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"davis county roadway" Discussed on X96

"Devin Nunes. Who is a I don't want to use that word. He's he's a An idiot. During an interview, Devin Nunes spun and irritably similar story about a recent journey to attend the Republican National Convention. He said his trip to DC included a stop in Salt Lake City, where he got on a flight with a number of black lives matter. Protesters who are headed to the nation's capital for the anniversary of the march on Washington. So these people that descended on Washington D. C. Most of them were not local. This is Noone's talking. Most of them were not local. I flew with a bunch of them where I got on a plane in Salt Lake City where I had to commute through and I saw maybe two dozen BLM people, he said. The irony is they were all white people. They weren't even black. But someone was paying for them to go there. They were coordinated paying for that. And then what they did was that they were not protesting. He he would, he continued. This is not protesting when you block exits of the White House. So that's his story. Some first of all I want to know. How does he know? Who these people were and if who was paying them? Yeah. How does he know that conspiracy now? One of the women who was with me, She said, Yeah, There were a bunch of us be a black lives matter. We had our shirts on him. We were going to be At the march on Washington and I stopped in front of Nu nes. I recognised him because of a political junkie, and I asked him if he'd suit any cows lately. Oh, just made him mad. And then she said, I went and then I moved along, so that's probably where that whole story came from. Amazing. I know we have Ed brass on the line, so I will just take a second and quickly tell you that. Yeah, that wind do. I need to tell you we can all hear it, Can't we? It's bad and it's causing. Ah. Traffic issues We've heard from several people semis that have blown over Crash South down Redwood Road at 80 in Salt Lake. We've got several issues in Davis County Roadway Restriction South and I 15 Kaysville. 23 12 and North Salt Lake. High profile vehicles are prohibited from driving through this area. We also have highway 89 around Park Lane closed due to some downed power lines about 45,000 people without power. One of them was Carrie Jackson until just a minute ago, but I think he's been back. I think it was..

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