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From 'Divas' To 'Superstars': WWE Embraces Women's Sports Revolution

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From 'Divas' To 'Superstars': WWE Embraces Women's Sports Revolution

"One of the most respected journalists in the history of pro wrestling and somebody who has covered every detail of the sport for the last thirty plus years. Dave Meltzer on the progression of women's wrestling in the wwe this decade and the importance of the annex t women a lot of the women in the in annex t which is kind of where the whole thing started there were The kinds of the new generation. You know I think page was was kind of an example who came up as an independent woman wrestler slur and well. She's very good looking. It was really in some ways. She started for self as a wrestler First Glamour Persons Second and Charlotte Flair was another one who came up in that year and Sasha banks and all that and so when they started having really strong matches I remember Charlotte and Sasha banks matches all over over and exterior including the one in San Jose. My in my city Vince McMahon was at that absolutely tore the house down. You know Adrian Neville and been valor that follow and could not follow that match which is amazing because those two are the best wrestlers in the world right now but the crowd was so hyper for the Charlotte. Sasha banks matching they really delivered on that night and I think that came into the exte- thing you had more and more of a groundswell of fans who saw that and wanted women wrestling no high-level women's wrestling supposed to models trying to wrestle the new wave of divas in the wwe had finally arrived but a trip to at and T.. Stadium in Texas in the spring of two thousand and sixteen would bring even more change after the break the divas get their name back. A feud for the ages and a slew of first I you're listening to the pro wrestling defining moments of the decade on Siriusxm fire nation. Michael you're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Bite Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the series. XM APP taking you through the moments and superstars that defined a decade of wrestling. This is pro wrestling's defining moments of the decade back here on pro wrestling's wrestling's defining moments of the decade on Siriusxm fire nation. I'm host the bust. It Open Dave or Greco. The Davis Division was about to undergo yet. Another change changed. We've seen a lot of changes over the last two years especially with page winning the divas championship kind of sense that something big was about the happen is he. W Legend Tommy Dreamer on the turning point for the women was through social media where it was almost like give the divas a chance and that started this movement or when you saw the so cold four horse women in annex t stepping up and it was really. WWe answering the call from the fans and the girls answered the call to and you know you think about that for this past decade. It's only been a short time. But in that short time they have taken and the tradition and history of wrestling and thrown Atma garbage in her trailblazing their new paths just hours before Wrestlemainia thirty thirty two at. At and T. Stadium. Texas Stephanie McMahon informed the Divas they would now be known as WWe superstars the divas name was dead and before for the match that would steal the show at Wrestlemainia. Alleged officially kickstarted. The women's evolution abolution of women in this business is the divas revolution. They are so much more than divas here. In this ring today they are all. WWe Superstars Sodas with my great honor to let you guys know tonight. The winner of the triple threat will be the recipient of the first ever. WWE wwe women's championship.

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