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"david vor yakis" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"david vor yakis" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Hop stars and professional athletes he's represented. When you see video of Cardi B leaving the courthouse after assault charges were reduced to misdemeanors, you can see Atlanta attorney drew Finland walking beside her. And now he may be walking next to an even bigger celebrity in the most high profile case you can think of. Finland will be representing former president Donald Trump if he's indicted for trying to overturn the Georgia presidential election in 2020. Joining me is Bloomberg legal reporter David vor yakis, who interviewed findling. Hashtag $1 billion lawyer. Tell me what that's about. Drew Finley is a defense lawyer in Atlanta who's built quite a reputation over the last decade, representing hip hop stars in reality people who've been caught in legal or criminal problems and he's gotten a number of people either acquitted or had their charges reduced and he's built such a reputation that one of the rappers that he represented called him the hashtag $1 billion lawyer. This was a guy named young Dahl, who Finland was visiting in Hollywood after he'd been shot. The nickname has stuck at young doll died in 2021 from 22 gunshots. And he represented Cardi B in that trial? There was an assault case in The Bronx, it involved assaults at two different strip clubs. And she had assault charges that were reduced to misdemeanors. He's also represented the rapper waka flocka flame, who had a gun charge after there was a weapon found in his bag at the Atlanta airport and he was acquitted and he also represented several members of the ref group Migos, most particularly after they were arrested at a concert at Georgia southern university. He's also represented other celebrities like Alvin Kamara, the New Orleans Saints running back and the record to baby. David, I have to congratulate you for saying waka flocka flame without hesitation. And findling feigned started with representing Atlanta rappers, and he says he's gone out of his way to try to understand rappers. They find that he is a very constant lawyer who also listens to them and gives them life advice and he's had a good track record of success. He's been defense lawyer in and around Atlanta for nearly 40 years. And so he knows the prosecutors and the judges and the jurors and able to connect with juries in a very powerful way that's brought him a lot of good results. He also connects personally with the various hip hop people that he represents. His practice goes beyond just criminal representation or is he just a criminal defense lawyer? He's a criminal defense lawyer who also does civil cases as well. And, well, he primarily built a really good reputation in the Atlanta area in the last decade or so he's done cases all over the U.S.. I always find that a lawyer's office says a lot about the lawyer. I know you visited his office. Tell us about it. It's an office in an upscale office park in the Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta and there are dozens of framed photographs and newspaper clippings of him with his clients for whom he's gotten good results through the years. And there's also three large paintings in the entry room. One is of Sam Adams one is a thurgood Marshall and one is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He has supported progressive legal causes through the years. He was the president for a year of the national association of criminal defense lawyers where he made a number of speeches and he supports people who are he believes unjustly detained and believes that the criminal justice system is tilted against black and brown dependence. So as you said, he supports progressive legal, causes he criticized Trump during his time in The White House once calling him racist and pathetic in a tweet. Why is he taking on Trump as a client? Well, that's not entirely clear to me except this he defends himself by saying that he's able to separate his clients and his commitment to the law and serving them from his personal life and his personal beliefs and personal political beliefs. Do you know how Trump found him or why he selected him out of all the attorneys in Atlanta? Drew fiddling said that some lawyers who worked with Trump reached out to him and interviewed him and that he ended up becoming his advocate in Atlanta. At this point, he's representing him in presumably trying to persuade the district attorney funny willows to avoid indicting Trump. Our understanding is that he would also represent him at trial, but I guess we'll have to see what happens when and if that becomes necessary. And you spoke to colleagues of his who said that he's very good at convincing prosecutors not to bring charges. Right. It's not only that these excellent on his feet in the courtroom and at birth across examiner and can really bond with a jury. But that he understands how state and federal cases are constructed and can convince prosecutors many times to either forgo charges altogether or not bring the charges that are a serious as their initially contemplating, so it could well be that his service to Donald Trump is in convincing funny Willis not to charge him at all. And do you know if he has met Trump yet? It's not clear to me if he's met him, but I know that he's spoken with him. What did he say if anything about Trump's case? He said a few things that sort of in reference to Trump's case, one about the RICO statute. He would not talk about the terms of his engagement or Trump's case specifically. What he would talk about is the reco statute, which, of course, is the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act under Georgia law, which is something that funny will us to just attorney has brought a number of times, particularly in her war on gang violence in Atlanta. And he believes

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