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"deandre napa" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"deandre napa" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"Ago at an idea called Robin Akiva go to jail. Where I guess Robin Akiba Watch Party of five. Titles not. Really. Yeah. Yeah. Mike everything is I like wake up at six am and I'll have like a DM from somebody like you might want to delete the latest on. Great are getting canceled again like I've got to send a message to. DEANDRE NAPA, it's usually it's really heinous but sometimes, we don't need it I think they're like their. Dad About one recently where they're that like announced that somebody had died. Famous person our listener it was limping famous person. Maybe to take out, maybe it should take the TAB. Also recent run-up tweets include Rob Rob's excellent adventure Robin Akiba, invi Jordan Kayla Ish off the call. To come and do a podcast about Robin Cuba's famous game show, Rob Makita podcast they can be replaced by other great guests or hosts implying great guest not invited on the progress. I don't know he's baby seeds from. Yeah. The an empire is really has a formula right? The first line is the title and then everything else is usually. It's like if you reply to. You can get them really free. I've noticed nap on his been tweeting like pros like it's like it'll just like seem like it's like the middle like you're you've opened up to the middle of a novel or something like sometimes the rat bots been tweeting back kind of flavor. One time the the Napa tweeted something I think that it was like instructions for thirty. Five. Brooklyn. My favorite one. This week was podcast idea is Alex crying over Porco quizzes. I really liked that one I also like the one podcast idea. Robin. AKIVA get a new Matt Lauer Ono. The old one Akiva says the current Mike Bloom will do the trick. Yeah. Blooms credit. Did Not do not like immediately say we. Also another one from this week where. A raise over seventy five. K. In twenty four hours attendance. Imagine someone. Did put that one in the bracket. Yeah. We can raise money for charity. That'd be funny. Some someone's googling me for like a job thing like Oh, Rob Tequila Ray seventy five dollars for charities podcasting sounds legit. He's higher. And also run-up really missed the mark recently with season three episode. So six bones, Robo. Season three episode six of bones rap. What we do here. Yeah and.

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