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"david tony visconti." Discussed on DAVIDBOWIE: ALBUMTOALBUM

"It's just outside, Iowa staffing! It's called the magic bar actually. Far You. Have you WANNA? Look it up. I. Wonder He might have. You might even have like a facebook page. Betty does actually so I was out there on tour and the guy who booked a GIG. You told me the story and they took me out there. So I went out, and they were actually doing the first day of recording, and they were doing version of heroes. You know to to owner David and It was great. It was great to see the guy who had so much love and respect for the history of it. You know and he's trying to do right by and was I guess like three or four years ago now so so i? Don't know I haven't followed up with him I haven't seen him since that night, but it felt like. Like! It was good chance you know again. It was in the hands of somebody who really wanted to do right by and continue the legacy in his own life. Thank you for telling me that that is just so love. Lay fight that just warms my heart. A piece of the magic shop still lives on. Someone cared enough to give it as you say the respect of keeping it service, keeping it operational less so cool. Love that story. Thank you is really nice to hear a story like that. Where there is such a wonderful ending to go back to the beginning. There's this wonderful story about how Bowie came into a club in Manhattan to see one night. Maria Schneider. I've been in her group. Gosh maybe fifteen years or something and. She called me one day and said that somebody from Bowie's team had reached out to her that that he was interested in collaborating with her, and she was getting ready to make her her own record. called the Thompson fields and Maria. Somebody who you know goes in deep, but she's doing her own project. I mean it's a total of experience on her end. You know just for months or a year or something so I think essentially the at the beginning kind of debating whether or not to take on this thing David, because because she would also, she never does anything without being fully committed to it and so we ran vimy, and and I remember essentially saying. Hey, you ought to do this. Good idea and also knowing that her music was in really good shape for the record. We did playing and and whatnot, so yes, so then I guess we talked again. She been in contact with David and was starting to kind of put the put the pieces together, and the had started meeting and I think I think he was going to her apartments and sitting at her piano, which is in the living room, and they're working on on Su so you know they didn't you call me one point in discussing? I recommended March Alesana. Thought would be great for this and I. Don't think our normal drummer kearns pen could make. It didn't use talking with me about different ideas around it, and then another day she called, and said Hey. you know David was describing rhythmic underpinning what he was hearing on sue and I thought of you and I and I played a record of yours, and it was a record call casting for gravity and I told him he should do something with you and your hand. You know so. Thank you. I was I was pretty surprised. And obviously you know it was really mean meaningful that she would she would do that. You know and some more time went by, and she called again said that she recommended again David and that he was interested in. He had told her that he saw that. We were playing at the fifty five bar. Which is this club and so you know, she said okay. We're GONNA. Come down and check you out, so she told. told you advance kind of. She told me in advance and new the component. He ended up pressure. Get component of leaving out his at some of these calls were around setting up the workshops for her for the SUV version that I'm a part of because I'm Marie his bandage shoes? You know she wanted to put together. Just a few people from the band myself Mark John Anderson on Bass rank, trombone, and to start work. Shopping this piece so. That was about a week after this game at the fifty five bar. I know that they're coming. That happens to be like the last rehearsal before gig before. We're going to record some music a mind so all the stuff going on. I think I told. Mark about it, because he knew because he was going to be on the on the thing with Maria didn't tell the other guys they came. The fifty five bars is very very small place in the West village that I love and love and love played so much music there I've learned so much there and they were there and I. Didn't you know I think? I saw him out of the corner of my eye, but it's as you can imagine it's. It's something you don't want to focus on. You just want to focus on the music and being president being in the moments, not thinking about what could happen or this or that because it just you know just didn't feel like it would serve me well so so I just tried to stay in the moment, and then you know we finished the sad and people came up and they were gone, so I didn't even I didn't meet him or anything and And it wasn't until a week later when it went to the first workshop for Su-. Why met David and that was David Tony Visconti. and Um Coco Schwab. Assistant was there and Maria is mentioned. Mark, Jay and Ryan Myself. What did you know of? Bowie beforehand you kind of familiar with his music to see you knew where he's where he was in the Pantheon of rock and roll, and so on. How much of a big deal was this for you? I mean I would say I had a headed general knowledge of his music I mean. the record..

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