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"davis ed smith" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Expected from three to four fourteen. I expect the Yankees to win almost every time. They go out but listening they've been playing well with half the team on the injured list. And if you're a Yankee fan right now, I don't think you could play that much with the way they won Tuesday night's game. All right. You're not gonna win every game. And you know, what he's still put us. Follow your faith as a good comeback. Okay. The guy beat by and its overall. It's good series. It's been a good. We have and for the Mets. Listen to Mets made a decision to send Dom Smith down keep Todd Frazier and the biggest spot of the game was second and third to ads. They have to send Todd Frazier up against a righty, and what is Frazier. Do. He strikes out because he's one of the worst players in baseball while he's in Syracuse. Great listen, the Mets the Mets never put the best twenty five men on their roster. And that's that's why they are losing franchise. Yep. One of the many reasons why they are losing friends. Do you think when they bring up Larry, they cut Fraser, I hope? So I mean, I don't know how you justify anything else. Yeah. Yeah. Seriously, at this point what other are you going to send JD Davis Syracuse? No. So now, you're gonna have Frazier up while Davis Ed Smith or in AAA and Brockton and Frazier still on the roster. I mean, that's that's embarrassing. Both of those guys and bring back down Dominic Smith. Oh, yeah. Or bring your calls Gomez is hot bring him. Maybe catch lightning in a bottle for two weeks. Something happens. I mean, you're a team that's about to fall out of it. Again. It's early may. We haven't even hit mother's day yet do something. No. Somebody else's just thinking about. What do you do with phrase if you keep them on the on the the Rossi's it'll be a pinch hitter? Now, don't need it. Listen that might have been the role for him if you were getting production from anywhere else. But Davis is better. Smith is better. Todd frazier. You watch his at bats. They guys not contributing anything to a major league team more. Sorry. It's over and what's Lagarde's is to for twenty one or something like that. He's in a slump too slim there. Well, yeah. Because you know, what they're mostly a collection of bad baseball players when you don't go and pay and get great players, and you just settle for guys who were okay? This is what I mean. This has been the Mets MO for a decade now. He's. Other than four and a half months of good baseball in two thousand fifteen in two thousand sixteen when cesspit is carried him on his back. Right. And the Mets are bad baseball team. When they're obsessed with is slowing down his we having see I don't buy that. Everybody. Three thousand six sixteen. The Mets were pretty much out of it. We all thought they were dead there under five hundred what happened cesspit as comes back. The team goes on an unreal run. And they make the wildcard game. That's because of your citizen for all people saying, you know, what he's a dog. He's not coming back if the Mets aren't in it he proved he proved that wrong before. Now, I just wanted to come back as fast as you can. But you know, we don't they don't give you much highly doing what they do. And listen, that's the team that could be his doctors. It's it's kind of an unprecedented surgery. They don't really know exactly. What's going on with him? But again, remember the problem with cesspool this is when separatists went to Terry Collins and sandy Alderson said, hey, I'm hurt. They said our team is so bad that we can't afford to not have you in the lineup. Keep going out there. What happened? It got a lot worse. Yeah. Well, hopefully, Kevin Durant. Okay. Because if he doesn't come to the Knicks. I mean, who what is the New York sports is the Yankees. And maybe the jets in a year. Yeah. I'm not, you know, they don't get Williamson waves bring in Durant. But if they don't get Williamson, I don't have to get the rant. And I still I still think he's coming here. I just I don't know. Why maybe I think he is especially if they get Zion Williamson, I dunno. It just seems like there's so much smoke there. And I agree with all the people that say, well, why should he come here? They're not wrong. But a lot of people make decisions for reasons that we don't agree with. And it seems like Kevin Durant wants to come to New York wants to come to the Knicks. And listen, if he does it's going to be the same reason that I don't crush Carmelo Anthony. Even a Marsh Statham are to a lesser extent. We always complain. Oh, you should want New York. You should want to come here. And you know, forget all the guys we hate all the guys who don't wanna come here does want to come here. And he's willing to at least take on the challenge. Then I'm going to give him a shot because. Nobody for the last twenty years has wanted anything to do with the Knicks now, and they're right because the Knicks were a train wreck. But if Durant willing to take a shot, hopefully, he comes just after tonight. I mean, how could you walk high rehearsing to be the gun with or without Durant? How could you on? I don't want to take the we're gonna take one of the two thousand pusses I'll take take Jimmy Butler. I wouldn't even I wouldn't touch him mean be if they I mean, it's a crazy also think that the lottery is a couple of days away. We'll know in less than a week. And if you get him Durant, I be very happy with Kemba Walker being that second guy. I I read something about him a while ago that that he really likes being in Carolina. And he said if you come to New York, even though he's great at the guard. He has to do it a lot of family, and you know, the the hassles of tickets and all that kind of stuff. So I don't know. We'll see. But hey, he would be know. We know he lives in the garden. He could play there. That's for. Sure. That's sure. And that could be you know, what could be the thing that sways him. All right. I have a chance to play with Zion. Williamson. All right. You have a chance to play with Zion and Durant or even you know, that's that's the kind of thing that could maybe push a player over the edge where he's kind of teetering. But that's that's too hard to pass up because as much as he likes being in Charlotte in that area. You realize is this team actually gonna win anything? That's that's a good point eight seven seven three seven sixty six sixty six thousand dollars anytime anywhere. Download radio dot com app favorites today. And if you have Alexa, Google home, just say play WFAN, it'd be locked fan before we get to the calls. Just I play that last cut in. Marv Albert with the Knicks back when they were really really good. They had a lot of future hall famous on club. They had a lot of top fifty ball players of all time when that club they had a hall of fame coach on that club. Heart and soul is was Willis Reed coming out with a bad leg CLYDE, having a tremendous game as forty nine years ago. They won game seven to guard against the Lakers. One thirteen ninety nine we'll pay the Lakers. We'll take in Jerry West think Bill was still an escort. And we always know how how it smart that team was, and I'm always always impressed to how smart they were on the court and how their careers outside of sports when partner we own by negative and educated with a doctorate cli- longtime broadcast will read the executive in in the league in a coach in the Bush was an executive player coach backwards. That's primary came to the to the Knicks. But he was ABA Commissioner and Bradley was US Senator and. Rose is just wanted all time. Great ballplayers showman after he did a lot of TV work, and he had some other businesses. He was running back in the day. This is smart group of guys. Phil Jackson was even though he didn't play that first championship. He was forget about what he did with the Knicks coach. I mean, the GM, but he was like Reynolds with assistant and people keep forgetting that nicotine sports is changed so much that that Nick team on the bench. It was red Holzman and the trainer, Danny Whalen. And that was it. It wasn't seventeen assistant coach is sitting behind him. You see coaches now they have they have a coach on on their left it on there right on the bench. And then there's one coaches sitting behind him. Red holzman. It was him and Phil Jackson helped him a little bit of as as a it was injured with a bad back in. But he was he'll help read. Maybe that's we got the coaching book from you know, Jackson went on to be one of the all time. Great coaches. We got a ring for play and we got to ring, but he got a secondary practically playing. So I mean, a lot of you aren't old enough to remember how happy I mean, it was it was a great time because in a short period of time in the jets went championship. Knicks win championship. The Mets won a championship. You know? It's like watching Boston. These days. Seems like every sport up their win something. But it was it was magical because they were so smart so talented and one against all odds when when Reid went down. Fallen right on his hip. Oh my goodness. What happened to him? And it's funny where he came out. To come on the court. When I was covering the Knicks back in the nineties. That's the way all the press would come down from the press room. And we'd go in that tunnel. Go into the locker room before the game. And that's the way we went after the game in that tunnels gone. Now, they put seats in there. And he go from opposite ends but not that not that middle. Passage anymore and should be like, you know, how to find an old building and become a landmark or historical represent it should be a plaque or something. They're just or some seat is painted a different color like this was the way into the Nick locker room back in the day. There were seven three thousand seven sixty six sixty six let's go to C J amount. Holly CJ you're on the fan. How you doing? All right with up. Another interesting tidbit today in the sports news out watching the news coverage on the GOP chant of OPEC Tony rubble specifications. Play and this week, twenty doubt. What do you think about that? I think it's a way, you know, he's taking us to Jimmy club. Yeah. You know wondering if it was the Byron Nelson Classic. And does he does he make the cut and and suddenly someone someone telling the Airways face a lot of sense, you get professional golfers who has their living. What will not make the cut, and you know, if it's a publicity thing. I mean, he's supposed to be pretty good golfer. But you know. Look it's publicity for your for your tournament. If you didn't put him in..

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