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"dealer roggio" Discussed on The Chartographers

"One just does not let up but it's it is it. Does it in both the party. Banger is an emotional punch. It just keeps fucking punching you. 'cause y'all mike's verse on early. Mike's incredible verse on early when he is talking about what. It's like to be arrested in front of your family is like one of those heart wrenching things. The and the things that his heart is throughout this entire discography but really after the joyous party. Run the jewels one seeing the on. Rt to that was like a breakthrough moment for me to have like the they are capable so much more and also crown. Crown crown is is one of the sons. I've always loved it but like this goes like. Oh wait i think this is like one of my favorite songs at it is because because should be like tell you what it your over i els versus very very good but then and then after after the hook you get that fucking guitar whale in which i'm like i wanna know what fabled phase or who played it because it's so good and then mike's verse on crown. It's just like it it truly. It's it's one of those things. Where like he's telling his personal story but then at with the hook it becomes something that anyone can use unrelated to campaign of crown holding. Was holding you down and just like it truly is one of those zones because i feel like a lot of inspirational songs veer way into cheesy territory and so therefore don't work whereas like this one is truly like i feel the life lived in this song and the lessons learned. Unlike it helped me learn a lesson. And i just think it you can't. You can't overstate how important that is. And again what impact that had on their growing popularity for people to hear this record here all known as much as the hard party bangers that they had the reputation for the new. Also get this whole other side of them. They're very good at hyping than giving a pint also right after love again cash. Also love gay. Sue and i love how often love her. Gangsta boo watts. So cardi and meghan chain muesli. Going out before i come a tree accused of you and i love against his consistently bakshi's cheap. I did walk in the snow. Yeah yeah the book. i'm walking. I lead them all. Focus coke then also close your eyes camp down to fuck jewels. Brennan jewish fat. That was early the on jewel song whereas like okay. I'm in yeah. I was the first song. I was like this going on my playlist. This kgo am listening to this every day like that was. That was what truly an i will say. Dealer roggio was was definitely an acquired taste for me but now he has been acquired. And i think all of all three of these hearings and all three of his appearances are like among the best songs they are. They know how today show mickley early voice also to your those say it. They don't even really have to use them. They just give them the b and he like right some of the best versus he's ever written. What are your favorites on the cell album. Okay so i honestly hollow yes but also the first three songs really. I four sons retirement about gonna auto cranborne. When i heard this album i was already and rt fan from the first one loved them but it wasn't like a screening fucking throwing a bucket epistle. Invest like wow well fuck. Yeah around the jewels until this album came out. And i've viscerally remember when this dropped. And i listened to for the first time and jeopardy was like i'll and my darling don't cry like okay. Run back merthyr. Fail that dick's okay. And then blockbuster borrowing came on. And then 'cause i was like literally screaming in my car like i put it on his driving and i. It felt danger. Ho can music is good. Ed driving my listeners. I lost my mind. Song came on any got like thirty seconds. Forty seconds and i was like a fresh leaving. God fucking damn. Can we talk about all do respect for all i mean they had loved the adventurous features on this one. I love travis. Barker's sue they had they had the song done and ready to go with drum machine and then they will. They got him. I forget the story of how they light linked up but maybe might be something you do. I mean if you see current record releases. He's produced like four big albums in the last year and a half like he is back off. Malarial says he probably yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if you out to them. Yeah but he makes that song what it ended up becoming the so banging banger right. Yeah yeah i mean. Honestly though if we're talking about bangor's there's a little suite at the start of run. The jewels three in which there is talk to me. Followed by legend. Has it followed by. Call ticket tron car which is just like the Almost argue are tj most pop to a degree but in the best possible way. Because at this point once you get around to rg three now that they kind of done more live shows now. They've done it with material j two. They know how to tailor a song for a crowd and that is what they do but not without taking out the heart that has made them what they are and we've covered a couple artists that hit an era in their career where they went like. Oh that hot shit now and they started making stadium museum. That's what i think. Run the jewels. Three is yeah. They made stadium rap. They knew that this shit was going to be screened back at them by the thousands alad get trina mad as big and that yes thing is. This album is so stacked. It's not even fair. All the i also cuts down is the perfect opener. I hope i also i love is both of these two middle albums. They started easy in easy in their life. By the way we're back and then they hit you in the nuts. Yeah but that's i mean truly truly that that even run those first four songs. That's like one of my favorite progressions on an album especially because a couple of them are like continuous mixes. They fade into each. I love legend and it into call tetra. Exactly i will also down into talk to me. talk on. The is my favorite on the jewel. Something i've listened to that more than any more than walking in the snow. It's probably close. Okay top topped is definitely my favorite Wow i just and that's on top of like of course legend has it is right up there with a depending on the day. It's like one of the most popular songs like ferguson. Reason lender has a killer. Yeah and then also. This album has fucking pantalica panther with tra which is one of the hardest hitting and then you get fucking towards the end with thursday in the danger room. You can see me now. That's that's like the spiritual successor to crown for me. Yeah for justice. It's just is good again. Mike's verse this story of like. I know that this was just the situation that we were all put in by society at like the story of forgiveness for this man who killed his friend. It's just like such an incredible piece of work. And then you go right into fucking kill your masters i v like. And that's that's really. I'm almost afraid to say this. I'm on record. I truly think that like run. The jewels played a role in radicalizing. Me in like in like opening my brain jammu like what the possibilities are and also just how far we are in the shit just alpha. How just how fucked are we. We are and just how much fucking seven been hated from us right when it comes to like Your your media your tool education in the united states. How things as white killed when we were growing up and like genuinely there are hip hop purists that pushback sometimes against their quote unquote fo- visionary politics. I don't think it's file right. Nasa people killer mike folk inputs. Not just his money where his mouth is at himes where his mouth is..

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