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"davison weaver county" Discussed on X96

"Chevro-? Davis county women have a warning. After they said, they found mysterious notes on their cars creepy believe were placed there by with suspicious intentions. More than half a dozen women who shared photos of their notes on social media said they found the letters while parked at various businesses around Davison, Weaver counties. The notes were all written similarly similar Lert league and signed by Chris who also provides his phone number. Oh, did they call Chris Elissa rapper said her friend found the note on rappers cars, they left dollar tree and Layton high beautiful eighties. It reads all in all caps handwriting. Sorry to be so intrusive. But I couldn't resist. It's just not right to pass up such a good opportunity. I wanted to stop by and say Hello. But I was overwhelmed by your look. Letter continues to talk about how to girls gorgeous, the two girls are gorgeous. And how it made the man's day? You know, I took a huge risk have never done this before forgive me for being. Never and spontaneous take a chance. Friends. The letter finishes the man wrote his name and phone number underneath. And then he said totally text me. Totally. I rather says she thought the note was nice now and she decided to reach out to the man Bo then after talking back and forth. She said the conversation turned creepy. Apparent. Rather explained that the man sent her texts that were sexual in nature. He sent general pictures of himself and told her he was thirty one years old, and then eventually gave her his name, then he asked to take her to dinner, you know, her mother decided to do some research rather set her mother sent her documents. She found the man has a criminal history and is on probation or sex crimes involving a minor. That's when I finally. What is a convicted child predator, basically, and he'd been stalking a different girl for ten years Doan rather confronted Chris about his past. She said he stopped responding to her. I even sent him a link to the news article I found and I said, look, so she keeps up with it. I know you who you are. I know that you're thirty nine not thirty one. If you contact me again, we're done. Don't rather posted her letter on social media with a message of awareness about the man and his letter several other women commented that they had found letters on their car. Yeah. There's a whole bunch of this never should have gotten any further than crumpling up. The piece of paper that you fair. As far as you throw it away, unless you're really curious. Oh, come on come on over. Hey. Hey, good, looking lady, by the way, I wanted to mention in sports. My wife is skating in a roller derby up, and we were county tomorrow. Tomorrow night. So I promised ride mentioned it are you doing any announcing? I'm not it's the Junction City roller dolls. That's not my wife's team. That's the Weaver county team. They're going against the. The beehive skate revolution B-team, that's my wife's team. And they're at the golden spike event center, which is in the northern part of Ogden. I believe one thousand north seventeen hundred Wes tickets are twelve bucks at the door ten dollars online or from a skater, and it's available online. I can't read a B P T dot com. Is that what it is? Ooh. Kind of small print, but it's tomorrow night at. The golden spike. So that's that's fun. They're they're they're really fun to see and the Junction City roller dolls are a tough team. They'll give my wife's team all that. They can handle, but they can handle it. Sure. It's the it's called the cupid shuffle because it's a Halloween or I mean, a Valentine's Day event tomorrow. Let's see what else we have here. Oh, one more story. Okay. Let me find. Wind the lovely story for you here, send on a high note. I'll try I've I've covered almost everything I had pulled for this morning. Do you have the I sent Dylan a story about a woman that found a puppy while she was running a marathon. Did you see the story? This is in Thailand. And she's in the middle of this marathon. Yeah. And she sees this puppy off to the side of the road. She scoot and doesn't see a mom anywhere or anything. She scoops up the puppy and runs eighteen more miles. Wait, the puppy. It's a tiny puppy. Yeah. Cute little puppy. Has it? She she ran with the puppy the whole way. And she, of course, you gotta keep the puppy after all that. She's keeping. How to keep the puppy blots adorable? Cute happy story. It's not it's not really good for the puppy to run. All that way. Holding the puck shaking up inside. Yeah. It's not good for the puck Ripley throw up. Yeah. I would have stopped, and oh, but rescue puppy, or stolen puppy. No on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere side of the road. I think she's. If it was near. Yeah. I think I would have stopped and try the puppies. Taking their sweet shaky. Stop the racist that I'm going to try and find this puppies mother. Not my thought about it too much eighteen miles. She runs. She's a sweet little puppies, stealing a sweet puppy separating it from its family saved this puppy. She stole.

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