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"dean mazaki" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"Counts of criminal sexual assault and criminal aggravated sexual abuse He was arrested in his west lawn neighborhood he scheduled to appear in court today The owner House passed the change to the right of conscience act The measure gives employers greater authority over COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements Representative dean mazaki says the amendment is an infringement on personal freedoms Government is supposed to respect and protect our civil liberties not disregard them And that is because we are citizens not subjects The act has been used recently as a loophole allowing people to flout COVID mandates The only Department of Veterans Affairs is asking the public to reach out to residents of state veterans homes the operation rising spirit campaign aims to do just that says I DVA acting director Terry prince Our veterans and homes really like getting mail you know they come from the military where that was always a big thing Male call was a big event So getting mail in our veterans home is just the same thing Anything we can do to brighten their spirits Just to let them know that we're thinking about them we care about them and we've got their back Well you can write a letter or card and send it to the agency Springfield office to be forwarded to one of the state's 5 veterans homes or visit veterans dot Illinois dot gov to send a message electronically A popular pizza chain is under attacks investigation all three of parler pizza's locations are shut down and wicker park river north and the west lube and authorities saying American Airlines flight from New York to California was diverted to Denver after a passenger assaulted a flight attendant the airline says the passenger was removed and the flight attendant was taken to the hospital that passenger is no longer allowed to fly on American Airlines News time is 1232 All right we have disabled vehicle on the outbound Kenny where the right lane is blocked to kill our avenue I got is on the scene solid traffic inbound Eisenhower between Ogden and the burn And it looks like we have an exit on the outbound Ryan around the Chinatown feeder ramp That's continues at that area We'll bring another traffic update in 15 minutes In the business report the U.S. economy slowed to a 2% annual rate last quarter in the face of COVID-19 and supply shortages The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits fell to a pandemic low last week jobless claims dropped by.

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