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"de low mathis hades" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"de low mathis hades" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"She went to the also new a new. We were here mama. Hardy shout out to drew. Y'all what up drew. Put it in the air for me. Shot how to you know drew's always on his way and be conscious. I gotta wait for mind this morning. You know some a little on edge. Shout out to darren taylor. Hey darren how are you. Good morning down. And runs with the sean brow. That's right that's another guy that money out there. Yes charlotte him shall shut up to the real sakina. Scott hey the real sakina sky. What's going on girl. Shot to danielle williams girl making way with the stars all the way down here on my list but there you go sending stars moving yourself up to you. Danielle woman. she got the. I don't play with danielle. gotta inbox. You know no no saying she's gonna need to talk to somebody her people's stills any city still waiting for things her and veneta over their government needs to get it together. Sidney inbox you. Danielle daniel on this is a very productive. Young ladies shows have no time for. She's my friend. She has not sugar. She has no doesn't mind. She has no time for nonsense. She has no time since she has no top every this is a woman that's progressive young black woman. She's making moves illegal. Chat to de low mathis hades hilo stars. Hey thank you shave. Shannon and brinda champion shannon berries in it. Yes she there. Pleso my family man. I love her. Shout to marcus. Mr johnson haymarket. What's going on my brother. Hit me within a moti shoutout to seal in rony you because you're the chat room member of the week h-have because you're a chat room member of the week chamlong out to you crystal. I hope you're enjoying your week. Shoutout to lose shawn heins. John's leshan how are you. Are you like everything. Everything's good.

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