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"davis anthony mcfarland" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"There is an opening at that outside linebacker on the outside linebacker. Outside cornerback position. Can he take that job. And say cam sutton you were signed. But they knew they they're going to use you on the inside. Can he do it. I have to think that some of these players were drafted. Last season are just chomping at the bit to get an opportunity to show extended repetitions. Carla's davis anthony mcfarland. These guys didn't have a preseason last year and so that is going to be big. These games are going to be big. And we're gonna talk about the second half of the show this preseason willoughby a good test. We'll talk about that but let's get into these individuals so i said earlier. I don't think we've learned anything really about the team. But i do think we have learned even in this small sample size a lot about certain individuals and i broke this down four on defense. Four on offense. And i'm gonna just go one by one talk about the player why i feel like we've learned something about it and we're going to hash this out together so to start on defense. Wanna start on defense one of the individuals that i feel like we've learned about is antoine brooks junior someone. I brought up six round. Pick out of maryland. Twenty twenty nfl. Draft and. I have to be honest here. I didn't have really high expectations for anton brooks ginger coming in at twenty twenty one. This is a player that did not make the team out of training camp. Last year he was cut didn't get picked up. They sign him to the practice squad. He ends up getting elevated any sticks with fifty three man roster for the rest of the season but now all of a sudden they have him being the heir apparent their words. The media's words not mine the heir-apparent to mike hilton. He had a tremendous interception earlier in camp of ben rothlisberger. Keep that in mind. It wasn't mason. Rudolph or dwayne haskins joshua dobbs. It was ben in now all of a sudden he did get banged up a little bit on sundays workout. They said it's not serious. He's considered day to day. He should be fine but still antoine brooks junior. My goodness we've learned something about this guy but not just what we've learned about him we've learned about how the steelers are planning on utilizing him. Maybe i never thought as a safety when they drafted him. I was told that he was a box safety. Love to play the line of scrimmage. You did well. I didn't think that he was athletic. Enough to play the slide. We'll see we shall see arthur millette going to get a shot especially if brooks is out for a little bit. So we'll see. But anton brooks we have learned a lot about him as an individual cam sudden. Maybe cam sudden but how the steelers are going to utilize. We know cam. Sudden kim son's a veteran at this point to sign a new contract is second contract in the nfl. With the pittsburgh steelers in terra lawson spoke with media on sunday and he said that the plan right now is for the steelers to keep cam sudden on the outside. That's the plan. He's that kind of change. If there's someone like james pierre or just lane step up then they'll move cam back into the inside. He can play the nickel he can play. Time will see but as of right now that the steelers plan and we've all wondered this throughout the offseason. How are they gonna utilize cam sutton right now. He's opposite joe hayden as the as the number two cornerback or the other cornerback. Maybe don't maybe number one to here's another player on the defensive side of the ball. Roberts splaine now if i were to have written an article. When i didn't do this i thought about it. I thought it was in poor taste. And that's why didn't do it. If i would have written an article that said these and then number say four players. That benefited from the retirement of vince. Williams could have written that article. It would have probably done great and we'd probably a a lot of pages. But i said you know what now vince williams has been good with our site..

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