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"dawson reeves" Discussed on The Big Story

"Seat. The thunder locked into where they are currently with only room to climb up. It's hard to imagine a situation where they fall in the standings thunder playing with house money. And you know me. I'm gambler on Saturday afternoon. The Oklahoma sooners faced off against the Oklahoma state cowboys and got a victory. Eighty two sixty nine their home floor. Yeah a two six nine Nice. The sooners were led by Brady Manic. Who after having a nice little hot stretch played so poorly against Kansas State on last Wednesday? You made up on Saturday Christian doolittle and finish. The game was six point. Dawson Reeves had twenty one and unexpected effort. The cowboys are still looking for answers. From just about anyone mcgriff had fifteen loss and Mike Boyd. Didn't exactly sugarcoated after the game. This cowboys team isn't looking good. Currently at ten and eleven overall an owner eight and conference play looking at their remaining schedule. It's hard to pick out a potential win. The sooners fourteen to seven and four and foreign conference play are still fighting to be a team that is in the bubble or in the tournament. This win doesn't really help with that. But good for bragging rights. Oklahoma state's next game is Wednesday night against Tcu at seven PM at home the sooners play tomorrow at Texas Tech in Lubbock at eight PM ON ESPN two. Now I would not be sleeping on Texas taxes because they're thirteen and eight and had the same conference records. Oh you the red raiders are coming off a win over West Virginia last week as well as only a three point loss in Kansas. This should be a tough test for the sooners and Brady Manic. Thanks for listening the big story today podcast and if you've been listening since the first week which was last week you know right here at the tail. End of the PODCAST. This is generally when I take it towards the movies or music or somewhere. I'm excited to eat not today. Obviously you keep up with the franchise. There's a ton of moving parts right now. Last Wednesday was a tough day for everyone was a tough day for me truthfully. I've been working for six years for a promotion and a full time position radio. I got that on Wednesday should have been the happiest day that I've had professionally long time. Let me tell you it was the toughest day I've ever had to be at work. I worked extremely closely with a lot of the people who were affected on Wednesday. I've met wives. I've met children and it goes without saying my heart broke on Wednesday for some of those who are affected. I knew that it wasn't a performance decision. I knew that it was a financial one so I also know that sitting in the chair than I am right now was Sam. Every day from three seven wasn't a performance decision. It was a financial one. I get that I'm not Koby Daniels. I'm not as good as colby. Daniels won't be Koby Daniels ever for that. I'm sorry you guys have made it very clear that you wish I was truthfully. I wish I was to Co. He's incredible but it's just not the case. It's me so now on every day from three to seven. Just GonNa be me and Sam and I'm just going to be trying to do my best version of me on a radio talk show like I said waiting for this for six years for hard for it. I didn't think it was going to be from three to seven my first opportunity coming off the back of what Wednesday was but it was and it is and I had nothing to do with it but I was affected by it in my way positive. So this isn't a mopey sad story but this is just the truth of it for me and I don't plan on addressing nece on the air or on twitter or on the text line or anywhere there. This is the one time I'll address it not because I'm shy about it and because I'm bashful of what happened. I know that I am lucky. Lot More lucky than skillful. I'm aware but out of respect for colby and Aaron and Gilman and Curtis Dez and Rufus and all the others who are affected. There's no need to drag this out. I'M NOT GONNA be able to replace what they did. For the franchise all I can hope to do is the best version of myself. And if that's not what you want I get it. You didn't sign up for it but also remember the radios free. There's a lot of moving in the background. And sometimes you're twenty six year old kid or not enough experience. Who just happens to be at the right place at the right time? You didn't choose to be there. You didn't make the decision but all you can hope. Turn your mic on and say something stupid. So that's I'm going to do every day all right. There's been the big story podcast which is M. Holland from the franchise podcast network. We're sponsored by new balance and Edmund who is located at fourteen ninety two south. Brian Avenue Edmond Oklahoma. Seven three or three four great place to grab a pair of sneakers. I've started running a lot since the new year. Let me tell you. New Balances. An awesome running shoe or trainer. If you're looking to get into the fitness industry here at the start of the New Year and lose some weight so highly recommend new balance shoes as well as all athletic apparel tank tops. T shirts short socks an awesome place to go. Grab some equipment. We're also sponsored by Lucky Casino. Conscio- make sure you head out there Sam and I will both actually be at Lucky Star on Monday and Friday this week. So make sure you've come swing by placement slots play blackjack or play some roulette and let us know how goes out at Lucky Star all right till tomorrow Tuesday February..

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