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"david uribe" Discussed on WBAP 820AM

"Says i decided nothing ramsey george that's what i'm song by commonwealth plane if you don't ran the george w bush seventy which turnpike gang you mike review now i also wanna know i'm getting some unconfirmed reports cited to george hw bush says that he will pay your tolls on his tollway if you let him grow up you have we confirmed yet executive producer chris we confirm that yet i know it's busy on that side of the glass but i was mix chairman of us heard both the and and the newsroom i'm getting unconfirmed reports that george h w bush is we says he will cover all tolls on the george w bush to george hw bush a turnpike india w if you let him grow peel you know if that's gotten official confirmation yet because he's a guess is saying that you know david uribe free run aground we do we have a confirmation on that yet you know i don't appreciate that he he says all i think it is a who gives jokes are these jokes for full near the yours yeah there's no christmas goose in my house well actually there is true my wife for me as it nobody else you know we now hearing he's us from four different women that he's a serial groper do we really want to have a a toll of turnpike deemed after some guy who's groping lemon ashley maybe you think we should i don't know i mean i guess is it okay as long as he hasn't grope you is it okay as long as site your daughter in if it's your daughter to you glad you now took each got and for the team maybe author christina baker klein says it happened during a fundraiser for a barbara bush his foundation three years ago can you believe this raising money for to fight illiteracy his grabbing women she said the far president made a dirty jokin grocer during a photo she said it bush family employee acknowledged the incident and asked her to be discreet this is just like weinstein's people she said that he told senators favorite musician is david copperfield this is a third woman is not the first to the third david copperfield any grabbed her she said barbara bush respond he's going to get himself in jail the former president's office says he routinely routinely tales tells the same joke and on occasionally as padded woman's region what.

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