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"dead mccarthy mccartney carney" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Mary departed que Japan from Japan. You're deported from a place you're not deported to a place. Your imported to a place it is that important to Japan you anymore clues you Philly Fox. 19 eighties possession of marijuana. This musician artist had formerly been a part of a very successful band. E mean what I mean they broke up. Oh, you know what if he had marijuana? Yeah, you could say It makes you feel high. Kind of like it gives you wings Red Bull. I know I knew that. That's what you're gonna think I'm trying to go in a different direction with wings. R E O Speedwagon. So when, okay? Name. Here's another would ask this question, guys in case you do any of these throwback Thursday. Music trivia is at home or at your lunch table. Whatever. Here's another way to ask this question. Name of Beetle. Um which, like okay. Oh, so it's gotta be Ringo. No while stereotype because the ponytail no. John Lennon Dead McCarthy McCartney Carney That's the right answer. Sorry. Record the That's a political scandal. Isn't that bad? I was going to John's. I'm sorry. E have the ring. I didn't know it was gonna go. Great. I am already.

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