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"david tobruk" Discussed on The Morning Toast

"Good Morning Welcome back to the morning chose happy Monday. Wow last week with such a long week and now here we are starting again. How exciting that's like blyth? Your whole life is waiting for the week to end and then it ends and then all of a sudden. It's Monday the entire week. You did last week. Didn't even matter yet but I mean just so happy to be here with all of you. Honored Hummel de Blasio happy. That award season is over same. I had such like a crazy content filled weekend like I really became yet like I really became certified youtuber this weekend. Oh because you were filming things or you know because I was consuming content. I I put the Youtube. TV You are a real Doug Youtube. I'm like actually grabbed. That's the best thing that you could do. And representing the grandma's across the world. We love watching Youtube on the TV. There's something I really like about. Even if it's small like being so close to my phone physically and the opposite really over there. People fell into the log squad which people have been telling me about for for years like David Tobruk dividend brick and it really understand. I saw him like his tongue. Hangs out of his mouth. And what's the all the hype about but my God. I've never been so wrong. I'm so involved now. Now like blogs squad. We like totally ship him. Natalie like so essentially he's just funny cool guy who started logging and it's so successful and all he doesn't videos does this give away money like he goes to camp. Says he's like if you can hit this best while shot. I'll give you ten thousand dollars to pay off your student debt. And it's funny. Because anytime he wants to give away money and he's like because there's videos it is brought to you by seatgeek seek is like his centered. You know love it love to see on. Give away money but now I'm just like so interested in his finances because he's constantly giving away money like to his friends. He's is buying all of his friends cars but now that I'm like involved in the stanhood like his videos all logs that are four minutes twenty seconds long money. It's the birthday day. And he's a big fisherman fan he can't monetize them because he's always using music and the doing like crazy stunts so he doesn't monetize them so he doesn't make any money from videos. He's a podcast with support fellow podcasters. Now I'm just invested in his finances like to his merchants. podcasts make that much it can just be giving away cars people like what are we doing wrong. Probably probably and I think people like it's like Jeffrey said he had like one room of Gucci. And he's like this. Is All youtube ads like it's a fraction of what people make. If you're making real money then the money that you make from from Youtube ads is jumped right. So those are the those are his other ventures he I think he tore a little bit on that nickelodeon show musical family which I find to be so interesting. Because before watching his blogs I thought he was like you know like a really family friendly. He's like not like they're always like doing nuts things and like cursing dick well. He's on Nickel Odeon. What would you say I get you a guy who could do both like if he could family from the Nickelodeon and otherwise elsewhere then? That's cool with me you whether it's called me too. I just didn't think it'd be cool to networks. He called on China networks are up. I mean Dan Shiner School at the network than atrial really goes so true and I just really feel like I need to sit down on my phone and watch four hundred more blogs like he's kind of hot like you know. I think that people are attracted to him. I think that's in. His assistant is totally with him. And I think he's in love with his assistant. Natalie he want her to cars ars and I just have a feeling like this whole story is going to end with them. They're like the Ross and Rachel. That's what I think and I'm just really hoping that Natalie and some other girls in the blog squatter toasters servers that they like hear my cry like let me get in a video or something like I'll film. I don't care like I'll send in the background. I'll I'll clean the toilets cool. Maybe it'll come on the show. Maybe yeah that'd be super or fabulous speaking of the show today such an exciting day because the first official episode of the red headed out if you know the scholars our academics academia world world is just incredibly show waking waking like they've never seen launch like this in their life you guys. The first episode is here we had so much. I'm recording it and I think it's like I've been getting a lot of really positive feedback. I think it's really good. We talk about the book a lot. And if you've read the book I hope so I feel like obviously most people are reading the book and are waiting waiting to finish the book so they can listen to the episode but if absolutely no interest in reading the book I think you could still listen to because like we're just friends hanging out talking about major themes in the book that pretty much explained enough that you're not totally lost right so if you don't WanNa read I think you would still listen to the podcast but you definitely should read because it's just great for you. What also is nice about it? Is that since as you're doing it every month like you don't have to listen to it today if you WANNA finish the book and weed. Yeah like it's there for you and you don't feel pressure yet. Did you assign the next. The next book was assigned at the end of the the episode and is Red White and royal blue. It's Becky's choice So you have a month to read that book going forward. The episodes we'll drop on the first Thursday of every month the Super Bowl. Yeah we're catching up with the first book. Everyone's still finishing up so many people are reading. I'm so excited. So whenever you're ready to read the second book I'm Literally Not GonNa read the second book until two days before we recorded because it takes two days to read a book and then it's out of my head speaking of books I read Jessica Simpson's no over staring at me. Like at the bottom of my bed I get myself to read. You have to read it you have to read. It's it's the best memoir I've ever read a life. Really really not only is so hot and she's not holding back the right. It's so well written she's articulates like her innermost thoughts in such a profound around way. And she's just such a precious gem of a woman in like she like she'll take us through a train of thought she had in one thousand nine hundred and yet. It's probably embarrassing. But she doesn't care will love the and it's just like it's so faith-based is who she is from when she was seventeen years old till now and like she is just really an open book kindle with me because like there was something obviously more juicy parts and others like John Mayer. I Know Shaima new. I know but John Mayer has really reformed like this book. Book is definitely like bringing him back to a dark place in his life when he says himself he is a recovering womanizer. So you know. I'm not here to hold people accountable for their mistakes. Agree but Hashtag I San with Jessica. Of course I also and she didn't say anything about like you know where he is. Today right we're going to break up the Oscars. We talk about really quickly Walking v Necks is being the voice of cancel culture to hear his own stuff on the voice of veganism. Yeah it was all over the place. He was talking about the environment and then veganism and like I had no idea. Yeah what the point of his message was but he said I'm so grateful that like so many people in this room decided to you know. Give me a second chance because I know like when I was younger than an Asshole I was all over the place and I was really difficult to work with and I was like a monster sir. So I'm really glad that we as humanity are beyond holding people accountable for things. They did years ago like he was just really speaking to my soul. He was being to twitter and it was kind of beautiful even even though it was all over the place I mean I love Joaquin Joaquin Phoenix speech. I live with Joaquin moment. Yeah and I mean now with award season being over the Joaquin moments are over. Goes back into his cabinet but he sets the bar. High for Doug WE'RE GONNA recap the Oscars. All the looks all the awards. Are I two stories too. Don't worry it was incredibly credibly boring. I did take a short forty five minute. Break in the middle of the Oscars to watch sunset which actually deserves an Oscar. Because it's the first episode. You think they haven't been filming for a while they push back filming because MJ was on bed rest from her pregnancy. So they push back. They actually haven't seen each other in like five months literally the last time a lot of them saw each other was reunion. And you think you know it takes takes a while to get back into the swing and things no I episode. They're dropping bombs. Adam had naked Strip Jenga at his house bulb resumes out of town and he's sending inappropriate text messages to justice friend. Ali like very you like this is stuff like certain seasons like work up to you and they're doing it all and I also I love that this show like everyone has really grown and they're all having kids now like really thinking about getting married and settling down their houses all the inside of their houses. Look exactly the same. It's like that Persian modern look. It's actually really car set kind of. It's actually like a really cool vibe. They all really decorated their houses really nicely and I feel like they're all quietly like very wealthy. I think that they all grew up somewhat wealthy but this show has made them all superwealthy. I think that's the vibe that I'm getting. Yeah probably go mesut lock. NASA is back and better than ever love. She fucking twisted like literally. It was actually crazy to see like she went out to lunch with destiny and they're having a little bit of an argument. Really destiny is like so cool and she's very mellow two seconds gee-gee standing up screaming. She goes outside smokes a joint incomes. Back I am sorry. She's so nuts and there's obviously a story line involving where her friends are going to have an intervention saying that she smokes too much. We lose addicted to heed. But she's pregnant now so I assume Tim. She's stopped smoking weed but whatever such great show can't recommend it enough so I did miss like forty five minutes the Oscars but I caught up on twitter and it doesn't really seem like I missed much. Yeah I actually I started watching the Oscars. I wasn't in watch 'cause I was like I'm enjoying my Sunday afternoon. I caught up on dynasty. I watched the new show. Katy keene. I episode Super Cute Like I. It was really cute. The same like pilots pilot is hard to those. 'cause like I love it. I know that I will like I love. I love writer. Ross like the style the New York City. It's good it's good stuff touching curb and I was just having the time of my life and I was like I don't WanNa Watch Oscars but then everyone in our family talking at the Oscars so I put on the Oscars and watched until probably right after until like Christy saying. Oh that was enough for me. Turn my television as well like I'm going back to curb like I don't WanNa Watch. I'm I'm done with the chose. I caught up on curb as well. Just what a stellar show. It's just so good..

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