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Moon Griffon Providing a Voice for the Everyday Middle-Class Guy (and Gal!)

"This is john swift and you're listening to discover lafayette. A podcast dedicated bella was only one with six twenty four thousand votes. Donald trump got more votes than edwards and david vetter got together. He got one point two million that goes to what you said the number of people that ought apathy don't care anymore. Some people just move out to state but they just discussed and we've lost a lot and we lost a lot of the people that call mirror to upper income. I want me middle class working. People that left a jobs ops. They felt like they had to leave. Goes your best and brightest and people that have become to become educated not just college but through high school and i see when i saw those numbers wow we had thirty eight thirty nine percent vote in the governor's race last time someone would discussed didn't want to vote for veterans day and that <hes> <hes> <hes> seventy one vote for a democrat in half a million one point two million people voted. I mean that's nothing two point nine million registered boat right so you apathy. Is there jane you hit it on. I mean people just don't care or they had enough sad thing about. It is had enough as doing that bothered me because they'll even so that means. If you lose a mona voting you lose them. Citizens there you childbearing people the people that start businesses dr preneurs types. I that come on what it's like. We said near chris writer but chris had to come up with this young man over here. Did somebody had to come up with this idea what he's doing. Well a lot of young people like this. Now chris not young anymore but starting these ideas and he said that you can tell him i said it too but the point venus think about what i just said if of chris rado would've said i'm leaving. He started his business in texas. Children get educated there. They stay there. They moved kids. Go off to college. They're not coming back for the most part. Better have a job because the key to keep them. He's a job in business and you want to legislate you. You tell me when we focused on really focused on jobs and the the things that we can do to keep people here. We've never i've been following this since they had wanted was to bill which and i don't remember many governors. I remembered the running two miles about jobs. Ogden businesses never happen yeah. Well rumor did that but then he only lasted one you know for me though when i was in school i'm i'm really dating myself that government paid for government paid for our tuition so i didn't have money i was in social security college but tuition was really paid for by our government and when i see where we are now where it's upside down things aren't changing are talking on your show this morning about l._s._u.'s already saying they have a three percent. That's because the numbers of students are down well. This is the thing that we're not enough students in enrolled in paying tuition. We've loss fifteen at twenty thousand students. I don't remember the number. I had it today. The university's -versities awesome in k. through twelve well. If you have less people in k. through twelve you i have less people in the colleges so what they do with the colleges i mean it takes a lot to run them. They do and do it on a roll meant would do enrollment is a downy being counted in high school and college so they can get more money coming in and <hes> but we're losing them because jobs ops people so high corley that we're losing people. We're one of only three or four stage that are losing people steal. We've been losing people but we lose them. Steal only the st louis and population. We okay we're yet. We've lost <hes> twenty seven thousand people in four years twenty-seven they put out a number eight ten thousand is twenty seven thousand five. I don't know whether you've got the tan from people that have left. That's that's that's the net migration russian counter people moving in count the people that left. That's not a good number right right. That's that's that's people looking for jobs and looking for opportunities and we lose people people to people i want to thank about. I got two kids and they live in texas. I got four grand babies where you can keep them here and i just don't think we focus on the right things and i look. I'm not trying to be a greedy selfish businessman because i don't think anybody's selfish ingredients business businesspeople. Just being reality of chris moves his business. These young people have a choice find a job similar. Go with him right. That's going to be the choice away. Chris operates. I know he doesn't just operate in louisiana so it kind of helps me this like. I don't know just operate in lafayette. Gas didn't just operate in monroe. That's helped me so bob right right. He could be anywhere with this business and i'm not saying he's gonna move but i tell you what he's got young kids that they all go to college somewhere he could. He could pick a move one day. It'd be easy six hundred. What do you see with the governor's race. You know a lot of people. I know are okay with governor edwards. They've liked the way he handled. The flood awed. He's a family man pro-life and you've got the other side of the coin. You know <hes> the economy what you want to blue prejudice. I'm probably the worst one to ask but i'll tell you. I've always said he's a one term governor. I still believe he is. I think if you look at accomplishments. I don't think he can tell you what you accomplish. Nice guy. He's good when hurricanes but if you look at he's raised a lot of taxes on people and fix nothing. There's nothing fixed budgets not even fix. We'll have the deficit next year if i'm wrong you till to give me back on a program they you looked at l._s._u. L._s._u. set with three percents short well. If you look at the commercials said we fully funded funded higher ed well which one is it <hes>. There's a lot of things that remember trump got fifty eight percent of the vote. This is red state. He got fifty eight percent last year. During a congressional congressional district fifty seven fifty eight percent of republican one david veterans not in a race. I personally liked thought he was tough but vetter was a problem yet one hundred hundred and fifty thousand people that voted against david vitit at vote republican yet another fifty thousand that did not vote as remember six twenty four right okay hearn earn fifty thousand people that didn't vote. They could not vote democrat. You got people that will come back in a feel but these i will be shocked. Ed was when i said i'll say wins at the trump. People go vote. He can't win. How do you vote for that the economy i mean we had a negative g._d._p. G._d._p. is first year negative g._d._p. Second year one point one growth in two thousand eighteen texas at three point three. I mean you start looking at that. I don't see high. I just i there are some people out there but that's all that's all out there. I admit but i think when it comes down to donald trump's gonna be here and i think he's going to be a calling card. It gets beating fifty eight forty two and if you look at the democrats statewide what and go back to mary landrieu's campaign forty four is about amac's number get an estate. Do i do think he can get a little more than that inner off off but i don't think he's more than forty six but if he gets the forty eight you still get beat and <hes> i think some of the laws are gonna catch up to campaign of saying that he funded tops. The governor was the one that presented to cut in tops. He said he funded higher in we see l._s._u. That's the flagship. No cut on you l. Anybody else feick ship. They're down three percent for the year that they said all of budget battles over employments now you can run on unemployment's down obama question would be what did you do to bring it now. Well two things that's happened here. As out migration people quit looking for jobs that will bring unemployment rate. Now was still fifth highs in the country autry. There's just too many things. I think glad when he said and done now. I've been wrong before people laughing. Would you do if you're on a darn thing. I said just you ask scored up. Think i just think there's too many things that go against him to beat them now. The other two candidates a noble fault mr ralph abraham congressman eighty responding as a personal friend redemptorist. It's all it's all family. Hint much of his family members did but he's very familiar with those guys hadn't spent a penny get right okay number two anything negative on which almost four years with the exception of me. I was the only one toews all. Let's go change when they start writing and running ads about what's really going on to send mandanas new orleans. It had midnight man rooch and so i just i still think you did what i'm telling you. It'd be will happen if i'm wrong. I'll be wrong problem with that. I've been wrong before my wife don dailey yeah. I got it right one time. One of my daughters wanted me to ask you <hes>. Who would you like to see up against trump. Which democrat do you think would be the dream candidate canada. There's so many i'll tell you what's got some looney tunes on that side. I'm sorry <hes> it people keep thinking would meet him because he's just old joe but i i don't think the democrats are gonna put up a seventy year light man. I just don't think you're gonna put him up. I think he's looking at kamala harris. I can't see elizabeth warren being the barrier either. I think it's going to be kamala harris grab of obama's wife long. I do not do really. I do think she's still a player i do. I really think she's a player. I think it's going to be somebody like that. <hes> uh trouble beating either one of those at this point but you know trump says a lot in the people i like trump would like for him to quit saying so much the flip side you get a corn. Let somebody call you nazi and a hitler and races every day with no proof. That's that's. I say no proof. That's -pinion. Tell you what i'd be. I'd fight you to try and i think what happens is. He's decided he's going to be a fighter ballroom fighter and he's gonna fight you so you got all this stuff that we've never seen but i've never seen a republican ever fight them back east terms. I mean you can't just holler racism without proven. It hurt my program. Today ed guy very nice but he said you make racial statements and he said i said it's not a racist statement at your opinion. I said you can't call me. A racist says it stick because rates. Maybe think about the real time. Racism is people that think period. We have people like that. We have people that actually do something against against somebody hurt them. Keep them from getting a job because of the color of skin. No that's racist there but because you made a comment yeah that's not ratio show that's not racism and we've reinvented it and now it's a political term that is out there every day and i hate it. Because a guy called my program i was about about the fall i laugh and i said proved then all of a sudden when i tell them to prove it they spit all over him sales and that guy was bailing out because it was proven if i am telling me because i quit my program programming and go into hiding. I thought he was brave to call you well. I've been called before but about how it works. In certain community go to the polls. He was talking. You know i'm not saying that i just i just made a fact with democratic party for many many years. This is the fact they put a lot of money on a street with some pastors not all and community organizers to go by get the black boat out. That's been going on fifty sixty years if that's not racist to say that's going on. You know if he's not going on. Somebody prove me wrong. Nobody's ever proved me wrong. Call decided no repeat he most of the time i get a call from somebody. That's an african american community and said hey i don't. I don't like what you say but you telling the truth so you know i just. I just wished we'd be a little careful with the word route. If it's really true that somebody is hurt somebody of color or off held somebody back from getting a job. Those are racism. That's races acts. They aww called down from our call them now with them but not called nancy pelosi. A racist she agree with that is an interesting. They've fighting each other now just helping trump. I thought wow what would you do that but it shows that when you have nothing else to say you go oh to the lowest level thing and that was tough time in our country. I'm not saying it's not out there som- but it's not like it used to be. You know we work at a station. We've got whites and blacks. I've got some the my best friends are black. I could give you the names right. Now we go eat. We do things i mean. That's not who we are. There's a few people that i suppose so glad to hear that what a shame is really a shame because that's a tough word to put on somebody and they know it the left knows and that's why i use it right because it does it does stick stick's and guess. That's why you elected official or doing what you don't want that word by. You don't want to be associated with scab. I decided i'm gonna fight it back. Somebody's gonna call a program and they've done it over twenty six years they've done it. A dozen times and none of them stood with me none of them none of they would someone would even going back to the point is you're not a racist but i just don't like. Would you say you don't like the way i i do stuff but don't call me something and i'm not because i don't remember what racists aca i've ever done in my life. I mean if i did somebody show it to me right. That's just not how we were brought up. You know the first daddy was a data worked at dow chemical. He was worked on plants shift worker for thirty five years and he walked back in the integration and and <hes> back in a time when blacks allowed to get jobs folly blacks allowed to get jobs like white person it's back in the sixties and my daddy was working dow chemical and they came to my dad and he said tommy we'll get to start hiring blacks. He said look. We got to put these two guys on the somebody we can trust at treat them fair. It was my bad depict. My dad is a true story. We'll give you two stores and my dad worked. Those guys and daddy would day if he was living. He's dead. I was at the best workers invest guys that he's ever wore. He loved them. They loved ham became friends that it would grow vegetable gardening bringham vegetables. We had a <hes>. I was in the sixties when integration really got going people getting shot right. Somebody came up on a back door when my dad my dad is you know we do we still do it was a black guy that got shot. Daddy helped him through the fence really got him. In the house. Mom was a nurse he had got shot and mom and him dr up stop. The bleeding did everything for him. Put him in a truck drove him to the emergency room. Got him here with diverse paid immersing bill now back in merchantville might have been twenty bucks walks but it was all relevant commodity went probably making but six thousand dollars a year if that and he pays the bill my daddy helped people he didn't help o._p._n. Not help because you're black or white and he said you see that red blood. We all bleed the same color. He say we all red blooded americans and that's how i was taught right. I i play basketball. I play with more blacks than i thought i was. The only way gone to jemele out of time and <hes> never bothered me because we can grow up hating anybody and that's how i think most whites i look at it. I can't tell you about though segregationists and all that but i know in our house people i knew just what the way we were brought up right and so when i'm called that yes offensive but i just said you don't want to you can tell me what i did. I'm a home on ground so <hes> president trump is racist. I think what happens if you put it on the news every night every night every night every night and somebody didn't watch it. That's a racist really the case the case say what he did. I became so we can say what he said because he says too much take away. Just take the phone twitter at all but everybody the criticism emma him from our side. Is that what she would just show sometime. Trap shop yup good a lot of people do appreciate so i just the i'm just telling you you can't name a person that you know that if you put them in a war and you spit on him every day you throw stuff out on every day they're not gonna turn around and fight you later later and i think trump said to fight his way out of a corner put himself in no these people have started on the squad members. Those people started calling coppee hitler racist. They don't even normally just got elected. So what do you do once again president. You say you don't do what he does well. Maybe he believes they need to because nobody's been on this. It's an interesting race. I'm really looking to president or but. I don't really care who they put up a point <hes> they still going for impeachment all that crazy stuff so you just don't know what the mood of american people is going to be in a year a politics two weeks three weeks long time. Can you imagine a year and a half now. Now i mean you talking about anything could break in one and they do a lot of times in a presidential race. Somebody break and two weeks later. People vote different yep. We've got jason sikora here with us and i know you've you've been trying to jump in and ask some questions. Jason was supposed to be in looking at awesome fire away right down but yeah it took a few notes. Jason could fire away. I'm going to work backwards. I only have a few questions but one of them was going to be what what <hes> <hes> makes you so passionate about politics and the economy and government but i think you answer that i totally get fired up and i think that you see the problem is and people have accused me of being negative okay not negative bone in my body but they they they don't they're not reading me right and this is. This is the example i came with. Let's say any one of us went to the doctor and they found five spots on your on your liver spots but every part of your body's fine would you want a ignore it and just talk about the good stuff. Hey look my hands. Pharma blah can eat them healthy. I'm going to or would you want them to fix the problem. Fix the problem you come back in a year now because eaten up you live and and move into another party scrape why because you didn't address it. I think we have political cancer in louisiana. We've let it eat us up and now it's hard to get rid of it. Okay we didn't address all these problems. Give you an example. We got a fourteen point six billion dollar back home and rose john. I'm sure you heard a number which i'm sure you heard it. We get to fourteen point six. Why did we become when it was one big. Why don't we say gosh his what we need to do because we did because it wouldn't have priority so we let the roads get out of whack now. We've got to have a twenty gas tax well. That's not fair to the poor person. It's not fatimid glasgow. That's a lot of money coming out of your pocket especially in our state but we make seven thousand dollars less than the national average so you see what we did. We let the unfunded accrued liability and twenty two billion in a hole. That is a nightmare getting getting ready to boo face. Mike foster came in janelle. No you remember mike. You aren't dead. We worked in back and let she told me an eighties. You were there heap. Foster came in ninety five. Well my foster said okay. We won't get this unfunded liability straight to pass the bill to put extra fifty million in start adding more money to it and that was back in ninety five ninety six ninety seven someone air what is his twentieth nineteen never did it so now instead of it being seven eight billion dollars l. a. promise twenty two and we didn't fix because because but people bickered about it and i was wondering ones that came along and talked about it. You know i remember when it was santa. Road probably got five burgett <hes> problem with the rose and i started saying well we fix it small problem so passionate about it because i'm hearing rhetoric from republicans congrats when they get this like the guy on a day when i when they get there. What did you do to fix it and none of them can answer that. Ah i love your <hes> the medical analogy because it really it makes sense. I'm not saying that it <hes> like i told you people's okay. Let me get the one more step on your negative. We have offered solutions over and over again. Do you face nobody takes them then. They said we don't have those. You know you never take them see be forgotten. Alesi forgotten used to have a solution. They put it on paper everything to do to straighten the state eat. Nobody's tried to fix anything and that bothers me that we won't tries dead. Shoot the messenger the bad guy on as talking bad about about joe not really talking about you personally. I'm talking about when a guy called the day the senator i call milk toasts. Note does cam on my program plenty of times before he got elected. I'm tired of the good old boy network on more do this and do that and he knew a lot of it but yet he's mad at me because i challenged him on his voting record the only thing i didn't really challenge these guys on his voting record on leadership. We mentioned john larry early bene- forty eight years. He's been the man they call him. The king maker they call him a magician. They call him to grow up in a room. One guy called him the good shepherd if you all that. How do we get a backlog in road oats. How did we get unfunded liability okay. He's the guy but he's the man now in elective senate president and i keep going why are we forty ninth or fiftieth in education and you go through all the list but guess what they named a new building after him a new baseball park avenue dijana malarial baseball park he designed he got the money fort and sort of mayor goes we want to name it after him and he says all these things he did so my question when they did this piece of the day with jonah lehrer and a newspaper it was this big. All one person that was negative owning me made me look real good but the point is. I just asked the question. What did you do for the whole louisiana now. What do you do for west wego. West wego used to have eleven thousand people now. It's eight thousand then all three two thousand people but the match bragging jonathan brought hundreds and hundreds of means the west legal but i'm the bad guy because i brought it up and frustration that people get mad at me and and sometimes i understand it but the flip side to go. Why don't we change and do better yeah well. I mean being a radio talk. Show host talking politics. People are going to be upset so you say you're gonna make a- and i want to turn a little bit towards broadcasting in general obviously i have. I i enjoy it and i built this room based on kind of my affinity affinity for that radio voice. Thank you when you wanna program. Maybe you can come off gosnell advertisement. Y'all be on good deal all right. Let's do that so <hes> when you go in every day. Do you have a plan that you've written out like a show like chopin show plan for you. Every day. I got no books of keppel mosala through a few away that <hes> it it just an outline of what i'm doing that day okay and when i do all my show prep from that night that morning i'm at the office hour and a half two hours before prep and again and i don't show i mean i have literally walked on a program cam and all its stuff that i had lined up some broke <hes> and it's something i knew about change direction right there because it was something i thought it it was more important at the time interesting and for as guests ninety eight percent of my guests call me the words. I don't really call and get guests. I never have you had on me. I don't mean that from cocky not at all. What i'm saying is when people wanna come on. I'll put him on whether they agree. Korea disagree with me. That's the funny thing just like the senator this morning. <hes> cassidy senate the cassidy that was them calling me wanting more airtime so that wouldn't plan no no ma'am no way it was planned because they call me three days ago but it wouldn't plan by me right. If i have the time. I'll give all of them. It could be democrat republican. They get hate mighty john alario alario. I'm not a big fan of would call me and say wanna be on your program no more coming into studio. Can i sit two hours which might be everything out. Say let's go because this is the end. If you want okay and i don't mean that is going to beat you. I mean i got a lot of questions and so i'm not saying we don't hustle weenie but we don't also many like governor. Bell edwards came on my program several times before he got elected. We we gave an imitation to him. For the first three years. We'll come to the mansion. I put him in jay. Dardenne that site and i will sit here and we'll go ahead on my program and y'all can we can. We can have have been good entertainment. It'd be good knowledge. I'm probably getting ready to get my rian handed but i was okay with that. The fact that it matters feel confident enough that i know enough to be able to hang with them and they just kinda hang with them and they never took off well what to do if the governor calls me today probably wa- gola matching because his election year but that microphones open for and i'll tell you i'll make you a deal he's losing. I'll get a call to be on the program if he thinks he's gonna win down calm yeah but you know <hes> you mentioned about the program earlier. It grew up because i had a vision but it was talking about hard to go get radios days. Yeah i can imagine yeah coming out of monroe louisiana on a._m. Radio on a._m. Radio they were all tell me great idea yet as potential that hug me pat me on the back an hour on win. I never hear from so that leads me to my final question. It's kind of more for me. What advice would you have for somebody who wants to be a radio host and or a radio producer a <hes>. I would definitely go started all radio stations i possibly could go to i'd have a resume. I tell them what you wanna do. <hes> like in my case brandon komo's mend my best produce produce. I've had a lot of brand has been the best he was given to me by mike grimsley because i was coming to radio program he said this is the guy i think would fit in with you. Go go apply. I know it sounds silly but that's all i did when i got the program number two for doing a program if i had to do it all again is what i would <hes> okay. I would start on a weekend. I would start on a saturday morning if i could and the reason i'm telling you that is people do listen saturday morning by after that it's. I don't think it's listened to well. That's what i would do. Now you matthew by the time i had about a time and the reason i'm saying start start. There is because i've seen weekend people move during the week everywhere in the country. You gotta have a starting point. I happen to be in a situation chinois. Bob holiday wanted to make some money. He was willing to sell it. Every radio. Station won't do that but if you're willing to put your money out there find some friends people in business that are willing to support it for the first six months year. You can get on your feet and get to run it. <hes> as i do and <hes> it. I was fortunate. I could start doing the week but if i had to do it again. I could've syndicated my program. It took me three or four years to get one station. Three years took me. I would have been better looking back ma'am. I we had no experience. No spring you talk about no experience trying to syndicate and have no experience with the best thing would have been for me to go back and say you know what i'm gonna try to do a saturday program graham and get these stations to take me. I probably would have had better luck interest on the syndicated because during the week if they're happy with the program and i'm gonna just give you. Tom and you have no experience and you hadn't been on a hair. You get my drift. I walked in bob dole. It is a great idea. You don't pay me and i'm i'm gonna give you once a week and he guaranteed me four shows. That was it right. He didn't say his a two year contract and he said i'll give you four programs and you know it depends on what you wanna. Go what you wanna do. I'm still not where i need to be. I got one more move. I like to make and almost if if it comes true and and i'm working toward that i'm fifty eight if i can do this ten to twelve years i'm healthy. That's a blessing that would be a blessing so hort you know you. Can you know and keep going because i had had a lot of knows when i heard syndication. I was fortunate if you went to monroe right now. If jan you want the monorail ride nanto bob. I'll buy some time bob would probably sell it. He would probably sales up because he's n. Monroe's economy he would make that money <hes>. That's is kind of what he did with me because i kept growing every time there was an opening. He said i'll take you money now. That's not a coat on bob bob businessman. He's trying to make money right so it. It does cost else to to be on the weekends but it's the quickest way to get in with station and they may be gohain you here tonight saturday morning sunday morning. Whatever auto lady we like her then all of a sudden you sub in for me. You seven wanted to open open the door jank. Do my all right jack both walk. We're doing this happen. Well also thank you for being here. This is this has been a great podcast jan. Thank you again for letting me ask some questions jason for taping us and i probably could do your program. It would be a totally different approach and that people for the first time tom yesterday doctor's appointment. My son showed eat surgery so everybody think i went fishing. I don't know if i am eleven eleven. He did it for the first time. I've been begging into and he finally did it. I've had people come off. The street never even saw radio show. It doesn't matter what i believe. Is you. Do your own program graham when you say something that already. It's like you're going to get your butt ripped off speculative totally opposite of which you say it. I've seen it up right now. I i know it will put on the flipside. People don't mind hearing somebody new. I'm just telling you it's good for me to get off their leno. When i listen to oh you mean i i wanna find out more. I want to say well. Wait a minute. I want to research this so i think generally encouraging because you know what it just told you. I'm not always right but when i give you information i'm sticking with it. You can prove me wrong and i think what i learned is. It's so easy to be complacent and not really know what's going on in like we talked about then people end up not voting. They wanted to races races. You've ever seen confusion is going to be out there this time yeah it's gonna be. It's gonna be a big year this year and next go right into the presidential. We got a united states senate race to luke cassidy. Don't know who's gonna go against him. I don't know if the democrats are gonna. Try to throw against him or not. I'm not gonna waste money. You like bill and that's not even a point. It's a rich state and boy specially nationally. We've we've already big time yeah. He's a terror guy who he's a guy which male cassidy he graduated from tara high. I got another baton rouge. Got woman refund. Thank you sound every second. I enjoyed it too. I wanted people to have the opportunity to hear you talk. Talk about what drives you and i'm just grateful became show. I gotta take good lord gave me a vision and i say that sincerely he kind of gave me the vision and kept driving me to go on good. Lord shakes is hitting me. God knows thank you. Thank you to everyone that listens. I wanna thank raiders. Solutions iberia bank and lafayette general also frit support on behalf of discover lafayette's the aunt. This is john swift <music>.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S6E6 Inescapable Review - Super Tuesday Recap

"Welcome back to switch is recapture host chris andy palm here and we're here to review season six episode six of asia shield inescapable 'em yeah this is the fitzsimmons episode that we didn't know we need i i this is one of the ones i had a review i it's it's it it it it feels like we offer the season this is the season that's giving us is relying in not only is it just a season of all this last few seasons have relied heavily on the character development they've put together so far you know it's so funny earlier today we reviewed and we were gonna lose back to back a but some really they view the first part of season three of young justice right in we were talking about how that season and it just it feels so if it works out so well because of what we know of the character in what they do not not from the comics but from what they've done you know on the show itself in that this show that's asian shield doing that again it gives us so much like it's it's a whole episode of basically fits in simmons reestablishing wise fitzsimmons are are basically one well and also this is something where packs how we got here andrews affectively in this in this arms a lot of attention that we kind of could be carried over that got explored season for mhm they did a good job of this using that and also making important market growth for a senate i don't know what i'm talking about subversively so i watched it since i don't watch the second hoses and she just she said i don't think there's a better show on television that better written show on television in that the things that have happened since we've never really seen the fallout of yeah like you're having to offer refreshing it's wearing the shirt that's used very mature sucks the portal to a novice it's it's a it's a paint on her from being a mute slave like yeah she's been through a lot of shit yeah even even like the decision in season five just say were not gonna show really shows a memorial service first kiss first me for call or not gonna show unfair we kind of evil i think we talk a little off of like somebody who's i disagreed with him that stand now see six but now a game and so there's no place for like a week and still cover that even the skin wherever they wait for it wait until cover it and it's it was so nice because if you didn't watch season four or five accuse me that was a refresher but if you did it gives you the payoff 'cause he hit the ground running it's been a year since he eventually last season their space and fed says this is kind of been let's go let's go let's go this is a good moment for the bogus story they say what steel was the rest of this 'cause there is more than just saying it happened is bad let's move on well well to be fair we hit the ground every one and so them going all the way back to when they when when they drown in the winter in the team in unit and they're like fussing in he's like why did you find something doesn't have any like it's a containment units have air and you go through all this on what what they went through all the way back then it's like you're right they they had the moment they came together and you're like oh fitzsimmons they're gonna be together right but this is a couple right communication so key in couple being a couple and being there for each other is why it's so funny to me i would have loved this i would love to know 'cause like this is like a couple of episodes this episode where hey even at you're worse you guys were so there there's sometimes it means disagreeing sometimes it means being angry of as a person but that doesn't mean that you're not you can't facing together in that you need a break up a slight i knew win win hydro fits in the the manifestation everything the that that a m who's going through like making out because that is still there it's still fitzsimmons even at their worst they're still together in 'em when they had the argument and they were like they sort of i love you love you too and you were just like okay so now we got out of the way we could go in face or demons together right yeah okay let's go do that you're just like but that's that's that's that's what successful couples if it doesn't i mean everything sparkling it doesn't mean that everything is blooming and everything works the way it's supposed to work and there's always gonna be that all some communication doesn't mean you won't her each other's i mean there are no ups and downs but at the end of the day good couples come together despite all of that stuff they work it out and then they go in that scene that you you you you work out like he's beating me and i still work it out with him it's like it's like the normal but this is what people mean when they say work things out of the right this is a healthy see see the normal way and i wanna say normal in the show but like this is this is what they mean when when they say that in that's what the show is and just seeing each of them because again i think it was a good like like you said a good reminder you're all of a sudden simmons herself has been through quizzical fits 'cause fits you know had the brain injury to die like we have all this stuff but we've kind of forgotten that you know simmons has been through just as much terrible stuff i we think about going to the plane like that's the big thing but like you said i almost forgot what i can't believe i'm afraid of last season like her being the slave right you know that some there you you have that stuff happening you're like oh wait yeah oh damn she's she's she's been to a fucking like you know the fact that you know it wasn't just that ship sheehan abandon fits win pitches injury it's like there is so much going on at the time and she does what she does she marries her pain she berries and repressive the things that her shorting the market she puts in a box and you know what there's also explain so we always say it's like man yo yo fit susil someone just which puts puts a switch and she turned into like almost like a psychopathic killer like when did it happen you're like oh she worked in the box and then when she needs to see out of the box and go fucking fucking nuts so yeah it's just this is just a really well well done away fits finding out about his own death and then call it that you and i get why she's second because if she seeing how close that mania turns into psychosis mhm yeah she seen among you've been through so much i didn't want overwhelm you he's wildly balkan you're being titles like why this is why yeah yeah i i said she kinda you know the the framework thing kind of stuck with you bring you any not just for you you already have a kind of a damn it rained to begin with because of what happened in the indices one you know so you kind of already are already a little damage so and then you've got hydra fit to honestly i'm sorry do you think you could play in the shadows without me i was terrified is very very terrifying i'm sorry leopold let's call him by his proper name but then her her calling outfits were you made a robot girlfriend oh yeah yeah i i love the fact that he threatened to bring up eight a m that's how you run back adult adult like oh why don't why just go and go and think of ellen de maybe that could help me don't you know i always gives you back and she's she's gone but i shit yeah you like that wasn't that wasn't that wasn't totally right maybe i should kept dealing with a seventy year old it's totally worth it right but again like i said this is in in in in this is why when i told you last week i was like we gotta get a pit sums up on over ready for it that's what i was talking about how saw what they were doing my oh man going through their mind fitzsimmons simmons it's wow it's gonna be wow in like going back looking for what lessons fun but also necessary in eight gives us like you said there there are other season there other shows that would take seasons picks to get fitzsimmons back up to where i mean this is simmons dealing this pitch coming through the terms that paradoxes knox's that he died in in his past but it was a future self will say like it's just it's so much stuff right it's it's so much that gets thrown at him in that would have taken seasons the idea of him finding out that they're already married you know that they then she he already proposed at all the that would have taken that would have been shows whole back half of it are right yeah in this show does it in forty four minutes i forty two minutes right an end gets to the point where were we get that moment when they're just like you know what we are all these things going on but you know what i so love you you still love me let's go out here in also realizing that not just that but then we also have a friend we have each other that's another important piece we have each other but we also have our friends in are friends helpless and the fact that you know i love the fact that he brought up because again max director right now so we're not really seeing a lot of emotion for mac right now oh the fact that you know sitting in front of the fact that yeah mexican heart you know not just hurt we see how the human fall sin is trying to like how do you do we tell his mother yeah yeah also all logistical should get removed because you're gonna be you're passing just kinda he kinda breeze past the you know what if they can't find it yeah what do we do 'em colson going up to simmons and telling her you've got a job to do you know do it if he's still up there then then then go do it go go get him back you know coming out of all of his deathbed because he's sick in bits finding out that colson is sick and dying the entire time like all this stuff is so much is there's so much they crammed into this one episode and then and then did you all day will come back to this episode and then in the end they basically in the little senior the end they have mac talking to date it gets up like a quick thirty seconds it's like a lot of us also find out definitively that the chronicles was taken by the truth yes yeah yeah kind of just i love the fact that she stepped in his own moment he's like oh okay yeah logic and susan made the steelers here that here right and then they joe who don't look like what exactly yeah those those those rental is my moment moment you got another one though when you get next week and she finds out that does they got they got holding his iphone come in and so you know i i'm like i'm almost went don't tell her she could find out she's like well southern find out i know it sounds weird but this fall so 'em yeah i a yeah i it just you know the way this show is able to just get to the point i can again that's another moment that would've taken like all of the next episode right the least exposition of like opening scene of them all i talked to the walk and talk maybe the fucking circle trick where everyone's you do look when it comes to write this that it just like not here it is simple dumped in in in in moved up to the point of dave even those who come and he's like oh so yeah they're the same people the detroit okay cool unicef sides here all right all right right in in and i love that in in it's what the show does so well you know it is turning in the fact those episodes basically one long therapy session for two of the character's that in a way or some of the most damage on the show you know lemos in a way who's been through more season issue i mean he's always david has been through a lot he he died david vetter mom back who died dad back in mind way yeah all very tragic thing and then find out yeah she's asking human in orange shit right hey guys it's gonna go through what fits is been through mhm he will drown brain damage but back from said brain damage professor local woman who loved had her taken away five she knows all the alien planet but that she fell in love all of a sudden they implanted with what may or may not have been in alien any human god then you build a robot robot that nearly killed everyone terrorizes a simmons and then you end up in his also zero reliving entire life as a nazi then before he could probably apologize you're friends were all taken in the future you go on a private war decide to freeze yourself with these years not that his face is asking literally kill people to stay alive and across universe find her again then find out that not only has already happened but you succeeded you saved her ending you dine you're already married to the woman she heard rules for in that you find that definitively that she's always mentally college degrees afraid of you break it that's just again i'm not saying oh yeah his see there's no one no two judges have been through more than they do not speaking of the amount of a trail he fell from a ward which is almost if not greater than that which daisies oh no no trail ward i think a man a tough one 'cause they were altogether like i'm just saying that we have like when this show finally end you're gonna have a real conversation about all the damage in each one of these kids have been through this this show is matt hurt or somebody like holy shit doesn't do rear it's just it's it's so much but at the same time it never feels she which i think is very important piece here because 'em it's easy to put people through the ringer right it's easy to dragged through the mud it's easy tear is easy tear things out if so is like no demolition easy as easy but this show does has a way of sharing them down and then also bringing the backup so even so in a way when you look at it fitness emerges from together nafta and you know because now the things that like when we should all look oh shit oh yeah of course but as as character so stronger now in in a lot of shows wouldn't do that in the same episode right 'cause that's the gives me it's like some shows will tear people haircare down and then either never bring the backup or they wait until another season or or later in the season this show tore them down completely in played on the idea of what we're doing like simmons's literary traveling across the universe to find love her life she finally get some you're happy and then you go through at least you're happy right they start off in in their mind just kind of you know having a having basically having their own lives their honeymoon to they never had a although the fact that then in there in the reality city of what it was it was five minutes it was five 'cause medicare goes back it was like this is the longest five basically the longest five forty minutes in ever you guys finally we've done were catcher internal issues key now solve the time travel issue 'cause like this for others forty fucking minutes of just torturing fitzsimmons having a therapy session in reality it was five minutes but also the fact that he didn't know these chairs and care investigators for me shit yeah yeah you could only do this after this set up they've been doing foresees because it makes sense like when you have the scene 'cause even the scenes ever knew we'd never seen before we understand like when colson calls in fits and simmons to to to recruit them right ever it makes a comment about yeah fits fitzsimmons i thought it was one person at one point right you you get that joke is that what you mean season one on the fact that fits didn't wanna be in the field he didn't wanna do fieldwork end that she's going to hold up their morale warrants a show earlier for right right it's episode national that what the will to the to the well episode to save simmons right yeah yeah that would also right but we wrote yeah that and then there's also when they went i think the episode three of something whatever the episode when putin is going the all the individual together good similar package sandwich and all the other stuff yeah you could just tell pitch was not in the field now can you imagine leopold full if it's not in the field this regime has taken and he's like james bond in the middle east right right it's just you're right this is a show that at this point if you haven't been on board with these characters and you you adman pension and we have something that's the one thing that is totally different from young just felt like you jumping young justice will be fine you cam with these cares because they rely so heavily when understanding emotional connection you'll get some things like i don't think it'll be a completely wasteful episode for you but tells you say there'll be kinda boring almost here like what is it any of this matter you won't pick up on things like what the manifestation of of all the horrible things that simmons repressed all are literally wearing literally wearing the closing remarks of the terrible thing she went through you know you wouldn't see that you wouldn't understand why leopold is so like evil like i love everything and what's crazy about that is that shows like that are supposed to hold on you're supposed to once you start going south referential you obviously stopping tracking your viewers the numbers on missive enough 'cause they're doing really well in friday's mhm reviewers but they're definitely not losing well there's nothing new there's nothing new nothing coming out on friday so it's easy to i guarantee you there plus seven number of are even better because like oh for sure right in so like i just i dunno i just i really love the show it's it's funny to me all of the moment when a few minutes when they're in the same unit in in in fitness like listen like you killed leopold's father other that's called revenge game that i don't understand what i did to deserve your you're thing come after me like what did i do like i didn't think it'd be english things over press like oh my god you're so it's just i don't know what else to say man this is this is such a great show such a great show because it gives you the character and also it here's another little subtle thing here the fact of who they who they dreamed up as their friends show up the fact that for for for fits it's it's mac in fact mac home turbo right that brings back the you know the fact that they were they were together when he would mac was the one that help veteran fits was had the brain injury in the fact that in with on on the germans case it's daisy daisy and that's crazy that's crazy one because of how simmons originally reacted well daisy being in human and having powers in her overriding thing well so the so the fact they come back until you've that even the best friends episode they had where they got drunk and they were so good to get like that it is a small subtle things that make these episodes in the show even better 'em in in working out like it just man it's it's really just super though i also thought it was funny because it's just reminding you that well i can't imagine daisy you got the measure in the past and we saw where you look in the flashback weekend have that happen all remember back at soldier not not as not as a director she'll yeah 'cause he doesn't moment that america is all a good show runner he hadn't seen the light also when he showed up in what the the meditation with the lighthouse looks like now he's like oh so i'm assuming this is the new command center we have underlying house in this overdoing it turns into this because i haven't he's never seen e a m i like that i like 'em some good i love a love what they do in in in in even the small subtle thing of everything's going fine and then right when they win a a a a knock saves them and they're going there the telephone wherever they're delivering to a senate those in their own you have a grandson what does have a max like story broke on alert prison if you really look again this show and the way i i i keep going back 'cause we've seen what happens when you can't land the plane right we've seen this like i'm not gonna bring up a certain movie that came out involving a certain set of characters beloved characters that's been going on for almost twenty fucking years that somehow they just they indeed with another flop on their hands but like we've seen it doesn't work and somebody can't get that pay off this show has earned the right to the point where the two characters that were most vulnerable in season one one did you thought they couldn't take care of themselves 'cause he could never be out in the field you gotta protect them like you gotta sign may or or ward at the time somebody to watch over them could they can't handle themselves you have a mac going i'm pretty sure they broke up by now they're fine she'll they know they they they've got they've they've they've gotten to that bar any saying that to another character who in season one also couldn't really take care of herself like she she smells in university offers nationally right so like it's just we've gotten to the point in you just shrug it off like of course they smoke is course may be able to save herself and capture a far like the the way the we've gotten to this point in how we've gotten here i i don't know if it's fully realize and appreciated by most viewers at this point yeah how could it be so pins unless you're really paying attention unless you've been here the whole time you can't it's one of those shows it's gonna be like m one per shot could twitter account call but did it to mcgregor's festive on angels episodes and how save time mhm did you one of those shows were like oh back there which is legit like i was ready for the season that'd be great i mean if you like i am briefly in the off season ended this ronson right who's serving as a first inning but what shit in well if they suck it up here on out i still embraced that in the beginning but i don't see how unless everyone got far they're gonna be just fine yeah absolutely absolutely absolutely um you anything else you wanna say about this episode no i this show bravo surveys river energetic forty minutes yeah therapy session and a therapy session we didn't know we need it but we definitely need so 'em yeah folks so a mailbag coming this week of recording and on thursday so you've got until thursday could dream of thursday morning emails into us police say yes they i know they i every time i say that you guys abusive so mailbag at npr never done that a teacher emails in the mail bag in were also got a golden door lgbt character corner a simple in the oven the feed

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Impeachment, job approval, slut-shaming, and reproductive rights.  Julie Brixie is our guest.

Michigan Policast

30:41 min | 2 years ago

Impeachment, job approval, slut-shaming, and reproductive rights. Julie Brixie is our guest.

"On this vote the as are two hundred and thirty two the nays are one hundred and ninety six. The resolution is adopted without objection. The motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. Wow now what a great outcome. Congratulations wow is right. At historic weaken our nation is the fourth. Ever impeachment of a president is now fully underway. The Michigan podcast. I won't sorge and we'll look at the politics of impeachment in Michigan in what has been a jam packed week of significant news at the state and federal level. I'm Christine Berry. Sex Sex and sexuality and politics are never far from the headlines this week. We've seen Michigan. Democrats take aim at to make abortion illegal. And we'll talk with one of the sponsors of Michigan again women's Reproductive Health Care Proposal Representative Julie Bricks and we also a member of Congress resign as direct result of Internet slut shaming in the process highlighting a big double standard pave. You're in DC. I'm emmy care. Hardens the role of social media and our politics continues to grow with the CEO of twitter saying his company is taking a step back from the Political Gore's and facebook's Mark Zuckerberg facing pressure to follow suit and we've got another lightning round on end bridge in line. Five legalized sports. Betting billionaires whining over charter school funding and a test vote on election reform called ranked choice voting. Let's begin though the House votes setting the rules for the public face of what appears to be an inevitable decision to impeach Donald Trump Christine. There's no issue today. That seems to polarise as more right now. The polling backs that up. Well it certainly does. The pulling is really all over the place and the questions are interesting as well. So for example we have a harvard. cavs Harris poll that was conducted the last week of October. Actually last couple of days of October twenty nine hundred thirty first. Trump's latest job approval hello rating has him at forty six percent approval. Fifty four percent disapproval and that. I think he's still riding the high of those Baghdadi that Baghdadi Addi announcement and some job numbers that turned out to be pretty good for him on the other hand. The Washington Post. ABC News poll of about the same time period and his job approval oval at thirty eight percent and disapproval at fifty eight lists like five percent no opinion. How could you have no opinion on his job approval? Because you hate him and you don't want to say ah that's what it is so depending on the Paul the way that questions were asked now the Washington Post does have some more detail associated with it the Harvard caps poll details details won't come out until later But on the impeachment question which is really interesting is just it comes down to how they asked it. I think so. This is a question that win out October thirteenth to twenty six telephone calls English and Spanish. Over thirty seven hundred voters across six battleground states and fifty two to forty four percent Fifty two percent oppose impeachment and removal. But that same number fifty. Two percent support the impeachment inquiry currently being conducted by the House of Representatives. So it really is the way that you ask the question when it comes down to that but you can see that like like you said I mean. It's a very polarizing issue. I'm not at all concerned about those particular numbers. What concerned me was a very large percentage of people about at the same number Felt that what he did in Ukraine if he supposedly did in Ukraine It's not a crime they figure it's just politics as usual. A couple of things on the polling I on the approval rating A. Hey Sawsan statistics that Barack Obama after Osama bin Laden was shot and killed he get about an eleven point boost in the polls in his approval rating but it only lasted about two weeks is suspected to be the same for trump and the bump. He got was a lot smaller as well. I think mostly because most people don't know who L. Baghdadi is when you say the head of Isis was killed It helps a little bit. But the Nail Baghdadi doesn't ring the same as Osama Osama bin Laden the polling that was done by the New York Times and CNN college in the swing states on impeachment shows that the states are still nearly divided but a little less US likely to support the idea of actually removing trump from office. But again when you go back in history the Richard Nixon numbers would he was facing Watergate. They didn't didn't really peak until just about a week before he resigned. The big difference though is back then everybody had the same set of facts. We didn't have a Fox News. We didn't have a BREITBART. We we didn't have conspiracy websites. We didn't have facebook and twitter. All we had basically was the big three networks and the major national newspaper so people were working from the same set of facts. Now what you read in what you watch determines how you feel about president trump to a large extent and they just the messaging of the Republicans are so It's so tightly integrated so they just want to do over the election. People react negatively to election do oversee even even even for somebody as dislike trump. It's distasteful thing I think to a lot of people so if you're talking about impeachment and removal off that's why you see those disapproval numbers but if you're looking at the impeachment inquiry. Yeah we want to investigate it. We want to find out. The facts and Michigan is fifty forty supporting it's slightly in support of and that kind of reflects a congressional delegation to the seven Democrats Plus Independent. Justin Amash all voted in favor of the rules setting up the next phase of the impeachment which most people are interpreting is a vote on whether or not to have the investigation. So where does that leave us in terms of the politics six of at Michigan. Is this going to be a decisive issue. In those swing districts the two that Democrats sworn in last time with Hayley Stevens and Elissa slacken and then the upcoming election including the Justin Amash district which is because it's a three way race very very tight and then of course you've also got John Hooligans Fred Upton Upton and did vote against the inquiry that could work against Fred Upton. I do think that the inquiry is legit and I think a lot of people who are reasonable people well and are not the actual trump based Ken buy into that one of the biggest differences. I've mentioned between the Nixon impeachment saga. Today is the source of information under under Nixon. There was no internet. America's generally got there consistent set of facts on which to form a judgment today. Each tribe has its own set of facts and purveyor of facts public opinion. Can It'd be predicted based on where you get your news and smack DAB in the middle of all of this is social media something that didn't even exist during the Bill Clinton impeachment aim even looking at the pressures is on. What's really the wild west of information? Wild West is right twitter and downst- their intention to ban all political ads and ads on contentious split issues like immigration abortion and no this is not restricting. Free speech twitter's a privately held company not subject to First Amendment protections additionally additionally individuals will be free to tweet any political content they wish including probably adds that they pick up elsewhere. This is a sharp contrast to the hands off approach upped up to the political ads announced by facebook. The trump campaign put out a statement on the twitter ban claiming that it's a left wing conspiracy to silence them. Of course it's it's always conspiracy theory with trump's in another interesting political at twist. Traditional media are increasingly pulling candidate ads they deem untruthful well this is in defiance of the. FCC rules that say that they have to run them even if they're complete bullshit. The lying has become so blatant and so obnoxious. They just can't take those ad ad dollars any more likely. The only network left to run this garbage will be facts. I am absolutely fascinated by the investments that the trump campaign is making online total facebook and Google spending to date by the trump campaign's as two committees twenty six million dollars. Most of that though being used really early for organizational purposes is not so much for messaging as it is to get lists of potential supporters and to raise money but still that dwarfs anything that any Democrat has done with the exception of Tom. Steyer who basically is used as personal fortune to get attention and get into the debates looking at the numbers just from the week of October twentieth. The most recent that I've got available stare spent nine hundred thousand dollars on facebook and Google and then number two is people to judge which is is I think very interesting indication of how he is moving up in the polls followed by Trump Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Tulsi Gabbard and then down at at the bottom. You can see why better O'Rourke was gone. He only spent six thousand dollars on social media just before he pulled out of the campaign. And you see also at the bottom of those people like Marianne Williamson and Steve Bullock people. People who really don't have a whole lot of money but it's it really is A. It's a different state now right now when it comes to political advertising it's online is the name of the game and there's no rules calls. I think it's just begging for regulation. At this point. I think Mark Zuckerberg actually wants to merge. Because he doesn't WanNa make these decisions. There are a lot of pressures pressure's on him to basically do the same thing that twitter did and that would have a huge impact on the campaign if you took down the advertising but they would still have the unfettered spreading of bullshit by individuals. Whether it's the Russians or by a your your crazy uncle who you argue with Thanksgiving they could still put anything they want on there and Fischbach has got a real problem when it comes to monitoring that sort of thing I think soccer burqas going to cave on this issue and Impulse some of these ads. He might do do that but You know the Internet is where people get radicalized. And that's never done through any kind of particular advertising that's done through these private facebook facebook groups and reaching out to people in direct messaging. And say hey I saw you posted this. Maybe it'd be interested in this and it's really disturbing the way that you can and build up a group of really nasty people and it really. It's like minded people really but what disturbs you. The fact that these people who are just a bit troubled just a a bit over the edge can go and turn into these extremists because of what is available to them in this unfiltered setting. You know you don't have to have the political advertising retiring. What is the disparity between their organizing efforts in our organizing efforts because we were already organized on the Internet is really what I'm getting at because we've been organizing on the Internet a little bit longer than they have? We're better at it or at least we were so. I'm just wondering if they're catching up. Amaze lopsided certainly spending a lot more money on it right. Now you're right about it being a great organizing tool for progressive movements and has been used for awhile proposal to basically happened because a facebook facebook was our organizing tool totally. It was our communications tool for many many many months. In fact all of our meetings were conducted using social media. Was facebook. Google drive was our office space. Basically Glee and Free Conference Call Dot Com was our meeting room and that's how the campaign went on for months and months and that's a huge thing but let's talk about another aspect of all this representative Katie Hill of California. She was slut shamed on social media for an admitted affair with a campaign staffer which is legal. Although questionable ended ended alleged but denied a fair with congressional staffer which is illegal. She took full responsibility for her actions with the campaign staffer in her farewell speech on the House House floor but you also made no bones about her anger in that farewell speech today. I ask you all to stand with me and commit to creating a future where this no longer happens bins to women and girls yes. I'm stepping down but I refuse to let this experience scare off other women who dared to take risks who dare to step into into this light. Who Dare to be powerful? It might feel like they won in the short term. They can't in the long term we cannot let them. I'm leaving but we have men who have been credibly accused of intentional acts of sexual violence and remain in boardrooms on the Supreme Court in this very body and worst of all in the Oval Office as the token guy in our little. Try It. I'm disgusted by a pair of double standards in Washington when it comes to sexual misdeeds steeds I of course. There's the gender double standard women or sluts men are players secondly the two parties have different standards. Katie Hill Al Franken can John. Conyers are just a few of the people who were forced to leave office because of allegations of sexual improprieties and I note that none of them was charged with sexual assault on the Republican inside. You've got people like senator. David vetter re elected to the Senate. Despite admitting to frequenting prostitutes in Washington got former governor and congressman mark. Sanford he of the two continents adultery. In which you use government resources to hide his dalliances and he's running for president. Then of course you've got president trumps favorite rock and roll singer. Ted had nugent. He wrote and recorded a song called Jail Bait to celebrate his pre R Kelly Romances with children. And he's also a good buddy with convicted rapists Mike Tyson both of them are welcome guests in the Oval Office. And of course there's Donald John Trump himself a self-confessed sexual Predator the whole. It kind of makes me sick. I agree I think the stepping down. It's win when you saw Al Franken and John Conyers resign for me. That was. That was really really disappointing. They were both such effective. Legislators Katie Hill. I I honestly wasn't even aware of but I think your main point about the slut shaming is spot on when it comes to women having this issue. They're just they're just trashed and it doesn't harm them in the way that it harms the women. I think there's a difference in our respective basis. Progressive supporters. Don't tend to stick with the people who have screwed up the way that the more conservative people do. They just don't don't seem to have that same set of standards. Where you know John Conyers? So it's very powerful man. When he stepped down you know? People were kind of willing to sail but he did that and that I I can't support him anymore. That's weird to me I worked for two very providence. St Political leaders who had extramarital affairs both of which strangely enough ended up up in them getting married to the person with whom they were having the affair on a personal level as affairs. Were very hurtful for people but to me. It didn't impact their job performance. One Iota I don't like public officials being forced from office because uncorroborated allegations but most of all. I hate the double standard that excuses. Donald Trump it excuses David letterman and the rest of the scum of the vilifies Katie Hill just before the broadcast. Today I looked up Revenge porn to find out which states have laws against it in forty six states have laws against it in and that's how Katie Hill was outed and including Michigan. We have a law against it. So hopefully they'll be enforcing these laws. Oku Okay we also took a look at a campaign in Kansas City for mayor which I thought was absolutely amazing it was basically slut shaming of a candidate candidate who's attacked online with stuff. That was just total bogus. WHO's totally bogus? A black and white video showing scenes. A women's clothes strewn on the ground a half open Ascari tube an eyelash curler stage. Look as if they'd fallen out of a jacket pocket. Young Women silhouetted against the grey background relate allegations of sexual harassment by state. Lawmakers makers is large white block letters spelled out the most lurid details. Hey the first woman says dear panties match your outfit. She said she was told at the end of the fifty second can clip. The women's voices become one as they say stop Brandon whipple. The sexual harassment charges didn't involve him. He suing yeah. He's doing an alleging. The AD had slandered him and local reports found that the man behind the video shares office space with two prominent Kansas Republican's. But it's out there and it's like everything else you you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. Yes that's true. In m people tend to believe the worst in people and of course facebook allowed it at the state capital lawmakers are demonstrating they can do more than one thing at a time while the budget talks remained stalled in Lansing as Republicans demand. The Governor Capitulate Democrats are moving proactively in response to state and federal efforts to end legal abortions members of the House Democratic Caucus. We're joined by Governor Whitmer for the introduction of the Michigan Reproductive Health Act R. R. H. A.. which would guarantee individuals those are free to make independent decisions about their own reproductive health the Omnibus Rha bill would protect individual decision making in the area of reproductive of health based on what is best for their own unique situation? The RHA recognizes that when it comes to making decisions about reproductive healthcare the decisions should be based on medical facts that political ideology the legislation. Also repeals outdated and unconstitutional prohibitions on reproductive health. Care to bring it more in line with the treatment of other forms of medical care. Seven House Democrats are sponsoring the bills including representative Julie Perks Accordion Township which is located just outside of Lansing and she joins us on the PODCAST representative bricks they. Why is it necessary in your mind? Introduce this package on. Women's health occur in Michigan is it is it preventative or U. N. -ticipant problems or. Is it in response to. What's already the situation? I think it's a combination of factors walt. The reproductive healthcare act ensures access to safe legal abortion and Michigan and a guarantee is that people are free to make their own medical decisions with out Out Certain Politicians interfering while repealing dozens of Michigan's outdated abortion. Sean laws. It seems the philosophy behind the packages can be kind of summed up when I go see my urologist if I have an issue about reproductive health I don't have to worry about anything other than dealing with urologists. There's no obstacles the states put it in my way women are treated differently. That's correct and you know we have a right right to health care. And abortion is the only piece of health care that has been restricted and had had certain laws placed on it. I certain politicians. It's a medical procedure and it should be regulated as every other medical procedure. And that's exactly what. Ah The RHA does one thing I think. Most people don't realize that in Michigan. There is a law outlawing abortion. It's just not enforced because of Roe V. Would it's actually outlying miscarriage. That's one of the problems with the old law. That's on the books that outlaws it is that it isn't even clear are what exactly it's it's outlying. Compared to Modern Day terminologies medical terminologies that are used though the reproductive chip healthcare act takes care of those old bills and old language old laws and languages and brings us forward into modern times now now for the short term at least any legislation that went through that was adverse to women's health care and healthier rights would be vetoed by the governor. The veto would be upheld. But you have a to petition drives in the field right now by anti choice groups that bypassed the governor completely and there's a good possibility that it's going to be some very significant new restrictions drew from post on rather than going on the other direction. How do you respond to it? Politically one of the main things that we really need to do is to help educate Michigan residents who are being asked to sign ballot initiatives. Help them understand that the people circulating those petitions don't always always have the best of intentions to put this on the ballot to let the people of Michigan vote for the initiative. Set their circulating petitions for most folks are not aware that the legislature can adopt directly with simple-majority ballot initiatives avs and then a man them later or change them all of which not being subject to veto by the governor. So the RHA. This is gives us an opportunity to educate the public about this because right to life is participating in a coordinated National Attack Jack of women's right to save legal abortion. And that is happening right here in Michigan as well as other states throughout the nation. Let's let's talk the raw politics of this in terms of the efforts that you are helping lead in Michigan to flip the Michigan House of Representatives. You only need a handful of votes to take control of the House and in the last election it was the gender gap which was just huge just tyranny county. Where were you and I live? We went from three men in the legislature to three women and that seems to be. The trend across the state especially within the Democratic Party is going to be a cutting edge issue for the twenty twenty election for the House of Representatives. Absolutely and I think that we we we saw although it may not have been articulated through campaign literature churn and talking points of people running for election in two thousand eighteen. I think we saw by the large numbers of women that came out to vote and the the large numbers of women that were elected to office in two thousand eighteen. That women have been empowered and women feel engaged particularly here in Michigan in terms of recognizing that their right to safe legal. Abortion is in danger danger in great peril and It is you know happening along party lines. And it's absolutely an issue that people care rebound and it isn't just women that that care about it whether and when to have a child has significant financial implications and families and families have the right to plan their own future and make their own decisions regarding pregnancy and having having children and this is part of that one of the issues. I know that it'll be razed and by the other side will be third term abortions. Which of course are very very rare but it's also a very emotional issue? I thought that Mayor Pete really had a very good response on this that the only time. A woman seeks a third term abortion under most dire circumstances if she's gone that long with the pregnancy she wanted that baby but something went terribly terribly wrong. Well I think I'll go back to the point in fat. Abortion is the only medical procedure that is regulated differently than other medical procedures. And we need to go. Oh back to abortion being regulated like every other medical procedure and subject to the same types of regulations has heart surgery or hip replacement and Allow important decisions to be made between patients and their doctors in consultation with their with family members. There's or France every single pregnancy is different and every person's circumstances are different and it's not for me as a politician to interfere with a decision in important medical decision that someone is making about themselves salves in consultation with the doctor. That's something between a patient and their actor that should be handled. I really enjoyed it. The news conference your colleague Representative under Christie Pagan at the beginning announcing she sort of had a conflict of interest on the issue of women's reproductive health right now because she's pregnant with twins. Yes yes that is. That was eye-catching site I think and it's interesting that many legislators have given birth while members of the legislature But I did to do some checking. And yes Governor Whitman. She had two of them over daughters aboard. Yup and and Senator Chang also representative Berkeley appreciated very much. Sure this is going to be an issue. We'll be talking about a lot over the next well probably more than the next year. Thanks for every meanwhile appreciate it our pleasure thank you. There will be a ballot proposal. No doubt led by planned parenthood. And you can guarantee it will be very emotion charged campaign under such an means spared it. I think okay. It's time for the lightning ground issue number. One bad news for lovers Bruce of clean water on two fronts aby yes. The courts ruled that the construction of the line. Five tunnel is constitutional in a major blow to attorney you channel Nestles campaign to halt it She's naturally appealing. They act so we'll super that goes and then in another issue polluter panels. That's what they're called slang. Lee is actually the Environmental Rules Review Committee. That was set up by Governor Snyder. And they face a lot of criticism from environmentalists. I'm dragging their feet on approving the governor's new standards on P. Pfaff's which some micro-plastics in our waters no the panel is visually composed of industry. Three representatives yep go figure issue number two should sports betty be more than your office pool for the Super Bowl or that. NC double a basketball bracket Christine. I mean and this is interesting there. Two bills that just passed in the house. One is to legalize sports. Betting the other is to legalize Internet gaming. And and the pros to these bills is that they're expected to raise revenue based on the various taxes. That would be assessed on these things. Snyder vetoed similar bills because he thought off the Internet gaming was pulled from the state's lottery and so it would decrease state tax revenue. Governor Whitmer has similar concerns about that and of course we fund public education through a state state lottery and in fact. The House Fiscal Agency agrees that the Internet gaming bills would likely result in a net reduction of revenues for state and local governments. Now if you look at the sports betting bill the House Fiscal Agency says well it would probably increase revenues. They're all out of assumptions in those was fiscal analysis based on the maturity of the market. And how hundred things go so. It's a really interesting thing that they're working on right now. The bills are heading to the Senate Governor Whitman. Herself far is leaning towards a veto. But she's willing to discuss and negotiate on them and one of the issues that they really haven't discuss yet but has been a concern for a long time is what is sports. Betting legalized sports betting. Do for the prospects of corruption within sports both professional and college in Sports. The big money in a you back a century to the black sox scandal in the world series were basically. The White Sox were paid to throw the world series. If there's more and more money involved because of legalized gambling is the door opening for more of that type of corruption at both the collegiate and professional level. You know that's one thing that this Debate also also underscores the fact that we just fund our state incorrectly. If you can't have Internet gaming because you're concerned that it would take funding away from public schools. That to me seems like a huge problem and that should just underscore the fact that we have structural problems. We need to fix here and we go to issue number three the Devos Family folks who love those Prophet Making Charter schools and are a little unhappy with our governor right now amy. What's the latest from the land of Amway Tick Dick Devos husbands the? US Secretary of Education. Betsy Devos is whining about governor. Whitman's line item veto of thirty. Five million dollars slated to go to Michigan's begins charter schools. Now as we've discussed before on the pod a many of these schools have a for profit layer an them at some public schools. Traditional public public schools. Do not in fact Michigan has more profit charters than any other state in in a side note. The Devos family spent one point. Four five million dollars alleys back in two thousand sixteen lagging against increased charter oversights so Yeah they're just crap maybe they'll have to sell one of their yachts. What's if they no longer make money off of charter schools? That would be a tragedy. Let's wrap up with issue number for personal note for me. The passing of former congressman. J Bob Up Traxler Traxler. Who represented the Saginaw Valley in both the state legislature at Congress died this last week at the age of eighty eight? I got to know Bob Traxler during his lansing days. I as a young reporter who transitions. Being the speaker's press secretary at the same time tracks there was one of our most respected senior members in the caucus here in the nickname Bingo Bob. For his successful efforts to legalize charitable Bingo in Michigan something that became a fundraising cash cow for many charities as well as the Democratic Party. Eighty it also set the stage for the Michigan Lottery when he ran for Congress in a special election the campaign made national headlines. He was running in a heavily. Republican district district against James Sperling was perfectly decent guy but it was right in the middle of the Watergate investigation. Traxler campaigned against Richard Nixon. Instead of spiralling carling Nixon obliged him by flying into Tri Cities Airport for a campaign rally which happen to attend as a reporter. It was probably the difference in flipping what had been a Republican district. Bob Traxler went onto serve nearly twenty years in Congress on a personal level. Bob Traxler is one of those people who in the words of Bay

Michigan facebook Donald John Trump twitter Representative Katie Hill president Richard Nixon RHA Lansing Mark Zuckerberg Congress Governor Whitman Justin Amash House of Representatives Governor Whitmer Donald Trump Christine Sports US
Talk Louisiana Radio Host and Journalist Jim Engster

Discover Lafayette

52:39 min | 2 years ago

Talk Louisiana Radio Host and Journalist Jim Engster

"This is John Swift and you're listening to discover Lafayette a podcast dedicated hated to the people and rich culture of Lafayette the gateway to South Louisiana how we record in the offices of Raider solutions a technology company that it offers complete fleet of it solutions for businesses of all sizes raiders motto. Is You just wanted to work. We understand if you're wondering if writer Peter can help your business. Please visit Raider Solutions Dot Com. I'd like to thank Iberia Bank for its support founded in eighteen eighty. Seven Iberia Bank is the largest bank based in Louisiana headquartered in Lafayette with three hundred twenty nine combined locations throughout the south they offer the resources of a National Bank Inc with the personal touch of a community bank visit Iberia Bank Dot Com for more information and lastly. I want to express my gratitude for Lafayette General Health as a Katy. Anna's largest nonprofit community owned regional health system. Lafayette General Health is committed to restoring maintaining and improving health in the communities. It serves for more information visit Lafayette General Dot Com. Jim inkster is our guest today host of Talk Louisiana daily call in radio show that originates in Baton Rouge on public radio W. Arkaev he also host asked the governor with Governor John Bel Edwards that airs on the third Wednesday of each month in a career spanning more than three decades. Jim has interviewed nine Louisiana Governors and has reported on every gubernatorial election. Shen since one thousand nine hundred seventy five Jim serves as president of the Louisiana Radio Network and also Tiger rag magazine known as the Bible of Lsu sports in two thousand eighteen. Jim was named Louisiana Sports Writers Association columnist of the Year for his contributions to Tiger rag magazine he was also also inducted in two thousand eighteen to the Lsu Hall of Distinction in recognition of his outstanding career and loyalty to Lsu he was inducted into the Lsu manship school cool hall of fame in Two Thousand Twelve Jim. You're quite an accomplished guy. Welcome to discover Lafayette Turnaround Long enough but the beautiful place and it's great to be on the air with you. Thank you for drive into Lafayette to Raider Solutions. It's been a week of the Chaff Eliah. Basin enclosed Tom Grateful. You're able to try it again and make it well. We live in a wonderful place in Louisiana but the traffic improvement no matter where you are especially in South Louisiana our helicopter companies may be Uber. But helicopter would be my next battleplan. I'm glad to be here and there are no problems to this so all is right with the World Yeah Jan Swift. Well talk about something usually. I'm the one asking the question so I'm a bit intimidated by this. Let me start first with thanking can you. I met you when I approached you. just emailed you and said. I'm getting this podcast going. I WANNA share a positive message about all the good things in Louisiana in Lafayette South Louisiana. I just wanted to be a forum where we can really share the goodness and not just have have a negative or you know one side or the other connotation is something and I reached out to you and you were very kind to give me some advice and I've learned that it's not an easy road dude. Starting a radio. Show are staying on the radio for all the years as you have yeah. There's some twists and turns. Success certainly doesn't move in a straight line and no matter what you do that. You're going to have some people who don't like you. GotTa live with that too and I think the more people who listen to what you're saying. The more likely you're GONNA have people who disagree with you and fortunately in most cases I think when we do a show we have more people who are happy than sad and and that's why you have such an interesting variety of gas. I want you to get into that moment but if you could go back and talk about your early career they are and what got you into broadcasting. I started in radio at Tiger Stadium at Lsu. When I was a student they campus station was located there air. It was then K. Lsu. Actually it was wls you it's Kale issue now and it was W P R G when I left there so we've had a few iterations but that's that's where it started and it ultimately led to a career mostly in radio. I've done other media I do recall interviewing for a job here in Lafayette in nineteen eighty at KABC as a sports caster and I was a junior at Lsu and if I had gotten a job I might very well. L. Have Never graduated from college and I might very well still be here in Lafayette which might not be the worst scenario but I didn't get the job and went back and I've been on radio continuously now for actually the first broadcast was in September of one thousand nine hundred seventy nine so I'm coming up on forty years and just a few days what's that was at w Lsu okay in the stadium live from Tiger State that yeah so have you always been inclined. covers sports. That's where it started and that was passion of mine. When I was young I used to listen to these play by play broadcasts. Primarily the the Saint Louis Cardinals Baseball. They play one hundred sixty two games a year. My father died when I was eight and my mother worked and she told me any probably correctly that the voice I heard most as a child through those years was that of Jack Buck who is the voice of the cardinals so I'm sure a lot of my style has been been influenced by him and he was a big star in Saint Louis but he not only was the play by play person for the cardinals. He hosted a nightly talk show in the off season so he was a busy man and I heard him frequently. The irony was that I wasn't even a cardinal's fan. I would be rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies. We're in the same division but I enjoyed him. I am he had a good presence and he was an exceptional broadcaster so he really kind of set the tone for you. As to how you'd like to present your I think he probably had the biggest influence but I also also grew up watching television and seeing Howard cosell telling it like it is and interviewing Muhammad Ali and he was a guy who looked beyond on the games to other matters of life that affected sports analogy was one of those figures who transcended the sport he was and he was more of a cultural figure. You're then he was a boxer and he may have been the greatest boxer of all time and I remember Howard cosell used to talk about dugout vision where people only look at the scores and don't want to report afford anything that doesn't vary from WHO's on first and there is a lot more into sports than that than just the game in the scoreboard board and and it's those people stories that really fascinated me then and now and no matter whether I'm interviewing somebody from sports or the arts or business or politics aches. I try to find out more about them than just what their party affiliation is or who they're playing for or what's their next project. I like like to know something about them. And I think that is really what makes life interesting me too as you were talking about that thought to me the story behind the person send like who they are and what really motivates them is. What makes everybody's so interesting. You know we all have a story. Everybody has a story and most most of the time it's interesting yeah thinking back about Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali he was he was one of a kind of course he was denied denied the right to participate in boxing for three and a half years and he came back end. I recall on March eight nineteen seventy-one he fought Joe Frazier and and it's the only time in history we ever had or ever will have to undefeated heavyweights because alley had been in exile and frazier was the champion and they fought at Madison Square Garden and Frazier Razer won in fifteen rounds knocked alley down in the fifteenth round but Allie got up and Frazier won the decision and they would fight two more times alley one those us and he ultimately won the title in One thousand nine hundred seventy four again against George Foreman and his last victory in the ring was in New Orleans my sophomore a year at LSU September Fifteenth Nineteen Seventy Against Leon spinks won the title for a third time so Allie has a Louisiana connection and that's something about Louisiana. We live in a great state for sports and news and music and culture We have one point four percent of the national population. We've generate far more than one point four percent of the national news and whatever realm you WanNa talk about a lot of it's bad but some of it's not some of it is really are we good and and the people here are fascinating. It seems in every walk of life from Jim. You know I've read. I hear it now that you're speaking. You have a photographic graphic memory you really recall dates events own dates but you've got more diverse your the host yeah but I mean you remember incredible things so I've heard that on the radio too but it's probably probably floors people when you know more about them than they know about yeah I I really don't but but every now and then a little factoid maybe a little levity and and I do remember something I forget for more than I remember and I find myself now. I can talk about one thousand nine hundred seventy eight a lot more clearly than I can point eight thousand eighteen lunch. That says something about my dotage so let I'm curious. I know you don't want to talk about a favorite guest or gasping spit. You've been on the radio for quite a while and I'm curious. You know first of all. You've covered the gubernatorial elections since nineteen seventy five Evan. What are some trends. Maybe let's start with politics. W- can you talk about the the change in the transit you've seen as you've evolved evolved in your career and politics evolved in Louisiana because it was a democratic state and it's it's evolved all over the country to in one thousand nine hundred seventy six fix when I was still in high school. Jimmy Carter won the election over Gerald Ford a very close election he carried all eleven states that are in the South Eastern Conference Prince Ali Eleven hundred fifty electoral votes now and about that many then and in two thousand Sixteen Donald Trump carried all eleven those states and so it went from one party to the other in one thousand nine hundred seventy six Gerald Ford one California and and he was he was the Republican. Um and Carter won the south now. The South is Republican and California is the most democratic state in the country and Louisiana has has evolved from a blue to a red state but we were one of the last maybe the last southern state to do that and it's probably because of the the Catholic influence for years the Catholic vote and it still is a pretty good harbinger of how the nation at large will vote there. It's an an equal number of Democrats Republicans but more conservative more conservative here and and because of that it we become a conservative state and it's probably those issues like abortion that have caused people in Louisiana who were once democratic to become Republican Republican. It's a it's a cultural thing and some deeply held beliefs in our governor who is the only Democrats standing he's made been able to to traverse verse that Minefield because he's a Democrat and on on spending issues. He's a typical Liberal Democrat but on social issues it could be a Republican and I don't think it's something he's doing just to do to stay politically viable. I really believe that he believes he is right on both sides hides but he but he is he's. He's a moderate on a few things but largely he's a conservative on social matters and he's a liberal on fiscal matters and it's enabled him to win one term and now in a few weeks he'll be up for a second term and I think he's been blessed to by his opponents. He drew a wounded Republican in two thousand fifteen and David bitter and this time he has to Republicans running who were viable challengers but neither one is what I would call a major league opponent at this point. They may develop but I would say it's more of a triple A. Lineup against the governor in twenty nineteen then if he had had ed Steve Scalise or John Kennedy's some better known and better financed Republican who would have been running against him scully's or Kennedy would have been extremely extremely dangerous upon it's for for Governor Edwards. What an interesting year because they could have gotten in the race but they seem happy where the police is a power in Washington Washington right and of course has gone through a near death experience and he was essentially even governor he would be starting over in Louisiana as a Hannah and and being governor of Louisiana is a heavy lifting job. It's hard to mail it in when you're governor so I can fully understand why he did not run and Kennedy Pretty He's having so much fun in Washington. He loves attention the most dangerous place in America's probably to get between John Kennedy and a television camera and he's got lots of television cameras and they just love everything he said. I heard him say the other day that in Alabama they were trying to dissuade teenagers from drinking and his line was I didn't know they raised the drinking age to thirty two and Alabama talking about high school kids yeah so he he has a quip whip for everything. It seems he may very well. Be running for president. You'll run for re election to the Senate in two thousand twenty two and the presidential elections in twenty twenty twenty four he'll be seventy three years old then but donald trump's stairs seventy-three now and he's younger than Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders and and for all of Donald Trump's problems. Most people don't comment that he is our oldest president or he will be Ronald. Reagan was sixty nine on when he was elected the first time seventy three the second time so if trump were to serve two terms he would end up being the oldest president in the history of the country. Now you've had you have pollsters on your show quite often I mean what are they saying that this show will air jim probably right before the early voting but what earlier you had pollsters on and you have Mark Ballard on. What are they saying about our upcoming election. I think most people believe that John Bel Edwards boards is situated about as well as he could be but it being red state makes him vulnerable presumably if he were to make a run off and and right now the latest polls show him had fifty two percent if the election were held today and in his opponents are not that well known now as people get to know uh-huh them better they may likes it more and be more inclined to vote for them or they may not like them and Ralph Abraham and Eddie responded. You're both going for what I would view. View is the hard right side of the political spectrum. They're not moving to the middle and that has some danger for them. Because the electorate is largely in the middle and some things are saying in order to secure that base might not sit well with somebody who's not in that base and Ralph Abraham has a spot. Here's a man who's a doctor of veterinarian pilot Congressman Man of substance and he spot says I assure ear that there are only two genders well. I didn't need a congressman to say that and he's qualified qualified is qualified that in and of course Eddie responds multimillionaire businessman Eddy responding his mantras that I've gotta trump bumper sticker here on my truck and tracking Nada Mercedes swallow well and so he believes that enough people will be happy. PT Here that that they will vote for him in lieu of Ralph Abraham John Bel Edwards or not vote at all but I think there is a question of how many people are jumping out of the seats. It's in their living room and they see that spot saying he's my guy at a trump bumper sticker on his truck. It's time to make a choice in row are ready respond. He's my guy but you know I'm sitting here laughing at us all three mount or amount of substance. I mean you know what I'm saying. It's John Bel Edwards is the experienced politician the other the Republican candidates are fine man but what does it say about us. When this is the kind of message that were being given. I guess you can't capture the substance in a thirty second or even a minute consultants they they go for the low hanging fruit the lowest common denominator and and and Edwards there's a West Point guy and really smart fellow but he won the election in two thousand fifteen largely on the fact that David vetter had consorted with prostitutes patriots or prostitutes reasons. We take a far more than one point four percent of the news. Yes maybe so but you know Donald Trump. He's got enough allegations and he makes David veteran look like a choirboy stick. The people stay with him no matter what and of course he he paid several hundred thousand dollars in hush money to a pornographic film star and and she was born in Baton Rouge. He's he storm annuals on on Saint Patrick's Day of nineteen seventy now yeah no. I I happen then. I don't want to be a name dropper because I don't know this gentleman but I happened to be in the same restaurant with him. In September of last year it was Warren Beatty in Calif- Los Angeles and I introduced myself and where you're from. I'm from Baton Rouge. He goes stormy Daniels. She put our city on the map. Maybe they should name a street in Harare. What do you think the most famous baton rouge stormy Daniels Talent that'd be. I it's GonNa be on the main drive I have. I have some friends who say that you know there's usually street in a big city named after Martin Luther King but very very rarely as you know lush upscale part a town. It's it's usually pretty rough but crime ridden place yes and that's unfortunate because he was a great man. I was ten years old when he died but he and I share the same birthday January fifteenth along with Ernest Gaines that's and drew brees and and Martin Luther King. I'll take credit for them but Martin Luther King according to Mike Wallace Alice was the greatest American of the twentieth century and I think a case can be made right right well. Let's shift from maybe politics and I'd like to I hear some of your experiences on the radio. You cover everything you have authors on. You have well known people that are coming through you. you just have a really good variety of guests. Are there some things that you remember back over your career that either you remember with pride or maybe we're a memorable that you'd like to share well. I talked about civility and public. Radio is a place where generally people have civil conversations. The biggest Talk Star in public radio is Teri Gross. He's had people walk out on her bill. O'reilly Bill O'Reilly did gene in Simmons and she got into it and and occasionally I get into it with a guest this fellow Sebastian Gorka walked out on me not long ago in in an interview and years ago and coulter did she took her ball and went home. She was not happy with the way the interview was going and in those that's live live and and it's not something I strive to do but but you know that's what people talk about the they love it when there's friction as long August people aren't pummeling each other in the studio we haven't had that but other times. We've had some very good conversations in which I've learned a lot and it's always good to learn earns something different about a person that maybe it didn't I interview Jerry Brown the Governor of California four times sixteen years as governor they are the youngest and oldest governor in the history of California. This was when he was mayor of Oakland and his aide who had been with them. A long time. I remember her name was terry she said and so. Do you know he'll he'll ground rules. He'll answer any question you ask him but she said you know. You really think you're a lightweight. If the first questions about Linda into Ronstadt who dated so with the show I was doing then was called. Louisiana live and it's good afternoon. Welcome to Louisiana alive and our special guest is former California Governor Jerry Brown the Mayor of Oakland Governor good afternoon he goes Jim. It's always great to talk to someone from Louisiana. CNN and I said and why is that he goes reminds me of Linda ronstadt cigarette connection. I love that Song Blue by you. It was in the studio and she recorded it but he he's a fascinating guy. He was a freshman in college at the University of Santa Clara and his roommate was Max Baer Junior. JETHRO death row jethro apparently Jerry Brown has it's a pivoting decides sides. He wants to be a Catholic priest so he goes into a Jesuit seminary and he's not allowed to read newspapers or listen to the radio or watch television and his father. Pat Brown in nineteen fifty eight is elected governor of California and he doesn't even know he doesn't even know that his dad on the governors election so he said this got a little too weird for me and then he left the seminary and I asked him where he went he said I went to Berkeley so he went from one extreme to the other in the hippy and he was elected governor of California one thousand nine hundred seventy four thirty six and I've often wondered why we have We have an age limit on the front side. You gotTA BE THIRTY FIVE TO BE President but nothing on the backside we might elected ninety four year old. Edwin Edwards is ninety two. Maybe a run for the presidency is in the offing for former governor and of all the people I've interviewed Jan.. He's probably the one who is the quickest quickest with a quip. He is still at the age of ninety two he can he can. He's got that wit. He could have been a stand up comic and yeah no matter what you ask him. He's he's on the ready numbers people. I mean he's got a great calm but I interviewed him right after he got out of prison and any pretty much said he was an atheist and and I said you didn't pray those eight and a half years. He goes now Hey I said well. Where are you going when you die he goes. I'm right in the ground. That's where I'm going going anywhere else and I said I said you never prayed and he goes yeah. Yeah prayed. He says I prayed this morning morning that this would be a very good interview. Obviously my prayers are not answered but it's not like on the interview though besides joking he's underneath that underneath that facade he's he's a genuine person and he of course was a controversial political figure but a towering one long was only on the national and state seen for seven years and then he was killed at forty two. Edwin Edwards for sixteen to twenty four years was governor of Louisiana and what he did has remnants to contemporary politics and of course he ran for Congress in twenty fourteen against jared graves when Edwards was eighty seven and it was a foolish thing to do because that district has been gerrymandered its represents baton atten rouge but for some reason Cedric Richmond the congressman in New Orleans he's also the congressman for North Baton Rouge where Southern University and in most of the black folks folks are and and it's all designed to protect whoever the sixth district Republican has and that scared graves because if those voters were in his district he would be out of a job job unless he switched parties so that's that's a classic case of Gerrymandering and Edwin Edwards got right in the middle of that but even with all of his problems. He got thirty eight percent of he the he didn't win. Run A close race but Garrett raves has the distinction of having knocked off the king and he's a guy to watch. He's he's. He's a very articulate guy. Handsome fellow likable does not have a college degree but hey most people in Louisiana adults he did go to the University of Alabama to that might end up being a problem in Tuscaloosa Alabama would they elected elected Congressmen who had dropped out of Lsu. I think not but in Baton Rouge we've elected Congressmen and dropped out of the University of Alabama but Dr that I'm being somewhat facetious. It's true what I'm saying but I think Garrett grades may very well be the next governor. There are rumblings. There are rumblings. That's Edwards wins reelection. There are rumblings though that drew brees is looking at running for that is rather exciting. I mean everybody probably one hundred percent of the people know who durfee base Andrew Breeze would win and drew brees my very well ended up being president of the United States. We have this culture of of rewarding people people who are well known and personalities and celebrities and and he can throw a football. We know that he's thrown for more yards than anybody else and he might he might very very well. go the distance if he enters the political realm in four years from now. You'll be forty four the timing's just about perfect. I'd heard that he's invested over here. In laugh in the area young's Phil. He's that would be interesting. We'll have to watch that. I guess it depends though on Republican takes that I interviewed view the The trial lawyer Gordon Macrae few weeks ago and he's you know the G. Guarantees Begin to g and Eric had that I had the they got the G. and I said what what you know if you ever thought about running for Governor Governor Gordon and he said Yeah Yeah so he may be Gordon Gordon mckern and we'll be he spends ten million invest ten million a year and advertise thinking it might be cheaper to run for governor and if you lose still yeah you still win so our next election might be a runoff between drew brees and Gordon so Jim. I'm curious about some other things that you do. I WanNa talk about Tiger Rag. I mean I love Tiger Rag for years you you through the Louisiana Radio Network. You you purchased Tigon Louisiana Radio Network owned Tiger Rag when when I acquired it and so that came with the acquisition but I had written a Tiger Tiger rag column and still do but since nineteen eighty five so I already was affiliated with the magazine Kazini and Steve Myers was the founder in nineteen seventy eight he founded tiger rag and it brands itself as the Bible of Lsu sports that was Steve's idea and we were the answer to it. jeopardy question a few years ago really being the bottom of what she's sporting orbiting. Yes that yeah yeah so but tiger rag is a publication. That's now a glossy twelve times. A year. We do have tabloids go to subscribers but the glossies that are largely distributed in Baton Rouge really are nice looking magazines casinos and and I think there's a place for LSU sports in Baton Rouge. you know we have a lot of tiger fans over here yeah yeah yeah and and I know some people don't like Lsu very much but that's that's not too yeah yeah and and You you know I wish you. L. and Lsu played every year you know. LSU's playing some lesser lights this year as they do every year and you L. would be far for more competitive game in some cases in some of these non conference foes they take on and I think it would be a great matchup between Gene Lafayette the hub city in the capital city. I also am a bit mystified. LSU's now played every State University football over the last ask decade or so except southern grambling ten years I- southern's ride in backyard miles apart and they they played southerners played games at Georgia and other places but they can't get a date with Lsu and there's memorial stadium right smack between the two universities seats twenty one thousand. I think they should play a game at a neutral site at Memorial stadium. LSU and southern charge thousand dollars a ticket and believe me there are twenty one thousand people who would pay a thousand so then the gate would he be even larger than the hundred thousand. Lsu and see what happens How would be something that would be wrote. That column didn't get a lot of traction. Nobody really probably what was surgery. Ah just right like just musings by Jim. Sometimes sometimes I write about the game sometimes but I but I like to write about things go beyond the the games that only I would think of and and I you know the information is certainly not proprietary but that the material about the SEC and the eleven states they went for Carter. They went for trump. You know most people probably don't get down in the weeds. It's like that but but I do and and and there is a cultural reason for that Donald Trump also won the twenty two most obese states in America America in Two Thousand Sixteen one through twenty two and in the old days they would advise political candidates to lose weight because they wanted him. Look good on television as you know on television vision usually look. I'm bigger than you are for now. I think they're telling that guy to chow down and be a man of the carried. The twenty two fattest states and Louisiana is one of those and because of this we have the most obese president since William Howard Taft. Well let me ask a question though those twenty a two states twenty one to twenty two. What are their educational attainment levels are they. Do they correlate to the weight. The states are largely in the south and asking you something well. I'm trying to pull them up one through twenty two I didn't I didn't just make this because well in the south in in the south we educate we have of course we have problems in the south with education in and and that might very well be a part of it. I remember the the twenty third state the one he didn't get was Ga aware but here here is the most obese stayed in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control is West Virginia. Oh Gosh she's got a lot of trouble eight point one percent drag obesity but then number two Mississippi then Oklahoma. I oh all these states went for trump Alabama Louisiana number six for once. We're not at the top of the bad we're only number six thirty six point two percent in Louisiana Hannah Obese Number Seven Arkansas Kentucky Alaska South Carolina Ohio. He's still forgotten all trump states in the Anna North Carolina North Dakota Texas Nebraska Tennessee Missouri Kansas Michigan North Carolina Wisconsin South Dakota. Those are the twenty two states and all of them went for Donald John Trump and some of those have find they have good educational outcome so some of them to and the states dates that are states and won the district of Columbia that are the least obese are in cal- Colorado. It just twenty two point six percent which is still high compared to thirty years ago. The District of Columbia people walk a lot and Wash Hawaiian California and all of those went against Donald Donald Trump in two thousand sixteen but you know what we're number six right why our food is so good. That's why can't we be number. One well people do have to deal with the heat so maybe maybe that keeps the swabbing keeps us from being number white and as you know sometimes good food food is not necessarily fattening foods. Sometimes it is but but Donald Trump he likes fast food is we know and and and he is on the record he believes that we only have a finite number of heartbeats so we should be wasting heartbeats with exercise. We're just going to speed speed up the inevitable end we go out and exercise money on another note Jim. What the Louisiana Radio Network would you talk about that. what what do you do. Louisiana besides Tiger Rag we provide the network does news and sports and agriculture and weather programming but mainly news twice an hour throughout the day and stations subscribed to our service and blue in return we receive advertising availability and we sell advertising people all over the state of Louisiana and it's nice that we have a statewide footprint but the network has been awarded many times over for its news coverage and there aren't many entities the days in radio in particular doing news anymore when I got out of Lsu there might have been seven stations in Louisiana radio stations with news directors actors and full-time new stamps and that's not the case any longer. This conglomeration consolidation has not worked well for working media but we do do this and I used to be the news director. I was for eleven years at the Louisiana Radio Network. I don't do that thing in that kind of thing anymore but Jeff Palermo when his staff do a wonderful job and they cover the state and there's lots to cover and certainly during the session the legislative session we keep cheap listeners up to date on what's during the capital so I think I read that that people continue on and kind of keep up with legislative happenings and committee and on the floor yeah well. Have I asked you what I should've asked you as an as an interviewer. What would you have asked yourself well. I I it would depend on what I was there for. Obviously I'm not not run for office and probably never will but but when people run for office office sometimes you know you wanna ask them something about what they'll do. If they become a governor or senator or whatever I remember very recently recently the Baton Rouge Press Club we had the the candidates for the statewide the Senate seat and and I asked a question to them for whom whom are you going to vote for governor and only one of answered the question you know it's like that's a private matter but if you're running for office you would think that you sound which yourself out there and then probably you're going to be more inclined to reveal that sort of thing but but the the Edwards the Edwin Edwards which thing when he when he interviewed when I interviewed him you know I was curious because he was sent to jail at seventy five years old and and he didn't lose a spirit and he has he said they sent me away for life and I came out with a wife and a why he was fifty one years it's junior. How how did he do that and he didn't do it. He didn't do it through prayer but I would have been on my hands in these every he's GonNa get me Outta here but you know what he didn't do it and it worked out well for him but a wife who's fifty one years younger. He has a six year old son and I noted noted that he was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and his wife was born in nineteen seventy eight and if we turn the clock back fifty one years in the other direction his wife would have been born in eighteen seventy seventy six. Oh my gosh I still didn't answer what what could well I. I'm trying to think well. That's probably true. I don't think there's any doubt about that but you know what I asked myself. People get to know you like your personal thoughts from the show somewhat somewhat and it's not that I really don't want to talk a great deal about myself but but ED I. I think that the greatest blessing I've had in my life was my mother and my father died. When I was eight I was an only child and she made a lot out of sacrifices to enable me to have a better life than she had and she never remarried and I went off to college on the day. Elvis was Presley died and I got a good education at LSU evolved I think into a good career and and nothing none of that would have been possible without without my mother's contributions to my life and her devotion to making me do do what I needed to do and getting step away to step be and so on but I remember when I came to Lsu. I didn't know anybody even though I had I had spent the first nine years of my life in New Orleans. We moved to Little Rock and I didn't know anybody when I came and I enrolled at Lsu and my I master in the fall of seventy seven. I had out of state tuition. I had room and board. I was living in a dorm. I had meal plan. I had add books obviously nine. I had parking and insurance for the infirmary and the whole bill and the whole bill the whole. Oh Bill Fall of seventy seven one thousand nine hundred dollars and I thought the mark thank God but it's still amazing yeah. I think tuition when I started with one hundred sixty dollars a semester. You could take twenty one hours. You know we were blessed. In state though inside I had all these other all the dorms were say dorms it was hodges hall and it was on air conditioner right no hot water no hot water and no privacy in the bathroom just know the basics and and how it was growing it was. I was a kid in New Orleans. We didn't didn't have our air conditioning. I can't imagine that now but there's still some old hotels there on that say neon lights air conditioned on airline highway highway. Actually there's one not far from Boyd Street. I write off pointers that says air conditioning and it's a good thing to have well. It's a good thing to have and now we're in state of life where we wouldn't know what to do without it but the body and the mind the heart and soul can withstand a lot of things if it has to and and that's why somebody like Edwin Edwards is fascinating to me because he's now outlive have many of the people who are responsible for his going to jail and he's ninety two and he's a man who had open heart surgery when he was sixty eight and he's still out there doing and it's a triumph of the human spirit and that's what it's all about and as far as politics. I'm not a huge fan of his but I don't. I don't dislike the man and I think that's a tough job. Being Governor is a tough job and I was thinking when you said interviewed nine. Governors Avenue may be ten okay be. Maybe maybe ten yeah they need to update. I don't think there including the current one but actually I probably might be ten and a half because I live not far from the capital and at night I'll go back and I'll talk to Huey but I'd love to interview but you know so far. He hasn't answered me back back but I do. I do find that statue of him. Just an amazing. It's quite inside yeah yeah it is beautiful and his legacy endures died in one thousand nine hundred thirty five and I was thinking when I came to Lsu. It had been forty two years since he died and now it's been forty two years since I came to Lsu so just as long period has passed since then and it seemed like so long ago when he died but for only being on the scene for seven years. It's amazing the impact he had on our state. Amazes amazes me as you say the impact when you think about the things that people feel or their vested rights homestead exemption and all the things that he somewhat holder state back you know it's just all tied back to that mentality but that's that's who we are and so it's a lot to change some hover king right. Jim We're here in Raider solutions as I said at the beginning and Jason Sikora is our sound engineer and I know you've laughing every here in Manhattan. You have some questions. Do I keep my microphone down to keep the laughs the mixer yeah the circle back. I'm going to jump around on here. what station are you on. What's your time slot. I'm on W. R. K. F. which has eighty nine point three. FM and it could be heard in Lafayette really most of of South Louisiana can hear it nine to ten in the morning through Friday this go on the website and you can actually mall that stuff even live you. You can listen live to excellent. Do Show prep everyday or or do you just kind of well. It's it's basically me but I have a lot of interviews. That's largely largely an interview show. It's ninety some percent interview so I have to schedule. Yes in some contact me but more often than not to have to reach out to them and through the years. That's one thing I've found is that politicians. Some of them are reluctant to come on with me because I will throw them a wild card hard and they generally want to read from a script yeah. They don't like wild card there people bobby gentle who can take the wildcard and like to set concern into whatever they want a dancer actually so have you ever done or considered sports broadcasting or being an analyst. I I used to do some of that when my early career I did play by play. F- for high schools around the state and when I was at Lsu we were allowed on the campus station to do sports so for a couple of years I was doing I was doing broadcasts for. LSU Football Basketball in baseball excellent. That seems like fun. I I could imagine I could never keep up with it but my colleague was Steve Schneider who's been at Channel Nine now for thirty five years for most of those games. He and I were together. Nice what drew you into politics well I think covering covering the capital and of course doing newscasts then in Louisiana politics is often covered like sports. It's nineteen hundred point three most of my first year with Louisiana Network. That was a year Edwin Edwards unseated David Trine that was fascinating donating race but when I was in college in Nineteen seventy nine Edwin Edwards was not allowed to run for re election and because he had served two terms he was constitutionally barred so there was a a race for governor to be successor and Dave train was was running as a Republican. He was a sitting congressmen and he was opposed by the WHO tended governor Jimmy Fitzmorris who is the most dangerous candidate for train and then public service commissioner was slammed a couple of state lawmakers and Sunny Mu Taw and Bubba Henry and the Treasurer Paul Hardy all five were Democrats and they sliced up the democratic vote trine ended up getting in a runoff he ran ahead and he drew the candidate who he felt he could beat more more likely than any of the others and it was Louis Lambert who at the time was thirty seven years old and then train ended up becoming the first governor and Louisiana's history from the Republican publican ranks since reconstruction he be Lambert by eighty nine hundred votes is very close race but in nineteen seventy nine forty years ago that was the that was the most expensive race in the history of American politics outside of a presidential election wows the Louisiana Governor's election action and I thought this is really big and then I remember I was a student but I was still doing some work for the campus station and on one of the National News casts its it's so that David Train beat Louis Lambert I turn him into a cage and but but of course Edwards Edwards wanted train to win because that enabled him to come and run against the Republican it would have been awkward for him to be running against a Democrat and he ultimately be trained and that race he ridiculed David train on fairly but he's the one who said it takes training an hour and a half to watch sixty minutes things like that but you know when he went to jail all these Democrats who are made by Edwin Edwards they they didn't help him but David train tried to get him a presidential. Pardon he really went to bat for the guy who had ruined his political career and it said to me a lot about the train and he he was a very good man interesting so yeah. I I like the analogy of politics and sports because it kind of is very similar and you're always jockeying for position and wanted to throw the ball behind going going deed yeah yeah exactly what advice would you have for someone who wants to get into broadcasting say. I wanted to start a radio show well. I remember number listening. I didn't do the interview it was somebody else but listening to the Leonard Nimoy when he was This is twenty years ago but he said when he was a young actor in Los Angeles. He was a cabdriver on the side and he picked up then Senator Jack Kennedy John Kennedy not are John Kennedy you but the guy became president at the Los Angeles airport and drove him to a hotel and he kennedy asked him about him in the Moi said he wanted to be an actor. Turn in Nimoy said well. I don't know if there's enough space for me. There's a very competitive you gotta know people and Kennedy said there's always room for another good one and I would say that if somebody has a passion and talent and they probably need somebody to give them an assessment of whether whether they have the potential to succeed and you don't have to you don't have to have a certain sound but I think you have to have a passion and and probably an interest I ends in a particular field now to be successful either that or have a personality. That's just off the chart and if you're your talk radio it helps if you have a personality off the chart in your conservative but who would have thought a guy like Howard stern would be the highest paid in person and radio but he is and has been for a very long time and he broke all the rules so there are really no rules in radio and I it's it's just a question of whether somebody wants to withstand low pay and long hours and working hurricanes and weekends because all those things are that's that's the way it is and the media business and you've got to be able to put up with that and if you are and you've got ability and passion and and longevity it it ultimately will pay off and it in my case. I did a lot of things in my thirties and forties that I didn't know if I would advanced to an another level. I don't know if you'd call it a higher level but but then opportunities -tunities presented themselves and I ended up owning the company that I worked for for most of my career but that was not planned it was just not planned by any earthly beings. Here's something that happened and I if I'd gone another direction it probably wouldn't have worked out and I had job offers on occasion that presumably they were better jobs than the ones I had and I didn't take them in and also applied for jobs that as it turned out would not have been as fortuitous for me as it turned doubt so maybe there is some higher power who has some influence over what we do in our lives excellent. Well Jim. Thank you for being here. This has been super interesting and and Jen always thank you for letting me ask some questions Jason Marc Pleasure Jim inkster. Where do I begin. Thank you for being my friend run for your advice in my podcast career and I want to thank you Jim inkster host of Talk Louisiana you can listen to it every day on W. R. Arkaev out of Baton Rouge either on eighty nine point three. FM or go to their website and you can listen live any also host asked the governor Governor Governor John Bel Edwards air is on the third Wednesday of each month and then tiger rag and Louisiana radio networks. Thank you for taking the time to be with us today in for appearing on Discovery Lafayette and I want to thank our sponsors I I B Area Bang. They've been very supportive of this endeavor as well as Lafayette via general and of course Raider Solutions. Thank you so much into our listeners. We appreciate your support. You can subscribe and get this delivered on your phone. Every Friday. Ride ages go to your podcast. APP and you can download discover. Lafayette's or you can go to our website discover. Lafayette Dot Net on behalf of our show on Jan swept thank you they.

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#EERS S8 Ep180: Anxious America

The Erick Erickson Show

2:08:10 hr | 2 years ago

#EERS S8 Ep180: Anxious America

"Buckle up 'cause metro is bringing you the best deal in wireless switched to Metro and get your choice of two awesome free phones from top brands like Samsung among and LG with huge hd screens tons of memory for all your picks and videos so hurry into Metro and get your awesome free phones. Only at Metro plus sales tax and activation fee requires eligible number not currently active on T. mobile network active on Metro in past days limit. Four per account or household restrictions. Apply see store for details and terms and conditions. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you in the life if you want to live CD medic target your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil. Get back to your life with CBD medic available online and at CBS. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease from my flagship station. WG A U. N.. Athens Georgia. I'm Eric Erickson across the state. The Nation and around the world on facebook live welcome. Good morning the phone number. Eight seven seven nine seven Eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five. If you'd like to be a part of the program. The Dow Jones Lonzo skyrocketed yesterday. It actually years Stewart a good job. The Dow Jones is the economy going up There's the SH. The president has an argument to make for reelection on the economy alone. This was on CNBC yesterday. So you're right. The economy is his ticket to getting reelected elected. And look what we're having. The economy continues to defy all expectations from the moment he first imposed tariffs on China. People were predicting the sky would fall. And the economy would stall and the stock market would crash and unemployment would skyrocket. None of that has happened because what we're seeing is that as jobs come back to America and wages increase and people have more spending power. Consumer optimism is at an all-time highs small business. Optimism is high. and that's what's propelling pelling. The economy and of course China wants to get rid of these tariffs. They've been pushing because that's the only thing that's gotten them to the negotiating table. Yes and and now it looks like we may have struck a deal with China which mason the Dow Higher Today. The Chinese in the trump administration a green one for one Get rid of tariffs refs. lower prices on both sides. If so that will spur the economy on further and will calm international markets. That have been worried about recessionary fears. That too. Could help up. The president you know by all economic metric this president should be coasting to reelection that he's not should be something. Republicans wonder about it has nothing to do with the nastiness of the American electorate in in American politics It has to do with a lot of people. Just don't like this president in. What can he do between now and November to convince people that You know the Democrats. Let's you may not like him but the Democrats are worse. It goes back to that advertisement that he ran during the world series. That that e- You may not like him but sometimes it takes a trump to clean up Washington Washington. I think that's going to be their message by the way this hour is brought to you by first liberty of Georgia doesn't matter where you are in the nation if you're a small or medium size business and you want to grow you need access to capital. Sometimes sometimes that means you need alone and you don't want to do with the bank you don't WanNa deal with bank bureaucracy. You can go to first liberty building and loan in Newnan Georgia. That's right there in Georgia. If you're in Georgia but you can be anywhere in the nation. Talk to my friends. The Frost Family Telhami Singer and work with them on your business loan and they can help go to first Liberty G. dot com. Thanks to to I Liberty Georgia and the Frost family for sponsoring the program. The economy looks like it could help the president but there are still these worrying signs out there in the heartland so the president has gone to Louisiana to campaign for the Republican nominee in Louisiana Museum. There is a runoff in Louisiana. I'm from Louisiana and just so you know Louisiana elections are somewhat interesting so the way Louisiana elections used to work is you would have a an election and it was a jungle primary a jungle primary everyone of every party piles on the same ballot and the top two vote getters go into the runoff in in the way it was typically scheduled was that the runoff. I would be On Election Day and if someone got over fifty percent there was no election election day in this applied to Congress this applied to Everyone other than president and that became problematic in the state and there was a lawsuit filed back when I was in college. I think that that Opposed it and the reason being is because the constitution says the election for federal offices is the is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November will everybody was having their elections prior to that. And you can have someone with over fifty percent win so there was an election on the ballot in Louisiana and this report where to. They couldn't do that so they shook things up. And now you have in odd numbered years when it's just eight contests. You have an election in October and then you have a run off the week after everyone else votes. Very very screwed up Louisiana you gotta remember has Napoleonic System it has a civil code Louisiana has a constitution but it also has a separate section of law called the the Louisiana The Civil Code it's a byproduct of the French system where you have statutes but those statutes have to be read in light eight of this civil code and it's hard to change it's harder to change the civil code than the Constitution to a degree in Louisiana just because a philosophy in the way the state works but but the governor or the president has gone to Louisiana now with this weird election system. The election is on Tuesday. This coming week John Bel Edwards is the Democrat Pratt incumbent. He beat David Visitor. If you'll recall David vetter had been a US. Senator and bitter had women problems and people thought the women problems had been set aside but then as visitor her became the nominee for the Republican Party shortly thereafter. A number of other people came forward and said that bitter was having still Having all the women problems he supposedly set aside the opponent to John Bell Words as Eddie Respond. He is a Republican businessman. He's a longtime Republican lookin. Donor spent a lot of money. I don't think he was the strongest Republican candidate but he made it into the prime into the run off after the jungle primary. The president goes goes to Louisiana and he has some help. The president has some help in Louisiana in the name of of Joe Biden because Joe Biden went to Louisiana before the President Joe Biden went to Louisiana before the president resident and shed this oil and gas revenues. A big topic here for Louisiana. Right now you dealt with this when you were in the Senate you dealt with this when you were Vice President President how important what would you elected to make sure Louisiana gets its fair share of oil and gas revenue is so much drilling done off the Louisiana coast right now. Well first the ball. I think the Gillian often coast over time has ended up being phased out. We have to provide alternatives here but the fact is that oil the the he places that are taking the hit for the supply and the nation with energy need should be compensated and the where where it comes from. So I've never argued against that proposition but I have argued against the notion that the answer to this is to find more fossil fuels burn. The fact of the matter is you're you're GonNa have your state and mine are going to be mostly underwater. Whereabout three three three feet above sea level? The fact is that in fact the seas are rising we got according the report about eleven years left before becomes irredeemable and we have to take drastic action now for example we should have over half a million charging stations around the country that you could have electric vehicle plug in the reason. Why people aren't buying them? Where do you where do you re fuel okay? So there's a lot of practical practical things we can do quickly and I think we should be doing a lot. More in terms of tripling. The offshore wind capacity that exists in the nation. I don't think we need more offshore drilling and I think we should focus on but we have to find transitions for people who were hurt by it just like right come from Scranton. Coal Mines in West Virginia. Virginia you have to transition. We cannot continue cannot continue to burn fossil fuels at the rate renewing. Now Okay Louisiana's biggest industries are oil and natural gas if you drive from south south of New Orleans so when I was a kid When I was five we moved to Dubai? I grew up in Dubai. Actually five to fifteen lived in Dubai in the eighties But would come home during the summer too easily in a parish which is a very rural parish most people there are are employed by the state and prisons and other capacity and We would go during the summer down to grand isle. Grand dial is a barrier island in south Louisiana and it takes a it is a drive live to get there. I think of driving from wherever you are in the state of Georgia right now to Amelia Island Florida Except except it's it's rural it's through sugarcane fields and Joe Biden is right the levels are rising Louisiana but it has as much to do with Louisiana sinking as it it does with evil levels rising South Louisiana is a swamp and because of the levy system that was built in the thirties forties and fifties fifties to control flooding in South Louisiana. A lot of the sediment no longer flows into the swamp parts of Louisiana to settle to build land. It washes out to sea see and so you're getting settlement further and further out into the Gulf of Mexico and that has a lot to do with the problems in Louisiana in fact Christmas tree. Recycling is huge. Louisiana's kids kids. After our our Christmas trees were done we would come home for Christmas From Dubai for Christmas occasionally and family and friends who were there and after we moved back to Louisiana so you would recycle your Christmas trees and they would be taken down to South Louisiana and they would be put inside fences in the water to help attract the sediment to reclaim the landon prevent erosion you drive down south of the of New Orleans and you get to the town of Venus. Venus is I mean it is on a simple land and it is surrounded on all sides by water in Venus's slowly washing away. The Mississippi River surrounds it Yellow cotton bay surrounds it. You drive up from Venice. It is a long road up through port sulphur. All the way up to New Orleans you go through Belch as you go through Shell L.. Met You go through a Arab you go through. Gretna you get to New Orleans you get to the crescent city and then you can hit the interstate and you can go across to Texas. You can go across to Florida where you can go up to baton rouge. You can go to Mississippi that whole area everything you will see air flames in the night sky. If you drive there are towers with flames in those are petrochemical plants that are burning off Poisonous gases and other things with these is flames. In the smokestacks the entire place is covered in these between my house and Baton Rouge Louisiana which she's a forty five minute drive where my parents live up in rural Louisiana In East Lucian Perish. You drive you take highway sixty one which is a federal highway highway that connects the natural traces essentially nashes Mississippi down through Louisiana rides along the Mississippi River. Along the bluffs the highlands of Louisiana. Yeah this is the the highest part of Louisiana these rolling hills that come down Mississippi where I grew up and you will encounter an Exxon Mobil oil refinery. That's one of the largest. Just in the nation you'll encounter a be a SF petrochemical plant. You'll encounter a Georgia Pacific and James River Wood pulp plants. You'll encounters Chevron you'll encounter Phillips Conaco you'll encounter more Exxon you'll encounter a dow chemical plant Do Pot plant lots and lots of petrochemical plants dependent on the petrochemical industry in Louisiana dependent on the oil and gas asked industry and here comes Joe Biden saying we gotTa stop with the fossil fuels says that in Louisiana now part of this. Let's be honest here. Joe Biden has no chance chance of winning Louisiana John Bel Edwards may win reelection next week. But that doesn't mean that Joe Biden is going to win Louisiana The Democrats are not very popular in Louisiana. I know that there is no polling to suggest that they're competitive in Louisiana but it does not help him and it does not help John Bel Edwards the incumbent Democratic governor for Joe Joe Biden to come down and say hey we need to get rid of your fossil fuel industry. We need to curtail that. Well the president pick that up after Joe Biden said the president last night in Louisiana on the campaign trail decided to make an issue of it. Meanwhile every top Democrat running for president has pledged to abolish all American Eric production of oil and natural gas shipping thousands of your state's energy jobs overseas. That's all they're doing but Louisiana will not give them that chance we are reversing decades of disasters straight policies Louisiana data loss one in four manufacturing jobs after the twin disasters of Nafta and China's entrance into the World Trade Organization. Listen past leaders did not care one bit what happened to those Louisiana communities because they were getting rich by sacrificing your welf off to other countries. Remember we talk about it all the time but under this administration the great betrayal is over America. America is no longer for sale. That message is going to resonate in South Louisiana. It is a state that was hit by Katrina in two thousand five shrimping industry never really recovered more and more you drive down to South Louisiana drive down south of Abbeville south of Lafayette. Go down to generate new Iberia. Morgan city go down to Gibson. borsch thorough delack doc. These are little towns. You here in Georgia have never heard of the little towns. I've been to in some. You can still see the fishing boats. It's in the trees from Katrina. You actually can. You can see the fishing boat since ripped to the trees. You can see that they have a lot of them have been out of unemployment because China is now competing in the shrimping industry with Louisiana Mississippi and along the Gulf coast they bring over cheaper Chinese shrimp ramp. They flood the American market other presidents. Let them you see towns that are collapsing because the the water is rising and everyone says it's global warming but if you go to Louisiana in you live there you know it really hit global warming. It has to do a lot with sedimentary erosion and the way the system works works and the lack of of overtime historic flooding into the swamp the Chaff Basin and here comes Democratic presidential candidates. Saying saying you you gotta get rid of the industry you all turn to win. Your boats were lifted by high water into the trees and never came back down. Stop going to go over well with people and it doesn't help. The Joe Biden is the most reasonable Democrat out there right now. You'd Elizabeth Warren coming out saying all you people who transitioned. It shouldn't into these other industries and then got wealthy after living lives in poverty. You know she she completely ignores the fact that there are lots of people Louisiana they. They started driving north. They went up to raise land. They they went up to baton rouge. They went up to New Orleans. They got jobs in the petrochemical plants and they started making money and now she said well your taxes need to go up. Your boats are still l.. Intrigues from Katrina. Twenty years ago but air ten fifteen years ago. But now you're making money so you need to be punished. It's not not going to help. And it's not going to help the Democrats and there is actually some data out there. The New York Times is picking up on and some of the polling that you know a lot of these. These non voters people who are registered and they're registered and listed as Democrat. When you pull the people who haven't been to vote in fifteen twenty years and find out why you haven't been devote you know what turns out a lot of these people an overwhelming number of them actually like Donald Trump? They're still going to go vote. Listen I don't hold your breath. People who haven't voted tend not to vote in. They're not going to go vote. The president can pour resources into getting these people to go vote in some of them will but most of them walt out because they've never voted they're not going to go vote they don't vote they don't know where to vote but it should be troubling as much as the media is fixating on the collapse collapse of the Republican Party in the suburbs and there is a story to tell her that she concern the Republicans. There is a story to tell among Black Hispanic and Hispanic voters who are more and more put off by the highly educated white college educated voter. That's moving Democrat and the Republicans despite the media narrative that all hope is lost. The reality is that they've got inroads. If they can figure it out it may not be Donald Trump can be the messenger there. But there's real hope. Longterm for the Republicans building a coalition of conservative black and Hispanic voters who are increasingly alienated from Democratic Party. Whose Front runner goes to Louisiana? CNN tells them you've got to abandon the careers that you move to. After your shrimp boats sank or went into trees. Pillow there You know the president did did campaign down in Louisiana last night He had some good one-liners fired up the crowd. He was there for a long time sweating on stage among other things. Listen to some of the president owned the whistleblower among other things. I've got some thoughts on the whistle blower. Things have happened because you know. I don't know if you saw just got off coming off the plane. They hand me. Look at this character. Okay they just hand me too story. Who has started whistle blowers attorney said in twenty seventeen? You know when that was that it was a long time ago. It's all a hoax. They say January twenty seventeen a coup has started and the impeachment impeachment will follow ultimately. It's all it's all a hoax. It's a scam and you know. Help them these people right back here the media and then it said light's going to go off a CNN. Light is going to go up. It said from the lawyer. A sleazeball said I predict at CNN will play a key role role in at Donald Trump. Not finishing out his first time. Can you believe this. This is and this was done a long time ago. Then he goes as one false two more will take their place referring to outgoing trump administration employs. Who by the way? Hey have been put through hell by the sleaze back there and by truck it politicians got the crowd booing doing by the way you should know on on the CNN. Light thing He he actually. I don't WanNa get into fact checking the President I. It's a good speech in and fire people up but there are no lights on the cameras in the crowd and the crowd it up so basically if you go on a TV set most people may not realize if you go on a TV set set when you're cameras active. There's a red light on top of the camera and you know your cameras live. Well the cameras they take two remotes. Don't have the red light and the president used to be in on sets where they have the red lights and he says look the. They've got the red lights turned off. Now that I'm attacking them and the crowd goes wild and booze and harasses CNN. There's No red light on the cameras that they take to remote location every time it drives the CNN reporters crazy that. He says that you should see them. All passive progressive with him. You know the state legislature meets They begin meeting in January. They're going to be a host of packages on healthcare. And the like. And if you WANNA stay informed on what's happening in the legislature as they meet one of the things I'd like to try to make it easy for you to connect with your state legislator and one of the best ways to do that is to sign up for our activists list and it's not a list read a lot of emails But we end. There's a matter before the state legislature you need to know about. You will get an email with a link you can click and you'll be able to connect directly to your member of the state legislature In fact the way this click works at so Walson such great technology You Click and it says what sure Zip Code You put in your Zip Code and it says here's your member state legislature. Do you WANNA contact them on facebook on twitter or call them and we make it easy you do it on your cellphone very very easy but it's great when the legislature comes back in session so text the word Army to three three seven seven seven if you want to sign up The only time you'll get e mails off. This list is where there's an activist item. And you need to take action. We make it very easy for you to be active in politics without having to go out. Knock on doors in show up at the state capital and stuff. You'll still get your voice out. Text Army two three three seven seven seven seven little more from the president last night at the top of the hour. We've got governor camp. I'm terrible at teasing I should've done this earlier. But Governor Brian Kemp I interviewed him actually late yesterday. He wasn't available this morning. He had to be on the road and but I wanted to get you the interview. I conducted with Governor Kip last evening about a healthcare in Georgia. The healthcare reform plan he wants to do and the economic successes a year ago a year ago. We were all waking up to find out. He had beaten Stacey Abrams and in that year he has Turned himself from being in the shadows of the president to beat his own man. A little more for the president last night in Louisiana their campaign to transform America. Democrats are becomingly increasingly totalitarian. Suppressing dissent defaming. The innocent eliminating due process says staging show trials and trying to overthrow American democracy to impose their socialist agenda. Make no mistake the Democrats get back in. You will have a depression. The likes of which you've never seen before. Uh and you are doing well. How are you 401K's doing by the way you wouldn't feel it all angry if they went down in half and then in another year half of that? That's what's going to happen first. It was Russia hoax. Then it was fuller remember Muller with that hoax the biggest lie ever foisted upon the American American people. Okay but everybody stuck with us. If anything would became more popular listening there's one thing I would do different the president's bins less time touting their 401k's that are super good right now under his presidency And he spends spends more time attacking the Democrats and the president's got such a good case to make for his reelection it just objectively so You may dislike the president resident but just thinking about it The stock market is at all time highs. People's 401K's are soaring. We're at record. Low Employment Record. Low Black unemployment record-low Asian and oblivious blooming record Lewis Panic unemployment regular female unemployment record low male unemployment regular white unemployment. We've got companies paying higher wages now because they're trying trying to keep workers so wages have gone up. you've got 401K's have gone up you've got on and on it goes. He's got a great economic message. I mean right now so I I'm on if you're listening in belay here Not My fault talk your local station. It is nine thirty nine. AM And the Dow is up one hundred seventy points one sixty nine point seven point seven three twenty seven thousand six hundred under sixty two point twenty nine. That's that's where the Dow Jones is today. That's actually really good. It's great virtually. I mean every indexes says up right now. The The New York sucks changed the Dow. The S&P THE NASDAQ. They're all up this morning now. Things will change the days early. But I I if I could encourage the president when and again I listened to some of your email me. Here's why don't you tell us why don't you. I've told them I have told them. I think think when the president does this he enjoys beating. Let me let me give you some some insider knowledge here. The president really enjoys the attacks on the Democrats. And it's not that the president enjoys the tax for the sake of the tax. The president enjoys the decks because the crowd loves the tax I mean. Let's let me play this clip again. Just don't listen. What the president say? Now listen to what the crowd is doing is the president's campaign to transform America. Democrats becomingly increasingly she'll caledonian. Suppressing dissent. Defaming the innocent eliminating due process staging show trials and trying to overthrows American democracy to impose their socialist agenda and the crowd made no mistake if the Democrats Democrats get back in. You will have a depression. The likes of which you've never seen before and you are doing well. How will you 401K's doing being by the way they cheer the June in the Niche ear? You wouldn't feel it all angry if they went down in half half of the year half of that. That's what's going to happen more booing I. It was the Russia hoax. Remember Muller without hopes were jeers the biggest lie ever foisted upon the American people. Okay but everybody stuck with us if anything everything would became more popular. CEO He's got the crowd jeering than they cheer and then the Jere and then they cheer and then they jeer and then the his back and forth the the president loves this. He loves being able to get the crowd that worked up. He loves he feeds off the energy of the crowd and the crowd that their hatred of the Democrats right. Now it's somethin' then it fires 'em up in the president feeds off that energy so he focuses a lot of his time on attacking the Democrats in really doesn't spend a lot of time on his own accomplishments he doesn't spend a Lotta time on the economy. It's a throwaway line you got the Democrat totalitarianism bad Democrats bad economy re raise taxes bad. Hey how are your gateway molar molar. Caller bad investigation bad. He should spend a little more time on on the economy and jobs and that's not to say he didn't do that last night he did. He just spent more time attacking attacking the other side and then during the term sleepy Joe Biden News Iraq earth ago. He got a billion dollars. You don't fire the guy you get nothing and it's on tape and the press refuses to print you talk. Quid pro quo. Aw you fire the guy got fired you get nothing thinking that one. Okay that's called quid. Pro Quo not here now. That was set by Joe Biden to get rid of the prosecutor in Ukraine. Who is looking at his son who just got thrown out of the navy who he's fade millions and millions of dollars? Even though he had absolutely no energy experience Louisiana Ziana Louisiana. He wouldn't have hired him in your energy companies. They would have paid to keep from the hell out okay. He had no towel does your son. How old is that young man? They're pointing to a young kid. The crowd let me tell okay. He's a he knows. Energy better than Joe Biden son. Yes I should have done a better at our jobs as well. There's a there's A. There's a kid in the crowd. They've been there the entire day so they can get up front and going on about Joe Biden and he's going on about one hundred and he sees sees the kid in the garage holding up at trump's I says how old is your kid is eight. He knows more than Joe. Biden's listen to this. I know people who hate the president and love to go to presidential rallies with Donald Trump. Because they are that entertaining they are that entertaining but again again. I think that the president needs to spend a little more time on his policies and his accomplishments and a little less time just attacking the Democrats for the sake of the different. I I totally get it. I totally get it. And it riles up the crowd and he feeds off the energy. I get it. But he's got a message message to sell One more from the president these I call them now. That do nothing Democrats. We have loopholes that they could solve in fifteen minutes. We could sit it down loopholes catch and release chain migration. You know that's when you come in and then everybody ever met the history of the world comes in with you. Your mother your grandfather. Where your cousin your brother? Your aunt uncle any person that ever met you come on into our country. We had a man on the west side. Hi where I don't even call him a man I call him animal. He ran over a lot of people he turned right going up very very fast. Speed this beautiful park in New York City and he killed I think a eight people they never talk about the people that lost their lakes that lost their arms that are permanently disfigured. They never talk about that. They say eight people were killed. They don't talk about people. These are people that want to keep themselves in shape and they're running and they're running all over and then this maniac turns turn to the right going at an unbelievable speed and he kills people and the horribly injured people. And we can't let this happen. We can't let it happen. Listen you may not like the president but he does have a point there and and the question is whether or not this is enough to shift the balance. Now you should know you should know that the the Democrats are the media. There's still trying to politico actually has a story about how the media is biased against Elizabeth Warren meetings not bias against as Elizabeth Warren. For God's sakes they're the ones who've been trying to make her happen and Nelson Lee Ho the the media's upset the media's upset Oh the the media is trying to get her on no they've been trying to get Elizabeth Warren elected and now they're upset with WHO Joe Biden wire were they upset with Joe Biden. The media is upset with Joe Biden because Biden is now going on the attack against Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden desperately desperately behind in Iowa. Did you know by the way that hardly anyone who has won the Iowa caucuses have gone on to win the presidency. Bill Clinton lost the Iowa Caucus and went on to become president. Michael Dukakis lost the Iowa Iowa caucuses and went on to be the democratic ignominy. The Iowa caucuses they're not substantial. What what the Iowa Caucus? So you do need to understand the way. The caucuses work as their organizational. Oh skill a test of organizational skill of candidates. Can you organize enough to get people to show up and hang out and stay all night to support a candidate. Can you get people there and get them to stay if you can do that. It's a pretty good organizational sign. Barack Obama did win the Iowa caucus in two thousand and Against Hillary Clinton and that was an organizational national sign that they would be able to mobilize the vote against Hillary Clinton Joe Biden right now. Looks like he's in fourth in Iowa but again You've got I. I think. John Kerry maybe John Kerry did win the Idaho's but Bill Clinton lost it. Michael Dukakis lost it You don't have to win the Iowa Caucus now. There are a a lot of people in the media who love Iowa and they think I was a big deal and they think that I was totally representative of the Democratic Party never mind that is completely filled with white people know black and Hispanic people. And Somehow you've got to win Iowa and Elizabeth. Warren looks like she may be winning Iowa. She's putting the the coalition Together to win Iowa and now they're upset with Joe Biden for not engaging in Iowa and for Dairy Eerie to attack Elizabeth Warren. If you don't agree with Elizabeth Warren you must how somehow be The Not a Democrat. You must somehow the corrupt you must not Esparta. She is not who we are. And it just elitist attitudes about you even my way or the highway us be. You must know what you're talking autophagy disagree man. But he's calling Elizabeth Warren elitist that she doesn't listen to people by the way this is. This is one of the big Complaints about Elizabeth. Warren Right now is that she doesn't listen to people and that she is very isolated that she is very out there And she's trying her best on the campaign trail to change that around In fact on the campaign trail now Elizabeth Warren is out there. She's talking about her Oklahoma roots instead out of Harvard She's talking about the Oh key she started out drinking beer and she's talking about wanting to listen to people. But Elizabeth Warren has a reputation in the Senate of not listening and it comes across on the campaign trail and her opponents are starting to pick up on this. It's her way or the highway and that's GonNa be the weakness that they go after she has not been well. Then you need to understand. There's about Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth. Warren has not been vetted by the media because the media has loved after all along and the vetting is beginning and one of the big things that all the focus groups say bothers them about Elizabeth. Warren is that she doesn't seem like she listens to people. And that's GONNA come back to haunt her. Remember this hour sponsored by first liberty of Georgia Liberty Building and loan. You go to their website. I Liberty G. DOT DOT COM. If you're a small or medium-sized business. You WanNa grow too big business. You need access to capital hate bank bureaucracy. I Liberty Georgia can help you out without all the bank bureaucracy. You you hate I. Liberty G. A. DOT COM. There's some breaking news happening right now. This morning CBS News has fired the employees who leaked the ABC News used the what how what this tape ipad story for three years. I've had to center with Virginia Roberts we would not put it on the air First of all I was told. WHO's Jeffrey I've seen knows who that is? This stupid story Then the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and and threatened us a million different ways We're so afraid we wouldn't be able to interview Kate Wills that we also washed the story and then Alan Dershowitz was also implicated in because of the planes of. She told me everything she pictures. She did everything she was hiding for. Twelve ears we can come out. We convinced optimus It was unbelievable what we had Clinton everything that was an ABC News reporter order. Who did this interview with a Jeffrey obscene whistleblower? ABC News buried the interview. They wanted access to will. And Kate and Buckingham Palace said they wouldn't get it if they ran a story like that that they thought smeared Prince Andrew. So they ditch the story N. A. went nowhere well on a reporter or a an employee leaked it. To Project Veritas James O'Keefe's group and that employees went to work for CBS. CBS has now fired. That employs Let. Let's get this straight. ABC had a story. They covered up the story and it was exposed and now CBS. which also has refused to cover? Jeffrey Epstein has now L. fired the employees who exposed it. But Hey there's this he opened up about what he's learned the bigger message he wants the world to hear. What do you feel? People need to hear the most from the story. I think that what people need to hear this is the truth. That's the first time he's given a detailed L. to count an account that Chicago police have said has been consistent. He hasn't changed a story. They also said it's credible police have said that and also that he has been very cooperative. If the attackers are never found. How will you be able to heal down? I don't know let's just hope that they are ad and he I asked about if there were other possible threats he had received and he did talk about the letter that was sent to the Fox. Studio were empire said. Police have confirmed that that letter. And we'll show it to you. And why do you think you were targeted. I can just assume I mean I come really really hard ords against forty five. He was really excited when he saw the camera. Cameras turned away Texas at known until and it was inside the casing it was facing the other direction and he had no idea about that and the vast majority of people have been supportive and loving and understanding what. There's many reasons why Jesse wanted to sit down and do this. First of all say thank you to his many supporters to answer the questions the the critics but also The The Times became emotional when he was talking about gave the Lgbtq community what is it that has you so angry. Is it the the attack us but he was pretty forthcoming. He did not do nothing was out of. Bounds was nothing that I could not could not ask and there is no doubt in your mind. What motivated this attack could only go off of? Their words questions have been raised as well absolutely a lot of questions especially about the timing of the nine one one call about the phone the phone records and Jesse address all of that. I said earlier. The police have said he's been consistent at. He has been credible that he has been cooperative. That was What's her name Robin Woodson? Suddenly my. It's Robin Roberts. Robin Robin Roberts. On as as Dave chapelle would say the Frenchman juicy smooth way. She's never ever been disciplined for that she. ABC News gave her a complete pass to peddle the lies of Jesse small lay and that trump supporters attacked him in Chicago. And we know it's not true we know it's not true in the never disciplined for that. Meanwhile they bury a story about Jeffrey Epstein. Why now there are a lot of people there you need to understand? There are a number of people out there who say that the Jesse small a That that story it was imported It's at the stage for or for black paranoia about the president or black angst about the president. I should say and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. And so it was legit story even though he turned out to be lying of whatever and this story there are a lot of people say. Oh they're they're covering for the Clintons. They blocked it. They blocked it when they blocked it three years ago because it would have been damaging hillary. I don't think that's the case at all. I really don't actually think that's the case at all. I think there are other people beyond the Clintons that they wanted to protect. I think there are other people out there who could be impacted and I think that the lawyers at ABC News. They didn't want to fight and they should have fought. ABC wanted access to the Royal Family into other people who would have been smeared by this and they probably wanted to protect friends of theirs as well. It's all well and good for these news outlets to say that they speak truth to power but we are every once in a while reminded like with the story That they don't really do that. They only speak truth to power when it can't hurt them They're cowards they're cowards. They're in it for the money when we come back governor. Brian Kemp stops by after a year in office one year anniversary. What's the economy looking like in Georgia and house healthcare? Plan your bill I would like to thank for sponsoring this week. Show y'all I love my toothbrush. I bragged about it forever. I continue to brag about quip because it is a great toothbrush. He's brushing fact. I took a trip this past weekend. My quipped went with me. Obviously it goes with me everywhere and I really do get two minutes to brush my teeth. 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They're not there to sell me products. oftentimes you'll go to a financial adviser during their connected to Annuities or life insurance or Certain mutual funds and they're not necessarily bad but I just I'm I'm always a little bit skeptical when someone wants to sell me something to make a commission off of me It's like the guy and when you go to the electronic store WHO's trying to get you to buy the seventy inch. TV is is he trying to get you to sell it because he thinks you'd like he's trying to sell it to you because she gets a commission and with dynamic money their commissions. There's a flat fee consulting if they do manage manage your money. Then they get the standard money management fee. I just I recommend it has given Krisztian meal peace of mind in our house And Chris good good guy former youth pastor. Who got into this? So if you've got the same money concerns or lack of business sense or whatever that I have I highly recommend going to dynamic money dot com and and talk after Kris and cliff in in the folks at dynamic money. They can help you and thank you to them for sponsoring the program longer longer sponsorship. Read than I should've given but I really do. They've helped us Cristiani personally so much Getting getting a plan together financial plan for retirement and planning for kids college and everything else in ways not capable subduing myself now. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the election here in Georgia. The election with Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams and governor kill one and so interesting is Look at Matt Bevin yesterday or on on Tuesday Matt Bevin in Kentucky lost by less than five thousand votes. He's refused to concede pending a statewide recount and the Democrats are demanding. He concede in many of the Democrats demanding. That Matt Bevin concede Still believe that Stacey. Abrams had the race stolen from her when she couldn't even get go to get into a runoff. It's it's not stacey. Abrams lost its that she couldn't even get into a runoff. She didn't come close enough for a run off and then happened a year ago. The polling that came out in the election in Georgia very distinctly showed that there were a lot of people who who were concerned about. Just how trumpy Brian Kemp would be and that was a suburbs issue in the Atlanta area in particular a lot of suburban voters who have voted Republican have been turned off by th- The shift in the Republican Party towards the president. They didn't liked the president endorsed. Brian Kemp. They didn't like his gun ad. They didn't like these things. And so they voted for Stacey Abrams. Since Brian has been elected he's had a year to show people. He's his own man he's not just a a donald trump puppet. He's his own man. He's got his own way of doing things. He's got his own thinking. More importantly thing I appreciate about the governor's that he keeps his word whether you agree with him or not If he makes a promise he tries to keep that promise as best he can. If he says he's is GonNa do something he tries to it. For example the legislation a lot of progressives hate the fetal heartbeat legislation. The governor said. This is something he would sign. He's pro-life and he did it to. His credit took a lot of heat for that well yesterday. A year after the election The site the Site Survey magazine Kazini which goes around the country and looks at areas of the country for industrial investment site pads for big businesses. They named Georgia's seventh year narrow. Arro- The number one place to do business concurrent to that. The governor is unveiling his massive health care reform plan in Georgia and I sat down yesterday evening on my other show in talk to him and wanted to bring you guys that interview now. He couldn't be here this morning and he's on the road But I wanted to make sure you were able to hear it here. Down my interview with Governor. Brian Kemp right now. I've got joining me. The governor of the Great State of Georgia Brian. Welcome to the program. How are you great to be on with thank? Thank you for coming. I I do WanNa talk to you about healthcare but I I really WanNa talk to you about the economy as well in Georgia we we keep here in The news out there about how more were more businesses are coming to the state and I. I heard we're like the seven years in a row considered the best place to do business in the nation. We are very exciting day to day just announced Thana Augusta earlier at the Georgia Or Center that Georgia's again the number one state in the country for business for the seventh year in a row according to the site selection magazine. certainly proud to keep our streak going. I think it's another great message. We continue to roll on economic development. And the jobs front Georgia. I just did a board cutting a new lumber facility and Warrington Georgian Warren County. They're creating an additional eighty jobs. One hundred thirty five million dollar investment. So we're literally saying progress happening all over our state which is keeping our economy diverse and given opportunities to Jordan's no matter what their zip code it is. Well Yeah you see that in in I was struck. I was actually talking to a radio station down in. Douglas Georgia Earlier that there's growth down and he was talking about all over seventy five now and it spreads out into some of those rural counties away In more and more people are starting to see your are realizing that their job prospects mix remaining they're not going to have to move to Atlanta or out of these small towns. Well it's really wants thing when you look at it products and we set a record for the amount of investment you know investment that was coming in to state that the parliament economic development work last seven point four billion dollars worth of announcements. There was three hundred thirty. Two Sup- projects in seventy four percent of them were outside the perimeter in Atlanta and we certainly have a lot of great prizes in Atlanta. We continue to work those. But it's it's such a great area with the lottery sources that kind of feeds itself. But we certainly are involved and help with that but it's great to see projects literally when you look at the map. There happening happening in all areas of our state down the coast and south and southwest or even in areas that they've struggled in the past and that's really what we're focused on. That's good for our state. Ah and when you think about the great companies that we have in Atlanta that drive the economy in some ways like Delta ups or Coca Cola for instance like David MD GPS ups told me he said you know all those small businesses in rural parts of our state where they're growing their customers so really that whole the Senate she just just makes our stay continued to click and is the site selection folks World logistics hub when you think about airport in Atlanta the the seaports we haven't Brunswick van just a great us. We have to work within our state. Well you know it just as an aside there you you mentioned Delta. I saw this morning in the paper that they're having to add flights out of Atlanta Columbus Albany Valdosta Brunswick Because of the growth in those areas some people now coming into the The airport the fact that Delta's having to expand flights inside Georgia I guess is a pretty good testament how the economy's growing outside of Atlanta absolutely rolling and I think it says that people are literally doing business all over the state. They're adding a lot of new jobs as well that they're trying to hire. And I think one of the focuses that we have right now is a Georgia may tour literally going to every region of the state and in highlighting Georgia made products. It could be a food product. Manufactured factored product Like the one where there making longer here. The Mill Warrington today. But we've been to Kubota up and Hall County we've been to Sil Sil Bill. Bester Georgia Where we have a Claxton poultry take the poultry plant there that supplying food? The great companies like Chick-fil-a and pop is and you know it's amazing we're making you know parts and materials that they're going to people all over the world visit if civility ability earlier today down in the sea. SRA and that Gusta Savannah River region. That is making parts for on bills literally literally every manufacturer just about in the world is using that part so we can build anything for anybody in our state governor. You've unveiled your health care plan. I notice you're kind kind of in a in a catch twenty two here particularly with a lot of Democrats that you're it is. It's indisputable that the working poor were the hardest hit with obamacare because their ear Healthcare costs went up to help subsidize the cost of people who didn't have healthcare. The you've got to plan out to help. People get some subsidy in relief for their healthcare costs and now the Democrats are saying well. You're not injury enough people. Even though a lot of the people who aren't going to be on the plan have insurance or they qualify for Medicaid. Well Look Look at those folks that they're not gonNA like it wouldn't matter you know I could have proposed anything. They were still going found problems with it. I'll just say this I'm like most other Georgia's I'm tired of people not doing something on healthcare and we were not gonNa let that happen this year during the legislative session we pass twenty one different health care bills including the patient. Spur Stack and I'll talk about the waivers in a second but we're bringing transparency to medical bill and we're taking on antiquated aided Con Laws to open up access for people provide more cancer treatment for Jordan's all over this state in many many other things that we've done some very proud of that we can't just be a party or a state says no to you know what I call the unaffordable care at and not having a plan. So we're unveiling our plan now with the thirteen thirty to eleven fifteen waiver in the Democrats basically just want to expand broken. Oh can program this not working that the healthcare providers are not even you know in the areas to provide the service. And if they are they won't even take Medicaid okay patients so we're going to different route. We're coming up with the Georgia Center plan in the first part of it doesn't even have anything to do with Medicaid. It has something up to do about increasing competition lowering private-sector healthcare calls for hardworking Georgia and families that are out there that are seeing their race continued go up exponentially year after year and it simply unaffordable in the reinsurance program that we're asking for the waiver amongst other things is going to help stabilize the market allow for Insurance to compete in that market which lower pricing and give hard working Jordan's and our pace. It's choice their health care. Delivery is well as access in quality. So that's kind of one bucket on the private sector side on the Medicaid side. You know we're GONNA be innovators. That's something that I really appreciate about. The trump administration allowing the states beat being the incubators of democracy. We are having to work with them with the Them on this and they really believe that we can do a better job than the federal government can do at healthcare delivery. And that's going to be a big issue. I think in the presidential ritual raise but despite all that we are trying to give a pathway for folks that need health insurance that are you know not in a full-time job off. That don't have access to it and they can have the ability to get that by simply working part time by taking job training so it's incentivizing people people to get you know a skill where they can get into the private sector. We need more workers out there right now got great opportunities and it's also going allow people that are even volunteering. Pathway keep get health insurance but then also have the ability to move off the government health insurance into it's a private sector plan Down the road if they get that job training getting a better paying job in there with a company that can provide health insurance. We're now going to ask for a waiver that allows small business owners to be able to pitch in and help if part of that Healthier payment every month to that employee to incentivize percentage is them to come work for that company into lower their cost. You can't do that under obamacare and so what we're doing is innovative Georgia's centric solution in the people that are complaining about. It are going to complain about anything we would've put out. That's that's very true. Look I I won't take more of your time I appreciate your stopping by congrats on on the ranking again in congrats on everything doing and good luck with this outing. Youtube Governor Brian Kemp. I did note in my interview with the governor that we now my my brain sorry. I had my microphone on Mute while I was replaying. His interviewer unit forgotten and back on a completely threw me off when people hear me slurping coffee while I was also talking era leading. The governor talk so on Brian. Brian KIP One of the things I mentioned was that Delta is adding flights and I said Brunswick as well and I actually see this morning. Brunswick wasn't on the list Columbus Albany in Valdosta though and that's important because Columbus certainly military area valdosta arguably as well in Albany to some degree military terry locations but more importantly their private sector locations outside of Atlanta that are growing Columbus Albany and Valdosta if you look at the unemployment rates there there the unemployment rates are going down more and more people finding employment in St with private sector jobs. Now I'm told I am told that Delta is considering flights it's into the Brunswick Gary. They've scrapped flights to the Macon area in large part because making only an hour from the airport. It's a ten minute flight and there was no reason for them to do that. People people can drive up but these other places they been expanding. Athens has some flights But not through Delta and Brunswick and Savannah of course have a lot of flights. Savannah has the most Being a very big Transportation Hub now that they've rebranded it the Hilton head Savannah Airport people going into Savannah and Hilton the head. There is a sign though that the economy in these areas are doing well that Delta's decided to add flights and as far as the governor will let me take a macro grove view. Here real quick. If you'll allow the president it does matter in the election. He's particularly going to matter next year in the election. Because 'cause the the the president will be on the ballot and suburban voters they don't like the president The question is do they like him. So Bob do they hate him so much that they'll go vote for candidate whose policies they hate in that. That's the case and the Democrats are starting to realize that Liz with Horn which is why they're starting to get a little bit freaked out out. my my sense of things is that though. The governor was hurt in part in two thousand eighteen by the president's endorsement of the governor did not knee. Let let me dispel this myth here if you look at the early election vote in Georgia in the Republican runoff. Between Casey Cable Brian Kip. It is a myth that Brian Kemp needed Donald. Trump's endorsement. I meant the early vote in Georgia was substantial for Brian. Kemp Brian Kemp was running a ground. Game Is that was extraordinary. In fact I know the guy who software they used Oddly enough I hear that Matt Bevin didn't use this this software package and had all sorts of problems with his ground game in Connecticut Brian Kemp used this software backers. Say Ron Santa's in in Rick Scott US called campaign sidekick a buddy mine Came up with it and to door to door operations and they were killing it on early voting to say he needed. Donald Trump's endorsement Ignores the fact that early voting was done by the Thai except for one day that Friday before the election. The early voting was done Brian. Donald Trump did not make his endorsement until that Thursday evening And it was done. The vice president came down that weekend. I emceed mm see the event with Vice President Pence and Governor Kelp and on that Tuesday people overwhelmingly. I mean he just. He won massively but he didn't need the president do it would have been closer. But he's still would have won and the early vote says that the problem was that endorsement then defined Brian Gump because of the spin from people in the Republican Party. Who Don't like the governor that he's trump's guy he's going to be just like trump he's GonNa ruin us in the suburbs etc and a lot of people believed it? But we've now got a full year of the Governor Governor Governor and what's happened to his polling among independents Republicans and moderates is now but fifty percent. A Democrats a plurality of Democrats like the governor. He's at like forty eight percent popularity among Democrats. He's been a good governor and he's showing himself to be as old man and he's got three more years of this before he's got to stand for election again in and stuff like that actually matters when we come back the anxiety of the American voter new data Erickson here the hearings and show the full number is eight seven seven nine seven Eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five. The the Pete Peterson Foundation is going to do something in Atlanta. That I think is an excellent idea. the Pete Peterson Foundation is going to put up a debt clock in in Atlanta. You know the debt clock it shows you the The the national debt as it's growing is continuously updated Led Billboard. We're we've got twenty three trillion dollars in national debt. They wanted to be part of the campaign conversation. They'RE GONNA PUT DOWN BY CNN in downtown Atlanta on Turner Ted Turner drive. I Yeah I think that's excellent I've got a buddy of mine who got elected to Congress. And the first thing he did is is he reaches Pearson Foundation and ask where he could Get a debt clock for his office. He he wants a displayed and I think that is a quite a good thing That he did. I want to turn to a story. That's out there. NBC News had it that American anxiety is increasing and the twenty twenty election has a lot to do with it The twenty twenty election is impacting pretty significantly people's views on the election and and how people are responding distress school shootings or having an effect on people The break-up of families in in collapse so the social order is having a real impact on people all of these things are building to the stresses of dealing with twenty twenty and how people are approaching the election and it's a negative for the president. You do need to understand that. And and what I mean by being a negative for the president is that the President stresses people out. Then you may love the president but the president always on always on twitter always changing the new cycle by his tweets. It's it stresses people people out there some larger than that though and I let me let me have a a a spacer personal because I know I know exactly what people are going through And I've been open on this program about it My wife's got cancer She has a cancer for which there's not really a cure. It can be kept in remission for some time with a pill. She didn't take regular chemo. And hopefully a new pill will be created when this pill stopped working because we know this bill will stop working and The there's a lot of anxiety in my life over that A lot of anxiety over making ends meet and funding this radio program him out of my pocket Trying to get growing affiliates and advertising in in knowing have strong business sense and there are lots of people out there who would love to get into the business. And they're not really there for me to help me They're there to help themselves off of me I it's extraordinary the number of people when when you get into something like this. The number of people who view you as their meal ticket as opposed to actually wanting to come in and be a friend and partner And other people. I feel that as well particularly because we're we're becoming more and more isolated People I talk regularly on this program about your need to make friends ends in the real world and not interact online but to see people face to face and actually connect with people in your community and be part of your community and and it turns out that in this this survey a of people who are really anxious about twenty twenty The people who are the least anxious are the people who actually are engaged in the real world in their community and have a circle all of real world friends not online for people they regularly get together with And we all need this and this is my point to bear my soul and half confession time with you. I am really really bad about it. I am bad about it. I talk on the radio for five hours a day. Most of my friends living living in Atlanta I live in Macon I used to have a circle of friends in making. That doesn't exist anymore. They've all moved away. I used to have a Bible study here. I don't go to a Bible study anymore That Bible study kind of collapsed as those people moved away. I live a very isolated existence in so I understand particularly men I and I know most talk. Radio radio listeners are men and in my my apologies to the women in the audience right now but if you're married and your woman you should know this as well your husband and I speak for myself and other men in the in the election shows it is a phenomenon mostly of men. Men have a way of isolating themselves from community. He because they believe that they have obligations to their family and their job above themselves and so they put their family i. They put their job ahead of them. oftentimes oftentimes they put their job ahead of their family. And it's at the expense of themselves and it's causing deteriorating mental health and physical health problems for men in the country in the run up to the election twenty twenty it is increasingly causing problems For the mental wellbeing of a lot of men in the country. Also women don't want to downplay that but It is a phenomenon among men who very much feel like if they take time away from their job or their family. They're being selfish therefore they can't In their tendency. Let's see I. I mean my Tennessee. Let me just talk about me. Forget the generic man. I'm Oracle I am. I love my job and my family sometimes thinks thinks I love my job. More than me. I work out of my house which is bad. I don't have an office to go to so there's no physical severing of the connection between me and my office. I'm always in my office. I if I'm at home I more likely than not sitting in my office on the computer in some way working or reading related to work I never unplugged. Never ever UNPLUG UNPLUG which just causes the worries to magnify causes everything to amplify causes everything to spiral I hang out with my family if I hang out with friends more often than not I'm hanging out with friends of mine who I know because we worked together and we spend our time talking about work not other things and more and more the data suggests is that more and more. I'm not alone in this more men do this in we self isolate. We don't go out with friends. We have limited for networks offline and and as we hit into twenty twenty it is starting to impact people. The rates of ulcers are up the rates of high blood pressure are up. The rates of cardiac cardiac distress are up in it. All has to do with overall societal isolation in the twenty twenty election. I'm really amplifies that now Lynch again. LemMe not talk about the hypothetical man. Let me just talk about myself. awesome would say. It's my favorite topic anyway. No seriously I'll put myself on this but I I I'll confess. I saw my friend. Charlie is my producer and I got another friend Philip. Who helps me run the resurgent and I interact with outside of my family? I interact with those two more than anyone else on the planet these days and more often than not we talk about work oftentimes when we try not to talk about work Philadelphia. It'll my fortune have glass bourbon and Cigar on Sunday nights and try not to talk work. But it's very hard for me not to talk about work Work is what I know. Work is what I'm good at work is what I love So I talk about work And a beyond the interaction with Philippine. Charlie my family. I really don't interact with other human beings that much these days fringe moved away for. It's gone It's hard to find frankly new friends when you're in the business. I'm in because people want to be friends with guy on the radio not the guy I Th they knew from Church or whatnot it becomes rather isolating and I'm not alone in that But I can talk about my experience on top of that Between my wife's health and and everything else you know I I'll just admit to you. I was in a bad place the summer Had the stress of doing the resurgent gathering. And for those you. I don't know I I do conference. I'm not going to do at this coming year largely because of this past year In all the other things involved the compromises I would have to make do do an honest conference. I didn't WANNA make I wanted to be honest and that would cause problems for fundraising this past year. We raised several hundred thousand dollars to do the conference and much much of came into the last month than it was super stressful. We had contracts and obligations. We had to meet. The money wasn't coming. It was overwhelming and it came at the exact same time. And I haven't really opened up with anybody about this including Charlie Phillip It it came at about the time where I became a to the realization that in addition to my wife's health that I I would probably In the future have to do with my children's health as well. We can't have them tested genetically right now for a host of reasons one day we will but all of this was Wayne on me the summer. it was really overwhelming and I had no outlet at all and I muddle through it. The show was launched orange in August. And so I could focus on the conference and I could focus on on this show but doing so at the expense of absolutely everything else I I couldn't think about anything you think I'm compartmentalized and I was a lawyer. We've learned to compartmentalize in law. School it is really easy to compartmentalize things and sometimes the the compartments so stuff though they break open and he can't get rid of stuff and I mean I I was I was having some serious talks with God on a regular basis on my knees in the middle of the night. Waking up and cold. Sweats Ah just having to go find somewhere to pray and I it it certainly got me through faith a certainly apart but man. y'All I understand people's anxiety eighty right now and it got bad enough. That friends of mine have recognized the problem and in a buddy of mine said you know. We Sh- I need a break too. He he's and some issues with family and work. He's been stressed out. And so we rounded up a group of people and they wound up taking me out west this past weekend. I mentioned Why I wouldn't here on Monday? Took my computer my laptop from me so I couldn't work I couldn't focus on work. They all know I'm addicted work. And he was essentially detox for work. They put me in a helicopter with a machine gun and I got to fly around and shoot guns and no not everybody has the opportunity to fly around a mountain sided shooting machineguns. It was pretty awesome. I gotTa tell you it was awesome. a belt fed machine sheen gun two hundred rounds. Four hundred rounds ultimately flying along a mountain ridge and just just firing at targets was incredible and it was a small helicopter and the pilot was great. And one of the guys I was with had been a special operator in the military and so they were willing to to push helicopter to its limits because he was in there I think they totally forgot got. I was in there but I loved it. It was awesome but I needed that break In needed to be surrounded with friends. Who forced me to take the break Even when I don't want to take the break I'm not. I'm outside my comfort zone when I'm surrounded by people in have to talk about stuff other than work in politics and they forced me to do it and it was good. I I needed it. But it's also realization looking at this data this morning that you need it to You you'd need to be surrounded with people and you gotTa make yourself or you gotta have friends good enough to force you to do it to unplug on occasion from life and if you're a guy in particular to not feel guilty about leaving your family for gold as I assure you they will be fine and I listen I. I'm practicing. WanNa pretend being real honest with you maybe more honest than I should eat is hard for me Ed particularly just with with family health finances and everything else that goes on in life It's hard for me to pull back and say everything's GonNa be okay if I go away for a couple of days. It's not something you can do regularly not something you should do regularly but when I saw that study this morning About anxiety and how twenty twenty and mass shootings and the the ever changing new cycle or played into it. I thought you know this too and if it's me too it's probably a a lot of other people. I mentioned this before i. I'm probably more open than I should be about stuff going around my life in large part because I met someone one time who who was on the verge of suicide seriously was on the verge of suicide And he told me that me being honest about my situation was one of the things that helped pulling back from the brink and while it it's personally embarrassing to me and I've had people throw stuff in my face for being honest Suggesting maybe I shouldn't be I. I know that by and large people out there who have the anxieties I have if not more. So and they think they're alone They don't know that other people. We're going through it. I I let me tell you. I'm going through it. My wife has her cancer. Scans in two weeks Our life is very with metronomic regularity. She goes in every three months for a new cancer she had to see the tumors are growing again in one day they will and so every time we get to a scan we kind of spend a week or two holding our breath and here it comes And I don't where I would be mentally had not been forced to check out for a weekend with this coming up and so I can see in the data data of anxiety in the election that I'm not alone in that a lot of people who are anxious about the election and they're anxious about their job and they're anxious about their finances. There is a common trait among the men and the women particularly the women. They're isolated they feel guilty about having a physical connection with someone someone other than their family in their life. That's unrelated to work that they they don't think they can just go out and grab a beer with a buddy and they need to. We all need to And this weekend certainly showed me that. I've got to do a better job with that in that it's actually possible for me to leave all the electrons Biden and have a good the time with with people and I just I was very fortunate. I'm very very blessed to have friends. who paid for me to do this so that was one less stress The financial stress of it as well. I I want to do it in there like we got this. You need to go you do it and I was very blessed to do that. And I realized that I'm unique in that to some degree in fortunate in that. But you don't have to do that. You you can go to the gun range go. Go hit golf balls Go Go to a driving range. Just drinking hit golf balls There's a relaxing thing to do. I'm happy to go with you. As a matter of fact just go hang out The extent is increasing in our electoral cycle and in our lives. CBS has everything to do with our isolation from our community from our church groups from our friends we feel guilty. We feel. We've got a work feel. We've got to spend time with our family and sometimes you just need to get away and that's not selfish. It is necessary and it's just amazing looking at the data. How many people? There's a direct correlation to anxiety building an isolation and. No Man is an island and I realize realizes cliche to say but it's true The question though is sometimes you have to wade through a little bit of water to go find the other people and I would encourage you all to do that as I have had to. Do it Just so you know you're not alone and you can share your rings is if you don't necessarily need a therapist you just need friends around the table with the beer and and have conversations about real life and not be guarded with people P particularly people. Who are your friends that? If you don't have friends go to church joy small group get a Bible study that it was Sunday school class. Join a civic group meet people you connect in that common way with a similar worldview and then from there you can build some friendships I it is staggering agreeing to me the number of people in this country who say they really don't have best friends they interact with physical basis. They interact with over the Internet over over a phone Over for social messaging APP. You gotTA actually have face to face time with people. God himself came to Earth to walk with US physically That should suggest maybe we should do that with each other. All right enough about that. Welcome back the full number. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five remember this hour sponsored by dynamic money and go to dynamic NIMICK MONEY DOT COM to learn more if you need help with your finances Need help learn finances teaching your kids financial skills DYNAMIC MONEY CAN HELP A. The judge has struck down a rule pass by the trump administration on conscious of conscientious objections to perform an abortion. This is actually kind of staggering in the media's badly reporting the issue there's actually a law passed by Congress Ted Kennedy spoke in support of the law that would allow the law would allow all doctors and nurses to say they could not perform abortions Because of their moral religious concerns the Obama Administration Shen never actually wrote regulations for this law so the trump administration did and now a federal judge appointed wanted by Barack. Obama has struck down the regulations. Saying it would actually Violate a coercion coercion. In the constitution you would be foreseeing. medical providers to to hire people. When they don't WanNa hire him? Which is actually I mean is a profound up in dean of law? This is clearly very activist. Progressive Judge Judge essentially the law says and it is a federal law. It's not just a rule. All he struck down the rule that was designed implement the law. And the law. Says that. If you're you're someone of faith can you don't want to perform abortion. You can't be forced to do so in a hospital that gets federal money. What the judge says is you're actually really compelling employers to hire people of faith with this rule well well he saying that hospitals may not want to hire a Christian because the Christian will perform abortions? And what this law is. Essentially we do with the rule not the law. what the rule is doing forcing hospitals dire Christians? They don't want higher. They should not have to hire Christians which is weird when you particularly have religious discrimination nation is a thing in this country too but that was the judges logic and getting rid of the rule it will undoubtedly be reversed on appeal but it is a reminder of just how hostile progressives are to faith-based objections and faith-based concern to this country You know secularism is in of itself is a religion you have your own Doctrine Jeb. Bureau Dogma you've got your own PREC you've got your own tithing system all these things that you you give to the government the government scare people You you sacrifice at the altar of abortion abortion is a sacrament within in the left Protest is a sacrament. I it's it's in lieu of going to church go marching in the streets in protest the trump administration Secularism is it may be a new religion and it's shaking out it's it's the algae Dogma unorthodoxies but it absolutely is and this idea that telling people. You can't be punished if you don't want to do. An abortion means that hospitals would be forced to hire religious. People is absurd and that's the logic the progressive left has taken on this. They're cheering this by the way. The progressive leftist cheering the decision. On the logic. That hospital should not have to hire people of faith. In fact there are progressive activists out there today saying that. If if you're a person of faith you can't really be. A person of science and medicine needs more. People have science the people of Faith Joel Goldberg writing in his dispatch newsletter. Talked about scientism. It was. There's a term. For Frederick high gave to people who try to say science says and they twist everything into this framing for science that essentially the Roe v Wade argument it was based on science. ISM It is. People got social science experts. Who came up with this idea of trimesters which no one in the medical community actually believes leaves but the Supreme Court bought it and said you know restrictions on your first trimester you can restrict thereafter progressively restrict abortion and that wasn't actually based on the science of pregnancy was based on the scientism pregnancy? The scientism the experts say we encounter this all the time. Experts say experts experts used to say that eggs are bad. Don't eat eggs and now the experts say the eggs are okay. You can't eat the eggs and I. It turned on his head. And that's what's going on here or scientism it is a new religion in secularism. Would we come back. There's a Georgia story. We need to talk about. It has nationwide implications. There's a case before the Supreme Court on whether or not not you as a Georgia citizen can access your state's laws. You'll I would like to think quip for sponsoring this week's show. y'All I love my toothbrush. 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Is Eric Erickson here of the Eric. Erickson show what's this the mets. What the heck in your Mayor de Blasio a New York former presidential candidate and the mets are teaming up to give nine hundred criminals free tickets to Citi field? So they're gonNA forgive nine hundred criminals tickets to Citi Field Permits Games or other events hosted at the stadium to get them to show up for their court dates Right Yell Okay Wow okay. How progressives okay? The phone number here. Eight seven seven nine seven Eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five I wanNA talk to you about. It is not getting a ton of attention. I'm there's an article at the federalist on this and I think it's a big deal I need to explain some mm some minutia to you. I was a lawyer for a number of years. And I just I gotta I gotTA explain. This Lemme Lemme break this down for you. It's a slightly complicated in Georgia. We refer to the Georgia code as the OC. Oh C. G. A. What that stands for is the official code of Georgia annotated. If view go to court in Georgia and you file a lawsuit you have to cite the Oh oh CGA in your court filings and very. There's something called the Blue Book the Blue Book. You know how you've got the Chicago Manual of style the The associated Associated Press style. Guide things like that on how. You're right Lawyers have style guide as well and it's called the Blue Book. It's not the Kelley Blue Book. It is not about the price of cards. The Blue Book tells you how to cite things illegal brief Or do you put. Spaces is What has spaces what doesn't have spaces in the O.? CGI IS OH period. C period g period A. Period space. And then you have the The symbol for you're a section and the number and then you have a space and then in parentheses you have the date of the the most recent data the Georgia Code. You can't put Georgia code section whenever it's gotTa be Oh. Cj Section The best one I'm familiar with is is the election code. Election Code is titled Twenty One and in the Georgia Code so section. Twenty one dash one dash one which is the introductory paragraph for the election code and then in parentheses it would be Two thousand eighteen. That's the most recent version of the Georgia Code. That's that has minutia. You need to know to understand this Georgia contracts with Lexis Nexis is publishing to produce the official code of Georgia annotated. And if you want access to the official code of Georgia annotated you've got to pay four hundred hundred some odd dollars to have access to it in other words you can actually get your Georgia laws. Remember in court Ignorance of the law is no no defense. Just because you didn't know something was the law when you break. The law is not a defense but in Georgia. If you want to know what the law is you've got to pay four hundred dollars to get access to the. Aw Georgia says no you. Don't no you don't you can get access to the free Georgia Code Online. There's a problem though. The Free Georgia go the difference between the official code of Georgia annotated and the regular code is the regular code just has the statute. Well let let me give you an example here in. You'll just bear with me here if you go to the state legislatures website Legis Dot L. E. S. Dot AJA Dot Gov. You will find a tab in the left and it says Georgia Code when you go to Georgia Code. It will move you over to the Lexus. Nexus website mm site and when you lexis nexis website you can see the code of Georgia four free now. I I wanna read for you. What the says this? This website is maintained by Lexis nexis. The publisher of the Official Code of Georgia annotated to provide free public access to the law. It is not intended ended to replace professional legal consultation or advanced legal research tools legislative staff of the Georgia General Assembly cannot respond to requests for legal advice. Order the application of the law to specific facts from anyone except members of the Georgia General Assembly therefore to understand in particular legal rights. You should consult a lawyer Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. I agree okay. Let's go to Well let's go to one you guys would be interested in that would be titled Sixteen so CJ Section in Sixteen Dash. Let's go to chapter five is crimes against person. Let's go to the first one is homicide and let's go to section fifteen dash five dash one. OC Dash Five Dash. One is murder her malice. Murder Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah a person Oh. Cj Section Sixteen Dash Five Dash one a a person commits the offensive murder when he unlawfully and with malice aforethought forethought is express or implied causes the death of another human being expressed malices that deliberate intentional unlawfully to take the life of another human being which is manifested by extra circumstances capable blah blah blah blah blah. There's your code. OC Jason Fifteen sickly sixteen dash five dash one section a defines the offence of murder. Here's the problem. The official code of Georgia annotated. Ah at the bottom of the page then lists the case law from the Georgia Supreme Court relevant to that section and and if you cite the law in Georgia you've got to cite the official code of Georgia. annotated your taxpayer dollars. Put the official code of Georgia Georgia annotated together and that includes the statute it includes the history of the statute when it was enacted for example According to this the law was first enacted in in eighteen thirty three the last time it was revised it was revised in two thousand fourteen and that it includes the Supreme Court's case history. The Court of Appeals case. History if you go to the Georgia General Assembly website. You don't get that you you pay for it you actually pay for that you pay for the publication of the official code of Georgia annotated complete with the references to court of Appeals and Supreme Court decisions on on those particulars of the law. But you're not allowed to have access to it unless you pay for your dollars. You've already paid your taxpayer dollars. This is the case before the United States Supreme Court A couple doesn't thousands. I think twenty states twenty states used taxpayer dollars to write their official codes with all the references to Supreme Court decisions etc.. And you're not allowed to have access to it. So if you're a pro se defendant and you go online. And you've you've got a site this code section sixteen Dash Five Dash one the murder statute. You're not allowed to see the relevant court opinions from Georgia that that any lawyer in the state can see. Unless you're willing to pay money to get access to the expanded version of lexis-nexis even though your taxpayer dollars paid to I put it together. That's the case before the Supreme Court and I think Georgia is wrong in this. I think that if your taxpayer dollars are going to compile the official code of Georgia annotated aided oc that is what you have to site in a court case. That is what you have to cite in your legal briefs to court you should have access s. two the official code of Georgia annotated again. There is no defense to the law. If you don't know what the law is in Georgia says you've got to pay four hundred dollars to have access to the wall now. Georgia's defense is. Oh Oh but we put the actual statutes online for free. They can see the statutes. But that's not the official code of Georgia annotated tax payers pay for additional information. That you're the priding your average citizen of scene. It's absurd there are twenty five states. That are sorry there are thirty states that let's say if the state pays for its official code and that official code also lists the related State Court cases. Then you're entitled title to all of it for free because they're your your court cases paid for by your court or done by your court which you paid for taxpayer dollars they're your statutes compiled by your legislature. HR would you paid for with taxpayer dollars. They're your code compiled by your state that you paid for with your tax dollars and they're all together therefore you should have access to it because you've already made Ford Art and the State of Georgia says no you've got to pay extra even though you've already paid through your taxpayer dollars you've got to pay extra. The Supreme Court is going to hear that case Jason this week the case is public resources Georgia versus public resource. Org the the. I'm sorry. It's December second. They're going to hear the case. The could the public resource dot. Org is a website that decided to put the entire osage out there including all the court case references and the state of Georgia sued them to shut them down. Tom Public resources one in In the the Court of Appeals and now they're headed to the Supreme Court and the reason they're headed to the supreme court is because they wanted the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals here Georgia. Which means that Georgia and Alabama and Florida that makes up the circuit? They've now got a show you the entire official quota. George annotated it or that the Alabama coach of the Florida Code but it only applies to those three states so public resources dot Org Public Resources Dot Org UGH INC crazy name. They support Georgia's appeal. The the they won at the appellate level and they're supporting the appeal to the Supreme Court. Because they think there's a chance to the Supreme Court will enforce this nationwide and it seems like a no brainer to me. We paid for the Georgia Code. We should be able to have access to it without having to pay an extra four hundred dollars. It is absurd that the state thinks otherwise. Lisa calling from Clarksville Clarksville. You're on this welcome to the program. Hey I just tuned in Let me can Rio and and this I just happened to fall upon this couple of weeks ago just by accident. What you're talking about I'm a former Florida resident Driver's license suspended offended trying to get the driver's license back in Florida so that I can get a license here. 'cause you have to have one from one state to get another state the Luckily the guy in Florida that I talked to he said well you might WanNa find out first because you'll have to apply for her ship license. You might want to call the state of Georgia to find out if they issue. Her questions is because I know that the state of Alabama does not so I went through those who I come to find out the state of Georgia does not allow her ship license issued from another state they Georgia will not issue one either or for any reason for any reason so I need that information to why win. I'm Lexis nexis looking for these codes and I couldn't find him anywhere in what I did find mind was not like you're saying it wasn't the expanded version though I had to call this state back the DMV or whatever you call it here and she said well let me put you on hold and I was on hold and she had two core ever come to. It's awful so finally she comes back because she says well look. I'll take your name and number and I need a written Request Center offices in. I think it's down in somewhere. Somewhere near Monroe or something somewhere down there That states that you need this and you have to sign it and you have to put your birthday. I still have gotten it but it it would. It tells me is that they don't want people going in and doing their own. You know approach. What do you call it? Pro Pro Bono. Yeah or or Pro Se pro. Say Yeah they don't want you doing your own court cases and I won't get into reason. I don't have a driver's driver's license but it has a lot to do with that from four. Well you know at least the this I. I'm glad you called in ever in Clarksville with the story. Because is you're not alone. You listen I when I was a lawyer now. I don't actively practice anymore. Thanks very much for the phone. Call Lisa I. I don't actively practice anymore. I still at my bar. Licenses inactive reminds me I gotta pay my party that's the other thing is is in Georgia. you gotta Pay Your Bar in perpetuity if you WANNA just hang onto your law license which is absurd to me. That's another case going to the Supreme Court But they really do discourage individuals from wanting to be pro se not everybody they can hire a lawyer and that that's the reason I read you the the opening page to this When you go into Lexis nexis big thing that you you really need to have a lawyer you really? You shouldn't be doing this yourself You don't have access to everything. Well you should because by God you pay for it. You're a taxpayer in the state of Georgia you paid compile the official Code Oh to Georgia annotated the official code of Georgia annotated has information relating to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Cases on the particular statutes. And they don't give you that unless you pay extra extra money you've already paid as a taxpayer. And like in this case it makes it difficult for you to be able to navigate what you do and where you go. Oh who you see in what you do and what procedure must be filed and win. The state is is a Yanking your chain. Because you can't see all the information you as taxpayers tax payers should be able to see and so the Supreme Court has taken this case and it's GonNa Impact Twenty states. 'cause twenty eight is not just Georgia twenty states do do this to their tax payers you pay to have your code annotated and then they won't let you see it unless you pay them some more and good for the Supreme Court of day this. I hope Georgia loses uses this case. I really hope Georgia loses it. Is Eric Erickson here. Welcome back the phone number. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four two five eight seven and seven nine seven eric yes that's vanity. They listen you know. I should have thought this maybe I should. Maybe I should change my name to your I see. It's amazing. The number of people who Split Belt Yard. It's your I see gay. Which is why it's nine seven Eric? E R I C K but that translates to eight seven seven nine seven three seven four or two five as the phone number. If you WANNA call in and be a part of the program David French writing in the dispatch makes a good point about this the decision by Paul ingle mayor in the Southern District of New York on the abortion conscious. Let me read you. Part of what he says at the dispatch dispatch. The trump administration rule is complicated Jingle mayors opinion was one hundred forty seven pages long and I'm trying to limit the length of my newsletters so I'm not gonNA dive into the details of the ruling. As a general rule the court imposes a more exacting degree of scrutiny on the trump abortion regulations than existing jurisprudence permits these regulations that allow people of faith and conscience to say they're not going to perform abortions. The judge says They could be compelled by a hospital to perform those abortions the ruling functionally Salihi narrows the degree of discretion granted to the executive branch to interpret statutes and promulgate regulations. which brings me to my key? Point I'm beginning to believe that the legal left may well learned under regret the precedent it's setting in the trump era in two thousand seventeen I coined the term trump law to describe the legal. Left's USA forum shopping creative legal theories and national national injunctions to cobble together a remarkably successful series of legal holdings Illegal holding actions. That seemed designed as much to run out. The clock walk on trump's first term as they were permanently block his policies even if they were perhaps destined to lose the Supreme Court the process of actually getting there and getting the case heard word and decided could take years and indeed. The Supreme Court can't take every case by pressing legal challenge after legal challenge as far as it will go. Progressives are are moving cases to a supreme court that's not necessarily thrilled with the regulatory state Justice Gorsuch in particular has eloquently about the administrative states threat to the American assistant governance. So what does that mean. It's easy to imagine a different kind of legal resistance. One that uses the precedent set by today's legal left but filter through very different courts instead of philly filing cases in California New York the next legal resistance maybe during the age of president. Warren will file. It's cases aces and Texas or Alabama. And then those same courts will find the scrutiny applied to presidential elections by the ninth and second circuits to both interesting and persuasive after all conservative. Legal scholars have long argued that the executive branch is far more powers of the founders intended. It's easy to see an emerging legal future where American polarization means Congress enacts ex- few if any sweeping reforms. The president's are subject to increasing restraints on the Regular Authority Regulatory Authority based on precedent set by judges on the left and the right and when the progressive activists lament that heightened legal barrier in part. They'll have themselves to blame their own. Resistance established the precedent students that will block progressive legal reform. I think he's right on that by the way in fact The president is out there now. Bragging about the judges that he's gotten confirmed. But we will have confirmed as I said one hundred twelve judges to the federal district courts. Forty four judges to the Federal Circuit Courts and two outstanding outstanding judges to the United States Supreme Court and numbers rapidly rising. Now one out of every four circuit. Judge is currently on. The bench was appointed by this administration. That numbers now exceeded that by quite a bit. No president in history has confirmed as many circuit court judges even close not even close in such a short period of time the average age of my newly appointed circuit court judges is less than fifty a young smart. That's ten years younger than President Obama's nominees. The pace of appointments is only accelerating. It's going very quickly. And then you know at some point have to slow it down because we're not gonNA have any any openings that but we'll find him we'll find uh we'll find him. Would you like to add a few judges. That wouldn't be a bad idea about adding another hundred or so we'll be able to fill. We're we're on track to have more judges confirmed this year than in the prior two years combined for us and we'll be a record in history Record the number of judges that were were getting and just a short period of time once all pending nominations confirmed I will have appointed about two hundred injured in one thousand. Nine hundred judges and that number will go up very substantially from the you know one of the things the president did is. Is He focused on circuit courts. I any stack the circuit courts. And now he's working on the district judges and that's GonNa have a long term impact whether he has one term or two it'll be hugely meaningful meaningful. There is still time. The sweet potato pie recipe will be in people's inboxes at noon No later than noon. it is. It is my favourite sweet sweet potato pie recipe it is so it's itchy roast the sweet potatoes if you can You put them in the pies. It makes to pies but then you put them arraigned arraigned on top and most sweet potato pie. South don't have meringues but this would not only has a meringue. It's got a marshmallow cream meringue. You use a jet jet puffed marshmallow cream and then you you make your standard Marais. HAW YOU'RE GONNA want this recipe text recipe two three three seven seven seven. You'll have it in twenty five minutes in your inbox. You gotta get it now. And that's okay if you text if if you text later that if you text recipe to three seven seven seven in the recipes already. Gone out what you'll get back as you'll get a link to all the recipes that I've sent out anyway so you'll be able to find this one Text the recipe. Two three three seven. Seven seven you'll get this. It is a marshmallow meringues. Sweet Potato Pie it is divine it is it is perfect for the holidays Even if you don't want the meringue the sweet potato pies fantastic brown butter sweet potato pie really really good. Okay we we gotta move. We gotta move on to other things. I want to you spend a few moments talking about. Paula White begrudgingly. I don't WanNa talk about Paula White. I feel the need to talk about Paula White Paula white is the president's spiritual adviser skirt my head Polo Whites a prosperity Gospel Minister and the Prosperity Gospel is heresy. Any Orthodox Christian will tell you the Prosperity Gospel is heresy Joel Osteen who wants you to have your best life now in a number of other pastors out there who preached the sort of stuff. There fueled good sermons were they twist scripture and make it sound like God is going to get you wealthy now. In fact scripture is actually pretty clear Jesus is a says that you can have these things you can have wealth and fortune. You can have fame in good health. But you're GONNA get persecution to and the Prosperity Gospel leaves that out But more particularly scripture. I'm sure says for example Asking you'll receive pray to God and believe and you'll receive in in God gives those who ask with open hearts. He'll give them. The scripture is pretty open to the fact that God has a generous God. But this has been it's been twisted is did and the reason it's been twisted is because God does not necessarily give you money. Listen I know this firsthand in my life as is my family and I have struggled with finances over the years Trying to make ends meet when I was a lawyer I got law school and I've still got student loans. That are going going to be another fifteen years paying them off and I have a practice law since two thousand six and I've still got I've got thirteen to fifteen years to pay off more loans. I make eight now more than ever made as a lawyer. In fact I left practicing law On the verge of being a partner at my law firm and was making fifty two thousand thousand a year at the law firm. This in two thousand five. I was making fifty two thousand. I had started at forty three And I did not have enough money to pay our mortgage WJR and our my student loans and other expenses. We had at the end of the month after all of our after all of our bills of pay between my wife and me working we had about five hundred bucks at the end of the month for groceries and gas and all that sort of stuff and luckily I was blessed to get a new job That really almost pay me quite quite not quite double but almost what I was making is a lawyer and I. It's taken a long time to to increase my income. In fact I'm making about sixty percents less now than I was two and a half three years ago still have a lot of the debts from from when I was making way more than I am. Now Drug Olympia. There's off again. This hour is not sponsored sponsored by dynamic money. But I'll tell you again that's Chris. Burns has come in helpful as being look at all of our debts objectively and in my income and say hey we can restructure your debts. This way Get them paid off. We can refinance your house. You've got enough equity in your house. We can take that money we can wipe out these debts. That'll free up income. And then you can wipe out these debts without income. It's a chess game that I don't understand I. I don't play jets He's quite good at it. Go to dynamic money if you need something. But this is a a a longest I to the Gospel where a lot of people get roped into the Prosperity Gospel because they are struggling financially. They're in hardship. And you've got a minister saying if you just believe and you offer your money to the church. God's going to return to you because that that is kind of what the Bible says is it not that that you give to God God gives to you. God gives to you generously generously when you give to the church generously. So you've got these prosperity Gospel ministers who were telling people you buy me my new Gulfstream you buy me my my new mansion you fund this church and the church programs and God is GonNa make you wealthy. He is going to be so generous with you. I've heard Paula White. Say you're you are storing up money in the Treasuries of Heaven that God is keeping a ledger and every dollar. You give your earn interest on that money. But that's a workspace religion Genin. Christianity is not a workspace religion by faith. This is the reformation. The five hundred two years ago on Halloween The Reformation Day as well that that you go you you are by faith. You are saved if you're Catholic. I realized there's a works component there but even cultism rejects the idea of the Prosperity Gospel. That you write a check and god God puts it in a ledger in heaven. And he's going to give you interest on that money and you're GonNa make that is not scriptural and that is the Prosperity Gospel and that is why it's a heresy in Paula. White is in that Paula. White is a prosperity Gospel Minister. She has affirmed in the past that Jesus is not the only begotten Son of God there was actually pastor. She was on TV with who say there's the Oh Jesus in the only begotten Son have gotten and she she nods her head along with him shell so does the whole speaking in tongues. Thing that I'm I'm I'm just not a big fan of and she's also been divorced. Multiple Times in the scripture is pretty clear on and that that it's it's not a wise thing to to to do now I wanNA pull up this audio for you. Because you need to hear this audio of Paula White that circulating out there to get an idea of the of the problems. It's not a very long video but This woman has been made a White House. Staffer she's now going to be the outreach coordinator for the president of the United States four for Christians actions and I think that's problematic White House grounds. God walks on White House grounds every authority already to declare the White House holy ground because I was standing there and where I stand is home to say to president trump would be saying took on. We are in a spiritual war right now let every demonic network that is aligned itself against the purpose against the calling a president trump. Let it be broken. Let it be torn down in the name of Jesus. There's no way to tell you what my thoughts are. The folks of the king of kings adults of the Lord of Lords. I'm downloading heaven. He's talking and Tony's there we this is this is from in its from a left. We knew side that compiled piled this. You do need to know but they accurately capture a lot of the stuff with Paula White And it's problematic for me as a Christian Because was she's wrong on so much of the stuff and she's luring people in on the idea that if they will give money to her ministry that they'll become rich in that is I can see why the president likes that message. I can see why she's the president's spiritual adviser. I can see why people gravitate to this message. There are a lot of people hurting and a lot of people are hurting because of financial missteps in their life and I have been there and and I do believe that God helps you through these times. I can't tell you the number of times we're Christine. I have been to our last twenty five dollars in the checking account. I have lived that life until I got my my current radio job Our insurance wasn't great and we're struggling with Christie's health problems. We're struggling with cancer. Were struggling with bills. Were struggling with medicine. We're surely that she had a mastectomy right after we got married in two thousand shed in January of two thousand one and six reconstruction surgeries over a number of years after that in our bills were piling up making forty seven forty eight by this time thousand dollars. Student loans have to constantly defer for my student loans because we can't afford the loans in the medical bills and were at the last twenty five dollars in our checking account and just out of the blue. Somebody sends US money out of the blue. We find coupons that saves US money. I was talking to a buddy of mine. The other day who was saying in that is his wife was freaking out. They had a bunch of bills to pay. He was actually pointing stuff to be able to make ends meet to keep the family going and they went out to dinner one night and they're sitting at dinner and he makes the mistake looking at a checking account and he realized that they don't have enough money to pay the restaurant bill and he sitting there a dinner in his with his wife and his kids kids and they don't have the money and he ceased sitting at the dinner table checked out of the conversation worry in starched praying and this older couple gets is up next to him and enhance a McHugh pond in the coupon Gives them a discount of the meal at this restaurant enough that they got the money. The checking account to pay for the meal that that stuff happens. If you're not a Christian I understand. It sounds flaky. It sounds Kooky But that stuff happens it happened to me. But that doesn't mean that if you give money God's going to give you a lot of money back he takes care of you and the problem problem with the Prosperity Gospel is that it doesn't say that God takes care of you. It says God makes you wealthy when you make the church wealthy. The only people getting wealthy in this or the preachers. I got another problem with Paula. Light that she's been divorced I And I'm I'm there have been allegations of of of issues in her marriage and fidelity and her marriage on her part. They're just allegations. I believe. I don't know that anything's been proven. But I got a real problem with with that given scriptural admonitions and I can again. I I can see why the president likes her. But I don't know that she should be in charge of faith outreach with the White House and I think that when the president only won by seven thousand votes in Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. He can't afford to be Alien Evangelical. And there's a lot of data out there showing that while it's not a ton there are at least seventy thousand evangelical in the country who are concerned heard in this hurts. Let me play this audio for you is not the only begotten Son of God. He is not. I'm a son of guy. He's the first fruit. He's the first born of many is not the only begotten Son of God. He is not. I'M A SON BERTIE INTO I. Learned the third place that Jesus shed his blood deflate the curse of poverty and I wanna hit that because poverty is curse absolute and people. You have to understand this so much. The same thing with prosperity the word redeem means to be brought back in the garden of Eden. There was no poverty. There was no hunger. There was no need of food stamps. There was no. It was a land that flow with milk and honey live I don I want his children living voluptuous. I got no problem with the basketball player. Driving a Rolls Royce. I got no problem with a baseball player flying in an airplane. We we expect that child at God. Oh my that's leary Hutcheon in Paula White. You can hear them agreeing that Jesus not the only begotten got something th- th- and that's the Prosperity Gospel there that that somehow poverty is a bad thing. You Jesus's ministry was mostly to the poor people not to have a to have them say that poverty is a bad thing is actually in itself not a good thing to say. And I don't know y any one of the White House is a good idea to have this woman as the faith outreach coordinator for the president when when Orthodox Christianity views her her prosperity Gospel as a heresy. and You you do need understand that. There are a lot of evangelical ministers because of their access to power They're willing to turn a blind eye to this. I think think Christians have to call that SORTA stuff out you know. It reminds me of the story of Amos Amos Chapter Seven Amazon was the priest and Bethel he was the priest of the king in in Israel and Judah in Israel have been divided and Emma Ziya goes to Amos Amos is calling on the Kingdom of Israel to repent and one of the things Amo says. Is that your prosperity prosperity right now. Is God trying to call you back. He made you impoverish. She made you poor and you didn't repent so now. He's been really generous to you hoping that. Now you'll repenting you're still not repenting eighteen. So you're going to be destroyed. This is the best you have unless you repent and Emma Ziya the priest comes out and says hey as she got to shut up now you need to go back to Judah. Because you're you're you're cut in on my GIG. This isn't helpful to me. You coming up here saying this stuff. I'm I'm cashing in up here. You go cash in Judah and the Amazon Would Have Been Prosperity Gospel Minister. Hey I've got access to power. I Wish Burger Kings here and I'm living lavishly as a result. That's what we're seeing and that's wrong and here's the thing and I don't mean to make some of you man but this is really gonNa make some this really pissed off some people when I've said it before on a stage I got booed for saying it but I'm GonNa say it again. I get the sense. There are a lot of Christian ministers who have access to the president. Now who are way more interested in what they can get from him then his eternal soul and I get the sense. There are a lot of people well who were so transactional in their friendship with the president. They don't really care where he goes at the end of this life so long as they get their preferred policy right now and get access to him. Tom And I have a real problem with that. Because I take my faith seriously you should be way more concerned. -cerned with the eternal salvation of those around you then even they may be and if you're in the Prosperity Gospel and you're telling people that God wants I want you to have your best life now. No the Bible's very clear. This is the best life the Pagans will ever have. There's an entire psalm. On this that the the unbelievers the people who mocked God this is the best life there ever going to have it as a mercy from God they're limited up. You see the Hollywood celebrities who mocked God and and they're rich and they're wealthy. They're they're famous. You want that fame but you gotta cash in you got to sell out your values to do it and you're not going to you. Think why God why are they having such a good life right now when they hate you because it's an act of mercy because it's the best they're ever going to have. This is the worst year ever going to have it and the best they're ever going to have. And unfortunately there are a lot of people in the church right now who bought into this Prosperity Gospel. Heresy And now one of them is in charge of the White House. Faith operation. Who thinks God wants you to have your best life now? No no no. It doesn't and when you're living your life like that. What damage are you doing to your soul and the soul of those? Who might need you to call them to repent and believe and I'm afraid there are a lot the people who are putting the president soul at risk because they're not willing to call him to repent and believe they just want good policy that they like and who cares about the rest? I got a problem. I'm with that. I'm going to play this clip from Buddy John King at CNN about the problem the Democrats are having their starting to get a little bit concerned about where the Democrats regrets are headed. Candidates are pulling the Democratic Party to the left on healthcare immigration taxes. Climate corporations the candidates most of them. Anyway want more government say Ayso expansive and expensive policies like Medicare for all carbon taxes. Busting up corporate titans the Marquis takeaway many of the candidates and twenty twenty believe in solutions that veer. Your left of where the country was in twenty eighteen twenty six twenty two thousand eight or anti modern presidential election the big question. We can't answer until the voting starts next. February are those candidates in sync with their own party or too far to the left are they in sync with the country or too far left to far to the left it is a concern. LISTEN TO MSNBC NBC talked about Biden in Iowa and you would say momentum is everything when it comes to politics but in this case you do have there are two caveats that we always have to keep in mind. One is John Kerry in two thousand four basically finished even a month before I will. Before before he came roaring back and winning his party's nomination and four years later you had John McCain having his entire campaign collapse around him about out this time and he came back and won his party's nomination so it's not over for Joe Biden but a lot of things right now are lining up put away. That are really going to test him personally as a politician and also test his candidacy. That's right Joe. And addition to that Joe Biden started started off running a national campaign and he wanted to come in as the best chance to beat Donald Trump and really tried to make a national appeal. For right maybe even bring me in looking. At moderate voters not just typical primary voters which tend to be more to the left but what we see in that Iowa poll as he does not have an organization tation on the ground when you're running a

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