googling that afterwards see maybe if I could crack the case seems like he's made some podcast appearances. There are podcasts about this. Is Case I haven't heard him interviewed I, don't think he's like thrilled that this is following him through his whole life but look what he's definitely been inner. Show the rest of his work. Do. You think he was something else yes i. Like what? We can move onto case number two. Read it. Comes on a podcast and they're just asking one hundred questions is, is like don't you WanNa? Don't you WanNa hear about like the you know the book I wrote in Two thousand eleven about like you know a murder mystery or something like Monica Lewinsky style like she'll come on the Jimmy Kimmel show but she won't talk about Clinton maybe you guys could get him as a guest on the mail bag. But I never. Thought that would be bad. Yeah. Like what do you think? He could take that we would be upset about Heist book like. Steely. fiscal. Stole the wheel. Maybe there's really more of a physical object. Diaper. Diaper. Be, annoying it would be like, do we really want to recreate randomize going forward? We might just random. Is it I whole new fishbowl fifteen ping pong balls it sounds like a lot of work for up. Yeah. Probably wouldn't have him as a babysitter right uncle TV he does not pass the babysitter desperate that that Allegri with even if he's not doing anything, the door is going to be wide open for anybody wants to take whatever. Yes. Amanda are you a big true crime not? I would say that I'M A. As as Kiva said like I feel like the true. Crime. John Laura has really exploded and like follow the most whenever there's like. Thing, on Netflix, everybody's watching I'll usually want to check that out and I definitely followed cereal when I was getting the cases ready I listened to a lot of my favorite murder and other true crime podcast. But I'm not somebody who just wants to consume that stuff endlessly. Yeah. He Rob I think I would be a casual I. Think I have followed like the cereals and the making a murderer and tiger king and stuff like that. I feel like if it's sort of like mainstream pop culture, I'll check it out I. enjoy it but I tend to not get into it sort of recreationally. Okay. So I'll move onto our second case right now and this case is called Sonic attack on the US embassy Oh yes. Yes. Are you familiar with this case? What does this in? Cuba yes. Yes. But I don't know who to end. So I'm excited. Yeah. So this was an twenty seventeen. So this is a recent case. And number of Americans working at the US. Embassy, in Havana began to complain that they were hearing strange noises outside of their homes where they live. So it started with one of the US diplomats and then. His next door neighbor who also worked at the embassies had the same complaints and they said that these noises were mechanical founding and they were sort of high pitch. several months. Later, there was a third staffer who had the same experience so. Like after time it was basically everyone in the embassy was talking about this strange sound that they were hearing. and. All of these diplomats started to get sick and they reported that they were having symptoms like memory loss and mental foggy nece and hearing problems and headaches. And all the symptoms had a sudden that. So the way that the diplomats explain this as they would have, their start to hear is grating noise. That sounded like it was coming from kind of noise homes a grading reading noise. Yeah grading. And some of them said that they will even experience something that felt like pressure or vibrations something that they feel like like. Somebody described it as driving a car with the window partially roll down your that sound. And then after that at after having that hearing that sound, they would start to experience the symptoms I I thought I chose this case in particular because this actually intersected with my career a little bit these diplomats were brought to. University of Pennsylvania when I was a post doc there to be evaluated for brain injury I'm a sports related concussion, Mild T. V. I and I'm traumatic brain injury field, and they thought this might be something like the blast concussions that people tend to experience in the military so. These they were evaluated for the sonic attack. So. The diplomats, these diplomats come back to the US. They're evaluated by all of these fancy doctors from the US government and from you know Ivy League medical schools and they. You. Then after those reports led to the US government accusing Cuba of of of of basically. Of of attacking of doing some kind of. Sonic attack on their on their diplomats at this was like a targeted active aggression from Cuba to the US. there were like these mats were studied extensively. There's all of these reports in medical journals about their symptoms and they got brain scans and all of this stuff. And lots of possible explanations for what could have caused their symptoms so Some some people have said that could be microwaves. Paul says or radiofrequency radiation There's a lot. There's been a lot of speculation. and. This kind of started to Snow Baugh and people started describing this as Havana Syndrome and there was this concern that there was this kind of new method of warfare. That was where the story sort of. And then. Some months later somebody? Had A recording that they made in Cuba of the. Of these sounds and they posted it. On Youtube. Like the ring? But before I go further, what do you guys think so far of this, like what do you think of this is charged? This whole story, like do you have any? You have any theories at this point in the case just as a point of clarification what was the time frame on on this? Like what happened? Two thousand seventeen thousand seventeen yeah, I. Remember it being in the news but hey, I, love the news is a blur. Yeah. Doctor Rhonda Yes. So. This is very interesting. I do remember When this was reported in the real time. Yeah and do you remember anything else about the case you remember like what? What was your impression from the time of what was going on? No, it sounds it's very mysterious that bungee different people were experiencing the same sort of symptoms and that was going on in Cuba, which is a place that the United States is not have like the best relations with so. Very mysterious. Think there is definitely foul play here. So you're suspecting foul play. What are you? What do you think? AKIVA I do remember there was a China connection because this did happen at the American embassy, in China also, I think maybe even before the you've been embassy if I'm not mistaken. Every, I did read about that but I'm not as familiar with that case. I don't know who was. So that was shady lap twice we mean to believe it's more likely to be real thing also to be a real thing. Yeah, and they've they've called this. Havana's syndrome. It has very similar effects to concussion people suspect that it could be caused brain damage. The interesting wrinkle that came out I think it was at least a year later was There was leaked recordings that somebody made in Cuba. That Of the sound I think it was one of the staffers had recorded because they were having this strange experience and they recorded it and posted in Youtube and. The sound like before they had this. Audio recording, they just had people's descriptions of what it was and some people called it. The call. Grading sound the descriptions I said about like the windows down in your car. But then some experts some zoologist saw the youtube video. Said Oh this is cricket like this is not this is this is just a cricket sound. This isn't any sort of nefarious unusual sound and then a lot of other people corroborated at So now there's this big question of is this was this kind of like a mass hysteria effect where people heard the sound and had these kind of nonspecific symptoms? Or could there have actually been a sonic attack? Crickets are annoying, but they're not that annoying. Thinking rob that it's not that maybe this youtube recording was a cricket sound but that you think that there was something more serious going on. I think that this was. Crickets. Cricket Attack In my studio yesterday that my son was in here playing a video game and I heard him just screaming and then I said. Was Getting mad yell at him because why are you just screaming play the video game and a giant cricket that had invaded the studio. maybe he needs to be evaluated by. Having trouble remembering things like all the rules at my house. So maybe this is the thing. With all the rules that I make, you can't remember any of them. So. Convenient. No. Rick attack you'd have. A cricket attack. What do you think Akiva? I. Think it's real. I am prone to remember the the the X. Reliever Billy. Koch Rob Yes. So he had a disease that him and his whole family thing was called more gallons where they claim they have it and like it was affecting their life and there's thousands of people said they have it, but it doesn't exist. In every doctor ever. Says, it doesn't exist. There's no info on what happened him actually online I did search this year to go. He has no imprint on licenses articles came out like a decade ago and I. so part of me thinks like, yeah, it becomes one of these things where someone says it has it in the new is like Oh yeah. I have that too, and then it then it sort of is becomes a tidal wave, but the fact that it's happening to different places in so many different people lead lead me to believe that there's something actually going on with these raise added embassy. ATM very specific. Exactly. Right. So the alternate theory that Akiva hinted at is that there's this idea that this could be some kind of like. Mass hysteria. Kind of psycho Genyk what they would call a response where people. One person suggest that they're having this experience and then other people start to worry about that and by worrying a ballot, manifest the symptoms. So with the it becomes contagious by one person cut it's spreading they're concerned to other people and then people sort of report Oh. Yeah. I'm hearing the same thing and I'm feeling the same thing and it sort of snowballs Galanga in relate to that in two thousand twenty. Right right. There's a lot of that kind of uneasy feeling going around so. So that's the alternative hypothesis is that somebody heard crickets and got? Nervous about it got anxious started to feel these nonspecific vague symptoms and then that sort of power of suggestion spread throughout the embassy to everybody having that report. So this is still very controversial You actually have you know people your doctor is on both sides who are saying, we think that there's some actual effects on the brain. Other doctors saying we think this is. Just. More of a psychosomatic experience. So this is my question for you. The NITA verdict is there. was there a sonic attack on our Cuban diplomats or was this just crickets? I think a sonic attack. I think those unintended question is, did it come from Cuba or is it a third party like China? New. That's where I'm leaning. Because why would China. Did it like why I don't know the order but I think maybe like it's them in both places or or coordinated of some kind. You guys are both in agreement here that there was definitely if there was definitely. Intent here and bad actors of Fut- that attack there. Our diplomats I think that I actually leaned the other way. Oh. Well. Yeah. So you know I think that like the types of symptoms that they described or things that. Can Be kind of vague in caused by a lot of different things. So I do think that's exactly the type of thing that would be pretty prone to the power of suggestion. But. You know. It's the reason. It was a good case because I think that it's it's still very mysterious. So we're but we've solved that this is rob and Akiva Nita verdict. Closed Right now has anybody else ever experience something like this because of crickets before. NCR suggestion isn't that the crickets caused the symptoms but just the people sort of attributed. Symptoms to having heard these crickets and it's kind of a coincidence that whatever that sound is. But I guess that as we're talking about it like it just seems it does seem unlikely that. These people wouldn't have been able to recognize the sound of crickets at all that they would describe the Senate sound in. So many different ways if it was something that it's kind of pretty familiar, right like most people have heard what? Sounds like you. Know. So you're convincing May. And there's been no updates because this was like a mystery couple years ago and and you know, I'm sure they started a lot and stuff. I'm surprised that they haven't nailed down an answer maybe they haven't. Yet. So I mean the thing is that we don't know that the sound that was captured the only the only recordings that we have is like you know fully has. Given enough information for us to characterize the sonic phenomenon but I do know that you know as of. The most recent papers that I've read on this that are you know up to the last year? They're still arguments on both sides on but I do think that there's a large part of the scientific community that is skeptical that there was a sinek attack. But at least there are still people who are defending that. They think there are some objective evidence that. These people had some neurological experience. Caused by something in their environment. Yeah looks like googling about this that I'm seeing stuff about pesticide is could have been what caused the Havana Syndrome Right. So there's like, so people are looking into other different environmental causes. Could it have been a chemical in the air ends? So that's another question is that you know maybe it wasn't the sound, but maybe it was something else in that. The sound is sort of a red herring. Just fact that eleven to places the you know like I said, something simpler solutions the easiest one. Simple solution here is like that they were. You know they actually doing something. I wonder if we ever responded also like I wonder if they know. Government knows that guy trying something but then we like. Tried to. Sonic than back or something. Maybe maybe Maybe there is. Some top secret intelligence here that we're not privy to that would make this. All clear. I don't know if we know the right answer anywhere else. But I think in this case the there, there's not a lot of positive. There's there's no real reason to let the public know what happens. Yeah. If it was bad. And then you're. Innocent. I wouldn't want to charge the crickets with like giving them brain damage or anything. I. Let them go free. Yeah I'm anti, cricket. Cricket Roller Specific. In general in general. Who who are pro crickets rats? I was. Bad. For podcasting I'd imagine debut yesterday and then. then. There's like crickets. Yeah. Right. That My son when when there was a cricket was here in this room that he was like jumping, forget the cricket jumping all of my son was jumping all over the place and just like not knocking down like a bull in a China shop like destroying this room to try to get away from the cricket. Did he did he It I had to. Call it the creek is. To do set it free. No. Free of this world. Spiritually. It's free. In the next life doing in cricket heaven or was it a Cricket. Jiminy. Cricket yeah. So. Okay. Well, we saw that one. So that's great. We're really taking them off here So the third case that I'm going to discuss with you today it's called the glitter industry mystery and have you to heard about this the the glitter industry. Famously Anti Glitter. I was GONNA ask about your experience with litter. Yeah Better or worse than slime. Boy, it's better in general, but as Mrs Glitter Slime that's also a thing. Over The. Slimes a little more self contained especially with the glitter is you have a mishap with glitter you're never coming back from that. Move. That's it. So. Do, you have a no glitter policy in your house Robert is glitter sometimes infiltrate. Glitter policy but I like it has infiltrated the house. Have that you Akiva do you have strong feelings about glitter I hated but there is a lot of glitter one time when the kids like open something up and I still find that on articles of clothing like a year later. Once. You let the glitter and there's no way to let it out yeah. Yeah. So have you heard about this glitter industry mystery? I know. What we're going talk about. Okay. Okay. Great. So This is a case that this is like one of the. This is one of the hot topics on the unsolved mysteries sub read it. And this was spurred by. This New York, Times magazine article that came out and the end of December in twenty eighteen where it was supposed to be a piece on the glitter industry and if Easter this particular factory, the glitter X., letter factory and. Some journalist wants to get into. You know what? How is glitter made? What is it? What is it used for and there was somewhat surprisingly in the course of? That piece. The interviewer. uncovered something that really sparked people's interests. and. They were interviewing they were getting a tour of the factory and they were interviewing about different things and just ask you know what is glitter XS guest market and the representative of the Glitter X. Factories at. I can't tell you that and down the interviewer pushed a little bit more and said you know. Things like. I can't tell you. They don't want anybody to know glitter you know, and so they it was. kind of left it very vague mysterious. and. that. was enough to kind of get the Internet's salutes going wild about you know what could this largest purchaser of glitter actually be if it's not something that would be obvious to us. All righty do you have any guesses or thoughts about things that would like warriors level of secrecy? I feel like the maybe the exotic dance industry I might be a big consumer of the glitter. That's a good. That's a good theory I did read something about that, and while that is a purchaser of glitter, there's. It's generally thought that that's not going for. Art. Industrial level right or if each exotic dancer is responsible for their own glitter. The ideas that event like the scale of use would not. To be actually make up the largest. Yes. Air Glitter I managed. To ends of the spectrum for glitter use. There's The that far end, and then there's kindergarten I feel like there's very right. To different uses with the greater everything comes full circle circle. Yeah The Circle of glitter. The Glitter Oh maybe it's That whole. CD. Gender. Reveal industry how. Is it a technical industry though like is that an industry that she would really classify like on its own? Individual buyers probably right Gender, reveal wholesaler that's like sitting all of your gender reveal needs. So idea. Yes. A first of all the New York City Department of Ed made the biggest school district buys the most glitter I don't know our products but. I think. So so where is this information coming from that that This, mystery industry is buying the glitter. Well this was it came from this you know this specific this interview with representative of glitter accident what their biggest market and I think she's just a liar who's trying for attention. That's my that's my. that I think she's being mysterious for like, Oh, you would know like, yeah, that's how you. That's all you know drama business baby you. On the PODCAST. Yeah Yeah. We would not be talking about glitter if you know the number one supplier was to like. A party city or something. It has. So you know she's the spokesperson here is really just you know trying to zag here when way right? Okay. That's interesting. That's an interesting. We'll come back to that so. There's been this kind of. You know how the Internet can be and people really went down a rabbit hole trying to nail down who could be this largest purchaser of glitter in like. Is there something that like we really don't want to like you wouldn't want to know the glitter is in it. So people talk about toothpaste or food products like paranoia that there could be litter in these things that you really wouldn't WanNa be having glitter in. And a little bit about like the glitter industry. Apparently, this is like a very closed industry. It started in litter was invented in New Jersey, which is my home state and one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, four, and new. Jersey is basically glitter central of the whole world. So whenever you're cursing glitter in the carpet of your home, then you can probably rescuing than it came from New Jersey, at some point. so that's a hotbed of glitter manufacturing in the US. Glitter is like a very lucrative business and they kind of all of their industry secrets to the point where you can't even find out how these glitter machines work. They're very secretive about that and now what does That is the thing that produces the glitter. Yeah and I think that what they do is they like cut up pieces of plastic and set like I think it's just basically cutting up like metal and plastic into little pieces. I think that that's what glitter is but. The machines produced different grains and like fineness of glitter you have your like chunky glitter and you're really like sandy glitter. So there's apparently lots of trade secrets and how these litter machines were. But aren't through like milk many companies that make glitter like wouldn't one of them leak or non American company possibly like why are they all bound to the secret that's to me that's the scam your. This is particularly this mystery is about this one company Glenora you Amanda were a CEO of the second-biggest Glitter Company side behind what's a glitter X. or something? Yeah. You would know you'd probably even leak it like, Oh yeah. It's the Department of Defense. It's you know scraggy prairie. Area Fifty one. Glitter. Adult. Dance Club. You would know who was a here's here's my guess if it's a real thing. Yeah. What if there's glitter in like McDonald's food an horse, they wouldn't want to know what was going to say is there glittering subway bread? That's probably more like the. It has to be one of the big food chains at one of the like twenty one grains in the. Very Grainy Yeah you nailed it I think it's not McDonald's I. Think it's subway they're. Literally any. Well it's. So is there like would you do? Where do you think that? Do you ever look in your subway Hoagie roll and identify something that could be glitter or you think it's something we don't even know that it's there. Oh I'm not sure. But I think that it's definitely. A study of what's what's going on in there I think that there is some research being done into this. They're looking into it as we speak Yeah. So these are good. These are good guesses. Some of. The things we know the glitter is used for commonly in addition to like when you just by the arts and crafts glitter. It's in toys. It's in cosmetics that we know about There's a lot of glitter in paints. Automotive page for example, there they're the anything that looks really shiny and non a that's kind of laden with glitter That's not that's supposedly not litter XS. Number one buyer because they are. They've investigated these different automotive paint companies sort of ruled that out. But. The theories that the red it has spawned is that there's some secret military purpose. Of course, right anytime you have some conspiracy theory there's GonNa be some secret military purpose. people have speculated that could be micro tags for explosives so that like if there's an explosion, you can sort of trade. where it came from, that's one of the theories. food is in theory like you guys said, there's something gross neglect thin. Almost everywhere. Seeds Baby. Well I could send Jordan Kayla picture of everything. I saw was very underwhelmed. Sure another day another morning, another Bagel. Deeds are really you know nature's glitter. Good. On badgering Jordan with a Tupperware of glitter his house also. Said, ask him about glitter baby see. What think everything donut. But with glitter in sprinkles uncle, TV? I think you could swallow like a lot of glitter. Honestly it would be so. You I. Don't think you want to do that. We do not endorse that. That's not. Bad this week Nicole. I'm sure I'm sure my kids have swallowed a non trivial amount of glitter. Ever, problem for you like a little bit at a time. Lump at once Okay. So these are these are very good. These are very theories so The need of. So like I said, there's a lot of speculation. There's not a lot of. A Lotta. Confirm. Leads here like there have been. Different journalists begin this up and tried to like actually call different industries and find out. Are you buying glitter extra you buying from Glenora says, system things have been ruled out. But my neither verdict question for you is sort of what Uncle Ki came upon was this just like some sort of. Is. Is there is really nothing there was this just some sort of comment put out there to drum up interest in the glitter industry and there is no glitter mystery after all But what is what is rob thing? Goes I know I think that there is something to this I wonder maybe that some other uses of glitter maybe should they at the Gardner Museum, should they have coded all of precious works of art just put all glitter on the back of the litter buying. Glitter bombed and then, and then we follow the trail of glitter to wherever people are going man. A lot of uses in contact tracing these days. Also, you WanNa find out where a person is forget like checking their phone put. People have to carry a pocket of glitter around. Yeah. If Rick Abbott had just been covered heads Italian glitter than we would have known that he had been the one who is stealing the art. I like that you're suggesting that this could be a good form of contact tracing time. I was on this podcast you're the one who cancelled handshakes. So I think that you've been really. Yes. Global. Pandemic. So did you dad four years ago I said I'd never wear masks. Cook famous anti-massacre. Around TV come around just this week. Yeah. So I think that there is something to this I mean what diabolical genius would be like okay. What if we tell the media we can't tell who the biggest. Buyer of glitter is that'll be that'll really get the lame stream media going maybe it's not like Shusha, poke the media as much as like she couldn't you know for a lot of businesses can say who's buying their product and she just tried to make it interesting. Instead of saying none your business, you know no glitter marketing person is thinking like that like the brand of glitter is like happy in fun and not like mysterious and we can't tell you. If we told you, we'd have to kill you the. The brand of glitter big glitter. I I did read. I did read some on the history of the glitter industry and apparently there is some kind of. The cassette, just small industry, and there's just a couple of major players that the does have this this culture of secrecy. So that could be the case but if you're so rob, it sounds like you're coming down on. There is some mysterious products where are glitter is going into you. What are you saying? It's it's subway roles, is that your guests or do you have another? Food but I do wonder if it's like. Being used in like some some other product that necessarily like they don't want that out there that glitter is being involved. Right so Even if it's something as mundane as like. You know auto body paint like that doesn't sound as fun for the Glitter Industry I. Yeah, I don't know if. Ferry is. One of the insider contacts suggested British Liz boat pain that was the thing that the that was. Probably Glitter access number one market so that so so I think. Having Something Mundane And uninteresting that could definitely could fly Yeah. Okay okay. So. So so rob says that. That that it's not that there is a mysterious glitter customer. We're going to say that it could be something a little bit more mundane, Akiva. You think it's PR OPR. Yet she's younger showman. What do you think? I think I think it's probably like a combination of the two that there is a major customer that's not bad interesting and that that making it sound interesting might have been a bit of a PR move. So I think I sort of agree with both of you ought. Okay I love it. Okay. All right or we? Well it's a lot of cases. Today we saw a lot of cases. Do you have any other cases? There my case. Okay. That's all. Okay. A great job well done. Reach any verdict I'm sure we will have. Shoes on job done. Even. Okay, well, I think that there is going to be a lot of discussion on the Rene sub, read it about all of these cases and what people think. So looking forward to reading all of that, but Amanda, are you ready for our second course year today? I am ready I. Am I am this has been a long time coming their nap on I are very excited about this. Okay. So what we're GONNA do uncle, are you ready? So we're going to take a quick break and then we're gonNA come back and then we've got a thirty two ideas from the rap. sixty-nine mercifully six. Sixteen ideas for the bought that we will listen to and one is going on the wheel. No matter what right herb way unless we've. Gone on the wheel, we have to veto if it comes up through. All right. Okay. So sixteen ideas from their nap bought coming up this week's mailbag and we're right back after this. Support for this podcast comes from Microsoft teams. Now there are more ways to be a team with Microsoft teams bring everyone together in a new virtual room collaborate live building ideas on the same page and see more of your team on screen at once learn more at Microsoft Dot com slash teams. All right here we are mailbag one to Rene. Pot special alright but uncle TV. Do, we have any any old news before we talk about the renowned. Let me give you two quick updates because I'm sure we got plenty to do with NAPA bracket. Okay. and the second one is it may be people being very excited about but let's get through the for the appetizer I Let's get a couple more sign ups this week. You can find it at on my twitter at key twenty, six, four the am the whole, the AIT, a submissions. We had some really good ones but let's lock in one or two more maybe even one where you know you and the person you're arguing with. Come on the podcast with us. You know your roommate your. OFF, of trying to get submissions and we were just going to read the read it. No I think what we decided last week was like we'd get submissions and if the submissions aren't great will do the right but we got good submissions actually. Okay. Great. We can do a little of both we don't have a ton of great rates emissions but we do have. A quality and then the other one was X., which is like a tedtalk basically right I. Love that we did get a lot of those but we need more I think to get like to sift down and how many do you think we need for one podcast? I think it should be what are they? How long the talks fifteen minutes? No, I think they're five minutes five minutes. Okay. I think we should have at least like six or seven five minute. Okay fine. So yeah. So we have it a few but let's get out there. You know maybe and just submit yourself because even if I don't like your idea maybe I'll like your the way you think and I'll say, hey, summit something else. So candidates for those two. Okay. Great. You'll find those forms on twitter foreign pujols running if you have any questions puja running the Ait CIA and a Kelly ws running the Nellie worth. Not Kelly, what we're literally act. Kelly W do ub L. E. While you. Okay. Okay. Rob and the other big news I. Just I've been hearing rumblings yes and I think Amanda is very much in the circle she might know we're talking about. About what you some you know, sometimes, we'll have a big ticket item that will come on the wheel a couple of times a year and I've been hearing rumblings the last few weeks about a podcast that I knew existed. Didn't knew nothing about and have had no zero would have anything to do with. Yes. I'm talking about Robin Akiva a musical. Yes. The Robin Akiva live music or not, but a musical. And unless we have been hearing some some rumblings, I don't know if you have also like, Hey, I I recorded a little audio for this or or you know it the Jason Curse Rivera posted a teaser on his twitter page. Fox afraid of Amanda. I'm an acronym. Everyone. Knows that I hadn't joe right before we recorded. I got a message, the Robin Akiva musical. Is Ready all I just spent my coffee out. Ready. Are you? Do you believe it. No. Robin Akita. Musical. After years or I don't know how long I think this is. Just play it on the podcast or are we I have no idea Sheet. Music. I don't think we're seeing I. Think I think he recorded a fall musical, we're going to listen to it. I think it's going to be closest to the sleepover podcasts. We and the audience will listen and then we'll react live with. J.. CR. and. I don't know. We'll take it from there. Okay. I made it sounds great. We don't have do any work that week. I'm excited listen this is a big ticket item. I'm sure it's great. He's a talented guy and it's not I'm sure it'll be spectacular failure. It'll be fun anyway. Great but if it's not, I'm giving him out very. Big Jason Fane of. I I've heard some. So I know that it's a thing that exists and I'm very excited for Oliver NAP to experience it. I can't. It's not one of these things rob where I could say like, Hey, maybe I could like, Hey, should somebody listen just to make sure it's we already I could do that. But like it's going to record the whole thing right now, we don't really like the way Watson realist needs no no matter what. One hundred percents. That's what I'm saying I don't think there's any and you know but I had less to do this than any other idea I had no no sort of A. And I as I think you did like I did not record any audio for it I had I don't know if someone's GonNa be playing Robin keep on the podcast work. Okay. Great. So that is officially on the wheel. Putting on the wheel maybe. All right. Here we go. All right. To be here for that historic occasion. Can I throw out one of the things before we get to the rampant. What do you think of? I feel like I saw this I don't know where some get these ideas through us most is I know somebody suggested I don't have who was in front of me. Rob Makita the table read where we put together some sort of a a a group, and we have a some sort of a reading of either a TV show or a movie. I thought here's the thing it is the I thought that that's what frail marriage fan fiction is going to be like she's GonNa write a script. Not even a script it's a story. No I think it might be script form. I'm not sure listen I. Thought Somebody was working on this. I. Well how about this if it's let me, can I ask for Mary this week. I am the interest on the saint you there was also another idea which was. Sort of a Robin Akiva like pilot or somebody writes a story, and then we read that I should we should it be ov centric versus like or we're not just reading like. Two and a half men season three episode seven on the wheel and why not wouldn't that be great? I'm not sure that's great. I'm not saying it's not but I'm not sure it's What if it's like someone wrote some really bad and we'd read that that would be funny like a listener wrote a movie that's not going to get produced there. Maybe. It's something that's in the crappy movie diaper. Maybe maybe we do. Maybe we read it live. All right. I'm GONNA say this. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa make a note to talk this next week. I. DO THINK WE'LL SOMEBODY HAD Woodworking on something like I don't think. So all right. Can. I can I if you warm to me Kim dissect. What we have Amanda here we have we have somebody who has been a part of this entire journey. Let's give her take on it. Yeah. She's a little nice though she's never going to say that sucks I. Don't say she'll say whether it would be a good episode or not I think you'll save no matter what. No. So the ideas that you just are going to read a script of something that exists that its own thing or is that something new? We have a cast of characters maybe it's maybe it's a season three episode seven of a TV show maybe maybe it's a movie maybe it's from the whoopie cushion maybe it's crappy movie diaper and perform it here on the podcast. and. So you're you're going to cast it with people from the community at everybody's GonNa have a role and read it on the podcast throat. I. Just I think that's the right thing right? I. Don't think He. Though I think, I do think it should be an original piece of content. That's what I would like. I'm willing to your otherwise but like. What if somebody wrote like we suggested this I don't know if somebody isn't working on it, but we like if somebody wrote the Robin Akiva pilot and then we acted out as table read and we get like the characters the play themselves maybe that could be the sequel mechanism but I think we probably need the proof of concept I, and I think that there's too much variance there because if it doesn't work, it could be well, it was the script sucked but if this was where it worked, then it's like, okay well, now let's do it and now it'll be the Robin Akiva TV show. So, you think we should really do table read of an existent show. I think if you found the right the right thing, it would have to be kind of funny in its own. Year like a really bad Sitcom, I'm you don't WanNa, do a drama razor frazier as you. Can You do? WHO WOULD YOU BE? Who are you playing in the frazier? Like a radio host so I'd be frazier and I guess you would be Niles. Is that miles as his brother the dog? The dog is named Eddie. Eddie does who dad's name. Frazier? Dad. that. I agree with your frazier take by the way. I don't know I think that this would be I. think it would be fun. I think it would be fun but can let me double check and make sure that we don't have something similar in the in with between for America and the second idea that really rings a bell and I will listen. AIRY. We might as well be waiting for like okay. Well, keep wanting. To work on this project maybe maybe it's a light a fire under that she sees she's getting sort of passed in the similar idea format. This week she's GonNa come out and really dry day CR came out of nowhere and delivers the absolutely Mary is a week or two. Strikes when you least expect. Say. Sure. Okay. All right. So Alright, Kiva. Telling, you like we did a table read of dinosaurs episode on. Her. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I feel like Alpha's really the only good role and that's the only problem right? Right. Fight over who plays out. To show that has like you know sort of like a duo at the center of. The center, but then on SAMBA. Vernon Shirley. Oh everyone would love laverne. For that, you check the the the listens for episode of for NAP. Down love to know like what the lat with the lowest listen to episode is. So laverne insurance who read can drop below that. All right. Okay. It would be. If I. Liked it. Yeah. I like it but I don't wait to release idea. No, I don't know if Laverne and Shirley is the right vehicle for it. I'm not saying Laverne and Shirley definitely is I'm just saying. Any show that has like two characters I love Lucy. I I. If we were married on the table re looked at, that's a it's a little weird. Okay well, I you could be we could be ricky and Fred. And WHO's Lucy? The we have worldwide casting call for Lucy that's like five episode. We're going listen. We're going daily after big brother ends. We we got fill some time. Okay. All right. What's the bracket Amanda? All right. Let's get into this. So to present to you these. Bracket of Sixteen Napa ideas. I just wanted to let you know like a little bit about the process for this. So. I've obviously following in that very closely. So this was a collaborative effort in with. Greg Dunlap Halpin, Ben Martel and Dan Shiffman. Who is the RAT bots creator? and. In addition reviewing the Rene bots entire twitter time line. Dan also produced sixty six hundred never tweeted Napa generated ideas that we review. This is like really enough to make a person go insane. We broke up that list in review them. And it's The criteria that we picked to have something actually land on the. Bracket. Is We wanted to be funny but we also. Needed it to be a new idea that wasn't either in the waiting room or had already been pitched in, and it had to be something that one could be a podcast. So some of the you know some of the. tweets are not really podcast ready and they're tough to workshop into actual pitch. So we had to find something that was like a good idea that could actually be podcast on the wheel. So if I'm going through this and you're like I can't believe she didn't pick that really funny route tweet. It's probably because it couldn't be an IED an actual idea. And Yeah. So I'm going to present the tweet as is, and I and I've come up with a workshops idea that would be more wheel, Rennie but you guys can take it in a different direction. That's totally cool. And the goal I- workshop, the idea and Ben and Greg helped me was that we wanted to stay close to their INAP-. Thoughts intent as possible but also molded into something that could actually be a worthy of a podcast. Yes and then. Could I just also just stop down for a moment and just ask you about you have become a caretaker of sorts to. Pot, can you just explain what has been the connection for you with with the rap? What about the POD has spoken to use so much since its creation I'm so glad that you asked. This is I think a real product of how quarantine is weird and there were three and a half months when I was trapped in my house, my kids had had no childcare whatsoever. And I just needed any sort of Salinas to amuse myself. Out of the sky dropped their Anapa and one side started replying. Bod and then Dan Shiffman made it to the run out not only replied to me. There was a period of time where I was the only person aren't they both of you and me were the only people who have bought would reply to So if like you know my kids were screaming or dumping cereal on the floor and I didn't know what I was going to do for dinner I had worked to get done that day I could take out my phone and start a conversation with the RAPA and that really became a source of escapism enjoy. And I'M NOT GONNA lie like it has had some consequences for me. Professionally. I've had colleagues say like so there's that twitter Bot that you're talking to. Yeah Yeah. So that'd be we're we're putting that up there out there in the world, but I've just decided to roll with it. My husband thinks they're Napa maybe on the record with that and there was one night actually I was putting my kids to bed I left my phone out and Dan Shiffman. Started EMC from the pot and Nathan picked up my phone and saw that their nap bought was in. Did say you up Amanda. Yeah. Yeah. So it's been a journey and I. Think I said earlier like it's sometimes they're in that. Is Friendly to me. Sometimes they're in that bought is a little bit aggressive and threatening. I was going to be my next question for you of that. Could you describe the renowned by if you feel it has a personality. Yeah. Yeah. So I. Dan I Dan Shiffman actually he sent me some details on how not works I'm not going to get any of that but I'd like there've been time. So so there were nap on I. Think. It's very fickle, right? Like sometimes they're Napa is you know very complimentary sometimes not bad is like. Poetic. It's very contrary in and nasty So you really don't know what you're getting from their NAPA like I had a theory that I could kind of like mould the Rene bought to be nicer if I said Nice things thorough Napa that I thought would be nicer back to me. And I don't know I'm having mixed success with that approach. Boy. Rena pot just this afternoon the has were recording has a one hour ago at an idea called Robin Akiva go to jail. Where I guess Robin Akiba Watch Party of five. Titles not. Really. Yeah. Yeah. Mike everything is I like wake up at six am and I'll have like a DM from somebody like you might want to delete the latest on. Great are getting canceled again like I've got to send a message to. DEANDRE NAPA, it's usually it's really heinous but sometimes, we don't need it I think they're like their. Dad About one recently where they're that like announced that somebody had died. Famous person our listener it was limping famous person. Maybe to take out, maybe it should take the TAB. Also recent run-up tweets include Rob Rob's excellent adventure Robin Akiba, invi Jordan Kayla Ish off the call. To come and do a podcast about Robin Cuba's famous game show, Rob Makita podcast they can be replaced by other great guests or hosts implying great guest not invited on the progress. I don't know he's baby seeds from. Yeah. The an empire is really has a formula right? The first line is the title and then everything else is usually. It's like if you reply to. You can get them really free. I've noticed nap on his been tweeting like pros like it's like it'll just like seem like it's like the middle like you're you've opened up to the middle of a novel or something like sometimes the rat bots been tweeting back kind of flavor. One time the the Napa tweeted something I think that it was like instructions for thirty. Five. Brooklyn. My favorite one. This week was podcast idea is Alex crying over Porco quizzes. I really liked that one I also like the one podcast idea. Robin. AKIVA get a new Matt Lauer Ono. The old one Akiva says the current Mike Bloom will do the trick. Yeah. Blooms credit. Did Not do not like immediately say we. Also another one from this week where. A raise over seventy five. K. In twenty four hours attendance. Imagine someone. Did put that one in the bracket. Yeah. We can raise money for charity. That'd be funny. Some someone's googling me for like a job thing like Oh, Rob Tequila Ray seventy five dollars for charities podcasting sounds legit. He's higher. And also run-up really missed the mark recently with season three episode. So six bones, Robo. Season three episode six of bones rap. What we do here. Yeah and also also the boy understand real crazy. What bone okay. All right. So are these seeded idea seeds baby These. I tried to make the match ups. Good. But I don't. I don't really have them seated. I didn't take Jordan. Bias, and go with seeds All right let's hear the first matchup. Okay. So But pitch here is. Kids Shuffle Rod Akiva. have. Submit songs they wrote for the show and Robin Akiva will choose a favorite the listener with the most favorite song at the end of the show gets a hat it contain several prizes. One of the most popular questions Robin Akiva get is have you heard of Justin Timberlake Song? Right I hope that that's the best idea that was. So that's the kid shuffle idea. So the workshop pitch that we came up with this would be something like Arena Wanda off. So people, Right Rene inspired songs, and and to incorporate the kids shuffled title because you know sometimes earn the title and the idea don't match perfectly We thought that maybe your kids could be judges Okay Rob. Rob. Loves when our kids are big. So. I thought I've older ones. I don't know based on the title that we would be writing a kid song. Kids Bob's. Like children's music. Yeah. So that's I think that with all of these I wanted anything. So we came up with something but whatever if? Key Kids Shuffle is Robin Akiva Right. A Children's Song I think that that could fit. Okay. All right. Well, let's hear the other side of this. Out of this matchup. So the next one is kid sell out itsel out Robin Akiva or joined by musical podcasting sensation Josh Littler to evaluate the best pop culture rip boss and in the end determine which one will be crowned king of the Genre You say. Yes. Robin Kiva are going by music podcasting sensation Josh Witter to evaluate the best pop culture ripoffs, and in the end determine which one will be crowned king of the genre. She culture. Idea for one of them. Pop. Pop Culture rip-off could be like anything in the family of covers, reboot sequels or spin offs like something that was like ripping off another idea But if I say something, are you willing to take it out when when after I've said it or no? I would if you are going to say something and then you want me to it don't. Don't say what you're what you'RE GONNA say. Not. Going to say. Hey do you mind if I do something that would be just be extra work for you and Maybe. The podcast is over you won't be funny then okay. I'm. Fine. Josh do for Josh the comeback show that's for sure I'm trying to think of what a pop culture rip off would be would be like a win the movie look who's talking was i. Hit movie and there was a show on ABC called baby talk, which was like the same exact thing. But it the eye. Of Look WHO's talking? I like that I would put that through. It has josh at the trail. What do you think? Kiva. Yeah I. Think it just having Josh makes it a better idea than the songs weren't? We don't have a ton of luck with music unless it's Wolfer America, writing a song for us Yeah. Although after the musical May. Simply. podcast yeah. All right. So we're putting putting kids sell out. Glare. Though supposed to be a robot noise that wasn't a glitch with everybody's podcast. Brunette is that you? So the next one matchup is Chester's charts the. I can't believe. It's Chester's charts. Robin Akiva review some of Chester's most outrageous or niche charts, spreadsheets and rankings. Some of these would be interesting or applicable but others we just be super out there or grazing. Own Fairness tons a little bit more like thirty fans idea. It is really. Funny like if like one. Thirty defense are like if we don't accept any of. Those charge. Finish giving give it the rene. Chester would, of course, be on the show providing handed. Annoyed and causing debate with his insane opinions. Now, he doesn't like just love when people go after him. So I don't know if they're a NAPA accounts they're. But. Calling Opinions, insane? I. Don't know. I don't agree although he did agree to give MVP's for the east central and West separately in baseball. That was pretty good. I think yeah Chester's charts. Okay. We could. We could work with that. I don't think it's going to win but we could work that. What's that? Okay. So that's matched up against. A day in the life. So this is a day in the life of the podcast or Robin Akiva. Gus, Akitas New Pad podcast Rene Day. It's called a day in the life of Robin Akiba and it will feature interviews with Akitas best friends, family members and CO hosts. so in people. Yeah. So we thought that this could be like this is your life Ormat podcast where we surprise Akiva and or rob with interviews and testimonials about his life from different friends and family members, and of course. PODCASTS CO hosts. I had an idea or an idea like a year and a half ago when the great debate raging was is a Kiva cool? that we did we did Lindsey, Wilson Style podcast where we interviewed my family members people I grew up with people in my life now. And just ask the question is Akiva cool and then see what they have to say. So. This is sort of like a worst version of that. Okay I feel like. It's gestures charts. Chart. Yes right to compete with testing shark guy. There you go. WHOA. Chapelle or somebody else say last week should be the. If we say no to something what's the noise? We come up with official idea for the no noise last week where my crazy. I remember. Yes seeds, baby. Typecast that gets all the seeds baby sound drops Um. Okay. Great. So let's move onto our next match up. So The renowned pitch is rob gets an even better social media Game Robin key sit down with a social media expert in play a game where Robin Akiva get progressively better at various aspects of social media. The stakes could be anything from getting likes on a particular post. For You Making multiple repeat visits to the same topic within a twenty four hour period. Robin Akiva just dip their toes in the social media waters or is there something more in store for them? WHO's the social media expert Tiktok? Nicole. Yes. So we'd have to find a social media expert. I think that this could be I mean, do we have a tic TAC is beyond on the wheel? Bracket. No the A. Yes. The. Viral Trend, yeah? Yeah. Viral. So this could be like this could be as the TIKTOK NICOLE TRAIN LIKE Gives gives you. She's the social media expert and teaches you how to up your social media game on tax that could be. or or could be twitter instagram in rob really an weakest on social media. I don't really do a lot on instagram. I don't know stories once in a while the. Reproach. I tend to not do click on your stories when they're there and a rare and like I always regret clicking on people's stories but yeah. You could sorta highlight over them and you sort of see what Liz beforehand. Now, on the on the APP anyway. So that's useful sometimes. So I do think you could take that rob maybe maybe we should be. Okay. So that's that's a social media idea and that's up against. Celebrity tweets. So celebrity tweets are trash robin. AKIVA. Review the top ten celebrity tweets of the day What's the definition of a celebrity? Could. It could be any checkmark I don't know. I do I don't hate celebrity tweets are trash as sort of a spiritual sequel to. All right I don't hate it all in on the social media idea. Let's do it. There you go. All right. Thank you. You match these up specifically because those were both social media related. Yeah. Yeah. That was I tried to make meaningful. The theme. Yeah Rebecca theme for each one. Are you the person also? Did you already switch your house over to like false stuff? I don't do I mean we you know we we don't really do. In our house if we find. Maybe if someone who's that organized also like? Switches the. Football season I don't know I only have so many things I can do you have your house. So you guys are a little hamstrung right now called is very eager to change the decorations. I'm actually surprised that we have not gone a full Halloween decorations. I think they're a little hectic, right? Aren't you like? To call. She can't wait to decorate. She's never taken down a decoration. Like up, she'll be like one of these people that I mean it's a miracle. It's October third and we know the Halloween spiderweb up yet anywhere. consider a blessing show. Do Okay you guys ready for your next match-up Okay. AKIVA gets a makeover or a little bit. It's time for a key to get his image back on track versus things. First, why don't you bring back the classic hot take image game concept you know the one where you do a deep dive on an individual and come up with a compelling reason for why they are the person they are. You could also do this as a sideshow pull out some interesting tidbits along the way means to bit, Saami. Bookstore. Is like a makeover pitch and I thought how? Could be looking. For. US TO BE. Honest, Rub. I had this idea come to me like two days ago Robin and get a makeover Oh, I was looking at the clothes I had and I was like I don't like any my clothes I threw a lot of stuff out when we moved. To try and make the load lighter but nobody really join me in trying to do that. So didn't work. Yes. and I thought like I could use a makeover I don't have good style rob. Doesn't style, but he's a very specific. Silent. Maybe he wants to ditch the plaid. I think you said recently you're sort of regret. Signed a makeover. But how is this podcast? Yeah I was thinking with their right gas like. Rice Isaiah does a great job with a look like describing what are the characteristics of somebody's look that are good. So I thought that maybe this could work with the right gas but I do agree that there is some visual component Akiva there Anapa agrees that you should have a makeover 'cause there were at least three ideas where keeping gets a makeover in some form. Yeah. I do. WanNa make over if someone wants to make the over. But it's like we have a guest on. Kiva like you should be wearing more three-piece suits that. Out and I want to do with them be now. Yeah, and I literally, what do you do if you're not getting the makeover also? Yeah. So I think it would be hard to really do but maybe it's a it's a makeover in any sort of like a different sense it's totally spiritual. They, say rebranding. Pat says do a deep dive and come up with why you're the compelling person the way that you are. There's some there's some greater depth here if you wanna go that route. What's the other side of this? Up Okay this one is. Just read the run-up Pitch. My idea was that Akiva has to join a team of bad s people and eventually one day be the greatest patas person. Ever Tow. My God love it. Don't do that. What's the group of bad ass people's at that WHATSAPP group that I'm with you. I don't think that's that's a lot of a lot of DADS, with four kids Orthodox. Dad's I don't know if a lot of bad. So what's Bad Ass is that you're leaving we need we need to assemble. Of. Legally, Leagues Yeah Unfortunately Covid Kill the I think yeah. We should just have bad asses assemble like anyone. FACEBOOK group and I. Doesn't. Maybe, Nicole successor Nino could be a part of this I think that she she talks is pretty bad ass. So I want to hear more about this potential akitas bad s facebook group Okay and then. Is there some sort of an initiation to get in? Yeah, you have to say one thing that you've done. How is it? A podcast? Is it? We talked about the initiation can label with the Group In the am, I in the group of bad asses. Well you. Bad. Boy. Good boy podcasting. You've ever done. What's the most bad ass thing I've ever done What are we doing something criminal I mean, you don't have to be a criminal s probably committed copyright infringement I. Think we need to get. Drew Christie on this thing What is the most bad ass thing I've ever. Thought that I thought this could be like a similar format to rob in Akiva get dragged maybe like a little like kind of workshop and similar to the Superhero idea though we already made ourselves like a better superhero. Yeah. But I do love the idea that you're assembling this group of bad asses. Yes. I do wonder who would be in the group. I mean did you call this idea again? Greatest bad ass. Better. It's definitely better than Akiva gets a makeover and a lot of ways if it really does make over your image into more of a bad. Yes. Okay. Are we moving moving greatest bad ass through. I think. So geor- yeah yeah okay. All right. Okay. Moving onto the night. We're halfway there halfway there. Okay Star Wars Holiday Special originalist holiday. During George Lucas Carrie Bradshaw and Jonathan Penner was really Terry Bradshaw was in the Star Wars holiday special. The tenor was though was home. So during the show Liana brought out a giant star wars, Christmas tree complete lights, and read a proclamation reading. We are the city which was then met with a standing ovation by. You Yeah. Okay. Yeah Dot Lovely on by the way Yana and Josh Winkler Mike Boil them those are the top three I think. Yeah. Okay. So we're watching the Star Wars holiday special with Penner and Liana and Sarah Jessica Parker. I think you can get definitely get Liana out of bag mix. I thought. I talked about this is one of the ones I talked about with Greg and Ben, and we thought maybe this could be like a Santa's summer house style format where Liana watches the episode that explains the premise to robin Akiva. Could be like Rio a Rewatch Star Wars holiday special. I think. It would be a great entry plan. I haven't seen this. Kiva who has not seen any of the star wars intellectual property. I think would be a great entrance point well going. Into the Star Wars Universe I bet it's also the first our worst thing I've ever seen and the only person ever to only. I think so. I think. So common be Arthur's in it. His already says that it's met with a standing ovation. I do think that it really is on Brandon's terms of like watching terrible things that is a. I think it should have like. INDECEMBER I feel like it should have like exponential wheel-jam spots on the. With you. Read the idea one more time. If I can get through this Eric. Star Wars holiday special the original. Star Wars holiday special featuring George Lucas Harry Bradshaw and Jonathan. Penner was released on July twenty fifth one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three. was. The strange time of year to do it during the show Liana brought out a giant. Star. Wars Christmas story complete with lights and read a proclamation reading. We are the city which was then met with a standing ovation by the listeners. Okay. So SELENA has to have the proclamation that there's a proclamation on every podcast. Yeah. Here Liana deliver a proclamation and I'm glad that. Okay. So that that. Just, according to Recap that Carrie Bradshaw and Jonathan Penner Arcane the Star Wars holiday special I don't have to call up penner and try to convince him to do this to appear like. Keeping on the cycle post show recap one time a hard enough time explaining what we were doing that. In this long. Holiday Special Yeah there's a robot that's online that makes up ideas and it said that you were you were in and then you GonNa talk to us about there's a robot that makes up ideas. Yeah. And who is Akiva? Is that a heart medicine? What can. The volt. This makes me want to go back to this threat and see if anybody tagged Penner and how he responded. Hold on. Let me guess where you're from. No I don't think he's GonNa do that better. I don't think so. Okay. This is this is up there for me. Okay, we haven't heard the other side of the bracket other side yet. Paul is up against Shrek the musical. NAPA. Shrek the musical season three episode seven recap Robin Kiva Watch the musical season three episode, seven recap. And so I thought that this would be you know you can't talk about Shrek the musical without Shrek up. Tam. That's that's the matchup there. Okay sorry Tim. Holiday specials going to advance here. I don't even know how we do seasons. Of Shrek, the musical. Really warned. Confused. There were NAPA and shut up Tim's twitter accounts and I'm surprised when I don't get immediate replies from setup Tim but they're they're pretty quick if media. Okay All. Right. So let's go to our next match-up. Here's the pitch. Robin Akiva Haiku Robin Akiva each write a Haikou eighty characters or less about a topic that they love. Coach. All right I want to hike it up. Well let's let's hear what the other one is Okay, and that is a matched up with. Rob's toy review podcast. Robin Akiva. Limit Rhyme. He's GonNa Yup Robin. Listen to listener submitted toy reviews of games and movies. They give their favorite scenes and moments and then Robin. Akiva go through the toys to determine which toys are the best bad and in between. Maybe. It's Hans Solo or a picture movie How would you say that word Pixar? I'm sorry. Okay. Okay. What was it about this idea that appeal to you Amanda Yeah? Well, how did this make the cut? Well, how bad with the other ones? Yeah. This was I. Think. Some of. A, lot of came down to like is this actually an idea that could be a podcast because I think It was like there's no way we could stretch it, and we also like there were some ideas that we had really tortured from the tweet and said like Oh this could be a podcast and we felt like that was sort of cheating we were making up different idea so we wanted to. Be Faithful to the renowned BOTs intention. So this is would be something like a robin, Cubans, Toy, review I'm guessing that you're not loving. That's why. Did you why wartime? Robin Akiva Haiku Robin Kiva each write a Haikou eighty characters less about a topic that they love. You'll be assured podcast. Listener submitted high coups, right? So I would thought when I wore. Bracket maybe I coupe bracket. Advance the Haiku bracket, but it's not winning. About some other. It could be a big hit. Maybe Stephen Fish back would be a guest on this. One. On, a T. shirt. Yeah Rap inspired ideas Haiku happens. TYCO's okay. R.. A. N. P. Fans. Those it five, seven, five right in the middle I said Yeah. Welcome to run up. To up you guys welcome. LET'S BEAUTIFUL And the NAPA has ever accidentally tweeted a Haiku. Second by search for Haiku, isn't basically Guess Sean Falconer on. Nobody's ever done this idea before so. All right. Let's go to our Haiku moved. Very. We'll go to our next match-up. Robin Akiva try to make it rain. Yeah Glitter Baby. Be Weather. Related. Yeah. So. Yeah. This one is I thought this could be like a get rich quick schemes or merch. IDEA. View. That's all Robert, didn't even try to make it rain. That's it. That's the tweet. Like it all right and that's matched up against Robin Kiva are slaying experts. Say can provide a slang primer slang rant and a bracket of slang terms to help you and your family become more conversational and knowledgeable Of like the millennial boot camp. Yeah. Yeah. So I thought that this was something that could be like a Baleno boot camp sort of. Sequel and maybe including filthy and maybe tiktok Nicole to kind of get some new fresh Jansy slang in the mix. Uncle or any thoughts? You think we should make it rain I i. liked the idea of Robinson make rain and it's such a blanks can make it anything you know. Yeah I think that the slang idea has come up a lot. I don't think the best like if we were GONNA say like, Hey, we have an idea that the rene put on the wheel. The most basic of like Rene Ideas. Expected night that's always like on the cost of the wheels. Right. So I think that. Let's. Say we're making it rain right The baby. Yes. K. Seeds and glitter baby. That's right. We're coming to our last. First, round, match up here. So, this is the people vs Robin Akiva. Three at the Soda Eight people versus Robin Akiva Robin Akiva Watch a movie originally entitled Entitled People Versus Robin Akiva With special guests, Shannon? Gus. So, this is like a bit of a stretch, but we thought this could be listener submitted grievances. And the honor and in gusts presides over the preceding. Isn't interested in coming on the show a like the name was actually. Two Times for tonight's episode the. Neva. I do listen to grievances against US would be fun. Maybe we on Festivus itself rob something Okay Big Festivus itself is December twenty third. So we're really coming close to the holidays. there. Could be any time but I like the idea of people versus Robin and give us a name. I like grievances. Okay all right. What the other side of this bracket. The other side of this is. Rob And AKIVA get Liana stuck in a weird tower If there's one thing. Liana if there's one thing Liana Hades, its tower related shenanigans sue. And that's because. Well. For one thing, it's hot. But Leon is also incredibly talented and she knew and she knows. And she knows how to put together a spectacular bottom feeder. Now, this was aeronautica twitter any. This was a public this like I've seen a lot of these were public tweets. There's an now like of new ones in public ones. So this is like I think this is one of the great examples of what at does so uniquely well. This is very prototypical Rene tweet. So this. So this we thought its could be something like a tower based escape room podcast with Liana as guess. That could be the idea, but it just seemed like such a good example of a RAPA. Show, are. Robin Kiva Get Liana stuck in a weird tower. If. We're not even rescuing. Her yeah to me that's Game Out of. Stuck in tower. If, there's one thing Liana hates its tower related shenanigans. Marriage everyone knows that. Famously. And that's because well for one thing it's hot. It's Also incredibly talented. And she knows how to put together a spectacular bottom. Whether Grad? Feeder would probably be something that would be like consuming the tower so she can get down. Giant bird like dinosaur. That's. One of the Tower, the leaning Tower of Pisa She can get Al we get hurt we get her stock. Maybe is this a game. Yeah that's what I was thinking. What if we could we have? Two Games that people are pushing hard to be on the wheel the Jordan coalition grace game well. That is a game that they've been played for a long time see. I'm blank on the name, but it is true forty am. I do know the name of the game. It's another day another morning another Bagel. and. Then dance and NC has a game. We'll? And played wheel-jam many times. Yeah. I wonder if we could sort of the exact same guilty on a Bagel I think. Yes. The exact same game, but just change the theme a tiny bit and it's putting. Liana stuck in tower I'm sure they could do that. So. Me and you are trying to put. Up in the tower and Liana is trying to build the bottom feeder to knock out the bottom of the tower. Yeah. I. Mean. Maybe there is some other people there because I think both those games have like five six people at least but yeah Well I know if putting Liana in the tower is involves people I feel like it's me and you versus Liana and she's trying she's trying to like We're trying to keep adding more levels to the tower and her further and further up she's through the bottom feeder to knock the levels out of the bottom of the tower. Is it like a Trivia game? Like every question we answered like there's another level to the tower and every question she answers right that she's like knocking level off the town. Yeah and every time she's getting a level higher it's getting hotter and hotter because she's getting the son yes and eventual. Or that's actually not true. The heat is rising because the heat rises. I'm eventually to get to the sun right though she's aside we could ask her on when when I'm sure that's what she's studying so. I do think that Leon in the tower is intriguing I didn't. Ever. Yeah people. This is this is two one seeds against each other. Honestly these are the best idea. Yeah. So the winner here could go all the way. Baby. Yeah should we do what? What what I did with Chester back in the in the best season survivor bracket where like north like move one around. Can we like move one of these seeds to the top half of the bracket or something Yeah. I have enough seeds. I think the issue was the way to move around I'll allow it. I, mean do you want to knock out? I have no reverence for brackets here. So if you want to knock out one of your lower ranking idea. About what we what we've advance so we could make a decision now. All right. I would say that I would I would probably rather do. One of these over the very the first two ideas. With Josh Winkler but you say you WANNA. Listen. We just. Want. To be mandated by the NAPA. Talk about the greatest pop culture sellouts. He can help us out on the. Tower. One of the people against Robin Akiva. Put. People versus Robin Akiva up against instead of kids sell out that'll go up against Chester's charts. So, we're basically postponing this to the finals. It sounds like. Okay and then and then weird power is advancing. Okay. We GonNa love being stuck in tower. If there's a Dour Shenanigans and she's GonNa. Love this idea. What does she declare on the Star Wars podcast? Let me let me declaration but it gets a huge ovation I think. We are the city. City. The city without a tower. All right. Okay. Great. So now we're going to go into our around too. So here we see the people vs Robin, Akiva? Chester's charts. All right. Uncle keep you feel like you're higher on people versus Robert Akiva than I am I would love to hear Chester's charts. But how would that work? What chart is he dropping on? He's dropping. It's a bracket of gestures charge. Them for like ten of his charts the key is torture. Not Funny Interesting to me yeah I am. Fascinated he doesn't rank like interesting things like cure my top ten friends in two, thousand and four. You know stuff that would be interesting if you'd like that'd be funny if he had frank's going up every year. Charts of like a roommates. He's roommate rankings that is. Crazy his wife is like six out of seven seventeen also. So I mean, do you want to hear a bunch of grievances about us? I think that's a pretty typical Robin Akiva podcasts. I, think that is a wheel worthy podcast. You boaters complaining about us but I don't need to hear the grievances. We also he's not dead like to love it. We could always pull on next week right I. just feel like the people vs Robin and Kiva, is a like kind of right there with the Nikita learn slang like. Like, yes, all the reasons why you're mad at us, we not court in for their nap on, it could be any. You know Sally from San Jose that in any week could I hear the Chester's charts pitch one more time show are Okay, so I can't believe it's Chester's charts. Great. Kiva reviews some of the most outrageous or niece charts, spreadsheets and rankings. Some of these would be interesting or applicable, but others would just be super out there or crazy chester would, of course, beyond the show providing his patented hot takes and causing debate with his insane opinions. I'd like to hear some pad did heartaches. Maybe could make this Alex. What if he makes us some unique charge just for this? That would be funny right ABC and things that he's been sort of like kicking around for a while some original even shorts. The have a lot of charts like a spreadsheets. Does he like turn them into line graphs. Oh I. Don't know. I think it's mostly spreadsheets. Yeah. I think he has a lot of rankings of things. But is like turning Chester Qbr into a chart. Don't know. Okay So what do you think are you guys? Are you leaning towards Chester's charts or people versus Robin Kiva? Charts. We'll do the chart. The Baby. It's Okay. Great. So our next match up is a social media versus greatest bad, ass. I'll. I feel strongly about great as bad as year over What was the social media? Again I'M GONNA learn how to do social media from somebody. Over. Grows baddest. But I don't know great as bad as to me sounds like. I don't know she. S Pitch One more time Dr. Okay, let's say greatest bad ass in. By the way. This should be the mail bag every week maybe every other up. This I'll just look I'll go to next. Accepted tweet seventy. Episodes maybe it'd be no. Are you want we brackets is every week? Might but I feel like the Rene Rene apart we'll mail. On their NAP rabbi I love it. So yeah I I have come round on on the Rin- pot I I liked it. It exists I was frustrated at first because I thought that like odd this is going to solve all our problems and finally the run up is GONNA be spitting. Out. And it's fool's gold. So but I I liked it exists. So. This is greatest bad ass. My idea was that a kiva has to join a team of. People. And eventually one day be the greatest bad ass person. The world has ever known So we're talking about your starting a group of people but this is you're joining a group A bad S. Like are you finding some sort of like biker group to join or they would love me? They would invite me right in. Your infiltrating some bad s group, and then reporting back to us about your experience. that. Can. Be Honest. He don't think yet. You're not up to the task of becoming the greatest person the world has ever known. I'm sure I'm up I WANNA start my own group. I don't want to join an existent baddest group. Okay so is it an existing bad as group on? So you're starting to balanced group on facebook. Yeah. It's going to be a bad as facebook group asks group I, do really love this. This is against social media. Do you guys have a giant drink I? Don't love the social media the I'm not sure. There's GonNa. Win It all but I don't think social media ideas is a winner. Yeah. Okay. So let's go ahead greatest bad ass it as bad as moving grill final four is a cut down the nets I don't know. All right I think I have a feeling how this one's GonNa go. Star Wars holiday special is up against Haiku. Source Holiday special in a row. A lot of work leave. The city. Raja's Rota Haiku. Two minutes over. there. We are. We are the city. Leon. Claim. One time. Quote the Raven Nevermore I. Truly. Okay. Towers. I do hey. So beautiful. This is really really a highbrow podcast here. Okay. So now our next match-up is make it. Rain is up against Weird Tower Liana get stuck in a weird tower. Towers got a win here. It's weird tower not we are the tower. It's now it's Robin Akiva get. Stuck in a weird now. Towers. Towers Leon is really doing great. This bracket I knew we might attend timers club had for her points. Yeah. Boy what a great final four. This is chess charts. The greatest bed s star, wars holiday special and. The the weird towers can I make a proclamation? I, don't know if you're going to SRI. Heading really. City be I think the bottom half? Whoever wins the semifinal winds? That's my opinion. Okay. Do you agree or or no? Probably. Not Choice Charts and I like accused bad. The P.. He was bad as club but think it's a podcast i. think it's something that happens off the podcast you. See I didn't know I thought that this weird tower one could go either way I thought you guys might eliminated immediately because it's really hard to know what the what the idea is, but I'm really pleased to see it go. So deep here or one of our game developers will help us come up with the rules to Leon against. And I know it will be game for this. Yeah. Yeah, and she says, no. She okay cowers, but I think she likes me as. Odd Cast Yeah. All right so In the semi finals here we have. Chester's charts up against greatest bad ass Again, I just think third both GonNa. Lose. Okay. Well, what's going to? I'll say greatest bad, ass. Okay. All right. Put it through grades better. has also been pitched as. Die I would love to hear Chester's charts a thirty two fans episode. We'll do it I want to make original choice, but we can do that. Listen football could canceled soon much Dr, manage the light, and then we'll have plenty of time to talk about whatever our football season got cancelled already rob. Yes. I actually feel like as a jets fan I. Think it's kind of best case scenario if they stopped the NFL after. Great. For Friday of reasons not safe for any of us to watch anymore and. The jets lock in the number. One pick. In, six we in them to combine it with like this year and last year or anything like that would be. Okay, that you know that would hurt. I'm fine. I was I was thinking about writing this NFL writers on twitter but. Mr ended like football documentary. He, he follows football the not closely. It's not his favorite sport he's more baseball and basketball or more smarts. Six seven can hope. You could probably dunk on both of us. And now he can't I I don't Wanna I don't WanNa I. Don't think he can. He's got it intimate your husband right now. He's putting the kids to sleep because I'm recording at three our podcast. Okay. Because he wanted to be a great as bad as in Akiva through. Org I can't. We could recruit him to be in your panel of. Like really into magic, the gathering or something. You really do a deep dive. I can research. Listen. Matters. The gathering fan. One of the. Only. Criteria. It's the. Year those wife actively campaign against football and are you into magic this guy's got. Wow. What he's telling me run. On, anymore podcast. Again Of Our. So our next, our next match up here is the Star Wars holiday special going up against weird tower. To allot the to Leon ideas facing off. I don't really know how we slightly on it in other than the proclamation into the star wars one. Yeah, I'm happy with both of these The Star Wars one is like pretty. Solid, we know when we do it, we could we could sort of jammed the wheel right to. have it happened in December doesn't have to be a specific. podcast the the these. Weird. Hours is funny but could go it could be a boss I think that the star? Wars. Holiday special is a guaranteed home run. I agree and I've never seen these star wars content however, I do want to ask I do think. The weirder nap body your idea is definitely we honest tower. No. Sure. 'cause if somebody emailed in and said. We end and suggested honest GonNa Tower. on a normal episode, I would like. I would consult the authorities and say like this person had a stroke. It's normal idea worry about in day. Next week. We saw. The real we say, what's that again? What are we? We're Liana Tower. Team and we're trying to put Leon Tower but. I just feel like that in you know a month from now. should we use our veto on this? Yeah. We do a veto. October. Yeah. By. This week wanted us to run for twenty eight days straight. I said I'd use my view. This matchup is really delivering everything I could have hoped from the rap brackets. We so Weird Tower Star Wars holiday. Special. Are you guys ready to put one of these thrill? I think so yeah, let's do the Star Wars holiday special. But if someone has an incredible pitch for tower I'm certainly willing to reconsider that or charts or any of the ideas we bad because any of the ideas that I'm ready to say we are the city. We harvest any baby obviously, the podcast needs to start with a proclamation from Leon. End with a crackle nation. Because let's get A. Standing Ovation. let's say this one is it's during this show Liana? Brought out a giant Star Wars Christmas tree complete with lights and read a proclamation reading. We are the city which was met with a standing ovation by the listeners supposed to be on video. So we can see you when we go to drag out the Christmas tree. Before the proclamation. Command, which would say that the idea is a good idea in the. That really gave it a leg off. We are the city or is it? We are the city? What do you think? We. Are. The city. Yes we have a few months the side, but I'm excited to consume I ever star wars content. We are the city like the Ohio state. Yeah. We're the city. That's not proclamation. Oh yeah that's true. I think this is the right way to get introduced to Star Wars Akeem. Are. Given to podcasts are. A famous mouthful courtesy. Okay. All right. So do we have to officially do the greatest bad ass versus holiday special or is it a? Holiday special. That was. Amazing the real. Franklin Auburn APP it should have already been on the wheel like this was a big oversight on our part. Is. A famously disaster. It so is this like a special holiday crappy movie diaper though no, I, think it's just a spot on the week. Doesn't but not until December, not until December I, we could start like the week after Thanksgiving if we really want to hurt sure because last year we were going to do a holiday crappy holiday movie diaper, and then it did not because we were going to talk about Hannukah movie a Hanukkah Christmas we wheel jammed it and it twice and it didn't come up. So I think that starting with an remind us any listeners that needs. So starting with the weekend of the twenty eighth and twenty nine. So would it be on the episode that we record the weekend of the twenty first and twenty second then getting into the weeds of when it's going to be on the wheel just want to make sure that we have enough time I think that Really, the sweet spot is that we do it like two weeks into December but okay. Okay. So let's so it will hit the wheel on the episode the twenty first and twenty second. That's how you know it's it's gone from Thanksgiving season two Christmases when that is on the wheel yes. Yes. Okay. So I did get I did get a tax from Mr Dr Amanda that says to be clear. This is a three, our podcast question mark. Yeah Yeah Well to be fair if we finish the go, the answer would be yes. Yes. Yes. Robert podcast The podcast that you love your spouse hates. True. Are there people who listen with their spouse please. Let us know we have but remind me. Yes maybe we could have those people so. Yeah. Scott Yeager and Lindsey the otter. Or if. They. Want to know if people actually listened 'cause I, envy the marriage of somebody who actually listens to podcasts with their spouse or their loved one or whatever that would never happen. I don't think. So for me, either you Amanda not anymore he's he's podcast together. We listened to the Rodney an NBA team together. Okay. Bringing. Together. Probably Anti Seventy sixers. Yeah. But he thought you gave them a fair shake either they got a decent pitch and they weren't the -til would've been a terrible pick. Any sort of fell apart as a franchise since we last talked about Yeah. Okay. So all right Robin. AKIVA. The Star Wars holiday special that is GONNA be on the wheel this fall. We're will remind US okay. We'll will remind them. All right. So this is incredible Amanda what a great job you did putting. All the cases and then going through hundreds of pot I. Guess. This was such a treat was a lot of work, but I've very happy with the outcome. I'm so glad to see a recap on idea it on the wheel and to have been a part of that process is really just an honor. Okay. Let, me just see if the run-up has tweeted anything else while we've been on the air I wanted to. Bring. Him Down a little bit I think. Him. I Day just because. It is that is true. It should be. Sort of. Your we we should give a lot of love to Daniel Shiffman who made the. and He does a great job. He sent me a lot. He sent me a whole Faq about how it works, which we're not going to get into today but. No. Bought his brilliant Daniel does great work. So thanks to him and everybody who helped me go through these tweets. Yes. Another one from today is called the the sound and the fury in this podcast will and Akiva who's will will thrasher Wolfram America. Initially ranked the wills the. Battle. But it's like people we know and not celebrities and they're all on the podcast. Will. Yeah Yeah. Yeah. In this will and Akiva make bracket of various popular podcast soundbites here a few examples we'd sucks bracket of the death season three episode, Promo Videos etc, and build their own bracket based on the best or most popular of those that popular soundbite we'd sucks from the spiders. WHO said it casts said we'd sucked. None that I can think of yeah I don't remember anybody. Okay. So there you go. All right. So. Great stuff fall everybody followed the Rene. Bought a Kiva. Let me ask question for you. Okay. How many followers does the pot half? I think I know the answer is like eight hundred or something seven, hundred, eighteen you can we get two thousand we got. Birthday. Good question. Like they're an APP, it'd be funny. It has the balloons on the page when you go to the page. Joined on June twenty twenty, I don't know what it has his birthday. I think that would be its own. Exists in in another form, their please give birthday. So we can we celebrate its birthday whenever that may be I. Guess June Twenty Twenty One. It's pins tweet, which is a podcast idea for your podcast Robert Akiva Pitcher podcast idea for future podcasts. You guys could discuss the idea before pitching it. That's that's that's what it is very nap. Yeah. So All right the KI anything else. No I'm excited to spin the wheel this week I had. Totally forgot about we have can. We gotTA spend. Take too long. Yeah Oh my God. That's what that's what Mr Mendez saying. Three. Hours. John I totally I really forgot. Okay. Everybody yeah, I was reading in the show. We're used to doing a whole bracket like that through the whole. I don't know how about that other. Okay. Sorry everybody. So, Rusty. Yeah. Packed wheel this week off. So we got so many ideas. Okay. All right. So let's real quick run-through. What's on the wheel? As AKIVA mention you know the veto should be in play here because we are creeping into October, it's Q. Four Baby. It is for, but I do I like saving the veto for a December. Honestly. Okay if I can. I there's nothing on the we've gotten better and not putting trash on the wheel. Honestly right. So you want to go into Q. Four with all your timeouts. What we don't we did lose our best friends be veto. So. We have one left. Okay. Did, we owe the musical is what has to Be Added to the but it's not eligible for this week. Okay correct. All right. Let's just talk this through seasons seven, the coin flip the crappy movie diaper people's Choice. FREAKY IS FREAK PRICES RIGHT? Robin Makita have a PR firm. Then choose your own. Adventure, the viral challenge tournament we have. Okay sometimes, I feel like these things do not say that I delete them Shark Week. spinoffs our trash Robin, AKIVA invented game show. Rob Akiva spice up their lives of Rob Akiba Place Your Bets Rene up ex and Robin Akiva have a musical. Is. there. Anything that you can think of that is did I did not read. Say Back should probably get another week and it's in the same boat a mit they're they're mostly done, but they're not necessarily we already. Come listen if it comes up, I could get ready by next week. Okay. But comes up. We'll. We'll give it a second spot on the wheel. Okay. Okay. All right. So by the way, will from America has sour ones on the wheel is that official? No I don't think that's not official. I think we haven't really ironed that out next week we're I'll make a reminder to talk about that next week. Okay. There you go. All right. So update on the SPREADSHEET. Okay. amandas earn idea you're hoping for. An idea that I'm hoping for this week the musical is ineligible right? Let's say. Let's us to the will of the wheel. You have an idea where the wheels going this week. It's October. You're a win he season. Do you have a cash? Yeah. I. Will Guess that we are going to see. How? `Bout. Spin offs are trash. Okay, that'd be fun I'm looking forward to that one. Okay. With Jason Read I'm looking at soon groups that seven just because it has two spots it's the best bet. Okay. All right. So let's see what comes up here. Episode Number One three. Is, going to be. freaky freak. Wow. Oh Great one that is a great one that has long been on the wheel. So we the only thing is you have to message bryce right now. But I'm sure you know unless. You know a week's worth of stuff going on I've really we'll be able to contact the freaky is freak bryce. Isaiah. Yes yes. I said. Just planning for next week. So should it be a like some sort of bracket of people doing free things and Bryce and answer sort of going through it Should it be bryce pitching US I don't. WanNa. Make him do work. We're inviting him on our guests like. Is he pitching freaks pitching him freaks of the listeners pitching off reeks. and. Work that out between he okay. Here and there yoke. Fine. But that's just something to think about. Okay and this is the Ricky's freak of all time. It's freaky streak of all time. Yes. Okay. I'm going to text him. Do you remember? When we said. Show named Riley. have. freaky freak. We'll say how's he might say new phone who it is. That's going to be coming up next week and say, no, we have to emergency wheelspin. Yes. Okay. Where can people keep up with you? please. Find me on twitter having amazing conversations with her nap bought all the time and that's A R. A. B. I N. O. W. A. Rabbi now. So I'm follow me on twitter and Yeah. A little bit of. A little bit of brain injury rehabilitation the love the twitter name like that. It just ends mid last name by notes a very common name but we could we could help her with that. It's been critiqued and I actually and as. Rob Has pointed out that my twitter handle could use some improvement but I think like as my twitter has gotten more nation weird it's not the worst thing in the world that it's not I'm not the easiest person defied. So it's okay if you're real one real ones only follow a revenue jus-. Okay. Then uncle key. What do you have gone on the host of the three podcasts three four if you count the the to fans episode, do every week the regular and the. Patriot we did. We did a chester direct survivor seasons now that he finished. Thirty two fans is two different podcasts. It's Star Wars. Most of nineteen podcasts yes. Everyone says, Hey, do you know rob? He's the host of nineteen podcasts literally like the main thing of Renault's about. You do host in fact nineteen podcast. Yes. Yes. So we did that survivor rings with my gloom. We did NFL stuff like winchester comes out of the holiday without having seen the games and I sort of. This week. Yeah. robin guest that's this and new girl I always mix it up new girl old guy yes Ngo G.. Allie night we'll probably did are not best episode last week, but people seem to like it and I. It on the Gog or Who are goggles but the was episode we were kind of just fighting the whole time but we'll get back on track. Yeah I heard I had heard that it was going and you guys went right into talking about the episode and I said Okay that's it for me. Not You. Should we get you timestamps. Lance like when the Winter Keeping Alley. Argued for half hour. Or not. Fine Fine. Going forward that'd be good. That's mine. I wanted to skip to the mailbag. Yeah. But I don't know do we not like when people say that to us? Tell me why you know I wasn't interested in the topic, but I skipped to the mailbag then. You're saying there's a million podcast I don't have to listen this. I'm listening get. Not Interested in the topic just for you. I think that's fair. Yeah. If that's what you're saying, that's what I'm saying not it's. Okay. But so you're a half Gaga you're saying what mankind? Fans there named God I'm a Fall Geiger for sure. What does it mean? I. Don't remember. Okay. I truly I don't know it was just fans NGO O.. So the fans are the goggles. Okay. Yeah, that's what I got going on of. So excited for next week with Bryce. The best. Tied with actor man for the best, they must make re podcast guests in Philadelphia because the two best could get what we. City. Pity on on the tower. All right Thank you so much for listening. It's not the summer anymore. How do you want to end the shows now? Should we go back to what were replaying before the song of the summer? Time we played the perfect strangers closing music. Then we play. We gotta go Jack Right thing go. Back to Chester. Holiday version holiday version of the Chester Song possibly at some point for December Jessica. Another saw. If, he wants to but maybe if someone could spook affi-, the chest version in October and then holiday it up in December. That'd be great. It's always men in black. Yeah, it's the same song just with like many covers just like you know the Bob Man, who let the dogs admits like fifteen versions of that song. Acoustic, unplugged like you know you know Spanish if they just they the whole album was was the dog's out. Okay. So this is sort of the combination of would you rather listen to every song and Chester covers were every artists only covered the same song? We've come to the worst of all worlds yes. Chester and black and its deforming. Okay. All right. Thank you everybody. Thanks for listening by. Then in. All right check until you. The wind might seem. But Trust me episode should believe me it's your own protection because we see things that should be tapped and the place. Roswell shocked to the. The man in. You're. To become. ooh.

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