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"dean vanessa jared" Discussed on Help! I Suck At Dating with Dean, Vanessa and Jared

Help! I Suck At Dating with Dean, Vanessa and Jared

02:06 min | 2 years ago

"dean vanessa jared" Discussed on Help! I Suck At Dating with Dean, Vanessa and Jared

"Today. Please very. Very. Suck dating with dean, Vanessa Jared, an iheartradio podcast. The national lead us. Oh, I was about to welcome to another episode of health dean stocks at dating. I'm still in Montreal. And apparently, my audio quality is not that great according to in. But I think it's just perfect. Jared. How are you? I'm doing wonderful. How's everybody else doing Mark Easton gentlemen, a fine? Thank you very much. Thanks for asking. Yeah. We never ask you I feel bad. You're here, you guys are really the heartbeat of this podcast, Vanessa denied just or just in the background our way through, really where the brains lungs and heart of the podcast. Okay. We're like the spine and the bone structure or the vital organs. You guys are the things that provides stability. Oh, okay. Oh, that's a good analogy. That's nice. Just came up with it on the spot. Pretty proud of that one is pretty good. We'll today is pretty much a question and answer podcast, though. Be no guests. It's just us five having a nice little Hyun a session with ourselves. And you guys, of course, because you are the ones who provided us with the questions they will be all relationship topic, mostly about dean gona paradise or not. Is that what are Goss is about? Relationship. It's all about that. Can we get to the start with the van thing you want to start with the van thing? I mean I kind of do. Yeah. Of course, well for anybody listening. You probably already know that. Dean, this summer has ambition to move into a van not ambition. It's coming to reality now and dean, you're going to be living in a van during the summer when do you have to move out? Have you moved out of your apartment yet? Jared Wendy move into the van Jared has more critical of this adventure. I'm not to. Cool anyone I've ever met. I'm not critical. I'm more nervous for you living in a van nerve wracking, heavy on anyone can live in a van Dien heavy on the scrutiny. All always coming from Jared. I'm not saying you can't just get. It's living in a van. Do you know where you're going to park, your van doesn't already shower? So it's all in. So this.

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