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Facebook let companies access users' friends data

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Facebook let companies access users' friends data

"In Europe today, Nick Schifrin tells us there are new documents that show the social media giant gave other companies select access to user's data. Judy. The documents were released by a British parliament committee and seemed to show Facebook using all of our data as a bargaining chip to increase revenue the committee accuses Facebook of cutting special deals with companies like Netflix Airbnb and lift to access users data because those companies were advertising on Facebook Facebook restricted access to users dated a company's at deemed competition the data. We're talking about is users education and religious background. Also, preferences, what users like and don't like this matters because Facebook claimed to have restricted access to this data to all companies in two thousand fifteen and it matters because it raises questions about Facebook's interest in collecting your data and making money for the record the NewsHour works with Facebook on some video projects talk about all this. I'm joined by the Washington Post Silicon Valley correspondent Elizabeth Watkin from San Francisco. Thank you very much for being on the news hour, can we start with these internal discussions in two thousand twelve and we now have these emails Facebook figuring out how to make money. Mark Zuckerberg writes the following in October twenty twelve without limiting distribution or access to friends who use this app. I don't think we have any way to get developers to pay us at all does that shows Brooke thinking about users data as some kind of bargaining chip. I think it does. And you have to see the big picture here. Which is this is right after Facebook is on gone public. And the media story is that they can't pivot to mobile are they going to make money their stock price was dropping. And so they have at the time this whole developer community in or tens of thousands of apps that are literally writing off the social graph. Even the Obama came campaign did at Cambridge analytic did it and they're looking and saying we need to make money. And so they're looking at these relationships with thousands of developers, and you can see this intense bargaining. That's going on between Zuckerberg Facebook's top brass over who should get access and how while at the same time what they're publicly telling developers is. Is that all the access is free and neutral and this runs up until this debate runs through twenty fifteen when they finally decide twenty fourteen two thousand fifteen to finally decide to cut off access, but what we're learning is that actually there were whole categories of exceptions at the time. So let's fast forward to twenty eighteen Mark Zuckerberg is in front of congress. This is April. And he is speaking in two in response to a question from dean Heller Republican of Nevada. Well, Senator once again, we don't sell any data to anyone. We don't sell it to advertisers. And we don't sell it to developers. What we do allow is for people to sign into apps and bring their data and it used to be the date of some of their friends. But now it isn't with them. And that I think makes sense. I mean, that's basic data portability the ability that you own the data, you should be able to take it from one to another if you'd like the documents out today show that while Facebook didn't sell data they use the data to make. It's the documents strongly suggests that now the caveat is we are seeing bits and pieces in the documents. It's not like it's a full transcript of everything Facebook ever did. But from what we can tell what's interesting is that privacy didn't come up that much in the documents. It was all about competition

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