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"david yeast" Discussed on The Big Picture

"I really wanted to do a good year guys. I tried so hard. I watched again. And then it's not good. I did then end up just like how shopping and Provence for a while came really afford anything there yet. Some of the French property laws are a little impenetrable to me. But I did my best and I couldn't do it so I'm going with House of Gucci. Because this is what I want Ridley Scott to be doing. And I think the appeal of these mid tier movies are how do you want this just complete expert craftsmen of so many different genres to spend his time and the money that he can secure and the movie stars that he can get. And for me, not to spoil somebody else's pick, but some people may choose very, very long medieval battle. Sequence, and some people may choose a cormac McCarthy novel, and I choose beautiful people in Italy wearing Gucci, you know? I just like, it's one for me. So thank you, sir Ridley. I truly appreciate you. Well, you've effectively previewed my number 5, which is the counselor. I got no shame about this one either. In the same way that I'm like Prometheus is sick. The counselor is sick. Of course, it's a preposterous script by cormac McCarthy. Overwriting his way straight into the moon. Of course, the performances are ridiculous. Fast vendor Penelope cruise Cameron Diaz Javier Bardem Brad Pitt, Rubin blot is a number of other people who are chewing the way I'll choose his way through House of Gucci. Of course, this movie looks beautiful. Of course, the production design and the costumes, the great malkin addresses the car that she humps the bolito that strangles one of the key characters near the end of the film. Unreal. Every little piece is beautiful. It's all the same people that Chris just described we've been working with him for the last ten or 15 years now consistently. This is the same way the house of Gucci takes you in the world. This takes you into a world of high powered Devils. This is the bad place. What all of these people are doing, which is to say, running drugs working with cartels. And you know, using this fast vendor character again is kind of a POV character not unlike the Gaga character taking us into this world. But he too is a piece of shit. And if you are a cockpit character, I don't defend anything the character does. No, I don't, I know. But I think that Ridley also has a real keen interest in the dark heart of man. And that seems a bit pretentious, but it's true. But he's not the author of this movie. You know what I mean? Like it's McCarthy through and through if you've read his stuff in the performances override any of the directions in some ways, it's almost like a stage play adaptation. And he'll fucking do that. It doesn't all need to be so Ridley and my ideas and my thing. He'll be like, oh, I really like this. I really like the Martian. I really like, you know, this bottle of wine or whatever. This David yeast book. And I'll just bake it. It's not too precious. But he does so by also shooting the cheetahs galloping and killing the prey. You know what I mean? Like he's still doing this really, really high tension, beautiful, like basically American Express commercial style photography that is captivating when you have a corporate McCarthy script. So,.

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