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"Chase Elliott wins. Talladega and break Chevrolet season long drought. That's our top story. Plus, we've got army saddle from FOX and from PRI Alexis Eric right here on fast. It's fast. Talk on the performance racing network. Presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota. Racing information. Visit Toyota racing dot com. Wicks with over sixteen thousand filters. Find the correct wicks filter for any vehicle go to wicks filters dot com. And by advance auto parts, think ahead think advanced now, here's your host for fast talk. Doug rice. Greetings, everyone. Chase Elliott takes the checkered flag at Talladega. And tumult ensues in the grandstands afterwards rockets crowd. Glad to see the nascar's most popular driver returned to victory lane. Welcome to fast talk. Doug rice, along with Hermes Sadler and Alexis Ericsson on the day after Talladega. And chase Elliott's first win of the season. A big coming out party in many ways. Four Chevrolet Hermione, Alexis Herman. I'll start with you just give me your overall take on the geiko five hundred from Talladega. Well, as you mentioned when the series most popular driver wins the race in the grand grandstands. Fool in the races. Entertaining, just wonder what the haters are going to be complaining about this time because to me. In all fairness there have been times in races this year, where we didn't get everything that I thought we need it or didn't get what we wanted or, you know, the racist didn't lead up to the, you know, Odun live up to the height that were surrounding with rule changes in this type of thing. But as a fan, I was thoroughly entertained by the race yesterday. And I thought the Chevrolets at a great job of sticking together and doing what they needed to do to to get the win. So I you know, I was entertained I enjoyed it. Congratulations to chase Elliott on the flip side of it. Now. Now, the talk is going to be does this fix all the problems for Chevrolet does a fix all the problems for Rick Hendrick? And I'm not sure that it does. But we'll know more about that. When we look ahead little bit maybe Dover coming up next week. They're only a few things are shore as death and taxes, and that's one is that haters gonna hate no matter what. So there will be people that will hate on yesterday's race. But I thought it was fantastic. I thought it was leaps and bounds. Above what we have seen on the quote unquote, play tracks for quite some time. You know in the not too distant past we saw single file racing and not a lot of passing not a lot of you know, what you would think of as traditional plate type racing. And I thought we came back to that yesterday. And I thought it was extremely fun to watch had multiple lanes at multiple leaders. I mean, I'm looking at you know, this box score from yesterday. And we had six drivers that that lead double digit laps, and we had fifteen leaders overall. I mean, that's typical of that kind of racing. And I just thought that it gave everybody a little bit of something EROs a little bit of crashing. There is a little bit of you know, lead changes race. It was really racy. I just thought it was it was fun to seven Liege. And that's only the lead changes at the start finish. Line that is included the other times that they swapped the lead. You guys talking about the haters? Tom Johnson tweeted out something a year or two ago, and he said NASCAR fans only dislike to things change. And the way things are. Leave my you know, in own Friday when you stoled it to hear NASCAR kind of tweaking things at the track, you know, spoilers Wicker's and all that you can just thoughts. People already saying we're here, we go get it turn. And who we go. We're gonna going to start making changes, and what pre sheet NASCAR in this case for being proactive and seeing what they saw in not being afraid to make the changes. And do what they thought was necessary for us to have what we had yesterday, which was a a good race with some drama with a lot of parity. We saw obviously the the Chevys ended up in victory lane. We saw the Toyotas upfront for a while. We saw the full is up front for a while to me, you know, when we're gonna be quick to tear NASCAR part when they've made some changes and institute some rules that we didn't think gave us what we wanted. It. Gotta flip the tables here. And say I'm glad they were top of going back to Friday making the adjustments necessary to give us a great competitive and a safe race that we saw yesterday. Yeah. I don't I don't like to get into too much tech talk. But I was listening to siriusxm this morning on my way into work. And Todd Gordon was on there talking about that wicker that they added. And and a lot of what the dialogue was that? I heard on Friday when that happened was that the cars were going to fast. And so you as a fan, you think. Okay. Well, don't we wanna go fast? Isn't that what we want? That's what we're here to do. But he kind of explained this morning that it was more about making sure that the engine turned the proper amount of RPM. So that there wasn't a lot of attrition in the field. Which is what could have happened had. They not done that. So wasn't necessarily about slowing the speeds down. But it was about getting back into the range that the Motors, and that the the motor, you know, text had thought would be that we can had prepared for otherwise there could have been, you know, a lot of motor failures have to give the engine builders. Every manufacturer a lot of credit because these cars were qualifying in the low one nannies. Single course beats racing in the mid two hundreds. Yeah. S thirteen to fifteen miles per hour difference that you have to build a car and engine transmission gear to withstand that tremendous gap in RPM, performance, all those things. And so I thought all things considered you know, if you're Toyota fan you a little bit concerned after qualifying because you didn't have anybody in the top teen. But those engines have proven in recent years to perform better at a higher rpm band on those types of racetracks Daytona Talladega. So once the race got going, we were all every every brand had cars that were capable of winning just a matter of who cycle through right time to two quick points on that. I and watching that rice unfold, I never felt like. Toyota really going to win. I felt like the Chevy game plan or one of the pinch Ford's would would probably take today. Just it just didn't feel like Toyota had the real threat even cow Bush. He got up there couple of times. But he he wasn't the normal menace that he is on a weekend and week out basis. And I I heard some people chattering at the end of the race about NASCAR and win. They through the caution on the last lap and Steve O'Donnell from NASCAR actually said that caution was not thrown for the big wreck on the backstretch. That caution was thrown for Ricky Stenhouse junior who crashed earlier they were waiting to see if Ricky Stenhouse junior's car was going to get off the race track. And he could drive it back around on the apron, and they would have kept the yellow, but he crashed the car was tore up. It was stalled out along the front stretch. That's act. Actually why they through the yellow at the end of the race. And it just happened to correspond with the big crash on the back. See I saw some commentary to that. It was it was more about some debris that had come off of the seventeen car than it really was just the crash itself. But there was some debris that they thought would be safe had the cars rice back to. And so they would have thrown it. And I'll make regardless one point. I don't disagree with what you're saying. That the Toyotas seem to have they were dependent on other manufacturers to to run up front. Didn't seem like they had the the power to dictate. The terms of the race up front that may have been different had any Hamlin. Yes. Been in the mix. He is all things in done. He is he is the Toyota guy that you know, is is known to be the best restrictor plate racer gets the most respect on the track with what he's able to do drafting wise. And so, you know, congrats to Chevrolet in the folds. Were certainly there. But I think the Toyotas probably would have had a little more say in what was going on had. They had the guy that was the quote unquote leader of that of that manufacturer organizing things and being on the racetrack in those final ten fifteen. Well, for those of you scoring at home Denny ham was involved in the first accident of the day that was triggered by Bubba. Wallace. Limped around for eighty laps wound up finishing thirty six on the day. So yeah, that was a big hit while we're on that subject. Let's go ahead and give you the Toyota performance report. Brought to you by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information. Visit Toyota racing dot com. Probably not today that the folks from Toyota were looking for when they unloaded Kabua's. The top finishing Toyota finished intent, but that does keep intact his top ten runs on the year. Eric Jones was nineteen Martin to X junior. Twentieth. Jeffrey Earnhardt who had a problem late in the reysen ran pretty well finished twenty. Second MAC Benedetto, thirty first and Denny Hamlin thirty six and that is your Toyota performance report. By the way, this show is brought to impart by wicks filters checkout wicks filters Facebook page for chance to win NASCAR and NHRA tickets. A name says luck, I'm Kyle all taken your order when you meet someone named Kyle. As in Kyle Busch as rowdy as eight wins last season and more than fifty career wins as in donuts for days. So if the humble named Kyle doesn't sound so humbled to you your family now, the summer seating follow. It could be the Toyota racing families best season ever Toyota racing dot com. Toyota, let's go places nascar's rich, financials, you're stuck are reasoning. You wash the outside the inside and make sure maintenance today pamper your car's engine and you'll system by adding Z max by curlew Br again. Bloomberg in using the witness a carrier to reach internal parts Zeba literally soaps in metal dispersing harmful carbon buildup his health improve performance extend engine life at reduce emissions Cemex today at the max dot com or your local auto parts store. I'm Matt Benedetto. And you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. One night with one million dollars on the line. These all stars aren't racing titles. They're racing for cash. Nascar racing is back. The thirty fitness NASCAR monster energy all-star race Saturday night. Eighteenth, y'all stories experience includes free concerts, h. To get started just thirty nine dollars tickets or just ten dollars experience. It for yourself at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Get your tickets today. Call eight hundred four five five fans time, it sure flies by where you spend it at who spended with all the really matters. Round up your friends and family and join our NASCAR family in making memories that will last until the next time again gets together the NASCAR monster energy all-star Saturday may eighteenth at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Experience today. Visit Charlotte Motor Speedway dot com. Folks. Talladega had their share of good times and bad times yesterday during the running of the geiko five hundred greetings once again, this is fast talk on PR in the fullness racing network. I'm Doug rice and joining us today as per usual, Alexis Ericsson, also PR in from Fox Sports. And if s one Hermes Sadler is with us and guys it is time to go. Good times and bad times. We will start with you. Give us a good time or somebody that had a good time coming out of Talladega. Really happy to see Ryan Preece. Get a good finish. He's actually ran pretty well at times this year has some untimely accidents and some issues on pit road. Some I good time at Talladega was Ryan ended up coming on with a third place finish yesterday. Good boost for that rating. Yeah. Had him on my list says, well, I totally agree. Great. Great job by Ryan. Chevrolet. I mean, they're my good time for this weekend. They we have just talked at nauseam about how they need to perform that they haven't been running well or upfront, and then they go and get five out of the top six spots. Talladega. Granted it's Talladega which is the bid of an anomaly when you think about all of the other tracks that we run. And will we see them run just as well at Dover, or you know, any of the other tracks coming up only time will tell but as far as Talladega concern Chevrolet had a very very good day in the top ten at data from the, bro. Bowtie brigade. Chase elliott. I second Alex Bowman her momentum. Ron preachy finished third fifth went to Daniel Hamrick. Cribbage finish there. The other Chevrolet was Kurt Busch and six and Brendan gone comes home with a top ten run in eighth place. Also, I just take one second. Sure what Brennan Goan does because I have done it off and on occasionally myself showing. A couple times a year to race. Even if it's Talladega. And as Trish involve what Brennan gone does is not easy to do to jump on car. Not a call that runs. All the time part. Time crew part time driver all that into get top teen finishes at the highest level of reysen is quite an accomplishment. So I just wanna give a shout Brendan for being able to do what he does is really remarkable not only that he flew back to Las Vegas at some point in the weekend to tend to family event and then came back to Alabama to race. I mean, just the grind of that alone is amazing that he was able to get in that car and finish. I mean, he he was also on my list of good times. I don't know how he could not be on anybody's time. Yeah. Absolutely. You can tell you having fun doing Brennan has pretty much fun doing about that point. All right Alexis. Let's start with you. Now. Give us a bad time from Talladega. I'm gonna have to go with. Now. Unfortunately, I think it was what lap eleven very early on in the race made a mistake. Clearly, but that mistake calls him to take out a lot of what could have potentially been very good race cars. Kevin Harvick most notably had some strong words about the incident afterwards saying that, you know, Bubba was driving over his head and just just a bad position to be in so early on in the race. And and to get a lot of good cars and in a melee was it was a bad, especially when you feel like Bubba has four chances. Yeah. Have a good day. And he took himself out of one of those. I had him on my list as well. But I'm on a slat down in. Unfortunately, bring up cow Larson in this situation. You know, he's talented one of the most talented drivers in the series. We keep talking about how good he is waiting for this team to flip the switch, and they just cannot seem to get a string of finish going to get some Amenam going with this rating got agree with that another disappointing day for Kalle Larsson. All right. Her me back to you. Give us a good. Give us your second. Good. Yeah. Alexis mention Chevrolets I like to break off of that a little bit and give a shout out to our CR they had a good weekend. Austin Dillon overcame some drama in its use in qualifying pretext. He lost his declaration. They could have you know, tanked in got off track. But they didn't they got things back going. He qualified on the pole. So the three core was fast, and as you just mentioned a top-five finish for Daniel Henrik. And that's a shot in the offer that team I really think Henrik has a shot steel to do. Good things this year, but any kind of momentum in some people may say you going from Talladega to Dover. It doesn't matter. But I think all of us in this room agree that Mojo in momentum is a good thing. And so they're taking some momentum away from Talladega into Dover. And I think that's a good thing for Daniel Henrik in the eighteen I think momentum's almost tangible you can almost reach out and feel it sometimes Alexis your second good. I'm gonna go with coral. Joy, you know, at these at these. I what are we call them? Now, we call them tapered spacer races. I don't I I'm not sure speed. There you go at these superspeedway races. You know, these, you know, smaller teams have an opportunity to make for themselves. And I think Korla joy finishing eleventh on Sunday was really good. He had a lot of buzz at the other superspeedway this year Daytona when he had his beard and his space on the car. He had a lot of buzz around that. And it was. Nice to see him get back up in in the top of the running order at Talladega. Burger let's wrap this up your second bad times from Talladega. I'm gonna it's kind of a two part. I'm going to go with David Ragan Brad cast Laskey and their pit road. Miscue? If you wanna call it that at at you know, at the breads. Back. Judge. I'd probably have to hold up all ten for that. But unfortunately, it meant that. He didn't get a very good finish. When he was poised to have, you know, a good finish same for David Ragan. I had him on my fantasy team. I'm thinking. Oh, man. I totally did great with this pig value pick and David Ragan. And then you know, it was a bummer that he kinda took himself out of it there on pit road. So that was a bad time. Even though he had a really good run didn't finish that way. Kisla style points, but not as many he did stick the land. Hey did. Stick counts. Your last one yet? Doug, you mentioned earlier like Bubba Wallace. Only heaven limited opportunities based on how you typically perform to win a race and go to the play offs, and I'll say the same thing, and it turned out to be a bad day for Ricky Stenhouse junior. He's really kinda made his name as a pretty good plate racer. But he's also ruffled feathers. He's driven and Ben aggressive. But that goes back to your point that when you've got limited opportunities you've got to be aggressive in those opportunities in in fifteen twenty two Ricky was up there. Battling around the front looks like he may be able to repeat some of his success from the past and get it done and didn't end up that way. So a big missed opportunity for Stenhouse with. All right. So that wraps up our good times bad times segment and her will be exposed for the first time ever on this show to give us your answer. And why? Coming up very shortly in her doesn't look giving the the all like, you're gonna love it. Oh, I'm Bill just for you. You don't wanna miss it? That's coming up here on fast ach. An adult down. It can weigh up to six tons the average person a hundred and fifty pounds ever heard of car phenomenal. It's a large wild animal tranquilizer. Illegal drug dealers lace heroin with it. It can kill the average human if you or a loved one is a dicta- opiates even pain pills. Don't wait until it's too late. Call the detox and treatment help line. Now, we care. Many of us have been where you are. 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The NASCAR monster energy all-star race may eighteenth at America's home for racing and families Charlotte loaders she'd visit Charlotte Motor Speedway dot com. Night one million dollars on the line. These all stars aren't racing titles. They're racing for cash. Nascar racing is back the thirty fifth NASCAR monster energy all-star race, Saturday night may eighteenth stories experience includes free concerts, H A R hairball to get started just thirty nine dollars in kits tickets or just ten dollars experience for yourself at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Get your tickets today. Call eight hundred four or five five fans. Thanks for tuning into fast here on PR in. We are working out of a different studio this show than our other studio is going through a major renovation. So if the five feels different that's why. Everybody by you comfortable over there. I'm great. I'm feeling good. All right. Well, good. We'll get rid of that. Time for our newly installed addition of give me your answer. And why so give me your answer? And why so I will ask a question you give the answer. But then you have to explain your answer have to explain art part. It's like when he did math in school, and you give answering it said, well, you must explain your work. That was this is gonna come in handy when I'm trying to talk to my wife. Usually, I give one or two word. Yes. No, maybe. Go into some detail. This gives me they are always big on the why why? Yeah. Real big on the why we'll start with the Lexus here. So harm aching would feel his way through this. Which one of these is the worst people not putting up their shopping cart. Folks that try to buy a house at the drive in window at the Bank. You know, what I mean that person that's twenty minutes, and they're trying to do way too much. They should've gone inside or leaving the empty cure egg container in the coffee maker. And I do one of those three things. Do. No out of those three we'll really do because I'm not gonna call myself out the shopping cart because look limited parking spaces. If you leave your shopping car out in the middle of nowhere. And you don't put it back. Then you're taking that people could have an it's just it's just the right thing to do put your shopping carts back people. That's just right thing to do. Put a shopping caught back. It'd be so much fun. Because I always try to like aim one hundred year olds. And try to hit ever call poor. You never know when you push the cart. How the Fernie and might be camber you might cut right in door. Dana bash. Somebody's car the Canadian. So which one's worse shopping cart. Somebody trying to buy a house drive in window at the Bank or leaving the curate Cup in the maker from Emporia. So we're not facing up to have a curious team up really any of this. I'll take a shameless plug and say, I get my coffee. Her main Elliott Sadler victory lane restaurant right there to saddle travel plaza at ninety five live and be in poorer Virginia. Shame. Yeah. I'm not a big fan of people waiting in line at the Bank while people are trying to explain to somebody all of the ins and outs new is in new not ups and downs. You've got that much to go inside that. Yeah. Yeah. The draft. In east to be drafter. It's like McDonald's. If you can't do good service Fayez, she might want to say that because we might want to. Whatever it is. No, no your game plan and plan it and make it work for you. All right. So next quest. They get harder as we do. Hate this. Which one of the current Cup drivers could you see acting in a TV show? Sir. Anybody think has the ability to act at all? So if I'm put a movie together, and you're going to you got our TV series Kabushiki. Really? Yeah. Hey, play the villain. He could play. He plays a villain into racetrack. Does he knows what people he wants to wear that head at times? But also think that he's kind hearted Cain be nice type. And he's he's a he somebody that I think before the movie came out with hip draw interest to the movie because some people wanna seem do good and other half wanna come hoping seems grew up. The key played a killer car salesman in that advertisement that him and Samantha did for their chairs if you haven't seen it go and walk hilarie facial hair. A little up. I pick Bush. Yeah. I'm gonna say Ryan Blaney and actually think he might have actually acted in TV show here recently. I'll have to check. He was in a show. Yeah. Played a stunt driver something. Yeah. I just feel like he's got charisma when you think about, you know, an actor somebody that's going to be on the big screen or even the small spree screen. They've got to have Krizman. I feel like he's got that wanna add one thing. Yes. If it's a comedy. I think I'd rather replace him with Clint boy. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I think Clint could do stand up do slapstick comedy share give us your answer. And why we'll we'll go back to Alexis name, a movie that made you cry. Oh, man. They all make me big. You big crybaby. Yeah. Well, the first one that comes to mind all the guys listening gonna simultaneously turn. The knob is the notebook. So sorry. It's sad. Somebody died. Well, it's sad. But it's happy to. Yeah. Everything. Movie that made you cry. He's he said this maybe right here happening in front of me. Have never walked like you're missing up. Never wa-. I don't watch movies that I think are gonna make me cry. I'm gonna watch comedies. But because I've heard people say this a lot. I'm assuming Ohio. What's the other dog movie? Marley. Oh, gosh. Yeah. That's up. Oh horribly. But if we're talking about recent stars born the new the new those. You're talking about me. Okay. Well, one once and we're getting ready to go to church. My wife's doing her thing. So there's this movie on about a family and a dog. And I thought well, I'll watch that. Wonderful, and it's warm, and then it just there long enough before she's ready to go to church that the dog is in the in. And it's sad and a kid crying. And I'm sitting there and penny walks in and she goes what is wrong? Who makes a movie like that? I'll say again, I don't if if I'm told that it's a sad movie. I'm not gonna watch it. I have watched movies that laugh so hard. I cried like in wit and crashers the stage five Clinger, I mean. Until I cried. So I've got one more story. Because look you thought this is going to be thought you weren't going to be able to get us to talk enough. Liz, my mother could confirm this when I was young. We had VHS version of Bambi, and yeah, exactly she popped it in the VHS in the in the player it played up until, you know, the the first part where the mom dies, and it's a whole thing. I at like six years old took it out of the VHS machine. Put it back in his case ripped the cover off of it and wrote bad sad movie on it and never watch. Bernhardt? Can you chime in here? Our producer for the Dinka can. Yeah. Here. Save us field of dreams. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. But you cry because it's good. Yeah. Well, it's that at the end with his dad. Yeah. But but it's a good San. Yeah. It's Alexis saying earlier. All right. So now, the we we chop through that you guys wanna do you wanna racing one or non cry like when Brewster Baker in the six pack when he came back in one the race on. I did like that movie. I still think I still think six pack is one of the best rating movies. I enjoyed it. Yeah. I much better than most of the other cow play Turk. Logan, it move. Yeah. Absolutely. I think if we want to keep people engaged maybe racing. Okay. We'll go back there. We'll start with army name me one driver that you think. Or has the potential to be on the hot seat this year? Meaning could be could be out. Wow. That's a tough one. Yeah. I wanna thank I wanna go back. I wanna get back to movies that make you cry. Yeah. Although I don't think he is one driver. I think has got to be thinking about it. Although that I'm here and he's in contract discussions. Maybe jones. Yes. Chris. At home. Only because I that's the only one that I can really think of two and it's because of Christopher bell. And the fact that he's waiting in the wings. And he's such a big talent that he needs somewhere to go, and he's clearly a Toyota driver, and there aren't many Toyota seats of A-levels since I took your answer in this kind of discussion goes another place. We're talking about Christopher bail all the fanfare loan with him. And I mentioned this yesterday. Pat Patterson's show, what is tolerated not is respected as some of the other drivers this guy on the homestay lace United picking the win. But he on the biggest as drove one of the best racist. I've ever seen him or anybody else drive at that racetrack. He's come back this year new team, and he still winning. But he's still not looked upon like Christianity. No. That's a great question because he is the defending champion. I mean, that's got to be worth something. Right. And the fact that he goes out and this stat. Is amazing to me. He goes out and gets are CR I ever win and in the experience series at Talladega just think about that are CR had never won in the expanded series of Talladega before Saturday. That's crazy. Do you wanna tell us who you wanna hotseat, Doug? Or are you going to? Yeah. I'll tell you Larson could be on the hot. I really do. I mean last year no wins and this year, I know race with a lot of problems the chips got to be sitting there going, and he's a pretty patient guy. Because Jamie McMurray raised over there for a long time without a lot of returns later in his career. But I could see collars and could be a guy that needs to be looking over his shoulder. Kurt Busch come over to the one in really made a difference. And that makes it worse that makes it a lot worse. Here comes the older guy coming in there and knocking out top five and top ten finishes, and you're supposed to be the hot shoot to to your point. He didn't always have that teammate look over the shoulder. And that was kind of out at performing for a while. Jamie McMurray wasn't pushing him and Kurt Busch shown up and pushing. And I agree. I think Eric Jones probably needs to step it up because there there is a guy right there that the office. You know, you look at you look at results, I think you're Jones is plenty talented, but it comes to enter result. It's and people wanna see a little bit of personality, and he's got have more of one of the other probably two Asmal on Jedi. I think at the beginning of the year people were maybe tossed around deady handling name in that vein. And then he went out and won, you know, the Daytona five hundred and he's you know, he's a wanted to. Yeah. Exactly. So he's he's kind of right in himself out of that. Have you seen any sales? Hold on his job. Nice hefty mortgage place. We'll take time out back with more fast talk wick says the perfect filter for Eubanks drives if Dave drives like a chipmunk stopping and changing lanes in rush hour, traffic wick says no problem with you have a normal everyday drive or an extreme drive or anything in between. We have the filter that will protect your vehicle now when it comes to your phobia, a fear of mies you'll have to deal with that yourself. Wicks filters will get you there. Go to wicks filters dot com to find the distributor near you. Ready to set record time at the dealership accelerate car buying online with auto trader do your paperwork. Get the dancing options. And traded you all online to get a monthly payment based on your information before you buy safe time at the dealership when you start the deal online. Accelerate your deal with auto trade. Bush and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. Charlotte's curate. It's the sixtieth running Coca Cola six hundred underway. Green flag fly. Kevin harvick. Turn to practice all kinds of sideways. Jimmy Johnson to drag his lefty on believable around the field. Venture to six hundred Sunday may twenty six at five eastern on PR in the performance racing network. Charlotte Motor Speedway on their fate. Let's go racing. It's the else. Go three hundred and spun his wheels on the initial stored in the race it big battle is ain't Smits in the middle of it with Noah, creeks Custer's. Get a lead the way as across the start finish line getting a huge put right behind it. From the number seven of just all Brandon Jones now by side with all the exciting action of the house. Go three hundred Saturday may twenty fifth at twelve thirty eastern. Not be performance racing network. Glad to have you here on fast talk NASCAR. I think is unique in lot of different ways. But one of the big ways is that immediately after a race. Everybody starts evaluating the race on was it. Good. Was it entertaining? Was it boring? I don't see that any other sport. Does that am I wrong? I think maybe only major things like I think people Super Bowl and probably when the super bowl's over say, I don't know if that was good game or man that was a great game. I think big big moments in other sports that happens. But I don't think certainly not on a weekly basis. Like, it doesn't ask in the problem. With NASCAR is the expectations are just off the charts. Yeah. I mean, you watch NBA playoffs going on right now. Schule you see some great game some nail-biter right to ended in you also saw yesterday the Celtics beat Milwaukee by twenty five points. You don't expect. Blow out in the playoff. Sometimes you just don't have that buzzer beater, you know, finish ins, but sometimes with NASCAR fans that so used to, you know, NASCAR than so many things lucky dogs, and you know, wave around and all that to keep the field closer together. Keep more calls on the lead lap. They worked on you know, the cars the bodies engineering, but you're not always going to have favelas finishes. Sometimes people just going to be better than everybody else. And so, but, but I agree with you that people scrutinize I races now more so than ever, and it's and it's odd because I'll I'll flashback to this year's masters. It had what it needed had Tiger Woods in the hunt winning on Sunday. Even though they had to start the thing. Five hours earlier, they got all, but that's not every masters. I've seen masters where guys were leading by six strokes with four to play and you could turn off the TV, and you knew who was going to win. And I think we're guilty of beating. Our own selves up. But I think you're right. I think sometimes we sit the expectation for our events so high, and you don't always get that for the last ten years not just NASCAR. But most professional sports have been in this quest to try to attract the younger viewer the younger fan with a bass ticket come to the arena watch on TV in doing that. I think we've done some things that you know, trying to go after phase that we're not going to be our fan to begin with. And sometimes you have to continue to evolve because you made this room. Now, you gotta make this. We didn't realize this is going to happen. We've got to tweak this, and we've changed a lot some for the better some not for the better, but the race fan or the fan the consumer in general now is a much different animal than it was fifteen twenty years ago. Yeah, I think you know, we're consumed the media's consumed and and NASCAR some. Extent. And stakeholders if you will in this industry are always consumed by what makes good race because they are what they wanna find out. What that secret sauce is? And they wanna do their best to replicate it every time that they can because you know, they feel like that is what will help propel us, you know, where where we need to go. And and it's just not possible. You're not gonna have a game seven moment every week. It's just not I think some of what we're missing nail with some of our fans is not every fan always came to the races even in the seventies and eighties and early nineties not every fan came to the racetrack. Because they thought it was going to be that five wide finish. It was because it was an event, and it was fun to be at. And it was the place to be in the place was packed. It was it was it was an event Banerjee. Yeah, in so I think through the course of time for one reason or the other in it's not for lack of. F the race strikes. Nascar are steadily adding bills and whistles, and you know, everything they can think of the trying to make the fan experience better. But some of what we lost our people that were just there for the event. Well, I wanted to bring this up because I think there have been some races that have delivered all the way this year. And and I think the plate races are super speedways almost in general bring a good product. They they're usually very entertaining Texas had one of their best races ever. The Bristol race was fantastic. I felt like that this Talladega race. If I'm ranking was pretty close to a tent, you got the driver that most of our fans love that one. You had all of these league changes. You had some crashes you had spectacular crash would call are some barrel rolling down the backstretch. Thankfully, he was. Okay. But one of the other things jumped out at me is and this is the reason I love superspeedway racing. And we touched on this a little bit earlier. Third place Ryan priests. That's not going to happen at Kansas or Charlotte. He's he's not going to finish third Daniel Hamrick fifth. Excellent run for him Ryan Newman seven he's not finishing. Seventh at Kansas at Amal and a half track. For brash fin way, Brendan gone eight in in basically, a one off deal at coral joy, finishes eleven an and I love that. I love the fact that we have underdogs with their chance for the sun to shine on them. That's always important. It's always one of the things seems like more. So it tell data than Daytona Daytona. Although we lump them together. Daytona steel oughta times comes comes down to handling especially in recent years as tracks continue to to wear and tear, but but both of those races. But especially Talladega always get several. You know, first time winners at Talladega. Several guys at one they're only Cup race at Talladega. And you always have that. Opportunity that draft as a great equalizer, and it you at the time it coalition. I saw something he tweeted earlier with a while. He hadn't tweeted out after his after his eleventh place finish he said was because he drove the motorhome home last night. Situated to be able to you know, tweet out to to the fans. And that's that's a that's a race that it wasn't a win. But a big boost momentum wise and financially for his racing. Yeah. We're talking about movies earlier. And if there's a movie that you really like, maybe you'll wanna watch it over and over and over again if you're call Bush fan, and and he keeps getting victory lane. He keeps winning. You're you're happy to watch that over and over again. But every once in a while, you probably gonna wanna see a different movie. I mean, it's just nice to have a different chain of events. Something else to talk about other people to shine a spotlight on you know, it it just helps keep things fresh and those teams work hard, those crew members travel and work just as hard as the other team members do maybe harder maybe harder with, you know, trying to do more with less, and it it's helpful for them to get this kind of spotlight shone on. That's that's an excellent point Alexis. We have not seen. In this movie this year with Chevrolet running up front at chase Elliott nascar's most popular driver parking it in victory lane. Whether it's at the dealership at the gas pump auto trader is always looking for a way to make your automative experience better internet, a win free gas for year from auto trader NPR in visit go PR in dot com slash auto trader for your chance to win free gas for year and see official rules. No purchase necessary entered a win open to legal US residents over the age of eighteen ends November fourth twenty nineteen. Void where prohibited. Have you written a book and wanna get it published then call Page Publishing ASEP? We're looking for authors of all types of books. And unlike most publishers Page Publishing will take the time to review each in every book submitted to us, and we'll give you our feedback. And if we like what we read we will get your book into bookstores and for sale online at Amazon the apple itunes store far. Noble and other outlets. We handle everything editing covered sign copyright protection printing, publicity and distribution. So if you've written a novel children's book, cookbook, inspirational work poetry, or a biography and want to get it published called Page Publishing now for your free author submission kit. Your road to fame and fortune could very well. Start with this simple phone, call eight hundred two nine six one two nine four eight hundred two nine six one two nine four eight hundred two nine six one two nine four once again, that's eight hundred two nine six twelve ninety four. I'm Kevin Harvick. And you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. Mass. Call racing is backing the sixteenth running. The Coca Cola six hundred Vince Memorial Day weekend. The most patriotic day racing kicks off with a free concert by rock and Roll Hall of famers, cheap trick then. Nascar's best battle it out for the right to be called Coca Cola. Six hundred champion tickets start at just forty nine dollars in kids. Tickets are just ten dollars experience race day for yourself at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Get your tickets today. Call eight hundred four five five fans spectacular. Six hundred and Drenthe of this race inside was a kid. This is Charlotte world six hundred. Along tuchus meanness examination of racing. Bengals yet divides gentlemen start during John. Stock car racing is a peerless sport than this is the peerless race. Say that we have a lot of fun doing this show. And I don't do this enough got to acknowledge thank harming sadly, you go out of your way to be on this show. Lena. Weiner, just surfing. I mean, you you literally drive down from Emporia for Jinya to Charlotte Motor Speedway PRN studios. What is that is that I three and a half four hour three half three forty five depending on the non-drivers that I run into own nanny eighty five. Now when you go back to Virginia you had been stopping in Chapel Hill I used to have a reason to daughters graduated wrestling. So what are you gonna do? Well, I I have a little go cart building operation in Salisbury right near where? Yes, I'll I'll stop in Salisbury on most trips in check olma premier reysen jesse's, folks. And so if I come over there because I live about three miles away. Can I putter around golf car? It may not on the show. I don't want to use it premier race in chastise and putter around in the same sin. Yeah. But if you'd like to Radhi rocket I would love to ride a rock. Yes. Yet. I'm gonna go out of PRN team out. We do that. Can we bring all of our people? Maybe a couple of kegs beer, tariffs go-carts. I want to see you a short. That might stop right there. But back on the series. Newt I really enjoy working with you in a Lexus in whole PR in team. And also, we we don't probably don't say his name enough. But I like everybody else had a lot of love of any Parsons. And I was a college roommate to Vinnie son Keith for couple years there in Chapel Hill and really close to that family. So to be able to sit you know in the same studio and be on the same show. It'd be a part of something to be p was a port of back in the day is pretty special for me. And if you're not familiar when the show for started it was Benny parts show. It was all his fast Hong, but it was fast talk with Benny Parsons. And for the first three years binney did the show pretty much solo with a call in an an we took call ins from fans and over time we kind of moved away from the fan element. And then I got integrated with the show to sort of help. Binney with some of the technical stuff getting into commercials getting out of commercials and setting him up. And then, of course, with Binny's passing we went to a driver format we had Greg biff evil Kurt Busch and Elliott, salmon cow petty, and they were all active drivers at the time. And they got could you understand anything Elliott said? He's not near as eloquent is is older, brother. He's not no. No is not. And they to be honest. Most of those cats lost interest real quick because it sounds like kind of fun to come in here and do this. But when you're driving a Cup car, you're pretty busy and cow petty stuck with it. He's still one of the three that rotates. You Colin Jeff ham in an Lexus. I talk about this all three you guys are different. But all three of you bring something very unique to the show. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, I, you know, it's interesting. I never had the notion that I would ever be on the radio and get to do something like this. And then kind of just threw me into it and said here, just talk and it worked out, and I couldn't be more grateful to get to spend an hour every week with Doug in the three of you. It's just bring balance to the show. I try to keep you guys in line. It's nice to have somebody that's younger and has a different perspective on everything that what we do. And that I think that has. As long as you've been around. Doug and myself you can in a bubble. You know, you look at things from certain way. It's always nice to have a different a different set of is coming from a different way to to bring different perspective to the show. All right. We're gonna take our time out with come back. We will have a little green flag black flag. Jones wife nicknamed his car that genius and not because of its tech. In fact, she is GPS. She calls. It the genius. Because the light is always on the maintenance light that is think ahead think advance get the freedom to choose oil bundle, five quarts of mobile one. Pennzoil valvoline or Castrol edge synthetic oil with a purolatorboss filter for thirty to ninety nine through may first. At advance auto parts and participating carquest locations. See store for details. We want to help extend the life of your vehicle add Cemex micro louver into the fuel oil where it uses the fluids to reach internal parts as it soaks into that'll Zemach disperses harmful carbon build up to help improve performance produce emissions. Extend engine life and increase Buell mileage buys Cemex today at Bax dot com. Or your local auto parts store. Your vehicle run better with cenex micro louver kit. I'm just an all. And you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. Here for the drivers personalities of grants roots racing each week on Yar ends at the track we cover the short-track dirt tracks ledges at cart-racing from the world about Las Lucas oil series, all star, circuit champions, Usak car store pass ultimate Superleague bottle series, fasttrack power and more. That's PRN's at the track every week on broadcast radio the free PRN app. And I tunes. Martin del Paul Shad z max racing country. Classes I go back a long time listening deterrently pride that grew up in was sippy, right below Memphis. I saw singing in clubs in Richard. I read bully came there for show. Song on the show. I did tons of country music this weekend on racing catchy classics. It's been fun show. Thanks so much for being a part of it. Doug rice, Alexis Ericsson and Hermes Sadler. This coming week NASCAR heads up to Dover quickly before we do. Green flag black-flag hear her meow. No. You wanted to give a shoutout. Yes. Stewart freezing one of our really fun competitors. We have in the truck series. His son was recently diagnosed with autism. And some of you may not know that I have a daughter that has autism as Wael. And so I went spent some time with Stewart back at Texas. We had the for the truck race in this weekend Dover. He's got a special paint scheme on his truck. He's actually allowing people to purchase or put their name or company. Name own his truck in one of those puzzle pieces. So if you have a few moments just get online and check out Stewart freezing. And then you can just Google his name. And it tells you all about the school that his boy is going to in the resources. They're trying. To an awareness, which is the most important thing at this point to hip create some awareness resources for Stewart freeze in his key. All right. That's fantastic. Where quickly approaching the end of this year. We got a lot more to talk about. Let's you'll little green fly black flags. It's time for another edition of green flag. Fleck fled. We'll start Ericsson. You know, how this works? If you agree with the statement that our panel of writers came up with you give it a green flag, and you will hear this. There you go. That's what you'll hear it. We have a panel of writer. Yes, we do highly paid very technically minded, and if it's agree give it a black flag, and you get a startup in Lexus. Turkson Jimmy Johnson. Eric jones. Kyle Larson will all miss the playoffs. Green flag. Black flag. Jimmy Johnson air Jones cow Larsen will all miss the playoffs. Green flag or black tough. That is really tough. Does the kind of the writers have been at right? I'm going to save black black. Maybe okay. Why that is? Jimmy johnson. Jones Larson all miss the playoffs. A black flag. He's got a winner rate. All right to this point. Kyle Busch is ten for ten for finishing in the top. Ten Kabua's will finish the year with thirty top ten finishes and tie are better. Jeff Gordon's record black leg flack flack. I think you'll be too aggressive at some point comeback to buy. I'll X thirty top ten finishes. Stay black fly. He's going to accumulate a lot. But I think the summer stretch might wear on him a bit ten for ten right now. All right back to Alexis Eric's. Chase Elliott will be the only Chevrolet driver to win this year. Yeah. I don't know. I think I think hurt I think for my have a good shot. Well, I just said Kyle Larson was gonna win racing in the playoffs of flat knew that answer before he gave it and that wraps up believe it or not the sponsored addition of green flag black flag. And that's another mind boggling edition of green flag. Lack flag presented by advance auto parts your oil. Change bundling cluding selected oil filters now at advance. Think ahead think advance time now for us to hit the gas and exceleron into Dover, by the way. You can celebrate buying online with auto trader do your paperwork at financing options, and a real Kelley blue book trade inveigh, save time at the dealership when you start to deal online accelerate your deal with auto trader, it's time now for our wicks picks. Her me who do you think will win at Dover? And also who could who can be a bit of a surprise. I think one of the Pinski cars that. Dove racetrack is really about grip for a long run. And I think when the track is lacking grip of the Pinski car seemed to have a little bit of an aide right NASA. I'm gonna say one of the two Penske cars we'll go to victory lane. I am going to go with Martin tricks junior. This is his home track. It is actually his track. I know he has like seventeen home tracks. According to the folks out there in the Twitter verse. But I think he's one there before and he always has a little bit more in the tank when it comes to Dover because that's that's a big win for him. Or those are wicks picks. You can follow PR in in the social media world various outlets, Alexis can you quickly? Give us a thumbnail of where folks can find out what we got going on at PR and live on Twitter and Instagram and on Facebook, just look up the forms frac- network. And if they wanna follow you on Twitter army Sadler at Hermes said there, you go and going to follow me. I'm at rush, man. Sixty one. And of course, PR in is at PR in live. Thanks a lot to our producer direct doing mindful job. Can't Bernhardt also big thanks to Hermes Sadler. And Alexis Erickson, I'm Doug rice. We're back next Monday with a whole bunch more fast off. Fast. Talk was presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota. Racing information. Visit Toyota racing dot com. Advance auto parts, think ahead think advance and by wicks find the wicks distributor nearest you. Go to filters dot com. This is P R in the performance racing network.

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Talking Tech w/ Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary, Portless iPhone Rumors, & Our Holiday Gift Guide

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

1:21:09 hr | 1 year ago

Talking Tech w/ Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary, Portless iPhone Rumors, & Our Holiday Gift Guide

"Way Former is brought to you by moment looking for a last minute gift for the Creator in your life with bags. Cases gambles drones lenses filters tripods and more moment makes and carry some of the best products of two thousand nineteen for photographers and filmmakers moment. Only sells the gear that they personally us as creators. And if you've seen the moment youtube channel you know they're passionate about high quality gear may also have over thirty brands and stock with so my favorites like peak design. Dj and road road They offer fast and free shipping worldwide. A lifetime warranty on all products and twenty four seven service from pro photographers and filmmakers so far away form listeners. They are offering ten percent off your first order with coupon code. Wave form their last day to order for delivery by December twenty fifth is December nineteenth French international orders and December twenty third in the US so head over to shop moment dot com slash way for him and use coupon code. Wave Form for ten percent off your first order all right. Welcome back to another episode of the way foreign podcast where hosts a Marquez roundly. And I'm Andrew Bandinelli so today we're going to start with a little recap of some of the bigger projects. We did over the last few weeks and then talk about a certain little iphone. Rumor that we've heard about and then after that I had a chance to sit down and catch up with Kevin O'Leary better known as Mr Wonderful from shark tank my favorite shark and a quick chat with him. And then we're going to wrap it up with injury and giving you a few tech gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Although let's be real you probably should be pretty close to done with that either way. It's way for him. Let's get into all right. So why don't we go ahead and jump right in with a recap since last episode first of all have you done anything. Nothing special since last episode. Maybe actually this recap might help me just as much. I've missed half of these videos. Yeah got married yeah. That's free sweet. It's it's and you went to some crazy exotic place. Yeah Wow and and what one believes you definitely had nicer than our snowy like sort of wintry mix here. Yeah I'm jealous of that. Flew back into that like it was a hard a hard flight back into reality after all of that but But yeah yeah getting married. It's it's also a minority stoked. This ring is really strange I play with it like fidget spinner. Just get married just have arena. Your does it change the way you use your phone hold electronics or anything. We still haven't done that so much yet. Typing was like a little strange at first. I feel like I used that finger also every time I hold my water bottle now. The Netherlands probably terrible for the ring scratched it a lot but Gay married with superfund believes was Super Fun. Nice thank you for coming again A. Yeah if anyone's really that interested I posted a few pictures on my instagram. We had a crazy talented photographer. I do have to say that that is the Steve was awesome. I have to say if you're going to spend some money somewhere spend it on the thing that's GonNa will help you remember the event that you spent a ton of money on and you just want 'cause he goes by so fast and our photographer. Steve was amazing and pictures. came out incredible have forever yeah awesome. Yeah okay well. We had a couple a couple tech things happen since then. But I'll go over some stuff on the channel I We had our favorite tech of the year rewind Collab- I call it a rewind cloud because Youtube rewind came out which by the way? Maybe the most forget Youtube rewind ever. Do you think that's what they're going for. I think okay when I looked at Youtube rewind. I thought that this was what happens when you avoid wait. Something instead of going for something so their entire thing was don't get hated. Don't get hated on. Don't do something and people hate if you do this. They're gonNA hate it if you don't do this. They're going to hate it so we got to do it this way. So people don't hate it but what they didn't do is try to make something amazing so rarely if you go back and watch it. They're just counting down like the top mia most viewed creators videos. Go through a couple of genres. I mean it's super forgettable. But it is. It is rewind. Yeah I would say. The last year's was hated. This year's was disliked which is step forward. Who're Casey retweeted some guy that made his own version of it and it was a couple great? So there's a couple Creator made reminds you sort of expect that around this time one of them was Literally like in style of rewind where there's animations canals too big moments during the year and another one was an entire musical. That sort of I shot out different moments and creators So that was fun. There is actually A. I'll try to link in the show notes. There is a the musical gave me shout something about Marquez gets interviews with Ilan and bill that was like the line in the musical which is really funny that awesome. I'll I'll check out all share that as well. We had a tech rewind which was Twentieth my favorite creators Going through their favorite piece of tech they discovered in twenty twenty So everyone from Sean Evans to filter Franco to Simone Gertz. To whoever a lot of people that are in tech and that are sort of around tech when you're creator you're sort of around and Yes favorite tech and it's it's not as predictable as they thought. I think I reached out to a lot of people thinking. We're GONNA get iphone a lot or probably going to get air pods and it was surprisingly. I don't think anyone picked air pods and we've got a lot of random stuff. Got The book in there. We got the DJ asthma mammobile. That's one I was surprised about when I was listening to Phil's podcast with you on my flight back I was like Oh yeah and I was talking about bubble others piece of tech and he said that and I was like oh totally forgot about that. Yeah that's one specific thing where I can see that has like a personal outlook. Yes kids yeah and and like walking around trying to chase your kids with a video camera is really hard even with smartphone. But having it stabilized like that is definitely important so you could tell that. That's something that he used a lot this year. So yeah if you if you haven't seen that already check it out. It's literally twenty people in a row saying they like this year so it's pretty sweet We also came out with a video. Testing T. mobile's low band. Five either. Six hundred Megahertz Five G. Network. This was a an interesting it was more just like a fun. Shoot we we sort of owed people an update to the five G.. Explain via anyway where we went through a variety and their millimeter wave technology which had all sorts part of sweet pros. Two thousand down is awesome. Yeah but all sorts of interesting cons like if you walk around a corner it doesn't even exist anymore steps away from you two thousand down. You don't even get it exactly. So the T. mobile strategy which they were so kind of share with US beforehand and we are some of the people ever tested And as you can see in this video is they're rolling Out Low band five G. which is blanket coverage using spectrum that travels really well so these towers you can drive miles away from an still yet five G. and and sure enough. That's exactly what happened. We drove around happen to be in a twenty twenty McLaren. Gt happened. How a lot of fun with that too But yeah we did get five G. pretty much everywhere but what you're looking at. Maybe like sixty to one hundred fifty down which a lot of people sent me replies afterwards saying Oh I already get that now with four four g Great I typically don't usually get somewhere from like ten to thirty on a good day. But that's where they're starting and then they're working their way up to mid band and eventually Doing millimeter wave in like more populous areas like cities and and you know transit stations things like that. Then you'll get there a lot. The people getting two thousand yeah. So that's that's what that video was. I don't think there's any really follow up surfactants. The moral is if you really want to do a video on something just let us driving supercar for a little while. It's a good strategy GONNA lie. Also two episodes of Retro Tech finally are now live going live live for free every Monday at around noon the first episode was on the camcorders the JV see GRC won the won from back to the future and the second one was on the nineteen eighty-four Macintosh with I just seen and bill nye and others Is just a good time. So those who episodes are up. Yeah and to clear that up since I feel like you've made it very clear already but there's still we get in our sub reddit posts all the time and people on twitter. It's not everything is going going to be free right now. If you have two premium you can watch all of them and not have to wait. You can bench. Yeah but all of them will be out free yet. The the main thing Marquez has that before he even jumped into this I will not do anything that strictly behind a paywall. Yeah Oh this is something we've talked about before we even started to shoot this youtube came to me. They're like we should do an original original and I was like I've seen the originals. They're really cool. But the number one rule on the Internet is don't charge something that was previously free and You're GonNa have a hard times so I'm not GonNa do an original if people can't watch it for free And like months later they changed their policy to do original Zeke and watch for free. So Yeah Yeah you can watch him. Monday's release days. They'll all come out eventually owner and there it. I think the next one. Well I don't I'm not even spoil it but you'll see the next ones are also really good. Okay Okay Mac. Pro came out. Yeah and when I came out I mean. It's on Apple's website. Now you can buy now and it'll ship in a couple of weeks And and the pro display SDR also which is hilarious is Right now if you look on apple site if you try to buy a prototype Alexia and stand you'll get the stand in about two weeks and then we'll get the monitor in like the middle of January so you just Kinda have thousand dollars ten sitting around on your desk waiting for the Monitor No yet we saw common. It's out now And I I did sort of a two week first impressions video since I've been using it so the second pressures video but ucla two weeks And I've really enjoyed it so the SPEC you'd expect see here's the thing they didn't tell me right I said hey marquette is we have the MAC pro coming out. It's going to be in December some time. Do you want to test it. Yes okay so we get in touch we arrange everything they also said we're GONNA send you to you produce boy X-ers d want one to be Matt and one to be glossy. Did they really ask us. They asked that and I thought about that and that would have actually been interesting. I think John ended this Because you can actually look at them side by side see the difference between the glossy one and the Matt One but I was sitting in front of an Imac display at the time and I was like look I already you know a glossy looks like let's just get to Matt ones in here so I get it for comparison sake but for actually wanting to like use it for an extended amount of time. Yeah who would drive me crazy Adam and a glossy actually using them side by side. Yeah together so. They're both Matt and sent the specs of the SPEC as he gets on the videos. Twenty Twenty eight core which is maxed out The highest NCP. They offer two point five gigahertz based clock Zeon ship Three hundred eighty four gigs of Ram. And that's something I think. Six dims taken sixteenth populated six teams open so I could just double that up real quick and have seven hundred sixty eight megabytes good bytes of Ram Blessed Media Tower You have seven hundred sixty gigabyte. Sorry gated dressing Nexia gigabytes cheeses. And then you have all your leg and all this other stuff you can watch the video. You want the full specs Interestingly the eight terabyte model doesn't ship yet son option to selecting select so four terabytes. Max You can actually order right now but I will not be ordering until I can get eight terabytes there so we both kind of interesting Read it and this video and talking about this video were polarizing that one way of putting it i. I don't make the comments. Were interesting. Well anytime you look so I was the point I was getting I was. I didn't know what Spec they were GonNa Send Me. I sent me that SPEC and I didn't know what price mice SPEC was testing casting it so there's no way for me to evaluate price. All I know is hey is starts at five thousand dollars or whatever But they sent me a totally different SPEC from the base So when it comes out I can speak out on their site and the computer had been using cost. Twenty eight thousand dollars so now that I have that context my video ready out there but now I'm starting to evaluate. Is it worth Ortho. Not But Yeah like you mentioned so. Read it on any time you get at twenty eight thousand dollar Apple Computer. Have some people who feel a certain way One way or the other. I mean it's super expensive. The thing is you have to base on. Is it worth it in the sense of time saved and like that's so I think the most interesting post on read it. Was Somebody doing the math of the time saved over the five minute unedited clip that you put in the video. They took that times by the number of videos. You made a year and came out to X. amount of our saved based on and what that was but even that isn't getting even close to the amount of time save. That would be only if I upload only if I was making five minute unedited video video saved only ever exporting one time for which like a lot of time. Yeah that is true but when we do sponsored stuff even for the sixty second can add spots we do and this is a reason why we hate doing. A lot of them is like back and forth. Yeah you make everything you make the sixty second ads about to exactly. What would they ask you to? Do you send you export. You send it to for approval. They come back with. Can you say this one more thing in there bring it back in. You have to export everything again. It's happened for five times to us before to the point where we meantime. I think we've ditched ads spots because we just wanted to push the video out and it was getting annoying. So Yeah Yeah Yeah. It saves a ton of time is it overkill. Is One of those words like yeah. It's probably overkill. You could do all of this. On Mac. Pro You can do all of it on a macbook macbook pro but eventually you're saving time saving your own sanity at some points like when it's midnight and we're exporting something that's likely feel it. Yeah we'd like to go home mm-hmm it's not just keeping our hazards keeping all four of us here sometimes a so. Yeah sorry little rant. No I feel that I really. You have to to respect the scale ability of his computer. So there's a couple of ways to think about it. One is a lot of people say people but really companies are going to be getting getting these You know this is miniature as far as expense in terms of like the production. Like when you look at like a Netflix show with a couple of million dollar budget. We're like oh we didn't finish shooting when a couple more days and maybe a few million dollars more to finish shooting this like the the the couple Mac pros that they get for it. It's not exactly you you know killing him But that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be expensive so when you burn you come down to this level. Were you know. Were Youtuber as we make these pretty heavy projects but they're not like movies with no G. affects they're like I have a final cut pro workflow and I have AK footage and needs to be transported. The fact that I still see that dramatic of a difference and that'll continue to see that difference over and over and over again for one hundred something videos every year is massively impressive So like we are. Send send that clip where we tested. The the render times was a five minute on edited. Just one single clip Morad camera dropped out on the timeline the sixteen inch macbook pro high end. Exported that in twenty minutes. Yeah take that same five. Minute unedited. Red Clip drop it on the time line again background entering rendering off. Same exact thing. Eighteen Corps I MAC pro so now this is the highest end. Mac Pro the most powerful Mac you can buy before today and that did it in about ten minutes. So that's a ray a massive amount of time I'm saving that's why flying with an eye Amac pro when I have these big videos is because I'm not doing a five minute unedited clip. I'm doing a twelve minute clip with tons of things happening color correction lutts graphics. All the stuff and so that that twenty minute Alexa becomes an hour and a half cut down to forty minutes right. Yeah and that's super beneficial. We're in a hotel room exhausted from travelling and it's eleven thirty at night men can't tell you how much pain I've gone with like a an apple event. I'm sitting. I have all the footage and it's edited and everyone's waiting for the video and I finally finish it. I hit export and I started timing as it goes from one to two to three percent and I can really just go to sleep and wake up the next morning and and then uploaded which is rough so like it affects us for multiple reasons like one of them's potential viewpoint on something like we go to an event like an Apple Event Wentworth embargoes right after even something like C. S. where those export times could potentially mean something getting out lake or at sea. Yes we almost missed an appointment the last year because we were exporting of video and trying to upload it before we went to it which wound up the video. We almost missed was the self driving taxi appointment. Yeah it was a great video so just because of waiting for something like that we almost missed a whole nother video and that was the press. I guess you're saying we should. She brings Mac. Oh man no yeah so soda to wrap that up the MAC pro with that same. Five minute unedited clip twenty-eight chorus this Churn through that export formats and twenty seconds. So is again cutting it in half from the I mac pro so again when you scale that up you can't forget scale it up when you scale scale that up to what would have been a forty forty five minute expert. Now you're looking at a nineteen minute export and like finding mistakes and doing other things and reviewing all of that scales massively massively so when you put it in the context of scale the MAC pro is a worthy investment for someone even my position which is like final cut pro workflow. Can we also talk about about how long it took the last Mac pro to get a reiteration you proofing at this point like the last pro was released in thirteen. Yep they're Ashdown. So what if we don't see another Mac pro till twenty twenty-five like that that big upgrade now is going to be really beneficial in twenty twenty three if there's still not a new MAC pro. Yeah so this So if someone's going to be getting a MAC pro which I am There's a couple things that you know you can definitely upgrade and then there's a couple of things things you probably will want to just get now. I will definitely be getting the twenty eight core Mike. No doubt about it I have no problems with because the macro doesn't doesn't necessarily feel like snappier and faster It's more about like those heavy workload this pushing. It's like a you know pickup truck instead of a sports car. Whatever you WANNA look at it? It's like a cyber trick so you have you have your CPU. And yes. You can upgrade it later. But I'm just going to get the high end one. The rams one of those things you don't have to they do now. I might just get three hundred eighty four gigs of Ram. That's hilarious that I said that sentence like it's not a lot. Yeah like I might only get three hundred eighty four gigs of Ram and later down the road when I can fill in the rest of those dims because half of them are empty. Then I will end up with the seven. Sixty eight I don't even think I'll ever need. Yeah Yeah we're not doing a lot of multiple programs open and stuff like that that requires quite as much ram. Yeah it's not really about this. The amount of Ram at that point anymore more for me and there are some absence some workforce that will take advantage of that Phnom Mine is not one of them final cut pro is really looking at a CPA and GPU So I will also be right out the box getting The dual amdi Vega pro to GPS. So that's something that you look at again now that tower and you can upgrade it. You couldn't do that with a trash can maduro grow You think of this having like maybe like an eight ten year plus life cycle This is this is actually not the worst thing ever so I know a lot lot of people. Also there's a tweet I just replied who said that Super Saf said fun fact. Ninety nine point nine percent of people complaining about the price of the MAC pro would have zero intention of actually ever buying one regardless of the price and this is a hundred percent true. Yeah this is so true anyone complaining about the price of the macro not that you don't have any justification Shen but is this really a something that most people actually need to consider buying probably not not not at all so anyway that's That's the MAC pro. We do have appro display ACCIARI video also coming up soon and I don't know exactly the timing of it but all this stuff is on channel and The full reviews. I think we'll we'll take a little bit longer. Just because this is one of those things you really get into the workflow of and you start to see where the the limits are and you push it in different types of experiments. And here's here's what I'll say. Hit US up on twitter with any questions. You guys have about these two things the display and the Mac because my workflows just one which happens to be video editing and a very specific type of video editing So if you have other workflows or things you have questions about or things I should test or even other benchmarks I I should run. Hit US up on twitter and while beach ECHINACEA. Yeah so that those reviews be coming up. Soon I just WANNA ask. Have you seen the rumors of the Portland Serve The Port Louis Iphone for twenty twenty. One take when do we talk about this. was there right when I got back. I Yeah I saw the rumor. We like yeah. I think we were both walking out to to the car after the day. You're just like Oh did you see by the way iphones GonNa be pointless and I was like yeah. Just show my head down here. Single tear rolls from. I think it's just a it's like who was it. Quin that made a tweet. Like apple hates. USCC so much they'd rather not put a port on. It's funny because they embrace USB has so many other parts of their business to the point of like maybe too much much right thing they got rid of full-size espn the macbook pro. Like years ago. And they even though like the macro charging cable the brick is USB see yet. It's not even like a intimacy. Yeah that was my favorite. Tweet is my own tweet or it was like. Hey Apple you know you could. You could probably update the port on the the iphone right and apple sitting. They're like don't make me do this. Like yeah this lightnings getting a little bit old maybe WanNa update that and then they just go no port. I guess here's so what I'll say about that. It makes sense as much as it hurts to say that it makes sense when you look at the direction apples when going. Yes especially with the iphone in particular They've been sort of on their way towards no buttons and no ports at all They got rid of La Buttons but the obviously got rid of the headphone Jack. Yeah and they seem to be shrinking that speaker and they're on their way. I think though the worst part of not having the lightening or USB or anything at the bottom is actually charging. Because I hadn't really plug in my iphone into my computer that much anyway and honestly. I can't remember the last time I did. But I do. Not always use wireless charging really. I the only time I don't use wireless charging in the car because I my mount has finding I know you can can get mounts. That are wireless charging a price should get one because it makes a lot of sense. But that and the only other thing I can think of is what still charging portable charging. Banks Elliott. You can get wireless versions of that. But if I'm going to get a portable wireless charging thing because I'm going hiking like not like throwing your phone in their backpack like connected to a charging bank is going to stain. Wirelessly is not easy. or it's fine with a wire it's not great wirelessly. And there's going to be a bunch of other reasons why this seems really impractical. And they're going to be memed but the reason apple I I think could get away with this. This is the way I see it is just like air pods pro and air pods when they announced getting rid of the headphone Jack. They said here's our future of wireless audio solution. Airports Yeah what apple needs to do is when they do actually get rid of the charging port. They need to be so far ahead. On an incredible wireless charging accessory that it's undeniable that makes sense to get rid of the charging port. Now how good is apple at wireless charging accessories yet. How good is anyone wool? But also the company that just killed there. Yeah exactly killed. What's it called? I forgot already airpower. Airpower they killed air power but they're totally going to get rid of charging port and offer another wireless carrier. It seems really strange. Yeah well here's the question which Lower Budget smartphone company. Here's Apple's going to do this and beats them needs them to get him. It's crazy I don't know like I know gang the headphone Jack. Like I could see. It didn't seem that crazy to me at the time like when they got rid of it. They're like yeah on we can fit a beggar haptic motor in the bigger battery and I was like okay. I guess you could do wireless headphones and get an extra space. But getting rid of the only port court on the phone left. I don't think any other manufacturer right now could rightfully justify it in two thousand nineteen wireless charging not good enough yet. That's that's the thing though. I don't think some of these phone companies rightfully justify some of the decisions they they make. I mean like okay. And here's the thing is some of them to me. I almost feel like you see companies like who's done like vivas done the pop up camera and the under fingerprint hungerthon dispaced sensor like those are things we heard companies. We're going to do of in Vivo. Comes out there. I pray. It's not the best but it's it's interesting for us to see see where it might be going and and part of this in the back of my head makes me think it's like Samsung sitting back there and thinking like let's see how they let's let them push this out. I see how they do with it does do okay okay. We're ready yeah. It's for as many things that as apple is like a slow like second mover on. Yeah it's They would really have to be a I move around some great wireless charging tech for this to actually be played off well I also kind of think like it's possible that they've considered sittard and maybe have plans to get rid of this charging port but may scrap that plan if very likely. Yeah isn't good enough yet. So we'll see if the if the rumors for the twenty twenty what we've seen they can easily keep the charging poor and still have enough other big changes to it. That will still make the phone like one of the first phone or like you know. A huge design change should like back to the ten pretty much so they might as well just dropped. USB See in it just one might as one year of Iphone at the SEC. Is that one. Is that worse than than just totally skipping. It giving you one year funny for the normal person. Yes because they're like. Oh no I need a new church comes in a box like oh darn all my accessories car charger. Yes car charger all that other accessories but also I would be totally fine with that that I think it'd be a huge tease. It would be pretty funny. Okay so let's take a quick short break and hear from our sponsors and then next up we're GONNA have our chat with Kevin O'Leary we'll be right back in this show is brought to you by cash up the number one finance APP in the APP store so he probably reigned no cash shop as easiest way to send money to your friends but cash APP does way more than that cash up also comes with the cash card a free debit card. 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This incredible entrepreneurship based show I was doing a short video with him actually on his youtube channel which will be linked in the show notes and I decided to while I was there I said. Hey you might if we We bring our own microphones and we set up a little bit of a podcast and just chat for a bit in the is totally Dan and he spent plenty of time. So that's what we did just a quick programming note before we start start. You'll hear of course the the conditions for the podcast or not totally ideal. We're not in a podcast studio. We just sort of brought the setup elsewhere so the audio quality will sound a bit different. But that's okay also I'm GONNA go ahead and put a quick language warning for the the fouling interview conversation so if you're listening to a young audience may want to cover their ears around around twenty five minutes or so but that's not a huge deal either way less you right into it okay. Welcome back to way form. I'm joined by Mr Kevin O'Leary so I'll say Mr Wonderful From Shark Tank Entrepreneur Billionaire Media Head Tech Head Guitar Collector Pen Collector Elector Watch collector missing anything. No those are some of the passions. I have this diversity there I appreciate it. Thanks for joining me on the show so so I feel like we just have to start just jumping into just investment stuff. Yeah first thing that comes to mind just got two days ago already. See for me. Best Money I've ever spent. What's the best money you've ever spent? The best one ever spent was on myself Educating myself a lot of people the debate about whether education is value and what I learned from it having gone through the process that was expensive particularly when it having any money but it wasn't about what they taught me in English classes or you know even did an MBA which. I don't remember any of the lessons at all But I've met so many different people point through that journey that to me. That was the best investment I ever made it. Let me Life serendipitous. You don't know what's going to work and let me explore a lot of different options until one path took me into an opportunity now. I'm an entrepreneur so I keep telling people it's not about the pursuit of money in the greed of money. That's not what it's about passion. It's something you love and most of the guys. I talked to the wakeup really wealthy one day. They never saw it coming. I didn't either. We sold our company for four point two billion dollars and I was working that day and I kept working after we sold it to and I just remember saying to myself and the other nine guys that were with with me that you know we had built together said. We're really rich how that happened. And it didn't change much didn't and it just. It just happened that way. And that's what I've learned. Now I tell people you know it's not really if your goal is just to be filthy rich that's a bad investment. If if your goals to be very that's a good pursuit so we were just chatting on Youtube channel which if anyone hasn't seen it yet it'll be in the show notes definitely go check it out and one of the things as you mentioned was You know the relationships you build in college are some of the best things you get out of it and you said you went to business school after you. Got Your Undergrad degree. Is that right. Yeah I got my Undergrad and environmental studies and My pursuit I wanted to be a photographer and film producer after that and my dad said GonNa Starve to death. You're just not that good and if you've got the basis of business maybe you could pursue one of those things. I argued with him for a while but he was right and I went back and did it and and remarkably you know so I I had. I got success in consumer software educational software advancing math and reading scores for children ended up being very very big business and after after the exit of that I went back and bought myself a bunch of production equipment and an editing table film to go back to what I really wanted to try and now more as as a hobby so I became a photographer for a while. My work is sold for charity. which is Great? I got to show my dad that look I made it. Yeah check out. Yeah that was sort of part of the motivation but And I pursue a lot of different things in the arts that I really enjoy. But I'm primarily now an investor helping being young Kevin O'Leary's I see myself in my fifty two companies that are investing in guys like you know sort of saying. Look I think is good idea. I know it's really hard path. Lemme by a piece of it. And let's take the journey together right. I love that and I also say don't tell the sharks but will also say that you're the person on on Shark tank that I've learned the most from and I I went to business school too so I learned a lot from all these various professors about different various specific topics but as far as like day to day like how to invest invest. How to give good advice as an investor I feel like? That's I really do appreciate that so you know I. I've tried to be honest on shark tank for this last eleven seven years and and not pander to people's emotions we often get people that can't take the truth and they. We've had all kinds of crazy stuff happen on that set that where They just break down crying. Realizing it's the end of a journey for them in many ways but it's not the end of your life it's just the end of that deal and you have to realize failures part of the entrepreneurial journey but what really makes me angry and I tell Barbara this Laurie all the time for settling the side of me. When you tell somebody look you keep going thing? I think it's wonderful that you're trying but I'm not going to invest in you. That's disingenuous the reason you're not gonNA invest. It's a really deal and it's going to zero zero. Why not tell them that? Well then they say well. I don't WanNa hurt their feelings. Screw their feelings. Tell them the truth because that's what they really need. Sometimes getting your feelings hurt is actually the most effective way at like getting point across especially when it's such an important thing to here at such an important stage in their business when they're really evaluating and seeing if it's good or not I don't care about their feelings I care about their money. I think I'm doing a great service. Helping them realize that this path is not the path to success and that's a constant attention we haven't even shark tank and I get a lot of hate mail for being the nasty mean chartres. I'm the Nice Shark because I tell the truth and everybody else's to me being disingenuous tune. Oh Nice so As a shark I have to ask you about Something in tech which is like the platforms like kickstarter. Where when you get kick starters where companies these are sort of emerging as a start up and they have this great product idea and they've presented it as if it's already a product but it doesn't necessarily exist yet? How do you feel about people? People investing in nose and trying to get in early on a product that doesn't exist yet. What do you think about platform so you? You may be surprised with this answer. But I'm not a big fan of those platforms. Tell tell you why if you look at. There's a bunch of people that professionally play that game now they produce very slick videos. They basically buy those production services assist to raise a whole bunch of money on ideas. That may not have any merit at all. That that to me is scamming and I I see lots and lots of it and everybody's always telling me how they you know to in their budget was twenty five thousand two hundred thousand a kickstarter or another platform indie Gogo or whatever and to me. That's not a product tested at all. What I care hear about is getting a hundred users of your product or your service or your tech and looking at the reviews of what they say that they're are actually using it everything else has and that's what I tell them so? I'm not impressed with you. You know you spent ten grand to go raise fifty with some slick guy. I didn't know how to play the platform and you know exactly what I'm talking about. I see this all the time in specifically in like indie Gogo and kickstarter. Where like they'll come into the tank and say look we just raise? Raise this much money on this platform and now it's worth this much but I'm with you need the actual product and then the reviews which I have a soft spot for are super important actually evaluating if your ideas good enough or not I get. Yeah tell you what I do. A lot of now Let's go on shark tank. You get a lot of consumer services even intact there's people can advance things But mostly to consumer services and their biggest problem these companies has customer acquisition costs. And I can help them Mesler there. I mean you know. I'M NOT AN INEXPENSIVE INVESTOR BUT IF MR wonderful is investing your company you're going to get on a lot of television programmes didn't happen but the one. I really like to work with his. Let's say you get a product. I'll examples won't call Blue Land. which learned how to crystallize detergent? So you can take a small crystal tablet and get a glass walled when drop it in and then you had a detergent hand soap or you had a surface cleaner. So you're not you're cutting back on the fifty billion Balza Plastic. That are coming out with your stupid. So that's a audio lot of big. VC's put money into it. And I said look guys. I'll invest in your company. But what I want to do with it is. I hear your vision but isn't tested yet. Let's go put come with me. We'll do a show on. NBC together will sell it to six million people will get a couple of hundred thousand dollars with orders and will listen. And they'll tell us what they like. Or don't like and that's exactly what we did and Lo and behold we learned a lot. Yeah our assumptions were wrong. Aw Okay and now we know exactly what to do but to me it's use the platforms like a QBC which nobody even thinks about that. Six point two million people people ready to buy stuff every minute. Yeah so I you know I have a show there and bring a lot of my products and I learned. I say whatever you thought you knew watch this. You get a lot of feedback from that big time. Okay what are you. What do you think about tech companies on shark tank? Because there's a lot of different genres of companies various products. A lot of new companies now are tech related in some way just because tech is and everything. Do you look at companies differently do you look specifically for more protectable Ip I pee or things like that when you look at a company. It's a great question you're asking because we are now getting particularly in the season that you haven't even finished watching it a tremendous amount of tack and this two who reasons that's occurred the first reason is that the big companies that have invested even sometimes around four of these tech companies have realized that shark tank has a massive us of global platform. And so if you're trying to launch new tack and you want shown in thirty four countries and you want ten million eyeballs to see it and you wanNA car some customers Sir free. There's only one place to do it. And that's on shark tank. So that's step one so they come on and they say look our shareholders. Now understand why there's value here and we're willing willing to do a deal with you. Our last round was fifteen million pre money and we want you to put in a million bucks and that's when it gets really interesting because I say I don't give with the last drought was. There's only one Mr wonderful and if you want. If you're going to get a deal for me this is the value I bring to the table and this is what I'm willing to pay. And they say oh my goodness we'd be diluting our shareholders. I said. Hey what do you want to do. And that's where the tension starts and I've closed many of those deals and brought a lot of value to them but tech is now about thirty percent of the deals that were getting you know pitched and you'll understand this better than anybody else. It's hard to explain tech. Sometimes Times. They basically need you to pitch their product. Some of them really suck at it. It's tough most knowledgeable. People at these tech companies about the product. Want to also be the one that goes on stage at the event or that gets on stage at Shark tank and explains it but one of the most important things I've found with tech is having someone who can articulate it in a way that normal person will understand the value of it Have you found that to be something. Common very frequently the age more than common it it is a is both a blessing both of blessing and a curse. Actually yeah because the technical guy can really bad television. We're in so bad that that episode never airs. There's so you know you have to think through. You've got to find that person in your organization that can stand up in front of those sharks and deliver a perfect performance that captures the producers to say. Wow that was energy is if a guy comes out. We had an amazing technology hasn't aired yet that I'm putting in fact. Three of us are investing. And we're putting Sizeable Chunk of cash into and I really love it. And I'd love to tell you about it then I have to kill you. You'd like to get solves a big big big big problem that even apple couldn't figure out wow so they these are two dudes that just took it from a different direction. And that's what often happens within technology but they struggled to explain it in such a great deal that we kept giving them another chance and another chance another chance. He saw something in there that ten finalists Ali said switch places. Let's hear from the guy's not saying maybe he's better. Maybe he's maybe he can tell the story and Lo and behold breaks it down. Yeah okay that's it and so that just never know television. Is that wicked master. You just don't know yeah. We mentioned We shot that video for your channel where you said you've worked with Steve Jobs before or your four Steve Jobs while I was his largest provider of re of educational software all one hundred ten thousand schools in America. They all have Max at the time. yes I was his largest so in. What was that like? I had an interview recently when I talked about the nineteen eighty-four McIntosh and so we had people who worked with Steve specifically on that one of them on the eighty four mack. Well we were providing software the MAC. Okay what's the early iteration. What do you remember about that company under Stephen and working with Steve? At that time well it was the was and Steve Right because sometimes you propose something that that the technology couldn't do and woz would know that Steve Everything was possible. That's how he thought which is a great thing about out of the I would say back in those days in the mid eighties. The one thing that people don't remember about him as he cared about the art of the product for example I remember having this long dialogue with him about fonts on the screen just presentation of the text which no one cared about you. Think about dos in the early days and all the terminals. Yeah and he just go on for hours about no. We have to have variable fonts we you have to be able to scrape the look of the screen and this is not anything anybody can do at that time to type was the first rations didn't exist and I used to say I'm Steve Steve. I'm not gonNA spend millions of dollars on this idea. You have to to to change just the font on the software where you have to understand. What's what's capable? What people were willing to do what they're not read and we're always battling about that? He'd have a vision and then I had the reality having develop it it. It ended up in a meeting And I'll never forget this and you probably appreciate this. Mac was declining in schools. They were losing share. Stephen lost his Mojo and he was in a tough place. And my board said to me the budget for MAC development this year. It's twenty four million dollars and there's no reason to do that. Let's skip a whole year. No upgrades because they're they're losing share. Wow so Heidi Rosen. Working with Steve Sort of the right hand person in software and I called Heidi. She's still around. She's an investor in Valley And I said you gotTA get a meeting with Steve. Talk to him and I told her the problem. So we flew out there. I brought my head of sales my head of development. And I said Steve You gotTa gotTa Throw in twelve million bucks half the budget. I'm just not doing it. And he went out of his mind it was just. He went crazy Z and just started yelling insults at my team and abusing me. And I said Steve where your partner like what are you doing and why are you using my people like you can abuse me okay. But you don't Heidi was. Let's go sleep white and I've heard I've talked to other people about this. Would he got passionate about something. He just kind of lost control a little bit and it didn't end there. I finally got to leave. I can't let you keep throwing these barbs at my. My people and I walked downstairs. And it was one of those buildings in Apple's headquarters where you couldn't open the window you can only unscrew the little thing a little flap and he saw somma getting in my hertz rental SF Airport and he sticks his head through and he's yelling at me screaming at me from like he can't even get his head through and he's still going. I said Steve. You're crazy like that's crazy. I'm fifty yards away from you now. You gotTA stop. Yeah Wow I call high dealing with the airport said Heidi winter we do she. He said about ten million. I said okay. That was the Internet. But that that's the genius of him mm-hmm and the insanity of him in that one hour and I always tell that story. It would always make me nervous to go into a room with. That guy was so crazy but look what he created creative but the passion of it is obvious. Yeah Yup there's many stories like that. I just have one of them but you can't run a company that way anymore. I don't think right now that would be well. I think we saw what happened to Dubar right. A lot of companies that have had big shakeups. Actually want to ask you about Just just like tech the tech landscape in general. Do you have any favorites. I know you've invested in some versus just like the products and used to be in film so of course into into the camera hammer world as well What kind of tech is your favorite and late twenty? Nineteen I like technology that advances entertainment. I've always felt that people pull that. That bridge the creative side with technology do so amazing things and so you know in music. There's been some really fantastic advancement aspen technology and how you can create news headed music over the last decade. It's completely changed the ability for an artist to just sit and record tracks in their kitchen. The become become huge hits that we couldn't do before and that's very investable technology because it's sustained by by the art of it. I like anything that merges with inhuman passion. There's a lot of tech. That doesn't do that but if you're at asked me to do I invest in technology. Show me something that helps create better for photography or helps You know make like easier as an artist. I like to yeah all right. We've talked about watches briefly but I want to bring it back up because I've got an apple. Watch on here. You know in my opinion. The Best Smartwatch on the planet but you have a very different from watch on they feel very differently about. Could you explain why someone who currently has an Apple Watch should look into a collector's watch or why watch collecting is even interesting in the first place. You and I think you'll understand answer particularly for you. I understand is a major tech dude that you are that you would have an apple watch like the other fifty million robots are watching around and that's the problem that watch says nothing about now you other than that. You're interested in tax like the utility of having a piece of consumer electronics but from an investment point of view. We'll just start there. That lost twenty five percent of its value. Oh you the minute you walked out of the store and I broke the seal okay. So that so that that is a problem It also doesn't tell me who you are. It doesn't speak speak to your interests or what you covet or or what you like about style or art. A watch says so much about the person that wears the kind kind of face. It has the design of the different. If you're an AP guy that says something about to me what you like music for example or if you're a protective elite Guy your high I style. I get that if your rolex you'd be playing ultimate Frisbee and a rolex because it can sustain the G. forces. It can do that. That would tell me something about you. Know who you are but that watch tells me nothing. That's just you're just a robot walking down the street and I wouldn't be caught dead with that thing on how that when you walk in a room you're just to me twenty eighty percent off retail. You have to build your value back splitting me why you got it. So that's what you told me said. I like the fact that I can check the phone. That's coming in and all that I have. I use lots awesome apple products. I edit on apple products. I've got dozens of apple devices throughout my offices but I'm not wearing that watch or eight Norway. That's ever going to happen to I need that is that is like that is a big no-no is taking away from all the things you as a guy can do. You don't get to wear jewelry much. Maybe a ring Maybe some competency of a soon on and then your. There's your watch which says everything about you so you should think about that. I'M GONNA have to watch recommendation for sure I it. You should have a piece that that says something about you. I think you should be a rolex. GotTa start because you're working out so much you know Daytona steel faced Steel Whiteface Daytona. Right now are black. Face are the two hottest so the sports watches. One is a little more stylish. I prefer Whiteface. You might like like block face because you're always in black hat black for sure you know. That's the thing okay. Believe me I can help you going all right for sure. Last thing I I saw a one of your recent ask Mr One full videos. I think it was like sort of a daily Tori did where you had You had an IPAD PRO to surface devices and two phones. It's all with you at the same time. Do so what What are you doing with each thing? Why are they interchangeable? What's what's the setup there so I have many many different investments? One of them is a financial services. Company called o'shares which does ETF's as about seven hundred twenty five million dollars invested in. It is a big one and in the world of financial services. There's a huge issue around compliance and so all the servers have to be compliant too the the SEC. which just the regulator? And so. When I do work on financial services companies I used to surfaces that are encrypted insecure with the Windows operating system that is tied into a network of completely complied completely encrypted completely secure and anywhere in the world? When I saw those up? Nobody can with those. Are My my business business machines. Then you know my son's GonNa facetime me and he's going to do it on an apple device and everybody's you know texting me and so that's my other world so when you when I set up a hotel got the two super secure server based systems that I'm monitoring all these investments on and over here is my entertainment section so the maid walks says. What is this like? This is four screens up here and I'm playing like harmony on them okay. And I've been enable drag people say to me G that luggage a lot I said yeah. It's got like a moving office but I need all that stuff Because that's how I roll Eh and smartphone of choice. So you'll appreciate this there. Are you would definitely get this there. There are certain attributes of the Samsung ten. That I really really like. Is it the note ten or the estimate the estimate the Tanna that I really really really like and and I really like and I can't get them on the eleventh. So you're talking ultra-wide camera yes you're talking possibly headphone Jack. Talk in screen and got the newest phone and you're probably talking like much bigger more exotic looking screaming notch correct. Okay you got it. You must the space for a little bit so I can't give that up so I now walk around the world with and the other thing I found in every city and you probably know this better than I why you need to have both. At and T. and verizon as you'd Cry Criss Cross America interesting you're in the hills in La. Yeah I'm not gonNA spend either network. I'm just telling you one doesn't work there in the streets of Manhattan. The other one doesn't work and so I need to have both phones why these guys can't solve this problem. I don't know maybe five G. will do it but these networks suck when you go to different cities and I mean sucks. They dropped calls. They just completely crap out it. I can't say enough bad stuff but I'm not putting brand brand. I'm just telling you one brand works one works in the eastern you get Chicago. It's different where you war and I think I can't say enough bad stuff. They got to fix this and I travel every day sometimes the three cities. I was three cities yesterday. Jeez okay so you got the You Got One SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy S. ten and the other's the iphone. Yeah Okay Sim cards in the tablets I've got you know it's the same set. Appear for me. Yeah she's heard slightly different reasons mainly because I have to. I have to keep a toll in most of your texting it. My Main Sim card like the one that my friends I have is an android phone. And that's because if I put this SIM card in an iphone the I message Echo. It will swallow that up and I won't be able to take it out and a lot of people. People had the same problem. Where if you take a SIM card from an iphone move back to an? Im message continue. Said what's going on with that. It's so message is their system that they've built where you can combine staying wise it actually attached to the card. I it's it's it's shouldn't but it is worth taking the other got to be honest with you. I don't like yeah. It's the reason why refuse to combine them and they should be able to fix. It should be able to get that answer. Maybe that's something you need. Ask for Apple. Why can't I guarantee that my texts will not go to this iphone when I take the SIM card out? That's something I should look. Let me ask you another question. Maybe you're knowledgeable on What's up? Yeah that is becoming the standard Platform around the world for a whole bunch of different groups. And why. Why is that happening? So these different Many different markets. What's APP behaves the same way I message does in the US where everyone no matter under what hardware they use can use the same messaging platform? Just he's by the encryption story snow no more secure. It's not why are they using it. It's the data so they don't have to pay for no one out there pays for SMS they're all using their data to send messages back and forth so the same way we have slack or group me or whatever else you have in the US the more people they can get on that one platform happens to be what's APP that's very popular even as they pile more stuff like more pictures for example the GP Joran Society. The guys that are hardcore for this watch we talked about about. Yeah we use slack. Yep talked to each other and we're all around the world and were real hard core guys and we're sending videos and images and we're just piling on to that network and costing costing the more and more that we don't pay for it right exactly. Yeah and that's going to be a problem down the road I think. Well what's that doesn't have that problem that they just have built the the APP and the infrastructure for people to send and the media back and forth but it still goes through their carrier. Whatever that carrier at some point may say hey guys I have to charge more for this? That's probably what's GONNA end up happening and we'll see if they unjust or switch back tests but for right now the cost and the below just makes perfect sense fish. You're walking around with two phones all the time to to to all the time so I mean that may be right for certain people. Yes I think for most people having one thing makes the most sense but I feel you on the two phones tablets so have one ipad pro that. I've almost leaned into also replacing my laptop. I really wish I had a better keyboard for it but have the eleven inch ipad pro and I ninety five percent of the time can do everything I want on it. Because I don't edit videos on my laptop so no there's some things you can't can't do with it you can't do video capture With a snag type software on a tablet. Yeah and I've seen people try but now it's not that great goddess on that one. So yeah I appreciate the insight and thanks for opening a little bit of a door. I'll say for people who want a little more of a type of conversation. You should definitely check out the video. We did on your Youtube Channel at a big shadow to youtube channel. Because there's not a lot of people doing both network television like Shark Shark tank at a level like that and answering questions from people on Youtube. So it's interesting you say that because the journey into Youtube is very new for me solely months-old and you're right it is a completely different world and I think it's going to be a longtime before somebody can can actually Work both of those at the same meantime successfully. Although I'm trying but Mr Wonderful I appreciate you coming on. They're gonNA have some fun with that. That was great for sure. All right well okay so that was a lot. aww Fun. Let's go out and take one quick break and next up injury and I are going to do our little holiday gift guide. 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We're like wow You must really like someone if you're going to buy some of these. I feel like a lot of people when you do a gift. Guide is like Gimme something under forty bucks someone give me something for fifteen bucks and a a lot of tech is just not that good at that price. A lot of my tech gifts spoiler alert are a little pricier yet. Here's actually something I find funny about that. It's like I feel like there's a lot of people who think about buying something technology related for someone but technology is expensive so they cheap out on something thing and then get them a bad thing and yeah yeah it sounds so like I took Christmas efforts gray. Appreciate the thought. That's that's the part that counts for sure but also tech in attack is a tough thing to give the people because people are very specific about what they want. So so that being said you have some pricey gifts for people we have some prices. Yeah so here's my my theory on it is. There's some gifts here for people but like it's Christmas you can. You can give yourself something. Yeah treat yourself. It's like sometimes when it becomes Christmas time when just like you know what I've saved a having splurged on anything really that bad. It's like I think I want this. Yeah Yeah So. This is injuries three gift three gifts for Christmas. That's not Hashtag. Not sponsored. Cool am I going I or are you going I You want to alternate yet. Let's do it you I okay. I'M GONNA go with my cheapest one I some okay. Also also mine is going to have a little bit of a theme going. where I'm the Gamer? Out of everyone in the studio so a lot. Actually all of mine are gaming. Ming related I think we have a lot of gamers that watch and listen and they don't get a lot of love here so here. Here's a shock for you. Okay all right. My first one's a mouse. I play a lot of a lot of multiplayer games that I get really competitive in so wired mouse with RGB seventy five buttons not seventy five but but other than that so for a really long time. I'd been using LOGITECH G. Three zero three which was was very popular But they discontinued it. I think you can only find them on Amazon for like five hundred dollars now because people art. Here's why shroud uses one. And everyone wants to use the mouse shroud uses and and they stopped selling them so people bought a bunch of stock and are so stupid amount of money that has a lot of parallels to the sneaker universe. So that's kind of wow. The mouse was incredible edible. I wish logitech would bring it back but it's just a light. Mouse fit in my hand perfectly so even though mine still worked it was beat. All Hell and I wanted a new one Side grabbed the glorious model. Oh it's called You probably know the company because they sent us some keyboards. I liked the keyboard. So so it's like this super lightweight mouse with a bunch of holes in it which sounds really weird but to make it. I think it's sixty eight grams. And where Americans so we have no no way of imagining that at all. How many palace pretty much superlight the the cable is this like really nice elastic braided cable? So it you don't get any like mouse drag sometimes when you're playing with a low sensitivity and a big mouse pad if you're pulling really far to one side it gets tighter the further you go away from where the mouse is coming so right a lot of people put it up on. Something called a mouse bungee which is like a spring that holds the cable up in the air. And when you pull it kind of pulls the spring down Mike doesn't drag as much. It's it's all these things to make it feel as wireless as possible while still being wired tired and not losing pertaining any latency so so imagine having now you have a cable that stretches a little bit and then you also put that on a mouse bungee and then you also also put these super smooth fee on the bottom of the mouse and it just feels super light It also looks great. They come in Matt Colors. Okay okay. You've gotten back yet on that. It's like fifty bucks. It's a really great mouse. It looks great. Rg beyond it's crazy because it has all these these holes with RGB comes up through all the holes as well classic have absolutely loving it. I've tried a couple of other mice sense and I've plugged it back in every time. All right so they go to mouse. I'm actually my first items also amounts. Yeah okay so I have one hundred dollar mouse so you have to really like this person but this is the the Logitech Amex master three you if you know me you know. I've been using a sound that sounded like an add a lot. If you know me you know I love my logitech. AMEX performance might No but seriously us since like the original Amex master than the performance amax than Amex master to and to ask him out Suez. The three is USB type. C It's wireless listen It's got almost the same sort of lay but generally just improves a little bit ergonomically. Each time Not nearly as much customization but there are some software macro us where you can have different buttons do different things in different APPS. So in a logitech software I have a left to right. Scrolling as left-right tried scrolling everywhere but in safari it switches between. My taps left her house. I don't have to sideways scrolling web pages but in final cut pro. That's girls on my timeline. So a little bit customization lightly in there I'm just a fan of the way the mouse feels in my hand. I get used to it so logitech. AMEX master three get. Get your get your significant other. Your family member get your dog and master three actually remember an old video of you. It's like you and Louis C.. As can you forgot your mouse. So I guess my like find on. It's just all the tech youtubers they're like I love my X.. The truth though see. That's the thing in that video. I think everyone everyone and video at some point goes. Yeah I also Kinda Love my master. Yeah back in the day Yup Popular Mount wait. Can we test something K.. We have a scale. Let's let's see the difference between them ex pastor and the glorious Modelo okay all right. I'm Dan I'll get my mouse okay. We got our fancy scale here. You're weighing the glorious. Oh I think this this is seventy grams right now. I'm assuming a little bit of the wire and this is also the glossy version which these mice are still light at the glossy version is actually a one gram heavier heavier. That doesn't go okay. Also I I will say get Matt glossies not great. I don't I like the feel it. Okay some I'm holding my hand and is really light so I'm going to guess that the master is seventy five grams. What you say wait wait wait seventy grams and you think that's only five grams? Oh sorry this is seventy yeah okay hold on very scientific. Eighty six grams eighty eighty six. Yeah Oh wait what I must have the two minefields so much heavier than this. Yeah the three might be a little bit later because the battery is a little smaller but it lasts about the same amount one forty four so super do for heavy weight Grub that Mex to now okay this is going off the rails raises. This is a fascinating podcast segment all right AMEX master to one. US One fifty two fifty two SS one fifty. So they made it lighter by going to the three and it's still double the weight of the P. C. M. O. P. Glorious whatever it's called Korea's model Oh okay well well now I know I have a heavy mouse saw okay. So that's my recommendation for mouse. What's your what's your round too? Big Okay Let's see Oh my round two pick is by no means new but I was like I was thinking this the other day I use them every day I use use them for gaming but I don't think specifically meant for gaming so it's the sennheiser hd six x which is I believe a specific Pair of headphones. You can can only by unmask drop or A. I think it's called drop now yet right. I've seen us Two hundred fifty bucks which is expensive but when you think of sennheiser headphones it's relatively cheap. It's also pretty common price point in this world of headphones like you have your like premium noise. Cancelling that's all right three hundred to three fifty and like right underneath underneath it is. You're you're one ninety nine to two. Yeah okay so these are wired And they're open back so they're the complete opposite of like the the bose quiet comforts or or something like that but they sound so good. They are so comfortable so like the reason. I like them so much. which is one day sound incredible i? I've tried multiple other headphones and just like they sound better. which honestly in gaming sound quality isn't that great as long as you hear everything you're usually find but they just sound great to open back? I think is amazing for unless you're in unless your house or something. Something is noisy all the time. I'd way rather prefer open back mostly because the amount of times. I'm sure everyone has had this happened. You're playing a game you're super into it and someone in your house is trying to get your attention. They call your name they call your name. You don't hear it so they walk up to you and tap you on. The shoulder scares the true out of you. Yeah Yeah so so. I get to avoid that. If Claire Calls My name if someone knocks at the door I can actually hear it nests and then just in terms of comfort the padding. I don't even know what it is. Some mm sort of cloth. It doesn't feel like anything great. But they're so light they're so comfortable minor like two years old and look like they been dragged behind a car at this point point and I've never had to take them off because of discomfort and I've played some long long days of of playing games and I can vouch for that because I've listened to some of the sennheiser six theory stuff for just like music testing and really good honestly. I would probably be really into this parrot for myself if I didn't already have this insane de twenty-three year for like editing and listening to music so I can vouch for the HD six x x or does any like this six six fifty hd these are also also not the drop edition. But I think the XS are Matt Black. So yeah I feel like. That's a pretty solid brochures to be so good spot. I'M GONNA go with I guess. Since we're we're keeping up with this team I'm GonNa go some headphones. We didn't plan this. Yeah the way it works out pretty well so You kind of have to really like this person to spend two hundred and fifty hours on them or really like yourself or treat yourself Treat yourself with some air pods pro honestly Airbus WPRO really impressed me. This year maybe a runner up. I've I've talked about it before. As like one of the most popular like Enviro products of the year right alongside alongside cyber truck has like instant notoriety. Everyone knows about it yet The noise cancelling is really impressive. I've seen people flying with them. I don't think I would fly with them. But if you have to fly with headphones and you're only pear you would not be very mad Yeah so if you know someone with an iphone. That's definitely a pair of headphones that they would get a lot oddity set of so I mean that's really all there is to say. I reviewed them. I've two things to say about Airbud. Pro K one's funny ones so the funny one is the first time I've seen them in the wild was a guy working on the road in Belize. During my honeymoon I saw he. I'm assuming he is like a productive. DOC manager like a production manager or construction instruction manager they But like you can tell what they are very obviously with that line down them and I'm like we're I'm just driving to off into the jungle and on this like beat up road that they're doing construction on Al.. Mike Are Those are theropods pro is is this really. The first time on seeing them is like well in this other country. I little like the jungle. It was really strange Yeah and then the only other thing I can say is I've listened to them. I like them so much. That I've debated swapping iphone just because I think they're that good. WHOA haven't asked but I like uh-huh literally can't recommend them enough to all my friends? Who have iphones? And they like kind of makes me want an iphone. Yeah no they're really good. I do see them a good amount in New York City when I'm there It actually to the point where I see regular air pods now on Mike. Those look really big like the stem like got a year. Because it's so much longer actually do like notice the the longest stemware like obviously apple's thought about this but yeah that's my that's my recommendation for Either either Sony really really like or a treat yourself all right my whole life. You Really WanNA treat yourself my way of potentially putting this in as a gift is maybe your parent and you have multiple kids and you want to a group gift. Okay that makes sense all right. Sure I think so just like VR. In general I still don't think has made it quite to the masses and I don't think the majority of people if you walked up to them and said like have you you tried VR. They would probably say no I really. It's it's a really fun experience and everyone one. I've had try. It has loved it to where like I really think it's something you can buy like a family or you know if you have a a bunch of people living in a house together. Maybe you're in college and there's like five of you living in the same house. It's just fun and it's fun even if you're not the one playing if you're watching people play it watching watch. VR Is actually really. It's almost more fun than actual VR But like it's so easy to get immersed in it so immersive for one. It's really hard to explain plane. But it's one of those things where I think the best way to describe is when you take the headset off. It's like when you have a really crazy dream and then you wake up and and you're like where am I. Even though the place you are is the place you go to bed every night. It's like we've played it in the studio and I'm on top of some mountain in Vr. And I take it off. I'm like oh I'm which headset did you say which I haven't said I just we just VR in general. There's a couple of different ways you can go for it. Ah We used the five. Yeah I we love it. That would be my recommendation. But I know like you generally have to have a pretty decent P.. Easy to be able to run it and there are options like the playstation. VR were. Yeah I think it's more common that the average person has like playstation four. And they can buy for that an experience I know it has games like sabre. which is my personal favorite but like VR in general is just Super Fun and anyone who can get into can get into even? If you don't like gaming like my mom visited. I brought her to the studio from the airport and she played beat sabre for like an hour and loved it. So it's just something that I think can be fun for the whole family. got this entire segment. Sound like the biggest is real money. I'm I'm so sorry I love it so you do your research on what sort of platform this person might have. Do they have a PC and a a little bit of room for some sensors. Maybe five live maybe an Oculus. Maybe they have a PS four. You get a playstation. Yeah this sort of thing do a little bit of research and then really treat them or treat yourself self treat US though All right I'll go. My last one is going to be a a little bit lower in price. Google's Jeez I what what does it actually really called nets. Many nest mini nest hub many nest hub many many so the next many fifty bucks mounted on wall. It's a Google Assistant Speaker And that's really all there is to it. It's not like an amazing sound quality or anything crazy at it does but if you just want to have something to like turn the smart lights on. If you just WANNA have a hub to be like the beginning of voice controlling your nest or maybe you have some something else you WanNa control control. This is like an easy way to get into smart home stuff And I'll caveat that with you can also grab like something like an Amazon Echo Dot Oreg echo or something like that I think echoed has also fifty bucks. Yeah they're pretty cheap. Yeah I think both of them go on sale pretty often also like many down to like thirty bucks. I think that's a legit like really good gift yet zone. especially if you know. They haven't tried smartphone stuff. Yeah I feel like as a gift some people might get it and be like. Oh Oh cool. I don't really know what I'm GonNa do with this. And then in like six months they'll be like I have seven of them. There are two over my walls. There's a little solid gift guide I'd For anyone who may be considering getting a gift for in the tech space so you don't even have to know a nerd who wants tack. You can introduce them to some sort of tech tech way for him. What episode numbers? This eleven eleven. Thanks for listening to wait for episode. Eleven if you WANNA go check out the pillows that we've collaborated with boy on all Shamelessly leave those linked below And also all the other stuff we talked about the port. Louis iphone T mobile five G.. All the other stuff will be linked in the show notes. So thanks for tuning in and we'll catch you guys in two weeks in the next one way. Form was created in production with studios seventy one and are Inter ultra music was created by Cameron. Barlow Guys I'll make this quick so you can get back to your murder podcast or whatever you're listening to. I'm drama from group. Chat the number number one podcast in the world. We made cool people smarter and Smart People Cooler Seriously. Our topics range from Kim Kardashian to Jeff Bezos to Donald trump trump. And everything. In between if you WANNA be entertained and educated check us out right now in the podcast APP just search group chat by the way. The ex-boyfriend isn't a killer. It's her best friend who is sorry for ruining that but now you have a little bit more time give a listen.

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