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Why We Are All Henry David Thoreau


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Why We Are All Henry David Thoreau

"<music> welcome to the history Dojo podcast. My name is tyler. Rust your host for the History Doj Oh podcast series and the writer researcher Historian and teacher in residence at History Dojo dot blog today. We're going to mark the birthday of Henry David Theroux who would have been two hundred two years old on July twelfth of this year. He was a writer philosopher and social <music> activists who forever changed the world. You may be familiar with Henry David thorough but today we're gonNa try to bring you a few things about him. You might not have no the the title of this podcast is why we are all Henry. David theroux P- This is the twenty first podcast in the history of Joe podcast series and it seems like just yesterday. We started this new already over twenty twenty episodes so we're <hes> we're really making some progress this podcast of why we are all Henry David throw is derived from the article that recently appeared on history Dojo dot law under the title three things about Henry. David Theroux did not know I wanNA share with you a comment that comes from Eric Eric. 'em wrote on his though Joe Dot log amazing stuff. I really enjoy your blog and your podcast. I've subscribed to your site kit weight from work. Thanks Eric. I'm glad you're enjoy the articles and podcasts we have at history Dodo dot blog. Subscribing is a great way to stay on top. What we're doing here and history doj you can subscribe at History Dodo Dot blog or follow his rideau joe on facebook twitter pinterest and instagram the history Dojo podcast is also available on spotify and I to be sure to leave us a comment on I tunes and Hashtag your comment with Hashtag History Doj that way we can see just how far reaching our message has become and how our our listeners are growing everyday? Please plays self to support will be do here at his Co.. Joe And if you want to support the work we do at History Dojo you can become a paid subscriber and receive our newsletter every month and even get discounts to the history dough Joe's store. We have a great history theme swag of series of products available to you at History Dojo store check it out and show off your grape tastes and history cents also don't forget to check out his Trudeau Joe on Pinch Yon where you can get even more exclusive access to history DOJ at Patriot dot com slash history DOJ. Oh you can become become a patron of our work at three different levels each with its own exclusive offerings and benefits checkout Patriot dot com slash history DOJ. It's always great to hear from our listeners because I I can't. I'll tell you how much fun I find this to be. I'm still nude the PODCAST in game so to speak but I've be honest. It's great fun. If you're like me you WANNA get into podcast. You should check out our sponsor blueberry DOT COM. It's the place I go for all my podcasts and hosting needs blueberry which is spelled a little differently. It's B.. L. U.. B. E. R. R. Y.. DOT COM BLUEBERRY DOT COM makes it easy to Upload Distribute N. Review Your podcast. What's better too is that blueberries also easy on the wallet which is important to new podcasters like me so if you like podcasting or if you're just pod curious take a look at blueberry dot com remember this spell it a little differently? It's it's B.. L. U. B. R. R. Y.. Dot Com it features monthly storage <hes> for each of your podcasts and of you can link it up if you're doing of podcasting and logging like I am at wordpress through the power press plugging so let's get down to our subject for today's podcast why we are all Henry David Theroux so the three reasons. I'm really going to introduce you to today. I WANNA get to right up front and then I'll break them out over the course of our discussion in here the first reason why we're all Henry David throw is that Henry David throw was an anti hero in the sense that he was a hero who doesn't really look like act like or present himself as a hero. I'm sure he never thought of himself as heroic a he only thought of himself as truly his authentic self he didn't try to get other people to be like him in the sense that he lived his life as an an example of his own authenticity so in the sense of being a hero and leading by example yeah but he's not your caped crusader or your avengers on the big screen so that's the first one and David throw was an anti hero Kinda like all of us and Henry David throw the second thing. I'm GONNA show he was that he idolized a violent abolitionist known is John Brown and this may be not something that everyone immediately says is just like Henry David throw for themselves but in a sense the more you know about the violent abolitionist John Brown the more you probably would agree with what he did because because John Brown of course gave his life to try and stop the evils of American slavery something that I liked to believe Americans today would all give their life to to do slavery the more you know about what happened in American slavery the more you yourself would lay down your life to prevent that from continuing and I like to believe that America today is so violently anti-slavery hi slavery that we're all in a sense like John Brown and innocence therefore like Henry David Theroux so that's the second the third is that Henry David Theroux inspired both Gandhi the end Martin Luther King Junior to free millions of people from oppression to icons of world history. Gandhi and Martin Luther King are examples to all of us that I think we would all like to emulate Gandhi who helped to free India from British imperialism and the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Junior who showed us that there is a better way than living with breath society divided by race where all people can be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character these two icons of History Gandhi and King were both inspired by Henry David Thoreau and and I'll explain how that that happened and in that sense I I'd like to think that we're all a little bit like Henry David Theroux because I think we'd all like to believe that we have within us the qualities that both Gandhi and king inspired us to follow so here's a little bit more of the depth of a what we're going to talk about but I I wanted to just remind you that you are listening into the history DOJ podcast and my name is tyler. Rust your host for the history DOJ. Oh podcast series and today we're talking about why we are all John Brown sorry no. That's a different podcast. Sorry that if you're interested in hearing why we are all John Brown you should go to history Joe Dot blog where you can find that podcast. It's also available on spotify today. We're talking about why we are all Henry David Theroux this episode twenty one in History Dojo podcast series so <hes> if you're interested in reading the transcript or finding links to anything mentioned in today's show please go over to history Joe Dot log where you can read despite every word that is coming out of my mouth today so so here's a few more words heroes are always popular and often in short supply Henry. David Theroux may not at first appear to be a hero the these days we manufacture heroes in movies and pay homage to them in ticket sales heroes today are very different to the heroes from history and we might do well to reconsider heroes and heroism with respect those that history might offer to us frequently history offers US heroes in the form of conquerors kings. These are mistaken heroes. I think the Heroes Arrows that would impose power or unleashed death upon others are not the highest nor the truest form of heroes indeed. They should not be idolized those that would conquer. Kill and control for those that have abandoned the real power that all people have within themselves the power to serve and uplift the heroes that save rather than destroy who ponder rather than pillage are the icons to which history guides us if we bothered reflect upon the lessons of the lives of the heroes of history that empowered instructed us on how to better our lives ourselves and our times we can see that their example is one far more important to us because it continues to serve US longer than any any war or political era throw was an anti hero. Here's a quote from Henry David throw that I'd like to offer for your consideration. Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind. One of the greatest examples of heroism comes to us as a person once called Henry David Theroux today we see him as a great man a great hero and a great American today today his life is viewed as one of exemplary living invaluable insight his writings have become seen as reasons for reflection on our own lives and insights into how we might better our enjoyment and serve others to do the same but it was not always so in his time throw was considered a lazy and unsuccessful man an embarrassment to his family and dependent on his mother there for care well into his adulthood. His career was unexceptional and even his most famous book Walden did not Garner much attention he was insured a reclusive and unexceptional man by the standards of his day not to be idolized or emulated Henry David theroux studied at Harvard College between eighteen thirty three eighteen thirty seven he lived in Hollis Hall at Harvard College and took courses in rhetoric classics philosophy mathematics and science. He was a member of the Institute of Seventeen in seventy now known as the hasty pudding club according to legend throw refused to pay the five dollar fee which was approximately one hundred twenty five dollars by our standards hundreds today. This was required for his Harvard diploma. In fact the master's degree he declined to purchase that no academic merit what's interesting about the rose that Harvard College College offered his degree to all graduates who quote proved their physical worth by being alive three years after graduating and they're saving earning or inheriting quality quality or condition having five dollars to give the college and quote so ensure the master's degree that was inferred conferred upon Henry David throw three years after graduating from Harvard was meaningless. It was really are you still alive and do you have five bucks. Now that's kind of ironic considering how highly regarded Harvard his today and to think that it was basically selling the masters degrees for the equivalent of about one hundred twenty five dollars in our money. Today is something that should give pause and reconsideration to the reputation. That Harvard seems to Bandy about today. Hey <hes> not to say that Henry. David throw didn't deserve <hes> respect and honor but at the time Harvard really didn't think much about anything more than getting a few extra dollars for itself to this thorough commented quote let every sheep keep its own skin and quote interesting reference. It's a reference to the to the tradition of using sheepskin Salem for the diplomas that Harvard would confer for a fee essense. He's basically saying your <hes>. Your degree is not worth the paper. It's printed on. I'd rather they just not kill the sheep in order to make make the diploma because it's meaningless so thorough basically through it back in their face now throw was not heroic in his appearance either. He was very very much a <hes> unusual looking person by the standards of the day he had a distinctive appearance with the knows that many called his quote most prominent feature then I've posted a picture of Henry David Thorough on history Dojo for you to take a look. He does have a quite a beautiful and prominent knows of his appearance and his disposition his friend Ellery channing wrote quote his face this once seen could not be forgotten. The features were quite marked the nose aquiline were very Roman like one of the portraits of Caesar more like a beak as it was said large overhanging browse above the deepest set blue eyes that could be seen in certain lights and in others gray is expressive of all shades of feeling but never a week or nearsighted the forehead not unusually broad or high full of concentrated energy and purpose the mouth with prominent lips pursed up with meaning and thought when silent and giving out when open with the most varied an unusual instructive seines. That's an interesting quote from Ellen Chancery Dylan channing who <hes> describes his how Oh unusual <hes> Henry David throw appeared so hero was something of an anti hero even by the standards of the nineteenth century not heroic in his demeanor nor in his appearance and certainly not successful will and <hes> in a role model to others however <hes> his rejection of the trappings of success made him an outcast in an oddity his writings on life lived deliberately deliberately were seen as backward his stoic intentions were borderline lunacy even with these countervailing winds blowing against him throw lived life according to a a set of strong principles embracing a simplicity that flew in the face of the artificial society of American High Class Life. He was very simply true to himself above all wow this makes heroic in that he lived what he believed because it brought him truth for no other reason than his own spiritual certainty throw deliberately chose a life that centered on him on what was important a connection connection to the spiritual and the divine. This is the History Doj Oh podcast my name is tyler. Rust your host host for history Dojo podcast and today we're talking about Henry David Theroux who would have enjoyed his two hundred and second birthday this month <hes> July twelfth and <hes> today's podcast which his number twenty one and the history Joe podcast series is entitled Why we are all Henry David Theroux. We've been talking a little bit about why Henry David Theroux like many of us are an anti hero who may not appear to be superhero like when I seen but within like we all have lies that capacity for heroism the row invented invented something that I wanNa talk about which I think you may be familiar with but maybe not familiar with the extent to which it makes him truly great and the extent to which were all connected to Henry David theroux throw invented civil disobedience. The lasting legacy of his message is evidence of these importance and his power indeed Henry. David throw may be one of the most powerful Americans to have ever lived Henry. David throws significant because he expanded human rights the philosophy of human rights to allow for nonviolent on civil disobedience there had never been anything like this before Henry David theroux formulated it expressed it and practiced it throw established nonviolent civil disobedience to empower the individual and to enhance citizenship. He did this through a means never before conceived refusal to obey legal authority. This new area of human rights was not included in the American Declaration of Independence which began turn un-american tradition of new human rights awareness and definition indeed in the declaration independence. There is a right to rebellion but only when the government becomes oppressive what Henry David Theroux Don's is he describes a moral imperative for. The individual to disobey a law that may not be tyrannical or oppressive but immoral its core this expands the power of every individual human being to obey or not ought depending upon their own moral compass allowing for the ultimate of individual freedom and giving justification and methods for which to express that freedom this is significant because it inspired others to follow his example. I do achieve great success. Through the methods of Henry David Theroux both Mahanta Mohandas Gandhi and Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Junior and Susan B.. Anthony were inspired by thorough and used nonviolent civil disobedience to free millions from legal and state tyranny. The question is not why I am in jail but y you are not in here with me. Henry David theroux developed his philosophy of nonviolent civil disobedience says part of his belief in the transcendental EST philosophy in throws view natural law was superior to the law of Nations and states. He explained quote under a government that imprisons prisons any unjustly the true place for a just man is also a prison. The example of this can be seen in a famous if possibly mythical story about the imprisonment of Henry David Theroux for tax evasion throw refuse to pay his taxes protesting the expansion of slavery through the Mexican American war this war was legally declared and the representatives representatives of the people legally voted to go to war with Mexico over false pretenses of course and ultimately this would lead to the expansion of slavery a moral crime yet a legal institution. Throw did not pay his taxes because he refused for to be a part of the immoral expansion of the Eagles of American slavery and while in the local prison this story goes his friend an ally Ralph Waldo Emmerson himself a famous American writer even at the time came to visit him knowing that Thoreau had the money to seek released from imprisonment Emerson asked him why he was still in jail. The row famously responded dear Emerson. The question is not why I am in jail but why you are not in here with me you see to throw the proper place to be was in jail when the law was improper and for Emerson to be standing outside of the jail implied he was somehow accepting of the impropriety of and immorality of American law obedience therefore to unjust laws is unjust and disobedience to injustice is obedience to the just throw placed man's moral law above the law of the state he he wrote for example quote. I think we should be men I and subjects afterwards and quote unlike the declaration which placed all men as equal under the law throw saw the natural moral law as superior and menu practice moral law were superior to legal restrictions therefore it was a moral and right act that a man should obey natural law. If it ever conflicted with the laws of governments this was a new and radical interpretation never before expressed throw created a new conception of moral law empowering the individual it superseded the social contract attractive Russo by appealing to an inner moral justice separating the diabolical from the divine even throw Oh new that his interpretation of natural human rights made it significant he wrote quote action from principle the perception and the performance of right changes things and relations it is essentially essentially revolutionary and does not consist holy with anything which was this meant that the row laid out with his philosophy but he laid out with his philosophy was a new radical break from the traditional understanding of human rights. He continued quote. It is not only it not only divides states and churches it divides families I it divides as the individual separating the diabolical in him from the divine. This meant that to follow this higher moral law in throws view elevated the follower to a higher higher transcendental existence obedience to one's own morality then became an example of moral righteousness when practice through nonviolent civil disobedience to divide the diabolical from the divine within the individual sounds fairly complicated. I admit and so let me explain if you were considering the evil of slavery you have to consider the benefits that slavery offered to the people all of the time the economic benefit the political benefit and the not the national benefit that slavery represented to the White Majority was intoxicating to for lack of a better term the very connie of the United States. The cities of the United States indeed the White House and the U._S.. Capital were all built on the backs of slavery the greater the greatest economy this country this world has ever seen is the product of a diabolical scheme known as American slavery and that is why issues about reparations and what to do about the evil of slavery continued a new to play this country because it is tempting to ignore the diabolical in favor of the benefits but when you separate the diabolical from the divine you see that it is only right light to address the evils of slavery and to fight against the temptation the benefits of that that it offers this is the history dodger podcast series. My name is Tyler Russ. I'm just break. You can hear very briefly and just tell you that you're listening to the history though Joe podcast. This is a podcast titled Y we are all John Why we are all Henry David Thoreau and we're talking a little bit about Whoa how Henry David theroux offered us something new something never before seen in human history known as nonviolent civil disobedience so let's get back to it now to ends of a chain Henry David the row road of this power in his admiration for the sacrifice of John Brown Brown who had led a raid on the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry Virginia Yeah in hopes of emancipated slaves was someone who thorough Sauza righteous crusader living the moral calling all men feel within themselves and which most ignore quote some Eighteen Hundred Years Ago Christ was crucified this morning perchance Captain Brown was hung. These are two ends of a chain which is not without its links. He's not old brown any longer. He is an angel of light and quote that was Henry David Theroux who wrote about the execution of John Brown for the rate on harpers ferry and his admiration for John Brown tried to do indeed while John Brown was violent in his approach the higher calling the John Brown represented the moral crusade that John Brown unleashed could could be argued to sparked the American civil war which started just two years later and here you have Henry David theroux seeing this higher moral calling likening John Brown to Christ himself for sacrificing his life to throw John Brown was akin to Christ in his sacrifice for the greater good like Christ on the Cross. John Brown gave his life to save the world from a within the sin of slavery. This connection between Christ Brown and throw is the beginning of a longer chain of significance the chain of action from principal dividing the diabolical diabolical from the divine through his chain Brown marshals support from the spiritual and the secular the Deity and the doer throw inspired the liberation one of millions around the world submitting to beating without attempting defense significance can be measured by the impact or inspiration. Something has on others Mohandas. <music> Gandhi for example was inspired by throws writings about non-violence civil disobedience as a young lawyer in South Africa Gandhi used the teachings of Thoreau to start a campaign against the apartheid laws governing governing Indians and Africans later his example and teachings inspired Indians to use the rose philosophy to compel Great Britain to leave India after over nearly three hundred years of colonization throws philosophy inspired Gandhi to liberate millions from British rule without firing shot. It is not an overstatement therefore to say that more people I'll have experienced personal freedom because of Thoreau's philosophy then have ever been liberated in any war ever the radical power of throws philosophy can be seen through the example of Gandhi and his followers at the Dr Sano salt works in May of nineteen thirty as the journalist Web Miller reported on this action quote wrote the Western mind can grasp violence returned by violence can understand a fight but is I found perplexed and baffled by the site of men advancing coldly and deliberately and submitting to beating without attempting defense. Sometimes the scenes were so painful that I had to turn away momentarily this report effectively captures the power of the Rose Philosophy in action what Gandhi and his followers did the Darshana salt works in nineteen thirty was to demand entrance difference because they were legally blocked from making salt by the British government who wanted to tax the sale of salt for their own prophet salt of course is essential essential to human life and in a sense the British government was taxing life itself refusing to submit to this immoral taxation was shown by the refusal to stop invading the Darshana salt works men stepped forward in line stretching very far to be beaten one after or another I for taking that step after they were beaten another would step forward and after he was beaten yet another and again and again it was repeated as an example of how men men will never submit to unjust laws and without submission without obedience the law and the government loses any moral authority and becomes a tyranny any the moral clarity of the participants of the Darshana salt works the unity of purpose in the submission to suffer unjustly as an example of the futility of tyranny and the to the the futility of tyranny to oppress moral justice are all ideas throw pioneered in his philosophy on civil disobedience. Let your life be counter friction to stop the machine. The power of the Rose Philosophy influence the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Junior the example of Ghandi's liberation through nonviolence and the moral law teachings thorough combined to take action in kings effort to free African Americans from the tyranny of Jim Crow laws throw protested against St tyranny over Slavery Gandhi protested said British control over India in King protested over state laws upholding racial segregation King Road in his letter from Birmingham jail about obedience to unjust law quote any law that uplift human personality is just a new law that degrades human personality is unjust all segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul soul and damages the personality this means that laws which diminish manner not to be obeyed throw wrote quote if the injustice <hes> is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another then I say break the law. Let your life be counter friction to stop the machine. The row means obedience to unjust laws is wrong. Doc King took this admission to heart and made it made his life a counter to the injustice of white supremacy resistance to tyranny is obedience to God because of thorough moral justice became superior over legal justice. His idea is reflected in Susan B. Anthony who was sentenced to jail and undefined for Voting Susan B. Anthony nearly paraphrase the row at her sentencing by proclaiming quote. I will never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty. All the stock and trade. I possess is a debt of ten thousand dollars incurred by publishing my paper the revolution the sole object of which was to educate all women to do precisely as I have done on rebel against your manmade unjust unconstitutional forms of law which tax fine imprison and hang women while the nine them the right of representation presentation in government and I shall earnestly and persistently continued to urge all women to the practical recognition of the Old Revolutionary Maxim Resistance to tyranny is obedience obedience to God in her civil disobedience Anthony and other suffragettes embraced the newfound moral freedom of the rose philosophy and advanced the rights of American women to vote and have a voice in American life. Their ultimate victory in the passage of the nineteenth amendment of the Constitution stands as a monument in law to the rose philosophy freedom within every heart every head and every hand the row is important for us to remember today his gift to the world was the ultimate freedom that lies within every heart every head and every hand his declaration of the simplicity of our collective power has moved more humans out of the darkness of state oppression and into the light of human freedom than any war ever ever waged more than any weapon ever fired throw deserves to be remembered for giving this gift of simple power to all mankind. He's often remembered more for living in a shack in the woods his important to remember not only how he lived but how he refused to live he placed value in spiritual freedom and human dignity. These are things we sometimes find in short supply in our present day we might will benefit from a little more civil disobedience in the name of personal dignity indeed it is not hard to see the followers of throw everywhere while his name is not invoked by the protesters shouting resist or the marches and social movement influencers of the Hashtag metoo movement. He is with them. You would smile at knowing that the culture of disobedience is alive and ringing bright in the hearts of Americans who are willing to disrupt the machine to make their lives the friction in the system that is unjust this has been the history though Oh Joe podcasts tyler rust and I hope you've enjoyed our discussion of the significance of Henry David Thoreau and hopefully you've learned a little bit more about how we all share in his legacy this gift to us as one that we can be proud to be part of as long as we choose to live our life with justice into refuse to live in except the benefits of diabolical polical systems there will be more from his Rideau Joe and I encourage you to come back and find out what we're going to do in the future we have blog posts and podcasts available every week at history though Joe Doc blog and you can follow us on facebook twitter instagram pinterest and subscribe to our blog posts in history though dot blog on spotify and on itunes please go to any one of those platforms it forms and leave a comment for us and if you go to itunes please leave a review of our podcast so that we can see how we're spreading the word and how how we might <hes> better serve. If you ever have a suggestion for a podcast that you would like to hear or blog poster led to read. Please feel free to contact history though Joe Dog Law really grateful that you took the time to listen to us today and I hope you'll come back again. Thank you so much.

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475  Star Cops  Conversations with the Dead

Fusion Patrol

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475 Star Cops Conversations with the Dead

"Fusion patrol is a listener supported podcast. Find out how you can help. Support US at Patriotair Dot. com slash fusion patrol. This is the fusion patrol gassed each week. We look at a different science fiction TV episode or movie and analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode if you should patrol. I'm Eugene and I'm John at tonight. We're looking at STAR COPS. Episode Numero dos conversations with the dead. A freighter bound for Mars the data lists. Has A we problem? It's engines have fired at the wrong time, and a freighter and crew are now on an UN correctable course, the crew while still alive are considered dead. On the Charles de Gaulle. Nathan Spring isn't adapting well to zero gravity at his age. He is unlikely to adapt box informs him that the only solution would be to find a place that has gravity. He starts scoping out offices on the moon back on Earth Maitha. NHS girlfriend and lingering personal plot complication. Lee is wandering the plants in his apartment. She receives a highly encrypted secure message from Nathan. Although she never gets the chance to read it, the message says your life is in danger. She doesn't need to read the message to know that though as. As a man breaks in and murders her in the apartment sometime later spring has returned to Earth where he is interrogated by police. Inspector Colin Davis and Sergeant Cormon devious seems to be more than a bit of a jerk, both to spring and his assistant Corman the computers tell him that this crime isn't special. Spring wants to conduct the investigation himself, but the idea is shut down by divas. The message from spring was a fake, but tracing it turns up as a dead end on the moon. David Theroux has gone to see star cops new digs. He's also investigating the data Lewis Accident Sentiment on the moon, which has never had any star cops is decidedly cold. One Crewman Fox is particularly opposed to them, but a colleague just says it's because he was formerly romantically involved with one of the data Lewis crew and he's taking it poorly. Everything checks out on the Dallas. No cause for the accident can be found though Fox is unwilling to talk. He makes an indication that he knows what the fault was on the data Lewis. David is beginning to think this may be a crime rather than an accident on earth spring has returned to his favorite restaurant to drown his sorrows sergeant. Cormon meets in there. She's an. An up and coming off through its hungry to solve the case and show up divas. She knows spring has continued to investigate hopes. He's turned up something that she can use. Spring isn't particularly nice to her. On the Moon David Interrogates Fox demanding to know what he thought. The fall was turns out. He thinks the fault was that people allowed a couple in a relationship to. To pilot the freighter, it's against the regulations, but somehow people turned a blind eye, or even aided in getting them assigned to the same flight. Spring receives a message from the killer, saying that he's next shortly thereafter, he gets a phone call. Someone claims to know who murdered -Ly and wants to meet him in a park at night to convey the information on the moon the. The Moon base administrator pat bone has had an idea. Part of the cargo were his experimental human cryogenic chambers while they can't bring the ship back before the air runs out. If they could deflect the course, so the day list would eventually return, the crew could use the cryogenic suspension units. It's a risk, but it is their only chance. They prepare to try the daring measure. In the park spring encounters a reject from a Mad Max movie rollerblading in the park, true to form, he is senselessly violent to Spring and beats him up despite spring, being armed and alert to the possibility of trouble. Just before the rollerblade does serious harm to spring. The real killer murders him. The rollerbladers not not spring the murderer still hidden from spring, taunts him, but he's scared off when Sargent Cormon Arise, fires, a couple of wayward shots at him back at his apartment. Divas choose out spring for his stupidity. Spring agrees, but it's still something about this case. He can't quite see. The computers have decided. The case isn't worth pursuing and is being closed. Feeling useless spring decides to return to space on the moon. The daring rescue may have worked. The crew have entered suspension and explosive charge has been used to blow out an airlock. The expelling air deflects the ship onto a course that will be retrievable in eight years time it remains to be seen if they will be able to be successfully revived or just be frozen corpses spraying now back in full star. Cup Mode has a chat with but dome. He knows, but don't sabotage the ship, but don't has been denied a permit to perform. Perform human tests on his suspension system. He arranged for his equipment to be on. The ship helped the unwitting pilots to be assigned together I guess he's a bit of a romantic program. The anomalous engine burn and then when no one else thought of it, he had to suggest the idea of using the cryogenics. He's either committed murder, or at the very least the crew if they return alive can file civil charges one problem. They haven't got any proof, but don knows it, and so starts the awkward tenant landlord relationship of these star cops news eight q on the Moon Sergeant Cormon turns up on the Charles. The goal. She's tracked the killer to the space station. She found her motive for the crime. The killer John Smith had a beef with the Star Cops on the moon, and now he's getting his revenge on the head of stops. The killer has stolen a shuttle and his flying towards the controversial and secretive new American space station Spring David and Corman hop in another schoddl and give chase as they approach the Americans. Blow up the killer and spring reveals he'd figured it out. Cormon and the killer are both British secret service, and their mission was to get a look on that space station, if the STAR COPS which are politically neutral by. By treaty were forced to pursue a criminal onto the station. The Americans could complain, but they'd have nothing. Actionable. Spring was supposed to follow the killer onto the station, arrest him and send him back to Earth for trial with a killer and Corman would be able to report back what they had seen on the station spring, tipped off the Americans, and so warned they blew up the shuttle back on earth. Divas knows he's been played, and while he knows he'll never get a conviction. He's going to make sure that light is shined on this nasty business. This will also end his career. He asks spring for a new job. The and Second episode of Star Cops. what you think of it overall. I liked it better than the first one. I think it was A. Yeah I. Yeah, I did not to. Didn't suffer from pilot itis right? They didn't have to do as much I think it's kind of interesting that they're still obviously setting up the show. Because here we are second episode. Now we're bringing in another character were getting their headquarters, so they didn't have to cram quite as much pilot itis in the first one. Although it was it was mostly about the Mecca. Nations of getting Nathan off the planet, and I I don't know that they did a great job of. Making US understand why the heck that all happened really, but maybe they'll be brought up in another episode I suspect I suspect we haven't seen the end of this What I didn't particularly like in this one end it's carrying over from the pilot. I. Find The to crime pattern awkward. Yeah. And unlike the first one, which had a lot more parallels this one. Doesn't you know it I think we're supposed to think that it is because spring, says it. It's like Oh, it's just like this. I should have been thinking here instead of there, but I mean that's pretty. That's pretty tenuous. Connection between the two. Yeah. Almost confusing at times. It's like a Mary a yeah yeah. It's like they had to ideas for the show whether they realize that neither one of them, they can make stretch the entire episode sort of hot well. He just combine them And, and I noticed it as I was writing my synopsis, and it was impossible to avoid it might, but doing it linearly and I have occasionally. I have occasionally taken shows that are like this and split them into two completely different stories, a plot be plot, and then do each plot linearity, and then come back to it, but I decided I would go ahead and do this when the way it was in the show, and there's an awful lot of on the moon, so and so back on earth, so and so on the moon, so and so you know. Which makes for have annoying reading. Frankly and I suppose listening, but it is what happened in the way it happened. They just bounce back and forth between these two two stories. Let's talk about the space crime. Spacecraft as crime. One of the that I read about star cops and I'll tell you since our last recording, which has been I two or three weeks. I. Think Yeah! I have been trying to find more information about star cops, and it is one of the most unproductive Google searches. I've ever had apparently. There may be a book coming out in twenty, twenty. on STAR COPS and unofficial history of the thing. But you said that big finisher doing episodes Yup Yup I think they're on their third box set now. I'M NOT GONNA listen to them until. Till I've actually listened to the show all the way. That would probably be a good idea. Because I I have a feeling that there's GonNa. Be Some more things happening. Yes as as we go along here that that probably will bear on bear on the big finish ones, but Yeah I just it. It hasn't been hasn't been very fruitful, so. What was going on behind the scenes? Who knows but anyway, but I one of the things that I heard detour. was that. They tried to kind of focus. The criminal investigations on space crime and then crimes that are enabled because of the unique environment of space right. Yeah, which I think I think this is a pretty good example of it. Oh, yeah, definitely I mean it's. It's hard to make a you know to another type of of story we're. Somebody has. Ring something to to look like it's GonNa. Kill somebody, but he's actually using it for nefarious reasons. Like sealing ship will still. That's not quite not gonNA buy that A. Outlet desert somewhere knowing by that either and you're going to stage a rescue. Write a letter where it is. If somebody put in motion that people were going to die. We would. We would try to prevent that and here. I know it's kind of. It's kind of a no go just the physic-, says we can't get there. And so it is a it is a terrible thing to contemplate I know we talked a little bit about it. During Moon base three when I think in caster. pollock's I believe was the episode. Hey, if I'm pulling that one out of my memory correctly where we're Tom Hill was wow I pulled that out to his name exactly. Extra points we can name the. Russian cosmonaut. Please tell me it's Dmitri. I believe it. It has to be DMITRIEV. I. We'll call it Dmitri. Anyway but. You know. When you have an accident in space. And you don't have the fuel and you don't have the air. You're going to die and yeah, it's pretty serious. I do think it's very interesting that we never saw the astronauts. Well, you know in a effort to cut costs. I think a couple of things happen on this first. They did not have to build the interior of the spaceship that we saw. Over And secondly well, they went to the moon. No I think I think that was a perfectly reasonable. And and I wanNA, talk about that, because they interesting aspects to that but Yeah Yeah I think that's a very wise choice. Frankly I like to think that they'd planned it that way all along. I would hope so too actually so that the the the crux of the crime here is that that. WAS NOT. He's patent for us english-speakers. He's French pat thought. His Bentham. And although I don't recall him having outrageous Frenchaccent but you had one a little one. Yeah I guess it was. Probably more realistic than the broad stroke Frenchaccent that we would be used to hear, but. He is a researcher. In addition to be the administrator of the Moon. Base V is also a biological. Researcher and he has been working on the holy grail of spaceflight witches, cryogenic suspension The investigation turns up that he had applied for I, think they? Both animal and human trials, and that he'd been turned down for both. Yes, they didn't I'm not sure why. They turned down the animal trials. You'd think well maybe by the time, but I thought that's what they said they that he'd both been denied for both of those, so maybe it's because he's system doesn't work. You know it could be. Something could be something incredibly mundane like you showed us the specifications and Aino that eight new we that's GonNa work, so no come back when you have a working plan. See I, know my plan will work I. Wish Show you. So maybe in the future animals are people, too. was well. I suppose since apparently they've made the Americans. Not, but that's A. That's another topic for discussion here. But it's. Raise a question for me about the ethics of cryogenics. Be In ways right? That is sort of. The Holy Grail of interstellar space flight whether or not. Honestly I don't know whether or not scientists at NASA have ever sat around and said Yep. We gotta come up with Gar Jenex or whether that's just the fancy of science fiction writers for the last seven decades I, I don't know, but you know if you if you say it is a real thing and not something designed for freezing terminally ill. which is probably why that good there? How D- attest that well, you know obviously start with animal trials. And Seems. Here and there. It doesn't seem that unreasonable to me. I mean can go from my two thousand and nineteen, I realized. This is in the floor far-flung Year of twenty twenty seven where. Other things have happened been in, but yeah I. Don't know I mean is is a is a volunteer. Is that an appropriate risk for volunteer? If somebody said yes. Absolutely. I trust you doctor, but don't frees me up. Wake me up in a year is that? Is that not good enough I mean isn't that what isn't that? What a test pilot does when he says yeah getting that plane in flight, and if it blows up the hour, it's definitely a great area of research. Yet the test pilot share you. You don't want to kill him, so you put them in an airplane? You're pretty sure it's GonNa fly, but you know he's going to be the one that proves it. And If, he crashes well, that was his job is very unfortunate. You know nobody goes to jail, but I think if like doctor has some sort of treatment in you. Willfully sign up for it and you die then the doctors on the hook up too I. mean if it goes against their ethics. Son? That and But that is yeah. I mean you can't go up to somebody, say hey, will you shoot me, please? You know if they do then, will they get? Homicide right you can't. It can't so I mean I can understand why you would need I. Don't know get some put. Before you test it out, but but definitely. But yet if you're say a magician in you're doing a bullet catching trick with live rounds or something like that or something to do with a gun and you get shot die while you're practicing on honor show. Is the assistant fault? That is good question. That's probably an episode of Columbo. Organized. Creek So. Yeah I I. I don't know what I think I can safely go out on a limb and say is that sabotaging space craft and deliberately engineering situation where desperate people are going to die or volunteer for your procedure Oh. Yeah, probably is November. That's wrong. That's wrong I. think that's definitely wrong and I think it's fascinating that they have no way to prove it right. And eight years before they find out if it's harder and in the meantime, he's the base commander of the based there right exactly. It's going to be interesting. Maybe, he'll be gone. Maybe they will find proof. Maybe he'll resign. Maybe you know just the fact that somebody knows will cause it to to change, and he won't be the commander next time, but if he is the commander next time you know. What kind of position does that put them in really is is is it going to be one where the commander is trying to sabotage or discredit the star cops for the next eight years or to throw up every roadblock? He can to make their lives miserable, or is it a situation where he's going to give them anything they want? In the hopes that you know it all blows over and they. Of. Course he believes those people right alive though I think he's, he wouldn't last that eight years because if he's this ear to test his equipment and his theories. He's going to try it again sometime soon. Years is a long time to wait for your year. Initial research to be proven well I'm sure he'll apply again or maybe other accident. Who knows? What are you okay? Back to the whole application process all right so ice speculated. Maybe his system is crackpot, but maybe it's not. Maybe it's great. Maybe is the suspended animation system that we need. How ever can we find out if he can't get a no right? Yeah, maybe he needs to do more research for. Did Not. Convince the board whoever they are to You know that his system needs. Some empirical proof that works you know what what standard of proof or evidence to they need before they would allow it to be tested on animals or humans. I mean I don't think you can test it on plan now. So if you can't test on animals, your your Sol. Maybe, it's the fact that it has a primary part of they. Freezing processes a very large ziplock baggie. Or Tucker. Looks too much like a too often next time. Or something handles on the sides in silver now. Did he say something? Did he say something at one point in this episode that they'd had not worked out the revival process yet. I don't remember that Okay I. I see, I was kind of I've only watched it once and I was a little bit confused because. When when they initially revealed that there cryogenics supplies on the ship. I just naturally assumed that this was a thing that was commonplace, or maybe not commonplace is the right word, but in other words it something that would raise an eyebrow ridge like maybe it's. Yeah I was thinking was frigerator equipment. Maybe it was hauling something to Mars. Like cattle or something and. You know it wasn't until later that he says well, you know my equipment could be used to do this and I even at that point I'm thinking. So, what are they GONNA do? Are they gonNA take the cows out? Chuck them in the Bin and let them die. Really. I was I was not getting up was not quite getting what was happening on till very very close. Actually I think I. Don't know that I even got it until spring explained it that you know what why. Why are you sending this cryogenic equipment that hasn't been tested and hasn't got. A purpose can't be used on anything to Mars in the first place. They're going to need it someday. Nobody knew it was coming. Yeah, well, that was revealed later. When when? That was about when I figured out that that they were empty. Yeah! Up to that point, Win Fox said something to the effect of it's like your pods were designed for the data. Is like Oh yeah. They were yeah I guess that's I guess line to that effect, I. Just it. It took me a while for me to get to get past the idea that the pods weren't buying something in them. The pods were the cargo you know and that was. That was. Retarding me from figuring out what was going on in this story or understanding the nefarious purpose. Because when he said there was a little car jennings equipment on board. You Know David. Is, kind of looked up, and there was that sort of hough aircrew. Thing on his face and I'm like. Why is that a clue I? Don't get it in missing it so all right the earth crime, so I think we may have asked last time whether or not Spring was going to be carrying on a long distance relationship with his long suffering girlfriend Lee and I think the answer to this question has now been definitively answered. Yeah, that's no. That's a no, she. Knows maybe her mind. There is there is something very first of I have noticed a tendency, and I'm not necessarily saying that it is an undeserved food in the world I. Some level really seem to hate the Americans. Yes, I've noticed that. And the Russians, but but I feel like. They're really. Stare for the Americans. The Butt of many jokes I'm sure. One thousand nine. Hundred seventy, even made comments about the Russians and the Americans at during the interview for Nathan Spring earlier about how? They didn't even bother. Show up, they don't. Something to that effect, and here we have a very very heavy handed, and frankly I was getting bored with it, but I will admit I didn't see the Tien coming. I thought it was just. World buildings static. Yeah, when they're doing that. news bit about the unknown space station. Yeah, over over and the protests and that the Americans like no, no, it's civilian. It's just. It's just secret and we won't let you right, but it's it's civilian. It's Nice for research area. For it for sixty. Secret Search Yeah. That was very heavy handed, but I would say and okay. Let's let's say that. The Americans are building weapons of or putting weapons up there in violation of treaty. That's nasty. The British are worse. British secret service are. Definitely in this case, I mean I. Get the whole. The whole fantasy of you know James Bond. 007 licensed to kill in the line of duty right, but the people he kills are generally speaking what you would generally call bad guys. You know at least Russia's and. or or Specter and Here British secret service murdered two innocent people, yeah, definitely utterly unconnected innocent people to achieve a strategic spying resolve. That was the best idea they had. Oh, wow! You see, here's some of the bad ones. Yeah how about this one? They go up to the Charles de. Gaulle and they. They steal a shuttle. And they fly to the American space station and land, and and like request, political asylum or something like that yeah not saying okay. If they stole a shuttle wooden star cop still have to go after they would. And then wouldn't the same scenario play out? Without commercials without all the Nike Nike stuff yeah. So that was Kinda. Yeah so I've been there. The authors are portraying the British as pretty darn nasty do which could just be gentle antigovernment. Sentiment but with the writers, but yeah, it was. I'm not quite sure they're going with that, but I mean now on really how it really was. It makes you wonder though do, do we? Include the British with the Americans here we're. We're the quote unquote. Good guys in the world. And supposedly have been, and I know that the CIA has certainly been mixed up in some pretty shady stuff. But. Would they kill an innocent woman to too emotionally unstable somebody so that they gave manipulate them into doing a job. By the Secret Service for go that far Would it make a difference if you know that had been in world? War Two and somebody had say. Murdered murdered Helga at stalag. Thirteen to you know to get Colonel Klink all upside to to do you know? Because in there. It's all there the Nazi so you know I don't know I really don't know it it. It did raise. A, it made me it may be. That's a different take on a secret service I'd expect that from the Russians the Soviets I should say. Well Yeah Yeah. I mean that's definitely how they're portrayed in movies and whatnot yeah. Media Yeah! So maybe that's the intent to portray us no different from. US In this case I am talking about British writers referring to them US NOT US Americans us but you. Get. That yeah. Yeah I. Yeah, that was that was where. Let's talk about box. Yes, a little bit. The. So there was a secret agent was very keen on getting box one brief moment. Yeah, just for a second. You'd think they'd have their own. Exactly. Cube ranch should just be able to whip that up for him, yeah! Or they could steal. It. She didn't try to terribly hard to get it. She just asked for it. And then you got a polite, no and then. Maybe that'll be the next operation. I thought one thing that was very interesting about the way box is portrayed, was that it's listening to colder in David's conversation about his situation and when basically when called tells him to get things rolling there is that bit where as well you know you're going to need like a shuttle that. Gravity and stuff like that and wait wait. That thing can take care of that. It was listening to us. It Smart Enough We're not there yet, but are we getting no. kind of I mean in many households. If you say hey, Google or Alexa followed by command happens. So Yeah Kinda, so we're up to that stage, but not to the point where you know, let's say I said make you make a reservation for dinner at it picks your favorite restaurant contacts. The people you know Google's working on the whole assistant version where you can where it can call up restaurant and do things like that, but I mean this is. This was taking independent thought and going well if they needed office space on the moon than they would have to have people on the moon to get on and off the moon. You'll need to shuttle, but they can't use the one they got. They could go to. The moon did added at it. I just I think it's interesting that they portray it kind of remind me of apple ads from many many years, not even an ad. It was a concept video that they put together like the intelligent house at the remember that one. Wasn't I. Don't think it was actually the house I think it actually was a device in the guy's study, but it was doing just that kind of stuff, and you know that would be about the same time. The Matt's almost wonder if maybe they. saw that and said. Future the other thing and this was considering how sophisticated it is. It was an idiot when it came to leak as Restaurant at the lowest guard and its ability to call late now she's dead. Oh. Do you want me to delete everything you know about? No let's not do that well. Then I'M GONNA. Keep suggesting you take her to dinner. Yeah, that's kind of what. Now. It does raise a yet. Another interesting question. I I don't know you know where things stand with you and family and whatnot, but you know. My father died a few years ago, I still have emails from him. I think he's still in my address book. And she passed away. Numbers goes well, and when you have all that information in there does is the computer when they get to the point where they are sentient, Louis, that's probably the wrong word, your sentiment using artificial by two to countless stuff. Will they understand that? Will they know what to do with that sort of thing? Will you know suddenly it automatically? Send out birthday greeting to them for you when it gets to that point. It seems like there ought to be like. Oh, I don't know a little deceased flags. Sick I don't want to delete this stuff. would be something that would come up more than you think because save if you're in relationships in your. With the person. You don't WanNa be inviting dinner. There is that too, perhaps not as Greece actually. Pretty, much out of your life, perhaps more grants. Somebody's depends on who it is. Yes, yeah, so. But yeah it it. It seems so. It seems so odd that the writer didn't have a middle ground concept there. I think that was. A that was showing that spring is not. Over it ready ready to move on Fair, enough. Fair enough, but. I Yeah I don't know it was. It was odd but boxes and interesting device. I think it is probably showed the only genuine emotion that we got out of. Spring in this episode was when that look on his face when he was crying that I think. So Yeah I don't I? Don't think much of his our now. To Be Fair I. Have Not seen a lot of good acting on this series. Unfortunately, yeah, and and I. Don't know what the director was saying, but. I think he got everybody involved in says okay. Now I want you to put your parts like you have very poor. Interpersonal skills got just kissed everybody all the time and really short. Yes, and just. And just pissed off all the time. All the time, yeah. I beat is that is not a that is not a likable quality of any of the. In this David is most likeable of the bunch, and even he is not the most tactful of human beings I've ever right. He's got Mora. More. With to his acting skills than other people on the show afraid. Yeah, he's you know. To two lane highway. So here, here's a weird one. I am kind of looking forward to hearing some big finish. Star cops afterward dining, whether whether ultimately we liked the show or not I'll probably listen to them for for two reasons. One is just to see just like they did with the sixth doctor and correcting. That were afflicting his era. I'd like to see if they. Humanize him a little bit, or or flesh out or whatever I'm interested in that and the other thing is. This actor David Calder. He sounds to my ear so much like Gareth Thomas. Who Played Blake on Blake seven? I close my eyes when guys talk and and I hear Blake. Who passed recently? A couple years ago and now they've got this guy working at big finish. I'm wondering if he's still sounds like him as an old man. Who knows they might. They might have their actor there for replacing him when the time comes for more blake seven. Stories but Anyway. That's just a completely tangential and irrelevant aside pretty much. I loved in a cringe. Anyway, the password see all the man that Oh Jeez. I have my nose. Annoying security honor message that just doesn't even begin to describe its. Watching that is what I think. Regular people think of when they have to type just one password in. Computer can. I get I get a kick out of it when they do it on on Star Trek next generation to. Authorization. Code required because two four, seven, one eight like everyone in the room. Just drink latte. Everyone knows your password. Picard you're. GonNa have to change it and all the systems. Because you only have. voiceprint system well if it's voiceprint system, why do you have to give the past? Is that two factor authentication. And again it's still useless because if everyone knows it if they can fake your voice print, and they all know your pass right them. And I thought I thought it was funny, because you have to give your code and she rattles off this right, you know thing her ID number, which sounds suitably like you know, and then it goes now. I'm GONNA need you to put in your authorization code. She's like. That and now I'm going to need you because it secure I'm going to need you to put in your approval pan or something and that when she had to type. Interesting. She went over to that. One is like talk type that one last night and I'm like well at least two factor. Yeah sort of China. Knocked I know yeah, at least they don't know what the third one is. What was the purpose of the first two I'm not sure? Apparently. To Spoof and account. How. It was, it was fun Oh yeah well. They missed the boat on that one weight. Some people would say no all right. You know where it comes to inadvertently predicting the future. If you gave voice command control to all computers that worked reliably on all input fields. You know sitting at the office. You could be listening to people going username M.. I. S. P.. I G. Password L. X.. Upper case P exactly. Yes, right brace. TILDE! Carrot Fourteen seven Oh yeah all the time. People would be writing it down at the next station and. Don't bother to try. That's not my real password and. WHY PEOPLE! None of my passwords as far as I. Know because I don't know what my passwords are and. Use Password managers right but. Okay. In our nod back to casteran politics, we do have the whole sequence where the freighter pilots talk about ending it all early. Yeah, they sure do seem big on that bill? Drama Suspense Stasis Space is a place where you're GONNA have to go off yourself someday exactly. Now. And we can roll this enroll a couple things together the moon. Z's really didn't like the star cops. Did they know I got the impression? They really did want them around. Too much of overheads. Yeah so that's my yeah. Why why do you not want the law? Even in the old west, they had a martial. Yup, they had sheriffs and as far as I. Know as far as I. Know Most towns would reach a. Certain size, let's say and you know just as a self organizing collective they would. Appoint someone to appoint somebody to kind of do that stuff. The Peace Yup. But it sounds like the moon. Don't have anything like that. They'd like no star. COPS keep them away. We're doing just fine, but you know what is it? Is it independence? They themselves are criminal air. Don't want anybody with the Hornets. Do they think they never do anything wrong here? Exactly I think it's the mob. The Moon is run by the mall. For the accuser, or is it a? Is it like a physical independence thing in other words, we are the moon. You are an international treaty organization and we want nothing to do with just like we anything to do with the Americans. We know anything to do with the Russians. We don't anything to do with the British because they'll kill people just for their silly secrets and I think the folks on the moon should remember where their food comes from in the air, and probably most the raw materials. Before, they get a little bit too independent too uppity. Yeah Yeah. And you know, and that's a good point to raise like. Is it really realistic to believe that the people on the moon would be that bloody minded independent. Might happen only after like the first good harvest of moon food. Came through. You know that sort of stuff, but even then. Takes takes a long time to become self sufficient. Of Very. Especially when you know, there's your total vacuum outside your windows. And there's also another aspect of it. That does not. I think moon base three did a fair job of it, too, when you as a colonial power the British. Save for example. When they set up colonies, they went to exploit. Yes, I hope. I'm not shocking. Anybody with that one. It wasn't an altruistic thing. I mean be. To bring religion to the Heathens. Well that was part of it I. Mean I think that was. Missionaries going along with it, but no. That's not the political reason for it. That's just to get. The churches Blessing as it were, but you know it's it's all about resources and land and and wealth it's. Always been about that. All right because the base three is a money sink any moon colony as far as the foreseeable future is a money. Saving is not going to be producing wealth to in any meaningful quantities or any meaningful amounts back to the earth. For a very very long time you liked. That, that was pretty cool I thought and so you can't get this well, you know. They need our die. Lithium crystals so they're going to send us. Right and if they don't send us food, we can trade with somebody else. AWAIT YEAH! So it is a different situation. The parallel of colonies is not really it's more of a research outpost. Yeah, far as I can tell, and that's a different animal. Yeah, maybe we'll find out that there's like you know seven hundred eight thousand people living on the moon, and and they do have farms and culture, and who knows what else out there. I believe that I read that per the premise of the show is about six thousand people living in space total. Oh okay, I could be wrong. And of course my source could be wrong because there are no reliable sources for star cops right. I couldn't find an index I figured. Probably, there's a starburst magazine somewhere with an article on star. Cops couldn't find it. Probably isn't one in star. Log A. Magazine I've been getting lately infinity. Magazine couldn't find one there. Yeah I just I have turned up nothing so far that's. Find an copy of empire that might have something in there. Yeah, it's just it's. It's rough, so we're going to have to just take what we get out of the show I want to, I guess we've probably talked on the structure of was not really the structure, but the star cops themselves. Obviously they seem to be a necessary evil that nobody wants said kind of the kind of. Attitude that we're getting their volunteer organization which I think is going to. But. Colder is trying to overcome that well. Let's spring. Spring. We'll call it. Whichever wrong series. I think that that's probably also consistent with the old. West right that Otto. Yeah, like Yeah I. WHO's volunteering to do the job? And you know what? What does he get out of it? Well? Maybe maybe they bring him food or something right, so he doesn't have to farm his land or whatever, but yeah it. It's and you know there's not much crime so No big deal it. Yeah, yeah, I be interested and obviously he's trying to make it time. He's full-time I presume I well. Okay, spoilers sure Davis is back in Oh. Yeah future they need somebody to be. That racist obnoxious I want to say the muscle, but I don't know if that would be quite it. But yeah, they need to have somebody that's that fits that Roy. A good. Good name for, but you know it. When you saw it yet, you'd like to sit good bad cop. He'd be the bad cup, but are there any good cop so far? Well. They're all jerks. and. David maybe it'd be the Good Cup. Divas could be the bed. Cup maybe. Also you say the muscle spring obviously is not the muscle. No He's I have never seen Moore pathetic example of. Bad Directing acting stunt coordinating police work ever. Yeah that was when he is beat up by the by the Mad Max reject. You just spun around a few times at totally incapacitates him amazing. A COP a trained Ya. Gun, yes! That's even stranger. which by the way that pistol is remarkably similar to the style from the movie bladerunner? Well, this is. Just a couple of years after the eighty seven. Yeah, after blade runner. Remember them being white. No, they weren't. The general shape was was pretty darn close well. Thought Oh. That's kind of cute. Maybe you know. Could be leftovers from a prop department somewhere? Maybe they were always difficult to come across though there weren't too many. Bladerunner pistol props made well. That's because they after the movie. Then they got moved over to start their hand painted so painted. They're so incompetent using them. They broke them all yeah! Could be. Pretty awful knowing the prop world. They were rather highly prized because there were never really any these pictures of them. You know they were in the hands of private. People didn't want out. You know anybody seeing them and stuff so. I will I will in before somebody says it in defense of colder spring. Why do they have to hire an actor with the same name as the main cares pre show that it's obviously. Spring yeah, maybe he's so rubbish a fight because he's been in space for a while. Boy. I think if that case you'd have to use a cane to walk around or crutches or wheelchairs like that, and and really are we supposed to believe? that a guy dressed up in a Mad Max reject outfit on rollerblades or schedule TAP. Running around the park at night I. Mean How freaking eighties. Can you get? Is? Like, wow, that's awesome. And I hate to say it. When when spring was trying to get up and they started playing. You know that the woozy music. That's the first time that the soundtrack actually sounded good. Annoys. Eye. For, the fight, no, just the the drunken music. I think I mentioned that a a magazine. Yup Brand Swipe brought it up. The funny thing is that I intentionally was thinking about that. Watching this episode and I still only heard the music in a few places and. It'd bother me that much. It sounded very. It sounded quite a bit like John Carpenter's music, maybe not as polished, but it had that same eighties electronic. Yeah, feel and honestly it's light years better than all of the electronic music done in doctor who starting with John Nathan Turner Error. During the fights in his thinking, wow, I feel like I'm listen to Delta the banner. Many hundred boy who yeah. I don't think it was. That bad but. Of course you know, they have a well. Did they have a few years? No, it's gotta be. It's the same instrumentation. It'll be the same kind of instrumentation same synthesizer with the same samples. I H. I list. Do it and it's like. Yeah. It's not great, but seriously one of the fifty worst things in science fiction ever come on. Obviously, they're talking about the fee music and that is bad. I don't mind it. Oh, I do I i. it's not like. A rush at go I love this, but I mean it's I like the Moody Blues it sounds. It sounds very much like the Moody Blues Because Lead Singer. Exactly it just. You know it's like A. It's like a B side to a good moody, Moody saw. You know it's it's not. It's not the good one. It's one that you feel the album with what it has that link. And I can tell us the one that the drummer light, so you know they made them happy. Put them on the. Claw my eyes out or anything listening to it, but it just yeah, it's like it's totally inappropriate for the show, but then look at enterprise. Is Star Trek Enterprise? Yeah, what were they thinking? I don't know. Obviously somebody had seen stark ops, but that's awesome. That's what we want. That was amazing. So different. I don't know that I have anything. Else to add on the show, and we could talk about Colin Divas a little bit, but I think we already did yeah jerk. Pretty much, just the big walking cliche. Not the not that spring isn't Melville it less, but yeah, lesbian. Yeah, and if the show had run eight years with those people comeback. Don't know will finish address this issue? Oh. Actually would be pretty darn cool. No, they they. They started making new stories. They never bothered to listen to the original. Cable there you go. IDEA. Anyway. Let's see. I was impressed with the the makeup on spring. They actually got his eye all bloody mean the actual I like the red eye drops in his eye or something like that. That's pretty good. Actually punched him, but that could be a to. Do! Things old fashioned whether it's a lot cheaper to. I'm going to have to track. But I've got to train stuntman to do it so quickly. You GET BAFTA for this. Or would that be BAFTA. ooh, with a big with a big. Word written on the screen in a balloon boxing. Okay I think we're done with this I. Think so. I do not off the top of my head. What the name of the next episode is something? We'll artificial intelligence. Okay, yeah, but it matters not because it doesn't matter what its title is. We will be listening to it and watching it and adding it to the podcast collections so. Doesn't care what its name was. John Thank you for joining me. You're welcome listeners I. do hope you'll join us again next time on fusion patrol. You've been listening to fusion patrol. The listener supported podcast. Find out how you can be a sponsor and get early access to all episodes and more at Patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. Come, join the conversation on facebook or twitter. All episodes are available at fusion patrol dot Com. Our music is fight the future by Amber Wolf. This has been a lone locus production.

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472  Star Cops  An Instinct for Murder

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472 Star Cops An Instinct for Murder

"Fusion patrol is a listener supported. Podcast find out how you can help support us at Patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. This is the fusion. Patrol Vodka gassed each week. We look at different science fiction TV episode or movie and over analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode of fusion patrol. I mean Jean. And I'm and tonight we're going to be starting a new series here on fusion patrol. Tonight we're going to be looking at the nineteen eighty-seven BBC science fiction. Police DRAMA STAR COPS EPISODE. One an instinct for murder. The year is twenty. Twenty seven and two events far far apart seemed to parallel one. Another a man is swimming in a pond in England while in orbit near the Charles de Gaulle space station. Another man is on a spacewalk. Both are taken unaware by two salen and killed on earth. Police Chief Superintendent Nolan. Spring has suspicions about the drowning case. The computer has ruled that it is likely an accident but his instinct for murder tells him it may be something more. He pushes his underling. Brian Lincoln to investigate further springs. Boss however doesn't seem to like him nor does he wish to waste time and resources on a case that the computer has determined to be an accident. He orders them off the case on the Space Station flight engineer. David Theroux is also part time stark up. And he thinks there's something fishy about the recent death of the spacewalker. It was deemed an accidental malfunction of the suits backpack but his instincts for murderer is telling him otherwise. Spring has been maneuvered into applying for the job of Commander of the Star Cops Aka the International Space Police Force a job. He doesn't want and his boss is going to make sure he gets it spring disobeys orders and Orders Lincoln to continue the investigation while spring takes astronaut training and then an inspection tour of Charles de Gaulle. While they're Lincoln turns up clues and spring presses him to continue investigating in addition to meeting David. Thoreau and discussing his doubts. About the spacewalk accident. He also meets David's friend. The flight controller is also a popular politician on the station. Who GOES FIRST SPACEWALK? He too dies from a mysterious backpack failure. An uproar on earth begins the Russians have a lucrative contract to maintain all the suit backpacks and there are calls to break the contract and awarded to someone else to his chagrin spring. Although he has not actually been offered the job gets assigned to investigate the death he explains to David that the reason he thought the case on earth was murder because the body was to perfectly placed so that it appeared exactly as an accident a technique professional killers use to fool the computer analysis into making a determination of accidental death. After the information provided by David he thinks something similar is happening up here. The suits all appear to be well maintained and should have a zero percent failure rate. People are killing two percent of the spacewalkers at a consistent interval to make the occasional murder when necessary indistinguishable from the background noise. That's part of his training. Spring must learn to spacewalk and against David's recommendations. He decides to go for a solo spacewalk before he's fully ready but he admonishes David to keep a close eye out for anything approaching him in the control room. It dawns on David. Nothing can happen out there without the flight controllers seeing it therefore his friend the flight controller must be involved. Realization comes too late though. The gun at the back of his head stops him from warning. Spring that two blips are approaching him on the radar. A dead space man is seen floating away now. David must be disposed of the flight controller. Takes him to the airlock where he plans to stage? An accident but spring hiding spacesuit. Kabul's the villain. He had already disposed of the two killers with a medical laser because he had been expecting them. It's revealed that a corporation was behind it because they would have benefited financially from unpleasant. Raise back on earth with a job. Well done spring gets a surprise. He's been given command of the STAR COPS. He refuses but his boss makes it plain to yet. Take it or you're finished here. Lincoln. Who did such a great job. Solving the drowning murder has been promoted to his old job and while they can't fire spring they could find him some work in data processing. If he doesn't go quartered spring takes command of the star cops but he knows it won't be easy and of the Synopsis Prior to preparations for this. Did you have any advanced knowledge of Star Cox in any way no not at all no not whatsoever? I knew it existed and okay yeah I did know it existed soya there. There was that but I had no idea what what was about of bellows probably cops in space. He does what it says on the ten. Apparently exactly so yeah. Go ahead to for that so I think both coming in cold what you think of the episode you know. I'm not particularly fond of murder mysteries. But this one was alright. It did have a lot of exposition. Trying to figure out what's going on and giving him actual reason to be in space yes Which was nice. I guess it's just having him. You know get thrown into a shuttle and launched into orbit and expected to do as duty. He's kind of a little farfetched. It's nice that they actually had to have him prepare a little bit. Go do some training. Yeah if you're going to be sent to an a deep sea research facility that you know two miles into the ocean they're not gonNA just three into sub say. Okay have some fun down there. It'll be fine. It'll yeah here. Read this. Read the safety the Flyer on the back of the seat in front and remember. If you don't feel safe in the exit I'll someone else can take your area right. Speak UP FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES YEAH. I I can be a fan of a mystery or COP drama although it's not typically my thing but know give me a good episode of Columbo or something and I can I can enjoy it it but it has to be a well written one so right i. I generally enjoyed the episode. I had some issues with parts of it. Lot of more technical And I don't mean technical like us know how you fly in space but I mean like they talk over each other too much. I had some. I had some real problems finding some of the dialogue and I don't know if maybe I'm just my hearing is failing or the fact that the way they were talking and the way they would stage shots with it just didn't it didn't didn't come off natural and it didn't. I didn't I don't think I missed anything particularly important but there were times when I would be listening to it and I'm like I. I feel like I missed twenty percent of what happened in that scene so I I think I got a little bit of that too. It's almost as if whoever's doing the sound recording for the series Adam if they didn't set stiff upright. I'm not sure but it just wasn't as it was mostly in the control. It wasn't as Crisp and distinct is. You'd you'd wish the dialogue to be because they were shooting in space and sound doesn't travel through vacuum and so therefore yeah the audio. I had nothing to do. They had to What I did and we'll talk a little bit about the show itself in a bit but what I did really really like and again this is probably because in the computer game. I really liked the idea of burying of staging the crimes in such a way that you could bury the evidence in such a way that the computer would not see it. Yeah was not that. I don't know if it's true thinking about it. But of course then we don't have computers that can analyze a crime and make a determination so that's more of an AI thing right but it was reasonably convincing when Spring said you know this is a trick professional killers you right that they staged the crime so that it fits the profile that a computer would think was an accident. I mean it's really no different than in an episode of Columbo where the murderer tries to stage the crime. The accident thread an accident. Random by vagrant or something but anything but I the person Columbus latched onto his guilty right. Something that is possibly statistically plausible as a an accident or misadventure. So that part you know make sense. They're doing exactly what professional killers have been doing all along in in fiction anyway which is trying to make it look like an accident and now they've got you know. I could even see if you could get a copy of the police computer operating system that you could literally run your crimes. Yep through the computer and test out the scenarios and say Oh this is GonNa work. That's not gonNA work. What's GonNa trips up and then plot your crime accordingly? So that is yup a flaw and why we won't be using police detectives Holmes and Yoyo is not going to happen anytime. Sin Darn isn't obscure reference for some listeners to the podcast Jones. Look it up homes in Yulia at but don't watch it are are are quite fortunate not to understand what we just talked about. Oh yeah no definitely not now. What I thought was even more interesting was if I took correctly what they were saying. And I did recap it this way in my in my recap but I could see how you could be trying to come up. You could try to make it another way. Is it. They were essentially creating an artificial two percents failure rate. Yes and the intent of that was that when they actually needed to murder somebody so they were killing people just to keep the numbers up and then periodically. They'd kill somebody they needed to kill exactly exactly and buried in the statistics. They exactly exactly they get the order so needs to Killin. No problem that is a fascinating idea and that's novel it is rather dark. Yeah granted. I've already admitted that. I'm not a big fan of murder mysteries and stuff but I have never heard of that sort of a methodical homicide. I've never heard anything like that sustained homicide before. Like wow that's actually pretty good now. One of the things that I do know about this show is supposedly is that they tried to make the murders in some way or crimes and murderers is not a murder mystery In some way related to it being in space so like technology presents he would different opportunities crime good and they kind of wanted to go with that. So maybe that's where they came up with this idea but it's just a hop skip and a jump to. Isn't it too if you could start doing that in space and it starts working for the professional hitman there then they might start doing it down on the earth? It's like you know what we need. We need at least one person month dying in a bicycle accident so that when we need to kill someone we'll have bicycle accident available right or they just run the numbers say okay. Here's the most probable way of somebody going to be dying in the near future So you know sorta stuff you can probably do that today with actual table from. Don't endurance don't tell people that that's that's Oh that's totally totally. Yes I take about science fiction here. None of that of that. Don't don't let people from the actuarial guild find out you gave that information out. Oh whoa always be nice to people. Well we've just next. No No. I annoyed Bursa static lights flashing. Oh No maiden one thousand nine hundred seventy solve later Chris Voucher Yep. I think that's how you pronounce it. I assume it's Chris Voucher. Every time I see a name like that I think it might be French. And you go it Boucher but I think it's Bouchier Written for doctor who written for Birger ack Think actually may script editor on Birger. Come not one hundred. Percents Sean Not a series of from a script editor. Em Pretty sure script editor Blake seven for I think the whole run of the show in fact a lot of people attribute blake sevens with With Smart Smart Alecky dialogue to him. You know it's Terry nation's series interrogation wrote every episode of the first season but the script editor Polish them right and That has been attributed his hand. The snappy dialogue in the show because that's not really a hallmark of Terry nation's work over the years and so you know he's he's an accomplished is an accomplished writer he's been science fiction. He's been detect if he wanted to make something that I think was originally. I think he originally pitched the idea back in the early eighties as a radio. Show consider that and which you know again. I think this has been brought up before on the show. is not a whole lot of radio drama in the United States. So it's much more common medium. Yeah over there so you know that's not that doesn't necessarily sound over here. It's Kinda sounds like you're pitching something desperately ino- can't be made into a TV show but over there sound gentlemen good. I've ever listened quite a few of those very nice. It was it was a rocky rocky production. He and the producer did not get along the show. So there was this we may or may not see the evidence of that as we go along. I'm not sure but because I have not seen any other episodes this this very first one. The character of Nathan Spring Play by David Calder. Which apparently we're not the only people to notice that the actor David Colder name sounds very much like the character of the commander in Moon Base. Three of David. Cullen spelled differently but the weird accident. I'm sure it is. It's completely a weird accident. Apparently he's not even. It's not the kind of actor that voucher was looking for. He wanted somebody who is like in his thirties. Who WAS SUPER HOT? Shot on the rise kind of detective really and which may explain the whole antagonism between his commander and him. It could have been one of those like see. This guy is hungry and looking for my job and I need to get rid of him. Yeah having an older actor in in the The potential observers role. You don't get that. I didn't get that at all. I couldn't figure out what the antagonism was. I kinda figured that his boss wanted to put him up there because possibly his boss wanted somebody who is British to be the head of star cops or something like that like maybe. He was seeing this position as way for him to better himself. Somehow I'm not. I'm not sure yes as possible. I I saw it as antagonism. I saw it as he doesn't like this guy really getting rid of you. And that's that's the end of the line. I didn't I didn't see it as he was doing anything other than just trying to somebody eating like and so but you know there's nothing there to tell us. I mean he guys obviously good at his job right. So why would you WANNA get rid of him unless you're afraid that he's too good at his job? Which could be case wall? I'm telling you about the commander Yes. I think it's interesting. That neither the commander nor the flight controller appear to have had names. They didn't even. They didn't even get names in the credits. They were commander controller. Kind of odd. I thought I had missed it at some point where call. Wow you know in all that dialogue. That was going on between Dave the flight controller that I miss because there was the audio thing going on but I couldn't find I couldn't find a name for him anywhere except for flight controller and commander. Yeah which is interesting. I would think that the guy trying to do the killing should at least have a name but yeah I totally missed the The RECAP THE SYNOPSIS OF HIS GIRLFRIEND Obviously that's not going anywhere. No unless she decides she's going to go into space herself which I kind of doubt I. Yeah that's a space is not the kind of place you want to raise a family. That was going to go there. But it's clear that the two of them are thinking about getting married or moving together and starting a family and he is utterly clueless about her Yes continuously going to a restaurant that she really lights. There's a good sign. That's a great sign and Yeah so I don't. I don't think we're gonNA see her again. I think that was sure. He's not going to commute to to home on the weekends. I don't know it did. Seem like he was able to flip up and back down to the space station. Pretty simply yeah. It was. Yeah it did sound like they had multiple ships from the service all the time. You're a busy day and that there were three four. Does how many space stations out. Their mind is standing. I think there's five yeah I I have read something about the show and I think there are five space stations and moon base and possibly even a Mars colony interesting because this is the year two thousand twenty seven so by the time. Twenty twenty seven gets here. We will be well up to that point in space travel. Do People go there the series at which is pretty good that they did that even after we lost the moon. Just Oh yeah. Yeah Twenty eight years earlier. We're very resume. Apparently they found another bone to put a base built another one. Yes well it turned out the first one was actually an F. And when it left the new one got hatched and laid in. Yeah Oh there you go right. There's that we stole one from another dimension or another copy of her own just appear from another dimension. What a great idea. We Czar Moon so we steal somebody else's I think beer make a great story there. We go DR those aliens. You'RE GONNA come looking for us. Sure as long as you don't have the same theme music as the series head on it. Okay I take it. You're not a fan. No no not at all not in fact I need it. Yeah I was GonNa ask you about that when the when the music. It's apparently I actually have this written down. This is from wikileaks as too painful to commit to memory. Continue Per wikipedia is this is a quote reaction to the music and Hayward Song in particular has generally been negative effects magazine in particular has been highly critical of the theme tune in one issue. It was placed twenty ninth in a list article titled The fifty worst things about sci-fi ever while in another it was placed six in list article titled of the Ten worst things about UK tele fantasy writer and critic. Kim Newman has described the theme as the worst single theme tune of any TV. Show ever couch. Enterprise has said that he hated the music the incidental music wasn't appropriate and he didn't have the style and feeling it should have had now. Let's dead on. I will say when it started up. I instantly recognized it as the Moody Blues. So it was it was Justin Hayward I've not familiar with the lead singer. Okay of the Moody. But just the sound and the the tone it's like. Oh it's the Moody Blues. Wow that's a bit of a that's a bit of a coup. I don't mind it. It doesn't fit the show right then. Neither does the theme song to enterprise in. That's yeah exactly. I think that was a great bit of just seems like a poor choice of I heard it come on the radio. I wouldn't go like oh no I would just doesn't fit exactly it's just really out of place it's like. Why are they playing this? This doesn't make any sense. And apparently he and the I can't think of the guy's name off the top of my head and I apologize for that but just in Haywar then another guy who was like his producer producer of music or something did all the score as well and apparently everybody hates that too. I don't recall hearing any music through the course of this episode except for the theme Song Ghetto. Remember it either. So it didn't great like fingernails on a chalkboard which is what some of the descriptions I've read make it sound like it wasn't as did not grab me like star wars or was it glaringly. Obviously episodes of doctor who with is out. Geez no just turn that down a little bit. See devils anyone please. So Yeah Yeah. Okay well we got the music out of the way because it definitely is one that we have to that. We have to mention and I'm afraid we're there for it for the long haul on the show as well mute. Button works pretty well quite long too. Yeah I think I think the I I think me. They played the whole damn tune while over the murders. Didn't they yes? Which was using. But you know you turn style. I guess I did so to the The staging of the episode. I did like the dichotomy between the two parallel murders. I you know the fact that they were basically the same thing one in space one in warm water. Yeah I I wouldn't say it was like a brilliant masterstroke but when it became apparent that this was these were two murders happening. I don't know if they're supposed to be simultaneous. Just showing US simultaneously showing the guy was It was the earth. Murder was something that apparently had happened. A while back I think springs boss told him not to bother with. It definitely told him not to do it right as the computer computer says exactly. I kinda got the impression there at the beginning that spring was looking at the screen that was showing a recording of them pulling the body out of the water. I assume that was relatively recent. And then you know Lincoln said Oh well yeah but it looks like it's an accidental drowning. So computer says that. So let's leave it so I don't know I guess it could have been an old case But it didn't seem like it. It was but then on the other hand the space ban case could have been relatively old since they were True either way but we'll have to keep up your a percentages on that. I do understand that they were supposed to be it was supposed to be a stylistic choice of everything on earth being shot on film and everything on in space being shot on video with the intent of having that be a clear visual wall delineation because wow okay but they didn't do that so that was one of those points of contention between voucher and an other people on the show so so. I guess they just did the usual combination of video whenever we want film when everyone thing or you film outside video Yeah I like the video conferencing system. They had that the big wall when he was doing the interview. That and even in the very beginning when he's looking at the murder because he's got the The video playback of the The murder investigation window and then in another one. He's got a teleconferencing with his assistant or with all right the other detective and it looked like the the video is actually whatever it was controlling. It was kind of doing it smartly bringing the conversation that was happening real time to the big picture and then shrinking down me the video playback. Google hangouts only intelligently properly implemented smart boards and stuff for education and things like that. But you see today. Yeah that's not bad. Good job on that. Yeah and and I think the show did a fair job of trying to represent space accurately. Oh yeah trying to do. Weightlessness has always a pain. Very pleased that After they did one full rotation at the beginning that they stop rotating the camera. Yeah to to get the The effect when he was unsettled and just on the station at the beginning they were just they did a three hundred sixty turns slowly as they were shooting that and dislike all. Please tell me the show isn't going to do that all the time because I think that was stylistically. Visually was I think it was meant to bother you to convey that he's really you know. Unsettled by the whole thing is not quite cut. Like yeah and will he ever get his space legs? Probably maybe so of the star cops we only meet the two Spring and Throw David. Thoreau and he's apparently in American. It's really funny. How I just totally didn't notice that didn't it's it's because that's the default breen accent to me. I think so. He's talking. He's like okay he's he's talking about the American way NASA it's like Oh that's right. He is speaking with an American accent. I automatically switched to Canadian When I hear somebody in a British television program that has a non British accent. It's not European. Yeah I'm not sure why but I don't know I think it's I I've always asked we. You and I literally talked about this last week on. Space Nineteen Ninety nine The big finish thing I think because even The guy who played Ed straker. I can't think of the actress name right off the top of my head but played. Ed straker has a slightly odd accent Bishop Ed Mission and he I think if you live in Britain that your accent begins to drift Canadian. That's possible I think that's an actual thing I know mine. I know mine goes wonky and I spent two weeks in England by the end of it. People were asking me if I was from Australia. Like I wasn't intentionally trying to pretend to be an Australian or British for that matter but apparently it did not take long for my speech patterns to alter enough that it didn't sound American anymore and it could be like that for us. We hear them and we hear Canadian. Because it is American but it isn't quite American right has got the little inflections here and there that you don't hear a don't you know and they didn't say that yeah and so we introduced him. He's apparently apparently these star cops are part time they have regular jobs and then they have a part time job and I don't know if it came out in the interview or whether I read it but basically Springs job is to make STAR COPS. A fulltime police force. And I you know I. I don't know would that would that make sense here. You are in the frontier. You don't have policemen. Did that happen in the old west to they have somebody who'd be rancher and they'd say okay and now you're you're sheriff part time too. I I think that's actually true. Yeah you're not. You're not the full time sheriff. The rancher who also does the sheriff in right until they can get proper funding for the position which might not were needs territory. Exactly are needed. Ten people in town here really need a fulltime share right exactly probably not and I got no understanding of how big the gall station was five people fifty or NC many. It can be people from the the outside shots of it. We saw two. Yeah well just people the size of the habitation at I would say that maybe twenty people it looked as big as I assess at least bigger six there. Yeah there's our more cylinders On the Cheryl's goal than the ISS has so. I can see how on it. Maybe that's you know. Maybe that'll be part of the upcoming stories about how he's trying to make these people cops but in this case throw is not a cop. But he's he's got that instinct for murder so he's good recruit for the first for the first go round. One thing that I thought was a little bad. It's bad the right word. For how about not as not as convincing hard science fiction was box the computer. Oh Yeah Yeah. It's it's I was doing. It was still too good right. Do remarkably good job of of doing just completely. What's the sport like Orekhov or canine like free expressions? Almost yeah yea yeah? It's it was very very human assistant like it. I mean just try. Just try saying. Hey Siri off all my lights and see what happens. Thousands of podcast listeners plunged into the darkness. But exactly you know it doesn't work and Google's Ai may be better but it doesn't work that level and yes this is the future but it just doesn't not only does it not feel like it's right. They make a point of saying that. It's kind of a rarity. It's an incredibly expensive computer rarity right very expensive so that makes it a thing that spring has like an or AC from Blake. Seven gives him an advantage over other people because he's got the computer can analyze huge amounts of data seconds. Which oddly enough if you if you like. All of crimes are being analyzed seaworthy. Not there a crime be analyzed by computers. You would think that something with like box would be pretty conscious. Yes yeah and you wonder what could he do? Can you hack the computers too or is it just that there's in nineteen eighty seven? They never occurred to them. That people would implement security protocols right. Why would you have that mean? Next thing. I'm using a formation. Should be free exactly next thing. You're going to start using a is to predict when you can do safe. Murderers a war or the Russians. Or Yeah who would be the Russians? Never mind we will go there either. I shall not pick on the Russians today. What else have we got here? I love the line. I always preferred Sherlock Holmes to Dan dare. That was nice. I like that too. Sherlock Holmes well known to audiences everyone Dan dare maybe not as much outside much the UK and possibly the colonies devotees of Eagle magazine. Tom Swift but in space. Yes I found. I found a box of Tom Swift novels that I had around the house. I didn't even realize oh I know I know I also learned I also think fascinating that the the tasers acronym for Tasers Tom Swift Electric rifle or electric gun. Yeah I did not know that. Tomei Smith I believe is his actual name. That's where they got. Yeah yes I believe so you and I must have seen that in the same place then because I just saw somewhere and then aware talking about something anniversary of Tasers. Oh must have a youtube video. That came up. I heard buying on a Canadian broadcasting so the CBC synchronicity synchronicity. So I don't know that I have a whole lot about this. Obviously springs a wyle COP He solves the mystery is a lot of running back and forth. I mean that's that's really. I think the problem with episode. I think that maybe I don't want to say that. It should have been longer because that's kind of you know you don't take an episode that you enjoy but perhaps seemed a little light on content. Say if it had only been two episodes long. They really could impact in the details. Yeah but it does kind of feel like I duNno. Bits of it seemed like they. They're trying to get the trying to get the dynamic of the getting him up to the base and the murder Earth End. It almost feels like maybe those should have been two different stories. Yeah they yeah. They tried to put a lot of stuff in one bucket for the exactly. Yes if they didn't make it longer so yeah so i. I am looking forward to the next episode. I don't know that I'm I have a whole heck of a lot to Dope mcdonnell-douglas gotTA shout out for the in one of the. Yeah I think the centrifuges will nice. They did consult with like Nasa people and stuff to try to get the science not science journalists. No no apparently apparently an astronaut. I can't remember which one really an American moon lunar astronaut. Oh who's the third man on the moon isn't that Suck Collins One and two easy Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin. And then that's it. Sorry guys I feel like I've let you down but I don't know they are. I remember the last man on the Moon was colonel. Steve Austin but yes yes definitely Pala. Fourteen sixteen eighteen hours on the show itself apparently was hoped to be sort of a replacement for doctor. Who Oh this is the era when the BBC was doing its damnedest specifically Michael Gray to kill. Yeah Dr who wow. I thought that the fans would really like this interesting. Wow totally not understanding your demographic there yeah well there is. There is a quote somewhere from Chris. Bouchier analyze this show. Didn't last nine episodes. Yeah can I say it's gone on for thirty years? Despite the fact that I kid you not big finish making news now but but I think they're on their third box set and Chris Voucher. Did make a comment to the effect of it was for fans of murder mysteries. Detective stories or cop shows it was a little too out there and for fans of science fiction. It was too much cop show. Yeah it is ever found the right demographic and I guess it got put in a terrible terrible time slot and it just did not do well but subsequently and a lot of people don't like the show a lot of people do not like the show But is time has gone by. It's been given a little bit more of a a look back and people are kind of looking at you know. Actually it wasn't as bad as all that is some good stuff back in fact I had A. I have a quote here from time. Screen magazine that describes this as one of the most refreshing tele fancies series for years so High Praise Sil. I hope the author of that quote still think so when we're done anyway I have anything else I really. I really don't No not really kind of curious to see what's going to happen the future with you know. How are they going to? You know adapt crimes to space. Are we going to see any other space stations? You know what type of ships are. GonNa come in dock. 'cause I kinda little You Know Old West stage coach. Stop type feel to it for some reason. I bet they're going to be all space shovels. Because this is the heyday of the whole. I don't know there was a that. Russia ship that the departed was just a series of Like Dole's through desert dome type things with an an engine module in the back. You know very functional. That's true so that would obviously be space shuttle right a little literally between space stations. Yeah that makes sense. In fact that was probably the Russian peel servicing team coming to drop off some Refurbished packs appeal s personalized support system. Yeah or backpack as they call it or backpack. He's actually the business partners basic. Yeah the other stuff. Just keep stuff out and keeps the area and stuff but then the backpack does all the work exactly. Yeah that may have been slightly overly simplistic on. It's it's actually accurate on a very gross level. Yes I guess at a very very broad stroke level. I you know from pictures of the show. If you've seen any pictures of show there actually is a cast of cops including out Australian woman that we saw briefly on the video monitor. Yeah about playing poker We know she's a regular. And there's there's another guy balding guy with a bad porn stash. Great that that's going to be in it and so I'm kind of wondering if this is a little more serious sized so that we're going to be getting we're going to be getting You know the characters coming in as he's trying to build this police force which could take up several episodes obviously assets. Unless next week he just goes out on a recruitment drive and gets them all in. I hope that's so. Just as long as he's not spending next week shuttling back and forth with his girlfriend down. That's GonNa get old fast. It depends on how much interest they wanted to put into the series. Yeah I I I kind of feel like. We should've seen them finish it off because it's so obviously done is so obviously over between the two of them and yet they just stopped short of giving us that scene where she said. I'm not going to be waiting for you. Yeah exactly and you wouldn't have noticed if I was because you keep taking the same bad restaurant. Yup well I I don't even know. See how how poorly I I've looked this up. I don't know the name of the next episode On the line but it's episode to that when we when we come back to star Cops John. Thank you for joining me. Very very welcome. I hope join US next time. On Fusion patrol you've been listening to fusion patrol listener supported. Podcast find out how you can be a sponsor and get early access to all episodes and more at the Patriots Dot com slash fusion patrol. Come join the conversation on facebook or twitter. All episodes are available at fusion patrol dot Com. Our music is fight. The future by Amber Wolf. This has been a lone locust production.

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026 Everyday Begins A New Year


16:37 min | 2 months ago

026 Everyday Begins A New Year

"No the treasurer you see and then create your treasure map that will lead you to your treasure Welcome to opportune no episode twenty-six every day begins a new year. We have all heard the phrase new year's resolutions thankfully we do not have to wait until the new county here begins to start changing. The course of our life journey changing our actions and habits that will steer us to are chosen destination. I won't to challenge us to begin today to start making necessary changes in our lives that will point us in the right direction toward our goals hopes dreams and aspirations having a plan of action. We'll give you hope and assurance that you are on your way to your desired destination in the bible and the book of proverbs chapter thirteen verse. Twelve reads as follows hope deferred make if the heart sick but when they desire cometh it is a tree of life and never give up. Hope let me encourage you to create your own treasure map. That will guide your life's adventure to reach your dreams. You should be on the path to your dream and helping others along the way we are all together in this wonderful thing called life. It's doubtful that everyone will always be able to get along peacefully together. But we can do our par- imagine if everyone made a determined effort to practice the golden rule as jesus taught us today in the bible in matthew chapter seven verse twelve which reads as follows therefore all things whatsoever ye would. That man should do to hear. Do he even so to them for this. Is the law and the prophets and of course if that golden ru was followed. My jn the dramatic improvement in the quality of life and happiness for everyone directly benefiting from the teaching of jesus to treat others as we would like to be treated perhaps the most so searching task to create your personal treasure matt is to determine what type of treasure to seek. You don't wanna be like the man that climb the corporate ladder. Success found out when he got to the top of the ladder. He didn't like what he saw. If you don't have a map to your treasure how we'll you locate your treasure and if you don't know what treasure you seek. How will you be able to create treasure map. Treasure is not just power fame and fortune. Treasure can be a dream you have yourself and even hey dream you may come true for There's your dream maybe to feed the hungry house the poor and care for disadvantage and down trodden. People are there. Your dream could be to be a musician writer. Athlete teacher excetera. Chances are your dream is what you find yourself. Wishing could be. If only circumstances or different. I am here to tell you that if you want something bad enough you can and will find a way to make it happen. Maybe not exactly as you thought it may happen but you can make a change for the better my working toward a goal. It might not happen overnight but can happen in progressive small planned action steps excuses like not enough time money. Talent information and intelligence are not valid. Excuse if you truly seek after your dream you will find a way once you arrive at your dreams destination. It might not be the exact place he thought you were going to but once you arrive you will be in a better place. Having had many rewarding adventures wonderful relationships and learning experiences along the way to your destination if the path is too steep to go alone. There is a world a federal travelers. That might go. Travel the journey with you. It's a wonderful thing when two or more people can go along the same journey helping each other. As i go along a quote by henry david theroux read says faunas. The man who goes salone can start today but he travels with another must wait till that other is ready end of quote no the treasure you seek and then create your treasure map. That will lead you to your treasure. Jesus provided us. Wise advice concerning treasure founded the bible in a book of matthew chapter six verse nineteen which reads as follows. Do not lay up for yourselves. Treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy where thieves break in and still but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroys. And where the do not break in and still for where your treasure is there. Your heart will be also into quote. Jesus also said as quoted from the bible the book flu chuck twelve verses fifteen and he said unto them take heed and beware of covetousness for a man's life consist if not the abundance of the things which he possessive. End of quote accumulating earthly treasures for the wrong reasons with some of the wrong reasons. Be materialism kore- covetousness and selfishness will only provide false short-lived happiness. And we'll be whereas accumulating heavenly treasures will allow your journey to be an inspired cherney. Planning your life. Travels focusing on accumulating heavily treasures will reap rewards happiness and satisfaction that a life's journey. A focusing on accumulating earthly treasures cannot provide john zsa. Russell spelled j. a. n. j. a. c. q. u. e. s. r. o. u. s. s. Eight an a philosopher writer and composer born in geneva switzerland. Having lived in the years. Seventeen twelve to seventeen seventy eight said the following when a man dies he clutches in his hands only that which he has given away in his lifetime end of quote a quote by john henry jarrett. His last name spelled j. o. w. e. t. t. a british protestant preacher having lived in the years eighteen. Sixty four tonight. Twenty three said the following. The real measure of our wealth is how much we'd be worth. If we lost all our money end of quote. Your treasure map will take you on a journey. If you've listened to my podcast i've said many times. The font is in the journey. A quote by t s eliot a well known poet of the twentieth century said the following the journey. Not the arrival matters end of quote to have the best chance at arriving to your desired. Destination is to create your own treasure map. Let me suggest you use a mind map to create your treasure map as well as modify your mind map. When necessary treasure map created with a mind. Map can lead you to your goal. Dreams hopes and aspirations. I recommend simple mine. Mine mapping software to install on your own computer or tablet available in a free are paid version at the following. You are l. Www dot simple mine dot e you. That's spelled s. I m. p. l. e. m. i. n. d. dot e. You instructions how to use simple mine can be found at this same. You are l. Not only use simple mine. Mine map to create your treasure map but also use to plan and organize your business and life. Simple mine also has a youtube channel. You can locate by simply searching on simple mine. Youtube channel and the youtube search window using a calendar and simple. Mine mind mapping software can. Help you stay organized and send you well on your way to your treasure. Google offers a free online calendar for your phone. Computer or tablet at the url www dot calendar dot google dot com. Once you begin using a mind map to create your treasure matt and calendar to know current events and task you must be diligent to remain consistent in completing action steps to reach your treasure. It's not enough just to have your counter and mine math. You need to have a reminder system so you'll remember to know when to use your calendar and mine matt to keep you on track constantly moving forward toward your treasure to keep you on track. I recommend you listen to episode three off this opportunity. Podcast entitled go management. You want using the word time in closing. I encourage you to make an effort to know what treasure you see. Create your treasure map to that treasury and consistently take action steps outlined in your treasure map until you reach your treasure and since every day begins a new year make every day. A happy new year That's all for now Please visit our website opportunity that spelled o o. Rt dot o. r. g. Thank you

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Walden, by Henry David Thoreau, Reading 1

Boring Books for Bedtime

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Walden, by Henry David Thoreau, Reading 1

"Good evening and welcome to boring books for bedtime. I hope tonight's installment provides all the boredom your busy brain needs to quiet down and let you get some sleep for once ons so I I just your volume. Take a nice deep breath and off we go before we begin this evening's reading. I like to give a special shout out of thanks thanks to three new patriots subscribers Daniel Clinic Lori Heather and Nigel Mitchell. Thank you so much for your support. You make this podcast possible and I really appreciate it. If if you're interested in seeing the perks available to subscribers you'll find a link to the Patriots in the show notes now. Let's get to this evening's reading tonight. We're going to fall asleep two selections from an American Classic Walden or life in the woods by Henry David Theroux first published in eighteen fifty four. Let's begin when I wrote the following pages or rather rather the bulk of them. I lived alone in the woods a mile from any neighbor in house which I had built myself on the shore of Walden Pond in Concord Massachusetts and earned my living by the Labor of my hands. Only I lived there two years and two months at present. I am a sojourner in civilized life again. I should not have trud my affair so so much on the notice of my readers if very particular inquiries had not been made by my townsmen concerning my mode of life which some would call impertinent though they do not appear to me at all impertinent but considering during the circumstances very natural and pertinent some have asked what I got to eat if I did not feel lonesome if I was not afraid and the like others have been curious to learn what a portion of my income I devoted to charitable purposes and some who have large families how many poor children I maintained. I will therefore ask those of my readers and feel no particular interest in me to pardon me if I undertake to answer some of these questions in this book in most books the eye or first person is omitted in this it will be retained that in respect to egotism is the main difference we commonly do not remember that it is after all always the first person that is speaking. I should not talk so much about myself. If there were anybody else whom I knew as well unfortunately I am confined to this theme by the narrowness of my experience moreover I on my side require of every writer first or last a simple and sincere account of his own life and not merely what he has heard of other men's lives some such account as he would send to his kindred from a distant land for if he has lived sincerely it must have been in a distant land to me. Perhaps these pages are more particularly addressed to poor students. As for the rest of my readers they will accept such portions as apply to them. I trust that none will stretch the scenes in putting on the Cote for it may do good service to him. Mid Fence where I lived and what I lived for at a certain season of our life we are accustomed to consider every spot as the possible site of a house I have thus surveyed the country on every side within a dozen miles of where I live in imagination I have bought all the farms in succession succession for all were to be bond and I knew their price I walked over each farmers premises tasted his wild apples discoursed on husbandry with him took his farm at his price at any price mortgaging it to him in my mind even put a higher price on it took everything but a deed of it took his word for his deed for I dearly love to talk cultivated it and him to to some extent I trust and withdrew and I had enjoyed it long enough leaving him to carry it on this experience entitled Me To be regarded as a sort of real estate broke her by my friends. Wherever I sat there I might live and the landscape radiated from me accordingly? What is a house but a set s a seat better? If a country country seat I discovered many a site for a house not likely to be soon improved which some might have thought too far from the village but to my is the Phillys was too far from it. Yeah well there. I might live I said and there I did live for an hour. A summer and a winter life saw how I could let the years run off buffet the winter through and see the spring come in in the future inhabitants of this region wherever they placed their houses may be sure that they have been anticipated an afternoon suffice to lay out the land into orchard would bought and pasture oster and to decide what fine oaks pine should be left to stand before the door and once each blasted tree could be seen to the best advantage and then I let it lie fallow per chance for a man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone. My imagination carried me so far that I even at the refusal of several farms the refusal roussel was all I wanted but I never got my fingers burned by actual possession. The nearest came to actual possession was when I bought the hollowell place and had begun to sort my seeds collected materials with which to make a wheelbarrow to carry it on or off with but before the owner gave me a deed of his wife changed her mind and wished to keep it and he offered me ten dollars there's to release him now to speak the truth I had but ten cents in the world and it surpassed my arithmetic to Tau. If I was that man who had ten cents or who had a farm or ten dollars ars or altogether however I let it keep the ten dollars and the farm to for I had carried it far enough or rather to be generous I sold him the farm for just what I gave for it and as he was not a rich man made him a present of ten dollars and still had my ten cents and seeds and materials for a wheelbarrow left I found thus that I had been a rich Man without any damage to my poverty but I retain the landscape and I have since annually carried off what it yielded without a wheelbarrow with respect to landscapes. I am monarch of all I survey. Hey My right. There is none to dispute. I have frequently seen a poet withdraw having enjoyed the most valuable part of a farm while the crusty farmer supposed hit got a few wild apples only family why the owner does not know it for many years when a poet has put his farm in rhyme the most admirable kind of invisible fence has fairly impounded milk skimmed it and got all the cream and left the farmer only the skimmed milk the real attractions of the Hollowell farm to me were it's complete retirement being about two miles from the village half if a mile from the nearest neighbor and separated from the highway by a broad field it's bounding on the river which the owner said protected by it's fogs from frost in the spring though that was nothing to me the gray color and ruinous state of the House and Barn and the dilapidated fences which put such an interval between me and the last occupant the hollow and Lichen covered apple trees gnawed by rabbits. Let's showing what kind of neighbors should have but above all the recollection I had of it from my earliest voyages of the river when the house was concealed behind a dense crawl from red maples through which I heard the how stock Barak I was in haste to buy it before the proprietor finished getting out some rocks cutting down the hollow apple trees and grubbing up some young birches which had sprung up in the pasture or in short had made any more of his improvements to enjoy these advantages. I was ready to carry it on like atlas to take the world on my shoulders. I never heard what compensation station he received for that had to all those things which had no other motive or excuse but that I might pay for it and be unmolested in my possession of it for I knew all the while that it would yield the most most abundant crop of the kind I wanted if I could only afford to let it alone but it turned out as I have said all that I could say then with respect to farming on a large scale I have always cultivated a garden was that I had had my seeds ready. Many think that seeds improve with age I have no doubt that time discriminates between the good and the bad and when at last I shall plant I shall be less likely to be disappointed but I would say to my fellows once for all as long as possible live free and uncommitted it makes little difference whether you are committed to a farm were the county jail old kate how who's Day Rooster car is my cultivator says and the only translation I have seen make sheared nonsense of the passage when you think of getting a farm turn it thus in your mind not to buy Greenlee your spare your pains to look at it and do not think it enough to go round at once they oftener you go there the more it will please as you if it is good. I think I shall not by greedily but go round and round it. As long as I live and be buried in it I that it may please me the more at last. The president was my next experiment of this kind which purpose describe more at length for convenience putting the experience of two years into one as I have said I do not propose to in writing Ode to Dejection but a Brag as lustily as shanti clear in the morning standing on his roost if only to wake my neighbors up when I I took up my abode in the woods that. That is began to spend my nights as well as days there which by accident was on Independence Day or the fourth of July eighteen forty five my house was not finished for winter but was merely a defense against the rain without clustering or chimney the walls being of rough weather stained boards with Wide Chinks the upright White Hyun studs and freshly planed door and window casings gave it a clean clean and airy look especially in the morning when it's timbers were saturated with do so that I fancy that by noon some sweet gum would exude from them to my imagination it retained throughout the day more more or less of this auroral character reminding me of a certain house on a mountain which I had visited a year before this was an airy an unplanned heard cabin fit to entertain traveling God and where a goddess might trail her garments the winds which passed over my dwelling were such a sweep over the riches of mountains bearing the brunt constrains or celestial parts only of terrestrial restroom music the morning wind forever blows the poem of creation is uninterrupted but few are the ears that hear it Olympus is but the outside of the earth everywhere freeware the only house I had been the honor off before if I accept a boat was intent which I used occasionally when making excursions in the summer and this is still rolled up in my Garrett but the boat after passing from hand to hand has gone down the stream of time this more substantial shelter about me I had made some progress towards settling in the world. This frame so slightly clad was a sort of crystallization around me and reacted on the builder. It was suggestive somewhat as picturing outlines. I did not need to go outdoors to take the air care for the atmosphere within had lost none of its freshness. It was not so much within doors as behind door where I sat even in the rainiest weather the Hara phone says an abode without birds is like a meat without seasoning such was not my abode for I found myself suddenly neighbor to the bird's not by having imprisoned one but having caged I myself near them. I was not only nearer to some of those which commonly frequent the garden and the orchard but to those smaller and more thrilling songs tres of the forest which never or rarely serenade serenade a villager the would thrash the feary the Scarlet Tanta Gar the field sparrow the whipper will and many others I was seated by the shore of a small pond about a mile and a half south of the village of Concord and somewhat higher than it in the midst of an extensive would between that town and Lincoln and about two miles south of that are only field known to fame conquered battleground but I was so low in the woods that the opposite shore half a mile off like the rest covered with wood was my most distant horizon for the first week whenever I looked <unk> out on the pond it impressed me like a tarn high up on the side of a mountain it's bottom far above the surface of other lakes and as the sun rose I saw throwing off its nightly clothing of missed and here and there by degrees. It's soft ripples or it's smooth reflecting surface was revealed while the mists like ghosts were stealthily withdrawing in every direction into the woods as at the breaking up of some nocturnal convento call the ferry do seem to hang upon the trees later into the day than usual as on the sides of mountains. This small way was of most value as a neighbor in the intervals of gentle rain rainstorm in August when both air and water being perfectly still but the sky overcast mid afternoon at all the serenity of evening and the Wood Thrush sang around had was heard from shore shore to shore lake like this is never smoother than at such a time and the clear portion of the air above it being shallow in darkened by clouds the water full of light and reflections becomes a lower heaven itself so much more important from a hilltop nearby where the would had been recently cut off there was a pleasing vista southward across the pond through a wide indentation in in the hills which form the shore there where they're opposite sides sloping toward each other suggested a stream flowing out in that direction through wooded valley but stream there was none that way I looked between over the near Green Hills to some distant and higher ones in the horizon tinged with blow indeed by standing on Tiptoe. I could catch a glimpse of some of the peaks except the still bluer and more distant mountain ranges in the North West those true blue coins from heavens own mint and also of some portion of the village but in other directions even from this point I could not see over or beyond the woods which surrounded me it is well to have some water in your neighbor to give buoyancy to and float the Earth one value. Even of the smallest well is is that when you look into it you see that earth is not continent but in sealer this is as important as that it keeps butter cool when I looked across the pond from this peak toward the Sudbury Meadows uh which in time of flood distinguished elevated perhaps by Mirage and they're seething valley like a coin basin all the earth beyond the pond appeared like a thin crust insulated and floated even by this small sheet of inter -verting water and I was reminded that this on Wich I dwell was by dry land though the view from my door was still working tracked it I did not feel crowded or confined in the least there was pasture enough for my imagination. The Low Shrub Oak Plateau to which the opposite shore rose stretched away towards the prairies of the West and the steps subtype artery affording ample room for all the ruling families of men there are none happy in the world but beings who enjoy freely a fast horizon set dam Dara when his herds required a new and larger pastures both place and time were changed had I dwelt nearer to those parts of the universe and to those eras in history which had most attracted me where Briolette was as far off as many region butte nightly by astronomers we are want to imagine where and delectable places in some remote and more celestial corner of the system behind the Constellation of Cassiopeia his chair far from noise and disturbance. I discovered that my house actually had it site in such withdrawn but forever new and unpreferred part of the universe if it were worth the while L. to settle in those parts near the plea ds or the High A. Days to Aldebaran are al-Tair than I was really there or at an equal remoteness from the life which I had left behind dwindled then twinkling with his final ray to my nearest neighbor had to be seen only in moonlit nights by him such was that part of creation where I had squatted there was a shepherd that did live and held his thoughts as high as were the mounts where on is Fox did hourly feed him by what should we think of the shepherd's life if his flocks always wondered to higher pastures than his thoughts so every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity and I may say innocence with nature ourself I have been sincere worshiper of Aurora as the Greeks Wchs I got up early and bathed in the pond that was a religious exercise and one of the best things which I did they say that characters were engraving on the bathing top of King Ching-tang Hong to this effect renew thyself completely each day do it again and again and forever again. I can understand that morning brings back the heroic age chance I was much affected by the fate <hes> of mosquito making it's invisible hand unimaginable tour through my apartment at earliest dawn when I was sitting with door and windows open <unk> as I could be by any trumpet that ever sang of fame it was homer's requiem itself an Iliad and Odyssey in the air singing its own wrath and wanderings there. There's something cosmic call about it a standing advertisement till forbidden of the everlasting vigour and fertility of the world the morning which is the most memorable season of the day is the awakening awakening our then there is least some melons in us and front our at least some part of us awakes which slumbers all the rest of the day and night little is to be expected of that that day if it can be called a day to which we are not awakened by our genius but by the Mechanical Nudging of some Surf Guitar are not awakened by our own newly-acquired force and aspirations from within accompanied by the undulations of celestial music instead of factory bells and a fragrance filling the air to a higher wife then we fell asleep from and thus the darkness Barrett's fruits at prove itself to be good no less than the light that man who does not believe that each day contains an earlier more sacred and a rural our than he has he had profaned has despaired of wife and is pursuing a descending at darkening way after a partial cessation of his sensuous fife the son of man or it's Oregon's rather our reinvigorated each day and his genius tries again what noble life it can make all memorable events. I should say transpire in morning time and in a morning atmosphere the Feta's say hey all intelligences awake with the morning poetry and art and the fairest and most memorable of the actions of men date from such an hour all poets and heroes like. Agamemnon are the children of Aurora and their music at Sunrise to him. WHO's elastic and vigorous thought keeps pace with the Sun that day is perpetual morning earning it matters not what the clock say or the attitudes and labors of men morning is when I am awake and there is a dawn in me? Moral reform is the effort to a throw off sleep. Why is it that men give so poor and account of their day if they have not been slumbering? I are not such poor calculators. If they had not been overcome with drowziness they would have performed something. The millions are awake enough for physical labor but only one in a million is awake enough for effective intellectual exertion only one in one hundred millions to a poetic or define life to be awake is to be alive. I have never yet met a man who is quite awake. How could I have looked him in the face we must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves away not by mechanical aids but by an infinite expectation of the dawn which does not forsake us in our sound asleep? I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor. It is something to be able to paint a particular picture or to carve a statue and so to to make a few objects beautiful but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the ferry atmosphere and medium through which we look which morally we can do to affect the quality of the day hey that is the highest of arts every man is tasked to make his life even it's details worthy of the contemplation of his most elevated and critical our so if we refused or rather used up such paltry information as we get the oracles were distinctly inform us how this might be done. I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately to front only the essential facts of life and see if I could not learn what had had to teach and not when I came to die discover that I had not lived left. I did not wish to live what was not life. Living is so dear nor did I wish to practice resignation on Musset was quite necessary. I wanted to deep and suck out all the marrow of life to live so sturdily and Spartan like as to put to rout all that was not life to cut a broad swath and shave close to drive life into a corner and reduce it to its lowest terms and if it be proved to be mean why then to get the whole genuine meanness of it and publish its meanness to the world or if it were sublime to know at my experience and be able to give a true account of it in my next excursion for most men it appears to me aren strange uncertainty about it whether it the devil or of God and have somewhat hastily concluded that it is the chief end of man here to glorify God and enjoy him forever still we live mainly like ants though the fabled tells us that we were long ago changed into men like pygmies we fight with cranes it is error upon error and clout upon cloud and our best virtue has for its occasion a superfluous and evitable wretchedness. Our life is frittered away by detail. An honest man has hardly need to count more than his ten fingers or in extreme cases he may add his ten toes and lump the rest simplicity simplicity simplicity. I say let your affairs be as two or three hundred or a thousand instead of a million count half a dozen and keep your accounts on your thumbnail in the midst of this chopping sea of civilized life such are the clouds and storms and quicksands and thousand one items to be allowed for that a man has to live if he would not founder and go to the bottom a and not make his port at all by dead reckoning and he must be great calculator indeed who succeeds simplify simplify instead of three meals a day if she'd be necessary eat but one instead of one hundred dishes five and reduce other things in proportion our life is like a German confederacy made up of petty the states with its boundary forever fluctuating so that even German cannot tell you how it is bounded at any moment the nation itself with all its so called internal improvements which by the way are all external and superficial is just such an unwieldy and overgrown establishment cluttered with furniture and tripped up by its own traps ruined by luxury luxury and heedless expense by want of calculation and a worthy aim asked the million households in the land and the only cure for it as for them is in a rigid economy a stern and more than spartan simplicity of life and elevation of purpose it lives too fast men think that it is essential that the nation have commerce and export ice face and Talk Through Telegraph and right thirty miles an hour without a doubt whether they do or not but whether we should live like baboons or like men is a little uncertain if if we do not get out sleepers and forge- rails and devote days and nights to the work but go to tinkering upon our lives to improve them who will build railroads and if railroads are not built. How shall we get to heaven in season but if we stay at home and mind our business who will want railroads we do not ride on the railroad it rides upon us? Did you ever think what those sleepers are. That underlie the railroad each one is a man and Irishman or Yankee Man. The rails are laid on them and they are covered with sand and the cars run smoothly over them. They are sound sleepers. I assure you and every few years anew lot is laid down and one over so oh that if some have the pleasure of riding on a rail others have the misfortune to be written upon and when they run over a man that is walking in his sleep a supernumerary sleeper in the wrong wrong position and wake him up they suddenly stop the cars and make a human cry about it as if this were an exception I am glad to know that it takes a gang of men for every five miles miles to keep the sleeps down and level in their beds as it is for this is a sign that they may sometime get up again. Why should we live with such hurry and waste of life? We are are determined to be starved before we are hungry. Men say that a stitch in time saves nine and so they take a thousand stitches today to save nine tomorrow as for work we haven't any any of any consequence we have the saint vitus dance and cannot possibly keep our head style. If I should only give a few polls at the parish bell rope as for a fire that is without at setting the bell there is hardly a man on his farm in the outskirts of concord notwithstanding that press of engagements which was his excuse so many times this morning Nora boy nor a woman I might also say hang but would forsake all and follow that sound not mainly to save property from the flames but if we will confess the truth much more to see it burn since burn it must we be known did not set it on fire or to see it. Put out and have a hand in it if that is done as handsomely yes even if it were the parish church itself itself. Hardly a man takes a half hour's nap after dinner but when he wakes he holds up his head and asks what's the News as if the rest of mankind had stood his sentinels some give directions directions to be waked every half hour doubtless for no other purpose and then to pay for it they tell what they have dreamed after a night's sleep the news is indispensable. Will the breakfast pray tell me anything new that has happened to a man anywhere on this globe and he reads it over his coffee and rolls that a man has had his eyes gouged out this morning on the Wichita Weaver never dreaming the wile that he lives in the dark on fathomed mammoth cave of this world and has the rudiments of an eye himself for my part. I could easily do <music> without the post office. I think there are very few important communications made through it to speak critically. I never received more than one or two matters in my life. I wrote this some years ago. That were worth the postage. The Penny Post is commonly an institution through which you seriously offer a man that penny for his thoughts which is so often safely offered in jest and and I am sure that I never read any memorable news in a newspaper. If we read one man robbed or murdered or killed by accident or one house burned or one vessel wrecked or one and steamboat blown up or one cow run over on the Western railroad or one mad dog killed or one lot of grasshoppers in the winter. We never need read of another one his enough. If you are acquainted with the principal what do you care for a myriad instances and applications to a philosopher all news as it is called is gossip. And they who edit and read it are old women over their team yet. Not a few are greedy. After this gossip. There was such a rush as I hear the other day at one of the offices to learn the foreign news by the last arrival that several large squares of plate glass belonging to the establishment were broken by the pressure news which I seriously think a ready wit white right a twelve month twelve for years beforehand with sufficient accuracy as for Spain for instance if you know how to throw in Don Carlos and the Infanta and Don Pedro and Seville and Granada from time to time in the right proportions they may have changed the name a little since I saw the papers and serve up a bullfight when other entertainments fail it will be true to the letter and give us his good an idea of the exact state or ruin of things in Spain as the most succinct and Lucid reports under this head in the newspapers and as her England almost last significant scrap of news from that quarter was the revolution of sixteen forty nine and if you have learned the history of her crops for an average here you never need attend to that thing again unless you're speculations are of a merely pecuniary character and if one may judge who rarely looks into the newspapers nothing new does ever happen in foreign parts are French Revolution Not Accepted Shams and delusions are esteemed for soundest truths while reality is fabulous. If men would steadily observe realities only and not allow themselves to be deluded life to compare it with such things thanks as we know would be like a fairy tale and the Arabian nights entertainments if we respected only what is inevitable and has a right to be music and poetry. Would we sound sound along the streets when we are unhurried into wise we perceive that only great and worthy things have any permanent and absolute existence that petty fears and Petty Pleasures I r but the shadow of the reality this is always exhilarating and sublime by closing the eyes and slumbering and consenting to be deceived by shows men establish and confirm their daily life of from teen and habit everywhere which still is built on purely illusory foundations children who play life discern it's true law and relations more clearly than men who fail to live worthily but who think that they are wiser by experience that is by failure. I have read Hindu book that there was a King Son who being expelled in infancy from his native city was brought up by a forester and growing up to maturity in that state imagined himself off to belong to the barbarous race with which he lived one of his father's ministers having discovered him revealed to him what he was and the misconception of his character was removed and he knew himself to be we have prince so continues the Hindu philosopher from the circumstances in which it is placed mistakes its own character until the truth is revealed to it by some holy teacher and then it knows itself to be Brahma. I perceive that we inhabitants of New England live this mean by that we do because our vision does not penetrate the surface of things we think that is which appears to be if a man should walk through this town and see only the reality where thank you with the Bill Damn Goto if he should give us an account of the realities he beheld there. We should not recognize the place in his description. Look at a meeting house or a courthouse or jail or shop or twirling house and say okay what that thing really is before a true gays and they would all go to pieces in your account of them men esteemed truth remote in the outskirts of the system behind the farthest star Ktar before Adam and after the last man in eternity there is indeed something true and sublime but all these times and places and occasions are now and here her God himself culminates in the present moment and never be more defined in the laps of all ages and we are enabled to apprehend at all what is sublime and noble only by the perpetual instilling and drenching of the reality that surrounds us the universe constantly and obediently answers to our conceptions whether we travel fast her slow the track is laid for us. Let us spend our lives in conceiving then the poet or the artist never yet had so fair and noble a design but at some of his posterity at least could accomplish it let us spend one day as deliberately as nature and not be thrown off the track by every nutshell and mosquitoes wing that falls also the rails let us rise early and fast or break fast gently and without perturbation. Let Company come and let company go let the bells ring at the Children Cry Determined to make a day of it. Why should we not under and go with the Stream? Let us not be upset and overwhelmed and that terrible rapid and a whirlpool called dinner situated in the Meridian shallows whether this danger and you are safe for the rest of the way is downhill with UN relaxed next to nerves with morning vigors sale by looking another way tied to the mast like ulysses. If the engine whistles let it whistle till this horse for its pains if the bell rings why should we run. We will consider what kind of music they are like. Let us settle ourselves and work and wedge our feet down worked the mud a and slush of opinion and prejudice and tradition and delusion and appearance but a Lou Vian which covers the globe through Paris and London through New York Doc and Boston and Concord through Church and State through poetry and philosophy and religion till we come to a hard bottom and rocks in place which we can call reality ability and say this is and no mistake and then begin having a point that point below fresh and frost and fire a place where you might I found a wall or a state or sit a lamppost safely or perhaps it gauge not a nylon meter but a real a meter that future ages might know how deep afresh of chance and appearances had gathered from time to time if you stand right fronting and face to face to a fact you will see the sun glimmer on both that surfaces as if it were a simulator and feel it sweet edge defied in youth through the heart and marrow and so we will happily conclude your mortal career beat my for death. We crave only reality if we are really dying let us hear the radical in our throats and fuel cold extremities. If we are alive let us go about our business. Time is what the Stream I go fishing in. I drink at it but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. It's the encourage slides away but eternity remains. I would drink deeper fish in the sky. WHO's bottom is Pepsi with stars? I cannot count one. I know not the first letter of the alphabet. I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born. They intellect is a cleaver it discerns and riffs its way into the secret of things I do not wish to be any more busy with my hands than is necessary my head it is hands and feet. I feel all my best faculties concentrated. My instinct tells me at my head is an organ for burrowing as some creatures use their snout and fore four pause and with it I would have mine and burrow my way through these hills. I think that the richest vein is somewhere hereabouts so by the divining Rod and thin rising vapors I charge and here I will begin to mine solitude. This is a delicious evening when the whole body is one sense and imbibers to light through every pore I go and come with a strange liberty in nature a part of herself as I walk along the stony shore of the pond in my shirt slaves though what is cool as well as cloudy and windy and I see nothing special to attract me all the elements are unusually congenial to me. The bullfrogs trump to usher in the night and the note of the whipper will is born on the rippling wind from over the water sympathy with the fluttering alder and poplar leaves almost takes away my breath yet like the LANC. My serenity is a rippled but not ruffled these small waves raised by the evening wind are as remote from storm has the smooth reflecting surface though it is now how dark the wind still blows and roars in the wood the waves still dash and some creatures lull the rest with their notes. The proposes never complete. The wildest animals do not repose but seek their prey now the Fox and skunk and rabbit now roam the fields and woods without fear they are nature's watchmen links which connect the days of animated life when I returned to my house I find that visitors have been there and left their cards either a bunch of flowers or we it's of Evergreen or taming pencil on a yellow walnut leaf or a chip they will come rarely to the woods. Take some little piece of the forest into their hands to play with by the way which they leave either. Intentionally <music> are accidentally one has fueled a willow wand woven it into a ring at dropped it on my table I could always tell visitors had called in my absence either by the Bendon twigs Mark Morris or the print of their shoes and generally what sex or age or quality they were by some slight trace left as a flower dropped were a bunch of grasp puck and thrown on away even as far off as the railroad half a mile distant whereby the lingering odor of a cigar or pipe may I was frequently notified of the passage of a traveler along the highway sixty rods off by the scent of his pipe. There is commonly sufficient space about us. Our horizon is never quite at our elbows. The thick ward is not just at our door hurt or the pond but somewhat is always clearing familiar worn by US appropriated and fenced in some way and reclaimed from nature for what reason have I this fast range circuit some square miles of unfrequented forest for my privacy abandoned to me by men. My nearest neighbor is a mile distant and no houses visible from any in place but the hilltops within half a mile of my own. I have my horizon bounded by woods all to myself a distant view of the railroad where it touches the pond on the one hand and of the fence which skirts the woodland road on the other but for the most part it is a solitary where I live is on the prairies it is as much Asia or Africa as New England and I have said were my own sun and moon and stars and a little world all to myself at night there was never a traveler past my house or knocked at my door more than if I were the first or last man on this or in the spring when at long intervals some came from the village to fish for pouts they plainly fished much more in the Walden pond of her own natures and baited their hoax with darkness but they soon retreated usually with light baskets and left the world to darkness and to me and the black lack colonel of the night was never profaned by any human neighbor. I believe that men are generally still a little afraid of the dark though the witches are all hung and Christianity and and candles have been introduced yet I experienced some times that the most sweet and tender the most innocent and encouraging society may be found in any natural object even for the poor missin th rope and most melancholy man there can be no very black melancholy to him who lives in the midst of nature and has his senses still there was never yet such a storm storm but it was a yu-lian music to a healthy and innocent ear. Nothing can rightly compel a simple and brave man toil vulgar sadness while I enjoy the friendship of the seasons seasons I trust that nothing can make life a burden to me the gentle rain which waters my beans and keeps me in the House today is not tree and melancholy but good for me too. Oh that would prevents my showing them. It is a far more worse than my hoeing if it should continue so long as to cause the seeds to rot in the ground and destroy the potatoes in the low lens it would still be could for the grass on the UPLANDS and being good for the grass it would be good for me. Sometimes when I compare myself with other men it seems as if our more favored by the gods than they as if I had a warrant insurance at their hands which my fellows have not and were especially guided and guarded I did not flatter myself but if it'd be possible they flatter me I have never felt Munson or in the least oppressed by a sense of solitude but once and that was a few weeks after I came to the woods when for an hour I doubt if the near neighborhood of man was not the central to a serene and healthy life to be alone with something unpleasant but I was at the same time conscious of a slight insanity in my mood and seeing to foresee my recovery free in the midst of a gentle rain while these thoughts prevail I was suddenly sensible of such sweet and Beneficent Society in Nature in the ferry pattering of the drops and every free sound and sight around my house an infinite and unaccountable friendliness all at once like an atmosphere sustaining me as made the fancied advantages of human neighborhood in significant it and I have never thought of them since every little pine needle expanded swelled with sympathy and befriended me I was so distinctly made aware of the presence of something think kindred to me even in scenes which we are accustomed to call wild and dreary and also that the nearest of blood to me and humanist was not a person nor villager that I thought no no place could ever be strange to me again. Some of my pleasant hours were during the long rain storms in the spring or fall which confined me to the House for the afternoon as well as the forenoon June soothed by their ceaseless roar and pelting win an early twilight ushered in a long evening in which many thoughts had time to take root and unfold themselves in those driving northeast Raines which tried the village houses so when the made stood ready with mob and Pale in front entries to keep the deluge out I sat behind my door in my little house which was all in tree and thoroughly enjoyed its protection in one heavy thunder shower. The lightning struck a large pitch pine across the pond making very conspicuous and perfectly regular spiral. Oh grew from top to bottom an inch or more deep and four or five inches wide and she would grew a walking steak. I passed it again the other day and was struck with awe on looking up and beholding that mark now more distinct than ever wear a terrific and resistnace bulb came down out of the harmless sky eight years ago men frequently say to me I thank you would feel vote some down there and want to be nearer to folks rainy and snowy days and nights especially. I am tempted to reply to such this whole Earth which we inhabit is but the point in space how far apart thank you dwell the two most distant inhabitants of Yonder Star. The breadth of WHO's disc cannot be appreciated by our instruments. Why should I feel lonely is not our planet in the Milky Way this which you put seems to me not to be the most important question what sort of space is that which separates a man from his fellows and makes him solitary? I have found that no exertion of the legs can bring to minds much nearer to one another. What do we want most dwell near to not too many men surely the depot the post office the Barroom the meeting house the schoolhouse the Grocery Beacon Hell or the five points where men most congregate eight but to the perennial source of our life whence in all our experience we have found that to issue as the willow stands near the water and sends out its roots in that direction this Wa- vary very with different natures but this is the place where a wise man will dig his cellar? I one evening overtook one of white townsman who has accumulated what is called a handsome property though wow I never got a fair view of it on the Walden road driving a pair of cattle to market who inquired of me how I could bring my mind to give up so many of the comforts of life I answered that I was very sure I liked it passably well and I was not joking and so I went home to my bed and left him to pick his way through the darkness and the mud to Brighton which place he would reach some time in the morning any prospect of awakening or coming to life to that man makes indifferent all times and places the place where that may occur is always the same and indescribably pleasant to all our senses for the most part we allow only outlying and transient circumstances to make our occasions they are in fact the cause of far distraction nearest to all things. Is that power which fashions they're being next to us. The grandest laws are continually being executed next to us is not the workman who we have hired with home. We love so well to talk but the workmen whose work we are how vast and profound is the influence of the subtle powers of Heaven and half ours we seek to perceive them and we do not see them. We seek to hear them and we do not hear them. Identified with the substance of things that cannot be separated from from them they caused that in all the universe men purify and sanctify their hearts and clothe themselves in their holiday garments to offer sacrifices and ablation is to their ancestors. I it is an ocean of subtle intelligences. They are everywhere a puff us on our left on our right they in fire in us on all sides. We are the subjects of an experiment which is not a little interesting to me. Can we not do without the society of our gossip's a little while under these circumstances have our own thoughts to cheer us. Confucius truly furture does not remain as an abandoned orphan it must of necessity have neighbors with thinking we may be beside ourselves in saint sense by a conscious effort of the mind we can stand aloof from actions and their consequences and all things good and bad go by us like a torrent. We are not wholly involved often nature. I may be either the driftwood in the stream or Indra in the sky looking down on it. I may be affected by a theatrical exhibition on the other hand. I may not be affected by an actual event which appears to concern me much more. I only know myself as a human entity the scene so to speak of thoughts and affections and I am mm sensible of a certain stubbornness by which I can stand as remote from myself as from another however intense my experience I am conscious of the presence and criticism of a part of me which which as it were is not a part of me but spectator sharing no experience but taking note of it and that is no more than it is you when the play it may maybe the tragedy of life is over. The spectator goes his way. It was a kind of fiction a work of the imagination only so far as he was concerned. This double suppleness may easily make us poor neighbors and friends. Sometimes I find it wholesome to be alone. The greater part of the time to beat company even with the best is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely. Would we GEICO abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers. A man thinking or working is always alone. Let him be where he will. Solitude is not measured by the miles of space that intervene between a man and his fellows. The really diligent student in one of the crowded hives of Cambridge College is a solitary as dervish in the desert hurt. The farmer can work alone in the field or the woods all day owing or chopping and not feel lonesome because he is employed but when he comes home at night he cannot sit down in a room malone at the mercy of his thoughts but must be or he can see the Fox and recreate at as he thinks renumerated himself for his day solitude and hence he wonders how the student can sit it alone in the house all night and most of the day without on Weei and the blooms but he does not realize that the student though in the house is still at work in his field and chopping in his words what's has the farmer in his and in turn seeks the same recreation and society that the latter does though it may be in a more condensed form of it society is commonly too cheap sleep we meet at very short intervals not having had time to acquire any new value for each other. We meet at meals three times a day and give each other a new taste of that old musty cheese that we are we have had to agree on a certain set of rules called etiquette and politeness to make this frequent meeting tolerable and that we'd need not come to open more we meet the post office and at the so shaw and about the fireside every night we live thick and are in each other's way and stumble over one another and I think that we thus sluice some respect for one another certainly less frequency would suffice for all important hardy communications consider the girls in a factory never alone hardly in their dreams seems it would be better if there were but one inhabitant to a square mile as where I live the value of a man is not in his skin that we should touch him. I have heard of a man lost lost in the woods and dying feminine and exhaustion at the foot of a tree whose loneliness was relieved by the grotesque visions with which owing to bodily weakness his diseased imagination surrounded rounded him and which he believed to be real so also oh into bodily and mental health and strength we'd be continually cheered by a like but more normal and natural society and come to know that we are never alone. I have a great deal of company in my house especially in the morning. When nobody calls let me suggest a few comparisons that someone may convey paying an idea of my situation I am no more lonely than the loon in the pond that laughed so loud or than Walden pond itself? What company has that Lonely Lake? I pray and yet it it has not the blue devils but the blue angels in it in the Ayrshire Tint of its waters. The Sun is alone except in thick weather when they're sometimes appear to be too but one is a mock sun on God is alone but the devil he's far from being alone. He sees a great deal of company. He is legion. I am no more lonely than a single mullane gene or dandelions in a pasture or a Beenleigh for sorrel horse fly or a Bumblebee. I am no more lonely than the millbrook or a weathercock or the Northstar were the south wind or an April shower or a January thaw or the first spider in a new house. I have occasional visits in the long winter evenings when the snowfalls fast and the Wind House in the wood from an old sadler and original proprietor who's reported to have dug walden pond and stoned it and fringed with Pine Woods who tells me stories stories of all time and of new eternity and between us we managed to pass a cheerful evening with social mirth and pleasant views of things even without apples or cider almost twice and humorous friend whom I love much who keeps himself more secret than ever did goff or wally and how he is thought to be dead none can show where he is buried an elderly dame to dwells in my neighborhood invisible to most persons in whose odorous Herb Garden I thought to Stroll Sometimes Gathering simples and listening to our fables for she has a genius of unequaled fertility and her memory runs back farther than mythology and she can tell me the original of every fable and on what fact everyone is founded it for the incidents occurred when she was young already and a lusty old dame who delights in all weathers and seasons and Disa- likely to outlive all her children yet they indescribable innocence and Benifits of Nature Off Sun and wind and rain of summer and winter such health such cheer they afford forever and such sympathy empathy have they ever with our race that all nature would be affected and the Sun's Brightness Fade and the winds would cy humanely and the clouds rain tears and the woods shed their leaves and put on morning and midsummer. If any man should ever for a just cause grieve. Shall I not have intelligence with the Earth am I not partly leaves and vegetable mold myself. What is the pill which will keep us well serene contented not my thigh great grandfathers but our great Grand Mother Nature's Church Universal Vegetable Botanic medicines by which has kept herself young always outlived so many old pars in her day and Fed her health with author decaying fatness for my panacea instead of one of those quack files of a mixture dipped from Acheron and the Dead Sea which come out of those long shallow black schooner looking looking wagons which we sometimes seem me to carry bottles? Let me have a draft of undiluted morning air morning air if men will not treat this at the fountainhead of the day why then we must even bottle up some and sell it in the shops for the benefit of those who have lost their subscription ticket to morning time in this world but remember ember it will not keep quite tell noonday even in the coolest seller but try out the stop all slog air that and follow westward the steps of Aurora. I am no worshiper of pitchy who was the daughter of that old herb Doctor Rescue Lapierre's and who was represented on monuments holding a serpent one hand. I didn't the other a cup of which the serpent sometimes drinks <music> but rather of he cup bearer to Jupiter who was the daughter of Juneau and a wild lettuce and who had the power of restoring gods and men to the figure of youth she was probably the only thoroughly sound conditioned healthy and robust young lady that ever walked the Globe and wherever she came it was spring and with that I think we'll end this evening's readings from Walden or life in the woods by Henry David Thoreau. I don't know about you oh but I find many of those messages more relevant today than they ever were. If you'd like to read this work for yourself you'll find a link to a free e book version in the show now if you'd like to connect.

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Control Your Life by Thinking Deliberately with Pasquale Nocito

The Roadmap to Wealth Show with Elena Maurel

33:22 min | 1 year ago

Control Your Life by Thinking Deliberately with Pasquale Nocito

"Welcome to the map to less podcast the number one show for people while looking to learn how to pay us an income add that you a national independence for you and your family. I'm your host. I'm tippin anti nationality investor speaking out author. Make millions die young the ultimate who ability invest. Let's go now to today's episode. Welcome our podcast today to talk this kindness. The anna l. now and chip in a sales manager and business consistently is in all off sales marketing and management. Welcome <unk> pledging too heavy on the show. Oh thank you so much. It's so nice to be here. Appreciate you mentally to pleasure. I mean so this tell me. How did you stop them. You'll business <unk>. How this noise well laid the. I actually got into business. I guess at a fairly young age no one i graduated college judge st joe's <unk> i graduated with a degree in neuro psychology and minored finance and it sounds real cool on all but at the end of the day it's really how do i practically apply that to. I wanted to do and i didn't know so i went off and i and i kinda played beach volleyball for a while which is kind of your own thing when you're trying to make money playing beach volleyball. It's almost like your own little business but then you know i kind of came back to reality <hes> ahead a minor in finance and i was having trouble finding the work that i wanted to do in in neuro psychology and brain enhancement growth like that so i ended up getting a i a job parttime on getting my my securities license in my life insurance license with an organization in that's where i had my first little oh business yet. You had a business within the business with citi group in a company called primerica. It was a type of network marketing which <hes> which wasn't for me but that's kind of my first small a business and i was i was was twenty twenty four and <hes> that that's kind of you know the first time that i got starting a little taste of being in business of iced. I always kept something on the side like that. When i kind of gravitated toward the bank the banks deregulated <hes> the offer go work at a bank the handle your licenses in your life insurance and security stuff was really hard to say no. I think i was twenty five and i was looking my chops because they know forty five k. back twenty years ago. It was a lot of money yes. I still did some. You know some work on the side and i always had something going on inside and then bringing fast forward to hear era remember does not being happy at the bank going solid network and then finally fell in love with the idea of of marketing real estate really marketing and nighttime marketing agency left the entire bank took the full jump full-time <unk> and i've had a marketing agency for the last seven years <unk>. Yes it's it's just because i am also psychologist become yes if i am clinical psychologist and i also south south of small staff of bus market demand finally <unk> real estate gate. It's a nice thank you might. Some was the have this challenge bend your business action. Well you know i'm going to be more relevant to my current business because it has the most longevity and guide guide matured in that you know with his agency but i would say if i look back the hardest challenge that i've had was really knowing knowing how to pray are tied in most you tend to get pulled in a lot of different places as a business owner life in general and i think the hardest challenge i have was keeping my eye i on the ball prioritizing big three when i had to get done and making sure they were relegated to my long term goals. That's something that sounds real cool. We say it but <hes> when life steps in and begs to differ. It's it becomes a real challenge at its. It's something that happens all the time so it's it's i would say it's a constant hard hard challenge to keep your keep your prioritized key. I see bill saw. How do how you permanent us now. You have any tips. <hes> what have i sure. Do you know there's a lot of stuff out there to to to <hes> ideas. I'm sure put it in in the show notes. If you choose to really i started becoming more of a reader a more of a listener. I'm more of an audible. I saw a car runs on gas article it without both and really it's guys like michael. Hyatt michael hyatt created something called the full focus planner and you. Can you know you can go there and check him out. He's he's great guy and all these different productivity <hes> courses often. I took courses in the end. I had never journal before or road out. My planner does me you know i'm like <unk> calendar right and the reality is when you write something down and you prioritize it. It really helps that'll get me wrong. I convert that to something called priority matrix which is lincoln ben ben franklin t bar or eisenhower chart where you what i'm gonna do today with the priority already versus what's important you know versus what's critical and i am you start learning you just google eisenhower or any of those and you start knowing in seeing how you know what affects what what's connected to your term goals and you can do that especially when you start teaching your team to do that. You know you start becoming exceptionally organized in nowhere to focus your energy today which is finite now. Thank you very much for this deep inside now impressive. What makes you feel feel passionate about business. <hes> you know i've always been a type of person where i get bored easy. I could be killing it and crushing it. Whatever in i'll get bored. It's kind of like your muscles. When you go to the gym i go to the generalize to carry my my my health and fitness and if you don't change your workouts your muscles figure it out and know my brain kind of works that way so i would say the passion part of marketing is because there's so much so many different pieces of digital marketing from from search engine optimization email marketing on page optimization to google business to just tons of stuff social media marketing thing where you just don't get ord in an it's it makes me passionate when when i can put all of those pieces together and they run like a machine machine and you really see business owners is light up when it starts working and they start seeing you know revenue build and they actually call you up and say you know what if i gave you. This just looks more so that's a really passionate about that pudding <unk> editor. It doesn't feel like work to me. Yes and actually maximus constantly changing saw aw yeah you can get bored marketing. I think yes i think so. What does the best experience is you become an entrepreneur was my best experienced becoming an entrepreneur the best experience i'm going to say it's probably the two fold number one experiencing freedom <hes> freedom where you start understanding. You know you got your health. You get your family than you got. Got your business which is a distant third always be there can be an even a little bit but when you start realizing how to use your freedom when she scale your company properly and i'm not talking about huge enterprise companies here okay. I'm talking about but knowing how to scale it or you can spend that quality time when you're on this earth for only only about eight or nine years maybe one hundred twenty. It's technology changes of the freedom. Experience was was really great and then deeper into the business i would say an experience that i loved has the experience of success the first hundred really crush it with a client or end they just they. They just wanna be with you. They were out of ah. I added that your client is just a really crazy. Yes i shed is yeah. Absolutely it's absolutely amazing. So if does your bed to go back. When is the time you just stop in business yoga different. I try to slap myself. A couple couple times all roy the first thing that i would probably push or sirri and listen to more of the right stuff. It's interesting. It's an interesting balance of over reading taking too much station and not giving yourself <unk> a data break but i would i would read more of the right stuff and i was handed a was handed out they can grow rich at twenty three years old by napoleon hill and how to win friends and influence people and when you're twenty three you're like heaven of friends i could influence people and i had a college like no. I just wasted on studying neural. I don't wanna read anything and you know. It's just being patient in in reading more one thing that i know that i did not do had some major mistakes real estate estate. Another world into my business is having that advisory board of mentors mentors in your business the different life categories of your life. I break my life. If categories out until eleven different areas you know from from character to spiritual to note to financial but having mentors that can help guide you all the way through so stay away from making poor decisions and you stay motivated when i say advisory board people were very successful you know are out there and if you just reach out to them humbly we will help you jump on living. You're owning and <hes> you know having that and then they don't have to be alive. They could be dead so keeping those like what would uh-huh sigmund freud do what would this. What would what would albert einstein you what would henry david theroux or benjamin franklin and you start reflecting upon their characters they actually make their decisions of those two. Things are probably the most important <unk> final piece that would be i got this actually from my girlfriend ally would if you just living in the moment and really enjoying the ride of whatever you're doing <hes> and not folksy too much in the future and the past skirt enjoying the because i was a little too focused on getting getting their their forget that you're here and i and lucy things <hes> i would love to just grab my cheeks of my younger so if it really crooks tests that to to thank your <unk>. Yes get you a person that has an impact packed on you as an entrepreneur. All may be somebody who do amateur if you speaking of mentors sure sure i would say if i had to choose shoes some people that have influenced me in my life. The first thing would end sounds kind of cliche but mostly my mother unfortunately wall street cancer. I'm tony. I appreciate that but you know she's a strong italian irish woman but i'm not even close to a pushover robbing the opposite side but she showed me how to stand my grounds rounds. Okay always be winners. Carry yourself properly so she's already whether biggest influencers very thoughtful woman you know even if she wasn't always verbally you know she's thinking about oh. This can't trip this that and she always did something original and listen to you always had had some type of some type of a surprise for you. That was so awful <unk> attached to your own d._n._a. You always remember it so well. I would say her more on the business side to say the first person that said something that i reflect on on time and i still remember being his room. He was making three hundred thousand dollars a month. I was twenty four and his name is bob safer and <hes> and he said he got us all the odor guy his army guy and he's like you gotta season to season so i thought about the there's i think about it every year and it's really really seeing your vision and senior plan in that always sits with a and then finally on the health side mark hyman has the ultimate solution in today toxin dachshund will prove these guys are bio hackers and they're all out health <unk>. They've been highly influential about what i put in my body and understanding it gives me the energy to run my business at a monster. You know it's okay. Thank you very much of this chain. Yes let's look at another site. Imagine some can happen of course lied. Fe it sometimes full of surprises if you business collapses today what oh you do good question. If there's just happened to collapse i had to start over again. You're asking what will you do if you stopped at some some france or maybe you stop the same business disarm some different options either. Now i tell you what i do i would i would think about what really really makes me happy. What would i do for free and the answer to that. Is we start some type of body brain business center just olev complete human coaching with with with a fitness center. Not only lets people go in and do what they wanna do but also kind of know nurture the brain nurture the body and then also obviously have it connected to some type of of business coaching in. I don't think i'd exist right now. So i probably do something along the lines of of that gas scandal-tainted dancing song by not should actually i think a and if you had to start at door what would you do if you have knock a certainly. That's a that's. That's our question right. Gotta make money and i wasn't banking for fifteen years so you can get had access to capital so the first thing you familiarize yourself how to gain capital from you know hedge funds right at you know to a traditional ways is it you can you can do that and then there's always barring friends and barely right but really <hes> when it comes to what we do have a clear plan to do that. I kind of look around for strategic strategic partners and influencers with beautiful about the internet now is that you can act search or blog search or clout or a buzz sumo and it'll fool up and tell you who the most influential people aren't who have the most followers and and and again. You can really get a clear plan. Once you have a clear pan then you can catch with passion jr anybody who wants to end. They're gonna buy you <hes> so that would be my little game plan by if if i had to start over against ah yes let's say i think it's up to the danjabbo. I think yes absolutely so now i would like to keep may be some advice for the young entrepreneur. Sometimes people think that own businesses difficult and it's difficult to start. It's always ends and feeders. Selects is by the people believe it's you know i think <hes> you know. I think the first thing is most people don't really understand. I'm the type of business that they wanna run and i'm not talking about l._l._c.'s escorts and all that fun stuff your accountants and handle that you know what i'm talking about. What type of business do you want. You want a lifestyle business or do you want to scale your business you know what kind of do you want to be in it all the time. Go what what do you want to do with your business and in sometimes that in in thinking about what makes you happy. <hes> you know is is important. I starting a business for the sake of starting business a mistake as a mistake because you wanna be a quote unquote business owner. 'cause you're gonna get you pretty quick. So that's the first thing the other thing is. Most people don't seek advice early on and the funny part of this. This is a big. It's expensive. I need to buy a franchise. I gotta do this any three. Hundred thousand dollars in the reality is in a in a actually in process of writing a book about this or maybe you book it depends on the time that i have not ever but it really you could start a business with so much free technology funny. I mean from hubs by the c._r._m. System to mail chipping email marketing to wordpress. That's free to pain adopt proposals for immediate professional free for a one time start up business kind of a certain accounting softwares free. You know you could almost start your company free and then do the research so i don't think people are aware of that and they don't take the time is to seek those mentors in for softwares out and i and they kinda quit before the start. Yes i think so and also i think some lack of education nation and they don't see the business the business and sound like it's like some fantasy oral they don't know the the attitude added you fit and they don't know where to find it with information will it also can stop them from from staff sunday injection esau esau yeah. What skill has it's how you can become successful. Okay so there's a lot of him out there. I'll be to know your crashed. If you're just spitting bs out air to people <hes> and you're not up top echelon and really mastering your craft everyday. You're also not make. I mean you don't have to be the best in the world but you really you should know your conscience and do the whole kind of you know looking at the powerpoint presentation it should be unconscious and that should be a support mechanism so you need to know your craft <hes> so that i if i had to pick the best skill inhabit you need to be a growth machine talking about a growth machine if you don't like to learn and grow ro and evolve as a person and in turn as your business you know because that's what it is. It's you in your culture. <hes> gonna fail so now if you're not if you're not comfortably and naturally reading you know or <unk> inaudible guy like i said i've probably listened to you know sometimes to books. It's a week on listening to reflecting on that. You're gonna run into trouble so that's a skill set in a habit you have to develop a <unk> to hide it but you get inhabit inhabit reading the other thing that i think people can really really help themselves with is when you find something you need to build a developmental opportunity habit stack so just put on the candidates and they talk about how to stacking in pick something you're good at or you do unconsciously which is at it right back ex- something you need development on with that if you can learn how to develop your habits you don't get into that habit. I think those two things can i can be a win win for a a winning situation for any business <unk>. Yes ams is a speaking about habits went above superpower. If you could have fowler what will be will. That's a good that's a good question. No it wouldn't be anything on the materialistic side or anything like that. I which stay by had unlimited where i could call in any time <hes> level of self discipline intemperance ben franklin franklin was big on that two of templates in and everything and self disciplined. That would probably be an awesome superpower for me. I mean flying's up their catch me too. Yes almost every by dallas is linked to flight. That's a close second thing. I would say those two things that by a limited on call you can do anything you want to invoice yeah okay <hes> but thank you look very good. At what am i not very start with that one. Well not very good at. I tend to delegate yes. I'm a project management a i know i just kind of because i have s._s._d. That's a shiny object disease. Yeah i see i have johnny drake. Z. slight tiny tended <unk> project management not good. I really don't have a sense of direction so if i'm not really paying attention i get lost. Don't know west from north. I don't know why maybe that's a framework of intelligence. I just don't has so very happy with uber. N n n obviously google maps. I had this problem and i think doc. It's incredible you. Don't you can't learn it so i just finally what do you do to improve it again. Indian about delegate scattered some somebody important for business song. I'm so excited on the business side on the business. I just did the limo driver for the direction and yes for the drive google. If absent the awesome yet so i brought up project and you you know i would say the trick here in business when it comes to figuring out what you're not very good at how to offset that is really bringing in human capital. If the idea here the trick with this this is a big one sa- big one and <hes> you know if you read the whole patrick lindsay only a death by meeting a lot a lot of books out there about managing people okay even michael high it gets onto the the biggest shame in the world is putting the right person listen in the wrong position and then get the wrong person the right position so you need to find someone that really loves literally salivate at what you don't like to do like so my friend will. He's a friend now but he works at my company. This guy loves project. <unk> management loves to get in there and then my developer loves loves code and as soon as i complain graphics or he wants to try to do something on the design side or digital side you know he may try but i i can hear in his tone that he's just not happy wants to play with that code that h._t. That that a p._h._p. And i hate that so the point is you. You gotta make sure you find someone who loves that peace and you wanna pay them well for it and you want to incent them. You wanna make sure they get those accolades. Mixture there appreciated of that is how you kind of you know. I we delegate abstract got good at it. That's a waste of time. I think you do just the natural. It's exactly what i am also because i also understood <unk> because i can be traded every solution i can just i five answer for advertising saw. This was my find somebody who loves latinas and they'll let you hear you add on corruption. Don't the following him. Just let him up. He says and settle a most people are probably saying we're now well. That's great pet will we're. Where do you find him at right so you. We'll even go on the deeds and ziprecruiter dot com pretty cool <hes> and this is how you don't waste your time. You wanna have a list of questions that they need to answer seven to ten in that industry three some technical some about culture in process right that properly you're going to be good and then you can look at places like up work online ph which is online philippines under smith's out there a month saying outsource work and and don't keep it in america but there's gotta be a happy medium that expense for the profit of your business khalid forty percent net profit. You got to hire the right people and you can find people online that are hungry and talented and if you if you look at all those platforms that are out there. You're definitely going to find the right person here. She is out there. Yes i also use this platforms. That can be very helpful of course so now we got loose. Mm sound fun stuff but this your family wait long enough that had okay so i would say one of my favorite wait. If if i had a rough day for a long day believe it. I'm pretty simple guy when it comes to that kind of stuff all the type of person that will choose mountain biking over going to the bar the of so you hang out with friends though and just kind of doing something olympia louis riddick or or or even sitting out on the patio barbecuing with beer. He's just he's kinda. Relaxing and then something that i really really enjoy is actually your girlfriend has her own business angels dream salon and that's hard work and it's part psychologist listen to allow women today and i we both realize and i look forward to at least once a week or twice this just coming home cook dinner we get in the line and we just enjoy each other's company and we talk and you know that we have to shut that down because we'll stay up to one o'clock in the morning but <hes> but yeah you can find that person. I just liked doing that simply just having some conversation whether it's a little bit about the day or whatever and i think i think that's a simple but it really is so simple things in life that you enjoy the most yes and sometimes simple. Things is the best fiction yeah doesn't need to. It'll be something complicated saw. The meth question is what if you have a nervous persons that are alive. Ho what did they the anti. It's interesting <hes>. I'd love to have a dialogue with albert einstein alert about him. The more that his thought process was very interesting. I love to sit down with ben franklin. There's no doubt about that and then this little about that <hes> amid. It's probably it'll be a combination of your somewhere. Maybe like singing royd in that world or or someone that maybe more on on the health and fitness fitness side of things like a a mark hyman or david or a dr ayman or something somebody that really understands brain health really really i'm enamored by people who have bio half themselves finally and they really feel good every day and it's not hard anymore they they figured it out that that that combination for the body and some of these guys have figured that out so it would be a combination of those guys can thank you said i i agree percents. You mentioned if you'll receive ten thousand dollars life southbound blue. How would you use the money for anything business personal. Whatever whatever you pick up two thousand dollars rate now right today. No i hate need to say it but you know i'm only i'm only in my early forties forty three. I'd probably just suck it to be honest with you. I'd sock it away you. No i keep it saving for some of my bigger goals like that number that body brain business thing. It'd be really cool. If i bought the property in east it to myself you know or something like that so i and i would save it for either that type of thing or i ate it for long term. Investing would seek that for scaling scaling my company taking it to the next scale level. Those three km is your best for making the board about the place. That's a that's a pretty <hes> sleeping question <hes> part of a platform platform. It's called mind. Valley dot com gentlemen name bishen laconic started it and it's a great self development platform. I implore anybody listening to to try out. It's just wonderful shout division but you know he talks about it. You make the world of better place. I buy educating <unk> educating their going back almost back to the m host that too old school i'm talking about like marcus aurelius back where you know if you think back of watching the movie gladiator right buddy and a lot of flooding but if the the part that really sticks with me as the part art when he was a kid and you had you know all these scholars and the kids were sitting around on the rocks and they were talking about character and they were talking about philosophy in culture in growth and learning intemperance in that's gone or that in school <hes> and i think it starting change a little bit with my valley but that's a tip if you if you can teach your kids those type of virtues i get into mathematics immediate believe me wrong. They're important no staples but that piece. I think naturally changes the world very quickly the and it makes you eat better which changes the the environment. It makes you makes you make better choices period and when you have a series of better choices you got a better world <hes> so that's that's kinda. My the best tip is just teach your kids and immature educators much focused on virtues. Birch is a typical education up central gear with you song the next one this coming up on the horizon project for the future so right now. I'm still in the middle of scaling my marketing agency. Ah trying you know the idea is for me the way i am any this is i'm looking at ways to disrupt it and the way you do that is take information ashim from one industry and you kind of you that you've kind of got to the point like banking or whatever in a mash together with another one and and i think that the world's changing so much on how we reach people and how we influence them eve online that the next project here is trying to create an environment where i can. I yeah i can really offer enterprise level marketing services to us and finding a predictably to do that that becomes more efficient where where you know you can find the success. There and i think working on project wise you know for me. The other thing is kind of what it mentioned. Is that body brain business center. You're like that that that's holistic where someone could actually walk in and pay for something where they have their training. They have nutritionists. They have a business goes to pop into a library. You know they have that whole piece there <hes> so that's that's definitely gonna be able to horizon you. Can mark my words wanna. Thank you bye subsidy being your a._m. Budget and now please tell me your best advice. You can give us the best advice i can give listeners. I would say the best advice i could give listeners is be deliberate with your thoughts. We deliberate with what you're trying to accomplish for example my i were. We spent a lot of time covering. You're thinking about the different the types of of of categories of your life so you take the time to really think about the different categories of your life and how they affect you so when i say that to be clear i'm talking about your health and fitness your intellectual. You're emotionally character. Your spiritual love your love light through social your financial your career equality of life in your overall vision <hes> and you can go to lifelock dot com. That's a great one. You go to learn about that but overall so be deliberate instinct about those areas in where you're at now and where you want to be if you're a partner you don't communicate with them on the same in page and that'll help guide you when you're happy categories <hes>. It's a beautiful life so i would. I would think about that. I just make sure those in those are in line and the rest will take care of itself capital. You'd pay medical device. Thank you for this advice for our listeners. I sure that the you'll be ready. Use them tell me what does the best way to reach is. The best way to reach me would be at pat at u._s. Dot digital. That's my agency email. Check out. You could send that over <hes> if i can get back and answer any questions for anybody i would. I would definitely do that pena saito on twitter. You can reach me on there. You know yeah so those are the best way but now you know i tend in detroit respond to anybody to answer questions ammo platforms clarity in some other ones where i just get free advice but the biggest one would be would be email. It's pat at u._s. Dot com so thank you very much for your time. It's a pleasure to have you on the show and see you next time so what's extra having at at and good luck with everything yeah. Thank you very much. Okay the help you find this episode of their on up twelve useful and you can find the show notes at ed in the morale dot com and jalen alex tang great big. Thank you so much for spending the time into this episode next week on that to us.

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497  Star Cops  Little Green Men and Other Martians

Fusion Patrol

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497 Star Cops Little Green Men and Other Martians

"Fusion patrol is a listener supported. Podcast find out how you can help. Support us at patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. This is the fusion. Patrol vodka gassed each week. We look at different science fiction tv episode or movie and analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode of huge petroleum eugene. And i'm john and tonight we're looking at the final episode of star cops little green men and other martians. Yes agreement another martians on mars. A survey team finds something extraordinary soon. Investigative reporter daniel larwood arrives on the moon. He and kinsey know each other. She was his former journalism student but she has become disenchanted with him on a shuttle to pilots are taking a picture of a martian. There's something up on the moon. Alexi want spring to put the boot on. Larwood an important curator. Dr philpott for the holy museum is coming to meet with alexi. Let's all top secret to top secret. Though as there are rumors that life has been found on mars. Alexi must go to earth to make a report. A custom officer alerts colin to a strange find a figurine that was hidden amongst surveying charges on the outgoing freighter to mars. Later a pilot is killed when her shuttle crashes kenzi anna soon find amongst personal effects in the wreckage. it's also discovered that she was a legit qualified pilot. There is no record of her. Arriving on the moon larwood goes to meet someone clandestinely but when he does the man has been murdered dying in his arms. He too was a qualified pilot. That was not recorded. As arriving on the moon. Spring has a chat with traffic control. Things are going nuts there. There's an approaching window for mars launches and things are really hectic in fact. Spring knows all this too well as he will be on an outbound flight to mars in his efforts to bring the star cops further into the frontier. Traffic control was allowing the pilots to fly because they were freelance and had legit credentials. They didn't bother to check if say they were on the moon legal aid because why would they when kenzees collins artifacts she identifies it as probably a genuine mayan sculpture rare and worth a fortune. Although y someone wants to smuggle it. Mars is a curiosity. Colin has been following up on the drug case. Customs doesn't bother to check out going parcells having to earth. because why would they. Colin has figured out that someone is making designer drugs on the moon and sending them back to earth he finds them and while bringing the back in applies a bit of pressure until they crack and confess but they had nothing to do with the deaths of the two pilots. While someone on the moon is searching quarters of the dead pilots the fight controller and larwood. They're looking for something small. Ms caxtons reporter has arrived to interview. Dr philpott it's time to let the cat out of the bag. A martian was found and is being brought back to the moon than to earth. The holy museum has absolute unconditional rights to it and they will not let it be seen by the public for two years during that time. It will be analyzed by scientists under the strictest of media blackouts. It's a bit strange why they won't release pictures. Though there was a rumor that someone was trying to sell pictures of it. Spring puts kenzi on watching the case with the smuggled artifacts which they put back in order to capture the culprit. She is taken unawares and knocked unconscious later. The artifact is packed with explosives. It is on the same freighter. Spring will be taking to mars spring leaves and shortly after takeoff the freighter explodes killing all on board. The star cops are devastated especially kenzi who decides to solve that case she goes to alexi who has recently returned to the moon and when she tells him about the two pilots being dead he reveals the secret tour. The pilots arrived unannounced on a mars. Freighter that carried the martian. It was landed somewhere on the surface of the moon. This was to avoid the media circus. That would happen. When the expected freighter arrived he drives her out to the freighter parked on the surface which explodes as they arrive. Someone is cleaning up the evidence but what is the crime that night someone breaks into star cops. Hq and searches for something. Kenzi surprises him in the act and then so does larwood and spring. Who isn't dead after all the villainous philpott and he's willing to blow up that section of the base to avoid capture a struggle ensues. He is overpowered and the bomb defused. Larwood had gotten wind of a connection between philpott and the surveyor that discovered the martian artifact on mars the holy spent a ludicrous amount of money to get it and philpott engineered it so that there would be a complete ban on anyone seeing it until he was rich and long gone the pilots and the freighter decided they could get a bit of money by taking a picture of the artifacts and selling it to the press for this philpott killed them. The artifact was a genuine mayan figurine similar to the one that colin discovered being smuggled to mars it had been planted and found by the surveyor on mars. They knew the ancient astronauts angle would play big since many people believe the mayans were influenced by the astronauts. A genuine mayan figurine found on. Mars would be irresistible spring as he was boarding the shuttle. Got an idea of what was happening and didn't board instead. He waited after dark to see if the culprit would try to burgle their headquarters to find the picture. It was their hidden on an id card for one of the dead pilots. The end so we've come to the end of of star cops and i think you got your wish. David theroux was not in this episode at all actually didn't help episode very much. Unfortunately my apologies to the actress played. David throw didn't likely no no sorry. Not did i like it. Yeah it was. It was all right. It was a little Gun smoking in the beginning. You know where Matt dillon goes and confronts the the new guy in town and tells him you know everything will be fine as long as you obey the law. Can i gently bad things that happen. If you don't people die on the moon exactly people die on the moon. Yeah i actually i. I enjoyed the episode last week. I had real problems with the the the episode This week well okay. Last week i had problems with the week before. I was beginning to think the show. It hit it stride and then and they stumbled but here they're kinda back on a stride. I guess is the is the right phrase. This was written by chris. Bouchier the creator in script editor and. Yeah you know. He's got his own thoughts about what's going on I i would hate to be such a cynical man and people. Anybody who knows me would would laugh at that. Yeah on it not to but you know yeah of course the first contact will have with mars will be a scam or with life and space will be a scam because of course it will especially on the moon base and for the star cops around. It's going to be a scam. I mean yes i know. This is a cop show and therefore it's about crime it's a crime show you know it's like he going to episode of columbo and you kind of go. I wasn't expecting it to be a murder. Yes you do. You're always expecting to murder right. Actually this this has to be a crime. It has to be multiple crimes. And i think it's it is interesting again that they are trying to take what man has been doing forever Conning people manufacturing drugs You know smuggling those things and apply them. You know just equally well new frontiers new opportunities for crime new angles On crime all of it could be happening in an undersea base as well or underground base for that matter right right and the only thing. It's not a standard here. Is the martian angle and honestly. I would believe that someone might even be able to pull that off on earth. Maybe you know it would be harder. Obviously it's a lot easier when you can actually find the thing on mars and go up you know. We are on mars. I found this mayan statue on mars. There was a guy witnessed me find it on mars. That's makes it a little bit easier sell but still it. You know people are you can find a way to do people now for a while until they really really look at the artifact but yeah maybe but it's real that's the whole point you know. It was one thing if it was supposed to be a martian statue right. I mean that was the right. Yeah i know hundred earth thanks. Here is still the very end. Yeah they weren't even trying to pass it off as martian right right. They were just trying to pass it off as martians. Pick this up on earth and took it back to mars because they wanted something for their bookshelves ram exam. You know so. The comes in from mars experts. Take possession of it. They start checking. It's like this absolutely authentically. A mayan piece in fact. Here's the catalog number where it was in the holy museum. Exactly a yeah exactly now. I think they would. They would be rumbled as soon as they started to. Really look at the the artifact and realize that it doesn't have enough mars in it yet you know maybe well actually sitting in hard vacuum for a million years or not what i seem thousand thousand years young no anyways but of course that doesn't matter. Yeah yeah we'll be long gone by that right right. It just seems to hold up to enough scrutiny. That till the checks clear and the passports get altered right. The scientific teams the holy gets at the holy will. Do you know the first thing they're going to do is they're gonna take pictures they're gonna they're going to do all their measurements and that sort of stuff before they start sending it out for scientific analysis by then right phil. Maybe they'll have a slight accident. That contaminates it with the earth material so harder scrutiny makes it impossible to actually determine where it came from or how long it's been on mars now. The one thing that messes that up for me is the second statue right because if he was trying to cut and run that would tickle but longer statue. Yeah yeah you know that's going to be at least will years right springs going to be on mars for two years and with a windows as such. So they're gonna take that freighter out. They're to plant it. They're gonna find it going to have to you. Know hopefully not find it. The day after the freighter arise another one. Oh boy so there was that but obviously they needed to do that to get the identification that there's mayan artifacts traveling through right. I felt like it was a little bit it. It doesn't stand up to scrutiny whereas kind of the rest of it sorta does right. I mean you've got you've got the pilots. The freelance pilots who we establish are willing to do shady stuff. Oh yeah yeah. Because they're going to do drug. I'm sure she knows they're doing drug running. So if they were they were the legitimately hired pilots to bring the freighter in. I could totally see them thinking. I could make a few bucks on this by taking some pictures and selling them right right and unfortunately they got found out because they talked to the wrong guy. The guy who was behind it all hoops. Yep start start with a holy. Would you like us to to not publish these pictures. That you've said you don't want to. I i feel like that's probably that never goes well. No right for criminals. Like if you're gonna if you're gonna do that. Don't don't go to the people you're trying to trying to suppress the information. Go go somewhere else. Go straight to the news and say look. I got pictures of it on the pilot on the freighter. Send me a check. I'll send you the file. Be exactly. don't muck around with it. And they were probably also trying to to get it. Bid up and they're gonna offer me this much. It's a mistake that's the mistake. You make me greedy. He got an idea. And then yet you get greedy. I also thought was it not necessarily to have the drug case Which appeared to be almost completely unrelated sept- for the fact that that at one point we could the line. How many cases do we have going on here. Right which fair enough. You'd think there would be more than one case. There are crimes going on 'em so you don't know which ones are connected but of course conservation of conservation of plot detail law says that they must all be related. Somehow they wouldn't waste the time on them. But but in this case they probably shouldn't have wasted the time on it as with other episodes too many extra things going on seems to have taken away from the actual story going and nothing. Nothing seems to come from the fact that divas figures it out ok off. He's actually a better cop than he wants people to know. Oh yeah he figures it out. He tracks the guys down that are making the designer drugs and he captures him takes An-and out and some other guy we've never met before. Was he a cop. I guess he might don't i. Yeah deputized who knows is holding a gun on the guy that's right it. Has it a said they had to two guys. There were three in the shuttle and anna was in the other one bringing evidence back. Yup okay you know. There is none of that. Detective work there is none of that. Nothing right yes just suddenly. He's driving in. And i caught. The guys is grafted on like so many other things in the service have been and again. I mean it's it's an unnecessary detail. I mean doing. The detective work was unnecessary. Divas is a cop he does cop things. It's kind of like that scene in every cop show where they're taking a witness in. They're taking a a suspect an and they're bringing them in to make a statement and you know there's there's the booking desk where cops bringing people and it's like they're doing their job. They're catching the bad guys. That's kind of what divas is doing here and it would be fine. But what the parts grafted on that doesn't work for me is the bid about threatening to kill them. Yeah that's back was almost like filler. It's like what are they trying to good cop bad cop type thing. Wash both bad cops in this case. i don't know of Spring understands that Divas has his methods and and he went along with them exactly. And it worked really. Well form barreling. I think it long a lot of time spent on that. I think you're y spring obviously knows tvs wouldn't do it. Yeah definitely laughing. And i and i think that's what we're supposed to believe too but the guys don't know that exactly exactly it's was just a wafer colin to get him to talk. Yeah van apparently it was quite effective. I would talk yes. They didn't have any. They didn't have any Chance i mean they got the evidence. They caught him red-handed. I mean they're going down right so you know they're giving up positions like. Why did you murder these people's like no. No no no no no no drugs yeah murder. Know exactly how i can. I can totally understand. But so that's maybe intended to give some idea of how the frontier justice works. 'cause it's certainly extra-judicial Or maybe ninety late one thousand nine hundred eighty s britain that was still okay That's about ashes to ashes timeframe. So i think they were still beaten in rubber hoses but The part that really in addition to that not really having any bearing then there is the part that should have had a bearing. And didn't which is miss caxtons walking in on the head of the star cops. Yeah condoning murder. Yeah any any even. And she even knew that he wasn't really condoning murder. He was condoning psychological torture rush. She knew it. She called him on it. She pointed out you know about freedoms and an and rights and he just basically stone walter shutdown. That's and really 'cause because she's a major news reporter that that strikes me as one you need to do some damage control on but he did not at all. He just basically plowed on. It's like yeah. Maybe his way of asserting his dominance on the base to her to make sure that she doesn't think she's bigger than anybody's there can stewart. She wants that. That was a little weird. Okay let's see. What else have we got springs. going to. Mars mia fairly is gonna go there for a couple of years which makes sense. I'm still kind of curious as to how the the pilots got from mars to the moon quickly i. Time is very sketchy in this whole series. How long it takes to do things. 'cause you know. Six months is probably the fastest. You can get there unless they have a really really good propulsion. I think what they were trying to say. And i don't know how this would work. Okay so i mean maybe somebody who can do or will. The dynamics can can ship in on this one. But i believe that basically there was a window for launch from mars to earth not not talking about the current mars earth mars window. And that's another one. Those would not be the same right. I mean you would not awry. If you left mars at a window to earth you would not necessarily arrive at moore at the window to mars. Math fifth trip takes the same length time. Sure which well actually. He's yeah having to get up. Gravity wells opposed to go down it. So it's a bit of a coincidence that holler mill transfer. I think that's what they are. That the Mars freighter is due to arrive about the time the window arrives. I think but. I honestly don't know i i. I'm willing to take somebody's informed opinion on that one but it seems to me like just it wouldn't necessarily work that way. I would guess that the windows are different and that they would not coy correspond with arriving at the same time but on top of that app how critical are those windows depends on much propellant. Got and how because year engine has if you left in. How long are the windows. Thank any idea. i don't. I don't know how are we talking a matter of hours. We took a matter of days probably days probably days so if you left thirty days before a window would that add more than thirty days flight time. I'm not sure because what i understood from. This episode was that they left. An unscheduled freighter left mars before the launch window. That is bringing the other freighter right. Maybe they just launched the other freighter After the launch window because this it's got a frequent martian on it. I think we can run special shuttle on this. Yeah if you keep the mass low and you burn hard you should be able to get there faster. So if if the if the fake shuttle left early and was basically off the books You know is it still possible to get there before the known shuttle leaving presumably. What is an ordinary time. I don't know. I mean that that's another one for you. Beat them. how dodge. Yeah you probably can like. I said it depends on how much energy you want. Expend on the whole thing. You know if you've got you'll hundred units of of propellant. That's going to get you from point. Eight point be it at you know x number of of weeks or days. Whatever you wanna call it All you have to do is increase the amount of propellant and drop your mass and you should be get she at higher velocities. The windows are also about well. I don't know what would you change are a little bit. You not be as efficient as would you actually sort of planetary slingshots or anything front earth. Mars rauner amar's earth run. You would you. I'm not one hundred percent sure on that. I mean you know i know. We launched stuff out. We actually swinging around the earth times too well and it on so possibly the sun and other planas well depending where they need to go because you need to get the certain certain amount of velocity but assuming that a ship has a maximum speed. Let's let's say that there's just a maximum theoretical speed that we have our capability for to the window shift so much that one day ads. Five days fifteen days a month. Don't you'd actually have somebody sit down and with actual calculations in the formulas and actually worked out of frayed. Yeah so but my my understanding is simply that they launched a shuttle unscheduled early Freighter and With the complete and absolute authority of the moon in the mars command because alexi knew about it bites it. He knew that the shuttle was the freighter had already come in. He knew them. A freighter had landed I'm kind of curious as to if that's the case. Why if they brought the thing early to avoid the media circus why is it sitting out there on the surface. I i'm not sure. Why wouldn't they have just already brought that in in you know slipped it in the lexi's briefcase when he went down to the earth conference and go here you go. You got me. I don't know. I guess they have another explosion. I i don't know yeah and and there was a line that kinsey said about. I think it was kinsey. Said when they blew up that shuttle on the surface Did you get the impression that people on it. no. I didn't okay. 'cause i thought she said that they kill everybody aboard that Aboard it Xiushui the one that springer was supposed to be on. Maybe we just seen that explosion. And then yeah i don't know And also so spring gets his idea apparently as as always spring does and he doesn't tell anybody he gets is elijah that the guy might try to break into the headquarters if he thinks he's off going to mars so he decides not to go so that he can carry a stake out. You think he had no inkling that he was going to blow up the freighter Because if he did then he is sort of cultivable for not warning them to get everybody off the freighter. Yeah see and other. Things exploded by then Have been plenty of murder mayhem murder ready so now that was the first explosion nil the shuttle he might not have he might not have Consider that he would actually be stupid enough to pull hope a A ship like that. And here's the thing. Kenzi said it spaces. Dangerous people die out here. We die out here and and it's senseless but it happens and you do wonder how that affects criminal investigations. I mean if you're expecting things to happen and kill people accidents. Kill people here all the time. Are you less inclined to investigate them. That goes back to the goes back to the backpacks and the very few say faulty backpacks which got shot out. Yeah i would like to say no. It wouldn't have any bearing on it. 'cause you're gonna you want to find out if it is mechanical failure or if it's negligence or if it's a villainous another thing in this episode are we are we getting. I don't know if we got it in the last episode. I may have almost mentioned it. The last episode. But i didn't are. Are we getting a bit of grudging respect here from kinsey to to spring. Oh yeah yeah definitely Warming up to win another. I guess you could say. And yet she still pissed off about the way he conducts himself. Well yeah i think so. That's going to happen because that that is still seems to be throughout the episode. What drives her. It was driving her last time. It's what drives like spring. Never tells us anything he does. It is that because that genuinely bugs her. And i'm not saying it doesn't but in other words that is the thing that genuinely bugs her or is there something more to it than that. She feels like she's put in the effort to redeem herself. And not be the the crook that she was that that she's actually legitimately working at being a genuine star cop and she feels that spring does not treat her like one despite the fact that he does that to everyone but yeah i think that's what she's not realizing that that shows that operates that could be associated with the fact that she's coming to respect him Kinda like kinda like we get this little bit with her and the and the reporter are would. Obviously she wants respected him ran followed around and then he disillusioned her and and That crack about the anarchists. I i have no idea what the heck was going on. There is probably a a member of some political group or something like that back when she was in college and he wrote an expose on them didn't come out very good light and she didn't like it that's probably why she didn't like him very much and yet she was working for him or is she was studying with an now. It was it was kinda. Yeah it was kind of a weird thing anyway but yeah so i m thinking that part of it is just simply that she doesn't. She's not feeling the reciprocate with him. Yeah i think if if she were to step back and look shoot. Realize that yeah. He is respecting her giving her more Harder tasks to do and expecting more firmer. She's delivering but you know the way. The character is is Written cheese got that chip on her shoulder. That she's always gonna be kind of on the fight and Probably need somebody dash to sit down and say yes. I respect you in right to her face. That's my guess. Anyways yeah needy. She should see a psychiatrist about that. Oh yeah good idea. Let's you could probably find a just a bang up one four to go see ads calling she. He probably knows what exactly though by the way the the window between earth and mars is seven hundred eighty days. That's how long the optimal period of time is it between the nodes of the orbits. That's that's when both planetary bodies are closest together. That's a hell of a window. Well i mean the window is probably Maybe a few days maybe a week but it only occurs every seven hundred and eighty days. Oh oh okay okay. Yes got it the white. He said he wanted to be there for two years. But that just wasn't an off the cuff remark. He's literally going to be on the next shuttle back to earth unless they want to use an obscenely large amount of propellant to get him home which is possible. I guess who they did it with the artifact but yeah yeah so mr philpott or dr philpott or wherever the hell. His name was philpott had been cooking. This went up for a few years and it was. It was definitely Upset when things did not go the way he wanted them to and all the explosions. And i could see how that would upset. You mean assuming the you know that. The authors of this show knew that the window was seven hundred thirty four days long. Yeah that was solved quite a long time ago. Apparently so that the writers knew anything about it. Well they say two years so and they did mention the other windows so yeah they probably knew about it. maybe could have just i. i'm not saying that physicists. Didn't know about it. But i just don't know whether or not these people would waste their time Because it's not two years because it's gonna take what nine months to get there. Yeah yeah so. He's going to be nine months and then two years. Well see assuming thirty days so another. Yeah i was three years basically now it would. It would have two years but anyways it's it's going to be a while it's going to be a long while and it won't be easy. No no no. It won't be easy at one Who enough to hear that anymore. How nice. I did notice bad music. Only yeah when they were when they were in that scene were kenzi was about to get everything dropped on her. They went into a sort of classic sort of tension noise and then suddenly they just started playing it wrong. You know what i mean. It's like something just like. Oh cates like. He found the button for the tension cord and then he decided to hit the pitch wheel or something. Yeah yeah and then the the the music that played when they're actually seeing the the projection of the artifact that was weird. It's like oh case was be like inspirational or you'll revealing music and it just didn't work. Yeah and also the the audio mix of whenever spring was in the shuttle actually whenever there was a crowd around Especially with the pb stock into the the The shuttle dispatcher. The manager would recall it. Oh yeah and both of them are clearly yelling but unfortunately they head to yell because everybody was just being loud normal voices talking around them in a small room. I know i. I never heard so. Many people say rhubarb in my entire life pretty much yet really knowing the same thing with the towards the latter part where they're in the The commentary and the news article is playing and same thing. You're trying to hear pailin and Spring talk is just it. There garbled almost sometimes realism is not what you want on television. Exactly exactly it's like okay. You know when they shoot these. Oftentimes they'll have the the people in the background. Just mind talking. I a strange concept for people but they actually just moved their mouths but no sound comes out. Yes that down later right so they can get get a good Good good audio from the stars you know. Okay i'm gonna. i'll graeme. harper. I believe was the director of this green and a lot of Dr who and other shows He seems to be competent director. I kind of wonder if the again. Well i'll start with. It's ill advised and i'm not specifically blaming him. It's in this episode. Blame him but you know it may be directed from on above. They are giving. It's annoying right when you watch that and and you have to strain to figure out what they're saying and it's annoying very which is what living on the moon probably is like So it's possible that they're doing it on purpose but But it's bad way to to her the story. You're trying to tell you asked me well. That's that's always you know. That's always the risk when you try to break again. Assuming that's what they were doing right. I am taking a. That's the risk you run when you try to do something. Let's say artsy and not in with the standard conventions of the way television programs are shot and recorded. and you may have. You may have a reason for doing it. I thought it was fantastic. At the time or that it would achieve something and it just doesn't quite work. And i think that might be what this is. i mean. Obviously they were. They were definitely intending in the control room. There's no doubt that was intentional. that that you know it's a mad house in here and they wanted to be known this is a mad house and Sort of it's less. It's less true in the Cafeteria because they're not trying to convey anything about the feel of the the scene there there that's just people sitting around talking in a cafeteria and that kind of kind of kills it theory. Unfortunately i just think it's it's Sloppy production but could be. It could be I mean you you've been you've been overseas. Yeah i you've been to asia I'm sure you know it sounds like in a restaurant in asia. Oh yeah could caffeine. That's a good way of of. That's that's a. that's the thing guy. Go to taiwan periodically and people are really loud and restaurants legal out. But what are you trying to try to do here. Are you trying to tell the story that you've been telling for the entire episode or are you all of a sudden trying to tell the viewers what it's like to live in a different place but i think they've been doing that a lot because we've had comments about the way they mixed the sound in this show that it can be confusing and that it. It's like in the first episode. I feel like it was intended to be confusing. The problem is it left me confused. Yeah and you know what you were trying to confuse me and you succeeded and that does track for my enjoyment of the story right but at the same time. You might have been trying to do that. And you misjudged what the result would be an right. And i don't know it just I'll i find it hard to believe that unless they were just incredible production constraints that that the frankly team of experienced bbc. Studio technicians technicians. Would screw up unless they intended to. my thought. is that the copies of the episode. We were watching. They might not have had the right audio mix on they might have been Multi tracked that were supposed to be mixed down to a different audio level for the backgrounds and in the case of the videos we saw they were just all played same level. That's possible. I kinda get that feeling because it would also drive with a lot of the incidental music. Just being allowed. I mean aside incidental anymore now is something that you gotta be. You know running away from awful. It's possible i mean like. I say i enjoyed it but there's not a lot to it. There's a lot of stumbling around people dying. Yep i think well. When did you know who the villain was. No soon as philpott walked in the room to just looked like villain from the eighties. He did he did his sort of have that who's to look at the bad guy and aliens. Oh i the company man. Yeah paul reiser. Yes yes wow did it. But that's the haircut in those big yellow aviator glasses. Don't help very much. I don't know why. I don't know if i had had pegged him as the crook at that moment i mean i i was gonna say when i watched the episode. I pegged him as the crook the moment. The report mentioned the weirdness of the lockdown on the artifact once once i realized in the reporter actually knows all about this. Already philpott about it. So obviously she's been briefed presumably by the holy. And so now we're just gonna do the formality of the interview and get this out there for the world and you know it's like the one little bit of reporter instinct. Dinner is like it's kinda weird like she's she's fishing for something and ask you gotta hit. But she's not going to go after it right now and then boom. It's him and at that point and then at that moment you go. I should have known by the hair suit right but to be fair when he walked in. I'm like wow fashioned has not Guess not gone up hill since the eighties in this universe ono. But what about the name of the museum. Holy the holy will hold onto your stuff for you know. I didn't think about that. That was an odd name. I did think it was an odd name and it's like what a museums do. They hold things. I got like the elgin marbles and museum. Does that very well been doing it for hundreds of years now and i appreciate the fact that they've done it. Well they are much easier to see so looking forward to seeing that someday. When i get the chance. Now out of quarantine for real me legitimately out of quarantine not politically out of Maybe for a long time. Who knows maybe when maybe yeah when people in the far future listening to this as some sort of classroom project. They'll there won't be in a classroom. They'll still be locked in. I had never worked out Classrooms i remember that when i was child luckily i know this one's going to go out sometime in twenty twenty so which should be all right. I think this is about to lou nine times three. Well maybe not maybe not twenty. Seven weeks yeah. I think we might make certain type of tightening up your release schedule there. Yeah anything else on on this episode Uh now look the. The stereotypical Raincoat on the reporter. Well okay but spring made a mention of it l. Yeah he did. He took a dig at. Yeah exactly he. The reporter was definitely doing his damnedest to give the impression of being a hard drinking gumshoe style. Well the drinking was right but the hip flask of course was for the effect and it. Yeah yeah yeah that was. That was interesting. It's like. I'm if you expect me as reported have a hip flask. So i am going to have that even though it's filled with water and i'm gonna i'm gonna do that and i'm gonna wear the raincoat and i'm surprised. He didn't have a hat but boy a hat. Would it be ice as it were would have. And of course you know for a long time. I think he was also being set up as a red herring as possibly involved in this. I never got that. But yeah i can see how how How could possibly particularly when the woman came up to him and said are you. You're such famous repo. Yeah in autograph. And he writes her code actually. She looked over to him earlier and then she started writing stuff and have hand in something in handed him the note pad with the rendezvous information on it and then he simply he said oh into my will and then he signed his name and that's the only thing he wrote on there is his name but yeah i think that's how they worked. I think that was his contact. Oh no it was his contact. I just didn't i didn't All the was that before or after the pilot had been killed that was before. Okay so then. She's the female pilot a possibly. Yeah she must have been the female pilot and then she went off on this other mission and yeah that makes sense blown up. Yeah because you know darn well if those two win of lead anybody else on it true and make any sense right so so yeah. Yeah that's That's about it for this episode. Of the i i can tell you So we've come to the end of another series star cops overall thoughts If you have a chance to watch it. I would suggest doing it. It's it's it's worth your time. Yeah i mean. I i feel like it was a worthy effort and it was a little different. Yes it's very uneven. yeah You know not just the technical issues but but stylistically it it was very uneven I would have liked to have seen a second year. Go on and to give them the opportunity to flesh it out. I understand there was supposed to be a tenth episode The did just didn't get made. Yeah and if they had gone on they were going to be following through with this line of trying to move the star cops out into the final frontier. And i kinda wonder if that meant they would have more than one team you know because apparently it takes so long to get from earth to mars that there is no practical coordination between the two. I mean what i mean. Light speed transmissions must take years at right now not quite twenty thirty minutes. Depends you know it depends on whether there's a transmission window but to well technically technically. There is a time when you can't communicate with mars because the sun is literally in the way in the way right but they could fix some satellites both sunup. Yeah you could do that or possibly raise or lower. The orbit of mars the orbital inclination. Yeah could do. That would probably take the problem out. I did read that the big finish folks have A number of episodes the do on this. I kind of curious to hear a couple of those. I i've been thinking about getting the first one in set which i think is actually been out for a few years but i had no reason to get it because i'm so sorry to say this to the poor folks big finish because i heard them. I heard them discussing this once on one of their podcasts. That there is a. They have a real problem with attracting new viewers listeners. For new properties. Right so i mean they're known for doctor. Who yeah. They are the doctor who people so when they start star cops or adam adamant lives or or space nineteen ninety nine blix bike seven. Their market is the people who are listening to doctor. Who right or at least they're they're captive market of the people. They are going to be able to get the word to but trying to expand that to the star cops fans who are not doctor who fans or the space nineteen ninety nine fans who are not doctor who fans. That's a tough ask. And they're both the same genre that there'd be a lot of crossover. I'm sure there is. Yeah i mean. There's i'm sure there's people who watch dr religiously who ever heard of star cops okay. Preliminary blake seven. I you know. I get nobody Say nobody elon. Musk or Jeffrey bezos could certainly afford to pick up every big. Finish doctor who released. Oh but but i cannot and so you know not only are they competing star cops big finishes competing for my money against the doctor who releases and up till this point never having seen star cops no interest in picking it up right right. I mean i. They might have done. They might be the greatest things ever but first off. Like i'm not gonna watch that till i've actually seen star cops which is not that easy to do the exact right. I mean for people in the united states. So it's and it's a failed show that made nine episodes and didn't go anywhere thirty years ago right and so you do wonder why they would pick that as as their as a choice in an yeah. I don't know i. I have no doubt that they probably could do. Great things with it because i think they've either have out or are about to be released so and and they do really good work and made love the you know. Obviously somebody's passion project there that they must love the thing and so they put that into it and this is not. This is not an ad for big finish but as as has happened before. But it's still you know. Like i i don't know i have oddly enough. You know back to our covid. Nineteen pandemic lock in thing. I actually haven't listened to a big finish since It's what may now. I haven't listened one since march. You know. I haven't got the time. It's not like when i was driving to pick the kids up. Drop the kids off or go walking to lunch every day. In wearing my headsets. I had plenty of time to listen. But now i'm having trouble keeping up with podcasts. Same thing with me in the podcasts. In fact i. I've only recently started listening to mcginn. Is i've figured out. It wore ways to to fit that into my day after work to do it right. Yeah and it's it's dan. My exercise bike is right in front of the tv. So when i'm sitting on the exercise by group it's like i could i could watch. Tv youtube so. I i don't. I don't know i don't know i have been very tempted to pick up the first star cops and see what it's like to see where big finish went with it. I know that they went out into the solar system. That that much i know is that they've expanded that out and i believe they have spring davis and kenzi. Yes i think those are the three actors they have your back from from the the show so anyway yep startups. I will tell you can find it on youtube if you're enterprising enough of. They're not fantastic copies Think it was released at one point in time in the uk. but it's not currently available. I think the early ninety. S on vhs on vhs well go so it's not easy thing to find if you've been following along with us because you're curious or era at a longtime fan just wanted to have somebody go through it Rodin they go by recommended but not without caveats for. It's it definitely deserves. Its place as a failed program but it also deserved a shot and and could have perhaps gone on to greater things if going into this series you remember. You're you're going to be facing a really unique theme song Some unique audio mixes for their incidental music. And i'm using air quotes around that Acting which is well marginal times well as it stands on. Its own as a is different. There's a lot of different things about this series but overall you know if you like space cop shows then yeah he should probably watch it. Yeah i suppose so john. Thank you for joining me. Through this journey through the star cops l. You're welcome list. There's i hope you will join us again next time on fusion patrol. You've been listening to few troll. Listener supported podcast. Find out how you can be a sponsor and get early access to all episodes and more at patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. Come join the conversation on facebook or twitter. All episodes are available at fusion patrol dot com. Our music is fight the future by amber wolf. This has been a lone locust production next time on fusion patrol. Join simon and myself as we take a look at the beasts episode during bharti's party.

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Behind the Lines, Part One

"Hey parents if you're looking for some screen free family fun while you're staying home. Check out the story store podcasts. From cbc kids and cbc podcast new story store. Shorties are released every week. These short original and hilarious stories fit anywhere in your day from breakfast to bedtime. The story store available on smart speakers. or wherever. you get your favorite podcasts. This is a cbc podcast. I'm now i add. Welcome to ideas when writers right. Where did the words really confront the flow of sentences paragraphs and pages whose rules to they fall and to. What music do they dance. Language is about power. And so i think language is very deeply tied to not just who we are as a species but our ability to imagine and to make that imagined thing actual war depends on it. Coming through the prism of language language. It has said is a way of seeing the world often very often. it's a way of finding home. The written word can be an instrument a weapon maybe even cloak for many black writers. The act of writing also often comes with a heightened sense of responsibility. If i could just as a writer. I probably would write about picking strawberries for no reason but there would be no coughlin and there will be no middle end beginning. It would just be about the joy of picking strawberries in this episode. Black canadian writers on why they right and how they deal. With the power and the burdens of making art with language the literature that exists that pigs us is a dehumanizing literature however those are the languages we have in queens and those are the languages that we employ and it is our responsibility to dibaba that language and to use it for our own ends. I'm joined in. This episode with writers can a lebron tecoma tongi and h neidl. Thomas this is the first of a two part series. We're calling behind the lines. The way that i tend to approach the page is to kind of treat it Like a landscape you know and so it's both language doing something but it's also a place for me that kind of multiplicity of expression can can gather an in away mimic um what is happening beyond the language itself. I'm caen see. Lebron and i am a writer critic. Educator and editor and i live in ontario on the outside of toronto born in saint lucia in the caribbean. I'm wondering in your opinion whether you believe a writer has responsibilities to society that a non writer or non artist doesn't i think there's certainly a responsibility that writers have that is distinct simply because we work in the materials of language and language is located in a very central and ubiquitous form of power. This is where we imagine through the gate gateway of language And so. I think there's a huge responsibility. That writers have that is unique. But i don't think that it is somehow removed from what non writers themselves are up to because in a sense what we do is try to show the way. That things are connected. Try to bring into focus difference. And the way that difference operates in a sort of shared ecosphere you know and so what for me is consistent. is that writers. Look at the world and try to somehow burnish. What is seen you know so that people can be brought into these various exchanges. You know and and in a sense. I think that is you know. Part of it is helping to make sense of the world but on the other hand it's really about what the power of the imagination allows us to think that do you think of it as a responsibility or an obligation is it. Must i think it at this point and our Development let's say as a species. We need it because the world that we have the history that has brought us to this place. This place of racial unrest of economic and ecological disaster the various forms of power that are instituted to control. The we live on the we relate to one another and and so for me i am always a committed to a sense of futurity to a sense of looking beyond the present that makes the future seem achievable and seemed like something we can all be together equitably a so so those those are the stakes you know and if i can if i can help if i can be a small part of what is imagined toward that future. I think my art is where i more clearly. Come into kind of communion with that even if we sort of look at you've mentioned responsibility and the the need to play an active role if you put aside for one second or if you could give me a sense of proportion was just being a writer mean to you personally writing is just. It's part of the rhythm of my. This part of how i live so it is not something that could be extricated from the other parts of me and from the other functions that i perform from day to day everything eventually leads me to the page and so i don't feel the need to make those kinds of divisions i live in the world as a black woman as a writer as a teacher as a friend a daughter. All of the the matrix is entirely. What makes me who i am. And so you know the function of the writer for me. comes from my own deep love for language for the imagination for story for the textures of experience that i find in the works that compel me to see the world in its complexity to see the mystery and the aw writing is that place that i that i go to to try to come into a kind of awareness of what those interactions ultimately mean. What is the disequilibrium. What is the equilibrium if there is one And so i go with questions. I always let questions guide me not so much ideology but but questions. You mentioned the long history of writing. Where do you situate yourself kind of in this larger body of of writing. I kind of see myself in in the black radical tradition. The kind of counter movement that is you don't located in a particular kind of of Critique and also a kind of celebration you know but for me. Certainly i have. There are writers who influenced me at who are from across the world. I mean black the ass and so certainly writers like dion brandon. Clear harris and m their best philip. You know who work from this place that both recognizes the result of the history of colonialism transatlantic slavery and what that has wrought upon the world and in a sense. Also the sort of capacious world bending quality that let says come closer to imagining a better future some some otherwise future you know and so. That's that's sort of the place that i am located. There's a conversation for me. it is with with the writers of the black radical tradition. And someone who as you say as part of kind of this massive black literary diaspora what is the role of language in doing what you do. Language that is the prism through which everything has sort of found their their structure their lasting power. You know languages about power. And so i think language is very deeply tied to not just the who we are as a species but our ability to imagine and to make that imagined thing actual depends on it. Coming through the prism of language. Because that's how ultimately we become We become familiarized with a particular kind of expression that is somehow standardized While at the same time differentiated enough that adds we bring something each of us unique. That is unique to that exchange. You know so. I think language is fundamental to how the world works. You've brought a piece of writing with you that you're going to share with us. I'm wondering why you chose this particular reading. It seemed apt particularly with regard to the year that we just had twenty twenty with the global pandemic covid nineteen putting a kind of clarifying magnifying glass on the inequities of the world. That black people have been going on about forever. If that indigenous people have been going on about forever And then to see it happen in this context which has been forced because of of of pandemic and then the resulting aftermath of george floyd And amid grease and beyond a taylor these murders that have put the abolitionist called for a better world back into the forefront of the cop the national and international conversations so the first one is dream number seventeen and the second one is dream number. Twenty one from the dysgraphic i dream number seventeen. Let them say. I have seen the long days. I have seen them rising from the huts as smoke. I have seen them as forests turn brown and flat for remembering themselves wishing that we had not factored into their algorithms and now i have seen the long days arrive with things. I do not know too much if i'm lonely. Nothing too little. If i'm able to drain the desert and leave the ocean empty long enough for a new beginning. Why have the long days arrived. Far from the valley of the kings still with the machinery burying the insignia of ruling governments. What monotonous pride. If they say. I drank milk. They bought with a fraction of our natural selection believed them such reckless regard for a few hours over the long reach of us into some hawked place a future. Perhaps i have seen us with their machinery and watched them arrive knowing our desires and leaving with our deaths. And now you have to. Where is your problem with. Dream dream number twenty one or just part of the riff the hi hat the poets in their languages the afro beats the toiling. Whether money is the power is why we still wonder where to leave our voices for safekeeping where to find someone to many today still named for old things. Collateral still named for whole towns turned away from reprieve in the scorching heat of a moneyed world dream enough to never blew away like physics like vining potatoes another morning to walk out of bruised but still alive. What then is my problem with dream. Act so many questions come from that. But here's one you mentioned the future When you imagine a future beyond all the circumstances that you talked about before what's the role of dreaming Being able to imagine kind of something beyond this. I think dreaming is foundational to how we can see forward to how we can take note of what has come before and how that past is continuing or affecting the present and then to be able to see forward when asked her dream both metaphorically and literally so the literal dream is where a kind of vision can take foot. You know kind of vision for what could be and that is a collective mode you know of entering one's imagination Let's dream together. Let's talk together. Yeah what comes what comes after. And then there's the dreams That actually happened when we are conscious minds arrests and the subconscious over that sort of reverence for the yet to come the still unknown and then there is this the metaphorical dream which we which is part of the narrative of history. It's part of the narrative of nation. It's part of the narrative of how our lives are structured. And that in a sense that we call it. Call it things like the the american dream or the canadian dream or whatever those things sort of broad collective narratives that are imposed that we're born into an conditioned into that is a place that i find. Our desires are very easily manipulated. And so we are given over to the sense of aspiration that says well if we participate if we are invited in and there's a table to sit at then that's sort of the height of having made it you know while on the outside of that the room beyond that space where the table is everything carries on in the same normal normative destructive ways you know and so it's it's always multiple what's happening. There's it's never this one. This the over-simplified narrative is never is never really quite the truth thing. How do you define the the the idea of making it. I again bat to these sort of collectivist dream that this collectivist imagination to order a future that in a place that is not rooted in sort of capitalist materialist. Consumptive nightmare that we're locked in right now. What we seem locked in right now. Is that kind of where you're going to when you're talking about you or anybody else's problem with dream. Yes that's precisely you know there's how very e- so very easily were sort of roped into these the sort of matrix of desire you know of of what it is to be an exceptional successful person. That is retained in these. Very anemic individualist ideas and so that that particular notion of desire or dream is what. I'm sort of pushing up against here. You know because it's it's a narrative that we so easily accept an end to accepted. Uncritically is to sort of cosign. Our own debasement. I'm curious when when if we go back to the beginning to the idea of responsibility and obligation whether you think that is a deliverable obligation responsibility if your material if you're writing isn't accessed by as many people as possible. It depends on what is meant by access on on a sort of basic rudimentary level. We're talking about. Is everyone able to read. If you are able. Cited is the thing available in another format audio braille etc. So there's that sort of technical but also deeply onto logical notion of access that has actual results that has actual consequences in the world. If access means that everything is flattened into this sort of expected outcome of one mode of being there. Were back in the same mess and so how to be How to be mindful that what is brought into sort of social exchanges sort of social dynamic in terms of art is four. You know you go with a particular way of seeing. Their here is a particular lens. Of course you welcome in. Yeah but maybe be outcome is that we are reminded of our complexity in a world. That tends to flatten us all the time and so we start to use other faculties that we don't typically use in a world that is again flattening because it's purely transactional if it is just transactional than access can only mean one thing right but then we got to move beyond this transactional idea that flattens people that underestimates people And that certainly sort of makes unilateral a thing that is already multi violent and multiple the essayist. William has let one said that poetry's all that is worth remembering in life. What what kind of mark do you hope to leave behind with your work. That's a very big question in. I hope at the end. It's obvious that there is a great love in the work that sees toward a certain truth and that would have made something that is both nutritive and enjoyable because at the end of the day are is about pleasure as well while my name is h. Night thomas the actually stands with hubert. A name i detest. I was born in the island on the island of sin vincent a. longtime ago. I'd have been living some fifty plus years here in canada mostly in the province of quebec. Some of it in montreal some of it in quebec city. I ride first and foremost because the human condition Mystifies me i see my objective as a righto or issues that drive me to write to be no different from writers like Wbz eight solar. Henry david theroux or shelly. O w h auden. Oh tip or raqqa for example. Who would say i break my bones day marrow to bestow upon that god who knows what i would know but i right out of a black on on taller djing in a place called canada in montreal and i am a black immigrant. Share assault number of characteristics with other black immigrants and so it is from that vantage point that my characters emerge insofar as we are considered as a treated as other by the dominant population The issues that affect other are the issues that my fiction fiction and poetry deal with. I can give you a concrete example by my second novel. Be hey behind. The face of winter is almost a documentary novel in that it deals with actual issues that occurred in a montreal secondary school and in this particular case the very blatant racism that the white teachers displayed towards black students. So in in a very special way My writing deals with issues that that people face it also deals with The sort of existential anx. Broadly put that all human beings. Day-lewis this sort of thing that Wbz's would say you know. Man's life is thought and he. Despite his terror cannot cease rounding through century after century ravening raging and uprooting that he may come into the desolation of reality and very often. That's the space in which i find myself in rich. I find that. I'm putting my characters. Many blocked writers that. I've spoken to describe a complicated relationship with canada. And and i wonder if the writing that you do on. That topic is constellation. Or was it is it analysis. What is it i would say. It's both a statement of mine that i sometimes use. I mean it's it's quite banal. It's the purpose of adversity. Is still come. It something that i point out particularly in my immigrant characters is the fact that we bring with us skills that enable us to cope with with the issues adversity that we meet in this society molecule. It's still it's still is a burden Because one has to deal with it the energy that one spends dealing with it could be used for things but then again Adversity comes from lots of different angles. If i think for example somebody who is handicapped for example. It's the same sort of that person has another Sort of challenge to overcome adversity. And that is certainly one of the issues. That idea with in my in my fiction give feels a writer that you have more of a responsibility to society than a non writer or non artist. I think it goes with the territory. Very few of us are gifted as artists uncertainty right writing is a social art and Stints we spend a great deal of time thinking it's incumbent on us to share. Those thoughts is shaped by christianity. Specific methodism and one of the watchwords of methodism is the call to solve so to speak one. Ought to be there for once. Fellow human beings it's modeled on crisis statement that those who are gifted amount. You must indeed share your gifts. So insofar as i spent a lot of time thinking about these issues. I think it's a good thing that i share them. Admittedly video machination. But i share them. Nonetheless was a gifted black writer. Is there an added responsibility. In that sense. I mean there are some who say that you know that art has always kind of say something and as a writer for from of caribbean descent you know. Is there an approach that you take or responsibility that you have that perhaps someone. Who isn't that background. One new do so consciously anyone who has spent any time contemplating Humanity essentially with end up saying a writing. Something that is a value. I hope to humanity so Without setting out to do it very specifically and if one does that one may very well end up writing this sort of stuff that can be considered propaganda but if one streuli in such truths who wants to explore pretty well all the dimensions of whatever issue the fiction that winds writing is able to contain because no one piece of fiction can contain everything but it will contain enough to give some sort of meaningful reflection on the theme hand. I for example bring an additional layer to the black immigrant experience in my writing which is to say the perspective the gay writer and the challenge the writer or the gay person in real life has a black gay person in real life has. He has a challenge of racism. But he also has the challenge of homophobia homophobia from within his own community and homophobia from the broader community and one with those challenges as as best as one can and. i think i've succeeded. I am pretty sure that most of those people who will hostile to me. Initially when i came out of the closet back in ninety four there was some hostility. I heard about it. To some extent was victim offit nowadays. All of that is gone They celebrate my success. Is i do have some literary success in the montreal area. And they they they. They celebrate the successes with me. And i know i've had. I've made a difference in that regard. H nigel thomas novelist and poet. You're listening to ideas on. Cbc radio one. In canada. Across north america on sirius. Xm in australia on abc radio national and around the world at cbc dot ca slash ideas. You can also hear us on the cbc. Listen app or wherever you get your podcasts. I'm nah i ed. Hey parents if you're looking for some screen free family fund will. You're staying home. Check out the story store podcasts. From cbc kids and cbc podcasts. New story store shorties released every week. These short original and hilarious stories fit anywhere near day from breakfast to bedtime story store available on smart speakers or wherever. You get your favorite podcasts. You're smart funny friends. Who always seem to have the best celebrity gossip. I'm talking about the ones who always know. We should be watching or reading or listening to or what if you could pick their brains. Every week pop chat is a brand new podcast but does exactly that and feels like spending time with your best friends. So join me. Alina blew my mood. And a panel of the smartest culture. Critics that i know as we dissect the discourse but also have a great time doing it. Why do writers write for many black writers. The act of writing also often comes with a sense of responsibility in today's episode. I'm speaking with block canadian. Writers on writing and how they deal with the power and the burden of making art with language novelist and poet. Neidl thomas before we get to your reading. I did want to ask you to explore a little bit your views on language and i wanted to ask you whether you would agree with a writer. Like dionne brand for example. Who says that. No language is neutral. I will agree that languages neutral. In fact black people who come from the caribbean are people who've endured colonialism and language of colonialism dehumanize black and brown people we're first informers deemed to be uncivilized to quote kipling. We were a part of the white man's burden In that sense the literature that exists that depicts us is a dehumanizing literature. However that's a language. Those are the languages we have been bequeathed and those are the languages that we employ and it is our responsibility to dibaba that language and to use it for our own ends a for example. He don't have to use words like That sheep blacklist and saw and you can simply by your own examples show that there are examples. I don't use blackmail. I use the word extort you'll give people options And oftentimes i eat. My characters will correct one another. It's common for example in the caribbean for salvations. Asians berea foot two. Very crudely as coolies and i. I sometimes might have a character. Who says that i would have another character would say you mean so asia In in those the some of the ways in which. I go in the value of languages to communicate. I am more interested in the connotations dino. -tations of woods and whether those words suit my particular purpose than in anything else i i like words. What's statement in his Introduction to lyrical balance that the poet he says men speaking to other managers simplisafe say as human beings speaking to other human beings. And my big thing. I consider myself to be a humanist and what i truly want simply for human beings to get along very well and today and i would want anything that i write to foster better. Relations among human beings and language is the only tool. I have to do that. And so for me a mining the communicative elements of language is a huge priority. I'm not going to spend a lot of my time worrying about the ugly history of language. I'm far more interested in what language can do today. So you brought up piece of your own writing to for us to hear that set of connected to some of the things we talked about. The first male read is called. Or cana-don't i wrote in a few years ago but For for my collection of poems. That's coming out. Next year have updated. The second piece of data read is actually called village afternoon so i begin with canada by criteria hume defined. You are my mother to whom i came when my both month is milk. Dried the aggrandize large your fuel depot vast your library voluminous. I've been free to gorge and explore myself in ways scandalous in my birth moms is but you're embraces thorning. You swear you cherish all your children equally but give you best portions two doors with both. It's half a century now since you adopted me but i feel fair the attic in your house and don't like venturing on the ground but i'll defend defended by default. I am your child. Fifty as nurture and the punishment of the fds. 'cause and sent that now defile me in my both moms is but my exclusion from that place you call both children's birthright is expensive. It leaves me food. And so that one doesn't think that i sort of romanticizing where i've come from I read village after noon. It's supposed that takes me back to the village where i was born which is actually called dixon village afternoon. I sit at my computer desk intending to write. But the caning wind outside sends me back to dick's divisions of ourselves emaciated children trembling in classrooms and staring at straps dangling from all teachers hands. It's almost three looking czar over and we hurry home to avoid another leaking and do a choice rushing to feed off find the food for the goats and pigs that would yield next week's next month's next stairs clothing pencils books and meals the among us. Try to find some unexpected salable thing that will light up is and urness a filament of silent praise. That's i'm interested why you felt you needed to balance your candida poem with but the one about the village. We must not deny that when we migrate when we leave our homeland way. Leave generally speaking because Homeland isn't able to provide us with certain things that we want. In my particular case there were two things one of which i was fully conscious. I wanted to go to university and i. I wasn't sure if i had remained in. Sin vincent whether i would have been able to do so and the second of which. I really wasn't conscious that i needed to be in a space where i would feel that my being as a gay man was not threatened and so i had good reasons to migrate. So the place from which have come isn't a place of milk and honey to use a cliche. So yeah i felt i had to say that i also felt i had to point to what some would see as material poverty in which we grew up and i also had two point two to the heritage of slavery and in that very last line. I talked about how we would get full amount of appearance. Praise the heritage of slavery was such that parents never fully learned how to be very affectionate to the children and that goes back to the fat on the slavery. Your children were not euro. And then so you didn't make too much of an emotional investment in last thing i'm wondering is is what is it that you hope what we hope will be ultimately the legacy of your work. Oh i just. I just hope that people who look at them would see that. I was preoccupied Number of themes if it encourages lem to reflect more fully on the human condition. I would be happy satisfied. Thank you very much free time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Thanks novelist and poet h nigel. Thomas hi my name is tara who tongji. I am a author and occasional poet in I live in toronto and in austria. Come back and forth between both cities. I'm originally born in congo and i now write about. We are toronto things your first book. Shut up you're pretty. As a collection of stories that explores the journey of a young black girl. Who's coming into her womanhood. I wonder if you could tell us why this was what you wanted to write about for your debut. I read a lot. And every single time i finished a bug i always felt a bit of like a detachment with myself into protagonist. I'm thinking particularly of summaries. That i was reading books. That are usually a little bit more romantic. And you have you know your protagonists was going through all of these circumstances having all these experiences and then you have your darker literature. Where they're experiencing these big life changes and still the protagonist there is always been a detachment because they come from different social economic and cultural backout. I do. And i kind of felt that. I was desperate for bit representation so when i sat out to write shop. You're pretty. I knew that. I wanted to write about a girl who looked like me. Who came from similar circumstances. That i dad so it was really like natural for me to have this young person be congolese and have grown up in Government housing and have a mother that somehow some some reminds me of my own mother. So that i could create a life for her that i could relate to so if i were to read the split like twenty years. I could remember what it was like to be a child's child's and to have the world sort of decide what that means and to fight against that and so louis came alive that way. Please correct me from wrong but my sense is that your desire to create. The story stems partly from the fact that there is a shortage of these kinds of stories. Is that correct absolutely. It's really interesting. Because now. Since i wrote the story. I don't think that based on the person that i am today and the expenses. I have gained in the last three years that i would rate i would right show. You're pretty today. I don't think it's in me anymore. I think i really was like sort of like exorcism. I always say that. I wrote this bug out of pure egger. 'cause i was extremely mad at the entire world. You read these stories. You watch these movies. There's so much pain in our community. And i was like. How can i write a story. That's realistic that still picturing. What would be the most. Should form person growing up in galloway in in canada based on the politics airbase louis Blackness is treated here. How can i write a true story but still give it moments of hope and joy and humanity. I just want to pick up on something you mentioned a minute ago. You talk about this being an exorcism and that you are angry at the world. May i ask you why. You're angry at the world. I have already decided that. I was going to write a book that really touches on Rape culture sexual assault at different stages in different forms like in a way. That is not necessarily obvious. This was sort of our ongoing project. I was doing while. I was studying at the university of toronto in my undergrad. is collecting stories Survivors that they often question rather than makes them survivor like the very ambiguous moments of sexual discomfort. And i already knew that that was going to be part of my bug. What i didn't know was that six months into writing my bug me too movement was going to start and that definitely changed. The ending changed soon stories. Because i was absorbing all of these stories from me to mant and i was just kind of like sharing. This collective pain with women in the world are people in general who have experience different forms of sexual assault or more than that. I was also getting so historic of the erasure of black women and their stories of me too and so this book became a little bit more involved with the movement than i had anticipated. I wanted to kind of like you know to really young certain topics which i think i've kind of time so you feel. The exorcism was successful. Oh god was it. I just could never even. I don't think i could ever reprise this topic. Yeah i actually even found that often time. When i was touring i struggled. Treat some stories knowing what i thought when i wrote them and knowing just what the stories are i would always like lead towards the stories that were comfortable for me to read but i found that i had a really high time reading. There was a personal motivation. I also wonder whether there was any whether you felt an obligation or responsibility as a writer to tackle these issues. Did you feel that. I wouldn't say as a writer but this is where like my race comes along as a black writer. Deftly to if i could just rate as a writer i probably would write about picking strawberries for no reason but there would be no conflict and there would be on mental end and beginning it would just be about the joy of picking strawberries which is a hobby. I sometimes like even though. I hate strawberries. But as a black writer. I do have the privilege of making certain decisions of like okay. Who's my audience. And what am i trying to get out. I think it's like a really powerful thing to be able to also right for my community or about my community or as a tool in order to like drive certain conversation and so with this book. That's definitely when my like what would it mean to be a buck greater had came on. I wanted to write about something that i knew people weren't necessarily talking about like i think of my experiences. As a young woman an overall i consider myself to be incredibly messy and vulnerable person who was also extremely strong. But i hear about myself usually just the strong side and i was like. I'm gonna make sure. I'm writing a book about a non strong person who just kind of like you know in touch with herself and i wanted to purposely. Because i hated i hate the pressure that like it's put on black girls and black women. I just hate it. And i wanted to sort of disrupt that that act. That kind of writing is mutually exclusive to being able to write a book picking strawberries. I think that back then. I definitely thought. Sarah like i think the back then. I thought that was allowed to write about anything else. And that might also be just sort of a reaction to how my work was being received up until that point in a lot of my workshop. I was honesty writing series about like going clubbing. And picking up people. You wanted to have sex with and a lot of my classmates were like with support of the story like what's the culture. What's the life and i was like. I dunno i wrote. Because i feel like when you're twenty three years trying to be a writer. You want validation you actually need especially as a back. Brace in order to the till i you know imagine yourself having a career. You sort of need a lot of people to tell you. Yeah you can because well historically speaking. That sort of encouragement isn't really there. I don't need that anymore. I actually don't care what people want me to write about. But i i wonder if as a black female writer because you often speak for people who perhaps may not have a voice or may not have a strong voice. Is there a an emotional labor with that comes with it. yes In fact the book that i'm currently now working on. I had pitched the story three years ago and everybody was kind of like this wall solid. No one's going to be interested in this book and he was honesty. Really just a fun buck. It would just just nothing here really. That was like you know explaining blackness. And i feel that when i'm trying to write these stories. That are more darker. I feel like i'm osa. Sort of dimming. My own way. When i'm trying to rate so much about lake painful and then that affects me emotionally and these are stories on asteroid about to i guess let stations all the time and it's like do you want to write a story about like the experience and i'm like washing the dishes like like which part you know and i can tell that they're looking for about something painful about a mother and daughter in this just like i can't that can't if i might have preserved myself as a human being. I need to also give character's humanity. So i can't do this all the time. Well even just the the phrase dimming my light dimming your lights sounds like a a lot of hard work yeah. It's it was really hard like i can't sit. Not enough is just this. Really heavy fuming. I'm actually tearing by talking about it. It's just it's really hard. I don't know how to explain it i can. I can understand that. I mean you're writing from a very Even even if you write a book characters the sound different than you writing from a very deep personal place. Yeah and i think that you know writers always right about a deep place and that's should be given so to to ask questions about well. How deep is the place is sort of crazy. I wanna ask you this. You're telling stories that are going to be read by many people but also by young black women. I'm wondering who you read. When you were growing up and coming of age i would say the the rare the had the strongest was definitely janet. Mock actually i had ride both her memoirs and i was like a felt so real and so close to me when you think of time. Her experiences were happening in in the twenty century. Closer closer to my time And i was reading in my college years. So i was like a young girl. Tried to like you know. I want to be journalists. I really related that. John and mock me. When a rate i. I love everyone i i was like. I'm going to do exactly what you just said. So studying nonfiction for like nonfiction and poetry. For all my undergrad after having read to them out for the time and then roxane gay blew my mind. It's very simple. it's very you know we're not gonna use metaphors monthly's lot of details. We're going to tell as it is. And i love that And then i really really love heather. O'neill i've read everything i don't want you have iran. I could swim in like hetero. O.'neil pool water. Like i love her. So those are the three really big players for me. I would say you brought piece of writing with you that you can read for us. Can you tell us a little bit of about what it is. And and just Where it comes from. Yeah it's called the cendant it's written by trust me santia. She is a writer and editor in toronto She works primarily in speculative fiction and poetry. The senate this time we have enough money for large popsicles one button and off the corner store slicing by the trees large pads. The cashier has a goat tooth smiles when we hem him the cotton bells. Who gave that confidence. Has june says walking. Ms shannon's dog. Those nine legs a match for no one on the sidewalk bells cham- or mouthful of laugh over and over again. I say i want to put her face in the moon. Grinding and remain for the next nervous to see the top of my mouth tingles from cold. My fingers electric were june. Grabs my hands to swirl me into my mother's pass hot diamond energy the skirl leaping over the whole hangs and streetlamps what you want for your descendant. She asked mouth sent joy. I say what you want my skin six to hers. Hold necks hurt. Hear my heartbeat. The smoke of my thoughts rolling to make lacquer bowls. Oh but that laugh that bleeding sky touching it. Oh on my daddy soldiers again. She falls from the street. A good shot through time a few burst. I'm with her holding her sweet browse beating flowers on my skin. How laugh brings me back. Watch me june sayings and launch says. She soars into the air red tongue law crowd and for a moment blocks the sun. That's really beautiful. Why did you choose this particular piece. i was thinking a lot about the future of black literature and especially the future of canadian writing in terms of bipolar people. Really who are writing karrada. And i hope we escape this sort of cycle of demanding trauma from black writers and only accepting that as valid for publication or for a words or four bestsellers. She will and. I hope that we get so place where can write a bell being young and getting popsicles and missing their pants. So there's aspiration in that choice. Yes we know when my friend i who are all writers we get together. It's the sleigh collective exhaustion of not knowing what to rate. Because we don't necessarily want to write about what's really out there. We don't really wanna read about you. Know how it feels to have a sibling shot or all the other stuff that's happening on the media that you're sort of being asked to reflect on And i love like i love tarez knee jerk reaction to be like i'm gonna to about being a child and loving ed and joy and channeling that and wishing that upon myself and my children and my grandchildren. I do wonder what you want in a win. He kind of look cast way. Further ahead what you will hope will be the ultimate legacy of tamagotchis work as a writer. My see i hope is not necessarily an individual one. I hope that. I am part of like a big community of black writers who are writing whatever they want trade. I wanna be remembered as being part of that community that desire not to follow what was asked to me kim. The literature is so individual. The leading characters are going through these massive individual. Jeremy's and i really wanted wanna know what it would be lights. Write a story of. That's not like that. You know from top my head. When you think of like the beauty of brother by david chandi or that time i loved you. Buy carryanne long. These are stories that are so vivid in in community which i feel like those these books to me are so not the quintessential canadian bugs and i hope to god. We find more bucks like the future. You've been listening to ideas and to the first of a two part series. We're calling behind the lines. This episode was produced by tire barrow. Philip coulter and me now. I add many thanks to authors and poets can ec luberon. Tecoma tawny and h nigel. Thomas for more information on their work. Please visit our website. Cbc dot ca slash. You can also find us on twitter and on facebook like what you hear not please. Rate us on apple podcasts. Web producer of ideas. Lisa are you sell technical. Production danielle davao senior producer. Nikola look greg. Kelly is the executive producer of ideas. And i i it for more. Cbc podcasts go to cbc dot ca slash podcasts.

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"Is afraid of going to jail. And he explained that that is the reason why he's doing everything that he is told to do because he doesn't want to go to jail even though he's facing the imminent closure of two of his at least two of his four businesses probably all four of his businesses. He's behind rent payments on at least one probably more than that and he is afraid of what these goons are going to do to. Well tell you what. I've been to jail in this fight and i will be to jail in this fight again. If i need to ten david theroux have a famous quote about the place. Somebody belongs in an unjust world is an unjust society of the place for a for a man is in prison. And i've actually got one more. Because i got one up my bro- here all right. This is frederick douglass. He said this struggle may be a moral one or it may be a physical one and it may be both moral and physical but it must be a struggle power concedes. Nothing without a demand never did and it never will find out just what any people were quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure over justice and wrong which will be imposed upon them and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows or with both the limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress in the light of these ideas. Negroes will be hunted at the north and held and flogged at the south. So long as they submit to those devilish outrages and make no resistance either moral or physical men may not get all they pay for in this world but they must certainly pay for all that they get if we ever get free from the oppressions and wrongs heaped upon us. we must pay for their removal. We must do this by laboring by sack suffering by sacrifice and if needs be by our lives and the lives of others nothing worth doing is easy. Hey i want to say thank you for calling in tonight. Because i know you're always there in our chat room and it's much better to have the conversation on the air than it is in the chat so feel free to call again in the future. Let's go to ian. He's on the line in ohio ian. You're on free talk. Play hello Hey you the best first name in the world except for you pronounce it wrong. Actually i m sorry go ahead. What's on your mind. No it's okay. I know that's different. Go ahead and like yeah. Yeah i was just gonna take sort of positive attributes. So i'm sorta sole proprietor a traveling gypsies. You were But so when i advertise now actually qualify. Everything and i say i don't wear a mask right debt. The freedom discount. I'll give you twenty five percent off if you call me and It's actually been a great way to meet like minded people and it's sort of brought by on you offer twenty five percent discount to customers who don't wear a mask. Is that what you just said that. That's right yeah. You let everybody know that in in advance. Yeah yeah it's in my advertising around good idea. i'm a carpenter. So i typically work in people's homes but if you're like not going to require me to wear a mask i'll give you a twenty five percent off. You see what i saw. How how's it going for you. Well it's slow but the people you meet are actually committed real people. They come out. They shake your hand. And there's there's value in that you can't you can't see it in your bank account but freedom is valuable especially today. I mean shaking. Somebody's hand literally. I think people. I got on my if i see someone shopping without a mask to thank you. Thank you for having the bravery and the courage and it's like literally i've met by. Thanks for show in your face. I say it's it's nice to see a smiling face. Whenever i see that you know we need smiles and hugs asks distance even if they're not smiling at the time when. I say that they smile when i say it. Yeah so it's better. They're always really friendly. We're social beings. And i you know. I just wanted to say like you know there's a reward there too. I show up at people's houses and they come out with the big smile. They shake my hand. They're like well we think a wipe and so this is meet throwing down with like freedom. Right thank you. I appreciate hearing from you then. Thanks for the call tonight. Definitely appreciate that checkout andy. He's over on youtube. Go within to get out. That's to look for their and we will continue tomorrow. Night will We're here live every single night. So you didn't get tonight. That's okay you can always call tomorrow seven to ten at night eastern every single day seven days a week. This is free talk live tomorrow. We'll talk about penn gillette. Now anything hounds of for our hairball have hairball or cat mama. Ten years old he has dandruff and oily coat. I have cats dookie and daisy daisy. Heads like crazy to your pets as much as i do. You want to do. What's best for them to live long healthy. Happy life d. I n. o. V. i t. e. dot com. Just tried this wonderful delicious for cats and my cat has been on it for two weeks. She is not fracking anymore and she's not doing anymore. It's just best. I was thrilled when i heard tiny bite for cats. Come out so. I've seen the changes in my dog. The introduced my cat to died a bike. I took the advice from dynamite and put their food on top of a scoop. Interpol just to get them used to it. Because i know if i even switch one little thing they put their nose up to it. There was not one problem going to fight for life. You won't be happier. I n o v. I t dot kau looking for a great real estate investment. Consider new hampshire which is ground zero for the liberty movement. Your first call should be to mark worden from porcupine. Real estate is more than just a real estate agent. Easier new hampshire concierge. Where are the best places to live. Do you want farm city the burbs or forest. Do you want a duplex multifamily buildings. So that renter's pay your mortgage their homes in all price ranges in new hampshire and mark and help with financing to invest in liberty and property mark warden can help real estate the dot. Fm social media channels have been revamped. We've eliminated facebook and focused on other platforms like twitter and mastodon the decentralized alternative to twitter on our accounts you'll find posts from l. r. and fm show hosts together in one place. Follow us on twitter at twitter dot l. Our end on fm or better yet moved to the decentralized mastodon social media platform at toot dot l. r. n. dot fm t o. Ot dot dot fm. I think you'll like it coming up next after the news hour. One of the latest episode of free talk live here at listen dot freetalklive dot com first. Covid vaccine could be approved next week. I'm dave anthony fox news. That's what president trump suggests during thanksgiving appearance at the white house. Channel the frontline workers and seniors and doctors nurses to get the shots. Pfizer is awaiting fda approval. Maderna's also close to being ready. Another vaccine development has come under question over its efficacy. Error caused volunteers to get a smaller dose. And the era wasn't reported in the initial findings. That's withdrawing intense scrutiny to the company's next scene astrazeneca says were conducted to the highest standards and more analysis is being done stressors. Senecas vaccine was developed in britain. And the government. There is aiming for approval next month. They were another one hundred. Ten thousand coronavirus cases reported in the us yesterday and a new record set code patients in hospitals over ninety thousand back to the president he made calls to thank us troops on thanksgiving and then the focus shifted. Fox's lauren blanchard for the first time in three weeks. He took questions from reporters about the election. The president criticised president elect joe biden for starting to select a cabinet and he did not say if he would attend the inauguration in just fifty four days. Joe biden did not get eighty million votes and i got seventy four million but many balanced thrown away much more than that again called the election rig with fraud which democrats dispute the president also said if the electoral college votes certifies. Joe biden's win. He will concede. Budget will be hard. It's black friday. Though in this crisis the early morning rush into stores isn't expected to be what it usually is. I'm sure a lot of people will be shopping. But the cdc is still warning americans to avoid crowded shopping malls and stores in order to prevent the spread of the virus fox business network's christina parts of elissa. Recent delight survey showed more people plan to shop online on black friday than going to stores. America's listening to fox news this holiday season more people will be mailing stuff than ever before stamps. Dot com brings the post office and now ups shipping right to your computer so you can mail ship. Anything from the convenience of your home or office with stamps dot com. You can print postage on demand and save money with deep discounts. You can't even get at the post office like five cents off every stamp up to forty percents off priority mail and up to sixty two percent of ups shipping rates prints official stamps and labels right from your computer for any letter package or class of male anywhere. You wanna send once. You're ready schedule. A pickup or drop it off. It's a no brainer. Don't spend a minute of this holiday season at the post office right now. Listeners get a special offer that includes a four week. Trial plus free postage and a digital scale with no long term commitment. Just go to stamps. Dot com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in fox. Stamps dot com. Enter fox go right now to stamps. Dot com answer fox. President-elect biden keeps building up his team preparing to take over in january and formulates as foreign policy. The trump administration continues to put pressure on china by helping another country securing america. Us national security adviser. Robert o'brien visiting the philippines earlier. This week he was in manila to welcome continued cooperation on countering the islamic state group. He also backed the philippines over disputes in the south china sea. This coming president trump pledged to provide eighteen million dollars worth of missiles and other weapons to help the philippines battle. I s aligned. Militants notices welcomes presents the turkey's decision to extend the us philippines visiting forces agreement. We look forward with the fa continued to facilitate are closer cooperation in combating terrorism china. Saying o'brien quote deliberately exaggerated regional tension and alba's fox news on wall street stocks could rise after thanksgiving break futures are moving higher while mark. You can't win if you don't enter and you actually can improve your chances of winning a prize drawing if you're wrinkle up your entry blank. I'm holland cooke from survival. Speech dot com. I speak from experience why this works if they'll be spinning the drum before drawing your entry blank will move around more than and not adhere to other perfectly flat entry blanks and if they don't spend the drum in merely reach into a box full of other perfectly flat entry blanks many of which are sticking together. Yours will feel different to the person reaching in when you win at surprised. And if you're looking for work. This is a metaphor for more tips on sticking out in a world where just too much blends into the blah blah blah hit survival speech dot com. I'm holland cooke. Florida officials announced today. It's planned to experiment. With new six hundred lever voting machines the machine operates very straightforward process. That we think is going to give floridians the peace of mind that their votes will be counted. The voter turns on the machine. Using these thirty levers at the top and then enters their names and social security numbers using the alpha numeric. Levers near the bottom here right about now. The voters are gonna have to find the two levers on the machine that are exactly identical and pull them at the same time. Then they're going to have to the new twenty two foot tall steam powered machines which officials are hailing his quote the future of voting each feature over forty five separate panels of levers along with an intricate series of valves knobs cranks and pumps all designed to streamline the electoral process. Now some of this may seem confusing but every voter will be given a comprehensive twenty two hundred page manual when they enter their precinct. That will explain exactly what to do. The anews network. This is free talk live. You can take control of the airwaves here even though it is thanksgiving day and you can still bring up whatever you want. That's what we do here on. Free talk live. You can call in and talk about anything. That's the point of the program even three hundred and sixty five days a year. Whatever the holiday is you can pretty much guarantee that we are going to be here with you and you are welcome to be a part of whatever we're doing as i say you can take control and bring up. Whatever is on your mind in the studio tonight. It's ian and nobody. Hey nobody hey darren. It's been a heck of a day and we're going to get into that shortly. But i want to introduce our guest co host here tonight. Andy is with us. Hey andy going guys. Thanks for having me He's he's doing well pleasure to have you here. We've actually spent the pretty much the day with you The afternoon we We came here. You'd live in massachusetts where she met you a couple of weeks ago. We actually talked about it on the air at the time. The group of young folks who came to visit. I would say you guys were. What in your early thirties. Yeah it was a good variety of people. There was probably early thirties. We had a few people in their forties but pretty young though yeah pretty young real diverse group of crowd from from cities right like union. Only one who really wasn't kind of like from the city you now you're massachusetts right over the border from from where we are literally almost made it to the free state and you didn't even know we were up here. No idea idea well. One thing you got know about new hampshire there is. There's there's an old story about a guy was. He died and key and he was ninety years old but when he was His mother when he was pregnant went down to massachusetts to go shopping and she was completely wrong on the date that she was going to give birth so she gave birth to the sky and massachusetts and hardy new hampshire woman. She just scooped up three hours later. Brought him back to new hampshire and he lived in new hampshire all his life never left the state once and he he actually became a state rep for a while. He became a fixture of the local militia. And but yet the day he died they put what they published in. The newspaper was flat. Rylander dies at ninety and keyed flanders term for people who from outside of new hampshire. That come up yes yes damn for years might not have heard how who cares. They're flat landers the folks who visited a couple of weeks ago and since you live nearby you know you. Obviously you wanted to keep in touch again. Come up in. You're you just ask me. I think yesterday or the day before the last night. Actually i was like. Hey you guys still doing that. I was just super interested in trying to get involved Coming alive you know. I've had a rough go my life Mixed up in drugs. And i'm actually starting to break free and come into my own and sinking who. I am and just love who i am. You know i really wanna fight for freedom and you guys are doing that here with the free state project and we're gonna five four all right. Well hell we actually are fighting for our right to party. Parties have been maybe league low. Yes how parties are now. Prohibited karaoke prohibited dancing prohibiting singing. Yeah the actually. The cdc has apparently made a guidance or whatever recommendation thing whatever they do that says that caroline shouldn't happen during the holiday season so we actually did some caroline today. It was assured but we did it. They seem to be doing a lot of caring. Why not care and where we did. It was the interesting part so this we had not talked about in advance or listeners did not know No one knew the police didn't know that that we were going to do this. We showed up about eight. I think it was eight of us. Actually all the way the key. All keeney axe. No one from anywhere else in new hampshire showed up today. There's some things that only kinney ax will do. Some other people would have come thanksgiving and it's harder. It's obviously a lot. Well there's only there's some things that only kinney acts will do in the rain on thanksgiving thanksgiving yeah. It was probably in november rain. As was that guns and roses. It's actually kind of a crazy story. That i'm even here today. Because as of yesterday afternoon. I was planning on having thanksgiving dinner with my family really around two three o'clock yesterday. My roommate comes in my room goes. I tested positive. He's all five me because he's he has no symptoms right. He's not sick right and he has no symptoms. He seemed to have confused. Bad test results with being sick. Yeah so so. He comes in there and he tells me that and i basically tell my mom. I text my mom. I'm like you know my roommate tested positive. Even though i'm very skeptical you know what's going on is is actually even really you know we for me. It's pretty simple. The cdc hasn't even isolated viral particle yet. They admit this the documents right there so for me. It's like. I know it's kind of bs but for my mom i text her and then she'd literally tax me back and she's like. I don't think it's a good idea. You come so literally. I was planning on going to dinner with them yesterday or today so then like literally. I was canceled on you. And then i message you after and was like i was real down. I was bummed out. I was mad. I saw that the mexican governor closed grocery stores story tonight. Mexico the new new mexico. Okay governor of mexico. Yeah so that really upset me yesterday. And then my roommate came in with. It wasn't gary johnson and then basically i was just like i was real down and then i watched. Derek jays victimless crime. Spree for the first time khazal do because of your recommendation in and i literally i was crying. I was laughing my off and like literally turned my night around and then things got even better from there. I was literally one of my friends called me. One of my friends that was involved in the free themselves. That came up here with us a couple of weeks ago. He said that he would cover me. So i am going to peyote ceremony on saturday night. Okay upstate new york. Don't say where specific you. I don't even know where it is. That's why the cellcom concept work. Yeah so it was like it went from the worst day i mean. I was literally like my armpits. Were so i was just so fired up and angry like like and i was just couldn't be worse if a day and then walked. Eric's jays victimless crime. Spree smoked a ball office laughing so hard and how was crying. I was like this is what i wanna do for my life like. These guys are rockstars. You know i'm a little more spiritual than you guys i think. But i think we're going to have to have spirituality showdown and i'm a pope but i mean i love hanging out with you guys. I mean we came coming up here a couple of weeks ago. We went to gun. Church and news is all these amazing things that all these i. Yeah you guys had a whole weekend in new hampshire and it was oh sound like a lot of we went up on. We came up on thursday night. I had this lake house to myself for like seven hours. I'll so you were. The first one and i was literally like i've made. I put a video on my youtube channel. Go within to get out. Sorry i didn't mean the plug. My son is going to plug it yourself. Yeah sorry about that. All plug it ourselves once in awhile. The winner thin on the ground. So making this like this welcome video trying to figure on produce better content. You know just like messing around things. I'm not great at technology editing software or anything like that so i'm just kind of i made all these videos i i actually caught a bald eagle flying across the lake and it was beautiful. It was like the third one. I had seen within like four days. Yeah and it was just like this bullying all these. Oh so mazing that. I had all that time to myself. I needed a few hours on. Because i live with three other guys and it's always like just us to be alone so many people over there you know and i was so excited to me. I mean we had eleven people. Eleven people from thursday to monday and on friday we had fourteen in this little house. Six six beds. I was wondering how was yeah. And then like i mean. Just yard girls to yeah. Yeah yeah looking woman to beautiful people you know. That just like aren't afraid to live like we need to a lot more ready to get out from the cities where they were like. They're looking for a way to get out. New hampshire of course is the answer. Hold that thought. We're gonna continue to liberty. New hampshire is the answer. These people were into liberty for so eight fifty five four fifty free. If you want to join us we are here live. It's the thanksgiving day. We're going to talk about what we did today at the attorney general's house They weren't expecting us to nobody to run away into rescue great disposition about nine years ago. Dispatching a lot and started moving. Compare already must be allergic to the chicken. Noted that the third that he says the weather something in the air and then somebody said e. dot com listening hearing out different stories and different people and i got my first night faith to five and a grand total of two weeks and his stuff teaching the hairstyle. Crawling out. Kind of gives attrition and mexico loved. he's posted and his Big part of maxwell's diet fight for life. You won't be happier dog. We'll being tackler dog. Got capital divvy. He's been pretty good. Investment for free talk live their ad campaign started in september two thousand nineteen and from mid march to mid july. The value soared ten times. It's not too late davies. New wallet hasn't even released yet and other things are happening that i can't even say on the radio. If you want to invest and potentially do well go to divvy project dot org. I can tell you that t. l. is deepening. It's partnership with the guys from divvy project. Dot org past performance is not an indication of future profit. Divvy project dot org the i. v. i. project dot org news from news dot bitcoin dot com early bitcoin wallets cashing in is back. Investment expert doctor. Doom calls bitcoin a store of value. Bitcoin cash forks everything's fine bitcoin price surges above eighteen thousand dollars. Bitcoin dot com is your source for getting started with crypto currencies getting a wallet buying bitcoin cash mining and all the latest crypto currency news at news dot bitcoin dot com free bitcoin cash when you download their wallet at bitcoin dot com. Free talk. live everything that you about. The government tonight has been a negative to like about the federal. What's great about the united states. Federal government is. They've got a military. That's nine times the next closest military. That's up protection. I'm forced to pay. Terrorists will tell you the reason why they're engaging in terrorist activities if they are inside the united states is because of what the. Us government's military's doing they're putting us in greater danger through their actions. Sir you ve watched them on a dad for more blatantly or blown nothing to do with the federal government. An armed populace is what keeps a particular area not soldiers. We soldiers are all over the place in venezuela freetalklive nights a week from seven to ten eastern live on the liberty radio network at l. r. n. dot. Fm there are lots of ways to listen to free talk live. Podcast has been around since podcasts began and now the f. t. l. feed is loaded with content besides are full show archives. Did you know that we make it. Easy for you to customize your podcast subscriptions we have different feeds. One that includes only are full shows one with just the daily digest and our main feed. That includes everything. You decide what you listen to. It's quick and easy to customize your feeds at feeds dot freetalklive dot com. That's feeds dot freetalklive com. Are you tired of governments. Murdering people around the world stop using their money. There is an alternative. Bitcoin is a stateless free market. Non-political currency bitcoin cannot be inflated or controlled by any government by using their money. You are helping the state stop doing it. You have an incredible alternative available now learn it use. It spread it get started with bitcoin at bitcoin. Dot com. that's bitcoin dot com back to the latest episode of free talk live presented by sickles ca. I downloaded for free at freetalklive. Dot com he. It is free talk. Live the dishes of the program. That means we are here. Live taking your phone calls as we would always do if you make them. You can dial in toll free at eight fifty five four fifty free like freedom eight five five four five zero three seven three three freetalklive brought to you by bitcoin dot com. It is time. I think for you to learn about bitcoin. If you haven't taken the time to do that take ten minutes out of your life and go and watch a quick video two three minute. Long videos over at bitcoin dot com. Just click on get started at the top of the page and get the basics about bitcoin and bitcoin. Cash and crypto currency. Learn about what it is that makes this form of money different and makes it special and makes it on hackel and makes it can't the government can't take down. You can learn about all of that over a bitcoin dot com. It's really important idea. And actually now's a great time to really start to look at it especially Given that it's down like a thousand dollars in the last day so yeah dip. It's really i. I've got about two k. That i'm looking to put in now. I wanted to buy. And i was like nah. It's good to have it's going to happen whenever you have the kind of climb we had the yep there's going to be a readjustment you know because people do get slightly irrational and when those things happen they overestimate and the market asked to has to consolidate and then it can begin going again. What was that. What was that one. That just took off like through the roof. I don i don't. there's one that was. Rpi had had a good run bt had a very good run bitcoin cash stellar stellar at Xl am also went up the same time ripple did so those had a stellar went up over one hundred percent as did ripple at one point over the last week. So it's been really well for me. I for the first time yesterday. I had more than a bitcoin for awhile. And i've got slightly less now. But i think it will. This is the church not me personally. But what do you guys think about minero. i love it. I like narrow. It's worked out very well for me. It's like privacy. Yeah if i'm going to make a dark web purchase. I'm probably gonna go with minero to make that purchase. Be crazy not to really dangerous to make bitcoin. I won't. I won't say that that's the case and reason i won't. It depends on what you're doing if you're buying resale quantities. Then you better use malaria. Because you're going to be you know if they find your records they're going to be looking at you as this guy's a dealer but if you're doing why if you're buying you know a month's supply at a time of add meds or something than i don't think they're gonna come looking for going to be off your market and your vendor if you're just a little buyer you're probably not worth their time retail buyers don't have to fear that much that said buyers half it's not that much harder to buy it with minero so you might as well keep. Keep your privacy. And i know it's not it's not much harder. It's just you know it depends on whether the markets that have what you happen to want at. The moment are taking minero if they market their narrow only markets and. I will go there if they have to me. That's what i want to me. It suspect if the market doesn't have narrow it's like what are you what are you doing. You don't have a narrow your dark web market and you're not you're not offering minero really i mean what is twenty eleven. Well it's true. It's true of a lot of them. I would say most. Don't really taken and i mostly spend my time at those. Do though all right. That's my my choice. I didn't want to sidetrack but yes. Bitcoin dot com go check out. Learn more about crypto so to get back into what we were talking about. Which is what happened. Today you've really broached the subject yet now. We're just kind of introducing you andy and how you ended up and with us at the attorney general's house and you hampshire's reach out to me yesterday like hair. You guys doing anything tomorrow and i said well actually. Yeah we're going to the attorney general's house keep it quiet just to say thanks. Thanks for nothing. Yeah send his wife out to do his dirty work now. That's a good question so we show up there and it's it's basically day he was there. It's all keen like you felt it was a it was in the force. It's the peyote spiel her. Speak through you before you take. I mean have we ever met a brave politician that actually faces as his hat. I've met very few politicians. Who have the balls to face me into it. He was there there man. I'm telling you so we. Can you know cold day. it's rainy. Here in new hampshire inside was and So we got. We headed out from keen about noon. Today had a group. Carpool actually echo. Car convoy. couple of cars. Six people i think from keene and then a couple of other. The acts were already over in the area. They're having thanksgiving dinner. So as all everybody who hangs out in keene went to this event and there was no one else But but again we kept it quiet so we didn't announce in advance and there was discussion later. Will why did we keep this quiet like well. The i wanted to keep it quiet. Because i wanted to see if the cops would be there at all like if they'd caught wind through our channels you know and that's not to say that you know we don't have infiltrators or whatever but in this case there were no cops that were on the site when we when we showed up it was completely you know back roads country roads. Big question to me though is in in really making that determination because they came up to the house from the opposite direction. They came for hillsborough. Okay so i would want. I don't know the geography of that area. If it was a dead end and they were actually back there. I would say waiting out of sight. Okay if that road. Leads deals bro in that direction. That's where they come from. Then i would say yeah. They didn't know we were coming. That's correct so they didn't know we were coming. And that was sort of the intention was to be able to show up and maybe surprise The attorney general. Maybe they were going to be at home. Having a thanksgiving day dinner. i would've loved eighteen friends coming for thanksgiving dinner that yet but so we get who we park along the side of the road. And it's it's not a dirt roads there. There was pavement on the road and we park along the side of the road. There wasn't a whole lot of spots to park but we you know we parks fairly nearby and then walked over and we had you know speaker but we were so loud. Waiting really need the piano and had a couple of cameras. You had one andy. I had once there's going to be video footage coming out and again your youtube channel. Go within to get out so be sure to check him out over there So there will be footage of this. And i think you notice the woman in the window before any eddie else did right because i think i don't think it was may actually somebody else's but Somebody noticed there was a window. Gentleman was still going that was my first protests. Have wow what a good one to go to. Yeah i mean. I was you guys. We'll see later. I was pretty fired up. I mean a lot to tell you what if you make it out to. The governor's south this weekend. See something new. I'll stop by bring some baron. The ski goggles in the mask. That brings some of your liberty. So he's the closest really well and sexual and there was a guy for boston. Watertown boston but We're kind of all over the place. He's actually actually boston's not that far from the governor's house 'cause governors houses about an hour and forty five minutes east of here. We actually have to drive quite a ways there but if you were in boston it might only be like. It'd be thirty dollars right. Not that much but it wouldn't be a terrible right from boston. I don't think so we show up at some point. You know we're we're talking to the microphone yelling at the house. Hey come out a whole think a warriors and somebody notices. There's a woman looking out the window and so we of course then we're while paying attention to that window and at some point she gets on the phone. It's like okay. Now the cops are coming. Eight fifty five four fifty. I tell you more about what happened there at the terni. General's house in new hampshire today. Eight fifty five four hundred fifty free like look. Sorry but you're in for a world of pain if you use koya no me. The reason is their wallet. Doesn't support payments. The solution is simple. Let them hear your voice message. Coin omi on twitter. It takes five seconds and tell them any pace sensu because they're on the fence right now and your voice will prove that people care about using bitcoin for payments. Go tweet at coin omi now or even better leave review in the app store. They really pay attention there. Thanks what if the united states and the soviet union had fallen landis air and the plane struggled for dominion across parallel dimensions or on the surface of the moon. what wonders would have been unveiled. What terrorists would have haunted mankind most dark and dismal dimensions come closer here through a glass darkly and discover the horrifying alternative visions world war three. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network lie at hartland. Newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram search. Hello and welcome to pass to rick's daily hope. The audio broadcasts ministry of pastor rick. Warren will if there's anything that living through this pandemic has taught us. It's that we need god. And his word the bible more than ever and because of this pass to rick has decided to bring us the third installment of his powerful series called a faith that works when life doesn't taken from the book of james. Stay with us as we continue with our series in just a few moments. We're going to tell you how to get a hardcover copy of pastor. Rix wonderful book the purpose of christmas just in time for the season. Good a pastoring dot com to find out more or text. The word daily two eight hundred six hundred five thousand four. That's pastor rick dot com or the word daily two eight hundred six hundred five thousand four right. Now here's pastor. Rick with part one of a message called a faith that doesn't hold onto hurt. Not today we're in part twenty two of a faith that works when life doesn't we're going to look at how to develop a faith that doesn't hold on to hurt a faith that doesn't hold on to hurt now the fact is because we live on a planet where everything is broken sin and we're all sinners we're all imperfect people you're going to be hurt a lot in life in fact you've undoubtedly already been hurt many many times in life but the real question is what do you do with that hurt. Do you hold onto it. In your heart you let it fester and grow and multiply or have you learned the wisdom and the skill of letting it go now. I'm teaching on this today. Because i received a letter this week that i'd like to begin with by reading to you. It says pastor. Rick i can honestly say that listening to the daily hope broadcast every day and watching the daily are the weekly saddleback service. Each weekend has saved both my life and my sanity during covid nineteen. I don't know how i would have made it otherwise. I'm a new follower of jesus. I put my trust in him when you started the james series online. So i'm one of those ten thousand new believers your very first message was about trusting god while walking through the valley virus. Now i i had been to a few churches often on in my life but i never really understood what it was about and i didn't know it was possible to have a friendship with god. Then when covert hit. I had this desire. Get some spiritual input just about the time. All the churches were asked to stop meeting because of the virus but a member of saddleback is a friend and he told me to check out your online service. I haven't missed a week in twenty five weeks and i've listened to several of the messages multiple times but as a new christian. I have a question about forgiving. People who've hurt you. I know we're supposed to forgive. People hurt us. But i'm not sure why i'm supposed to do this or even how i'm supposed to do. This seems like our world is getting more and more divided and polarized and angry and bitter and on social media as well as tv news. It's just seems like a lot of people. Just enjoy calling each other names arguing and yelling hateful things and nobody really listens to anybody now. Since jesus saved me about five months ago my attitude is really changed a lot less angry and much more peace but what confuses me is that a lot of people who say they're christians really get mean and they get cranky when they talk about the things like having to wear a mask during covid or the issue of racial equality and justice and especially the upcoming election. Honestly i've been shocked at how resentful and means some people are who say they're dedicated christians as a minority. I've been deeply hurt several times by insensitive statements from people who really have no idea what it feels like to be a minority and the fears that we have to deal with every day and when they defensively denied that equality inequality still exists or they blame all the nonviolent grieving protesters for the action of rioting criminals. It just shows a lack of understanding to. I also have a couple of personal wounds with family members that i won't go into the details but i'll just say this that. I'm hoping that you can teach us soon about what god says about forgiving people. Who heard us again. Thank you for all your teaching. Saddleback is now my church home. And i'm very happy to be apart while today is your lucky day. Let me first congratulate you on your new relationship to jesus christ and welcome our family. We're glad you're here. We love you and we're here to help you. And today is your lucky day as i said because we're going to look at a faith that doesn't hold onto hurt now. You're right to today. We're living in a culture that is filled with anger and slander and arguing and bitterness and bias and most of us would probably agree that the divisiveness and the polarization in our world right now is probably the worst we've ever seen in our lifetime but you know it's not new it's not new at all human beings have always been self centered. This week i was reading through. The book of romans from the bible and the book of romans was written during the roman empire couple thousand years ago and as i read saint paul's description of roman culture. You know what it just struck me. It sounds an awful like the kind of culture we're living in today. The first century and the twenty first century have a lot in common in that sense. Let me read to you. What paul said about his culture two thousand years ago romans three twelve to seventeen. He said this. Everyone is turned from god and is going in the wrong direction. Nobody is living right. People tell lies about each other. That states like an open grave. They verbally attack each other with poisonous. Words like the venom of a deadly snake their speeches filled with vicious curses and bitter resentment and they're quick to react violently with anyone who disagrees sound familiar. He says so wherever they go they leave division and misery. Because they've never learned how to live in peace. Sounds a lot like today. Doesn't it but just about the same time. The paul was writing those words about roman culture. This guy that we've been studying. James was writing to christians who were spread out all through the roman empire and we're experiencing great persecution. And while paul is talking about the roman empire a lot of nonbelievers one of the things that james is concerned about is. He didn't want christians to be infected by that negative culture that paul just described. He didn't want them picking up. He didn't want the believers pick it up on bad habits in the attitudes of the world. He wanted christians to be different in their attitude. So different than everybody noticed it. So with great boldness and great clarity. James points out the hypocrisy in christians of that day and he says this you know you guys. You're acting no different than the nonbelievers in the world. But he says you know that's one thing but what makes it even worse. Is you know better. You know better and you don't have to live that way and you're living a double life and he says you know it's critical are. It's hypocritical to be all sweet and loving and nice at a worship service and then to be mean and nasty and demeaning to the people that you disagree with in the world you're listening to pass to rick's daily hope. Rip will be back in just a moment with the rest of today's lesson. If you've missed any part of today's teaching you can listen online anytime at pastor. 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And we'll send you this powerful resource or just text. The word daily two eight hundred six hundred five zero zero four. That's pastor rick dot com or the word daily two eight hundred six hundred five zero zero four. There are only three days left to get your copy of this great study resource. So don't wait once again. Here's rick this is the passage. We're going to look at today. Here's what james says to believers james three versus nine and ten. Here's what he says he says in worship we praise our lord and father but then in the world he says we cursed. The people that got himself created in his own image. Out of the same mouth comes blessing and bitterness. if you're taking notes is circle blessing and bitterness. His brothers and sisters. This is not right. There is no way that sweetwater and bitter water can flow out of the same spring. Now as i said if you're taking notes out encourage you to circle blessing and bitterness. Because james says this is a contradiction for both of these things to be coming out in your speech if you claim to be a follower of jesus he says just as spring cannot give freshwater and saltwater from the same source said if words of blessing coming out at church but words of bitterness are coming out at home or at work or with people you disagree with politically. He says you know what you got a problem with your heart. He says. Evidently you're holding onto some hidden hurt that made you bitter and you have stored up that hurt inside of you and it's creating this bitterness now. What i wanna do in our session together. Today is simply asked two questions about this text in the bible. I why should i never hold onto a hurt. Never hold onto. It will look at the cost of bitterness. because there's a price tag for everything and we're going to look at seven very expensive cost to holding onto hurt. Then we'll ask the question. How do i let go of it. How do i let go of hurt in my life. You know from experience. That's not always easy. It's not easy offering forgiveness to people who've hurt you now. I have no doubt that many of you who are watching or you're listening. This message are carrying a heavy load of hurt and pain because we hurt each other. You may have been hurt very deeply by people in your life and you probably don't feel like forgiving them and letting it go so i you need some motivation to let go that hurt. Let me give you seven reasons from the bible. Why you really should never hold on to any hurt in your heart. Why should i never hold onto her. What these are the cost of bitterness. You might write these down number one anytime. I harbor a hurt. I walk out of god's will anytime i harbor hurt i walk out of god's will i'm the will of god why because bitterness is a sin so it's definitely never god's will for your life when i harbor hurt in my heart i am choosing to disobey god because he says don't be better. Don't be resentful. don't hold onto hurt. I'm choosing to be out of the will of god. I'm choosing to forfeit the blessing of god. That's what you do. And i'm choosing not to be used by god. James tells us this in james chapter one verse twenty. He says if you're angry you cannot do any of the good things god wants done. Did you hear that. This is such a powerful verse. If you're angry you cannot do any of the things. God wants done such a reverse. I want to read it to you in several other translations in the icu beach translation. Here says anger will not help. You live the good life that god wants in the god's word translation it says an angry person doesn't do what god approves in today's english version there on your outline it says human anger does not achieve god's righteous purpose. How many people think that they're going to change the world by getting angry. Something job tells us that. Resentment reveals a disobedient heart instead of a righteous heart job chapter thirty six thirteen says this. Those who have wicked hearts hold on to anger. They hold on anger. That's called bitterness. When you hold on anger resentment so he says. I you gotta let it go okay. 'cause you're you walk out of the will of god every time you become resentful number two anytime i retain resentment i halt my happiness. I halt my happiness. He said what do you mean by that. My happiness is stopped dead in its tracks. The moment that i choose to get upset with somebody. The moment i choose to get resentful are bare grudge or you know have have some kind of a thing against. You is the moment that i choose unhappiness. Now the fact is happiness is a choice. You're happy as you choose to be. If you're not happy out you're choosing not to be happy. You're as happy as you choose to be just like yours. Close to god as you choose to be and if you choose to focus on something that is unhappy like being hurt you have nobody to blame but yourself because every moment of resentment is a moment of unhappiness. That's dumb job. Twenty one verse. Twenty three to twenty five. This some men stay happy until the day die but others have no happiness of all because they live and die with bitter hearts. You cannot be bitter and happy at the same time. This is passed erects daily. Hope we're so thankful that you've chosen to spend some time with us if you missed any part of this broadcast including portions that we didn't have time for today. Just go to pastor. Rick dot com and listen online anytime. Rick will be right back to close out our time today but first so many of us stress out around this time of year losing sight of the real meaning of the season. That's why we'd like to let you know about pastor. Rix book called the purpose of christmas in it. Rick shows you how. Christmas is designed to meet your three deepest needs and how receiving god's three christmas gifts to you. This year will transform your life forever right now. Here's pastor rick to tell you more. Have you noticed that people are more open to talking about. Jesus christmas than at any other time of the year regardless of their religious background or the problems the circumstances everybody needs to know the jesus loves them that crispus means that god has a plan for their life and that god is with us so this christmas season. I want to encourage you to share the story of christmas with your family. Your friends and your neighbors one of the ways you can do. This is through a little book. I wrote called the purpose of christmas. It explains the true meaning of christmas. And the hope that we have in jesus christ and when you give somebody copy of the purpose christmas it's gonna start a conversation with them about jesus and about the purpose of his love and the purpose for their lives. You can invite them to a christmas eve. Service your church this month. I'd like to send you a copy of this book. The purpose of christmas. You can read it. You can pass it onto friend who needs to know the true meaning just part with us a daily hope and let us partner with you in reaching your friends and family for christ by the way right to me rick at pastor rick dot com and let me know who. You're praying for who you want to come to. Christ this christmas who you're inviting church. I'd love pray with you about that. God bless go to pass to rick dot com to support daily hope. And we'll send you this powerful resource or just text. The word daily two eight hundred six hundred five thousand four. that's pastoring dot com. Poured the word daily two eight hundred six hundred five thousand four. There are only three days left to get your copy. So don't wait. Be sure to join us again next time as we look into god's word for our daily hope. This program is sponsored by pastor. Rick daily hope and your generous financial support. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Sixty six sixty six forty. Your future lies in sixty six forty sixty six books by forty authors and yet we now discover gets an integrated message system from outside our time domain. Welcome to sixty six. Forty the ministry outreach of quantity house and quinny institute. Today's bible teacher is dr chuck mesler connecting the bible to your life and the world around you in today's study. Dr missile begins his teaching on the book of ruth chapter four. Well whenever we under the word of god we should start with prayer. Let's by our hearts father. We thank you for this precious book of ruth. We do pray father. You'd open it to our hearts and understanding help us. Behold what you what great things you have done as we commit this time together and ourselves into your hands and name of your shula our kinsman redeemer and whose name we'd dupree. Well we're exploring the little book of ruth and we are in chapter. Four of chapter book book of ruth in the days the judges rule in contrast to the book of is a grim period of of failure. But there's what middle bright spot especially bright spot book ruth and the ultimate love story even in colleges they soft and study. This is just an elegant piece of literature just at the literary level but of course it's also extremely profound at the prophetic level and also the personal level. We start touching on that now that we've gone through of the book here and of course it's the one book of the old testament that really in its unique way focuses on the church. And the role of the kinsman redeemer is here exemplified. we're going to focus on that especially in this review and we regarded as an essential prerequisite. If you're going to study the book of revelation you will not understand chapter five revelation unless you really understand this book and of course it's one of the reasons it's such a benefit to all of us in the embraces some of the critical ancient laws of israel the law of gleaning we'd counter that in chapter to the law of the lever marriage. We developed that in chapter three. And this time we're going to focus on the law redemption in chapter four these three laws. Now the first chapter was love's resolve. And that's this incredible commitment of ruth this moebius to her jewish mother-in-law leaving her people or entire background to cling to her mother-in-law at both of them being widows and loves response in chapter two where she's gleaning and and it's really a study of the fact that there's nothing accidental in in life certainly not in the scripture that she happens on a field to glean that is boas and that leads to chapter three where she puts the question to him if he will step up and do it. Says he's a kinsman he can redeem the land to her mother in law. Naomi and also take a gentile bryant and he she puts that to him in the last chapter. And we're going to see now. The reward of this was his resolve in chapter one. The response in chapter to the request chapter three and the reward in chapter four. I mentioned it that way because you notice it. Passers go to seminary always feel that they improve the truth of things but making it alliterative since these all start an are. That presumably underscores is somewhere. I'm being facetious. Of course but anyway the redemption of both the land in the bright here loves request last time loves reward this time so we are in chapter. Four verse one. Now just refresh your memory now. Bow as when she confronted him asking him to do the convinced bar. He said he'd love to and he will get this resolved in the next day if at all possible. And but there is a nearer kinsman in the way so that's the cloud that's the plot problem. A plot is a problem solution in any story. And the plot problem here is who is this near a kinsman. How do we get him out of the way. So anyway chapter four burst. One then went boas up to the gate. That's an unusual term. We'll explore that a little bit and sat him down there. And behold the kinsman of huambo spe came by unto whom he said ho- such a one turn aside sit down here and he turned aside and set down. Uh there's a lot more going on here the whole concept of a gate. You need to understand the consummate gate in the ancient cultures. The gate is where the town council really met. That's where transactions and legal business were generally carried out was at the gate. You see that in deuteronomy fifteen and elsewhere. It was similar to what you and i would call city hall in a sense. That's where the elders with an ancient tribal traditions. The city was protected and the people that came and went would go through the gate because it was typically a walled village. Gate was the access people in authority over the city with check credentials at the gate. If there was a matter of issue one would meet the elders at the gate of the city. Moas is obviously a wealthy landowner and it's very possible. He was the mayor of the city. That's just conjecture but if people seem to respond to him in a very responsible way so when he asked this guy to sit down he does so without question. Boys apparently is someone who is used to being made now just to give you a little more background. Abraham purchase the barrel praise for sarah at the city gate in genesis. Twenty three absolutely one converts by offering to settle their disputes in their favorite at the city gate and second time fifteen gates would sit at the city gate for business. The city gate was a place for judging the manslaughter. Maybe call the whole law of the cities of refuge. Check the city gate that you were was an accidental death and you could get asylum there. Criminal acts so all kinds of judges city gate in deuteronomy. Twenty one twenty two. It's also the place for social in the car and of course and it was considered tragic when the elders ceased from the city gate and lamentations five anyway so i went up to the gate and sat him down there. And behold the kinsman of whom he came by whom he said ho- such a one now. That's a strange term. It occurs twice in the scripture. It's an idiom used in the place of a proper name like mr anonymous one mr so and so you find it twice elsewhere in the bible if you will so strange way because it sort of deliberately leaves him unnamed. The doesn't identify him. More specifically look suits our purposes. Fine here he's a kinsman is the point he's the guy that apparently is a closer kinsman elimelech then boas was and we don't know exactly why possibly the other man was a brother of elimelech romans husband which made him an uncle of. Ruth's first husband if you will. That's why he's in the lineup. Here if you will and boys took ten men of the elders of the city and said sit down here and they sat down so there again. You get see blaise organizing things here. That's why some commentators presume that he may have been mayor or some such thing and ten men the you'll notice in jewish things that was what's called dominion ten men were required by jewish law. If you're going to before jewish synagogue service could be conducted. That was the minimum number to make it legal a minions ten people so that seems to have a deep tradition in jewish the jewish culture. Senator the kinsman. He goes on to explain the whole situation. Naomi that has come out of the country of moab sell a parcel of land. Which was our brother elimelech. See the land needs to be redeemed. They owe me as the point. He's calling attention of this guy to that he. She needs a kinsman redeemer to step up and redeem the land for her now that she's back in town. She left under destitute circumstances when there was a famine ten years earlier but she's back and that land is now thus available kinsman redeemer. The goal is the hebrew term for kinsman redeemer be involved four requirements to keep in. Mind too i. It had to be a near kinsman. Next of kin in effect had he had to be able to perform if he couldn't perform to be able to provide what that meant and he also had to be willing. It was his choice. Didn't have to he could choose. That's what we're gonna see operative here. Something else is implied by all of this. He must assume all the obligations involved. These conditions should need to be kept in our mind as we go forward in this narrative for a number of reasons not only to understand the story of course but also to apply it properly in a spiritual term. it will explorers. We go here so boas continues. I thought to advertise saying buy it before the inhabitants and before the elders of my people if thou wilt redeem redeem it but if not redeem it then tell me that i may know for there is none to redeem it beside the i am after the. That's the that's the situation. Then we have the big cloud on our horizon here. And he says he said i'll redeem it. Okay i will redeem it. That's what the guy says. And this is when i presume that boas heart dropped to suck. He was hoping he'd pass. Bo is is in love with this gal. And he's ready to step in but there is an obstacle here and one of the ways. I usually try to get this across as i visualize us supposed are casting this for a movie. We would pick a real hero type for boas charlton heston in the older days. Harrison ford in more modern terms. We all probably could think of candidates that could fit the role of our boas here. Now the narrow kinsman. We sort of figure. Well that would be what norton or danny devito or someone. That's you know. I use him. I'll pick on him as my prototype here then said boas hot what day vow bias the field of the hand and the oh me thou by it also of ruth the moa bias. The wife of the dead do raise up the name of the dead upon his inheritance. Now it's interesting that he uses. What would be in that culture a very derogatory term. Not just ruth ruth. The moa abide us now. He doesn't see boys doesn't pull his punches here. He's trying to paint this scary as he can for this guy. This guy probably doesn't know who ruth is he doesn't want to see. The reason mentions more by deuteronomy. Twenty three and amazon or a mobile shall not enter into the congregation of the lord. That's in the tora. That's against the law very exceptions and this is going to be one of them but still. That's sort of a cloud that that's an unattractive attribute from the point of view of this nearer kinsman the law redemption all all excerpted out of leviticus twenty-five will what does it say. They're sorry about twenty three. It says the land shall not be sold forever for the land is mine. God speaking for ye are strangers. Sojourner is with me and in all the land of your possession you shall grant a redemption for the land when they sell a piece of property. It's not in fee. Simple where where used to the title passes forever to everybody. No no no. This is what you and i would characterize as a lease which is sold as the use of that land for a period of time and it always had to provide what redeemed back into the family. So if i brother be and poor and had sold away some of his possession and if any of his kin to redeem then shall he redeemed that which is brothers. Old sort of a preemptive right in the sense contains if the man have none to redeem it and himself as a be able to read him it then let him count the years of the sale vera and restore the over plus onto the man to whom he sold that he may return unto his possession in other words he gets refunded the part that the he hadn't used yet so it's a it's like a rent if you will but if he will not be able to restore to him than that which is sold shall remain in the hand of him that bought it until the year of jubilee at in the jubilee. She'll go out and he shall return unto his possession. See all it. Born of the characteristic of the jubilee year all forgive all slaves for free and the land returned to loners. There's no evidence that they actually. But that's what the law provided the jubilee year. It's the time of the restitution of all things. And peter makes reference to that in his second speech in acts chapter three using that phrase the time of restitution a time of the second coming so many of us who studied krupp. Prophetic patterns are fascinated by that. The problem is we can't find historical. Confirmation jubilee was actually observed in order to count and there are some issues behind the scenes there but limiting twenty five picks it up again verse. Forty seven says. Nfl sojourner or by the way if it's a walled city this special rules. i won't get it all out here. And if a sojourner stranger wax rich by the and brother that dwells by him wax poor and sell onto the stranger sojourner by the or to the stock of the strangest family after that he is sold he may be redeemed again one of his brethren may redeem him and either is on colour as uncle son may redeem or any. That is ni- of ken. Under him of his family may redeem him or if he be able he may redeem himself with him that bought him from the year that he was sold him onto the year of jubilee and the price of a sale according to the number of years according to the time of a hired servant. Shall it be with him. If there'd be yet many years behind according to which them he shall give again the price of redemption out of the money that he was spot for now if there remained but a few years onto the year of jubilee then he shall count with him and according onto his years show he gave him again the price of his redemption. So these are all the mechanic as a yearly hired servants. Shall he be with him. And the other show not rule with rigor over him in sight. And if not redeemed in these years then she'll go out in the year of jubilee both he and a showdown with him and unto me. The children of israel are servants. They are servants. Whom i brought forth out of the land of egypt. I am the larger god. So that's the law. Redemption israel belongs to god when joshua entered in the land that was granted to the twelve tribes in the land was intended to stay under the ownership of that particular tribe. You could sell your land. But that's really what we would consider a lease. You sold the rights to use it for a while. It's basically what it boils down to the year of jubilee or return ridge loners and when you join the title deed would also include the rules for its redemption. The title deed would be rolled up the rules by which it'd be unrolled was written on the outside. It's the rough side of the parchment not normally used for writing but it was for titling and the law required a procedure. That if you're next of kin should show up. There was some procedure where he purchased back the unused years that was called redeeming the land. You're with me so far okay. Now is an interesting issue that shows up in jeremiah thirty two. It's just an incident and ended up. Itself seems puzzling. Until you understand why it's there jeremiah. News they're about to go into captivity for seventy years. He wouldn't survived the captivity. He's old but older by jeremiah was instructed to buy land right before going into captivity and after kept what would happen. After captivity jeremiah's descendants will come back and claim the land. The title would be a scroll on the back of which would detail the procedure for redemption. The whole concept here is important to understand when you encounter the seven sealed. Book in the book of revelation. Chapter five which is written within on the backside and sealed with seven seals. so let's just take a look at jeremiah. Thirty two to the spines. Your jeremiah said the word lord came onto me saying she got told him specifically under in this very strange transaction behold hannah me the son of shalam uncle. She'll come onto these saying by the field. That is an antibiotic for the right of redemption is designed to buy it so hannah online uncle son came to me in the court of the prison. See jeremiah's indulgent here and according to the word of the lord and send me by my field. I pray that off thought which is in the country benjamin for the right of inheritances line and the redemptions nine. Buy it for myself. Then i knew that this was the word of the lord. It's he'd been tipped off. He knew that somehow got had a purpose. It makes no sense. He's a he's going to die. Why should you buy some land. Pretty stupid no. God told them to. Jeremiah complies so. I bought the field from to hand me. Oh my uncle son that was. Nfl and weighed him. The money some seventeen shekels of silver and i subscribe the evidence and sealed. It took witnesses and weighed him. The money in the balances and so i took the evidence of the purchase both that which was sealed according to the long the custom and that which was. So the scroll was partly sealed so you can only a certain portion because it was titled eat saints. I gave the evidence of the purchase into barua under the son of messiah and in the side of me on my uncle son and the presence of the witnesses that subscribed the book of the purchase before all the jews that sat in the corner of the prison and i charge baroque before them. Saying thus saith the lord of hosts the god of israel take these evidences this evidence of the purchase both which is sealed and this evidence which is open and put them in an earthen vessel that they may continue many days. This transaction has several roles one of which is to encourage the people that they will return. This have no meaning. If they never return from captivity the fact that they impart the message ears they will return his descendants. We'll have used for this land. That's sort of the message. Come through here now. The reason we're so interested in this isn't just to understand what happened there in route chapter four which will get into we. Want to understand our kinsman redeemer. Just as there's a kinsman redeemer there there's one a kinsman a kinsman a man couldn't be an angel doing this had to be a man had to be able to be willing both there has to be able to of course but he had a choice to joseph and he had to assume all the obligations of the entire city. That's often overlooked point of this here. So we get to revelation chapter five verse one when we get there. We are in the throne room of heaven by the time you get chapter five chapter four. You're in the throne with heaven and all kinds of things going on and you get chapter five verse. One says john speaking. I saw the right hand of him on the throne book written within on the backside sealed with seven seals. You understand how. The sales work rolled up each seal john. Roll a little further when you when you're trying to get through all seven the whole thing's open in front of the picture and i saw strong angel proclaiming loud voice who is worthy to open the book to loose the soothes seals thereof noman in heaven nor earth. Neither under the earth was able to open the book. Neither look they're on now. You and i when we read. That doesn't mean much to we're puzzled. Noman heaven on earth. Either under the earth was able to open the book. You and. I don't get the picture. But john does because the next verse says he sobbed convulsively. Much king james english much because no man was found worthy to open it to read the book neither rook. They're on. I want you to notice here. It took a man in heaven. A man it had to be a kinsman. See why the kids in part is so important. An angel couldn't do this. He had to be a kinsman of adam. Who's the guy that blew it back there in genesis three. Okay this is what's being undone here. John is sobbing convulsively elders. It's always the elders explained him what's going on. I think that's interesting. And one of the elders say they me we not behold the lion of the tribe of judah david cath prevail to open the book loose the seals thereof john says i beheld and low in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts or living creatures and in the midst of the elders not a lion stood a lamb as it had been slain having seven hundred seven is which are the seven spirits of god set forth into all the earth. Wow the lion of the tribe of judah expects to see any turns and he looks he sees and one through today but he turns looks and sees the lamb had been slain this of course none of the lord jesus christ the lamb is a passover term. Let's not forget that. John the baptist when he first introduces christ to the public in the early chapters of john twice says behold the lamb of god that taketh away the end of the world. That's a passover title. That's a very jewish thing. It makes no sense unless you understand that he is indeed our passover every every every passover season we as christians should pause and it's tragic that we always label that season by its pagan name easter. The real name of its passover and he came. That's that's this lamb. That was slain. He came and took the book out of the right hand of him. That sat on the phone. Wow he must have access. Who's who's sitting on the throne. Godfather became a took the book out of the right hand of him. Who sat abroad. That tells you a great deal right there. And when he had taken the book the four living creatures the four twenty four and twenty elders. They're very important to understand. By the way fell down before the lamb having every one of them harps. And gordon vials for the voters. Which are the prayers of the saints. And they sung a new song saying thou- aren't worthy to take the book and opened the seals they're up for that was slain and has redeemed us to god by blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation and has made us unto god kings increase and we shall reign on the earth. Praise god they are singing this song they are speaking first person singular pearl without has redeemed who us to us us. We twenty five manuscripts have that that way one manuscript spurious one has it in the third person and there are some bibles had a footnote that some manuscripts make it has redeemed them and they shall redeem. That's an error. One out of twenty five manuscripts happens to have an error. And it's tragic that many people get confused clearly from the abundance of the evidence. What they're saying they. the twenty. Four elders are identifying those as representatives of the redeemed unto him that loved us and watched us from our sins in his own blood and half made us kings and priests into god and his father and to him be glory and dominion forever and ever amen very important that you not get confused as to who the twenty four elders are. There are many good scholars with different opinions on various aspects of the book of revelation. That's one that's too critical. You need your own homework. Satisfy yourself that you understand who those twenty four hours really represent who has made us kings and priests there only three people in the bible that are labeled as king priest together mckissic which in genesis fourteen and probably disappeared oblivion except the psalm. One hundred ten and several other places in the scripture make a point of back in fact hebrews chapter five and six hammer that home that mckissic kings a priest and jesus christ is king and priest after that pattern after kizer order and the third party as us has made us kings increase the redeemed when you read the epistles particularly visions glenn's peter letter. That's very paramount. In their thinking and john continues when i beheld and heard the voice of many angels out about the throne of the living creatures and the beaches unfortunate. That's a different term. That's used with the beasts. In revelation thirteen one is zone and the different words living creatures. What should have been translated the cherry bam if you will and the elders and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands sounds like it was a member of congress and anyway saying without voice worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power enriches in wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing. Wow and you can make whole study of those seven elements they escalate. And they build up to that crescendo. Power riches wisdom strength honor glory are not synonyms. They're all subtly different and bite you to dig into that sometime. Your redemption is sealed all through the scripture. And we won't try to unravel it all here but the the passage of their for those of you on a double back on that and get into the details. That's exciting. You've been listening to sixty six forty the ministry outreach quinny a house and coordinated institute. Today's bible teacher was dr chuck mesler teaching through the book of ruth for complete listing of resources available. Please visit k house dot. Org you can also call us on one. Eight hundred k house. One to learn more about clinton institute visit coin institute dot. Org thank you for listening to sixty six forty and for your continued. Prayerful support of this ministry until next time as we continue this series. God bless you with the knowledge of his son. Jesus christ as you study his word. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network lie at hartland newsfeed dot com in recent years. The relationship between husbands and wives has been under. Tremendous cultural scrutiny. Some view marriage is a fifty fifty partnership in which responsibilities are split right down the middle to the other extreme. Some view marriage is a hierarchy of power. Well today on insight for living. Chuck swindle teaches from asian chapter five. Where paul presents. The god ordained roles of both husbands and wives and while the details sound archaic to some this model has served millions of marriages over centuries of time chuck titled today's message the most challenging of all relationships. You know the story of the song. You sang horatio spattered. Who wrote it. His name appears at the bottom of the song. You'll see there in your worship. Folder was a businessman chicago during a time of intense pressure for the family. Not long after the great chicago fire. He sent his wife and four daughters to see to travel to england with plans to join them later when business opportunity provided on their way the ship because of a terrible collision sank. The four daughters perished at sea. The wife amazingly made it to england and wired back to her husband that all four daughters had died at sea. He took the next ship to england and win. The captain of the ship told him they were at the place where their previous ship had sunk. He stood on the deck of the ship in wrote when peace like a river at ten my way and sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever might thought whatever my lot thou has taught me to say as well with my soul gives new meaning doesn't two words why we always say pay attention to what you're singing. The word pictures often are drawn from the womb in which the song was created in the mind of the composer. great husband. great father Horatio stafford speaking of that. We want to read from mma equations chapter five. If you brought a copy of the scriptures with you before we take the time to express matangi our worship through our offerings to god. Let me read for you. If five verses twenty one yes twenty one to thirty three and be subject to one another. In the fear of christ wives be subject to your own husbands as to the lord for the husband is the head of the wife as christ also is the head of the church himself being the savior of the body but as the church is subject to christ so also wives ought to be their husbands in everything husbands. Love your wives. Just as christ also loved the church and gave himself up for her so that he might sanctify her having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word that he might present to himself the church in all her glory having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that she would be holy and blameless so ought husbands also to love their wives as their own bodies he who loves his own wife loves himself or no one ever hated his own flesh but nourishes and cherishes it just as christ also does the church because we are members of his body for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and shelby joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. This mystery is great. But i am speaking with reference to christ and the church nevertheless each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself and the wife must see to it that she respects her husband. You're listening to insight for living to search the scriptures with chuck swindle be sure to download his searching the scripture studies by going to incite world dot org slash studies and now the message titled the most challenging of all relationships. Have you noticed that valuable things take time and often the more valuable. They are the more time they take to maintain to. Take care of to appreciate cynthia. I recently returned from a very unusual trip or almost not ten days but between a week and ten days we were first in turkey along the coastal area of turkey and then out to sea to several of the greek islands and we saw some awfully valuable things while in istanbul for example we visited the top copy palace. And you'll remember from books you've read or perhaps from your own trip there. It is full of the most precious and sizable jewels. Gyms the i can. Behold garments are threaded with jewels and and crowns are. Are there that much set on the heads of of monarchs. I hurried cynthia out of there so that she wouldn't get any ideas and and we came next to museums. And then we on our trip not far from kusadasi turkey we we went to emphasise having been there before it was a pleasure to look into the faces of people there for the first time when your shoes walk. Where paul's once walked and johns and timothy's you're never quite the same and you're looking at things they saw and you're sitting where they sat the great theater at the busy intersection of the town or the city of emphasis Much of destroyed by earthquakes and and now being rebuilt we were told only ten. Fifteen percent of the city has been found and rebuilt and yet what was their these slabs of marble. Some of them headless sculptured. Statues of of great names and familiar. People in those days was invaluable. All of it having taken so much time to build into into sculpt but perhaps the most impressive to me and to us as a group was a little small shop not far from shot That we visited where they make the the famous turkish rugs hand made rugs if you have never seen the artists who do this kind of work. Your education is incomplete it is it is almost beyond my ability to describe sitting on rather uncomfortable. Small stools is a row of happened to be all women who were sitting there working there. Art threads were chosen from a stack of colored threads. They had available to them and as they looked at the pattern. That was there on the loom. They would choose the thread and they would not it quicker that you could follow it with your i push it down pack in place and get another one and do another and yet another and yet another and yet another for weeks for months in some cases when working with silk in the larger rugs up to four years on the same piece of art until they finish and hanging before you tight on this rack that they've been working which has been rolling little by little through the months and years. Finally went on rolled is this. Is this incredible. Handmade rug put together by these remarkable people. Two things came to mind first of all. What remarkable people they are. Who do this kind of thing. I've found myself wanting to just stand up the woman up. Put my around in my own. Simple way say thank you. I didn't do that. Remarkable remarkable people. The second i thought how essential the pattern the pattern here is a. Here's a little eight by ten picture of what is to be put into this rug and enough of the right threads chosen of the right color in the right place and you wind up with a bird or a piece of pottery or a floral design or geometric design. That's all part of the pattern. That is picture that you know. Some of have worked the rug so long they don't even need the pattern so when it comes time for a beak on a bird they get beak thread pull it down and put that in there and they pack it into place. Cut it off enough enough enough and there's a there's the bird there. It is amazing. And i thought standing there. This will preach this will preach. God has given us the pattern to be followed. He doesn't ask the opinion of the ages. he'd ask what you think about it. Or what i think about it. He doesn't i check with culture or the oval office. He doesn't seek the interest of the media he doesn't pursue the opinions of mighty warriors. He doesn't seek the counsel of of the monarchs of of the world. He sets his pattern in place and he says take the right threads at the right time for the right reason. We've them together into your life and as your life finally is woven as i have patterned it. It will be something that i can use for my glory for generations to come. Just follow the pattern. Now we are in. The midst turned to the patterning. Fijian's chapter five. We are in the midst of a wonderful section of scripture that have titled the most challenging of all relationships. Obviously i have in mind. The husband wife relationship there are many challenging relationships. None more than this. Why because it's the most exacting. It's the most constant. It's the most inescapable and win. Done correctly it requires of us. Patience and skill and determination and trust like no other relationship on the planet the dominant color of this domestic rug is set forth in verse. Twenty one in the simple words be subject to from a military word that has in mind falling in rank under another of a greater authority be subject to whom one another one another. You know what that means. It means exactly what the pattern says. You are to be subject to him. He is to be subject to her. We are to be subject to one another to one another. There's no age there's no sex. There's no level of maturity given one of the characteristics in this magnificent tapestry. Being woven together is submission and then he addresses. I the threads related to the wife in versus twenty two twenty three and twenty four and we looked at that rather carefully and we listened carefully as the lord instructed us from those verses as we carried out the direction of being subject to one another in this case wives to husbands. Did you notice something. I ducked out for two weeks after speaking to the wives about being subject to their husbands. Jim notice i went to turkey. No male and i got on a boat. I mean i was as far away as i could get leaving you with the pattern. You just have to look at it. You have to think through. You have to accept it for what it says. If i'd said something that doesn't say may god show me and i'll correct it when i see that the need to do so but i didn't make it easy nor did i twisted to make it fit what i wanted it to say. It's not my pattern. It's the lord's pattern and hirelings tell you what they want you to hear shepherds tell you what the shepherd wants us to hear and as a sh- as an under shepherd a spoke to wives honestly and openly. Now i've come today. Verse twenty five to the husbands. I think it's interesting that the wives are addressed in verses. Twenty two twenty three and twenty four when you come to husbands. It's twenty five twenty six twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine thirty thirty one thirty two. I'm there's a lot there for us which ought to tell us something man. There's a lot to being the head of the home as a matter of fact when we are the right kind of head. There's no problem with the wife being submissive. Unless she's very sick. And i mean that seriously i have never in my almost forty years of ministry witnessed a wife who was in rebellion and rejection of a husband when the leadership of the husband was as it should have been. I've never seen that. Except in cases where the woman has for whatever reason become ill and out of touch with reality so this is for husbands and this is his pattern. These these are his threads to follow john. w stott. in. His book on fusions this and i agree with him. Whatever the husband headship miller's the headship of christ than the wife's submission to the protection and provision of his love far from detracting her womanhood. We'll positively enrich it. A woman who is loved as she is to be loved by husband. A woman who is listed in the capacity of the spirit's filling as she is meant to be lid will absolutely find her life in rich te in a marriage. The dominant thread for the woman is respect for her husband which is seen in verse. Thirty three the dominant thread for the man is to love his wife. Interestingly the wife is not commanded to love the husband it's great if she does but she's not abandoned to love her husband. We are commanded to love our wives to command. It's a verb. It's an imperative. Coming right from the pinot paul. Before the word husbands is dry in inc. The word love appears in verse. Twenty five husbands love love term. Use is a is a absolutely wonderful new testament term. it's not the word for sexual intimacy. It's not the word for sexual activity commonly revealed in the greek language. Aeros e. r. o. S. we got word erotic from it. It's not the word. This is not even the word for affection feeling affection closeness or for her. That's the word. Phyllis phyllis that's a word for brotherly affection or sisterly affection or the affection of a team for one another in the who are members of the same team that's affectionate love. That's two-way love. This is one way love gop. A love best defined seeking the highest good of the other person. That's this word husbands. Seek the highest good of your wife. Seek her highest good. And as i've said it's commanding. It's a command. It's imperative now. Let me give you a little quiz to see if you are fairly alert. Here there are two analogies that the apostle uses to describe this love illustrate this love. Each one is introduced with the word. As can you find them when you're going to draw an analogy this is like that. You use the word as and like this is like that these are as those are look at the two analogies verse. Twenty five love her as christ loved the church. That's the i would down in verse. Twenty eight is the second husbands ought also to love their own wives as there's that word again their own bodies. I've circled the two words as in my bible as christ loved the church. That's verse twenty five as the man takes care of or loves his own body. Go back to the analogy of the rug. And my little handful of threads here. Choosing the threads that make up the tapestry called marriage the apostle weaves together truths from the church and how christ loves the church as examples of how husbands love their wives and then he goes to the man himself and he says as you nurture or take care of your own body's the same way you nurture and take care of your wife as the church as your own body. Let's look at those to study the pattern. Let's see what this marriage rug. Looks like first verse. Twenty five husbands. Love your wives. As christ loves loved the church wanna give you four words if you like taking notes put them in the margin of your bible or if you want to write on a sheet and review them later great. You don't want to write anything down. That's fine just get the four words. Sacrifice sanctify forgive honor. Where do i get those words. Well from versus twenty five through twenty-seven all four words either appear or they are implied husbands. Love your wives as christ loved the church. And how did he love the church. He gave himself up for her. That's the word sacrifice sacrifice when my love is like the love of christ for the church. I give up things for my wife. Webster says to sacrifice is to is to offer up oneself for something more precious to surrender to release to do without for the benefit of another sacrifice is woven all the way through religions. There's hardly a religion you could name. That doesn't involve sacrifice. Christianity engages in the subject of sacrifice. Present your bodies as a living sacrifice doesn't say that enrollments twelve one present your bodies as a living sacrifice except this isn't to christ. This is to set apart oneself for the wife's benefit. Good question to ask ourselves husbands. Is this new. I love her enough to die for her. If i'm to love my wife as christ loved the church. I'm to be willing to give myself up for her. These are the disciplines that define a healthy marriage. You're listening to insight for living with pastor and author chuck swindle. He titled today's message the most challenging of all relationships. And if you'd like to learn more about this ministry visit us online at insight world dot org well as possible that one of the sacrifices you're dealing with his waiting waiting on your husband or wife or waiting on god to provide an answer and today we've reserved the closing moments of today's program to hear chuck describe one couples arduous journey of waiting on god. 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We're all waiting for something and few biblical characters. Teach us more about waiting. And having patience while waking. Than abraham he and sarah waited long beyond their childbearing years to fulfill the dream of starting a family and even with occasional missteps. They become a model for those of us who feel like. We're in a holding pattern individuals who have grown deep in their relationship with god. Hev learn this. Just as abraham did to wait with anticipation instead of worrying. They know that god keeps his promises. So that don't fret over whether the fulfillment will come. They know it will take place they just don't know when or how. Let me admit that as we finish another year of ministry we two were waiting on god to do what only he can do. Our financial reserves are drawn down and were completely dependent on our god and on his people to restore and replenish. What we need. we're not fretting. And let me assure you we're not worrying for. We know that god is faithful. 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The public service doing cast of the twenty seventh twenty twenty by clifford more than fifty advocacy organizations have sent a letter to pennsylvania's congressional delegation urging immediate action on a new covert relief package ten months into the covid pandemic more than one point three million pennsylvania households report. They are struggling to put food on the table and half million households a fallen behind in their rent. But according to jeff garris with the pennsylvania budget and policy center many provisions of relief package is passed earlier this year. Such as extended unemployment assistance and the moratorium on a fiction will expire if congress doesn't act when they return from the thanksgiving recess. We need to know that when people get to the holidays. They're not gonna find themselves. Cut off from the vital aid that they need. So we are calling on our members of congress and our senators. Don't be the grinch this year. The house passed the heroes act and expanded relief. Bill in may. But so far the senate has failed to pass a supplemental relief. Bill i'm andrea sears. Reporting a recent report from the century foundation found that without congressional action twelve million people nationwide will lose. Federal health benefits december. the twenty. sixth. Meantime are dan but ard reports while high pollution often is found in black and brown communities. A new poll shows that many white americans are not aware of the gap in virginia. The majority minority area of charles city county already is home to a landfill with plans to build two frat gas fired power plants. Faith harris with virginia interfaith. Power and light says many white virginians don't know about the environmental struggles in the county because of segregation lack of education. She says the power plants pose a perfect storm of pollution. For historically african. american community community is way over burton with the air quality issues as well as possible water quality issues because of the pollution. That would come from all of this concentrated industry. The national poll conducted by the environmental defense fund. Shows that sixty percent of black responded. Say they're very concerned about air pollution in their communities versus thirty two percent of white respondents. I'm diane bernard about seventy percent of black latino respondents say climate change is a major problem. Pay with fifty one percent of white people. A fourteen point difference the guardian reports of president. Donald trump said. He will leave the white house. When the electoral college votes for democratic president elect joe biden the closest. The outgoing president has come to conceding. Defeat the gordian notes that biden won the presidential election with three hundred six electoral college votes. Many more than two seventy required to trump's to thirty two by also leads trump by more than six million and the popular vote tally. This is pianists. Twenty twenty was a tough year and pushing voter turnout. Among north dakota native americans because of the pandemic the state didn't see as much activity in tribal areas as in other parts of the country. One group says connection still were being made and has it is on future elections going into twenty twenty north dakota native vote. Wanted to build on the higher turnout. Among native populations the states on twenty eighteen but early estimates indicate the number will be lower. however the group's nicole donigi says because of the adaptability of their field staff there momentum isn't lost forever connections and we were Reinforcing our brand. Getting north dakota native bill out there again is so people are are certainly familiar with us in that can only help amid the elections final stages cova cases. Were spiking in north dakota. The group did virtual training for canvassers on reservations. To still reach voters. donigi says looking forward. They'll do more planning so. they can. Deploy a variety of strategies based on the circumstances the energy from mehta voters in recent years is seen as important. Because of the state's voter id requirements which advocates say disenfranchises their people. I'm mike moen. Covert nineteen is caused a big spike in poverty and now california has the country's highest number of kids experiencing hunger with two point two million living in food insecure households. Where at least one family member does not have you not tamra. Sandberg with the nonprofit save the children says the organization has partnered with rural school districts to distribute meals california has seen the highest increase in the number of children living in food insecure households. With over eight hundred sixty thousand more california kids experiencing hunger now compared with before the pandemic. I'm suzanne potter. Next tuesday is giving tuesday. People want to help can text the word plate to two zero two two two to make a one time ten dollar donation. Finally our nanny arrival gonzalez college students at northern kentucky university are participating in a program that allows them to give away thousands of dollars in grants to local nonprofits researchers found that among five hundred students who took the philanthropy class when they were sophomores. Fifty eight percent went onto graduate versus twenty four percent overall case. Larson is an associate professor of spanish and faculty coordinator for mayor. Sohn student philanthropy project classes at k. Ku she says community engagement makes the topics studied in the classroom. Real and relevant the incorporation of students land or p and a class. Make students more engaged. We've not only seen that in our own students in our own classrooms but the data also reflects that this is by clifford. Four public news service. We are member listener. Supported heard on great radio stations across the nation and always online at new service dot. Org ahead of but if we are to be prepared for it we must burs shed our clearly. I stand here without fear. Because i remember i remember that i am here. Not because of the path that lies before me because of the path that lies behind me. I remember that one hundred years we have these machines and after a century of i remember that which matters move let us make them remember learning And at the veered into veered interviewed and appeared. And make sure we got all levels up to do this. That that that that that all right about you bob okay. Yeah but can you talking on got to undo redo walk back to declare your independence from me. Ernest hancock in kuni pau arizona. Where we're doing a bunch of stuff stuff here. It is and we'll get the other. You know Bob are we going to. Are we going to organize all these that one. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes we are gonna organize. He's wires you know. I mean days. We had his son. Robert came in and he's doing going to college and stuff and going to learn. It security pat it security. Well he started going on about just buttons and stuff you know doing. Oh you said the word. Charles chuckie you're over there. Doing you know any. Did he did there. I've been months trying to get the The raspberry pi from oxford england by are cambridge or something like that the raspberry and we have one that controls When we go to wi fi from the area but a lot of internet so bad we have hot spot on donna's for on my phone. We had the wifi from wherever rat is an option. We have wi fi my by verizon thing that works for rap nothing has it worked with our crap since forever then. At and t. And it works good or doesn't work at all. You know depending on where you're at so we're hardwired in his system. Which is you know he's got it beamed in from something and and that's crap you know and it's better to used to be used to have used that really the super bowl and then But the problem is being that when you do the password for the hot spot on our phones they have at symbol and a hashtag pound sign for you do the pound sign. It's in united kingdom English old english. I guess whatever. The pound side makes a l. for the pound the money that they have. I couldn't change it. Well you go on says do this and change that and do whatever and then he went. He's we get your jasbir over there. just do it. You know so. He went over and About thirty seconds later yet effects and mike three minutes all right but so he whatever he found a. Scroll down the mouse to get to where it was. You know the option was hidden on. The display was too big to on your way email. Yeah he got it. I got it. Figured he'd probably if. I sat over there and i just muscled it for a while. Screw this man. That's what he doesn't school all day. Learns how to do this stuff so he did it. You know i was kinda hoping i. I was rooting for them. Yeah so he. He gets to walk away with a little kicking his step that like a dollar and bitcoin and bitcoin dollar in bitcoin because he has A crypto wallet basil and got. I don't know you gave mike twenty bucks at one time. And now it's worth you know billion or something. Yeah he's got enough just to play with it so he can have bragging rights. Of course i have a wallet. You know when he talks to all of his crypto but he doesn't think of that you know so we did a transaction just to say. Did you got paid professional now. Now he has to. You know filed taxes or something air professional. It tech now. You actually got paid for your job of brother. You know is a year younger and He's one man he's all into being a pilot and everything and we were trying to get a gig where we needed. Some t shirts delivered a palm springs. And i go because you do an hour's anyway. I go menu. Hold this for me. you do that. I pay you now. You're a professor. You say i've been infested airline pilot. Since i was fifteen sh that that's not right by. They get mad. Yeah you're not allowed not allowed not allowed bad bad pilot so yes to wait till he gets his all you. Can you can make money license. Then he he can make money off crap. Man this is. What's wrong mirka. You know this nate now for volunteer activism. Like i used to do with my plane. That's all good. it's a gift. He got gifted. This is exactly the kind of stuff that's the problem you know this. This you gotta check yourself you got to censor yourself. It's how you're going to speak. It's what you're going to do. And then what does that. What does that do to a year. Old he's sixteen now. i think. Yeah so yeah. We're doing fifteen. But at fifteen years old they start getting into like what you mean. I can't what i gotta ask. Permission slip what. There's i can go to jail what they're gonna come after me later. What all that stuff gets ingrained in your psyche. Which is the point. That's why they do this. And i'm just i am so so done don't lie. Are you listening to the stream as we get they wind up in the music comes back with me no because he was saying that was doubling up or something. Yeah we had a really bad out. I would've just rescheduled it. But he was in sweden. And i really wanted to talk to him. And we're gonna we're gonna talk to Al soleil. I think it is Next week i'm gonna try. We're trying to set something up with him and derek and we did Corporate report last night and We use skype and that seemed said. Were fine so we were promoting the He'll have it out Probably tomorrow they'll be on thanksgiving That will come out and we'll put it up on the site but we didn't. We recorded it but he did video and everything and it's going to broadcast he'll make an all pretty and i'm telling you there's something going on i think nationwide with the internet maybe worldwide. Who knows. i think they're getting ready to to throw the switch if need be kind of thing because there were a lot of people that were kind of saying yeah. Something wasn't quite right with you. Mean like like like everybody has windows. Yea like bill gates does all this stuff and everything. And everybody's like you know looking at each back. So dan as they're sitting there pounded on our windows keyboard. You know right. And i'm going. I'm go when this goes. It's a full spectrum dominance kinda so we have to go low tech lot people. Well you know we could do better with our money if we did that. And so instead of ernie. Doing you know what i'm going. No you guys don't understand. The reason we do it. Could bob and i've been doing this for free. Consents ninety three four. Whatever and i go the reason we do. The low tech thing was because of the tech they have used against us a beaten us over the head with it. You know like cresa when we did. You know facts trees you know. It's like yep there you go well then of course they gotta counter for that. The thing that they don't have a calendar for is a sign on the corner daft. They the only counter they got they got. Take it down right. Hey they gotta shoot you make you stop doing signs or whatever so. The signs on the corner has way more impact and that because they're consolidating down to. We just got some army robot and guy with a keyboard in the back room. Whatever the heck yeah it's kind of like q. Versus james bond guys in the back. And here's guys in the field and you know you just can't replace that guy in the field. People better figure it out how to stay in touch with each other because that's going to be the first thing they do if know people stop start going like we don't like where you are taken us and we're going to resist. They're going to shut down communication. If you got a way to get a hold of you know the the like minded folk that you've grown your little neighborhood or whatever around you're you're going to be lost because they're going they're going to shut down communication. You're going to be told what you can. You can talk to shutdown communication with people. Outside of i can walk in there and half today at your try. You got an awful thrive that you're a member of people you've got to figure out how to do it with the internet without your own. They're going to control that great saying what they want. You may be used to be a neighbor over there. think about. Are you feeling confused about the current economic reports that dominate the headlines. Not sure if this is a good time to buy or sell your home or feel like the process can be overwhelming and confusing. This is done. Hancock was silver alliance royalty in phoenix arizona. And i can take some of the guesswork out of the home buying or selling process providing you with market trends in your area and detailing what to expect before during and after the process a home is a place where the most important moments in your life happen so making sure that you know exactly what to expect along. The way helps to ensure that you have control. The future is here. So let me help you move forward with your real estate. Needs being in the real estate business for almost twenty years now has afforded me knowledge of the market networking with industry specialists. Along the way now more than ever you need an agent that can help you make sense of what many think is a complicated and mysterious process. Feel free to call her. 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So no one else can tell us what to do or say don't like the existing channels you can make your own. You can even connect into some of our channels from other matrix servers. It's federated for the full l. End on it and matrix experience though you should join our server via the step by step instructions at chat dot dot. Fm chat dot l. r. n. dot. Fm this is michael dean from the freedom teens. I've run websites since one thousand nine hundred ninety six and used over a dozen web hosts in that time address hosting dot. Com is the only one that has broken my heart agra's postings up time in service stellar and there. Ddos is the best. I've seen that's important because if you tell the truth in this world you'll ruffle feathers and some people will try dirty tricks to silence your voice no matter what the haters us with avarice hosting keeps our websites online. You have a mission. Critical commercial presence or world changing activism site you cannot tolerate uni skulduggery so go with address hosting dot com have a word processor blog site but you're not satisfied with performance or up time or just want raw hosting wanna pay with bitcoin hosting specializes in high performance hosting with personalized service. Good agress hosting dot com. Click on the button that says get hosted. That's accurate hosting dot com. Now you can follow. Nfl i'm on the decentralized mastodon social media platform at two dot dot. fm tutu dot l. dot fm. It's the earnest man talks yard. Show where we're there are arms in a row you know. This is a really good example. The problems that we have with the four near emdicot does the switches and stuff. But the it's always one little thing. But i tell you one of the things that is a regular occurrence we had. These looks three bucks in. They're probably about the size of a box of mac and cheese or something. I don't know were the size of these you give. They're like yeah by five by two inches high cube. And it's i'm trying to think of what you know common packaging. That'd be a good size of anyway. So they're like five by five by two inches thick and they are full computer. They're just a you know. They'll their range from four seven hundred dollars depend on which one you get and we have the ob video one is the more expensive one and they had the other to the audio and for the skype zoom and that is the computers that we run all the show through that then we have the mixer. We have all the other stuff. We got all the other computers. You know for re recording different stuff but these are the primary ones that interfaced with the screen in front of me. Because i have three little screens atop a bigger screen. And i can you know. Move them around. Doing i got switching. I got lots and lots of buttons. Their windows there are intel windows there man they them. Those are all hooked up on this. So what they do is in the background. They change a lot of stuff all the time or they need to update. And then what you just shut it down because it freak and works okay. It just does. Its thing done changed. Nothing messed up you know restart at once every two weeks just because and usually i don't have any problem but windows are constantly need to be updated rebooted redone re-something so if you think and as ambi- apocalypse you and your windows computer going to be worth anything you are mistaken because when they shut down whatever or they update the what are they do is just like watching with will smith okay. They're getting you know the the the little robot chest turns red and you're screwed. So i'm just i. You got to start thinking about that now. I we did the bus thing i was like man. I want lennox everything. We'll make it because a lot of this stuff all this stuff that we use can run on lennox but the network and make it. Do whatever the heck it does. You know derek knew how to do that and he was more comfortable with that so when we all these wire done and everything and we know where goes what we may start trying to replace those with you know Hell raspberry pies crap. I don't care it's amazing. What those little things can do they. Are they kick the crap. We wish we add computers. Like you know this is like you know i remember. There was an article that i wrote in ninety four called the legitimacy of government which was known and i it was real popular article. That just kinda made there's one of those viral things started making it back to me and it wasn't even really article. There's a guy named frederick man that ran one of the early patriot. Something kinda you know. He's well no. You knew patrick frederick man. And i'm like no not really. Who is he. Low my god. He's like the early whatever. An email discussion lists the second amendment thing here at arizona. Bob and i used to dominate. So we do a lot of the activism and they were like nra types. And we're like really you know because it was really more like elected republican or democrat crap. We're like don't you guys are a second. What the hell are you. You stay right there. We'll go out here do it right so we do that kind of stuff. But there was an argument argument. He was a friend. But a guy. Really advocating for government. You know you gotta have some kind constitution. You gotta have the agreement and stuff. And i'm just thinking and i'm going look man what's your justification for. I mean i'm not doing all this slice andrew spooner channel in you know somebody else. I was just like this is my experience so far and ninety four. I mean we're thirty or something. And i just you know laid it out. And had you know he'd comment. And i had back and forth an email us. Well frederick man saw that and he thought it was the greatest thing ever so he took it and asked me if he could use it as an article to post all his thing. You know like like a corbett deal. And i go well. Yeah as long as you are correct. Spelling and grammar maybe not look like it so Eight he he dressed it up a little bit. I mean it's not all missed watts. Ninety five percent but i mean you know it was just he referenced. Made me do. I sound really smart there but you know so. It inspired him to do this article. So it's you know. It's mind. But i just want you know. Full disclosure He corrected spelling so then it became a thing and he put it out there. And it's on you go on the legitimacy of government ernest hancock and it'll blow up place. Well that article in there was The concept of legitimacy because if it just took guns an f. fifteens tanks and presidency. He's knows other stuff. They wouldn't have to convince you. You know here's my legitimacy. I got freaking twenty millimeter cannon. That's why you know. And but that never works. They have to con- you they have to get your legitimacy they have to get you to. Yeah okay you should be doing. The entire history has been full of individuals and institutions. And things. Trying to get your compliance. And what happens. When you don't comply they fall they always do you know sooner or later they go away but not before they've taken all of your treasure. This is about money. it's about power it's about. It's freaking religion with these people. They're something different now. You say raw wrong with them. They're evil or whatever but they're definitely be have created all these institutions and positions of power and shiny badges for them to take and they go now we have the legitimacy fair and square. We got fair and square. Unfair and unscrew doesn't matter we got the we got frequent shiny batch so therefore you must comply. It's been like that. Since the beginning of time is always point from the first time one guy went like i have a reason to take your stuff and it's always either sheriff of nottingham. It's always been at the point of spear or the you know the end of the club. Or whatever i mean all the way back to beginning times this is one thing. That's kind of ironic. Oh yeah what are we doing with dr frank. Is he going to do friday or next week. or what. yeah he needs a break break break. Yeah well he would come over. On thursdays for thanksgiving is family and everybody. They just come thanksgiving. We always did a show on thanksgiving. 'cause you know there's always get my back of my hand. Slap her region on the stove paste anything during dinner cook. Screw you do show. We're people yell at me. I'll just yell at them. So dr frank got me is big walking dead fan so he got me. That bat with the bob bob around it and she louisville slugger right so it's in a case. Mix it really nice job on really cool. But i'm going to go. Yeah well without government. You know you'll just you'll go to this. I go that got over them. What are you what are you what always is so. It's it's were gonna paired but we make light of. Were by reading diligent as you are ready. You're is oral health important to you if you don't like your teeth fresh breath or kissing people then by all means. Stop listening several years ago. I met jessica armand founder and ceo of my magic mud. And i became passionate about the product that she created. And never wanna live without it's clinically proven to whiten teeth. But i find it does much more. They want you to love my magic mud as much as i do. So they're giving you a money back guarantee plus twenty percents off go to magic mud dot com and use coupon code f. t. l. twenty at checkout my magic mud dot com twenty. Imagine someone in your community getting in their car turning on the radio and hearing the liberty radio network you can make that vision. A reality with your own micro radio station visit broadcast dot l. r. n. dot. Fm to learn how you can put our programs on the air in your area you can have eleryan dot fm running around the clock and you can even add in your own. Local shows billing radio station as simple but programming isn't that l. our end on. Fm comes in learn more at broadcast. Dot dot fm. That's broadcast dot dot fm. We have some good news. The indictments against ross celebrate in the district of maryland were dismissed with prejudice meaning. They can never be refiled. This is especially good because those indictments contain the only charge ever made that ross engaged in murder-for-hire this was a serious allegation at rolls to nice. It was never prosecuted or rolled on by jury but was trumpeted by the federal government. And the media. As if it were proven fact. The maryland court held these indictments for almost five years poisoning. Ross's case and leaving him under a cloud of unproven allegations as explained in his appeal to the supreme court. The fact that the judge used these allegations to give her al-sadr coney sentence of double life without parole violated his sixth amendment right to a jury trial. Judges are required to issue sentences based on convictions. Decided by a jury not unproven. Allegations never even charged trial. Although this is a positive development that dropped indictment will not set. Ross free now. A presidential pardon is ross. His only hope of freedom signed the petition at free. Ross dot org free rawls dot org. There are basically two types of advertising direct response and branding radios great for direct response with its low cost listener ratio. But can't be beat for branding which is a longer term endeavor. You want to be the first thing that someone thinks that when they think about your product or service if you have a local business that you want kept top of mind in your community call the station. If you need national reach freetalklive got around two hundred radio stations. Millions of monthly listening sessions can suit all budgets. And if we don't think we're right for you we'll tell you email me. Market freetalklive dot com. Some of you asked and now we've delivered l. dot. Fm's live keene. New hampshire studio shows are now streamed in hd on twitch visit our channel at twitch dot l. r. n. dot fm and. Give it a follow. If you have amazon prime you get one free subscription on twitch if you use it on our channel two which will give you don. Fm a monthly piece of your prime subscription cost. So please watch follow. Share and subscribe to twitch dot l. r. n. dot fm that's twitch dot l. r. n. dot fm. Join liberty minded volunteers. Anarchists and libertarians. From june twenty eighth through july fourth for forecasts. Twenty twenty one at rogers campground in the beautiful white. Mountains of new hampshire fork happens the week after the porcupine freedom festival and forecast is decentralized which means no one is in charge that also means. There's no ticket cost just reserve your camping. Rv site or motel room with rogers campground for june twenty eighth through july fourth. Where better to celebrate independence day than around other freedom loving activists in the shire you can relax and enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people or you can create whatever experience or event. You'd like others to have if you're planning an event for four fast. Be sure to let others known advance you can connect with fellow forecasters via the unofficial telegram chat or the fork fest forum links to those are on the unofficial website fork fast dot party. Mark your calendar for june twenty eighth through july fourth. Twenty twenty. one. We'll see you at fork fast dot party. This is the liberty radio network broadcasting the latest liberty oriented audio content. Twenty four hours a day at l. dot fm. It's time for declare your independence with ernest. Handgun tend to be a part of the show or called two six two six four six twenty eight hundred twenty five dollars. A bad life really liked role. Played sean. how they hear the show. I'll go to some function or thing for the four corners area in northeastern arizona southeastern colorado and southwestern on no southeastern utah's south western colorado northwestern new mexico the four corners area. We go up there. That's how they hear. The show is from satellite and they find out about what there's a lot of people out there. Let's go and they'll show it like. Wow yeah early we. We thought you'd be taller better looking something but the l. Better prettier on the radio. But the good thing. That's why black market friday one of the things that will do you know twenty five bucks a month for that and i should you know i'm real support of that over the time and we talk about but i'd never personally you know gave to that i've given you know money for advertising and stuff just because you know 'cause 'cause there have been times i i guess we're doing okay. You know there are still around and they. They do well. But that's free talk live you know l. r. n. You know is just like a science project for ian now because you wanted to have liberty own liberty network which is good because without it. Where you get you know liberty network. Because they're they don't wanna take they won't be taken over. They won't be silenced. They won't because they went after him. They tried to do this child porn on remember that kinda and took care of them. Fbi because they went out and hammered on the fbi for running child porn sites sting or says you got us. Federal government is running child porn. You entrapped like what they got. Most of the pedophile is working for the government. Anyways yeah right. it's just got a child born. No it's like the drug war. They don't want competition. You're cutting into their money. You know it's the same kind of thing you know. These guys are men it is. There is that other recruit. They're recruiting for the next next level of bureau bureaucrats or they. Yeah because well. They're they're getting dirt on this guy's a real slime ball is encouraged him and he'll be president. Someday kidding we'll own not they had these people in their j. edgar hoover had it down. He knew what he was doing. A book on everybody in draft. Yeah once he had on your own you so this is i'm i i. I think it's really great that we have these alternative forms of communication. And that's reuters. Lot of pirate a lot of places. We have all these. You know alternative pirate station around the country. Hey you're screwing up my thing. So this is should contact i should. I think they do with l. iran. They take the feed from the from the satellite. That's why you know ian was going. Look ban you guys using this or you just taking it from you know the internet or we could just go internet only and i'm going. Yeah we need to start funding the satellite thing because the internet only they put push a button. They do the same on satellite. But you gotta make a push more than one button. I mean you know they but this is where it's going to be. I remember in the nineties when the clinton administration were going that's when they first started doing big central. You guys don't remember or know much about it because it wasn't an internet you know. It was radio. When i was in radio three narrada big effort for years to get rid of that damn libertarian. Yeah what was the. What was it called. Who is like the fair time doctrine or something like that where they're basically going to try to get rid of talk radio. You had to have as much one side of the argument is what is the other side of the argument of supposedly and the pair time doctrine was they were real pushing it and they were basically wanted to limit talk radio in and know they've had these liberal other globalist side of talk radio try. I mean it fails miserably every time because people don't like it. The only successful the most successful air. America leftie liberal station that was the beacon for the whole network was during his handcock show. Well it was. The charm was gonna show. Yeah morning show here in phoenix. Asa no that was It was k. P. h. and then before as k x x t i think was that the ten ten or something and when we went over there They had us. Come over to the air america which was left liberal. The i mean it was the center of the beast and they didn't really understand what they were getting. They wanted a charles night come over but they were Because you're liberal arians right the own you're against the war even slapping crap outta mccain and bush so you're definitely not republican and yet and then when we started doing promos and everything shows go your medicare and social security and all these plethora of frequent. Well yeah we're libertarians. I thought liberal. -tarian what we go contract. Who let them live hewlett the barbarians. The game go contract. Oh but after three months and we converted everybody you know it was just it was. It was the most popular remote. We go to a bench at different things. It'd be a thousand people there just it was and then you know all the talk show host on the network from all randy rhoads florida would come out you know and all the guys would be on the show and the ed schultz Was at great read. Radio i don't know why they call it red but you know they probably wouldn't now but he would because he's communist but so charles to do his show as one of the most popular things you know him guest hosting and we were already man. I had we were producing some giddy and as producer during that time and They go. we don't want to learn anywhere and who those guys you know so it was a thing and it was everything i could do to get charles to go internet. He's like nah. That's nothing nothing going to you. Watch show finally he let me take and create a the same structure that i had for my show and i go and put stuff on there and it just the first day that we went on. We had ray mcgovern talking about our plan to go to iran. You know what was going on there. Governors Cia intel presidential briefing guy during You know a bunch of administrations before and Had him on. It was twenty three thousand downloads. The first day. And i go. I rest my case. Do you feel me now. You know so. This is how we know coming up. And they're trying to stop. What would they do the only because it was left liberal radio had to be supported from people is the local appliance. I remember there was a a big appliance store. That was really big on it. You know you know lefty liberal of you know selling baskets and peer important one or the hell don the salesman would go out and it was a cause people were supporting it for the cause but charles was many like support that sales department because all centered around the show and it was because we were antiwar and libertarian. That was this libertarian. Government shouldn't be. We have the same goal we want people to be. You know happy. Healthy and wise and the governor go do you know so. It was in that weird and i remember the general manager. Heavy liberal guy ill I can't remember his name. Bob bob anyway so bop bop bop bop. Bop came in after in every show at big glass doors. Yoko sliding doors that separate studio from the you know the officer and he slide it open. Walk and give his opinion about whatever the hell it is that we did so we jacket so i go is not a big giant smoker. But you know. I go out and have you go out and have a say. I'd always have a cigarette with them. I go out yeah. Give me a cigarette up. Cigarette three four minutes of uninterrupted. I get you know with the general manager. That's how i did it. Yeah three or four minutes a day. And i'd just yep just hit him to read a certain book you know him to read loss rights by james boulevard screwed about man toast by that but did it got to wear to the point that orders of john mccain for him running for president mccain paid three time with work again atop ratzel. I remember if they want it. They're going to get you have to go hall. Turn it ivana crimes of the crown by captain mark. The crown cast the world in shadow and claims to be our guiding light cowards clamor for security from boogeyman and ghost stories. Well i say these hobgoblins are imaginary. I say those. They propped up as our liberators are now subsisting. On our bondage. I say there is freedom in the black. And that's exactly where we intend to go the crown banishes officers for exposing its crimes and tortures dissidents to the brink of madness it dominates the globe and swallows the wealth of generations leaving only blood and excrement the crown calls it piracy to explore frontiers beyond its grasp so the time has come for us to define the conduct among pirates. I say the crown has trampled our necks long enough need decentralized solutions to centralized problems looking for a community of like minded scoundrels or just want some swag to let the crown know what you think of it. Join the conversation at pirateswithoutborders dot com. We won't be hard to find. According to a groundbreaking study on anxiety disorders published this week in the new england journal of medicine researchers have discovered that feelings of anxiety can be completely resolved as long as people think about them real hard after studying subjects with mild to chronic anxiety disorders. We found that the best way to overcome mental stress is to isolate the route of the anxiety. Analyze it from every possible angle. And then think about it nonstop until it completely disappears. Researchers worked with numerous subjects in the middle of high stress scenarios and said makida overcoming anxiety is to start by focusing on a minor problem list. Everything that can go wrong in the worst case scenario and then repeat that list in your head two hundred times after anywhere between three to six hours of her petulantly torturing yourself over things outside of your control all feelings of anxiety will completely disappear and you can finally enjoy the remainder of your day. 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This is a good delivery method for our content cr coverage maps and get details at sat l. dot fm that sad l. orenda fm sat l. fm. Don't worry about things you can't control. Isn't that what they always say. But it's about impossible to avoid worrying about what's going on these days. The government is use the war on guns the war on drugs and the war on terrorism to tara bill of rights to shreds. But you can fight back. The tenth amendment centers proven racking up major victories for example when the us government claimed authority in the nba the military kidnap and detain americans without trial. The nullifies got law passed in california declaring the state's refusal to ever participate in any such think their latest project is off now dot org nullifying the national security agency. They've already gotten model. Legislation introduced in california arizona. Oklahoma missouri and kansas meant to limit the power of the nsa to spy on americans in those states. We'd be fools to wait around for the us congress or courts to roll back big brother our best chances nullification and interposition on the state level. Go to off now dot org per out that model legislation and get to work nullifying. The nsa the hero. Edward snowden has risked everything to give us this chance. Let's take it off now dot org you can sign up to receive the latest about the liberty radio network the our email updates at updates dot l. dot fm that's dot l. n. dot fm freedom freed as the answers the answer. What's the question or listening to ernest out. Byron exposing la we did and the big lies thinking that you're not going to be you know called the task for sporting a man that's you know that's you think I don't know what you're thinking you know. This is going to be I got a video here. We're haven't watched yet so we'll do it with you together. It's five minutes of Awaken a-a watches bob. No big long red headed yogi guy. That's always doing you ever seen those. I don't do that much time. Watching videos and things i got they get life. Okay well we're going. We'll play it and you'll kind of get this guy. I'm sure you've seen him you know. Oh yeah i mean just a little bit. I don't spend much time like say i. I watch everything that he does. I have i have. He's he's he's being you know. That's why while i got banned. I mean so you know knows that but they go and do this. We'll talk about what it's about how to be more obedient. You guys need be more. Not being 'obedient enough. You're not doing it right. Hi would you like to know how to be more obedient. of course you would. It helps get rid of things like freedom self expression and happiness but being strictly obedient. Not only means you're contributing to a better world living so pay close attention so you can learn how to be more obedient. Think that the people controlling you are protecting you. You need to think that the people controlling you are doing so for your own. Good that way. You'll allow them to continue having power over you. It's any perpetrator wants their abuse. Victim to think. Wait for permission. You know inspiring people are just losers who tell you to live your life boldly and not wait for anybody to give you permission to take action and follow your heart instead. It's best to hide inside waiting for someone else to give you permission for when you can go outside. See your family or exercise live in fear. You can't be obedient unless you're i constantly in fear so be sure to pay very close attention to words in headlines that are designed to make you scared. Words like covid cases and headlines constantly reminding you how many people could die rather than how many have died. We'll help you believe censorship is protecting you instead of knowing your and intelligent adult who can think for yourself understand you. Need the supreme leaders of mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey to tell you. What's true and hide everything else from you to protect you from your own thoughts. It's not condescension its protection. Believe what the media tells you as you watch propaganda constantly being fed to you by the media. Just believe that the propaganda they're feeding. You is true because it's an english. Not chinese so you can trust it. Treat safety as your life's purpose instead of being brave. Just live in denial. That death is part of reality as you enjoy your passionate pursuit of safety but just you can eventually come out of the coffin of your comfort zone once. There's no more death in the world because then it'll be safe. Outsource your truth. Don't trust your perspective. It's not shape but it's probably just misinformation instead for example when you see that. The overall death rate during this year of the deadly pandemic is a little bit less than the overall death toll of two thousand eighteen. Keep trusting untrustworthy people who tell you. It's deadlier than the factual numbers. You're seeing on the cdc website. You're being gessler. Bonus obedience with your health and wellbeing blindly. Trust computer programmers who have been found guilty in federal antitrust lawsuits never questioned corrupt authorities. When you see a supreme leader gavin newsom sitting inside restaurant in close proximity with twelve unmasked people just know. He didn't want you to find out so it doesn't count but keep doing what he tells you to do. Even though it's obvious he doesn't think it's necessary to do what he's telling you to do. After all he didn't get elected to a position of power to not have power over people. Don't think for yourself when people around you are afraid of something that your heart and critical thinking tell you you don't need to be afraid of portray yourself and be afraid like everyone else. Instead of being a leader you'll feel like you fit in by sheep and cheaper some of the most inspiring lee obedient animals in existence as you suffocate your freedoms with joy of obedience. You'll never have to wonder what it's like in north korea because you'll be living at enjoy being obedient. i also wanna thank. You know the coffin of your comfort zone that one. That's a good one and the coffee you be in coffin of your comfort zone okay. Yeah that's how how it works i. I'm i'm looking at You know Stuff is kinda humorous and funny until it's not living it it it's kinda you're going. Yeah that is you know. It's kinda ed you know and your band so he got d monetize and d. Whatever you have like you know got he's got like Two minutes left promote some drink. Or something you know these these cellnet. He's doing so i'm going. God these guys we gotta fund them. I just did a in the patriots thing. And they'll patriarca. He doing patriarch. That's that's gonna last forever but l. r. n. dot. Fm has funding thing. It's fun da l. dot. Fm is that what it was done. Donna is it going. What's the what did you go to the url to get to that fund or funding or what the fund dot l. r. n. Dot fm afford to the patriotic show. I'm going in. I do like twenty five bucks. Well they didn't have that one had thirteen dollars fifty dollars. And i'm like fifty dollars is one you know how much willing to take crypto off. I'm sure that's what all these fun guys ought to. They ought to be yoga. You wanna play. They ought to be trying to get funded with crypto money. They do you know they offer that. Obviously and they get a lot of funding from a lotta guys in the crypto because they made a bunch of people l. roger veer got filthy stinking. Come listen Free talk live telling them about bitcoin. Yeah he's always been kind of monetize guys. You ought to be having a little. Qr code on the bottom of everyone of their videos That people can like. Oh well just yeah they do we do. We have the crypto on site and everything. I checked it. You know. I i could probably go check it i just. I don't have time to even go look. We could be filthy stinking rich nine. Not even though you know. Because i am not we have enough to do it. We're not money a lot of times. People think it's money it's not money it's time you know. I need to buy some time. I buy and hire some people. Somebody wants to help. You know that's where we get a lot of our Help from people that have time you know they help would put up signs making signed doing code. Sharon stop doing that. Hell i'd pay a zillion dollars for that you know so it's It's not that we have good patrons that you know. Make sure that we keep doing what we're doing because they like what we're doing so i keep doing it you know. And do you love buses and stuff and But the big thing is you give us money. It builds up for us to do bigger projects. Like the love. Bust you know and You know size. A bunch of the efforts in the printing like we had six hundred. Fifty dollar Bill yesterday somebody paid for us doing christmas cards. So this is we get afford it and do it or i. Wouldn't you know done it. But you know you are allowed. You know the take care business for us. So this is The kind of things that happen. But i tell you it's not it's with. The money is definitely appreciated needed but it is so much more value oftentimes that you got some skills some piece of equipment some knowledge some help some some get involved now on the satellite thing for l. Rn i know personally. The effect it has on freedom the the ability for people to get this kind of program in and have and it's not even the type of programming in can get any programming need to know something for the alike of their lifestyle their position or not have a forty chandler on seeing. How rumor four yelling. you go warming. I mean you think our yard. We are long as you'd be my name emails. That won't you be my name. I'm grateful to have heard from some of our satellite listeners. Recently i appreciate knowing that people are out there who like what we do and are willing to support it financially l. Fm's free to air satellite feeds blanket. Most of two continents. It was my goal to put our channel there. So people without internet could receive our programs and feed pirate radio stations. We started a fundraiser on patriotic. A few years ago to back the satellite channels. I recently announced that. I was considering canceling the feeds and donations increased from fifteen to twenty percent of our costs which are around one thousand dollars per month. That's a good start to incentivize more contributions. the shire free church will be matching every dollar. Can we reach five hundred dollars per month with your help we can. You can join our satellite fundraiser. For just two dollars a month at fund dot l. r. end on fm if we raise enough to keep both of the channels on the air awesome. If we raise more. I'll add more channels if not we can shut them down and go internet. Only it's up to you. Thank you for your support f. u. n. d. dot l. r. n. dot fm. Now that you've found the liberty radio network at l. dot fm. You may wanna help expose others to our great programs to assist you doing so. You'll find resources at promote dot l. r. n. dot fm including details on how to get a free bumper sticker quarter page flyers. You can pronounce distribute manners for your website as well as files that will allow you make your own custom. Banners and graphics visit promote dot dot. Fm and help bring new listeners. To the liberty radio network that's promote dot l. dot fm. Are you tired of government. Murdering people around the world stop using their money. There is an alternative. Bitcoin is a stateless free market. Non-political currency bitcoin cannot be inflated or controlled by any government by using their money. You're helping the state stop doing it. You have an incredible alternative available now. Learn it years. It spread it get started with bitcoin at bitcoin dot com. That's bitcoin dot com. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed. Ready nip work at live dot hotline newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by us on facebook twitter and instagram's the public service doing this past november twenty seventh and twenty twenty. I'm mike clifford than fifty advocacy organizations. Have set a letter to pennsylvania's congressional delegation urging immediate action on a new covid relief package ten months into the covid pandemic more than one point three million pennsylvania households report. They are struggling to put food on the table and half a million households a fallen behind in their rent. But according to jeff garris with the pennsylvania budget and policy center many provisions of relief package is passed early this year. Such as extended unemployment assistance and the moratorium on evictions will expire if congress doesn't act when they return from the thanksgiving recess. We need to know that when people get to the holidays. They're not gonna find themselves. Cut off from the vital aid that they need. So we're calling on. Our members of congress are senators. Don't be the grinch this year. The house passed the heroes act and expanded relief. Bill in may. But so far the senate has failed to pass a supplemental relief. Bill i'm andrea sears. Reporting a recent report for the century foundation found that without congressional action told million people nationwide will lose federal health benefits december. The twenty six meantime artem but ard reports while high pollution is found black and brown communities. A new poll shows of many white. Americans are not aware of the gap in virginia. The majority minority area of charles city county already is home to a landfill with plans to build to fret. Gas fired power plants. Fate harris with virginia interfaith power and light says many white virginians don't know about the environmental struggles in the county because of segregation and lack of education. She says the power plants pose a perfect storm of pollution for historically african american community. This is way overburdened with the air quality issues as well as possible waterfall. The issues because of the pollution that would come from all of this concentrated industry. The national poll conducted by the environmental defense fund. Shows that sixty percent of black responded say. They're very concerned about air pollution in their communities versus thirty two percent of white respondents. I'm diane bernard about seventy percent of black. Latino responded say climate change is a major problem paired with fifty one percent of white people. A fourteen point difference the guardian reports president. Donald trump said. He will leave the white house. When the electoral college votes for democratic president elect joe biden the closest. The outgoing president has come to conceited. Defeat the guardian noted by won the presidential election with three hundred six electoral college votes. Many more than the two seventy required to trump's to thirty two biden also leads trump by more than six million in the popular vote. Tally this is pianists. Twenty twenty was a tough year and pushing voter turnout. Among north dakota native americans because of the pandemic the state didn't see as much activity and tribal areas as in other parts of the country. One roof says a connection still being made and has it is on future elections going into two thousand. Twenty north dakota native vote wanted to build on the higher turnout. Among native populations the states on twenty eighteen but early estimates indicate the number will be lower however the group's nicole donigi says because of the adaptability of their field staff there momentum isn't lost forever we've made connections and we were Reinforcing our brand getting you know. Put a native o out there again is so people are are certainly familiar with us and that can only help amid the elections final stages cova cases. Were spiking north dakota. The group did virtual training for canvassers on reservations. To still reach voters. donigi says looking forward. They'll do more planning so. They can deploy a variety of strategies. Based on the circumstances the energy from ada voters in recent years is seen as important. Because of the state's voter id requirements which advocates say disenfranchises their people. I'm mike mohan covid. Nineteen is caused a big spike in poverty and now california has the country's highest number of kids experiencing hunger with two point two million living in food insecure households. Where at least one family member does not have enough. D tamra sandberg with a nonprofit save the children says the organization has partnered with rural school districts to distribute meals california has seen the highest increase in the number of children. Living in food insecure households with over eight hundred and sixty thousand more california kids experiencing hunger now compared with before the pandemic. I'm suzanne potter. Next tuesday is giving tuesday. People want to help can text the word plate to two zero two two two to make a one time ten dollar donation. Finally our nanny ronald lets us know. College students at northern kentucky university are participating in a program that allows them to give away thousands of dollars in grants to local nonprofits. Researchers found that among five hundred students who took the philanthropy class when they were sophomores fifty eight percent went onto graduate versus twenty four percent. Overall counselors is an associate professor of spanish and faculty coordinator for mayor sohn student philanthropy project classes at n. Ku she says community engagement makes the topic studied in the classroom. Real and relevant the incorporation of students land therapy and a class. Make students more engaged. We've not only seen that in our own in our own classrooms but the data also reflects that this is by clifford. Four public do service. We are member listener. Supported heard on great radio stations across the nation and always online at public news service dot org because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me. I remember one hundred years. We have these machines and adler century. I remember that let us make them. Remember the veered over here on declare your independence understand cocky on to- pa arizona. Oh we're we're we're we're worried you know what we worried about. You know what we were you know. We're going to talk about you. Know stuff the new administration if they even come in. I am not willing to give up on You know what they froze thing is. I don't want trump to stop you fight until a freaking bitter end. But he's a sore lewd. I go gas. Oh what you know you go down fighting even if you're gonna lose but now and again you might and it sets a good example and we find some stuff you know so i might go guy go get and so i'm like of course they want him to capitulate and then they got you know putin's going to pick and yet you guys when you guys figured out let me know. Excuse me so i'm going. I'm more worried about who's up there. It's them those still in charge and they're going to take all our goodies. Well one of the things that we've been promoting The alternative way being able to look at opportunities. I mean i don't need a babysitter. But i need somebody a professional that knows how to allow me different options and those that are older. Maybe you know more wiser seeing these cycles before. So look man. I just you give me out. I don't know some people need to be babysat. Some people just need options. Where i moved this how i can do that where i can go. I'll take care of it you just you work for me. I don't work for you. You work for me. Okay i wanna know where i can put this and get advice and then i make the decision and the thing for me is gonna talk to him about is that it's getting aware if you got it. They want it. And i'm going. How are they going to get it. And how can you put where. They don't have it and the only way i know how to do that is Is buried over here and your business. So how do we do that. Well you want. Yeah but you can take advantage of the lab. Libdeh and i'm going. I don't want them. I won't be the position to take advantage of me. I mean we're getting to that point. So this is You know the first question to tim. Tim joe liberty adviser liberty adviser dot coup and we go all right him. What's going on out in the market. There how are you doing science. And you're set and you got you know great stories detail or you're scared or what tells everything. Go good morning. everybody. And i guess it's quite introduction of toss everything and and it depends on which markets we've got you know all the markets are going crazy if you got the stock market. The dow jones hit thirty thousand yesterday. First time ever off the backs of trump sort of conceding. But not really. I mean he had that whole Whole 'nother Rabbit hole going down that going on at that whole mess. It's all the same stuff that you've talked about for years in terms of and magic and stuff now the general public just finding out about that's a whole 'nother show that we can do just on that subject alone but now the market is the dow jones at basically an all time high right now or was yesterday down a little bit today if you had the crypto market knocking on thousands so he bitcoin about the hit all time highs well or damn near but for the people that got an early. I also wanna pimp in and Promote the fact that we do have those different bitcoin tra- strategies for people that are trying to get some of their wealth into the real world. But you know you'd asked her in the break. Wash the people be doing and it really just depends where the rat in life you know how much money they already have or welfare already. Have you know how old they are. What their risk tolerance is. I mean if someone doesn't know anything about bitcoin. I don't think they should be going whole hog into bitcoin. They nothing about it. I mean. I think no matter what you do you should especially yeah especially yeah especially at an all time high which is why you know a lot of people end up doing or what they did three years ago and and you know it depends Are you someone that has you know a million dollars. Two million dollars you know. How much are you spending. Are you below. your means are living above your means. That's gonna sort of also determine what you're up to. And i did give him presentation. Two years ago. Erica poco Called bri entitled at crisis retiring on different strategies people could use to basically whether this storm because there's a lot because a lot of these timelines can take a lot longer than what we think. Because you obviously myself and your audience. And and you and bob i mean all this stuff has been so messed up for so long. I mean since before i was even born. You know you told somebody like ron paul and nineteen. It'd be twenty twenty and all the crazy stuff that's going on and yet. The dollar has collapsed. Everyone probably would have thought you had three heads or something and so you know. Never underestimate how long stuff takes but it does seem like they are gearing up for a great reset and they'd rather have the last thing they want to have a reset underneath trump. Which is why they had to steal the election. And and there's somebody that wrote in kanye west and doesn't really care The whole thing is this a straight anyways It was obvious that they did not want to have a reset underneath trump. And and for me. I mean the worst thing in the world would having underneath hillary. Except you know. We've basically squandered the same way but you know the first two years of trump's presidency completely squandered when the republicans controlled everything and everyone was taking victory laps for getting out of the tv p. And victor last forgetting out You know all these different You know climate agreements and and whatnot and the in nafta by at the end of the day. I mean biden if he ends up getting in. They're just going to undo everything in two seconds and now all did trump was double the size of the fed's massive increase deficit. You know basically less free than we've ever been in our lifetimes biden around ninety mile long You know trump parades going around phoenix. You know sirkin. Each other often in my entire thing was listen guys. If they control the voting machines all need do is rig five or six different states and even even from that rig five or six different counties and last night. I listened to and this was amazing and i i want to get him on is in. This is guy that your friends with no well is. I listened to an interview with patrick byrne last night and he was going deep. I don't know have you paid attention to what he's been saying the past week or two about all the electric prods. Stuff I'm not bugging him. I check his Capture site every day waiting for him to pop up. And i've been sitting here going. I need to write an article waiting for patrick bird okay. I knew that when he comes out. It's going to be i here. We go because he's got a lot of ill platforms of different things that he's doing for the next america. I mean this is. He understand what's going on. And so yes i've seen what he did. He did some data analysis to where to him. It's obvious that the election was screwed with and And anybody else. That's got a couple of brain cells. So i'm thinking i want to get him on in a place that i got good internet you know i am just not gonna have him suffered through all the crap that we're going through but the I want to assure leakage on west. Yeah yeah yeah we can do something up there. Come on yeah. Maybe we'll do that. We can do a to further. And do you know do the for world media after that because he he was just on fire. It's going through all the analysis and going through it but anyways all stuffy your audience best. Gary knows if they've been paying attention to the fraud stuff stuff. You'd be covering for years. Maybe not stuff that actor. Frank knows because it seems like he was caught flat-footed on this whole thing in terms of You know what the deep state was going to do. And how You know no one could have saw this coming. Even though my anarchy poco speech listed six different states there would be stolen. And the reasons why there'd be still. Oh no. I've been dr frank. I've been dr rankin. This is you know what. I got a business partner a good friend of mine as an attorney in glendale and we met at church Back in late eighties. So we've been friends for a long time. It used to be a city councilman in glendale and He's all the the patriots nabbed after big law firm studies and everything and he wanted to know what's going to happen to select. It's going to be overwhelming for trump on election night and then they're going to steal well like you're always right. I'm gonna ask freaking obvious now. Well off now. We'll see we'll get back to you know economic. We come back with input from the third letter of captain. Mark the crown's observation conditions us to be dishonest with ourselves. Therefore constant surveillance produces a society of constant deception. Honest communication is the seed of civilized conduct to deny us the seed to deny us. It's fruits but the crowns primary objective is stifled free. Thought itself to make it. Subjects capable of dissent season pirates have always encrypted messages and codes and ciphers to intercepted transmissions were incomprehensible but today the crown possesses a band tools a pattern recognition that document profile and predict our every. Move today piracy requires hailing frequencies completely invisible to the crown. We are tired of poltergeist in the static looking for a community of like minded scoundrels or just want some swag to let the crown know what you think of it. Join the conversation at pirateswithoutborders dot com. Do you ever say. I could care less really mean the opposite. You mean to say. I couldn't care less. It's a common mistake. You are judged by how you speak especially if you're looking for work with so many more applicants than openings now but even if you're not avoiding common misstatements will help you make the most of the dozens of conversations and transactions that crowd your daily routine. So whatever you say. Don't say whatever as a single word sentence. It's the most annoying in the american english language according to a recent poll and avoid cliches like the plague. Just kidding but seriously at the end of the day you'll want to avoid this scenario sounding like everyone else for more tips. Hit survival speech dot com. I'm holland cooke. 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I think you'll like it freetalklive. Do you think it's a respectable job to go around and threaten people over parking somewhere. You're intentionally misrepresenting. Would've parking and people in that manner they right take in. What do you think selling tickets. This is why. I think you saw the video on how people act in the real world. It very unusual. The parking enforcers are issuing threats. And that's what a ticket is if you don't pay the tickets. There's a consequence behind that they'll tow your car. In some cases they'll boot. Your card depends on what city the people that work downtown. Lot of them. I loved the robin hood is because the robin hood would regularly save. These are the people who are putting change in expired. Parking meters downtown. They would regularly save downtown denizens people who are working or living downtown from getting multiple parking tickets every month. Free talk live seven nights a week from seven to ten eastern live on the liberty radio network at l. r. n. dot fm. What's up next. Visit the liberty radio network program guide to find out at shows dot l. r. n. Dot fm that shows dot l. r. n. dot fm to be a part of the show. Call six two two six four eight hundred eight hundred six zero two two two six four six four two thousand eight hundred and an hour now ernest and temperature sitting in. We got a temperature. At the liberty adviser dot com. Liberty is deliberately adviser liberty advisory liberty adviser. Okay yes because some mortgage company had the other one so all the scumbags deliberately liberty adviser dot com. Now this is Several things to talk about. But i wanted to bring up patrick. Byrne patrick. byrne is We've been having on the show regularly over the years. Since god nine ten or something when he was going up against this naked short selling thing in and understand how screwed we really are but from a different direction. It wasn't like he was politically involved philosophically in with these guys what they were doing. It's it's how it actually affected his stock on overstock and he goes look man. I can see what the hell is it. So he's a smart stanford. I remember all my algebra guy and he goes. He's like i can see what you sons a bitch. So then he created peasy row which is the transaction immediately. Settles and. don't have this three day one day kind of you. Don't make it short sean. Crap that they're doing so he goes boom. He released that on nasdaq. He puts his own stock into their company. Works kinda dan. It's often going but he understood what was going to happen crypto. He understood what they're gonna do with the stock market. He understands how this is all going to unravel and he was. I don't know if he's openly. Supportive of trump. Certainly going after the bad guys so when this Election fraud happened. He was like and is so neon flashing obvious. Anybody knows how to use a calculator or has it. Brain doesn't need one so he's been out coming out and i've been talking about on the show here recently. I'm going you know i'm waiting for. I'm sitting here running right article waiting for when he comes out he goes. Yeah feel me now. Does everybody see what's when he does that. It's time and until the end. Hey man i'm surfing. I'm just chilling up for me to do you know. So he's out getting ready for the two point. Oh humanity or whatever three point. Oh internet three point. Oh kiss my butt. So this is patrick will be a prominent individual in the future. But he already is behind the scenes more than people realize. I know this. So i'm going okay. So when he came out on this election fraud thing is that you want trump the win or fix no. I don't think so. I don't think he cares. I think he'd rather trumpy out in this. Go kick ass. His point is is legitimacy of the system. That's where it needs to go. That's why. I don't think people understand what he's doing. But i do and i'm going. Yep here we go. Don't underestimate the fact that the a lot of the people they don't want to know what the story is. They haven't put their head in the sand and and and just pretend it's all going to be good and they don't you know so i didn't want mentioned a lot about maricopa county. He spent a long time and that podcast to talk maricopa county irregularities and all the bs that was going on and so. I'm wondering what a guy like john. Breaky obviously leaning a lot more liberal. Who's into all this stuff. I'm sure he's probably like hey. Let's fix it next time because guys biden one but it seemed like basically What's his name. Patrick byrne was at the stance of listen to the democrats are the party of the goons. Those are obviously the bad guys and not really a trump fan by you know he is the president now and i would be doing this if they did it to obama either way around and you know he just wants honesty and elections even though you and i and everyone listening. Most listening know that Basically political solutions or voting. Harder has pretty much useless. Yeah how'd your voting harder work out for you this time so it should have been j. One trump should have been on this for years ago. But you know. I ruined trust in the plan and cunard. And there's still people out there who think this is part of the plan like Bob stanley actually thinks that this was all part of the plan to catch the democrats and that we have you know trump intended to actually lose but then really you know win to the courts that we can prove. Just how bad everybody is on like come on you know. That's no. give me a break. These guys had no idea. The stuff was never focused on melon. Voter fraud. were not focused on the machines. Not folks on fracture. Magic guys like You know who's who's the The indian Senator guy sheva you know. He was a focused on it until he until he was an got screwed by it. And so you know it's just. How many times do we have to mention this stuff. And how many times the kooks over here and neither be proven right to have people finally take seriously and i guess you know maybe getting back to some of the the economic stuff because we had you know asked to know what this really means for the future. I actually went on boss. Silver the other. Day from robertson roberts Which is you know. One of your guys guys go to fritos beings dot com. You can find that. Believe in the upper left hand corner the link to their site and You know yeah in the future. I think things like obviously goldens over crypto. It'd be good places but you know it depends on what people's knowledge of this is. I mean if someone sixty five years old and has never been gold or silver a grip. W4 you know. They probably shouldn't have gigantic percentages in. You know especially on their side. Things were rat now. Although you know i am me. Don't i mean. This is not investment advice but i think some day i think bitcoin will be one hundred thousand but you know i think it will probably be seven thousand two at some point too so it doesn't matter when bread cost on her thousand. Exactly it's going to be well. By the time. The lows abroad caused one hundred thousands of bitcoin. Probably be into the millions. But but it's not gonna matter because it's going to go to. Infinity will eventually a collapse. But they're gonna try to collapse it into you. Know some sort of global sdr by the united states dollar be wrapped up into some sort of transnational currency. I think happened with the end's okay. Here's i. I don't think it's going to be very long. And you're gonna see they're gonna start Going to this one. World crypto currency. I think you'll see within. I think you'll see it. Within the first hundred days of the biden administration. I mean that would be aggressive. But you whether it's one hundred days or whether it's two years or five years it's still right around the corner and i mean you've got all the heads of all the central banks talking about this now. Cdc's central bank digital currencies. You've got drone pala talking about the fact you've got the bank of international settlements talking about it and you got the bank of japan talking about it. The ev looks like they're moving ahead super fast and this china already sort of already. Has it already ready to go and already sort of tests beta in their program and how they got people to opt into one of these programs was they had some raffle and shinzan. Were they could win the chance to win. Like thirty bucks so they had. I think two billion people sign up to win thirty dollars and For chance two dollars and they got two people to sign up and now You know so. That's one way to gain a fire and they're going to. They need to figure out how to get people to and so you just make everybody get really poor. You bankrupt them and then you hold some money over their head. And then they're basically forced to then take the money which is going to be the mark of the beast and then they're gonna say. Oh you get your vaccine. Sorry then you don't get your digital This month you get your universal basic income. And i think the initial plan are going back to two thousand. Thirteen twenty. fourteen was probably a war with russia. An end to say. Hey listen this whole monetary collapse because of these damn russkies. And if it wasn't for this war everything was going fine. And then you know with trump getting elected definitely I think altered their their playbook and so they had to call an audible on this whole thing and they couldn't get the russia you know. Hysteria cranked up enough and they couldn't get a war with china going so now You know whatever plan was to have a plan and then use the plan damage to be the cover to say. Hey know everything was going great. Until this whole You know pandemic nobody could have seen except for bill gates who was warning about it right ahead of time and having conferences on it. But you know besides that You know if it wasn't for the pandemic it's oh don't you know it's not the fact that our money was based on data and was on. Sustainable day wanna can never be repaid. They want they're going to blame it on The pandemic is going to happen regardless and they didn't need a excused. 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I see people who call themselves the government as a threat to my personal freedom. I realize you may feel differently but my relationship with the people who call themselves. The governor is completely involuntary if starbucks used some of its money to drop bombs. I wouldn't shop there. So why would. I support the american empire. The empire does not require by consent. Derek jays victimless crime spree. Watch it for free and order the director's cut. Dvd and victimless crime. Spree dot com. That's victimless crime. Spree dot com video. Varkey new hampshire bay shows a screamed on d. live please follow share a live dot dot. Fm that's d. Live dot l. r. n. dot fm them routes and. It's the earnest handcock shot. Where we're going there aren't at erie road. You already have like all these meetings. Between paul. And steve mnuchin already. Which you know shouldn't be happening. In my opinion you have black rock going in there and acting as a broker to have the fed by all these bonds which is basically illegal. But nobody cares and We're at this point of tyranny. Where i just can't really is right now and And i just really wish that all the cuoco patriots out there the past four years worth of sitting around high fiving each other Driving around with trump flags actually did something and now they all think oh did to move over to parlor. Oh yeah parlor the company. That's you know run by the mercer's who started cambridge analytica and has already been censoring people. Answer or all the answers Go over to you know some other. Dan bongino run. Run thing. and it's and it's just people just don't get it and the people that you know just woke up to all this stuff a year or two ago are not the ones who have the answers dr frankenstein other listening out there. But people like ernie who's been on this forever. You know i respect your stance at higher coming up this whole thing with s and and trying to create a Decentralized future because they can't stop you they will stop you and they are going to stop you and actually that reminds me This upcoming monday. We're trying to do a union of the unwanted where I know the guys from content. Safe you're going to be there I think germany coffins gonna be there. I think someone's trying to get the ceo on and I think in. I'm inviting you right now if you wanna had to that one day monday it's always at seven eastern It's usually every other monday. And that i saw you know ripple whatever rick have sent a thing out. And i'm i don't wanna be because i'm in a broken record and i don't want to a head on this with these guys but my thing is i'm going you go from one centralized platform to another one. I'll give a crap how you know woke. They are freedom. They are or whatever they are. You know we we wouldn't censor that. Well do you have the capability of censoring. Well yeah we would never do it. You know and i go. Well what am. I even talked to jeremy. Kaufman go when they show up with the subpoena of dow shout. And you have to comply you. Go up gotta take it down. Because they're a brick and mortar. They got the investors and whatever the hell they're going to do whatever they gotta do. And i'm like a nod investing. We'll use whatever. But i go. I'm not counting on any of these guys being immune to the guy with a gun and a piece of paper that comes into your business that i i for me to think that i'm going to be immune from somebody doing that. You can't always count on the lobby. Bit guys that. Just shut down the business. So they don't have to give up their customers but as a rare but when they shut it down then you don't have it you know so i'm going. I'm i've been through this too many times if they can they will. I don't know how often i can say that. No one there's a mean that came out. As as morpheus sitting at the red chair is clarence thomas supreme court guy and it has the quote here he says you take the blue pill the election ends you wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you wanna believe you take the red pill you dispute the fraud and i show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes. That's where i think we're going and trump is. That's one thing that i can count on. Trump is that he will not quit if he stopped quits. His brands dead and he cares more about his name his brand and a future and how he's depicted which mountain he gets a monument to or something. You know then anything else which is good. I liked. I liked it a little bit of ego like that one. It's placed in against the bad guys so the fact does yeah. I was president so bit. Don't think i don't know all right so we go down this rabbit hole. That's where you're patrick burns aren't coming out and the decentralized everybody in ipm bass and the people internet three point kiss my ass and satellites into whatever that's when we start and it'd be a small ooh percentage but that's all it takes and they're going to do everything they can to shut us up and the effectiveness or whatever we do when we do i pick up right after the show i go pick up thousands and thousands and thousands of love bus christmas cards that we're going to be distributed everywhere starting black market friday then the signs start then. The newspaper comes out. Dan dan dan. Dan dan we get into legislative session. Starts into the second monday in january. Here bob and i have always done that week. From when the that's when the fun begins when the fund began we everything is built up to then every year election year not election year. It's that it could set their clock. I hear comes earning. bob. I mean you know guy man. So we're doing. I've already talked a bunch of people there. Patriot community the republican disc or precinct of the. We're going to fix everything that whenever i've talked just we're gonna do i call it bill. Jackie take the right side of my right foot right side. You're entering into about it here comes. You're ready. I'm morning yet. Here comes here. We go so we're doing this because it needs to be done but it's going to be done anyway to nami of this and patrick byrne that's why i keep bringing that up. I go patrick byrne when he shows up then you know it's on and he showed up i go it's on here. We go you know. Show i need to know from you Him where do we put our money. Well i mean like i said before. Roy depends on people's individual situation. And i don't wanna lose my money. That's my individual's i do not want my money where they take it got it. That's my situation answered. That i want you to define money. And so what most people define. His money is actually currency in the form of the dollar and a lot of people already know that You know who who are listening here so if you want to the real thing. People want to conserve reserve person power. So you know and ideally. I think you know conservative person powers. Knock on holding cash long-term. It's not going to be done holding bonds long-term but you know traditionally you know some real assets like you know like real estate could insert places. I mean obviously not like california or new yorkers chicago You know could be one way. You know everything collapses. A stocks could be another way crypto. Could be another way. I mean it's not really been proven entirely yet in terms of going through a crash. But i do believe that on the other side of lots of money printing. I think in a long time sea. Bitcoin and certain cryptos going up a lot. And i think golden silver that are in your physical possession. is probably a better way to go. I know some people are big into a gold. Ira as and we do offer them as well however You know i. I think it's better that people just have the gold on their own and Because you know if it's in a you know it has been a vaulted storage anyways. So you know what would happen in a real collapse scenario as they could go in and take your money out of vault whether it's in a vault or an etf so having your own possession would be the more preferred way but there are people You know who won't do that. And and so we do have clients that are that do have money in different. Etf sort of you know gold and you know and trust of bitcoin because You know they won't just do it on their own. And you can lead a horse to water but certain people won't do it So it's better than nothing and I it's just. I see a great reset that it is obviously coming at this point and so i've tried developing a portfolio going for that hadn't fully implemented yet or have implemented it yet. It's gonna have some cash component to it. Just in case there is a big drop in certain assets that we can use the cash to swoop in and you know some component of it will have gold mining stocks and you know and actual gold. Some component of it will have bitcoin. But you know what you should have some knowledge on the stuff so don't just You know you should died down the rabbit hole. He should go in and read. You know started people like richard grove and see all the different things that he's talked about in terms of. You know studying the deep state and things that are really going on and and not. Just take word for it and but you know. I don't think people should just go whole hog into bitcoin if they know nothing about it and and and also there's so many risks that are out there people always want to make box into all these cryptos. The cost point zero zero one cents because they wanna buy you know thousands of them and and wait for that to moon and so a lot of people will lose money that way. I'm sure and unfortunately. I think the system is designed to basically make everybody broke and then eventually you're going to have a dollar they reset something else but example. I like to give is back in germany They had the goldmark. The run mark. The rich marks the deutschemark. If you're sitting in holding onto goldmark your white cow and martha basically wiped out from the rice. Craze in that was point thousand the other bush mark than was euro. But if you're holding onto mercedes-benz stock. I assume they'll pick way wasn't around back our not bold madison turkey. Our stock market. Germany hyperinflation around nineteen eleven hundred from the fourth letter of captain mark. Landlubbers are conditioned to believe that the originators of an idea deserve exclusive rights to it. But these innovators are nothing but privateers granted a monopoly by the crown. Potential inventors are restricted from using their own property and forced to navigate a wilderness. A prohibited ideas these pattern. Monopolies are intellectual colonization. This alliance of means between the crown and the privateers is not an alignment of ends both collude to establish a permission culture in which everyone second guesses their own thoughts. Never sure which. Ideas are permissible to develop but their objectives are different. The crown aims cripple. Dissenting opinion while privateers will only be satiated. When new ideas already fall under their monopoly. The scheme does not protect our information but sees it and denies us access. The future belongs to individuals who think speak an act freely to create and share without reservation. Join the conversation at pirateswithoutborders dot com on free talk live. We're bringing people to the ideas of liberty. 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I'll add more channels if not we can shut them down and go internet. Only it's up to you. Thank you for your support f. u. n. d. dot n. dot fm. You're listening to the best liberty oriented audio streamed around the clock on the air and online. This is the liberty radio network at dot. Fm it's time for declare your independence with ernest hand and and showed the liberty advisor the music. And you got you missed it. We'll have it in the archive but they're doing a lot of new. You know the big thing i wanted to get. We're last segment. So i'm just gonna do freaking answer the question okay. I want to maintain the value. I'm not an idiot or friends or not idiots or we got you know. We've been doing this a long time and when this happens we're going to that and we need to kind of Bet on the right things and got now. We got a little bit of something. And i go. You know they want they want all a bit of all my stuff there because we don't want to be sure as hell don't want you freedom oriane guys to have it and those people that think you have you owe it to us because because dammit you know we got all these systems and it's ours now everybody all in it's ours now. You're on that system. You're in that retirement. Plan your on that platform and the big giant green felt table. Then they put their arms around it and they scrape it all in. It's ours now. that is coming i. I'm sorry did you hear that. I i in the scotla geared is glad he's got a compressor on this thing it out i darren t it. Now what would you suggest. Friend individual person guy adviser. Mr temperature's if i want to maintain my purchasing power i should what well first of yet to have a plan of it also depends if they have income coming in nas. Let's say they're they're retired. I mean do they have a pension. I mean that's probably going to be you know white towel unless your pension is backed by some sort of stocks You know the actually know what they're doing which is not the case so or do they have any business income. That's coming in as well. So so what one of the strategies. I've been sort of a fan as is while. We're waiting for all of us if somebody had enough money in this In something. I've worked with their son-in-law on is that if people you know let's say you're five years away from retirement and you know the average person right now has about forty percent of their money in bonds. I think it's better to have forty percent of your money in an annuity that actually has underlying stock in that. That sort of lector. Serve like a bond or placement but also your in hyper inflation. Those stocks and also be able to reset higher in there. And you can't lose money in the meantime so that way that can can provide you an income and let's say you've got another. Let's say that in an ideal world that income would be enough to them. You know. pay your bills then. Let's say you've got another five hundred thousand dollars on the side than that. Five hundred thousand dollars go into assets like Okay your insurance golden okay. I understand what you're i can't i can't just go and say like hey you should have twenty five percent in this and ten percent and that you want me. I've already lost my once over doing all this. And so i'm not. I can't just be out here and be like giving blanket advice to every single person on here unless i wanna lose my license did. This is my point. I answer re this any financial advice with financial guys of financial that is having a in numbers and regulated and on moving around is taken advantage of where you've good about making sure that people are not caught flat-footed because you know what common well then you create all these different avenues for them to bring in their crypto. Get into crypto dude. The bond to that and so on and then they make some big. Wow man you know. I saved my money. I made some money. I got money now. What and my thing is. I'm going the now. Wants common. And i will give our crap. You know how great advice you have a dissident if they want it it's gone and they're doing it in europe right now. They're going in and saying ou. Why did they rob all the pensions. Because that's where the money was. Okay so i'm just I mean if you can't answer you can't answer. But i am the can give you the early advice. Get stuff that they don't know where your stuff is. If you get land put it in trust and blah blah blah. If you've got you know a bunch of buddy bear have a chunk of it in something. That's worth something you know. Farmland heavy equipment tractors copper. You know a pipe. Something by over gold's often by steel and put it in your backyard. It ain't going away and it will always be worth something you know so this is generators. I mean yeah and generate. Good one and you're in the northeast. We're up there. There were no generators to be found and guys are going. Hey go you're charging more than you bought it for my god. Will you stupid. You know this is how you how you create you know abundance or you don't have shortages people. Buy it sell for more. They got it moron. So this is what i'm talking about. I don't want people thinking that they're going to go in to Because temperature has over the last couple years has been able to provide. I lot more opportunity for how you can diversify from a system. That's going down and you can put your stuff in the things that you've made a bunch more money. People have maintained their value and so on but there is going to be. He can't say it professional. Whatever the hell. But i could say well. Don't yeah not even give us advice as to what we should do. What do you see going to happen just eric. You know if you if you look at your crystal ball. What do you think is going to be. What the economy's going to look like in ten years you get in trouble with to just you know just speculations as the market going to be totally like gone. Are we going to be you know hardcore. We're going to have this basic income thing and that's how they're going to get you're gotta stock market. That's how they're gonna fish into this whole Get everybody on. The goldman sucks dot. Gov coin is is they're gonna pay all your government benefits in it and if you wanna get your government. Benefits your social. What about that. Well i think let's say you get a sixty thousand dollars. A year pension from the government. I think that basically they're not going to be able to let you know that they then those are not gonna be able to in order to keep the rabble and keep the people satisfied. They're gonna still pay your fifty sixty thousand dollars a year. But it's just not gonna be able to buy you anything. So maybe he'll buy you five thousand dollars worth of power and then everyone's going to have some sort of universal basic income and assets are gonna get repricing some sort of new digital dollar scheme that they have and and taking me probably guessing award. It's gonna look like in ten years or private astronaut. Easier than what it looked like in one year because ten years would be enough time for ten years ten years sixty nine years old. You know. i'll be ready to be. No what's up ten years. What's tenure is. I mean i think by then we will have had some sort of reset. Unfortunately a lot of these currency wars You know ultimately end in actual hot wars. And i think unfortunately it will probably they'll pricey some sort of false flag pretty fighting and then as you know the people that are fighting each other. You'll have you know as richard grove mentioned last time under. Show an analogy. I've used before to you have to you know. Fighting fish can bond that go. Bronze that are going after each other. And they've got they know the point zero one percent globalist piranha that sitting out to the side and they wait till we. You fight each other often. They come in swoop in and they've problem reaction solution they f up the dollar and then their solution is. We've got this new digital currency. Because you know you can't trust regular cash because that corona virus and then we're all going to be in this universe universal basic income system unless your income is too high and then i mean kamala harris six months ago said that the income should be ten thousand dollars a month and i did a report on that Walking around my dog. So i mean that's you know and so whether it's ten ten thousand or five thousand or two thousand for going into the system where you know. All these mod modern monetary theorists Are out there talking about was printing money in into oblivion and so i think they're going to tie in the social credit score contact tracing into universal basic income and they're gonna used to socially engineer people to say. Hey you weren't a good little bet slave and you didn't do what the crown wanted wanted you to do. And so we're not going to give you your payment. We're gonna not pay you as much and they're going to eventually do things like you know. Car insurance will get jacked up unless you have. You know you know some sort of a self driving car or if you even have a car because the future of the providence. Have some sort of like uber fleet line or her. Then you're not allowed to get in there unless you have a mask on and then we're going to have this whole this topic world of everybody walking you know working from home and i mean i've been working from home and using zoom for a while but It's just gonna lose that human connection and unfortunately the biggest thing is once we lose control of the dollar and hastening we dollar but once that system goes away sort of game over and they're gonna completely have us by the balls and then our ability to fight back is going to be tremendously harder because if they cut us off from the money unless you've got enough gold or silver coins they don't know about on the side can be very hard or you got to grow your own food and be sustainable that way and have your own backup power. And that's probably one of the things should be done. I mean his having self sufficiency in terms of you know worth the food and the community and knowing it now working with farmers maker having a pack of. Because i see i wouldn't be surprised some sort of whether it's cyber mac for a false flag attack on on why lines going down at this point. Anything goes and the bird dog before woods. Having i hear the music i hear now over our this michael dean from the freedom teens. I've run websites since nineteen ninety-six and have used over a dozen web hosts in that time address hosting dot com is the only one that hasn't broken my heart agra's toasting stop time and service is stellar and their dos. Mitigation is the best. I've seen that's important because if you tell the truth in this world you'll ruffle feathers and some people will try dirty tricks to silence your voice no matter what the haters hit us with avarice hosting keeps our websites online. If you have a mission critical commercial presence or world changing activism site you cannot tolerate any skulduggery so go with agress hosting dot com. Have a word processor blog site. 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So that's why we spent years defending hardworking men and women from pointless government regulations. Nationwide jays created opportunity by reducing government power but there are still more work to be done. Visit our website today at j. dot. Org let i j take care of the government so you can take care of your business. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network at live dot heartland fee dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's. The pope accused service doing his cast of the twenty seven. Th twenty twenty by clifford than fifty advocacy organizations have sent a letter to pennsylvania's congressional delegation urging immediate action on a new covid relief package ten months into the covid pandemic more than one point three million pennsylvania households report. They are struggling to put food on the table and half million households have fallen behind in their rent. But according to jeff garris with the pennsylvania budget in policy center many provisions of relief package is passed early this year. Such as extended unemployment assistance and the moratorium on evictions will expire if congress doesn't act when they returned from the thanksgiving recess. We need to know that when people get to the holidays. They're not gonna find themselves. Cut off from the vital aid that they need. So we are calling on our members of congress and our senators. Don't be the grinch this year. The house passed the heroes act expanded. Relief bill in may. But so far the senate has failed to pass a supplemental relief. Bill i'm andrea sears. Reporting a report for the century foundation found that without congressional action told me and people leyshon wide will lose. Federal health benefits december. The twenty six meantime are damn art. Reports while high pollution often has found a black and brown communities. A new poll shows that many white americans are not aware of the gap in virginia. The majority minority area of charles city county already is home to a landfill with plans to build two frac gas fired. Power plants. Faith harris with virginia interfaith. Power and light says many white virginians don't know about the environmental struggles in the county because of segregation and lack of education. She says the power plants pose a perfect storm of pollution. For historically african. american community is way overburdened with the air quality issues as well as possible water quality issues because of the pollution. That would come from all of this concentrated industry. The national poll conducted by the environmental defense fund shows that sixty percent of black respondents say. They're very concerned about air pollution in their communities versus thirty two percent of white respondents. I'm diane bernard about seventy percent of black latino respondents say climate change is a major problem paired with fifty one percent of white people. A fourteen point difference the guardian reports of president. Donald trump said he will leave the white house when the electoral college votes for democratic president. Elect joe biden. The closest. the outgoing president has come to conceding. Defeat the gordian notes at bein won the presidential election with three hundred six electoral college votes. Many more than the two seventy required to trump's to thirty two by also leaves trump by more than six million in the popular vote. Tally this pianists. Twenty twenty was a tough year and pushing voter turnout. Among north dakota native americans because of the pandemic the state didn't see as much activity and tribal areas as in other parts of the country. One who've says connection still were being made and has it is on future elections going into twenty twenty north dakota native vote. Wanted to build on the higher turnout. Among native populations the state saw in two thousand eighteen but early estimates indicate the number will be lower. however the group's nicole donny says because of the adaptability of their field staff there momentum isn't lost forever we've made those connections and we were Reinforcing our brand getting you know. North dakota native out there again is what people are are certainly familiar with us. And that can only help amid the elections final stages cova cases were spiking in north dakota. The group did virtual training for canvassers on reservations. To still reach voters. donigi says looking forward. They'll do more planning so. They can deploy a variety of strategies based on the circumstances. The energy from made voters in recent years is seen as important because of the state's voter. Id requirements which advocates say franchises. their people. I'm mike mohan covid. Nineteen is caused a big spike in poverty. Now california has the country's highest number of kids experiencing hunger with two point two million living in food insecure households. Where at least one family member does not have enough. The tam sandberg with the nonprofit save the children says the organization has partnered with rural school districts to distribute meals california has seen the highest increase in the number of children living in food insecure households with over eight hundred sixty thousand more california kids experiencing hunger now compared with before the pandemic. I'm suzanne potter. Tuesday is giving tuesday. People want to help can text the word plate two zero two two two to make a one time ten dollar donation. Finally our nanny. arado gone. Lysa so college students at northern kentucky university are participating in a program that allows them to give away thousands of dollars in grants to local nonprofits researchers found that among five hundred students who took the philanthropy class. If morris fifty eight percent went onto graduate versus twenty four percent overall case. Larson is an associate professor of spanish and faculty coordinator for mayor. Sohn student philanthropy project classes at n. k. u. She says community engagement makes the topics studied in the classroom. Real and relevant the incorporation of students land therapy and a class. Make students more engaged. We've not only seen that and our own students in our own classrooms but the data also reflects that this is by clifford. Four new service. We are member listener. Supported heard on great radio stations across the nation and always online at public new service dot. Org remember that. I am not because of the hat that lies before me because of the path that lies behind me. Remember one hundred years. We have talked mississippi and a century. Remember remember relatively pissed off this. We don't you don't make me do it. Well we got we. Tim has gone now. Tenpy temperature at financial adviser. We killed him okay. he's gone he's over somewhere else. So now we're just talking to my friend timpee here you know about some stuff and the one thing i asked about fair. I'm going you know. Are you talking like you've got howard. elected came by at the end. Tell you he is doing the stick red line thing that we wanna help pam. We're going to do another newspaper. So we're going to get gsa. Howard thick our line at or bussiers. That's a whole separate deal. So he he's coming out as howard dickman on his On bickered line. I know but i just want the audience to know that. That's the same guy but he didn't want anybody no. It's the same guy or something. I don't know what eli's thing is anyway. So it's the same guy so he when you do video see whatever but the so thick red line said the thin blue line the thicker lines a red line that they want law enforcement first responders got more. We're not crossing this line. You know putting you in jail or confiscating guns or drafting your children or forced tanaka whatever you know we got do. We have one. Where is there a red line. are you doing over. Biden tells you. I mean you know where we at now. Of course they put the guys up that do what they're told and they got a shiny badge and a gun. They're going to do whatever. Well this is the question you know tim in. We share a lot of you know same contacts and friends and so on but he probably deals with these guys more. Certainly since we've been on the bus but we're looking and communicate with a lot of new groups and organizations and people were helping around the country. That was the point of this. You can't do it online all the time you got to go there you sit them in chowk. You talked to him. I would rather just stay here in arizona. Do some ass-whipping which is why we're gonna do some concentrated and or the next couple of months. Then i gotta go to my way to key west and a bunch of people in between starting in january mid-january. Then we'll come back you know the mid part across from the carolinas to saint louis to l. a. That kind of thing and then we'll be back as it gets warmed up would be at the festival's going our way to port fast work fast and then we'll be up washing state again. Then we'll come down here for jack. Freedom festival that they allow us in the forest by then especially after whatever happened last year but the We go up there and do that. And then we're back and i'm going to wear what we go. We're gonna spend some time zone. It would preferably in the desert down here. We'd be near our kids and everything. But i'm willing to do kind of pike county deal. That's a nice place. I think it's got a lot of availability land in an hour and a half away and our kids almost similar boat to you. Because i got to be near my kids. So who which are know. Extreme northern phoenix ish area so wicked berg congress. Yarnell fill up there. You got You know what skull valley and stuff and then we have Volterra mine behind white tanks. There we came down. I've always had my eye on that show. This is like when we lived in some birds farms at nice place. I've been looking at that for thirty years. I knew that in highschool. I wish i always wanted to live all in phoenix and you get to have horses and the limits of phoenix with irrigation and big trees and yard i loved. We've found a plant done there. So i'm going. I get what i want when i bet you long enough. Okay so what i want is but it has to be private property for me and my family. I will carve. If i get a big thing i carve it off to somebody alson. You choose wisely and good neighbors. And it's your and you know i care because it's not mine and this hippie commune we're going to share something that ain't gonna work by guarantee it you know and needs to be a community and area. What do you wanna have a hippie commune. Or whatever their piece out. I don't want to be on it. You know i need to be eddo. Nope i last week. You sound go. Yeah i was last week. I changed my mind. I'll change my mind. I am dictator of freakin land. So that's the mindset. That i have. That's how many people are you talking to about this. How serious are they. What are they thinking. Howard had a thicker online event out here a couple of weeks ago and i know that there are some people at the event who were kind of really interested in starting. You know some sort of intentional community. And i think they had you know quite a bit of interest in that and into an at that party i mean like literally every single person is probably forty people there and and every single person there was talking about intentional communities. But it's a lot of people talk about doing things and doing things and you know. I'm gonna position now where i found. They can do something. So i'm just trying to figure out exactly where i want to end up also thinking. Hey if there was a big real estate dump and i don't want to buy something like the second but i don't really know exactly how it's going to shake out because you know if they short dollar then. The real estate goes through the roof. So i don't know if there's going to be like deflation. I because you know with you know however many million i think something like five point eight million households are going to potentially can't pay their bills the next two months once All these benefits Moratoriums i think expired them to the year and so that would put downward pressure the baby. Boomer's you know eating downside. We'll put downsize downs Downward pressure on prices. But then again it's just the upward pressure of printing. All this money and and people actually relocating to these places because right now it seems like people move from california either. Is you know moving into Scottsdale they're not going in and getting like super off grid remote they're going into now they're buying the heck out of areas up in prescott because the spot are pissed off. You're getting california kate. Yeah josh we were up there Earlier on summer and our or this fall and you know and people there were literally like hey. I know you're going into this bar but you're not allowed to dance a dance anyways but be maybe wanna dance because they told me i couldn't and and it's like right above that forgot what there is that when the so famous saloon there But yeah it was one of the bars attached to that and it just seems like the the the more than six up the more they wanna hit it and so they wanna beat down this old cowboy town and it seemed like you know that. Yeah i wouldn't want to be in like center city prescott or anything but i would. I wouldn't mind being like in the surrounding areas Because yeah it seems like that has gotten is a beautiful area up there so yeah like the californians are just like a bunch of locusts that come in and ruined everything. And i'm new yorkers. But i'm like one of the one of the good new yorkers who want escape there and One freedom and i do know some good californians that have come here as well but I feel like a lot of them are not going like super off grid but yeah i would if you we need to get a bunch of people together and figure out where we want to kinda plop down and wear. It's it's criteria it's how and it's also it's You know the reason that. I didn't have yavapai on my list before was not because it wouldn't be perfect is because the government so corrupt there you know the county. And if they're willing to share. Mac we had him on a month ago or so and he says eh sheriff up there is counting. You'll do people hasn't up and we have you know so after this election. I ain't go see what's what when we were up in navajo county. We're gonna go to. Bob and i'm going to go up and do a Remote june cafe with tracy parlor parker up there and that community their supervisors changed and they got. You know somebody. You know freedom kind of thing. Well then what are they going to do. They're gonna come in with their election fraud lab. So i'm just going you think still voting. You know it's not going to be like that. So bob is always done. Because we had the printing press all the activism whenever they try to incorporate tone apply here as a city. There you go. I think we'll decline now. So far there pulled it off. They haven't they haven't incorporated yet. But they're trying to get annexed by buckeye like every other year buckeyes trying to reach out here and grab dona pockets unincorporated area. Well thing is is that you know you come to grab it. Well they have to they try and do some kind of thing you know so what happens. Here comes the campaign hell. No we won't go so it's just it's gonna be public opinion thing. Where can we weighed this battle. And it doesn't have to be a one place by to pick one place one to have kind of hippie commune. these guys at need structure. Whatever globe miami and that's easily defendable. That's up mountain. Whatever you go to glow by ami all watch on railroad track buildings. From the six letter of captain mark a pirate's life is characterized by voluntary interactions. Unfortunately the crown presses everyone into involuntary servitude landlubbers believe slavery was abolished years ago but the crown still claims to own us. When it comes into service against our will get sufficient ambition. It would gladly draft thousands of hapless victims to kill or be killed it simply slavery by another name. Landlubbers are routinely commanded to serve the so called justice system in jury duty. But before you swell with civic pride consider that how you feel is irrelevant to the crown you will appear. As ordered or face punitive measures the crown insists that you participate in your own oppression. A jury summons provides pirates with a unique opportunity to obstruct injustices a jerk and vote. Not guilty even. If it's proven the law was violated a jerk and equipped for any reason at all and not even a judge can reverse that verdict receiving a jury. Summons is basically winning the sedition lottery. But if you reveal that you know this during jury selection you'll probably be dismissed. If the crown foolishly crimson pirate into jury duty. It behooves the pirate to conceal their intention to nullify unjust laws. If he master takes one hundred percent of your labor it's called slavery but if they only take fifty percent they call it taxation a difference of degree not kind whether the crown claims a fortune or sent is irrelevant. Most of all a slave owner desires contented slaves meaning thoughtless ones and accept their bondage. These house slaves see no contradiction and being drafted in a ward in slavery or to a jury to prosecute tax evasion and ideal. Slave knows no higher call. 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Does he's gonna come up with some sort of You know alter-ego yeah you gotta be able to you know. Express yourself without the man. Do i mean that's the whole point is being able to express yourself without worrying about some government agent of whatever yourself tempe you know. Yeah tempe says hell. Yeah yeah for yourself. Man become tempe. I know some people i know. Some people have one Because he would always say. Mike picky out for so that was my alter. Ego is picky. I am actually back in the day when you guys remember like tempe al instant messenger. My name back down with like napster play out. That and i was temperature. Tmp stir happy tip. he's gonna be talking to. I'm looking at miami right now on the map so of miami arizona and globe so trying to globe miami is he'll county which is the same as payson wicky up is not a bad place. Either south of kingman up there. Yeah desert no no no up in the mountains you right up the valley the big sandy valley. Big sandy's got a lot of water in it and you go up that they this place. They're selling land. That's up those mountains that are off as you're driving north through their off to the right ends up. Maybe i've seen it. It's beautiful and it's cool but you know if i was in North of prescott. I got prescott got walmart shopping. Movie theater i got. I got civilization and along with that along with them exactly and then but globe. Miami is a mining town for phelps. Dodge where they had the big open pit mine and a trailing is and everything. It's ugly as hell but anything around. There is really nice but the thing about globe miami is it was a boom town. It's almost like a big giant ghost town so it has enormous big thick stone brick buildings that been there for a hundred years of where you get for nothing. You want your hippie commune there you go and you got railroad and you got and you got. It could be industry. we could make manufacture. It'd be jericho you know. So i would like we've done young. Arizona is an awesome place. I got my eyeball on young too. That's a bali north of miami out in the middle of the mormons dominated over. It's got an airstrip has woods in the middle of the forest now in town it has paved roads and everything but it's forest road going in and out and it goes up to two sixty two pace like you would go to it from christopher creek going to jack loop you go south through the woods there and there it is you go north from hilo there. It is and it's got buffalo and all kinds of stuff that they raised it. So there's i know arizona. There are a lot of places now you can go and it would be cocoa for the libertarian anarchist. Volunteers i wanna have a billion. I'm i don't have any money. But i got some time and somebody should buy some for me to live in and he loved me because i'm an anarchist. I know these people. Yeah but but but early. You should let me live here for free. 'cause i 'cause i because i want to. I mean you know. They're not a whole lot different a lot of people but that place. That'd be globe. Miami so i tell you what tim bob and i are taking a trip. That'll be like four five is around the state Visiting people doing some stop. You wanna go. Yeah and i have been the globe once before i did. Actually one hundred mile bike ride which was toughest health through there. Because you know well seeking out a tough bike ride. Yeah a huge kevin called a mining country right actually and Yeah i didn't really have to go sightseeing but yeah josh night earlier this year. We're doing that so i wouldn't mind Scoping out some other areas. Yeah you might do that. It'd be fun really to have him. I know he's tempe off school. Yeah tempe man. We're going to tempe. He's gonna kick ass go. Do some with tempe. We went with empty. All right. we'll work it out. It's probably going to be a week from this friday like after the show friday or not do show friday. We'll go friday. Stay over the weekend. Come plan on being back in phoenix by tuesday at the latest. Probably monday night for something like that. with a problem is i've got my kids next weekend so friday through monday but i don't have this weekend so But the following weekend maybe we might do. We'll see. I don't wanna wait too long. Because we got a lot of stuff going on. But we'll definitely report from and got the drone footage and capped. We're going to you guys want to know what's up. I'll show you zona because a lot of these guys from around the country they come. How come we're not doing this. You have good question but we got you know government here dealing with everybody because arizona is one of the nails at sticking up. So what do they do compound on the nail. How do you think we got napolitano when sheriff joe and all that we take we gotta get an arizona under control. I just keep on bringing it on. We keep slapping him around you know. And berry has all gung ho the run again and he went to mexico guys fix. He had a bunch of teeth problems. That's kind of been hold him on the sidelines. So he spent what would be fifty something thousand dollars like nine thousand bucks. He goes across the border in yuma boom three day. They just took care business. And i'm gone a couple of teeth. I can you. Can you know. let's do that. And he goes. It's thousands of people down there. Hundreds of dennis set up and they got big dentistry school in mexico city that they're the world class of it's you know i world go in all american money with all our merican regulation of crap there and it's like a tenth of the price you know i'm going medical tourism They'll gary in sun city take their. Rv's freaking caravan. That goes down. They go down and do all that. I've been hearing about this all the time. You know mick. Anarchist did it. You know everyone. Okay i sounds. I mean it's not bad where i you know my god. I got it but my mom hear him as well. You know what the hell. But the this is going to be A good evaluation. Bob and i've been thinking about this for a long time. But bob has you know play i. Could you know. Go out here and toyota. But there's other places that i'd like to look at an intentional community is going to need to be a small town. It's like the the liberals took over jerome romo's ghost town up on the hill overlooking like sedona and they and they they just took over and they they had economic development filled out the people of we got a bunch of government money. They just turned that. Go the government money they it was. It was the lead singer of tool over there. Basically bought the entire town. And he's you know. And unfortunately. I did see him. Actually right before Whole plant democ started in january but as maynard from From tools the one who basically bought the entire town up there and has a winery up there. And josh and i went up there In september and yeah it was complete or well in and when wearing masks. We didn't have a mask. It's government money. You have the economic development. Bob and i went up there. You know talking to these guys and how they do it as you meet. Certain multi housing grant requirement of whatever the hell and they got the big giant new freaking fire department police then he got a bunch of police that right tickets then you got. I mean it's just government all over again in a they did it and he he may started it or bought it but then he you know upped his value by signing up with the man globe. Miami is you know has the ability to be infiltrated with a bunch of it'd be like the free county project because he started that and that was the thing we're going to do navajo county of northeastern arizona. And we go. You want free county project will buy. Maybe that's why we going to do it for you. Go doing now. Of course got the mind. Thank god it's all of that land is still owned by the company. But i you know it's going to be a freedom debt i go. 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Save on shula these forms and reported the human services department of manpower orientation and register with a fair employment practices commission in our division of the employment standards administration the state sales and income tax division the internal revenue service and social security administration of the department of health education welfare. And of course oshaf osho those a little town wisconsin. You'll find out say floating around like that can be dangerous if you checked with the consumer product safety commission. We're not yet in. Thank you that you actually are flying. Aren't you. look you need to go over to the federal aviation administration and the transportation very hard to get anything done these days. If you're in business but free. Enterprise built this country. Think what could happen if we don't keep it free public service at this station and the center for defense of free. Enterprise bellevue washington. We just can't have people floating about unregulated. You know you can put the liberty radio network on the air in your area. Visit broadcast dot l. dot fm to learn how broadcast dot dot fm freedoms. The answer the question the question you're listening to ernest tam. Kok do all right at ten. P. we're calling them tempe now tim. Piazza tempe tempe. You know the activists guy the other advisory licensed crap you know the yeah. I know a lot of people have been because donna in real estate here. A lot of people who have to find. And she's done it for out the militia the you know the anti immigration patriot. Whatever on the border. They're always we want to. Have you know defend. We need to get. You'll come out. Whatever okay here here here go look here whatever you know people do like help adam with his stuff and every year i know where zona you tell me what you need what you got. How much money you what you what you need to have and i can tell you where to go. What are you what kind of community you look at. What kind of atmosphere with people. I've been i've been paying attention. I live here. And i know it's up you know i've been traveling to the whole state like every two years running for some statewide office for congress or us. Senator secretary stands up. You know we've been activists with the other libertarian county chairs and doing kind of state and flying around in Bob's plane and scott's plane. We're going. I know the state and i know how freaking corrupt it is and i tell you who runs. The outer counties is the mormons but they got it going on for themselves or taking care of themselves but some of them some of these guys they get. Corrupt man does gravy train. Everybody good job. So it's getting to where it's a moral decision and that's where we would go after la these guys because even you know some of the activists that were fellow mormons. They knew that they were in violation of some doctrine of something and they would put it on their sides. Oh you're violating the lab deborah. 'cause you're you're not really for the community because you're a scumbag. Whatever the hell so that goes on here in arizona to the point that we are always and tip of the spear of them coming after it's because of our resistance you get goldwater you get go. Phoenix forty which was part of the. You know they them those that you know the money and how they inter infiltrated into the the mob. The mob was a big part of here. That's why god let us land fraud. Land stuff has been from organized crime. They they were you know violent cases from freaking chicago. New york came here. And that's why in the late seventies early eighties. They had a big giant scandal. They blew up. Don bowles investigative reporters car bedroom killed them did and they got you know they put that car in the news. Ziam in washington. Dc ben affleck was going to do a movie bad. you're not. I don't think i know i know. Which are you gonna tell. Oh you can't tell that side of the story right right right right so. This is as activist here. Been growing up with this. We know i've had i get it man. It's it's all but it all came down for me. I could see how they got away with it. It was election law the limited your opportunities to you know to go up against him. You know what voters had. What options active in you know people had and it was all about fraud and corruption on every level of everything and they were so blatant about it and so confident in it that there are open. They were advertising their corruption. Who had to deal with who you had to give the money to. He had an. We're like sitting here going. Wow i can't keep track of how many times they offered me but you to ernie could only if you would you know. Kiss the ring and bow before it's kind of you know zirk cheese and Three hundred all. I ask is a little earth wind and water. Man i'll and i will. I will make you rich beyond that. Your if you would only accept me as your god kinda that kinda crap. And i've seen it over and i'm going a you and you know you guys. Your horns are pointing up. See him a little bit too much. This is like selling literally soul selling stuff. And i'm like no hail no and you don't even got to be a person of faith and know that they're just freaking messed up in the head. So what do you do the best revenge living well. Just being outside of their crap on your kids out of government schools and with apprenticeships. Since yeah talk about your son's tech thing that he's doing and that stuff. I didn't know that this had developed that much here in arizona. The gainey he's going through that west meck program for airframe powerplant mechanic which is going to dub till well into his career of Becoming a commercial pilot. And so he's going to be you know in the aviation business and no matter what goes down with that. So he's got he's solo in yet or anything he's already sold. He's just waiting on his birthday to get his license. He's just too young should be but he's done all the requirements ages. You have to be seventeen. And how old is he now. Sixteen his birthday like In march and we're closed man. He's already ready to go. Oh he's really do he's already done this. Solo across countries easy like searching the classified finding plane for dad to by all the time. Kim and i both so you. You're about ready. Well yeah i mean. That's one of the things talking about t to to you know tim about is you know it's like maybe i just need to take a bunch of my out and go by an airplane. 'cause i mean at least i'll have an asset. You know vice just something. They're going to inflate to the point that it's it's worthless or out now just haircut steal it like they did over in greece. I mean these people got to get ready. You got money in the bank. Do you got money you your legs are playing at very least gonna means test you. You're the their look. If you've got a bunch of money that you have four one ks of stuff. We don't really need to pay your social security because we get pay these people over here who didn't really prepare for their life to be. You know i mean they're gonna they're gonna means test people you in the near future. You're going to want to look as poorer as possible. I would you you. You don't going to need to look pork because if the if you think thank you have anything of any value. They're gonna penalize you for that or they're gonna take it. Yeah bob just found out a few months as you go through your getting to be bound or whatever. Give me my security money age and you get like a bunch from that. And then they go. You're retired your old new because you had children you know later in life. You know because you know. Robert danny are under eighteen baguettes. So security to ask. I started collecting went. Oh you have dependent children. Well here's a big chunk of money for them to ya. It's like damn near sixteen hundred bucks a kid. I think a month a month a month. That's thirty six hundred dollars. How much is it did. I say it right. Sixteen thirty two hundred thirty two hundred dollars a month for having kids. You're going to have a new welfare kid you know. We do dependent welfare at senior citizens having kids. They're young breeder. So i get me some extra security started dot. Dopp did a poor child. You know it's amazing it's crazy it's it's you know. And then i what was i going to say. No i don't want it so it's like you know the the kids are just the i you heard of it. I just wanted to you know. I had come to me. I wanted to get it out as fast as i can. Because that's going away and so. I started collecting sixty two. I was gonna get penalized. I'm like no bigger penalty and losing it all and they turned around and like oh and by the way you get this extra so the boys are getting that it goes so it goes plus you. Have you know what you saved. Plus you got your pension with aps plus you and you retired from You know the nuclear power plant plus plus plus so how much all this stuff how. Much percentage of what you were making when you're working fulltime or you got oh probably three quarters and if you count the what they were hitting me for taxes before it's probably even more than that. I mean my my after. So you're sitting on your asking. Eighty something percent put this way. I don't want for much. And which is why i'm worried about you. Know i mean. I good i tell people i make good decisions as a young man. And and why should it be penalized for that. He misses the point. Because i've known bob since god thirty years almost twenty twenty seven years. It's ninety three. So bob and he was making good money back then so he was one of the funders of a lot of stuff. You know he'd he'd by the weapons for us to raffle off or something like that and then by five billion tickets or something like that and win it back back. What happens when you buy the tickets. But the and he would fund some like radio thing. When rick was doing a radio you funded. That with some golder are safe would do something and go. Here's an ounce of gold. Or you know bob on mike and a lot of the guys that we know that were young activists making money but they're also making good decisions. And what did they do they go. No i want my money out. I won't put it in precious metal. Nope i want to clear this year because a philosophy because the fun of they knew they chose wisely. And now what the punish all you wisely you did you did you did you get. You didn't do. 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Whatever but Yeah this is what we did the the Corbett report last night. With mike swat tack and promotion of you know black market friday black market friday dot info and it is just flooding in people are listed there. Stop their goods or services or whatever the heck and that's what we were waiting on. That's what we were hoping for. We created you know the loan are were. We have it sitting there and special edition and stuff. But it's like one more thing i gotta do. I go. I'll help with the bear and set up the infrastructure in kind of havoc going on. And i'll help whoever's doing it but you know it's gonna be a timing thing. One thing at bob can attest to is eappen. We just label it. Get ready for it. Support it and then it's timing. Everything is timing. Everything comes they go. How did you know ernie. How did you not know all. I had to go hill. I prepared for this got five years ago. Everything's five years ago. Every time something happens go gertie did you five years ago. I mean we're at least five years ahead of everything. If you haven't studied history a little bit even recent history never mind ancient history. You can see the like say if you know where the the destination as you can see the journey and the first time. Mankind hasn't visited this i just did. It has never been on a global scale but it's it has just hasn't been seen now. That's why they are so threatened by this nationalism thing when trump goes the un says look usually. You're your own country your crap you know. What are you worried about. What i'm doing you go do your own thing. You're went dammit. I hate when he does that. You know that sentiment that right there. That is what they're afraid of absolutely and you have all these people no matter how much they're you know. Hammering down in france and germany and all that kind of stuff. These countries european union done. It's just a matter of time. Yeah it was like say poland. And hungary i mean i think poland and hungary maybe it was yugoslavia. One of them. But they were they. Basically just vetoed the e. us basically the equivalent to the pandemic stimulus or whatever it is because they had poison pills tied to it that basically was going to force them to open their borders. And we're not doing it and they're they're actively talking about you know a lot of their own and getting out of the you and you what's going to happen is not they. You know they're going to get they're going to get co opted. That's gonna be the next thing they get. If america goes down this road the rest of the world will just. They won't have a way to stop him. They they will be forced into this. You know social credit score china. Because i mean that's the model. That's the model. They're always want to see this. We you think this is like new. This was what ibm got. You know hammered for during world war. Two off hitler you know hitler was all about you. Know the punch cards and we need to categorize put everybody on a list. Well they got a list and they're checking it fourteen times. I mean you know this is. This is not over this. This is just starting. They're telling you that you don't think that you think they're lying when they say that they're going to Figure out all the nationalist supporters the trump supporters but the people who believe in nationalism. They're not going to target you and other threatening. They're telling you there's we're going. After trump and his supporters we got guns on like. Wow those are the. But i mean even on a violent i mean. You're going to be penalized that they're they're they're making a list there checking it twice. They're going to figure out who these people are in gonna make your life miserable. You try sunday. They said they're gonna do this. No kamala harris you've been and she's going to be president of what i don't know if that's there in their little cave rub their hands together going and think they had no idea what's coming and it's just going to be allowed or something. They think. There's going to be any kind of uprising. No no but i mean whatever uprising isn't going to be people on the side streets with signs because they'll just pull over those people. It's eventually going to come to come to blow us. People better start getting ready. See you this is one thing i so you understand when we hit the road when bob moves out in the middle of nothing win patrol starts to start tempe decides to go out and i'm gonna fifth wheel when luker douse. He's got a fifth wheel when a lot of the people that are communicating. They're in the system that are helping or you know financial guys you know machinists. You know people that know what they're like. Yeah we're hitting the road. We're were getting out of the economy. There's a reason. And these are the people that you're really counting on to defend against the evil hordes of whatever the hell at least intellectually and they are preparing to get out of this kind of influence. Well what are you gonna do when they come knocking on your door. I have a door. I mean i think what are you going to do. So this is the first thing is is. Get your freaking kids out of the school system. that is just. That's number one which are not going to allow you to do here. pretty common. We tell you got kids kid. You don't have to tell your parents and we got an innoculation for you and you can. Consent. it's not it's going to be that subtle. They're gonna come. Take your kids. You don't put them in a government school. That's the reason for them to send. Cps in and take your kids vaccinate them got cps stop and then the kids just disappear. Yeah that was one thing they go. We're all these thousands of kids in arizona. That was a big thing. That was a big scandal going to last year so the kids are just gone. Yeah and they go. Oh don't worry it's alright alright. Try we found five hundred. we found. So you've got these five hundred we've found we'll have the rest of but we found he's five hundred kids. Aren't you happy. We found him. And i'm going. Wow just the press. You've been seen over the last couple of years. It seems like at least the doj semi has gotten off. They're asking know gone after a lot of these child trafficking rings and all that other stuff. It you go searching you dig through newses eventually find like local paper. You know like a local thing.

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484  Star Cops  This Case to be Opened in a Million Years

Fusion Patrol

45:51 min | 7 months ago

484 Star Cops This Case to be Opened in a Million Years

"Fusion patrol is a listener supported podcast find out how you can help support us at Patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. This is the fusion patrol vodka gassed each week we look at a different science fiction TV episode or movie and analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode of Fusion Petroleum, Jean and I'm John and tonight we are looking at the fifth episode of Star Cops this case to be opened in a million years. That's what I call a cold-case. Kenzi is finishing up some routine business. An Italian engineer has been caught in possession of illegal substances and sent down to Earth for prosecution. As she closes the file, a launch failure occurs a nuclear waste freighter crashing on the pad full radiation alert sounded throughout the Moon Bass David seems particularly upset. The alert is soon called off as no leaked radiation is detected spring gets a call from the personnel department. All space staff are periodically required to return to Earth for patients. He can either start his seven day vacation on earth now or he can be relieved of command and be shipped back to Earth now, he reluctantly chooses the former and heads off leaving David in command and with instructions to investigate the freighter crash. The company is Italian and the Controller Santoni. An Italian gentleman isn't terribly helpful. His Company accepts nuclear waste. From. Stockpiles it on the moon then sends it in shipments into space for disposal he objects to the star cops inspecting the containers due to continued radiation leakage danger. This suits David just fine as he seems particularly uninterested in being exposed to Radiation Colin however, think something is afoot unfortunately with David unwilling to push very hard. The Moon Base Commander Won't overrule the ban on health and safety grounds on the flight to Earth. Spring is saddened by the prospect of his first vacation since Lee. was murdered but he soon meets a nice Italian lady named Lena and they hit it off she convinces him to go to Italy where she'll meet him in a few days in the catacombs of Rome Rome is a bust for him after two days of continual rain spring decides to cancel his appointment. With Lena, go somewhere else on holiday but he can't find her contact info and when he inquires to Kenzi to check the personnel records of the Lunar Mining Company that she said, she worked for sunset. There's no record of her curious he sticks around until the scheduled rendezvous on the Moon Santoni the Italian controller of the Italian nuclear waste company makes contact with the controller of send Zach Australian of Italian descent something nefarious a foot and they meet clandestinely in the cafeteria Santoni must make good on his commitments and get the shipment moving Santoni asked for some exploded blasting charges. Kenzi sees them, but does not overhear the conversation. At the CATACOMBS Lena doesn't show, but the Italian engineer that was put off moon base on drug charges is waiting for Spring and tries to murder him. Spring. Kills Him. Later, spring consults the local police detective in charge an Italian but he doesn't promise much in the way of assistance spring plans to leave immediately and then discovers large amounts of money had been deposited into his account returning to his room. He encounters someone planning drugs there when he tastes them to see what they are. He falls into a hallucinogenic stupor during which the Italian police detective and Italian photographer arrive and take springs picture when he awakes the next morning, he returns to the moon early. On the Moon Kenzi and Colin are still suspicious of both the Italians and sons. Spring returns and is given the blasting charges supposedly found at the site of the accident. It was sabotage probably by that same engineer who tried to kill spring spring is then charged with corruption and David put back in charge. He declares the case closed, but Kinsey goes to sunset for poke around with colonists backup. She discovers that sunset has found uranium-235 and selling it illegally to lesser nations she's captured, but Colin saves the day. Spring uses box and discovers that the launch was planned to allow it to swing by an abandoned space station. Perhaps to smuggle something off the moon despite being relieved of command, he breaks into these supposedly radioactive waste and discovers it's uranium-235 war. Santoni followed him and is about to kill him when David coming his fear of radiation saves the day the Italians have been beaten for now. So, this case to be opened in a million years by Philip Martin. I'm wondering. Does he have something against the Italians? ooh I don't know maybe who knows I mean they're all the mafia, all of them apparently, and apparently they're all in waste disposal. So many serial types in this. Thesis. Yeah Yeah it was well. Italian police officer on the take. Yeah Yeah it was it was a little heavy handed I. Mean I get? I think he had a script for another cop show in just put in space stuff. Said Hey, this'll work. Well that's an interesting question it's possible or the germ of an idea. I was GONNA say I. Get the fact that if you want to do a story about the Mafia. Kind of have to make him Italians I. Suppose. Well Yeah. If their Japanese debut, coosa exactly. If you'RE GONNA do the Italian mob then you're GonNa make them Italians just their American. Maybe. Republicans. Say that. Boy. We seven a week on that this week I gotTA. Tell you. Know. I guess the one thing that I've always hated is I can think of a couple of episodes of like the saint as well where he goes up against the Mafia and in those cases everyone he needs in Italy is actually on the take in the Mafia and I i. get the idea that in places it may be so pervasive and Threatening and so dangerous that perhaps everyone does have to play ball with them. But he does come off as ferry bad for the Italians and it can't possibly be true. You know so. It. It's something about Italian mafia stories where they really really like to to make it look like you just can't trust anybody who's Italian and I think about the only thing they were missing was like a space man's head in in springs Ben when he woke up. Yeah Yeah. I I will say there was seen in this that I absolutely. Adored I absolutely adored it was the fact that every time and I'll admit I'm not an expert on this but whenever you watch a cop show and they find a brick of mysterious substance. They always taste it to find out what it is. Cocaine. Yeah that's whatever and I guess maybe cops go through I don't know taste testing. I think they. To do that now but. You know I guess if a taste acidic, it's one thing or if it's bitter, it's something else that makes her tongue numb. It's appreciate the fact that that got him that zonked Damn Oh. Yeah. It's like wow here in chemistry class what's in the vial while I'm going to stick it up under my nose and take a big old sniff in through. On the four because it passed out. Yeah Yeah. So I've always wanted to see the cops have problems with that. I. Have. See One where the cop like a comedy show where the cops would be like. I'm not sure I in a little bit more of that and just keep doing it but sneezes and it goes face. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's always at but in this one at least he had negative. Negative reaction to doing something stupid and I appreciate it when a character does something stupid and they pay for it. Also it tells us that what was this? Heroin concentrate forty six is easily potent. It's like Fenton all in the eighties. Yeah. When this was the eighty so exactly. It's As a whole as general we've picked on picked on they're picking on the Italians at least you think episode. It was alright. It was difficult to find a uniquely space based thing in it. Though he I guess you know the idea of holding of hiding. The substance inside of something wholesome in shipping somewhere. you know as is A. Smuggling it is. That's not really unique to space. I have to say I thought this case to be opened in a million years. That that. Reminded me so much of the one where the guy murdered those people or maybe he didn't murder them by making them into suspended animation exactly that I thought there really was going to be a spacey angle to this. Yeah, and you go through the whole episode like I don't know where that title comes from I, don't know where that title comes from, and then you finally get to the last. Seen. Any Landau and I'm going to kill you and then I'm going to stick your body and one of these cases as done open for a million years. Titles a throwaway line. Wow. They don't even they don't even mean case as in police case no no. Of course not. Mean case of radioactive waste, it's just. But yeah, you're right I. Try to take a look at the space angle of it. Uranium on the Moon Uranium on the moon. The and the shuttle was supposed to divert to an unused space station, Yup. Okay and also the fact that we take our nuclear waste from Earth Fly it to the moon were then they repackage it and then fly it off into deep space. Is, lucrative contract, and after put middlemen in there. So you can panel the numbers. Let's just forget about why would you do that? Do you think it's? Do you think it's like we slip a little I'm realizing that. There's a reason you don't launch nuclear waste material on rockets and so therefore. Which is demonstrated in this episode. Yeah. They blame my blow up on the bad. Would it would it? I mean. Ultimately, it wouldn't make any difference right if you if you launched. Let's say a kilogram of nuclear waste on every shuttle that goes to the moon, and then they put it in a warehouse until they get enough to put it in a big ass rocket and launched into the sun or deep space wherever they send it off to would there be any logic to doing that economically because he's still got to pay whatever the cost is getting a kilogram. Yeah. If it cost the earth thousand dollars to get it up into space. Less just blackstone it costs money to get all the people on the passenger shuttle and get all their luggage on board, and then they look at their weight allotment. That go we got room for another thirty seven kilogram bring of the nuclear waste and then they passionate in down in the hold they use it as balanced. Yeah. That's comforting phone. Yeah portside a little bit heavy. Well, he's just put some of that old plutonium over there on the left. Be Get. I. Like that. I, mean I can't. I can't think of any logic reason why you would stage it on the moon. Mean if you're if you're willing to if you're willing to launch it off the earth's surface, you might as well just get it out of there. Or maybe that is it maybe it is a safety factor right? If kilogram blows up. Well, you know what it might be is that. You're getting something into low earth orbit from. Earth. Costs say a thousand dollars. But once it's up and lowers orbit the the cost in in fuel to move that mass to a solar orbit. would be say three hundred dollars. Or you know to allow it to continue onto the moon. Being. Two hundred and then from the moon, you can send it someplace else. Well Yeah. That's what I'm this. What I'm thinking is if there's some way to be cheaper to get it, yeah. Low Earth orbit as as a deeper gravity. Well. Cincinnati to the moon. So it's but okay and then we have am. I did only watched the episode once. So I. I may have missed something inboxes explanation. The shuttle for the freighter was launched coincidentally at the exact same time as moon quake. And the moon quake is actually what caused the launch failure yeah. But it was predicted moon quake. So they knew exactly when it was going to hit. But for some reason, the waste company refused to change the time of the launch. Am I am I right so far? Yes. Because it had to launch exactly that time so that they could and this is the part that I. it loses me it sounds like so it's possible for them to change the course for it to go to the abandoned space station. Right there'd be some plausibility and why it's off course. Okay it was. It had to do with it was going to go off course it wasn't that by launching at that time, it happened to pass it really would pass the space station nine or whatever it was Okay. You've had the but why there were explosives on board I don't know and were there explosions on board will mean it doesn't actually look like any of the nuclear waste was really disturbed. No, the castle held when they the vehicle failed. And from the effect, it just looks like it kind of fell over right? On the video that they were used using to to examine the outside of the craft. They had circled in yellow the the the mining charge that was placed on the outside the ship. But that was a lie. Right and I don't know if that was you know clever do. Video manipulation on airport or what I thought I, thought they said they were going to. Instead of showing the star cops the real shuttle freighter they were gonNA show them a computer recreation of the event That was that was a three D.. Okay. And because David was saying well. And then I guess is that good enough investigation and and the head of the Moon base was like Da is good. Don't know you know. We're sort of me. Yeah. It's not ideal but okay. Speaking of the Russian Moon base commanders second time we've seen him seemed like an okay guy this time He doesn't seem to be as. Willing to bend the rules as other moon base commanders have on other TV series. But Last. Question whether or not? He was a Russian agent yeah. Yeah. This time he just seemed like. Okay. Just, being officious. Bureaucratic job and you know is he wrong a if if the company that's dealing with the nuclear waste says, it's not safe. Aren't they supposed to be the people who know? Yeah, exactly. So mean he has no reason to doubt them, I. Mean if only he'd realized that they were you know. Italian. And he he would've known that they were obviously Mafia. So obviously, he didn't grow up with US TV series and movies. TV exactly it only McKnight joy it later episodes after Soviet Union fall when he is helping intercity youth. We Watch potato on stick illuminated by candles and we like it. I don't know sorry for all the Russians out there listening to this. We're not making fun of Russians. The Soviet Union yes. That comedian, I can't think of his name. smirnoff Yucca smear enough yes. Yes. Only we're. Going to say, we're funnier not funny. I haven't decided which job makes more sense I think. He's funnier than us because he's been paid for being funny. Baranov paid to be funny your professional you're a professional funny high. Fair enough in the past you have had some. Reservations about the quality of the acting on this show. Yes. I was wondering how you thought the performances rated out this time I get the feeling that colder. The Guy who plays spring might have had a cold during shooting this. In also. the gentleman playing thorough has not received any notes from the director about changing his acting style or perhaps finding one. Once again. Is it's awful at hurts actually. Also. Through is just a crappy cop I mean Davies is turning out to be a pretty good investigator. Oh Yeah Yeah. Davies. Davin Davis. Devas? That's. Debbie's. I duNno, it's calling. Yeah. He's he's turning to be actually a pretty good cop. Kenzi. Actually was kind of she was kind of. Seemed to be taken the cop thing seriously this week she's taking some initiative. She actually thought something out and. You know worked out pretty well. Think shipper from Ruby. On the take she was able to She was in her own element actually but. Yeah. I was I was pleasantly surprised the two of them although there is still a little too much shoddy. Going on well, you know on the moon everybody is hard of hearing Well, it's because the. little known facts the. Sound waves on earth travel the way they do in ineffectively as sort of spreading out straight line. Because they evolved on earth in regular earth gravity the. Moon they. They don't know how to deal with one third earth gravity, and so they tend to disperse faster and kind of go up much more quickly these. Confused in lounge around and and just. Gaffe. Of Tumble there waves. Space. Till they bumping Oh when they're on when they're in zero gravity I mean it's just they don't know if they're they don't know if they're hearing something that somebody just said or whether it was from yesterday and it's just been bouncing around. From tomorrow who knows from tomorrow? It could be yeah, it's. It's terrible. Yes. We can both agree that it's terrible. It is. I. Spring is. Why do you say you thought he was on Cold Medication He's just seemed to be a lot less animated for the for a lot of it mean sure he got his all shouting. Yeli. Stuff and his His employees essentially. But Yeah I mean sure he was kind of depressed because he is on forced leave to Italy it was raining all the time. I suppose that could be a little annoying. And you know he almost killed when he's going to the catacombs but you know he's he's a space cop she he should be used to this how many skilled somebody in every episode so far yeah me, I don't know why he didn't have his his his fancy medical laser with them to take out the the bad guys. Yeah. Well, now because they've got those they've got star Cop. Gun. You. Seen those yet have we? No No, and the only gun we saw looked like a real gun. True true on the moon but yeah. That's brave it. Well if you're in the mafia or. Talian and WASTE WASTE-DISPOSAL. Yeah. He just seemed to be a little bit less. I don't know less I noticed when box was explaining the orbital situation I thought they were going for boxes, batteries or running down. That's what I thought too is difficulty pronouncing some words and slower. Yeah his thing gravity and and I almost wondered if I almost wondered if we are watching these from Youtube and it's a copyright show and they do various things to prevent you from from the automatics to detect that it's. Show one of which is they tend to eliminate opening and closing credits or they rhyme is like up the sound. Thought the guy who recorded it was just being nice to us by eliminating the. INTRO OUT TRO theme songs. I've seen places that reverse the video. So it's all backwards, which is great if you're watching a journey to the far side of the Sun. It's Terrible for everything else. Yes. But I was wondering if maybe they had one of the things you can do is very the speed got a wondering if they had stretched this went out a little bit I don't know I don't I don't think so because we would have preferred it in other areas just it was just it was really pronounced in box. At that one point and I was like I sounds like he's a little bit. On cold medicine and then you mentioned it about colder performance in general and I'm like. Maybe there's something I don't know maybe the. This is their. The director telling him to. Be, mopey and depressed because you're not on the moon doing your job but you really like and yet he was actually fairly good when he was kinda getting. Happy and lively when he was talking to lean on the on the yeah. Actually, it's the first time he seemed human. Shoddy Shoddy Yeah. And the fact that he comes back to the moon and he won't tell them. But let's discuss that idea. You're a cop you're the head cop and you discover that there's strange money in your account to. Yeah. Yup. Somebody tries to kill you somebody tries to plant drugs in your apartment. Right what is the correct response to that I? Mean what? What is a cop supposed to do reported to superiors I would hope so Know it's like Money I don't know what's going on here. They drugs in my room then the Italian competent giant photographer came in and took my picture and. Like I mean I it feels like you should. You should frontload that right up the bat to somebody and go look this is going on And I don't know what the deal is but I'm being framed. But no, no, he comes back and he's like I. Don't know I can trust up here. So I'm not trusting anybody. I. I really don't know. The people above him is there really anybody above him there's that commission but I mean, there is useless well as a commission of European commissioners on Interstellar Space Police Right Mer national trade or whatever. Not Know. It seemed like the wrong. It seemed like the wrong course of action on his part but he doesn't mean he's got a good instinct for coppery obviously. But I think he would have known something was up when he tried to find Lena's information and. He was asking about her whereabouts, where does she live on the moon etc etc and came up with nothing. Like Oh. Okay and then he goes into the catacombs and I'm thinking myself. Okay. so He's going to be walking around and he's going to be like taking sly looks over his shoulder to see if anybody's behind him or something right No I guess. Maybe he was maybe that's way stopped at that pool thing. And then the the. Assassin came up behind him and try to hit him with the. Auto. Injector yeah. I. I don't know we got no evidence that he was aware it was going on I think this could be yet another case of really bad visual direction and bad storytelling. Yeah could be could be. Heavy maybe the reason bought a box was sounding slow and having difficult pronouncing words was something that we totally missed or they just forgot to put that in the script where it was in charge. Exactly, exactly. They took it out of the script. I was actually unclear as to why he? So He's supposed to wait for days in Rome and for starters why if it was it was a setup. Wouldn't she want to do this as soon as possible instead of waiting for four days. I don't know maybe they need time to get things coordinators I don't know. I. Mean She was obviously is obviously targeted so. There's that. and. Then it's raining. He's bored two days of elapsed of his four days. He's like I'm getting Outta here. I. Can't I'M GONNA call her up and say I can't meet you. And they can't find her right. They can't find any trace of her I. assume that he stayed because he was curious I would think so yeah. Has. Do. I'm such a gentleman. I can't just stand her up his horribly desperate. Well, he's clearly that. He's been on the Moon for Heaven's sakes. Pets right. So is supposedly Lena well, obviously Lena must have been on the Mon right. There is another problem. How how did that work maybe Maybe she was. Put on the shuttle with false papers and told her to go seduce the sky. Make sure he's at some place at a certain time. Maybe he's on their own in the payroll, the Mafia. Maybe, it's the world we live in today but I find it hard to believe that the moon shuttle isn't have documentation of all the people were on board it and that he didn't check that two. Pictures and surveillance footage all that could have been doctored on the. Beforehand. Could be, but it doesn't seem like the kind of technology they have in this world. Dues Tikka ticket and types. The other person's name in stick it in with a stack of real tickets and boom, you're on the shuttle. But if they had footage of her than, they could find out who she was no show. Yeah I mean that that's what I get I. Guess by back in that days maybe they were thinking that boarding an airplane or shuttle would be exactly like it is now where the whole family can run up to the gate and maybe even get on the plane and say goodbye before they leave and you know the true the eighties were Kinda like that median detectors from the seventies but Yeah. Pretty relaxed. I I I don't recall even going through a metal detector when I went to. Vegas in the early eighty s, you know you just you just went out to the gate and check in, but they had metal detectors at the airport nurse Dakota and that was in the seventies late seventies North Dakota I. gave. Nearby yeah. Come on. There's coming over the border and then cap in a flight of North Dakota flying down somewhere. Warm being. Let's flat. Know making sure they're not trying to get into South Dakota. North Dakota in the rivalry that goes on their. MINNESOTA. They're trying to keep them out of Minnesota. Whether or they're trying to keep the North Dakota. Stealing valuable metal objects could be is with North Dakota. No not far as I know, there's no mining. Let's see what we have I. Don't know obviously the the dramatic subplot of David. Theroux does not want to die by radiation it pains me to think of that. How the subplot was executed Oh yeah. I would say badly she's I I would say badly I mean when the when the radiation alert goes off he obviously is not happy and they all done their radiation suits. He dons his radiation suit and then I think he goes to hide somewhere I. Think. So yeah. I'm not sure what happened to him. But when he comes back, everyone else has got their suit off they've had them off for at least thirty seconds. And David comes back and they're all like good. Hey, dude, you can take your suit off because. Radiation alerts over and you and I'm thinking that. Very rushed I know what they're saying they're saying they're trying to convey to the audience that he has. He wants to keep that radiation suit on because he's scared of radiation I did get that but it happened. So quickly after the alert ends and they take their suits off and then he walks in the room still wearing his. Hey Okay. Yeah, it's poor direction. Yeah. Yeah. It's like they said, okay we have to convey to these freighter radiation. We're going to do it in half a page. Okay. Here we go. Can you. Can you look scared? I can do this look. Okay. Scared. Isn't that the look you use when you solve the case No No, no no, it's. It's similar. But now isn't that the look when you've just been promoted to your happy. No, no no. No it's. A, it's a little. He obviously what it is, he's holding his feet in different positions. Actor it could be that it could also be the lesser gravity does not allow the range of movement in Yeah we'll. Yeah, that's gotta be it. Sure. I can I can hardly wait for the first television production produced on the moon or You'll setup studio up there. Someday I we get a moon base I. Hope I live that long. Yeah. Yeah I. Yeah. Hope I live long enough from just get a moon base but the rate going. It is going to be twenty, nine, thousand nine, and that's going to be a bit of a stretch for all of us listening to this podcast right now. Sorry sorry folks. Hate to break that one to you but twenty, ninety, nine, a stretch. Just. A little bit. Maybe it's not impossible not impossible. But it's going to be a stretch. and. Of course he oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He saves the day at the end. spring wants him to go into the potentially radioactive waste area and he won't do it because he's terrified he's terrified because his father was exposed to radiation and apparently died a horrible death as you do. As you do yes as you do. And David, doesn't want that to happen to him as no one does absolutely no one no. No. One has ever thought that would be the way to go, but he has severe Alpha radiation poisoning? Yeah. Yeah. Just, a hint of Cama. The bouquet of gamma is just. Something to look forward to. Those. Stations smashed off of my atomic. DNA got changed. Right, now I felt felt my liver being turned into liquid. Awesome. Nobody ever. So he won't. He won't go in the spring because I know even you know spring system going in there I don't care if my career my life I'm going in there I gotta find out. It's the most interesting. That's happened to me a week. So then David goes in which you know is the surprise 'cause sent. Santoni. Why that's such a hard name for me to remember. Santer Rini would be easy. Santini would be easy but the Santoni so maybe. that. It said extra syllable. That that just throws that one off anyway he's got him. He's got him down. He's got that gun to his head, and then moment Abe saves the day Hooray once again, there's that weird bit of reality in this. Where then spring then pukes his guts outs on the floor in. Terror Ya. Immediately David runs off now I'm thinking to myself. Okay. You're in an area with lots of radiation or possible radiation. Let's a waistline. and. A Guy who is you know he's got his mask off whatever. Is just throwing up in front of you. Time to get the hell out of there because that's a very early symptom of acute radiation sickness. I'm like Hell I had not of that. That's my first thought. It's like, wow, he's a goner. I, I really hadn't thought of that. My thought was that that was them. You're trying to show the that they really liked to show spring has bodily functions don't yeah. Yeah. Definitely Viewing. Is it's obviously. He's throwing about fear yeah. Really worried about crap in his spacesuit awhile back in. The bodily fluids of Inspector Springer. So sequel. Talks to the big finish guys about it's really. It's called spring water. I think we may have driven foreign if off the rails now. We're deep waters now. I don't know that I have anything else about the episode. And minor things like there's a lovely bow house painting in the Italian office bow. That was that painting on the wall. That's a black lines with one white with the Red Blue and yellow squares I did not see it sit in the background isn't a couple of shots. And we could tell spring was in Italy in his hotel because there was a picture of the Mona Lisa in the wall. Every hotel is required by law to have a picture of the Mona Lisa on hope. We didn't send folk though we didn't see the pope though. Future the posted replacement Mona Lisa. Could. Looks like Mona Lisa. Go with that. Also another interesting thing Venice, is gone. Yeah totally underwater. So I've seen pictures Venice they have some tall buildings there. So does that mean the water's risen about sixty feet? Or just like fall apart. I I don't know I mean if all the buildings. If it was sixty feet there'd be no London. Right yeah. No. No, it can't possibly be. But I think I think in addition Venice is sinking. It's not just it's not just water level rising Venezia's actually sinking. So I think there's some geologic instability there. COULD BE I know that they're. Built on these earthquakes very long pilings that are not rotting I know that Italy is. Italian Italy is Italian it's also. Tectonically active. There are volcanoes at least one at least well, AETNA's they're right. Or is that in Greece doesn't matter sand Tarini was A. Island off the tip there's one Yeah. No, there's the service was in. Italy. So yeah, I mean it it could simply have been volcanic activity combined with earthquakes and That's the end of Venice we don't know. But this is kind of an interesting piece to put in there for them to just kind of ramble on about Pity about Venice I saw pictures of it. It was really lovely once. And then didn't go anywhere wasn't like turned out the mafia did or anything like that well in the wikipedia. That talks about the episodes of he does say that the original idea was to have springer Sorry Spring. Visit Venice via submarine but due to budgetary issues. They didn't do that. You don't say clearly there was. A lot less budget than usual because. I mean if you're in of The only shots it might have been on location were inside the. CATACOMB CATACOMB? Syria. I actually, I will confess that I went and searched online for pictures of the catacombs that Rome. and. Look like that no. I mean yes. Tunnels were narrower. And bigger. Both narrower and bigger and but those did look like real tunnels didn't they I mean I have quarries over there. I didn't feel like that was a sound stage. No no I think that you probably find some old you know santorin armor, the corner fuel of hard enough. Some minor salt whatever that they? Use for shooting I will say this and in looking at the pictures of the catacombs on the Internet, you know tourist people have posted photos, tons of stuff up there. So I mean there's there's hundreds hundreds of them that you can view. That is one creepy unappealing place. I don't know that I would care to go looked at the bones of hundreds of humans packed in walls thousand Zang's. Now. Yeah. They're just dead. No. It's not a it's not. Disturbing the dead or I'm worried about this or anything like it's just like. Why would I want to look at this I? I don't understand but then you know, I'm not keen on fountains either so. You probably wouldn't like Rome. Probably, not on my first on my list to go to I would I would go to. Herculaneum and. POMPEII. Before I go to Rome so because that'd be interesting and then if you saw dead bodies at would be a little cooler. otherness packing a man it's like what else? I like that the the would be assassins using a little auto injector type thing know so they can give like. Atropine or something like that. Rescue, injector well, those common back them. Yeah Yeah I'm pretty sure that the. They were at least around. Okay. I wasn't sure when he pulled the thing out like Oh. That's supposed to be high tech. Derek needle. But. Be like. The bill attribute I think that's an anti nerve agent. So it's like the military stuff where you've got. epinephrine. Injector fans. Yeah. Offensively in no, they had those back in eighties so. Fair enough. That's about it Oh and Win Spring was on the shuttle talking to box. The. Guy On the across the aisle from him was like staring at him. Did you notice that I did it's like okay was. That intentional. Being creepy or is he thinking what the Hell's he doing or I think he was? Talking to me. I think that this is a case of the one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty s projecting the future. Badly, you know if you saw somebody talking to his little box of technology now on the phone or on a plane. You really wouldn't think twice no. No but back, then nobody else has anything like box. So it is. It's unique. He's talking to this. Little. Handheld thing and it's talking back to him and he's sitting there on the plane going what the heck is that guy doing I I'm sure s was that's what it was. Yeah because you know. Spring looks at him and then the guy looks away like I got caught. Yeah. Because she just board. And not an Italian mafia plant far as we know, we didn't hear him speak. So I mean if he wasn't Italian. or of Italian descent even other Australia. Boy. The pain. The pain. Yeah I hope the next episodes better. I don't know what it is either off the top of my head wikipedia says, it's named in warm blood in warm blood. Well, all right that sounds like a crime could be a murder committed in warm blood. In my mammals probably be by mammals, right that would be my guess I'm GonNa blame the dolphins. They've got their own base somewhere else. You've probably probably on the moon obviously, but I mean. On Yeah. Not. Like on Venus or something. Japan. Thank you for joining me. Welcome. has been yet on wonder yet another wonderful adventure and listeners I do hope you'll join us again next time on fusion patrol. You've been listening to fusion patrol listener supported podcasts, find out how you can be a sponsor and get early access all episodes and more at patriotic dot com slash fusion patrol. Come join the conversation on facebook or twitter. All episodes are available at fusion patrol dot Com. Our music is fight the future by Amber Wolf. This has been a lone locus production.

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162 | Upgrades

The Minimalists Podcast

53:01 min | 2 years ago

162 | Upgrades

"Every little thing that me every little thing. You've been veggie ni every little seeing. That's just feeding agreed that you'll be fine without. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the minimalist podcast where we discuss what it means to live a meaningful life with less. My name is Joshua fills. Milburn? I am Ryan Nicodemus together. We are the minimalists welcomed episode one sixty two today. We're gonna talk about upgrades, upgrading your phones, upgrading your clothes. Your technology, your housing, your appliances and anything else, you might consider upgrading your Ryan. It's it's sort of that time of the year. It's the year is winding down. And of course, it's the holiday shopping season. Everyone's out shopping for other people as tone of upgrades available right now. And then you go to the store you're like I'm going to buy this gift for someone and then inevitably late ULA. But I really need that computer for me, or I need whatever. The that'd be stupid. Not to buy this upgrade that's on sale for whatever reason. Right. And so whether you're listening to this the holidays, or you're listening to this months from now or years from now, it's not just applicable to the. Holidays. We're all ways of tugged by the tug of consumerism. Can I improve this thing? I think it's part of the human condition. Yeah. We'll also part of the business model with companies, right? Like, they totally build in the need upgraded. Slake? I know apple and other tech, you know, gadget companies they will put out a lesser version of what they can really do because they want to they want you to have that desire for the upgrade. So they'll put it out with a phone that maybe has a few mega pixels less than than the upgrade. But, but you know, as soon as they put the new that new phone out there. They're trying to tug it you trying to get your dollars. So you can you can. Oh, yeah. I definitely need those new megapixel. So I'm going to upgrade my phone. Yeah. We don't even know what it means half the time megapixel. Really big pixel, man. Okay. And so, you know, I think you're absolutely right there are these weird sort of conspiracy theories about planned obsolescence. And and while some of those things are true. There are going to be some product developers who who deliberately sort of sabotage and item to work less than it should. But I think the real planned obsolescence is in marketing and marketing makes us feel like the thing that we bought to satisfy our needs is now obsolete, even though it is an absolute. And we're gonna talk about that today. We're gonna make some distinctions as well. So oh before we dive into the questions today, Ryan, we're recording. This a little bit early recording this on cyber Monday. See podcast, Sean over there right now taking advantage of all the deals, and it's right? He's refreshing his screen. But no, we we just went through black Friday and small business Saturday, which Louis when did they start small business Saturday day after black Friday, when did they certain are coining that term? I was a few years ago thing is I think it's like big companies like American Express that coined the small business. I don't know where that actually comes from. So I'm speaking out of turn here. Maybe someone in the YouTube comments can let me know where we're small business Saturday actually came from. But I think it's I mean, we are small business owners Ryan we own a couple of small businesses. And so I think it's admirable to want to support local and small businesses. But not if the price is to still go out and consume without intention. Yeah. That is still a problem. Whether you're supporting your local business unintentionally or you're supporting a mega corporation unintended. Finally, it's still the same fundamental problem. I guess just don't understand why I have to wait until the Saturday after black Friday to support a local business. Well, I think in years wide because we all know that people are. I it's weird to me. The black Friday is really a thing. Still. And it's it's less of a thing. Now are good friend. Matty, Avello put up a video about the history of black Friday recently in it's tapered off significantly. In fact, will put a link to that video in the show notes it I know it's been doing really well a lot of people found value in it. But stated off as far as what people spend on black Friday. Yeah. I mean, remember in our documentary as an example, where you have the hordes of people bombarding the doors people getting violent over whatever. Yeah. Whatever they're trying to get them. Black Friday, that's still happening. Now, I don't wanna act like it's not there are people who are still trying to get the big screen TV. But which is weird. I mean, big TV's haven't really changed that much over the last five six ten years. I mean, once they became flat TV's, and they were able to mount them on a wall. Everything else is it becomes these the marketing, speak the pixels. The. The four K the curve TV. And sort of some of these gimmicks. But anyway in Matt's video, he showed our friend, Dan, Harris, all it was on ABC news. And they show that they were camera crews waiting at one of the wall. I think it was a WalMart. Maybe it was the best buy one of these big chain stores waiting for the the doorbuster sale at five AM waiting to film. All the madness one person walked in the front door this whole like, but the thing is we're actually spending more than ever. So it's not like, well, all of a sudden, we've tamped down the consumerism and the message of minimalism has spread. And now everyone. Yeah. We can we can just walk away. Now, I wish that would happen where everyone was just more deliberate now, so we're still spending a lot of money in fact, spending more and more each holiday season. Yes. But we're spending in different ways of black Friday, isn't as tempting for people. I'm guessing that cyber Monday is taking on a lot of the dollars that that used to be spent on black Friday, I think so but also it has become pro the the black Friday has become protracted. So that it starts for some people on Thanksgiving Day tour BUSTER sales, and they get target like two PM or something crazy on Thanksgiving Day. But then also I saw billboard. I was driving to the airport the other day, and I saw this like Chevy, and it was like black Friday deals this month. That's funny. What do you mean this month like this one is black Friday month? Yeah. It it doesn't it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And so it has become protracted, which is a good thing. People aren't trampling each other. Even if you're indulging and consumers, and I I have not I usually see these videos fluent around on Twitter, whatever in the news about a black Friday madness in groups of people, you know, just going at each other. I haven't haven't really seen any. There was one. I think it was. I think it was an Alabama. And I'm not sure about this. If you saw Sean or Jordan, but we're shots were fired. I think it was in a WalMart. Good grief. Yeah. Yeah. I saw people running from shots being fired. I also saw two guys fighting over a big screen television. Like yanking it from each other. Clearly, they're breaking the TV and the ROY Sesa fighting for it. And so yeah. Black Friday on black Friday. I took Ella at one backs and Ella's grandparents were down. Beck says parents were in town, and we went out to the Cincinnati zoo festival lights. They have the Cincinnati zoo. Cincinnati. Cincinnati zoo. Wow. Yeah. We did go to the LA zoo and then small business Saturday. We support a big business. We went to wash. I maybe it's a medium size business, or maybe it's a nonprofit the L A arboretum. They have this. I think it's called the moonlite forest. It's all these Chinese lanterns seem- seemingly goes on endlessly. And it is just it was gorgeous and Ella loved it. It was gifting and experience and she just really enjoyed well while she enjoyed the the hot Shinjo Christmas time much more than she is just going to enjoy that one day of Christmas. And and so sometimes protracting the holidays can be good. When our intentions are good. It doesn't mean you can't shop on that Friday, or or or whatever. But when we're compelled because we're going to save thirty percent, which by the way, you probably could have saved that. Anyway, if you just looked somewhere online. But maybe didn't need to buy the thing at all. Yeah. I mean, it's funny because like I hear people like I was I was having lunch with Travis a guy that Josh. And I used to work with back in the corporate world, and he was like man of never done the black Friday thing. He's like there's this one. I think it was a TV he's like, you know, we do need to replace our TV I was going to get one. And then I saw what they were doing a black Friday. So we plan as a family we're going to get that one thing. And then, you know, we're going to save, you know, X amount of dollars on it. And I meant the text and see how it went, man. But I'm assuming it went awry for him. But I guess that's the biggest argument I hear for black Friday. I can't afford it. Unless you know, I went on black Friday. And I you know, there's there's a judgment towards anyone who has done that. The problem is is that that's this more of the exception. Right. Absolute the rule is usually like we feel like, oh, we'd be stupid not to go out in in by these things because we're going to save all. This money buying the stuff that we probably wouldn't buy. Anyway, it makes me think of the coupon books. You know, it's like ten thousand dollars worth of savings. Yeah. Yeah. People like would go door to door selling them. Right. Those costs like thirty forty bucks or whatever. So it's ten thousand dollars worth of savings. But yet to spend about one hundred grand to get that ten thousand dollars worth of savings. You don't save money by spending money. And I think that's that's the thing too. We're still in the midst of the holiday season right now when you think about upgrading and you think about buying something. You don't need your never saving money on it. If you don't actually need that thing. And I think quite often we we feel like we're doing this. So we can feel more complete and there's this essay on our website. We'll put a link to it in the show notes as well. It's called more complete. And I think this is this is a perfect segue into the upgrade. Russian because quite often, we are upgrading even that term is a marketing term, it's not actually improved purchases. I'm not improving upon. We'll I already have necessarily I can be. But I've been told I need to upgrade. Because the thing that I have now is obsolete or less shiny lesson. New. And of course, I need the new thing. My my my five year old car is not new and shiny enough. I have to go get the brand new car with the bow on it with the new car smell. And so this is called more complete a dozen. Art galleries adorned the two mile walk from my home to our studio whenever I stroll past a gallery, I often think wouldn't that painting. Look great in our living room wouldn't this picture frame fit perfectly in our daughter's bedroom wouldn't those photos complete our dining room. But then I pause to consider my. Impulses truth, be told our home is already complete and the perfect bookshelf couch or chair won't make our home. More complete are things should add value to our lives. They should augment enhance or amplify our experiences, which means fine. Get that new coffee table, if it makes sense. But it simply doesn't make sense. If the reason is completion things don't complete us. We are already complete they men, and I think that. Man. I get so caught up in it. If I could just get one more thing I fill and we justify when you had that two thousand square foot condo, we feel empty when our spaces empty. Yeah. But the weird thing is when you look at the best architects, you look at Endo or you look at John Paulson or or these sort of minimus architects. It's really about how they use the space. How the space becomes part of the art. And I think our lives are a lot like that. How do we fill our lives with the appropriate amount of space? So it's not cluttered, whether it's mental clutter physical clutter visual clutter emotional clutter. These. These are all areas in which we could afford more space in our lives and the chaos of black Friday to me is what? Well, it's what illustrates like it looks like these sort of crazy ant colonies when they're bomb boarding the doors. And there's no peace in that. There's no there's no feeling of that's not complete that to me is the definition of incomplete. Yeah. And so for chasing complete. I think that's that is really the the problem and funny Ryan as I walked through I walked to the studio from from my home. I see the I see those those bits of our work, and I do feel compelled like I think it's part of the human condition. I need that. I need to upgrade my space. I need to improve upon what I already have. I mean, we were at that was at a farm. I don't oppose a farmer's market. Or a little flea market will flee market thing in LA. Yeah. It's like in West Hollywood the corner of Melrose and Fairfax in. So there was like the these prints that we saw in both of us man is a really nice prints like this. Really minimal. And like, it was just it was very beautiful prints, and like my first inclination was man. Like, I totally get one of these prints and frame it. And it would look really nice. And then I'm like where would that look nice in my home? And then justifying while eventually, I'll find a place for that. Right. Yeah. I'll find somewhere to cram it, and that's not that's not intentional. It's like well. That's just in case thing, I'm gonna do this. Just in case, I'm going to upgrade my space just in case. Yeah. Our first question today is from Becca in Indiana. There are certain point at eastern justify getting rid of hunting. And replacing it with something different even fever side. I'm works perfectly. Well, for example, I have baby clothes. I have saved that I've used for my three children and New York tiny on having more Shulman. Eventually, however, the clothes, I have aren't necessarily what I would choose. Now, if I were to go start over so seeing like something like dishes like if I have to work perfectly. Well, but I would really prefer to have a different sort of Cup. Can it really be justified replacing it? I dig this question Ryan because well, it's it's a nuanced question. Because seems to me that Becca isn't just trying to she's being intentional about. There's some things in my life. My preferences changed or become more refined over time. There's some things in my life that I would I would prefer to have something different. And she saying wind can I justify, and I actually think that word is is the problem because quite often we can justify anything. Absolutely. I I bet you if you give me forty eight hours, and and a piece of paper, I will write you a really good justification one that's fairly sound at least in my mind because that's the only person needed really justified. I could justify buying a Lamborghini. Ryan yet we could justify buying a hillock opther. I mean, if we really sat there and looked for reasons I I think when it comes to that word justify the question that I ask myself as why am I trying to justify this into whom am I trying to just? Yeah. Because if it's like if I'm justifying something just to give myself permission to do something that I typically wouldn't do like for me. That's the wrong reason for me to justify something. Yeah. And yeah, if it's if it's just the if it's to justify it to myself, I've got to examine that and really asked like what is it that I'm after here with me with cell phones, for example, I guess soda phone five. It's slow as heck. 'cause apple does not update. They don't fix the software. They intentionally let the phone slowdown that came out in the newsletter earlier this year. So like they intentionally let the phone gets slower. So you can justify. By getting another phone, and so I could justify that. I could look at that and say, oh, my phone's really slow, and I need to get that iphone ten or maybe I don't go all out, and I get the iphone eight I don't know what happened in the iphone nine. But I. When I have the iphone eight, and I totally justify that. It's got a better camera. And it's going to be faster. I mean, those are two those are two pretty valid reasons to justify, but when I really examine it I wish I didn't have a phone at all I off. So I don't really want my phone to be any faster. I don't wanna be able to pacify myself easier. I in fact, I have immune. I've talked about this. I haven't really pulled the trigger on it yet. But like I've talked to you about you've talked to me about getting a flip phone. I think it's about two still does you still got like a dumb phone? I guess is what you would call it. But but yes, beca. You can absolutely justify anything. But I think with her question, and it goes back to what you're talking about doing her preferences when she talked about with her preferences like the baby clothes Ray or the dishes. Right. And so the question that I wrote down for Becca. And this is a question that anyone needs to ask themselves is can you afford? And your new preferences. Yeah. Because yes, maybe I would prefer to own a Range Rover. I think they're beautiful cars, but they're also like a hundred thousand dollar car, and I can't afford that preference. Is the ranger of is that the one where they say by two of them because always in the shop. So so really the by them if you're gonna buy one, well, I could keep my Toyota for when the. But then I'm going to be discontented because I'm not driving the range rolling. And so I think a Range Rover is just a gorgeous car. I really do think it's a piece of art. It's a moving piece of art. And unfortunately, I don't have unlimited money. And so I can't I can't truly afford it. I also can't afford all the time. I would be taken into the shop and in all these additional costs that are embedded in that. I think the other thing for me is like when I think about the tesla talked about this a few episodes ago where you know, Mariah. And we had a savings account set aside for tesla and those costs sixty thousand like the one I was looking at all wheel drive. It's the model three it was like sixty grand. And I was you know, saving up we attend fifteen thousand dollars saved up, and I was thinking about dropping that money on the tesla just fifteen thousand dollars, and that was something I couldn't do because when I asked myself not. Not only can I Ford by this tesla. But the the question I asked myself was as Kenai Ford by this tesla in also not afford to build schools in in Thailand. So what's the other use of this money? What you're sort of opportunity cost. There is this the best use of this money for me. And it's not a judgment, by the way, if you were to say, yes, this Range Rover or this tesla or these new baby clothes or these new dishes are the best use of this money for me that's up to you to determine now. I like the way she looked at it. She said, you know, what if I had to do this again, would I buy these items? Again, sounds to me like the answer is. No now, if you're thinking about getting rid of something that is the perfect question for you to ask yourself. I love that. If you're going to get rid of something, then ask yourself would I buy this again? The answer is no then. Yeah. You probably want to get rid of it. Now, if you're talking about upgrading the thing where the word she used which I like a lot better replacing the thing because to me replacing as far more important than upgrading because we get to a point where let's say your phone just smashes into thousand pieces, right, right? Are you going to upgrade it will? Maybe maybe you need a different version or just the newer version that's out or maybe that version that broke isn't available anymore rate or maybe you can just replace it with something else. Maybe it's the dumb phone. Maybe it's another iphone five that's used if you're replacing it that is often intentional. And then the question is what am I going to replace this with is much better question than I think is it's like you said of asking yourself, am I doing this upgrade like, you know, Becca needs to ask yourself doing this to replace the items? It's like you said it's much more intentional. Yes. Indeed. So beca. I would love to send you a. Copy of our book essential. It is an essay collection with one hundred fifty different essays here. Jordan, which cameras this one beautiful. It's an essay collection with one hundred fifty different essays about simple living about intentional living there two chapters in here in particular that I think you'll find a lot of value. And there's a chapter about minimalism. It's the first chapter and there's another chapter in there about stuff. And so when you're talking about replacing your stuff getting rid of your stuff some rules around the stuff in your life. We have those rules in essential. So Sean if you could reach out to Becca and send her a copy of essential the book version, or if you like our podcast, you'll love the audiobook version of a central or if you just want the book, we'll be happy to send that to you as well. I just want to go back to that question. You ask about Kenai afford it. And you know, when I think about when I used to upgrade in, you know, in the days of yesteryear, right? I didn't ask ask myself if I could really afford it. I guess maybe ice myself like afford the payment. Or if I could if I could afford maybe that in that instance, if I had the cash on me, but it's funny man, like when I look at my past decisions being in debt with a mortgage being in debt with a car being debt with credit cards being dealt with student loans. I couldn't afford anything. No. But some you were broke even though stencil you weren't. Yeah. And you know, I could find ways to justify buying different things. But ultimately, I mean now, I look at my life. If I am in debt, and I wanna buy something that I necessarily don't need if I'm dead. I can't broke. I can't afford it. So beca. You know, just just don't think of the monetary cost. Either. Think about the space that you have to take up think about the care that you have to have those close the psychological weight of holding onto them. You don't like them. And so there are all kinds of additional costs that are in bedded in holding onto items also bringing new items in and we have to we have to keep in mind. All of those costs. All right, y'all. We'd love to hear what you have to say. So if you have a comment or a tip about upgrading, including advice for any of our colors or question asker today. This is my favorite part of the show where at the very end of the show. We we share your comments in your tips with our listeners so quick prototype. If you're gonna call in which by the way, the numbers four six two one nine seven eight three nine or you can send voice memo to podcast at the minimalists dot com. But if you're gonna call Lynn, please write your question, your comment out, first, and that way, you have a much better chance of being on air. But also, you'll sound far more articulate, but we definitely need more comments from our listeners. We're we're looking for your comments about upgrading or any of the other topics that we're talking about. And because here's the thing. Ryan, I aren't experts. We talk about all these things we're experts in our own lives. Sometimes to talk about ourselves and helps a lot of people. And just take it for what it is. And we want you to talk about yourself. What's working for you? Absolutely. So share your comments with us because you're sharing them with hundreds of thousands. If not millions of other people when you call us up for six to one nine seven three nine or voice memo to podcast at the minimalist dot com. Where ever comments tips on a future episode? Stay tuned to the end of this week's episode for this week's listener comments and tips, Ryan, what time is it? What time it is time for our lightning round where we answer questions from social media. Indeed, we do we're on Twitter Facebook and Instagram at the minimalists on all those social media platforms during the lightning round this Ryan east to our best answer every question with just a short sharable less than one hundred forty character response. We also put the text to these minimal maximums in the show notes. So you can copy and share our pithy answers on social media if you'd like and now you can find all of our pithy quotes in one place. Thanks to our good friend. Jessica Lynn Williams, you can just go over to minimal maximums dot. Dot com. Already our first leading question is from Austin from Nashville. This is the Austin who was at our Nashville event who got up on stage and played his song when you invited him on. That's like one of my favorite events meme that was that was so cool that was during the the postscript portion of of the national vents if you haven't checked that out if you're patriots subscriber you can find that over there, but Allston he was like terrified he got up any asked this question. And he was like, look, I I just wanna play music at front of people. But I'm I'm scared to do it. And what should I do? And Ryan was like, well, you're in a sold out venue right now as you come up here. And there's a tar right here on stage because we had canyon city who opened up for us. Why don't you play song front of all these hundreds of people, and he got up there, and he rocked it? And it was it was really great. So question for us. I love how Rachel looked over. And she's like did you guys plan? This. Rachel Cruze, our guest, and we're like, no, we did not it was it was a truly special night. All right that could have gone really bad to it could've just been some guy who had never picked up a guitar saying before. Booed him off the stage. No Austin, if you're listening, we love you didn't we're so proud of you, and he came out with an open recently to which is pretty cool. Awesome question is how do you combat the want to upgrade even though what you currently have is enough. What practices? Do you use to deter? The I need. Upgrade mindset when it was never a need to begin with. Well, my my shorter answer for you Allston is every upgrade is also a downgrade. And here's what I mean by that. Like, let's say Ryan does need the upgrade his phone while he's going to downgrade his Bank account and doing so right? But also it's a downgrade in what else you could have used that money for the alternatives for that money or something else. Maybe you were going to donate some of the money to charity. Maybe you're going to use that money to buy some really high quality foods, you can make a dinner for you. You and Mariah these are all downgrades and other areas of your life, and you have to you have to recognize that they're all these additional calls. Now. Also, you talked about this top of the show Ryan. But here some stats that will help put this into even more perspective here. So according to CNBC twenty eight percent of shoppers are still in debt from last year's Christmas shopping. So so you're out Christmas shopping right now, and you're in your if you're one in four one of those one in four people you're still in debt from last year. And so what you have to do your piling on more debt in order believable. And and so if you if you are one of those one in four people who still end up from last year, why don't you ask your family for debt free Christmas? And so you don't have to go into any more debt. Yes. By more gifts. And doesn't mean you have to be Mr. Grinch about Christmas. You can still have experiences you can enjoy each other. And in fact will later in this episode. We'll talk. About some of those experiences, but to continue on with that stat the average shopper even though twenty percent of folks in debt from last Christmas. The average shopper still plans on spending seven hundred and seventy six dollars on gifts this holiday season. It's a new record, by the way. It's also a fifty percent increase from just four years ago. And so we're spending more more money than ever were in more debt than ever. And we're buying things obligatorily for people who don't necessarily even want them with money. We don't even have by the way. And I think we can change this. So Austin from Nashville the thing that I will tell you is if you feel like I need to upgrade. But you what you have is already enough. Then you can't make something more enough. We were talking about the more complete essay earlier. It's grammatically incorrect to say more complete. That's why that's why I wrote it that way because you can't Nick something more complete. If you have if we put a giant puzzle on this table, Ryan. And there were a thousand pieces in the puzzle. You and I got down to the last two or three pieces. It's an incomplete puzzle until we do complete it. Right. But now all one thousand pieces are here on the table. And you Alison out of your pocket. You pull out seventeen new puzzle pieces and throw them on top. It's not a more complete puzzle. In fact, it's less complete now because it's obstructed so often you may be obstructing your your life by trying to have more than enough men. I would I would say this man, if an upgrade places you in debt or worse places you deeper and dead, then you've downgraded the quality of your life. And that's when I think about upgrading. I mean that is what I think about it. The costs that it's going to take is it not just the monetary cost. But again, the stuff that we talked about that question. Can I take care of it? Can I Ford upkeep can I afford the space can afford the mental capacity to worry about that thing. And the honest answer is probably what you have now is enough. Now, I've been trying to think of something where it makes sense to upgrade. And I'm thinking about Jordan's computer. And how when he first started working for us. He didn't have his computer wasn't able to do the video that that we asked him to do. So we indeed had to by him and upgraded, computer. So he could. So he could do the job that we were asking because there was something in the way currently and the only way for us to overcome that hurdle was to replace it with some with a better version that could do what he needed it to do. That's another great question to ask to is is is having this current version what? Ever. It is is it in the way of me living a more meaningful life is. I mean, you think about before the printing press was invented and people had to literally right books out by hand or specially rare. And you couldn't disseminate information, and when the printing press came along if you're a person who is like, well, I can still I still only going to write this out by hand you are going to be held back because this technological advances there. And so it's it's less about justifying it for the sake of justifying it and actually being more productive being more efficient. But also, creating a better version of what you are whatever you're trying to create PS Ryan, we have a couple more really great questions here. A Tina from Toronto says Casey nice that has a saying mending is better than ending. He. Mostly use it for ripped jeans. But with today's planned obsolescence, what are some considerations? You make between getting costly repairs done versus getting upgrades and then Arlen also asks last year. I finally upgraded. My ipad mini to an ipad Perot and this. This was a long question. I'm going to get to the to the end of it here. But basically what she is asking here. She said what do people do with their old technology when they're done with it? If it's even if it isn't beyond repair. So you have this old phone that? It's it's obsolete now race, theoretically. Absolutely. What what the heck do I do with? But it still works, but it still works in some capacity. Maybe no longer works for you. But it still might work for someone. What do you do with? Specifically. What are what are some tips and some tricks that you can help our audience out here. And so if you like to hear our answers to those questions, you can listen to this week's postscript episode over at the minimalists private podcast. That's right. Every week. We record an additional podcast episode, and it's vailable exclusively to our patriots Scribner's. So if you want to support our show and keep this podcast one hundred percent advertisement free then head on over to the minimalists dot com slash support. In addition to our weekly, postscript episodes, the minimalist private podcast. Feed includes our ask the minimus anything unreleased recordings of our live events and the entire back catalogue of past private episodes. Once you've become a subscriber you'll also receive a personal link to our private podcast feed. So that plays in your normal podcast player. You can find all the details and all the good stuff, including an additional podcast episode every week over at the minimalists dot com slash support. And here's a snippet from this week's postscript episode. If something is in ding. Yeah. Are coming to an end. Yeah. Then we have some questions to face. First question is do I in this? Do I pitch it? Recycle. It do. I donate it. We'll talk about that in a moment. How do you make that distinction there? But then also do I mend. It do. I repair the thing or I like the third option. I like the least throw it in there. It's not always the right path. But notice there aren't just to pass. This isn't binary. The third path is can I live without it didn't really need it. In fact, maybe my life, just maybe my life will be better without it. Okay. Now, it's time for added value portion of the show this where each talk about something that has editorialize recently. I got two things Ryan. Well, I just finished reading Jonathon FRANZ new book, it's called the end of the end of the earth. It's an essay collection. And it really made me appreciate how good his writing is. But that's not my added value today because it's the book be least likely to recommend his it's a good book and his writing is phenomenal. But if you're looking for an introduction into Jonathon FRANZ work, and who I think is the great American novelist. I think his writing is he's the top five living writers for sure. But one of my favorite books of all time is freedom. So reading this new book reminded, you how good freedom was exactly that's great. But also, I think freedom is the great. American novel of our generation, it's like the great Gatsby of our generation, and it will be the book a hundred years from now, I think people pointing back on and it is. I mean, it's a great story the writings beautiful the characters are so memorable and you'll I it's told from four different points of view, but not in a confusing way at all good and. Yeah, so that could get really convoluted real quick. But there are these large swath these large sections where Patty is the main character. She's the wife of Walter of Walt who is another character. And there's Richard cats who's like this musician and their son, Patty and Walt son. And and each perspective you start to identify with that character. And then by the end of the book, I really dented with this person. And then you look at other people in your life. And you're like, oh like Ryan is the Richard cats Tamai, Walter or whatever like you start to you pick up these dynamic. But then you just he he captures the internal life the interior life. What's going on side my head and my heart. So well like the frustration. We feel with other people the agony. We feel with our relationships the discontent we feel with our creative endeavors, and it's such, but it's such a digestible book too. It's not like some you're crazy of on guard post modern screed from medicine from the sixties or something. It's it's phenomenal. I think came out nine, and it's one of my favorite books that I've ever read and speaking of things that came out around that time Beck's driving around with Ella this weekend relook for some calming, soothing music because it was nighttime, and we'd just finished going to the LA arboretum or maybe it was the Cincinnati zoo. I don't remember which. Come back from the the arboretum. And so it was a long drive back. And we look for something soothing, and there is a singer songwriter. Name Peter Bradley Adams in his first album is called leave taking and it is it is a perfect album. I mean, I I don't really know how to describe it. So he now he he's needed to make albums. He's one of those artists who's able to continue with the same sound over and over and over and still somehow make new albums, but this first album of his as like a culmination of life's work at felt like, and it's so good. But it's also like so soothing every time I turn it on like, I'm transported back to two thousand eight two thousand nine when I was I listened to this album. It's like an anchor for that period of my life. And it was can't promise to do the same thing for you. That has done for me. But it is such a gorgeous album, the the pianos on the instrumentation the his vocals the writing. It is he has some of these lines that just stay with you. So you could check both those out freedom by Jonathan Franzen. That's book I recommend and leave taking by Peter Bradley Adams. So those are two recommendations for you today for move onto right here right now, do it. All right. Let's talk about what's going on in the lives of the minimalists. Will we have a new essay over the minimalist dot com? It's called ideas for a debt free holiday so Ryan. And I we went out to some of our friends we talk to them about their what experiences have you enjoyed getting or giving recently. And then if you do have to get physical items, what are some of the physical gifts that you enjoy getting or giving and then also what about charitable giving. And so having a more meaningful holiday, but also having a less expensive debt free holiday. You don't have to be one of those people who's who's careening towards spinning a thousand dollars on gifts for people that they don't want. And so we have some more meaningful experiences over there. We'll put a link to that in the show. Oats as well. Speaking of Christmas. Now's the perfect time to buy a brick for Christmas. Like an actual brick. Yeah. Well, you know, it's so so many funny, you windows, when I tweeted out that the yeah. The buying of brick and so by a brick for Christmas Ryan, I are trying to build this. This co-op, Dayton, Ohio. It's not for profit grocery store on the west side of Dayton because. Well, it's relatively poor neighborhood. But it's also Washington relative rela relatives all of the United States. It's a neighborhood. There isn't a single grocery store on the west side of Dayton forty percent of the Dayton's population lives on the west side. They don't have access to carrots and cabbage. And and just good grocery store food, and let's get on several buses and spend half a day grocery shopping, which people, you know, it's obviously hard to do. And we're trying to change that in west Ayton. We've partnered up with Jim city market. We're trying to raise the final one hundred thousand dollars to get this grocery co op built and you can help us out go to the minimalist. Dot com slash brick. We did a really good video with with Jordan, and Sean we, but you and I by the way, you're such a better actor than I am. It was so good. It was like all subtle. Oh, keep going. In the video like Ryan's trying to pull a brick out of a wall because he is trying to get bricks to build this co-op. We've learned that the average brick with labor costs about a dollar for this co-op. And so we're trying to buy in in quotes by one hundred thousand bricks and Ryan donating twenty five thousand dollars of our own money to buy twenty five thousand bricks affectively, but we need your help raising the rest of the money, and we are over sixty percent of the way, they're outstanding. And we need to get there by the end of the year. So if you can help us get there, it's it's it's going to take a lot still. So by more than one brick your family, you can buy a brick for your entire family or a person for each person in your family, and you can do it in behalf on behalf of. So you just print this receipt. Al and you can hand it to them. You can even put a nice themed gift wrapping or beautiful envelope and say, hey, I bought you a brick for for Christmas. And you know, it's funny about this L, Saul video. And so we were out walking yesterday. Her and I walk into the bookstore. And along the way she liked picked up a brick or she was trying to it was like a broken one. Because you couldn't she goes here. We'll this help you build stores. Yeah. And so you can definitely help out. You can help us. Do something meaningful this holiday season. Just go to the minimalists dot com slash brick. If you wanna comment on this episode, you can do so over at YouTube dot com slash the minimalist. Also in YouTube right now, we're doing one quickey episode of week so quickey podcast for our YouTube audience. So those are usually about four to twenty minutes long also living room conversations, where we go to our living rooms, we answer your questions. Some simple advice about simple living one of those every Wednesday and pretty soon we're going to do a house tour of Ryan's house my house, and you can see that all over at YouTube dot com slash the minimus. And we're also doing something called simple Sundays right now. Every Sunday, we send out some sort of simple living. Essay or writing about about living more intentionally. So if you want those in your inbox, you can just head on over to the minimalists dot com. Sign up for Email us over there. Every sunday. We'll send you some sort of simple living tips tricks essays writings ponderings musings, so on and oh, and by the way, if you sign up for Email us, we'll never send you any span. But we will send you some show notes. Anytime you hear talk about the show notes for a podcast podcast, Shaun write something down in that will show up your inbox. Anytime we put out a new podcast episode. And the next week. We got Jordan harbor is gonna be on the podcast. We're gonna talk to him about starting a business restarting to business he had to go through a whole bunch of stuff recently. I'm looking forward to talking to him. He had the walk away from a previous business and start a Phoenix rising from the ashes of a previous business because he had a disagreement with some business partners and he had to start he had to start from scratch. So a lot of lessons. He's learned. Ryan you and I have learned. Lot about business over the last twenty plus years. Yeah. Definitely. We'll share some of those lessons with you next week. Ryan what else you got for us? You know, I just wanted to encourage people to read more and get informed. It's it's just important Mandalay. Stay abreast of everything that's going on with our role. It's it is a mean court culture that we live in and if we are just reading headlines, and if we're just reading memes, well, we're actually not that informed. So get out there. And and you know, like like, I always say, it's great that you guys listen to Josh. And I we think we're awesome. But definitely get out there and get some different opinions some different perspectives address. The actual text of things I was having this conversation with our good friend, Sean the Haluk recently, he he works with me on how to write better the writing class that I teach and he was talking about, you know, we often talk about Henry David Theroux or someone like someone like that or Emerson. But rarely do we actually go back, and and and dive deep into the. Text of something. And and really understanding rinse that we go and read the list of people, right? The top ten things. The Henry David throw set about simple living, and that can be helpful the serpent service level stuff can be a nice entrance. But then how do we go beyond the surface level? So yeah, we can do that by by getting informed and reading more reading different perspective Yemen. Hey, I also got some voicemail commented Smarr listeners checkout. Hi, guys. I'm I'm from the Netherlands, and I live in Belgium. I have a little tip full, holiday planning and gift-giving recently. I was listening to podcasts about black Friday. And I think you mentioned in your podcast as well. Although black Friday is very American phenomenon. It has Fred to other countries. And yes, it has spread to the Netherlands and Belgium as well. And the timing cannot be more perfect for businesses in December the Dutch in Belgians celebrate Christmas as well as Cinta class which. On the fifth of the Simba. Cinta clouds is roughly the same concept as Santa Claus, namely gift-giving, which actually creates a good opportunity. Many Dutch families deliberately choose whether or not they give gifts on each holiday, for example. Some families celebrate Cinta class with gifts and celebrate Christmas with a nice meal with the family and other families the exact opposite. It's actually clever strategy that you can apply to many Asians there. So many celebrations throughout the year. Fateh tines day Easter thanksgiving Christmas the class if you want to be deliberate. You can choose which ones you celebrate small and for which you really go all out if you want for which once you want to buy gifts, and which one you want to celebrate without gifts, you can choose how you want to reshape your holidays, minimal Stephanie Reinold from Tonio, Texas, and I wanted to offer a new resource for those women out there. Who really love their clothes or accessories by he wants to minimize their closets, and it's a service called la-, tote L E T O T E, and it's basically closed rental company. So every month, you get a box of a certain number of items that you get you wear them as much as you want for the month. You don't have to wash them. And then you send them back. So you can keep your minimalist club. But also they trying to enjoy some latest fashions every month without clubbing. This is on your episode regarding addiction. I was listening. You guys talk about the how it can be healthy to remove yourself from an individual. But that removal of the situation doesn't necessarily need to be permanent. And I really think that that's true because I dealt with parents and siblings with addiction problems and making bad decision because of those addictions, and I found that when you set such limiting terms on a relationship like, that's it. We're done divorce or I'm never you're not my sibling anymore or. You know, when it comes to such permanence is really not motivating anymore. Well, you've already written me off or you've already decided that I am not worth your time. So why am I motivated to maintain a relationship with you or value? What you have to say I feel like you really have to speak in the terms of. No, well, right now, I'm struggling with the way that you're behaving the the choices you're making or you know, the effect that you're having on this family, and and you can say we'll right now, I need you to not live here, or I can't financially support you or whatever. However, it is that you feel your quote, unquote. Either a neighboring supporting whatever it is make it as a a motivating factor for them. Like the way things are going right now, I can't be this close family member or your wife or your daughter, whatever it is like, but I would like to in the future. And when you. Due decide to make different choices. Or however, you want to phrase it, then I would like to continue to do that. And I'm really excited for that to happen in the future. So feel like that would be like a very non-confrontational NADA end all be all way to really make someone know that you're not happy with the way things are going. It's affecting you. And again like you said before responsibility. It's not my responsibility to change your behavior. But it is my responsibility control, what comes in and out of my life. And how it makes me feel and and when you are ready I would like to revisit the situation of being in close relationship. And I think that's kind of helped me have a better attitude on it. And it really I feel like motivates that person. Like if you want a relationship, then we can revisit we can always visit. I obviously still care about you. But just I can't right now with the way things are going. All it for this episode. If you have a question for the minimalists, give us a call, also if you have a comment, we love to hear your comments the end of these episodes, give us a call four zero six to one nine seven eight three nine you can also Email a voice memo to podcast at the minimalist dot com. And if you leave here with just one message, we hope it's this love people and use things because the opposite never works. Thanks for listen. You'll see next time. Every little thing that me every little thing. Every little thing. That's just feeding agreed that you'll be fine without. Every little things that you got ahead. Every little seeing. You gotta reach. And you a grab boy that you'll be fine without. So, hey. Or?

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#95 Rich Roll on Why Your Excuses Will Ruin You

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

44:13 min | 3 years ago

#95 Rich Roll on Why Your Excuses Will Ruin You

"What does that impact of is I want to share something with you that I am incredibly excited about and that is skill share. If you guys don't know them, they are an online learning platform. You had me learning platform with over eighteen thousand classes in business marketing, entrepreneurship technology, and so much more. You can take classes and productivity anti management, social media strategy, which on telling right now learn about that Google analytics, you name it, they've got it. So we have an amazing new offer for you guys. You get two months of unlimited access to skills here for just ninety nine cents. That's crazy. Actually, very impressive that the sign up go to skill share dot com. Slash impact. Again, go to skill share dot com. Slash impact to start your three months right now, that skill share dot com slash impact. They want me to mention that I've lifelong learning. But if you guys are listening to this podcast, you know not only do I value at. I am completely obsessed. That's why I'm always Superstock than we have a partner like skill share that that is their mission for eggs. Existing is to help people learn. I'm way about these guys. So whether you're trying to deepen your professional skill set, start a side hustle or you just want to work on self development. Skill share is there to keep you learning and thriving guys get after it. You know it ideas in equal ideas out. If you wanna be learning, you've gotta be pushing yourself and skill share is perfect for that. And you can get two free months of unlimited access the skills right now ninety nine cents. So to sign up, go to skill share dot com. Slash impact again, though, to skill share dot com. Slash impact to start your two free months right now, get those skills and be legendary everybody. This show is brought to you by our friends at butcher box. You know that Lisa and I are totally psychotic about what we eat. We are awake concerned about whether something is grasp whether it has ever had antibiotics or any of that stuff. And that is why we're way amped butcher box and use it. Everyday in our own lives because they deliver one hundred percent rasp head and brass finished. That's the key part beef free range, organic chicken and heritage bread pork directly to your door on a monthly basis. All of their products are humanely raised a never ever given antibiotics or hormones. This has been something that has been really effective for research. It's the kind of meat that she can eat, and that's why I trust these guys because we're using them, and that is the key that that is so big fuss as we've tried it. We know that this stuff actually works on somebody that has insanely sensitive digestion. So for all of you listeners because this has been working so well, this partnership, they've got a new offer for us. Now it's now twenty dollars off plus free bake in for all impacted realis- Nur's just go to butcher, box dot com. Use the code impact. That's I m p a c t at butcher, box dot com. Go right now and try it out. This very much has my staff. Of approval, and the boxes will come with at least nine to eleven pounds of meat, which is good for twenty four individual servings. And there are five different box types that use from you can get all beef beef and chicken beef and pork. The mixed box and the custom box, which is what I'm all about. And it lets you choose your own cuts by taking out the middleman and buying direct from collective of ranches. These guys are able to get the cost down as a big deal, especially when you think about the fact that they offer free shipping to forty eight, continuous United States, and the price is just drum roll, please one hundred and twenty nine dollars a month. And again, that's only six bucks a meal. So for six bucks a meal, you can get the highest quality, tasty. As the date is long, I'm telling you guys step is good. So go try it right now. There's no commitment. You can cancel easily at anytime emphasize easily because as he can make it, a pain becomes a nightmare. So these guys not trying to trap you, the stuff was good. They wanna make sure you can get in and try it. So head to Butch box. Dot com right now, sign up, twenty bucks off plus free. I guys joint be legendary. You are listening to impact their impact, the impact, their impact theory impact baby. Our goal of this show and company is the introduce you to the people and ideas that will help you actually execute on your dreams. Right? Today's guest is an extremely accomplished old trend. Durance athlete, bestselling author and host of one of the biggest podcasts on the planet and proving the age is really just a number. He began his athletic career in earnest in his forties after a medical scare that made him realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and what began as an attempt to simply not die, became an obsession that some completely transformed his life in two thousand nine after decades of alcohol addiction and just two years after being fifty pounds overweight and sitting on the couch for exercise at the age of forty three. He won stage one of the old man by ten minutes a seemingly impossible feat when you realize that the ultra man is a three day, three hundred twenty mile double ironman distance triathlon to top that accomplishment. He raised the epic. Five, which is five ironman on five Hawaiian islands in just over five days and not long after turning fifty. He and his partner with a number one finishing American team in the OT low swim run world championships, which is a race where you run on land and then swim in the fifty, some degree Baltic Sea transitioning from running to swimming fifty two times. And did I mention that he did it when he was fifty years old? Not surprisingly men's health named him. One of the twenty five fittest men in the world, and he is regularly named to other high profile annual list of the most influential people in the health and fitness space. He's been featured on CNN the New York Times Forbes, and countless other media outlets for his laundry list of insane accomplishments. So please help me in welcoming. The man who's podcast has been downloaded more than thirty million times the best selling author of finding ultra rich. Good. It's so good to have you on the show excited to talk to you. Man. We met through a mutual friend, Ryan holiday researching you was really a lot of fun. And that's one of the ways that I judge who to bring on the show is, am I really going to enjoy researching them? And I'll admit my bias was I thought that you were going to be primarily talking about fitness and nutrition, which obviously is a huge part of it, but there's just so much more there. And the thing that I really found interesting was your relationship to pain. So I wanted to start there. What is your relationship to pain. My relationship with pain runs deep. And it's complicated. On the one hand. I love pain. I love trying to push the outer edges of envelope of what the pain experience is in a physical sense. And it's also been my greatest teacher in terms of things that I've accomplished. But also my parents ways as well. Pain is truly the only thing that's ever gotten me to change. So it's been my growth accelerating as well as my reminder of when I've gone astray. That's what I found so interesting about it is in the one hand, you talk about how you have to get really comfortable with pain. If you want to be able to push yourself to the kinds of extremes that you do, but then that pain is also really powerful thing that can force you to change. So I want to talk more about that. How have you been able to leverage that? I find that pain often causes people to go into endurance mode and they just like endure the pain, but they never, actually, you use the word leverage. You said, I knew if I could leverage this pain, I could really make change. What is that mechanism of really Greg. A hold of it and making it into something usable. I think it's learning to embrace it and not being afraid of it. And for me, it goes all the way back to when I was a young child. I mean, I was very awkward insecure kids who had a lot of difficulty making friends and figuring out what the rules for for life were. And I was also somebody who is not athletically inclined at all. I was the kid with the patch and the headgear picked last for kickball and all of that. But the one thing that I was actually fairly okay, was swimming and when you're good at something, when you're a kid and you're having difficulty in other areas, that's what you're going to gravitate towards. And and that's what I did. And I learned quickly that I was not the most talented swimmer, but in my early teens, I realized that if I was willing to put in the work and do certain things that other people weren't willing to do that. That I could bridge that talent gap and pick up a lot of white space, and that meant getting comfortable with pain to bring it back to your question. So throughout my teens, I would. I would routinely Throwdown crazy sets in the pool that no one was willing to do, and I was doing it because I knew I wasn't the most talented, and if I wanted to compete at the highest level, that's what would be required. I love that. And by the way was so cool that you've shared the photos of you with the ipads and stuff in your book. But that was really neat. How did you go in school? You're being bullied at one point, you see this opportunity to get better. What do you start telling yourself or doing to be able to make pain your friend to push past it so that you could begin to, you know, beat other people at something. So it's almost like a deep meditative state, and it's a very one one to one relationship between the pain that you're willing to suffer in the progress that you're going to make. And I saw swimming as my way forward and my way out. And so what that meant was the more that I was willing to suffer. The more likely it would be that I was going to create a positive trajectory out of this painful scenario that I found myself in and we're you vision, boarding things. I mean, how were you staying so Taneja asleep under your goals that you push that hard? Well, swimming is, is. Is a sport in which it's so individualistic. And it lends itself to setting very concrete goals and those goals for me were time standards. Oh, I want to qualify for US nationals. Oh, I want to qualify for Olympic trials. So I would have a vision board where I I literally right those times out and very large block letters with a magic marker and put them above my bed or on my mirror in my bathroom and constantly reminding myself in reinforcing myself about why was doing what I was doing. So I don't know that I would have called it a vision board at that time it was more, but it was. It was more of a practice of of. Engaging in in in aspirated like I had pictures of all my heroes and all of that. And I think intuitively, I was looking towards a better life for myself. When you went through getting sober, the amount of change that was staring in the face is obviously just herculean. How did you leverage the pain in that moment to make such profound change. Fear. You know, I was somebody who, by the time I was eighteen years old was an individual had a lot of promise, and there was a lot of people very invested in my future. I was graduate. I graduated top of my class from high school. I got into all the colleges. I applied to all the Ivy leagues. I was a top ranked swimmer competing at the very highest level world rank the whole deal. And so my future looked very bright and then alcohol got introduced my life and it was a very progressive decline in my aspirations. And at the very end, I was a daily drinker. I was drinking vodka tonics in the shower in the morning and hiding drinks throughout the day and ending up in blackouts and more than my fair share of incomprehensible. You know, demoralizing situations. And I burned every bridge that I had. I was virtually unemployable at the end. I was sleeping on a bare mattress in a crappy apartment with no furniture in it. My options were had been eliminated. My life was viscera. My family didn't want anything to do with me. I lost my friendships. I had no way forward and just continued to dig that hole deeper and deeper and deeper until one day I had that moment that you here with people who are in recovery, that moment of clarity where I realized I just couldn't live this way any longer. My elevator had gone down to the bottom floor and and the and I met my paints Russia old back to the this thesis around pain. Like I had reached a point where I could no longer tolerate the pain of my current situation and the fear the pain associated with the fear of change was a clips by the pain that I was feeling in that moment. And that's what motivated me to change. I went to a treatment center where I lived for one hundred days which is pretty long. Time to be a rehab center, and I did that because I knew if I didn't get this right that my life was done, you know? And so I took that opportunity seriously. I recognize that despite the fact that I think I'm smart guy, my best thinking had me literally institutionalized and that if I couldn't get a grasp on how to live and develop some new skills and and a new toolbox for how to approach my life, that that I was going to end up in jail, or I was going to kill somebody else or myself. Yeah. So few people make it to the other side of that. The really interesting part for me is the lessons that you learned that about pain because they come to your aid again in the next phase of your life where now your post the drinking and you're overweight and you're walking up the flight of stairs, and you think you're having the heart attack, and you said that was the moment where you said, and I remember you using your hands like I knew if I could, you didn't say grab a hold, but if I could leverage this pain that I could make the same kind of change that I had made in going through rehab. What what is that like the thinking process or the the mecca nations that you go through when you have a big change in front of you? Now you've done it multiple times. Is that goal setting? Is it imagining the world that you'll have if you don't do it, like, what does that process for you? That's a great question. I think for me, it's really anchored in a way. Awareness and presence on that staircase. I was able to really understand that I was having an important moment in my life. And the reason I was able to recognize that was because I had that moment. So many years prior when I decided to get sober, it was a very specific moment in time where I made a decision and that decision set in motion a series of events that changed my life. So completely that I couldn't imagine my life had I not made that decision, and I was able to see and understand and recognize that once again, I was being visited by just such an opportunity. It was something that I could feel inside of me and and I think it's because I learned to be present to be aware of myself in my environment. And one thing I always talk about is the fact that you know, I'm not anything special with this. I think we're all visited with moments like this. In our life that if we can develop that the wherewithal to have the awareness around the circumstances surrounding whatever event it is that you can leverage that crack in the door to make some significant changes. And I'm somebody who an I've heard you talk about this before. I'm somebody who who when I make a decision, like that's it, you know, I can. I can step over that line or walk through that door and not look back like I can be determined the focus enough and diligence enough and dedicated enough to leverage those moments when I make that decision to really make significant changes that that stick in stand the test of time. Now, I have techniques and tactics that I use to be able to pull that off. Do you have similar things? Like how do you make sure that in those moments of weakness, you actually keep going? I mean, for me, I try to keep it as simple as possible. It's about making a decision and what I make decision that decision is done. I've done it with diet of done it with fitness. I've done it with my profession and the more simple I can make it then the easier it is to it here. That makes a lot of sense. Now going into leveraging the pain and making it something that allows you to do these extraordinary things physically, how do you shift you're thinking about what the pain is, and I know that you said you agree with Goggin when your brain taps out, you're really only about forty percent of the way there. How do you tap into that other sixty percent experience. You know, we're so conditioned Tom to avoid pain every message that we see every billboard. We see every advertisement that we're exposed to is telling us that happiness can be can be purchased through comfort through luxury through ease. And that's sort of implicit in that is that that's how we find happiness. I can tell you that I'm happiest and most alive when I'm butting up against the outer edges of my pain threshold, and I'm not afraid of it. And so when I start to feel that sensation rather than shirk away from it, I realized that's an opportunity to experience a heightened sense of myself and my environment to to really be in a position where everything else falls away, and it's just you and your ability to take one step forward. There's a purity to that that again is another. Another great teacher. And so in terms of techniques, I've just learned through experience that just like David Goggin says, when the signals that you're receiving are telling you to stop that you don't necessarily have to pay attention to that that that you are capable of so much more. If you can develop the acuity, the presence of mind and the wherewithal to then take that next step. And when you're on the other side of it to realize you're still okay, and you can take another step and a whole your horizon extends and you realize that there's a whole world of potential impossibility available to you that you weren't previously aware of what is up impact is hope you guys are enjoying this episode wanted to give a quick shout out to our sponsors, and then we'll get right back to it. Remember our sponsors are all hand chosen. We love these guys and think that they have something incredibly valuable to offer. So be sure to give a listen. A lot of these guys are doing special offers just for you. All right. I wanna know how many times we ask yourself, what's for dinner? I absolutely hate that question. It is such a waste of time to try to figure this out, but what you eat z. huge difference. Hopefully author Melissa Hartwig and former healthier. Yes. Time might add has these solution the whole thirty slow cooker cookbook. It offers one hundred fifty volition no fuss recipes, which is used for me over half of these recipes can be whipped up in an instant pot, which is amazing the whole thirty, his thirty date, lifestyle reset where you eliminate certain foods from your diet that are known to be inflammatory for a lot of people, things like dairy, gluten, refined sugar, alcohol, beans, etc. But the heat of the whole thirty is figuring out what actually works for us. Once you've eliminated this stuff, then you're going to slowly item by reintroduced it and figure out exactly what works for you in doing so many people have experienced not only weight loss, but increased energy, better sleep and a whole host of other benefits. And after the reintroduction period you're going to be essentially eating the same way way before is really as you ever did, but now much greater awareness of what affect your body and how the whole thirty exploded onto the scene nearly five years ago and has since sold two million books and change just as many lives check out the whole thirty dot com. That's t. h. e. w. h. o. Elton, the three zero dot com for more information on the program and where to order the cookbooks, you can also order the cookbook from Arlington machine joy and be pledge. All right. So I know it's happening in the mind of the viewer listener right now. They're discounting you because you're extraordinary. They forget that you said remember, I was a kid with the ipad. I did not take anything naturally athle- that swimming with something to out work people. They're forgetting all of that already and they're just thinking, well, it's rich role. These lean shredded. He's been doing this for a long time. Of course, he can do it. But what I want to talk about is take it out of the room of the physical. The most interesting thing that I've heard about you from you is what happened when you wrote finding ultra and he thought, all right, this is it dumping lawyer. Here we go. Univers- give me some good stuff and then it didn't quite play like that. Yeah. No, it definitely didn't. I've been a corporate lawyer for many years. I was a corporate lawyer during the period of time that I wrote that book. And the book was successful. And yet in the wake of that book being published and doing well, the phone didn't ring and I had a let my bar bar membership lapse. And here I was, you know, ready available to speak to the world and be of service, and the opportunities just weren't flowing. It was a very difficult time and it tested me to my core. I mean, we almost lost our house. I cars repossessed we could bear bills. It was very emasculating, but I think the the alchemy of going through that has been something that now allows me to speak from a place of greater truth and with what I do. So I'm grateful for the experience. I love that man in hearing you say that I can tell that you really mean that, but I want to paint a picture a little bit more from people. The part that really hit me was when you said that you guys can even pay for. Your trash taken away and they, that's when I realized, okay, wait. This wasn't like, oh, things are tight. This was like, we can't pay sixty dollars for our garbage to be picked up, and then they come and take the trash cans away. It was the worst. I mean, so embarrassing, I, it was so incredibly emasculating. Yeah, we went through periods where we literally barely had enough money to put food on the table and we couldn't. We couldn't pay to have our trash removed and they did. They came in, they took the bins. And then we were compelled to then put our trash in the back of our crappy beat up minivan and find an empty dumpster to to dump the to dump the garbage. It was. It was not easy. Now, what do you teach your kids? So like bringing this all back to looking at you is like this insanely empowering example of how to use pain and all of its forms. Like what do you teach your kids about being because they watched that happen right? And they watched you push through and obviously everybody knows you. On the other side of this already. So what do you teach them like, how do you help them assign meaning to that hard time that you know not being broken and continuing to push? Yeah, it's a great question. So I four kids and it's something that was very challenging as a parent. And again, I keep using the word of masquerading as somebody who who is supposed to be the head of household and and take care of these sorts of things to be unable to do. That was incredibly difficult. I've spoken to my boys at length about this and as difficult as it was. It was an incredible learning experience for them to understand that the world doesn't know you anything. It quashed any sense of gen z. entitlements or anything like that. And I think it taught them. The value of of really what it means to pursue a dream and what is required to see it through. I think it would have split up a lot of marriages or families, but we treat it like a board game. We're like, okay, how are we going to do this? Like what's the plan? Let's do it. And let's try to have fun with it and sort of deplete all of the sort of drain all of the anxiety, intention, and fear that can surround it. And when you do that, you realize like we're going to be okay, that's really extrordinary and knowing how stressful that must have been at its. There are so many powerful lessons to be learned in there. One thing I'd love for you to give to listeners right now is what did you do like what does in now? I'm going to complete a couple of things that maybe you're better separate. But you've talked about this, God of your own making and then so you said your faith was being tested in this time. So you didn't sell out. You didn't like do some cheap thing. And this is what years were backing. Like what? Two thousand two thousand. This was like two thousand twelve through two thousand fourteen fifteen. Yes, it was not like going into podcasting was like an obvious answer to your problems back then. So how did you stay true to the vision win it? It just I mean, you're literally getting picked apart down to being able to pay for your nervous. I worked my ass off and exploited every opportunity that presented itself. I did a ton of speaking gigs for free. I did anything that was asked of me anyone who would want to talk to me, but it was really just a function of showing up working my azoff saying yes, and having a strong core belief that I was on the right path. Yeah, I love it in being able to keep pushing. And that's the part that really hope people here is that it's not just sitting back and waiting for something to happen. Definitely not trying everything you can to like really make something, but being true to that mission and knowing what you're trying to bring to the world. I think that's really extrordinary. You mentioned really early on this notion of self awareness, and I want to talk more about that. So one to have the kind of faith that you had to keep pushing, obviously have to have a lot of awareness around who you are, who you wanna be, what you want to bring to the world, but in going and getting sober and then chasing that with the kinds of physical activities that you do, which are always want to say the loneliness of the long distance runner which was great film all about sort of the way that you can get lost in your head as a runner. What are some things going through sobriety doing the distance that you've learned about yourself that are like encapsulated. That's a great question. I think to answer that I would preface it by saying that I was somebody who who firs long as I could remember was pursuing the traditional notion of the American dream get into the best college study hard get into the best grad school, get the best job shop early, stay late partnership, track. All of that, right? But that I'd never really stopped to think what is important to me like, who am I? What am I here to express and they didn't have answers for those questions. All I knew was that I felt like I was living someone else's life, and so my exploration in sobriety, and ultimately, then in ultra endurance sports was really my personal method of trying to resolve these issues for myself to try to learn who I am. I love that. What advice do you have for people that. At our living somebody else's life. How do you help them get awareness of that? And then be once they realize what came leaving somebody else's life and this is why, how do you help them figure out what they really want for themselves? It's an inside job. You know, one thing you talk about all the time is goal setting goals and being very clear about what those goals are. I think that that most people set the wrong goals for themselves and it's because they're disconnected from who they are, they are living someone else's life or they're living a life. That's so disconnected from who they are. It becomes very difficult to set the right goal. So I think in order to reconcile that you have to look inward and that can be different for everybody that can mean a consistent meditation practice that can mean therapy that can mean you know, starting to do yoga, it can mean many, many things, but I think there's no. And wrong around the very difficult, long process of really trying to be honest with yourself about who you are, what's important to you, what you care about, and then beginning to breathe life into those things as frivolous as they may seem to bring expression to the things that that you do care about that that that you excited in the morning, and that doesn't mean you quit your job tomorrow, but the more you can foster something that has personal importance to you. I think that's the first step in trying to move past whatever it is that's holding you back whether it's professionally or personally to being a more integrated authentic version of yourself. Even hearing you talk about that. It really sounds like that inward reflection has a spiritual edge to it. I don't know if you agree with that. Yeah. You talked about in when you were first going through rehab that the counselor asked you, are you a spiritual being having a human experience or human having a spiritual experience? And I literally was like, what? I don't understand, and then you said, and I said, what? I don't understand. So walk us through because I'm like, I get some context from having seen you talk about this a lot, but like helped me make that like something I can internalize. So yeah, when I was in rehab, I was asked that very question. I had the same reaction that you had. I, I don't understand what the question means. Let alone have any ability to answer it, but I've since come to believe and truly believe that we're all spiritual beings having a human experience. And I don't mean that in any specific dogmatic sense. Certainly not in any specific religious soon. But I do what I do mean by that is that there's more to this experience of being human than meets the eye. There's more to it than we can possibly comprehend. And I think there are energies available to us if we open our perspective and become more curious about the world than I think we're programmed to be. So for me, that doesn't. I don't define that by any particular specific spiritual approach. Other than that, it provides my experience as a human being with a little bit more on an wonder than I used to have. That's awesome. Talk to me about letting go. That's like this really important through line in your life. That's resulted in this just incredibly beautiful stuff happening to you. How like as a Taipei control-freak. Yeah. How does one go about letting go? It's scary. Right? Terrifying. Yeah, actually, wait. I don't experience it as fear. I experienced it as sub optimal. So now maybe you can really help me because that's the true right fear. If I let go just won't be done. It's an assault. It's an assault to your worldview. Definite right. And I relate to that. You know, is somebody who, as I explained earlier as a young person, I did the math and I realized if I out work everybody in the pool, I can be as good as anyone else. If I out work everyone in the classroom, I can graduate at the top of my class and get into Stanford and Harvard. And so my worldview was informed through the prism of those experiences which taught me self-reliances. Everything don't don't expect. Anybody to do anything for you? I'm the only one who can get it done, and if you just buckled down and go the extra mile, you will solve the problem and you'll make your way in the world. Every success that I had had in my life was a result of myself. Well, why won't myself well solve this problem? And that whole got deeper and deeper and deeper until I was completely broken human being. And I had to raise my hand and ask for help for the first time. And that forced me to start to think about letting go and surrender and a new way. And I've come to believe in understand that surrender is a very powerful courageous thing to do. It's okay to say, you don't know. It's okay to ask for help. I had to let go of this operating system and step into a sense that perhaps there's a better way a greater way that involves me saying, I can't control this, which was terrifying for me, but it is in that process that I allowed. People to help me that I became open to a new way of approaching my life that has made me stronger, more powerful more capable I'm more successful than I ever thought that I ever would be. If you had to define the in a single sense what it means to be integrated, how would you define it? When you're when you're when you're clear on your values and your actions align with your values, that's very clear that that's something that's really interesting as you were talking about it. I had an intuitive understanding of like what that would be in my language, which I would say for me, it's what are the things that you want. And then are you actually acting in accordance with that? So like here the things that are my goals, but they're my goals because it's something that I insurance. So why do you want what you want? And if you can't answer that question, then you're not integrated. That's interesting. Tell me more. It goes back to what I was saying before about people picking the wrong goals for themselves because they're not integrated. They don't know what their values are. They're not clear on what's important to them. They're not really in contact with their internal muse. You know, one of the examples I always give is idea that we all have some unique song here to sing on planet earth. I believe that and that does. I mean that everybody can be LeBron James or that you have some insane talent, but I believe that there is a unique blueprint to every individual and our job here. You know, in our short time on this planet, I know you're gonna live forever, but like for everybody else is to discover what that is and to work towards expressing that to the best of your ability. You know, we all have a unique on, and I think most people to echo the words of Henry David Theroux or leading lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them, and I found that tragic. And so if there's anything that. That that my work is about, it's about helping people become cognizant of that and to take action so that they don't become that person leading a life of quiet desperation, which I think. I wouldn't want to say most people, but a lot of people are and I found that heartbreaking, I loved that you opened your book with that Clinton. That's one of the quotes that is probably repeated myself more times than just about anything else because I've had moments in my life that had been just quiet agonizing desperation. And so I know what that feels like. I love that notion of, there's like interference and that you have to clear it out to be able to hear your intuition. Like what when you're clearing that out, what is the the thing that will then happen for that person that will allow them to begin to get integrated like that clarity, right. If you're if you're eating garbage food, if you're eating fast food and you're not sleeping and you're drinking five cups of coffee a day or whatever it is you're doing and you're stressed out about your job and you're just living moment to moment to get through the day. Do you think that you're going to be in touch with whatever. Is really important to you. They're just trying to like, you know, hit the pillow at night and pay them bills, and that's most people. And if you give people a minute to pause and reflect, and you can clear all of that out and feed them healthy food and give them a good night's rest and ask them questions that most people aren't asking them and they're certainly not asking them themselves. I think that's the process that begins or sets in motion the gears in the mind and in the emotional body to begin to bring all of that to the surface. What are those questions now? Like. Here. Do you have like anything you start people on to get that the juices flowing to get the ball rolling? Well, it can be as easy as you know what your major malfunction right now. What's the thing that keeps you up at night? Who do you resent the most? What are you afraid of? What do you want to achieve? What's what's? What do you think is in your way? You know, I think just by asking people questions and and and. And then holding a vision. For that better life for them to say, I believe in you. I'm not here to tell you what to do or how to live your life, but I believe in your greatest expression and I'm going to hold space for you. To give people permission to be honest to be vulnerable. We're so afraid of being vulnerable. Retire fight of being honest. We're so used to being judged and being held to a standard that society sets for us that we don't give ourselves permission to even ask these questions. Let alone answer them. Do these. You create like a downloadable PDF like simple questions, but for somebody that doesn't have like a place to start. That's really, really powerful. Right before I asked my last question, so these guys were they can find you online. Easy to find online rich role dot com. The ritual podcast wherever you listen to podcasts and rich role on Twitter and Instagram. All right. My last question. What is the impact that you want to have in the world. It's a great question. I would like to. Move the needle in a substantial and long lasting way for as many people as possible with respect to not only how they think about and practice habits around food and fitness and lifestyle, but to really catalyze people to understand that. Like I said earlier, all of us every single one of us. Is capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to believe. And I know that's a theme on your show, Dave Gog and talked about it. James Lawrence talked about it. These are friends of mine who have touched, outer realms of endurance and ultra endurance teaches you that it's easy to say, I'm an outlier, but I'm not. I really am not anything special. I had the courage in the audacity to pursue these things. And in so doing, I have realized that human potential is malleable. We're all sitting atop massive reservoirs of untapped potential and ability and my dream, and my goal and everything that I do is oriented around getting people to not only understand that, but connect with that and begin to practice that to manifest that in their own specific way. I love that more than you know, rich. Thank you so much for coming on the show. That was awesome guys. When I say that you are going to want to dive into this man's world, you will not regret it. This is one of the most extraordinary transformation artists I've ever come across. There is something about people that fall into the ultra endurance category. They've tapped into something in their mind. It's not like they start out is incredible athletes. In fact, I think of all the people that we've had on none of them have started as extrordinary athletes. All of them have found later, all of them have found it through hard work. All of them have had to realize that if they want to become something extraordinary, then they've got to put in the work, they've got to just get in there and hustle. But what I love about rich is that sense of spiritual transformation as well as just the physical really using that time to figure out who he is, what he wants and values. The fact that he lives by a code, I'm telling you rewind this, play it again. He talks about values, you have to know your values. What are your values when you really want and his understanding that those things that you want. You have to be tied to your values, Kate that to me, once you understand that once you understand that that has to be at the core of your existence, then everything else gets easier. But I, you have to know who you are. You have to know what you want to know what you believe and what you're going to live in accordance with that. So huge. It drips all over everything that he talks about subscribe to his podcast. It's absolutely amazing, but even more amazing than that are the interviews that he gives, so make sure you track those down as well. You will be blown away. Let them change you. Please take action on the stuff that he's talking about. It really will change you and it will change four ever guys if you haven't already sure to subscribe. And until next time, my friends, the legendary take care, which thank you. Everybody's thank you so much for listening. And if this content is delivering value to you, police go to IT tunes go to Stitcher rate and review us that helps us build this community, and that is what we're all about right now, buildings community as big as we can to help as many people as we can deliver as much value as possible and you guys rating and reviewing really helps with that. All right, guys. Thank you again so much. And until next time, my friends, you legendary take care.

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23. Dating a Rocket Scientist with Dr. K. Renee Horton

The Secret Lives of Black Women

57:03 min | 1 year ago

23. Dating a Rocket Scientist with Dr. K. Renee Horton

"Lavar Burton and I'm back with another season of my podcast. Lavar Burton reads. I'm reading stories by the best and brightest writing minds out care authors like Neil gaiman and can lou in K. Jemison and you get to experience a whole story thirty to forty five minutes so join join me for Lavar. Burton reads subscribed today. Just tap the picture on your screen or search Lavar Burton anti to your favorites. Because I'm intelligent and smart and there are some things that just come very natural to me. It also makes other people intimidated and so for me. Thanks to hear people say you know. There's not that many I'm like stay. I got sick. Sue Girlfriends. kitschy are in nothing ever made social media and I was like why am I talking my library for other people. I know my work life. I'm were probably you will have a horse every argument I'm work. This is the secret equaliser black woman. I'm Lauren I'M SHARLA and today we're talking about how to date when you're a bad ass you know. This is something as someone who's I I would actively as actually the wrong word because I'm so not dating because I'm so done with the bullshit but some of the bullshit is it's hard to date when you're bad ass and dealing with men who are intimidated mandated by your perceived success. Or just you know. I'm a bit of a vibrant people person in the world and I feel like sometimes been on on dates where it's just. It's really hard because people are like. No you should be paying more attention to me or I have to be the center of your focus. Or they'll go. I was once once on a date though. Go in the opposite and the guy was like what do you do. It was like oh I work in film and then it just became this thing like would he do and found like how can I get connected. How can I like you must be so? Do you know this person and it just was so gross and I was like Shit. Do I need to change my profession on like all the dating apps so I like don't have to talk about. Have you ever had gene which changes you change. Have you ever had that though where someone just like either your. I felt threatened. Frankly were successor. Your moves in world. Yeah I have and you know. Drop those people very quick because I immediately get horrible feeling about them and I'm just like if you're like this in this situation then you're going to be the worst. I in every other situation like I might have mentioned it before but I did go on a date with the dude and I just started comedy and I told him that I wanted to be a comedian and he told me that that was stupid. That was his words verbatim and I stopped seeing that guy. 'cause I couldn't believe anyone would say that to another person S. O. R. Dupe it and we hardly knew each other at the time. But I mean that's the way that I gauged current bay. And whether whether or not he would be a good person to be with. Because I knew that I would be in front of people and I remember our first date. I brought him to US my show. I had a show at least and I was screaming my web series at the time so this is really a time where I was really trying to be like. Hey I'm out here look at me you know. This is what I'm doing one. And after the show he I was like I was talking to all of the guests that were on the show and I was cavorting and laughing it up and like just doing my thing is the show producer in the prison who just screened this thing and being the center of attention and he just sat back back row quiet. He didn't try to get in. He didn't try to introduce himself. He just waited for me to finish. She didn't make me feel rushed. He looked like he was enjoying the fact that he was seeing seeing me in my element and afterwards we talked about it and he told me that it was a great show and all this and we just hung out just like well. That was a really great. You just let me have a time and and you didn't seem intimidated in fact that you're a boss. Such he does. He really tries to goals. He really just like makes me be more a boss. Yeah speaking dating. When you're bad as I feel like today we have the perfect person to talk about dating when you're a bad ass? Because she is a rocket scientist she works at NASA. Today's guest is Dr k Rene Horton. She's from Baton Rouge Louisiana what you know even my heart art of course Louisiana. She currently serves as the space launch. Quality engineer at the NASA Residential Management Office at the Assembly facility in new New Orleans in two thousand sixteen. Dr Horton was elected president of the National Society of black physicists. As the second woman to hold the office she's has been an invited. It'd Speaker for the First International Women and Girls Day at the United Nations essence power stage March for Science New Orleans and the LSU engineering spring. Commencement it and she's also children's book writer like there's she. She does so many amazing things. In addition to you know working at NASA just just rocket science there in that on a conversation I work at NASA and she's joining us today over the phone and I'm really excited to also say that it was Dr Horton's idea to talk about dating. She was like people. Talk to me a lot about stem. But what is she talking about dating. She's out here. She's dating aiding and she wants to tell us her experiences as a rocket. Scientists in these streams aiding over forty. And I I'm I'm ready to hear about it. You work at NASA context because we need our thing to like outside of like hidden figures. We don't see a lot about like black women. INSTAGRAM black women scientists who are leading us to the new frontier of space. So I'm just I would love to know about. How did you know that you want it to be an engineer? That led you to this job at NASA and literally helping us get to Mars so when I was growing growing up I was really fascinated with the stars after my dad gave me a telescope. I'm talking about just in awe of the universe in what was out there and I was the real science girl anyway and my father would send me during the summers off to the LSU enrichment courses. And so I got to one summer I got to cut open a turtle at this heart beating and I learned how to dissect and not little things either. It was like big things because it was the vet program I learned learned about coding early and realize that was not a computer girl but I always always had a love for the universe always and I'm one of those believers it it I'm really I have a religious base and so I don't believe God created us on earth and then stopped that doesn't make any sense very legit and I do think that there's other things out there I believe in parallel universes I believe in a dimensional time. Time as well time. Is that You are can be in more than one place at one time. Time is just that it's not that you've ever feel like you have a deja Vu. Asked me dimensional time. It's like you've already done it. So that means is that part of you have already been. There are already traveled there. So that's that's my whole thing so I started art college at sixteen found out at seventeen that I had a significant hearing loss in the path that I had originally decided to take was to go through the air force become a pilot it astronaut candidacy and when I found out that I had the hearing loss Like I watched the guy mark a big red x on my paper to say I was rejected. It was like I didn't really know anything because Geeky nerdy black women girls get your focus and natural focus and unfortunately we be highly intelligent and we also highly sexual and so I took my dad. Sales came back home and my boyfriend was good looking at times. He was a handsome. If you hear we talked about him. Now he's GonNa be like I told you your Mama Steal Walt me. He was gorgeous to me. Gets even like doc like a raisin dark main in Cable got pregnant. Don't anyway we got pregnant while I was sad. And my dad being from the south like y'all go get married. We got married. We weren't really compatible intellectually though and we was good everywhere else and we got pregnant again l.. Do you know we had these two boys And then we realized like marriage wasn't for us we separate it got pregnant with my daughter and when my daughter was born a gave her to me and she was absolutely beautiful. It's a baby you know but I was looking at her and I realized right then that I was not fulfilled in my own life right and so we're back to school with three kids. The really cool thing about that was that All of my graduate work was on NASA fellowships but it was like my life with coming back full circle before I even realized right And worked worked there during the summers so year and a half as a student and eight months after graduation they called me up and offered me a job not an interview for a job. They offered me a position. How did you navigate raising three children having a social life and Getting your PhD. Though seeing didn't go together so I actually pledged graduate chapter for Delta Sigma David Theroux Halla and That became a social life and during the time I was getting my PhD. Milo brother moved moved in. He became the naming saddle. He helped Just with all the logistics of the children making sure people got places my oldest that sixteen got his driver's license at a car and we started moving around like that. The last two years was really rough for us though. I WanNa know what you did in between that time when you've failed the pilots test and had your baby girl like what were you doing like for work and guys being wife algebra okay Found out everything not for everybody right and as much as I would like to be a wife now at that moment and during that time needed more than what I what I had. I needed to be intellectually stimulated on but all the jobs I had were just running the mail everyday job and I worked for some people who were not very smart and it was that that made me really defied. This was by not for me. I needed to be where my passion and my call. That's amazing that is amazing. I am like before we get to dating leading cause because we know we're going to get we are but I like because I think it's just so rare to see like a black woman in the Sciences Ryan says and I think that they're more out there than we get the opportunity to see or interact with and I would love to talk to you about your experience of being like a black woman who works in this field. The crazy thing when I hear that and I always have to constantly remind myself not everybody has access to the people that that I have access and so for me to hear people say well you know. There's not that many I'm like day that we know of you know it's like they got perfect to girlfriend and you know. The fifty of them are in stem. Nice Nice and so. It's like always hear that but there are a lot of. I'm sitting here thinking and at least fifteen of my very close he all. I'm Kristen and I'm Carolina and we're back with some brand new episodes of unladylike the show that finds out what happens when women break the rules this season. We're talking scams sobriety Egged freezing how to quench our thirst. y'All mentioned someone who I from a very young age had thought was hot. Hot The hot Fox in Disney's animated talking about Fox. y'All stay tuned. We're trapping new episode and exciting personal facts every Tuesday. Don't miss a single one subscribed to unladylike now wherever you get your podcasts. Makeup ageism racism. Wait beauty pageants modelling. This is Karina Longworth host of you must remember this. We have a special eight part companion series raise coming January twenty first called. Make me over in each episode. We will bring you a different story. 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It's normal really it really is. I just looked up in. I'm working working on an amazing rocket. White rocket are you working on right. Now I'm working on the space. Launch System in particular mission is called Artemis won an an art and always have to tell. This artist is Apollo's twin sister. Louise it is a woman that is going to take us back to the mood. You So yeah I'm really excited and actually we have artists day. We're getting a really big award for NASA team that I worked on for engine. gration congratulations yeah. Thank you thank you. So what advice would you give for a young listener owner who's interested and a career in stem or is always dreamed of working at NASA so to work for NASA right. Now you have to to go through what they call the pathways program and the pathways program is wearing. When you're in college you would do an internship That's the main way to hiring right now. That could change. Change the way when I came in on fellowships and had the opportunity to work during the summer and then My mentor who turned out to be a white male. And the reason I say. Hey that is because sometimes you have to have a sponsor in the door and he was my sponsor because he wrote a letter of recommendation that brought me to tears. That's just just talking about my skills my talent in that kind of thing but that's also a A Little Voodoo for me right bad because Carr's because I'm intelligent and smart and there are some things that just come very natural to me. It also makes other people intimidated When I'm working working in the area as well right so for them I would say you have to be in a stem field And so you WANNA hard sign. It's his do better because we have to ratings we have a non. ASEAN AST is for aerospace engineer. And then there's A. AST which is aerospace engineer and so sometimes sounds to positions are very different but it just depends because if you wanted to if you were an artisan wanted to work financially you could If you were a computer scientists you could If you're a business person you could do procurement We have lawyers. Who worked for us so there are plenty of ways to actually go down that route to a work ethic just depends on what you want out of it? You mentioned being smart and things coming. Naturally you making people intimidated do. Do you carry yourself in a different way like do you. Do you sense it when you walk in a room. Like how do you deal with that. So there are some morning that I wake up and God is turned on my light. It's so bright that I'll have no choice but to walk into the room right right it would be like the whole rene is here. I used to Ducked down and hide away from that and I just realized it's not worth it to actually duck down and hide what he's given me. I'm doing a disservice to to hide my life Now I do do things a little bit differently when nine mill like My team lead or someone like that is insecure with me than I do handle them a little bit differently And I don't mind doing in that because I want everybody to be successful. I'm really a team oriented person and if we're all focused on team then we can all get there at speaking. Speaking of people just being intimidated with you. You know we wanna talk to you about dating. You WanNa talk to us about dating. I think we should take a quick break. Okay we'll take a quick break we're gonNA take bring on bag and we're going to just jump right end and we're back and I actually have a question. I want to bring back when you were talking about being a wife and how that wasn't for you and I wanted to know what that experience was like because I am a wife and I think it's Um a term that can kinda be retired. I think it's old and the expectations of it are unreasonable. And sexist and it sets up expectations in the household. That are unfair. And so what was your experience like in in like what happened that made you be like this. Ain't eight me and I'm kind of feeling what you just said right because it was like. I think if we had stopped to talk about well we were young. We were eighteen and nineteen nineteen right so I think if we had actually stopped in talked about what our expectations were for the other right we would have done on a lot. Better versus this expectation for husband. And this is the expectation for white expert. I found like when I got married expectations from other. The people of what it meant for me to be a wife were over. I won't say overwhelming but like I resented it. I was just like why is everybody. We so concerned about what I do. Like like being married. Became this thing where you were a very like it became very public. It wasn't about like just mean this person anymore now. It's about like other people's expectations of us. Now that we have this label. I found it very stupid draining. Yes and mostly for for me not as much for him like expectations for him. We're like just be a dick like I mean just like swing your Dick and be a guy like your great. Thanks for being here and me who like well. You're not doing this. You're not getting his plate. You're not doing that. And that's cultural to because I'm Asian and we're Caribbean and there's certain expectations of how you treat your husband while just like he could literally literally chill into in just exist and really crashing the bar for me as high as far as servitude like it's in the south coming from the south even the The Kaya date right now like my mom was GonNa fix this play and I was looking at him like when Arms like he's like just fixed the plate because it creates such a dichotomy for the rest of it so much easier just to go along. They win you're in their presence. But I actually don't mind doing those things for him. Because it gives me my normality though for me. I am a rocket rocket scientists for me. I know I'm a pretty big deal outside of my whole And if not then I am not that I'm being modest workout. You're scientist you can say I'm people are calling. I'm interviewing and so I have to manage all of that stuff and then it's like when I come home. It gives me the opportunity to be as normal is. I'm going to be. Yeah I think I you gotta clean toilets like everybody else. That's not a higher. Somehow I agree. I do think if I didn't have goals and dreams ambitions outside of my home. If I wasn't active outside of my home I would. I would hate it but I do think like because I do other other things I think of it in terms of because I care about this person and genuinely respect that person. I think it's like a care thing. It's like oh I get to do this for you. I think it's nice. I don't mind doing it. I as a matter of fact I wanna feed you Mrs Nice. Yeah I love cooking so being that I love cooking I could actually put in a ten hour day and a couple of coke now. The catches This last guy that I dated coped as well and so was it good. uh-huh okay like fifteen pounds. Go while he this guy was good so he Panamanian and so he actually cooks and so we were eating and he doesn't like to go out so we will always eating something home coats what what happened with him. And how did you meet him. Well Yeah I wanNA talk about that. Well first of all I want to talk about. It was your suggestions to talk about dating and I want. That's my first question is why why are you so so I never get to talk about dating right Everybody always wants to know my journey. They WANNA know my work they WANNA. I know all of that other and all the other stuff that I do you could actually go. There's probably I can think of fifteen articles that have been written about me in the last four years. Maybe three a US fifteen articles. That's a lot you know. podcast all of that and you'll hear they never ever is about my personal like there's a personal aside to me which people don't understand and I need these young girls to understand that this is your reality. If you don't snag him in college excellent you may not get him interested. It just may not happen and now I'm forty eight and for whatever reason what's attracted to me now has been mostly white male. And what is that like. Oh Israel different. Because I'll be we ask all the time like you have a girl before our won't be your first like I wanted to ban all of our cultural stuff to you if they've already dated like women before than I've tried to go out with an and they treat me amazing the problem for me. Is that if we ever tried to get sexual. Oh my image of his Pale next to mine. I need chocolate home. I just fell out so so tell us about the dude you've dated since you've been divorced and how's about I so there's this period where you were working really hard and there wasn't time for dating being the decision to get back in the field and how did you jump back into to get on. So I was ten and a half years. I was in a relationship with the guy who adopted my daughter him and I started dating when she was three months. I was not in school yet. He pushed me like go ahead and go back to school so we were together. Ten and a half years catches our relationship seriously deteriorated He was a lot older than me and so his career ended and when when he his health started to decline and so he was going downward and everything about me was going upward. He started to resent me. And the relationship ended up ending while I was in Grad school so after that so I have been single now since two thousand and Dan nine thousand nine ten years during that time I thought I got engaged in the guy was cheating. He's like putting his year everywhere. I actually moved here Closer to him and then two days after moving the girl called me. It's dating the whole girl that calls were these dudes who have no balls. Oh I was like Yo chick like why do we tell me that before. I put the deposit on the Hall Reception Hall. Like oh she. That should non-refundable like y'all on. GimMe my money man your money back I got. We ended up getting half a little over half my money back. At least you I was like I'm not doing putting money down for the reception on like. Where's his minds? Just so happened that day like the money was due. He was at work like Babe. Go ahead and pay it. I was like okay the you know we have been putting money into an account. It was weird. Yeah so I was really mad. Wasn't mad that he was doing it. Because if that's your choice that's your choice. I know my work like I'm worth every problem. You have with me every argument I'm more on. It means okay. I need to record that. I know I know this right and so when it happened I was like Oh okay like you haven't and thirty days later. He was calling. Can we get to get like. Can we try and we reminds me of. Why did I get married? Jill Scott Character. The eighty twenty rule eighty twenty rule. Taking your black card. ooh What does the eighty twenty role. So Jill. Sky Is in a relationship with a man who does not appreciate her and he she finds out he's cheating on her he treats her like garbage and the eighty twenty rule is basically that like You know basically at the end of the movie she says like I'm eighty and you went for twenty and like the girl that he cheated on her with Elise. Ford doesn't Cook doesn't clean doesn't do anything. And she's Guinean hot. But like Jill. Scott is Jill Scott and she says go back to your twenty. Just you're you're only going to find eighty percent of what you're looking for. I didn't actually not x eighty percent and you should be okay with settling for not having the twenty. In my case Thomas was gorgeous. He probably was the Tony. Well I love them in Collin Thomas out on the pot. I love that his full name out how much you are. You're a twenty see okay and it is a solid ninety going through that and you're like well Damn I've been with a twenty. How did you jump back into the dating pool? And how are how. Are you jumping back in navigating being like not. This person is a twenty. If someone's intimidated by me no like how are you you. How are you navigating dating with your? What your standards opposed or bad happened in two thousand fourteen and I haven't hit anything again until twenty nine hundred? This is new. The new the new boo. But yeah so I got through Thomas in the first year of being back in Louisiana with the phrase with benefits It was a guy had a phrase pinup. It's before I called him up and was like we have the same situation. Shen bed you move back home. I would like y'all our from you. He was like Ben. We could do this for a year. We saw each other every other other weekend and did what grownups do. And we also say video game because I like mortal combat. Yeah and I'm a xbox player so we would play video games. We'd hang out we'd go to dinner and people kept saying you're in a relationship and it was like no we're not because we never defined it like debt because you are defining it like that and putting your expectations on what's happening between us. That's how it works and when it ended It came it ran. Its course voiced. By that time I felt like my heart had been healed right and I wanted to get back into the real pool of data. So what does that look like. Then and what did you look like but also how did you navigate being like. No one else is going to define this but especially coming out of like a marriage that you were very young and it seems like it was more your parent's suggestion defining what your relationship is. How did you get to the point? Where in your friends and benefit situation that a you had the autonomy to be that you were like this is just what it is no one else can define it but us it was more like because we we had interconnections with our family and so we would actually be in the same room together the other right so it took Other people a little bit longer to accept where we were and what we were doing. And you know I've seen him with other people facing me with other people He actually likes the post to me in the BOO. You know is like that but that was another thing. It's also very private before nothing. Nothing ever made social media and I was like why am I talking my life away for other people why were you. I don't know I don't know if it was. It's just a matter of you know sometimes you you you have to protect yourself so if you don't have the energy all the time to be defending what is happening even though you shouldn't shouldn't have to defend it it was just easier not to so you're decidedly not private right now like what are what are you getting out of. You've just because he felt like you had to be pro before is this just like Is it just more your vibe to be open about this part of your life I think. Now I'm a little bit more open because I need people to understand that I'm a whole person and so before Like I would go places and be wanting to drink when we're done and you know I had to be whispering people in poor my liquor in a coke can and I'm like day I just I just WANNA be able to be part A.. I want all of me to be able to come forward. And so now. When you're looking at Rene Horton you invite me to speak? You know that that you know there's a whole person that's actually coming and not just this piece. That went public. I write about more open have have has that been a struggle with being all of you of people just wanting to be like your scientists you should present in a certain way and also in Lieu Louisiana. That's exactly when I wanted to ask. But is it also difficult not just as the scientists but also in the place that you're in. Yeah I was in Alabama and it was difficult in Alabama. You've been there are a ton of smart people in Alabama was still difficult there It was difficult in Alabama because the ratio is like seventy one so seven women for everyone male which made it really hard? Because they have a pick And they would multi Dayton not being honest and open about it. That kind of thing kicking do am I saw was her boyfriend. I'm Oh oh ooh I know what to do like Oh okay and she was like yeah and you know. I'm I'm texting him like Yo. I'm sitting here with girlfriend. We've been kicking seven months. I'm seeing he was Sunanda. Technically my girlfriend but we kicking it kicking her almost two years and so for her as something else and so for me. That's really important that even people that are invading that we have clear definition. I mean truly the bar is on the floor just saying I'm dating somebody else. Well I I just read a liar online that they're like instead of asking a man like are you single you you should say. Does anyone dating you. And I'm like that's a better question. Why is anyone think they're in a relationship but you can it for two years? Yup Yeah when you pose it that way they have to really stop and think about at that moment right like Yo Joe. Yeah there is somebody you know that one that one of my house yes. We have a deposit on hall. Yeah Yeah that that right there and literally when we finally broke out calling people like yo how y'all fucking win without a condo. I call six women. WHOA and one was like Oh my God lived cared? y'All is Naggus in Canada and great So yeah it was a busy. It'll be Pam Thomas. How'd you manage to keep your heart open through all of this and still be open for the possibility of like meeting someone great? I've had my heartbroken a couple of times and I do get hurt. The the catch is when you truly understand. The definition of what is happening between you and another person you usually don't fall in love. Explain explain Eh when we when we are dealing with somebody right and we all into him he all into us. We've allowed our heart to say this is GonNa go somewhere and then. We looked like boo boo. Within six months later or later he really insect because even dating somebody audio too but we never talked about that. We never talked about that right and so I took a different approach to dating now. I'm just very open where I damn but I also am a spent ninety days Revamping who. I was as a person when I graduated in between working for NASA. In and graduation I was homeless and went back to live with my parents and during that time I use those ninety days to do what I call ninety day. Transformation one of those things was I. I was praying about love's right because with love most of the Times. We have expectations with our love. If I love you if I say I love you do we are always expecting that other person to say back right. You're waiting for it right whether it's two months from now or whatever you're waiting for that well the catch is if I give you a gift. Should I be waiting for a gift back. My Love is against. That's the way I feel. My love is a gift and so if I do love you I do WanNa give it to you but I also prayed that I wanted to be a love people without expectation. I was the first thing I also wanted to love people the way that they loved me. So if you love me as a friends with benefits right I wanted to be able to stay in that Dole to. I didn't want to be able to push you somewhere. You didn't want to go because when you start pushing people into the places they don't really WanNa go. That's where the hurt comes from because I've just pushed you and now you have back into a corner and I don't WanNa back anybody anybody into a corner. I want whoever is with me to be walking freely with me down whatever path. We're GONNA go earlier you said if you're smart something that you said something like if you're smart you marry him in college but you sound like you have a profoundly different experience experience and understanding of love than someone who did marry somebody in college advices. Good I don't know I've always been in a flower child so my love C- love differently right. I think Because I love John and key he is. My everything does not mean that Barry. I can't love Berry to people think that you can only love one person but yet and still we are allowed to have about one partner that you bow but you allowed to love your Mama and your daddy assisting your brother you're allowed to love all of the other people and love does not have to be an intimate type of type hypothetic and when I tell young women To to make sure that they get him earlier. It's really because a lot of men are intimidated by successful women and also I deal with right now. I deal with having to have my assistant send somebody schedule for a month to say. This is when Romanians available. I wouldn't want somebody to do that to me. And I don't have a choice so when I say do it early and and then you know have that person come with you. That's that's what I mean by that. You mentioned that you about love. That love isn't just you can love a lot of people. What is your feeling about open relationships? Have you been in one. Is that something that you marriage marriage with an open relationship the first one I mean you look at her face like what I like open relationship. It's still there. It still did not work but it did not work because we were young. It really didn't work because I think we had the right principles in place but we were really young. This is a very tight like we needed to focus on goal. Yes and we couldn't do that so now. Oh it's like I need. I need to be goal driven. Because that's who I am but to be able to get to the level that I am I had goals and each one of them had to be met and then and then you're on to the next. That's how you become successful. Well we were young. We just didn't have that. This was a time when open relationships were not openly talked about. So how did you guys has even communicate this to each other over things. It's really different overseas. It was open the military all kinds of stuff going down. I just like coming home tonight because I'm going to so and so's crib and he's like all right. Who got the kids? The kids up so so so he was okay with you like as much as you are open with him. Yeah it was actually really good for us. But like I said with that because we didn't know how to truly handle everything else is where we had our our our downfall right like the marriage was there where we should have also been focused on your like understanding like you do need to put savings up and you need to be able to do this so whenever something tragic would happen for us it would those would be the things that would cause us to crumble. And when we moved back to the state he was like yeah just wanting to be you and I and it was like okay. You know we were both good you know I was good with that. He was a cheater when we got back to the states. He no longer wanted it to be open but he still wanted to do what he wanted to do. And I would've never gone for that Currently dating and it's open as well and so until somebody says that doesn't work for me But the the guy that I'm currently dating he does have priority as far as my schedule this concern and that kind of thing like he's the one that if he was to call and say I want to be there on the fifteenth of March. Then you know he will be the one that would be with me on the fifteenth to March I'm getting another award and he's already said I want to be there at the award ceremony. so He's already said that so there's not somebody else there at the awards ceremony so you need someone that's going to be able to deal with your schedule and the inverse do you ever think that you I mean and this is a strange question to ask but I think it's moon and we have to deal with this a lot especially if you want want to meet a partner and you want to date tooks. I'm very busy where you're like at. What point do I like say crap if I really want this a half to like like bill the time for it? And how do you navigate. How do you navigate that feeling of being like I need to build and to make time in my schedule in my life to let this happen though? The that's where the whole new concept of dating came in for me I had a hysterectomy at the beginning of the year. And so it was off a couple of weeks and Like literally I was on facebook on there. That much and this guy was cute. That was like day in his inbox. He responded back IOS all up in the GM he was but we talk back and within twelve hours we were facetime in You know and it was like IOS is like like theories and then within seventy two hours. We had decided I was going to come visit him so we ran a background check. We did the checks on each other. We did all of that we gave. I gave pertinent information. My girlfriend was like are you serious. You're going to do house. I was like this about the Gimme. GimMe his address like if he going to kill me. y'All got to address address using the body. You know so I'm going and I went and stayed five days in Atlanta Battle of Diaz. Ready to go home so next day when they got up and then you know no management game do nothing because I had a hysterectomy though we there and is truly no no sexual way it. Of course no nothing and did he know that before you came out. Yes yes yes. And he paid for the ticket so he only paid for no sex. This this is an interesting man. She's a bad as she says. This is Dr here. So he's a little bit of a nurses out there and a little controlling but he was great in a process of grieving his mother's debt. He just needed some malady in his life. And I wear an offered that and that's where we were and it was really good and so that was my five day date I put that on instagram. I'm talking about like if I died is where I'm the And it was at what I call my five day date experiment and I talked about that with women for a while after that. 'cause they were like what was that like. And you know you're really letting your guard down when you let somebody in your home and it completely changed my perception on date because immediately understood that if a man wants to he will because he invited you for the five days and that was him wanting to get to Nomi so to listen guy and all that other crap that I've dealt with now I'm just kicking myself in the butt now right. 'cause it's like I really wasted. Is it a lot of time because a lot of those people could have been filtered out you know why why can't we go on a date why. UK come over. I I don't get that. He makes sure even after I got back we tried but he has a four year old and I have a three year old grandchild. I'm done I feel like I'm done raising kids. And he doesn't want a step mom he wants a second mother that wasn't GonNa work and so but it changed my perception on a man. 'cause it's like if you can't Handle my schedule. You handle me because this is just who I am where I am. And if you're interested you'll be able to handle all you'll be willing to adapt And so the next guy started date. which is the Curragh Guy? I'm dating. He was here in New Orleans and we knew he was gonna his contract. That was getting in and his contract was getting in and October and we started. We met in April. We knew the contract was ending in October and that he would be leaving leaving and moving back to Atlanta He quit the job two and a half months before October over with but he stayed anyway sacrifice to stay in New Orleans. Anyway to to give me the time to see if this is something we wanted to really they do even long distance. This is I love that it's ending on a happy. A happy hopeful note of like this is someone who's here and present and We end every episode by asking our guest. What's your secret to like thriving in in this world and feeling like you're operating at your best most highest level my happiness this happiness When I went through the ninety day transformation I prayed that my happiness was internal in that connected take anything external and so when I am thriving the most and I am the most successful? That's usually when my happiness. Happiness leader is like nine in the nineties are about. And I've had instances where it's hit more than one hundred yes secret. Thank you so much for talking to us Do you have like your ninety day. Transformation is that a book. We're working on it. We're actually working on it on that book. So the children's books are out And will release the third when Next year for the kids on that series is dot h explores the universe. You can get it on Amazon Barnes and noble books a million all the normal places And then we have a poetry book. I wrote it ten years ago in released ten years ago. So march will be ten years and we'RE GONNA release it in March With some updates in it it and then the ninety day transformational come out as well. And what's your people want to find you and learn more about your work and stem and your your books and all the things that you're up to. Where can can they get that Information Rene Horton? PhD that's Instagram. facebook twitter her. I'm not usually on twitter but twitter So all of those you can find. Is there And the book Dr H explores. Lors she has her own page as well so facebook instagram and twitter as well you can. In any of those will answer. And then we have a web page record HD DOT COM. And then. There's DR H Explores Dot Com is web pages as well awesome. Thank you so much for for your time and for Your Jin's of knowledge you're welcome. Thank you for having me Mega. I don't like the new era so excited and happy inspired by this lady because she's a bad as because okay. So here's the thing. I think that black women are special creatures like I truly think that there is something being divine about black women and this goes for every black women that I know this goes from my mother from my grandmother. My sister's every start Ktar. FM There is divinity. Because I'm just like no one understands the difficulty and like in ways like don't want you can't understand banded already a woman and then you black who I truly to be able to walk the earth in a commanding decisive I matter I'm important. Unapologetic apologetic this is I could be a better person. I could learn how to love me me her ninety days. Transformation what I love is you can tell that. She's still like thinking about these things and like working hunter cells in question figuring out like how can I love deeper. How can I set set people how I accept myself and then dealing with that I mean I my every every episode of talk about how I take notes but literally? There's no room left on my page because it's all nodes and for me. I want to jump into the word of the week because there's so many things that were words that were dropped but one of the big things that she said is I know my worth and I know I'm worth every problem you're going to have with me. I was like petting fucking the word word. I'm worth every problem that you're going to have with me because it's not gonna be easy like recognized. I'm not easy. There's GonNa be problems and those problems are still worth it. Because I'm me. Do you know I have to give it up for Bay right now. Because I've learned a lot about love from my husband and I and I really feel like I got to give them the props you know like I remember one of the first things like one of the first time we hung out all weekend like us at my apartment would not leave and I was just moody because I'm a moody person and he annoyed me. He's like annoying annoyed me for something. Because he's very particular Giller and he's like anal so he annoyed me for something and I was like just leave. Just go. I want to be by myself right now and he was like no. I'm not leaving and we're New York. You could just get on a train and go home and he lives on his own and he was like I wanNA hang out and I was just like. Why aren't you either afraid or like crawling away from my bad mood and from my attitude and he's all you just have an attitude right now but you'll it'll go away and then we'll keep hanging out and then it did and then we did? I was just like I've never felt so accepted and loved by someone not being afraid of my mood. Someone just being like yeah. You're Moody Right now. But I like you and I wanNA keep hanging out and we're GONNA keep hanging out just loving. I mean I remember and this is something that has stayed with me the and has been a barometer of like the type of like love. I want I remember when you first told me they were married and I was. I'd like to do that. You just started. It was a surprise but then we talked about it and I remember you saying it was a phone call. I like can pitcher me being in my living room in New Orleans and you said this man loves all of me in a way that it teaches me to love myself more. Yeah and I was like Damn I had You've goal relationships like a lot of people say are Mirrors Mirror to you. And what do you do when you look in the mirror. And you don't like it you know like she was saying when someone actually loves you you right when they're not asking anything of you when they say I love you and they're not waiting to hear it back they. Just that's how they feel and they think the best of you you they're like you're moody but you're just being. He calls me a demon. I'll just say he's nicknamed for his demon deems right like I'm being the demon right now we know the. Da Stands for demon which is what he calls me. But I think that that's also also loving demon possesses. You Right. It's not you. It's a bad spirit that possesses you but you are an angel angel. You are the best. You're amazing you're my partner. I love you. You're being a demon. Please stop and I'm just like he made me glove myself. Frankly like this is this is truly. It's been a profound experience. But what what I do want to say about. I don't I have a word of the week. You know I'm just I'm I'm done trapping so many signs say about Doug your home. When she said that she's trapped by her success? This thing kind of I. If we could have gotten into anything more in in this conversation it would have been about that because it's something. This year was the busiest year of my life. Life and there were moments where I felt so miserable because I was so like trapped by work and she clearly gets a lot of joy and excitement and love out of the things that she does but I think for me defining for myself what the success really mean and does being so busy that a miserable I mean success it does not. It can't to me choice freedom having freedom to see bay do what I want. Hang out with my friends like the freedom and time to me is real success. And and if I don't ever lauren don't ever let me get to the point where I'm so busy that I feel trapped. Yeah that success means more to me than my own time in my own sanity. This this was great. This is great. This is a real Tom. This is a real special one and I just thank you guys for listening and yeah this is I feel like you can. That's how we end and we're like in our heads looking down like shook disconnected. We say like goodbye. You guys hope that you're also in your heads from this episode to you as much out of these episodes. I hope that truly learning I do it for us. Just like who who. We hope that you're on your heads and we just can't wait for you to join us next next week. Thank you bye we are your host Charlotte Larssen and Lauren Domino. The secret lives of black is production. Stitcher our producer. Is Stephanie. Carew here you keep our editor is John Palmer. The show is recorded and mixed by Andy. Kristen's special thanks to our chief content officer Chris Bannon and Brendon Burns who made our theme music. Make sure you follow us on instagram twitter at the S. L. B. W.. See you later.

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"The mushroom question"

The Tony Kornheiser Show

1:01:31 hr | 6 months ago

"The mushroom question"

"Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show. The record for most game seven losses with A. Particularly Great. Coach. Yeah each. Like. Those. I'd Love Doc rivers. Now I think he's great put. This is tough to have on your record. He also has lost in astonishing six playoff series after his teams have had a three two lead. So No. Time at Belair Yeah he's. He's. He's out with uncle, big Al today. Oh. Boy. Tony Kornheiser show is on now alrighty. Then we've got some emails I wanted to readjust at the top because one refers to something that we had the other day which made me very happy. And that was if you remember, we wished certain Fella Steve Tusk. Good luck in surgery that he was having and his words were he was going to listen to Tony Show until he passes out. Well, he came to the surging very well, we're grateful to say. and. His grandson is happy that we mentioned it on the air the fellow Steve Tusk gave credit to another grandson. Probably doing this annoying the first grandson, the originator of this but every everything will be better in rampant goals for you. Yeah. Everything will be better in the family now, which is good and I have this email from Suzy Gillian. Gilliland Williams in Malino Oregon. I'm writing for more hundred year old log cabin, which until two days ago was in a level three fire evacuation zone. Ge-, fires have been raging to the east and south of us. We also have little fire closer to the North won't I left the house over a week ago the wind was blowing hard from the east and we really believed it would only be a matter of if not hours before our home and be consumed I just wanted to let you know that while is stealthily reentered the Evacuation Zone on a daily basis to keep looters in check I listened to your podcast which had become backlogged on my phone. We have no power at the homestead. So I had taken you with me for company you voice witness the Red Sky above the. Cabinet in the attached photo and she sent a photo and it really is that read it is Cayenne red baby. It's really read with the fire moving closer. We received the best news ever last Thursday the wind direction would be changing from east to west meaning. None of the fires would be moving towards us, but would instead blow back the way they came. The fires is still being held at bay today by an incredible group of firefighters, which includes a group of neighbors calling themselves, the redneck fire crew because of all of them, we were able to sleep soundly even as Bert, leaves and ashes fall in the yard. Can we residents of? And Malala this is in Oregon call ourselves the official Oregon fire evacuation team of the Tony Kornheiser show absolutely and we are we are saddened all those who have lost their homes and grateful for all those who because of a certain thing like the change in wind direction have kept their homes and hopefully some of the rains last night helped with the rains in the west coast. So yes, that would be good. That would be good. All right. Michael Kornheiser is here. We have a lot of things that we could talk about I. Think we'll start will start with the US. Open Steve Sands will be on with US later start with the US. Open? And your thought Michael's music yeah. You know what do you? What do you think of what you saw yesterday? It's by the way it is now seven, forty two in the morning and West and they're playing and it's on the golf channel. Your first thoughts go to this is not the course that we were expecting or promised or that we wanted to see just in the face of what has been over the last six months we were hoping not necessarily for carnage, but we wanted a little bit of a repeat of what happened in seventy four and really what you've seen in eighty, five, two, thousand six just in terms of par being a goal something to shoot for, and he saw a lot of low rounds lower than expected a lot. Of made parts and a lot of second shots that stayed on the Greens Sept- of Yes. Greens oversensitive and so when he when he started to unpeeled this a little bit, there's there's a few thoughts that I have on this one has to do with the US J.j made announcement that they're moving a second headquarters to Pinehurst and in doing. So they're basically making a mini road where they're going to visit places like Pinehurst Pebble Cock Hills, winged foot, and over the last decade, they really have lost the identity. Of the United States Open Championship what does it mean? What are they striving for and so you looked at the yesterday thinking are they trying to appeal to the players as they're beginning to try maybe rebrand what the US Open looks like going forward we're going back to places where they have lost the US US Open in two thousand and four Shinnecock and even two years ago at Shinnecock and you saw a continuation of that last year at pebble where the course didn't look that hard at it looked like. An. Elevated version of the of the winter tournament will pebbles a pebbles of course, and they make their money having people play it, and they can't take it out of out of bounds for year I mean wingfield private and can do what it wants. Right. But a lot of this has to it starts directly with the Green. So they they threw their renovation with Gil Hanse who was out on the course yesterday trying to see what the longest players were doing. He's probably trying to look forward to future sites. They do whatever they want with these Greens. They've had beautiful fall weather they managed one of the more difficult summers we've had as you're trying to keep this lush four to six inch rough grass throughout rowdy summer when you had a huge increase in member play because they had nothing else to do pandemic and so off actually look at the map of the Greens they have very few pimple locations because so many the slopes are so great. They accede joining for people who can here. Is Not so essentially they slowed the Greens down and Ended up Wednesday afternoon Wednesday afternoon winds picked up didn't happen yesterday seal see maybe they'll get a tournament that now can become what it wants to be the other side of this and how was the first person hitting on this? You really need about thirteen to fourteen hours of daylight to try and get in the first two rounds of the USO don't haven't they do not have. Fallen in some ways you had to try and move people along, and once they get through the cut, you can try and make the course a little bit harder of all the headlines. Obviously, the obvious headline is really good names at the top winning players, Justin Thomas Patrick, read Rory mcilroy they've all won majors and they're at the top of the Board Phil. Mickelson started out Birdie Birdie finished plus nine, which meant he went plus eleven Phil Mickelson an all time great plus eleven over the last sixteen holes and you believe this is because Phil Mickelson now is simply a traveling salesman traveling salesman I. Mean you're why is he wearing sunglasses on an overcast day? He, say's mark dead. He's about to start selling it the same way he's doing with his wellness coffee. We were listening to live radio during his first nine and they're just having fun with this. Phil Mickelson still hasn't hit a fairway at US, open? Since two thousand and six. Yeah. But what the course looked like he was well out of position on one and two, and he's able to Bernard irons up and use the slopes in bumpers and made easy birdies and he thought maybe something magical happens here if he just post one under. I don't know how you can miss that many fairways. The two greatest golfers of the last twenty years, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods were a combined plus twelve tiger bogeyed seventeen doubled eighteen us three. Yeah. So they're not GONNA win. He had some magic and a Lotta people notice the grip change on the putter early in the week, it looked like he had a going he made some good mid range putts and these are the types of Greens that actually activate his imagination you start to see some. Activate glued. So not yet don't worry about the gluts you get to eighteen after he is a very. Very tentative or harp putt on seventeen shorts time, and this is seen play out on the eighteenth hole it every single club you look at someone in the fairway tight lie has to pitch it over a false front edges comes up a little short. It comes almost back down to his feet. All right. So let me get out out of that Cassandra will join us later and and describe in more detail. What he saw yesterday let me get to another issue that I want to deal with, which is the mushroom issue. In the ground a little house over the last three or four days a giant. Mushroom has grown up, which is an orange color. Sort of like a squash orange yellow color, it's enormous. It circumference has to be two or three feet. It's layered. It's got a whole bunch of things to it. It's not just one thing diameter just underfoot. Okay and so last night as we were walking the dog. I mentioned this to Caroline. Think it's poisonous. I said, do you have any reason to believe that and Carol said the following words to me? Well, some mushrooms are poisonous and I said, yes, and she said, well, I think this might be poisonous I said well, certainly, not poisonous to dogs because dogs lick these things all the time they sniff them in lick them. So it's poisonous poisonous to. Kind of trip chess he's been on I. Do not. They could. It could be an LSD mushroom chessy. But I you know carols position was she thought it was poisonous. It wasn't based on anything. Some are poisonous. Yeah. That's so this could be poisonous. So I had Michael take a picture of it today hoping that he could go on the Internet this A. Smasher him tomorrow I need you to take a picture of the mushrooms in the front yard of the Little House and then look up if they are poisonous, it's the open. Yeah period. Yeah. I. Just Respond Back I can handle this dad goes of course you can you have an advanced degree? An advanced degree in googling mushrooms, which I'll be doing your Wifi. So what happened is it I hear is the paragraph do they do they list pictures of the following mushrooms are poisonous? Don't they do but I don't think this is one of those. So here's what I have. Mushrooms with warts. Scales are white instead of Brown Gills are likely dangerous A. Ring around the upper part of the mushroom stemmer the lower part of the stem or base shape like a bulb are additional characteristics of poisonous mushrooms. Again, some are poisonous other materials physician. Again, there are poisonous mushrooms in the world I think this one is poisonous could be one of those rooms punches the hard rind puffball or the death angel look at things. Button mushrooms but are in fact poisonous I would describe this as a it looks like a thicker blooming onion. Yeah. Appeal it back almost like an like this enormous they're all over the neighborhood looks like an choke that has been dipped in batter. They're all over the neighborhood Nigel are they in your neighborhood? These mushrooms yeah. The fantastic you get. A nice. BASALTIC. glaze on them and they're very very tasty. You haven't died yet from eating them. Have you know? The only thing I do with mushrooms when I see them on on the street by the sidewalk is pretend. I'm only will go kick or. They're. Just. Trying to kick them. Everybody does that I'd. So Michael, your position is, what can can we eat them? Can we take them in and why would it not touch those Musher Okay But you. See a neighborhood child approach again. Yeah and see what happens is kids have natural immunity. To Hurry. Yeah things lick in the street, the August winding I have no idea why the dog was winding well, I think it was my deep dive into the US Jay's moved to Pinehurst are you happy or sad? I'm happy because because our friend Alex pod cars, they had a PR pine nurses great for him. Well, this is a necessary move in the arms race of resort golf around the country as he stream song and Bandon. Dunes a great. US amador have just a mental or hat Colorado PGA and the open, and they are trying to build a new course. There are currently held up in litigation always at right. You know who's Su who who's they're trying to make a land trade I. Think this is just with the with the Michigan Public Land Trust basically saying we'll take prime land right on lake, Michigan and you take cross into not just a they. There is protected land below where they are on Lake Michigan and trying to say you take some of this upper land that's away from the views. Well, why would you? Why? Unless You wouldn't necessarily do that and throw throwing a couple of times in the NBA last night much to my surprise and a little bit to my chagrin because I thought Boston was a better team Miami came back very big in the second half outscored Boston by twenty I believe in the third quarter came back again, second day in a row and beat them beat them this overtime game as well. And then Boston thank. So not an overtime game and then Boston got upset and Marcus smart was in the middle of a shouting match in the locker room that was overheard by the two or three reporters who have green badges not yellow badges tim good times probably didn't hear it. But others did and Wrote about that today Miami's really good I. Guess I'm wrong I. Mean I guess I'm wrong. Miami's deep. They play about ten guys and everybody sort of knows what they can do and one guys allowed to do what he wants Jimmy Butler and he's earned it, and so they're good and the other. The other story in sports was Joe Borough played very well sixty one times as a rookie last night. But Cleveland one Clinton's got a better team. Clippers got a better team than Cincinnati Baker Mayfield catch in the League for at least another three weeks as a result of winning this game. Pretty good game a lot of scoring. ESPN. SPN was afraid of the Monday of the Thursday night game afraid of it. So they put their. Basketball on early. They started at seven, which is a smart thing to do. Not, on the West Coast but smart on the East Coast where there's still a preponderance of viewers and particularly if you're doing the eastern finals and you have Miami and Boston, put it on early and see if you can hold the audience all the way through I have no idea what these the second home run. Harper. Had Two home runs lost. Four runs in the ninth. Yeah. Mets beat them layoff watch for the bills. So we'll take a break and when we come back Steve Sands is GONNA join US right theoretically Steve Sands that that's right. Okay. Great I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is the Brooklyn and add. There's a lot of things I don't have to read off the air with Brooklyn, and because I actually own the stuff we have bought comforters, we have bought towels. Those two things we bought comforters, Intel sheets, we have sheets. Pillow visas what I'm with the assist? What does it do they compared to a comforter? We've got that. So we've bought these things with our own money. We use these things. We like these things I'll read you the copy. You Fine I've been looking for ways to turn my bathroom into a miniature SPA and Brooklyn's towels have been helping me find my Zan. You know. It didn't find my now. I. Didn't find my Zen like the towels. One of them is white and two of them are great. Very lucky. I'm still getting up showering every morning not exactly chew shower about two o'clock get ready for PTI. I'd have some semblance of routine and Brooklyn and towels are so plush. It's the perfect hugged to start my day off right like little. You're GONNA do great and you know what they're so cozy and warm I believed them that's actually good good writing. You can sell that you know you can sell that I'm not GonNa today because. Already sold. Brooklyn by saying I really liked it and bought it myself. Brooklyn. Is the perfect place to find all the comforts of home including ultra soft towels. They are so confident in the product that everything comes with a lifetime warranty use the Promo Code Tony Kaye show for ten percent off your first order at Brooklyn and dot Com spelled B., R. O. O. K. L. I N. E. N. Brooklyn and Dot Com Promo Code Tony Kaye, show Brooklyn and everything you need to live your most comfortable life and we end with the catchphrase of the show use the code. People. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser. Show. This is a song called giving me hope. This comes to us from terrorists in the high flyers who right I hope everyone's been doing well of late can't thank you enough for the support. You've given me in my music. We've got a lot more fans now and we have some new fans and great midwestern city of Toronto. Our full album is out available wherever you get music and I wanted to share a couple of songs view. This is giving me hope and it plays in Steve. Sands. WHO's in Mamaroneck New York, where some of those small businesses are in trouble but hopeful because we see that a lot of issues store. Yeah and we see the restaurants and all of that, and he's at the US Open and we will talk about the US album but I wanted to start with Justin Leonard who is new to. Golf. Channel and who I think is very, very good. I wanted to tell you this one small story about Justin Leonard. which colors how I look at him? So it's a kemper open in the mid to late nineties and I think tiger is just beginning to sort of be great ninety, six, ninety seven somewhere in there does that make sense to you Steve is at the right time Yup Yup Kemper open at at congressional maybe it was not a congressional maybe it was at. Maybe his avenue and Justin Leonard. After the first day or the second day comes into the pressroom and somebody asks him about Tiger Woods and he gets angry he gets angry and he says, Hey. Don't ask me about Tiger Woods s tiger woods about me I have remembered this for over twenty years. He was a Justin Leonard as a player was rather chesty and testy by the way and he's great on television I'm hoping your pals with him. Well he's great, he's he's so funny in two weeks ago at the tour championship As you know Tony when you're doing live events most of the time the great stuff happens during commercials when you're just back and forth. So we were joking about, Justin Leonard and what he was like this is just two weeks ago. what he was like as player versus what he's like now, and of course, he says all if I only had the perspective, I have now back then I wouldn't have been like that. But that's the way I. Thought I needed to to be the best player be that kind of stuff. And I said Yeah but Justin you used to say something that used to just make me laugh all the time. It's the most dismissive thing you could say. Without cursing at a reporter journalist someone is trying to ask you for an interview or something like that. He'd say Oh what what did I do and you wouldn't say you're not today you say no, you would say that you were just so. I'm just gonNA take a pass. So hard when you say that. So we were talking about it actually on the air a little bit and just it was just mortified but he is a wonderful Guy Tony and he's a very, very good broadcaster. Years ago we were a very quick story four years ago. He and I were at a charity event. In Oklahoma, city for juvenile diabetes I don't know if you know but Scott Verplank has diabetes. Yes. Very more that in that in juvenile diabetes broom. So yesterday, come out to the event and a bunch of players came out to play and just was there Justin said to me listen I'm in a little bit of a transition period. Now Mind you the first fifteen years. I knew Justin, he was an all time tough guy to talk to you. And here we are having a drink. At the bar everybody around him and he said I'm in this transitional period of my life my games, not their my family's getting older I don't want to be on the road as much. How do you feel about me going into television and we talked about it for a long time introducing to the people at NBC and the Golf Channel he obviously has an amazing resume WANNA players basically want to Ryder Cup for the US and also when an open, which are three biggest events. Now we have the US Open on top of it and it's worked. Out Great, he's he's a very, very studious guy smart Guy He's very good on TV I. think he's got a huge future. If he decides once he turns fifty two remaining TV and not go to the PGA tour champions. I think he's going to have an excellent TV career. You ask him about that Kemper Open if he remembers that I doubt he does. To See if it about ten minutes, I doubt he remembers I remember I. Let's start. Golfers are let's Let's start with the headline. The headline is according to Michael Wilbon High Pipe. It's not as hard courses, Olympia fields and I add parenthetically he's a member of Olympia fields and is interested in making sure that gets another major which it probably never will. But in any case, high pipe, because a couple of people at the top of the board had really good rounds including Justin Thomas a week will the course record and one of the people who holds the course record is. Is Leonard So. What as a result of that, what will wing for do or will they not do anything to bring the scores up? Well, it has nothing to do with winged foot. I can tell you that. So I will tax Michael and tell them exactly these things work. This is the US she as of events it's being staged at winged foot. So wing for it. Gives the golf course to the USCCA to. What it wants to do not what the club would like to leave me. Raboteau who is the Stephen Rabbit who was the superintendent here Mike Gilmore who's the head pro here I mean they had they had to have blood coming out of there is yesterday. The scores that they saw they don't right now unlike oakmont which is outside of Pittsburgh, which literally tries to punish you the beauty of Wingfield is it's just a hard golf course. And you don't really need to do a lot to it. So the US backed off just a touch yesterday there was zero zero wind. We talked about this for years Tony There's no wind doesn't matter what the golf course doing these guys are going to eat it up and they didn't need it up yesterday. The average score was still high. It's just that some of the guys went a little lower than perhaps the US indefinitely ring foot wanted. So today, it's much cooler by the way, the windass changed a bit of a northeast. Wind. It's much much cooler today than yesterday and it will be cooler throughout the weekend and the wind is up a little bit. The golf course it'll be harder today than it was yesterday for sure. So, the guys who are leading were morning guys yesterday. Justin Thomas mcelroy read they go out in the afternoon today. Do you expect them to come back to the pack? I do I think if you're late early you had a massive advantage this week now again. Is what a thirty in the morning here. And the wind I'm looking at the trees and I'm standing outside just beside the par-three seventh and the wind is blowing a little enough to bother the players certainly cooler the Greens will be firmer. The whole locations will be the key today the whole locations yesterday Tony just weren't that difficult. They just eased it back touch and as you know again, no wind Greens not quite as firm and fast as you would think of. The. US Open, and locations that are a little bit easier. You're going to see more birdies So that's what happened. Yesterday today whole locations will be more difficult to breeze will kick off in the afternoon it's supposed to anyway The weatherman is right I think the guys in the afternoon play early yesterday we'll have more difficult time than the guys who are playing right now or teeing off here shortly in the morning. There are a lot of people who are famous in who are accomplished winners like Sergio Garcia and Justin rose. And Jordan speak. And Colin Mira Cowo- who had who were plus and they were significant plus I was DJ plus did he end up coming back to? All? Right. But but the headline for me because I'm old and because I remember Phil Mickelson at winged foot it's this incredible. He was plus eleven over his last sixteen he wasn't anywhere near the fairways. What are we talking about here? Yeah, his game is not sharp right now at all he is blowing it everywhere with his swing swing looks like it's lost right now when he went birdie now there are no fancier which is very bizarre. We're in the New York area fans are you raucous It's usually packed by this time we're here. They love him they love all my Gosh, they love New York and he went birdie-birdie to begin the first around. So when he was two under honestly I'm telling you it's bizarre. There's no they're no fans out here. It was like there was a buzz Tony. It was like Whoa you're comes Phil Mickelson with a magical first day get out in the mix, and then it went backwards sideways and all kinds of ways other than forward for him. It's. The Swing Tony is is not sharp right now he's blowing everywhere. He was doing that at the northern truss he was knocked out of the playoffs after the first round after after the first week and It hasn't gotten any better for me. You cannot last week away here score. What's that? said he did it last week and then you see him six hours before his ti-time trying new drivers. You know. He's a big right now. Let me get to Dustin Johnson because he has had a great month just a step tackler month. This is not he also though last week I think it was in a tournament that he won. He had one day where he was all over the place he was not accurate with driver at all. Is he the kind of player you think cannot win at this course? No I. I think Dawson can win anywhere I think that Dustin needs to have a game plan that perhaps doesn't involve driver all the time If he dials back just a touch, he hits his three would long enough. this of course is so long the Roth is so nasty that it's okay to be fifteen twenty yards back as long as you're in the fairway If he's GonNa Miss fairways with his three would then you might as well hit driver and hopefully the fairway. Then year at least your father down, you have a short club in your hand. but no, I think Dustin can win anywhere I just think he's not driving the ball as well as he like any wasn't hyphen the ball. Well, at the tour championship he got away with it because his putting right now is so good So confident with his butter and it's really rolling well, and I think Dustin will be fine because I think three over isn't a bad score yesterday even Though the lead was at five hundred because I think scores are GONNA come back. He just needs to do something today that doesn't get him in trouble or doesn't get himself out of the mix Let's say shoots even-par par or even one hundred today these two or three over par promise. He's in this championship no question on the weekend, but he needs to hit more fairways because you cannot score. Out, of the rough year wing foot, you will make too many bogeys and and they will just pile up one. Seventy three yesterday. Tony, and it wasn't an ugly seven thirty he just maybe. That happened quite well shocking. Because he he put a long iron in the bag to try and get in right to left shape shot because he loves playing a fade with goods and some of the House require that draw and then immediately pulls it out on the first hole and pulls it thirty yards into the road. Yeah. Yeah. That was great. He was detri- two hundred and like he went to the three iron I mean he crushes off wall so he can do it without driver here. He just needs to stay patient think today's the key production stay patient hang in there, and then asked me speak the wind is really starting to kick up here. So he plays okay. Today I promise you two, three, four over par right now after thirty six holes, you are in this thing heading the weekend. So. I had and I said this on PTI the other day yesterday the day before I. Picked Softly Justin Thomas and Webb Simpson I. Thought they had I thought I look pretty good right now I don't happen later. But I, looked pretty good right now is there somebody we didn't ask you because we didn't have you on before the tournament? Is there somebody that you think you looked at and said I think this guy can win this tournament? Well, I mean. No? I mean I. I picked guys, pigs zander softly and Lucy's I'm I'm a big believer here a wing foot that you know yes Dustin Johnson on. The best players in the world there the longest players in the World Laurie mcelroy, they all played well, yesterday Justin and Rory scored dwelled Dustin did not but to me the winner wing for this week and maybe I'm wrong after after eight holes. But I thought that we picked Zander and I picked Louise Taste because I want the longest straight hitter. I don't necessarily need a bomber out here even though it's a long long off course I. Want someone in the Fairway Eight, nine times off the tee and and I think that here it's imperative to play out of the short grass and I also want. Somebody who chip and PUTT and Zander this short game is is wizard like and he's also tough as nails and Louis used as a guy who can play well in a golf courses like this in conditions like this, and he plays well in big events. The only has one major but he plays well, it's been a mix a lot at major championships kinda sneaky onto the radar So little the longest straight hitters, not necessarily the bombers. So I I like the guy like Louis this week I thought the call Casey would play welby terrible yesterday but my guys were Louis and Zander softly. Thank you so much for giving me an munition against Wilpon who was critical of winged foot because you're saying, it's not winged foot. It's the US. That set this up. Yeah. Winged Foot Michael when I talked about this when we were in Chicago that when golf courses host, PGA tour events are hosted major championships they essentially, you're giving up their golf course for the week or the week prior depending on the event so that the governing body in this case, the US you don't WanNA PGA tour. Championship Neal's a few weeks ago they take over the golf course and this is A. Baby and yesterday they took their foot off the gas. I had so much trouble in years past on, they do not want to mess up a great cough course like wing for. So they they went a little bit. Yesterday but I expect them to tighten screws here the next three days I but but here's where the issues you. Now you now said round one as the standard. So when the wind does come up and it does get harder, you then give the players licensed to say the tournament has gotten away from them again. Yes. Yes. No. The reason that the tournament has gone away from them in the past shinnecock. A couple of years ago is because of what they did Greens that's the problem here they didn't have. They didn't do that and they won't do that. So that's why they took their foot off the gas yesterday made it a little bit softer. So now it's not that they made the golf course soft. It's not that they watered it all night and all morning. If that made whole occasions a little bit these guys are really good like these guys are really really good and when they have hold on cases that they can attack. They attacked them and there are certain holes that are burials, and there are certain holes where you walk away with a part you're happy and there's certain goals where it's make bogey it's OK. And yesterday they just had a few too many home locations that were thirty -able. If that's a word for PGA tour players of this calendar, it's it'll be fine. Believe you winged foot will sharpen its teeth us. will definitely tighten screws and I. It's not like the lead is GonNa go far into the single digits and in double digits under par it's not going to happen when they won't let it. Steve Course they won't lose. Completely Fair. We'll talk to you soon. Thank you very much. Enjoy yourself. Thank you Steve Sands Boys. Always a pleasure right Michael He L. Yes. Always a pleasure. We'll take a break we will come back with James Carville and Jeff Ma. We're going to go back to betting football games my favorite time year I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. This is the Frame Bridge Airframe Bridge makes it easier and more affordable than ever to frame your favorite things without ever leaving the house at a gallery wall to your home officer send the perfect gift from Princeton Diplomas. If you have diplomas to the photo sitting on your phone, you can frame bridge just about anything you have a gallery wall we do have a gallery. Wall and I'm sure like most parents with young kids, we have hundreds of pictures that we'd love to cull through and puts them up there and you can do that. Just go to frame. Bridge Dot Com and upload your photo or they will send you packaging to safely mail in your physical pieces preview your item online and dozens of frame styles, Gallery Wall layouts, choose your. Favorite to get free recommendations from the talented designers we have these in this house they are hanging in this house. The experts at frame bridge will custom frame your item and deliver your finished piece directly to your door. Ready to hang instead of the hundreds, you'd pay it a framing store. Their prices started thirty, nine dollars. An all shipping is free plus listeners that is high. Quality PODCAST, we'll get fifteen percent off their I ordered frame bridge dot com. When they use the Code Tony Kaye, get started today, frame your photos or send someone the perfect gift go to frame bridge dot com use the Promo Code Tony Kaye to save an additional fifteen percent off your first order frame bridge Dot Com Promo Code Tony K three times frame bridge dot com. Promo Code Tony Kaye use the code. I've done this. It hangs in my house, use the code. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. Once again, these are terence in the high fliers. This a song called set it. All right. Very, good band Michael Bands like appearance in the High Flyers WanNa send us their music original. How do they do it? Send US your music by emailing to Jingles at Tony Kornheiser show DOT COM James Carville joins us. Now he had the best week of all of the people who pick games for us. He was two and he picked New Orleans. He was dead solid right on the war liens beating Tampa Bay and he said Pittsburgh with Rothlisberger back some much better team than the giants dead solid right on that. So he is too much congratulations James. Well thank you. We can't. You know you came out in the That's right now. Most important thing and. they got two picks. Avenue Ellison, he crossed the t the ballot Travolta was with the teeth of our T in. Two Lane. High Seventy against the navy was horrible. Got Blown out fifty five to three bucks Byu. They got killed by Byu they hadn't even practiced in live scrimmages then so to better than you think. That got coke. And necks going with camelback. Tampa Bay Tampa Bay is giving nine. Right. I. Okay. I'll give you now get. In. The Saints Game was actually they're not. They're pretty good did score the game was closer to score indicate. Thank the good whenever real. They're like. that. The top three team. Carolina's not good. So I'm going across the tea. So James, that is a very tough open if you're Tampa Bay and you've had no exhibition games and you've really had no live drills and scrimmages and you open at New Orleans that's eight very tough open it is. It is it again like I say. I watch game. And it. But not. At all when Know Ball Brady's not though Brady. Bella check and they should that you. Do, you have any thoughts as a son of the SEC and a graduate of the Louisiana, State University, and you guys were always GonNa play, and so was the big twelve in the ACC. Do you have any thoughts on the haughty big ten and the fact that it's now simply a money grab for the big ten to get back into the season? Oh Greg can't forty the school wounded Ucla built one, hundred, fifty, million dollars block. That they're gonNA have to come out General Fund Michigan was lose one hundred million dollars this year. Because of money grab but. You know I hope it works I'm not. Saying you're, GONNA play in plan. A different thing? Trying to play and keep playing different thing. And don't people that have done it i. think really successfully but but on the NBA in l. in the same place. It's a bubble. Yes. The bubble works you can't do that in college can't can't even college and you know I don't know I mean I hope it works out a book I hope we have a full season makes a difference in that. Would you watch ball last night fell asleep of course I have but I watched a little bit. I like borough. I think burroughs going to be really good. He threw at sixty one times I. Think he's going to be very good if Cincinnati protects them section. Came protect their harm. It got to eat. Improve team they gotta get him out of there. But he yeah they. Yeah he's very good. Very good should be happy with I. Thank you. James. James Carville boys and girls. We had to bleep one of James Words out but that's what happens every once in a while ninety, you did get that. Didn't you? Yes I did get that's wonderful wonderful. Yeah and Jeff Marr with US Jeff is going to be on the line momentarily I believe Sean is dawning them up as we speak but he did respond to a very early morning texts so he should be there for us how about you James It's reminds me of the great story of Doctor Ferdie Pacheco who we were interviewing. Once we were taping an interview with thirty Chaco, who is Muhammad Ali's personal doctor and Any cursed and I said, you can't say that on the radio and he said, well, what's the difference? You can bleep it out and I said, well, you shouldn't. You shouldn't do what if we were live you would've done it anyway and he said what's the big deal so I don't know I mean you can. You can use it. I'm not I'm going to protect James and protect all. Is Pretty busy fall for someone in his line of work and he's focused on two lane yeah. That's coaching staff. Well, I mean you know there's a New Orleans school that's New Orleans school. Tell me when Jeff is with US JEFF is they're wonderful Jeff Ma Jeff is. famed. For the PODCASTS bet the process. Jeff and Rufus peabody and Jeff was three into last week. Now, Jeff, you do get to pick your own games, but three and two off that first week I think is pretty good because I. Don't think that you had much to go on what do you like this week? We Tony famed for my podcasts or Mustang for the guy that you tried to. Tip Fifty dollars to. Actually Park their car whatever you. Know I didn't try to tip I didn't try to tip. You just thought suffering in hard times and we should give you some money. You are most famous in my life for that and then when I found out who you are when you play, I was really stupid on this one wasn't I was. Yeah that's a great story. I hope you tell that story a lot of people. I hope you try to as many of like Who you are but fun. I like. In the first week was crazy because I think one of the things that people are still trying to get a handle on is what's the value of home field in this week's for me you'll see that most of them are around taking advantage of the fact that I think that people are downplaying the value pompeo the there's there's travel and there's the the lack of familiarity as well as the fans. So you just taking the fans out of it is is only a small part. So I'M GONNA take Miami the six against Buffalo in this game. It had opened sort of a three and a half point line for Buffalo, an and based on week one and also the reaction home field. Miami's gone up to a six point underdog. So I like them at home plus the six in the heat Miami and the fall and and I. You know I I actually liked what I saw of Miami they were competitive even though the scored and really indicate it and still do think buffalo will be a bit over rated this year. Now Buffalo did have a good game. Josh Allen had a really good game. He had touchdowns passing and touchdowns running I mean he really looked pretty good that doesn't scare you at all this week. He's still he's still had a few of those Josh Allen plays and I mean ultimately, that's the thing about him to talented. He's very talented, but he's he's GonNa to make some mistakes and I think I think you know without situation. You know again getting six points an under its underdog at home is is value to me. Okay I'm GONNA, take the jets plus seven against San Francisco at home. Again, this is one of those debts teams that. You'RE GONNA, kill me by the end of the year or or they will. Present value because they are team that people generally think is pretty bad right now, you know everyone's kind of waiting for Adam Gates to be the first coach fire. I. Still Think there's some talent there. Obviously, no Levian Bell is another narrative that people are saying it's GonNa play against them. but San Francisco is missing a ton of their skill position players. Specifically, their wide receivers and kittle looks like he's pretty banged up. Also when he came back into that game last week, he wasn't targeted at all it was a decoy so. his health is definitely on We don't know, and again you get you're getting the judge with seven points at home game that opened with San Francisco minded six now is up to seven. Any worries that San Francisco as a super bowl team just last year needs a bounceback and that this will be a Max from them and it'll be dominating. Yeah I mean I think that's why the line is what it is and I I just don't see being dominating right now with the the lack of players they have office I think they will try to run the ball a lot. and you know again it's it's seven points which in the NFL game is is a lot especially at home. Okay. What else? We're GONNA move onto another home dog. We're GONNA. Take Houston Texans plus the seven against Baltimore. Obviously, no one wants to get in front of this Baltimore, freight train they played incredibly well last week but they. Open. This game as a five point favorite of gone up to seven point favorite and and I just think the Houston showed me. You know last week was a tough game obviously Kansas City they opened the season Kansas City in Baltimore but seven points at home. You know again, you're saying the same theme I sound like a broken record but the Texans here I think are good value. Plus seven so I mean I'm one of those people who's critical of Bill O'Brien and I think trading away De'andre Hopkins was stupid but David Johnson had actually had a very good game that is the hardest you're opening with the Super Bowl champion at Kansas City and you next game is the team that had the best record in all football last year and was upset you know and didn't get into the super bowl that's a brutal open for Houston don't use it really is. It is brutal but I mean the reason you should be critical of Bill O'Brien does not just as personnel moves as in game decisions, his decisions, the Punt and plus territory cost this team often, and it just these coaches don't learn even you know Mike McCarthy it's interesting. 'cause we talked to Mike McCarthy last week and him locking stuff in the basement of learning how to coach he went for critical down West. We didn't get it and it'll be interesting to see if that influences the way he he plays going forward I think in lyrically going forward there was the right decision it didn't work out and sometimes that. Obviously overshadows and makes people change things but bill O'Brien to the point is just a guy that is consistently making minus. Decisions from an analytic standpoint. I think Fangio does the same thing. I think that guy should have been fired that that evening Sunday evening anyone else he got. He still is he's taking his time outs at home all week if needs extra time for lunch breakfast. US Oh terrible. We're GONNA take the chargers plus the eight and a half against Kansas City. Kansas City is everyone's you know. People are GonNa say going to the the the. The Patriots of the Randy Moss era this year and it's possible. They will be the Rookie Clyde? Edwards layer looks amazing. But honestly, this is one of those cases where the line is just too high it's like. Open at six and a half it's up to eight and a half. the chargers played pretty well last week coming back against a Bengals team that you know obviously was was at home. and like I said last week I don't think they've I think they've upgraded the quarterback. tyrod Taylor Eight and a half points at home even though I know that people don't think there's much of a home field advantage It's simply too many points. It's you know in and out of the game not many points at home is a lot. Okay. Anything else. Last name is going to be Sunday night. This is the only one that bucked the trend and I'm GonNa take the Patriots plus the four. I. Think they're going to be an interesting team to watch all season because of. The slow pace playing historically, the Patriots under Brady played at a very fast paced cam typically plays pretty and it seemed like last week they played very slow and They can go on these long drives because of the predictability of the ability of Cam to get these high leverage third-down short third downs and short four thousand. which is just going to grind teams out and give New England's defense time to rest historically digos defense has struggled at the end of games because of how long they've been on field. so I I do think this camp thing for them is real. mcdaniel had had experience with quarterbacks that run a lot. Of Only Tim to build successful and get them to the playoffs. So I do think that this is a situation where again the Seattle Open three point favorite they're up to a four point favorite I. I just like New England here with you know the surgeon. Cam Newton. I'll give you an interesting fact about Cam Newton because I just wrote. For PTI today the happy anniversary on this day nine years ago, Cam Newton became the first rookie NFL history to pass for four hundred yards in his first two games. He started one hundred, twenty, six games in the NFL. That was the last time he passed for four hundred yards. I mean I think if you look at Cam Newton now you think of him I he so big and strong. You do think of them as a runner he's been hurt a lot but he's still they ran him fifteen times last week. You don't do that. If you'RE GONNA, make a long term commitment to a quarterback. What are your thoughts on that? Well I think we'll see how this plays out over the last over the next couple of weeks I I think and throughout throughout the season I think that's a fair. Point but I also feel like he's he realizes this chance to get a big pay day. So probably on saying saying. Addition Tate Win and show him. Yes. So I think incentives are aligned there. So it you know I agree with you it fifteen times running for seventy five yards that was impressive but also probably not sustainable over time. But you know the Patriots are notorious for digging when people think there's egging. So there's a world where he comes in here and throws the ball forty times. This time and and isn't necessarily running quite as much and when when people are putting, you know eight men in the box and whatnot. So no, he'll Bella check like unlike Bruce Arians, who tells you the best coach in the World Bella Check actually is the best coaching world because every week he will do something different if it is available to him right I mean he will. No I think so and I think it's an astute observation Tony to see to watch how much runs throughout the season in terms of you know how how well he's able to laugh because it took running thirteen times even at your Cam Newton as strong as you are a quarterback of his top gives wasn't like he was not taking hits there. He was shaking hits back game. Thank you Jeff Jeff's podcast with Rufus peabody at the process, and we're grateful for your waking up early and please tell the story and make me look stupid as possible because you can't actually overvalue stupid I was again. So that was good. Thanks Jeff. Jeff Boys and girls, we will take a break. We'll come back with email and jingle I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. Tremendous University of Missouri Marching Band doing the the theme song of the show too. So tremendous Brennan Steam Virgin. got that done for us. Thank you so much. Do you want to do the Bethesda Bagel adhere Nigel? Yes Thank you very much. Yeah. We love the face of the bagels you will as well got several locations around the DMV. Just go to Bethesda bagels dot com for the location nearest you we go to the one, zero, forty, eight, nineteen, th avenue open from seven am to three pm just go online make orders and with some of the High Holidays right around now they've got a great sign up there saying tonight it starts Russia's Leshan Tovia everybody starts tonight they've got a great sign says there should be a yum after your yom so you can make. Your orders for breaking mass for Young Kapoor that will just about do it for us today. Before we get to the mail bag, let me echo the sentiment of that noble institution of Higher Education Favor. College. When I say knowledge is good. My favorite part of that entire movie is John Belushi when he wears a sweatshirt that simply says college it just so smart and funny that one thing. Thank you to our guests today Steve Sands James Carville Jeff Mara thanks to our sponsors as well Brooklyn in frame bridge remember you can listen to us on apple podcasts spotify. Google play radio DOT COM. If you get the show to I tunes, please leave us a review from Ron flatter who is one of the great broadcasters in America and occasionally has my son on his show. Right you've been on the show with right hat or in Vegas now get the invite now. Yeah. Well, maybe Ronald here this it'll put you back on and he writes my fellow Ron. Yes. The nationals are making a plunge history but baseball's benchmark for I. Two worst remains the first wild Florida marlins on their way to winning the nineteen ninety-seven world series the. Marlins were surpassed by ten other teams for home attendants in reality do little more than seasonally enlarged insects and ballparks shut ins with no promise of any fans sweat their way to the next season in that dump of football stadium owner, Wayne High Zanga farewelled Kevin Brown Al Lighter Robb, Nen Moi's and Jeff Cohn. Mine then they gave Gary Sheffield what he wanted. Before Memorial Day, they packaged him with Bobby Baena and two other players to get Mike Piazza from the dodgers five games. Later, Piazza was shipped off to the mets for Preston, Wilson to minor leaguers and perhaps A. Brochure from Bernie Madoff after Alex Fernandez had arm surgery the only real holdover from the starting rotation was leave on Hernandez Without Eric Greg's bloated strike zone to bail them out every night. Leon. Won Only ten games Oh yes. The pitching staff at an era of five point one eight, which looks a lot better as an area code in upstate new. York. So I will see your orchid and your beltway Mitterrand and I will raise you the fire sale the late Wayne High Zanga whose fortune was built on waste management that was never more true than it was twenty. Two years ago. That's a brilliant piece of writing for a column. That's just great. Platter. Put my boy on circle the sixty, six Sanchez game from Thomas W branch. Dear Mr Tony. Could you equipment issues broadcasting be sabotage could someone related to you by marriage wants you to go back to the studio and get out of the House because you're driving her crazy from Neil in Rockville I want to apologize because although I spent the entire evening racking my brain, there are seemingly no way I'll be able to put together a Trots Trots trots jingle from Peter La Violette. Unless he sweats a lot on the bench from Ben Erickson, the BMW Championship Location Two Thousand Twenty one which we are aware of its caves Alec next August Caves Valley Hosa BMW not. Olympia yet coach Gary Williams is going to be the the host that'd be great if if Gary there that's just an idea. Oh, RJ from Bronxville New York by way of Chicago temporary declaring myself the official get back coach of the Tony Kornheiser show. My sole responsibility is to pull you back before he weighed too far into Wilbur waters on Wednesday show you said and I'm. Quoting here, and this kid tyler hero couldn't even start at Kentucky which is close to accurate but not quite all the way are and by close wildly wrong. He started thirty seven out of thirty seven games and averaged a cool fourteen points per game while playing thirty three minutes per game on a team that ended up on the thirty seven and thirty seven record. There's such a fine line between stupid and clever a brilliant email making fun of me from David Theroux about timmy good. Times. If the Greens and yellows interact too closely, do get sprite that sort of funny. From Thomas Kirkman tk but not that tk in Mooresville Indiana in all fairness to Mr George. He never said that the P. in playoff piece dance for Paul lots of other words start with the letter P and not all of them are pleasant. One of them is pleasant but you know what? I mean he's Gagging, Dawn Kenan Philly. Thanks to the pandemic the woman related by marriage and I have been catching up on TV with missed over the years a couple of weeks ago we started watching the Americans I used to to. Now you're recaps of the show because I didn't want any spoilers. But now that we're watching it, I'd really love to know what you thought. So could you please recreate your discussions few episodes season one episode eight, season two, episode thirteen, and of course, season four episode of Lebanon. But please do not discuss anything past season five episode as we have only gone that floor. That's a brilliant. Ken. Scudder name Robert in Winnipeg Michael When your dad introduces you six feet away. That is your cue to whisper into the Mike and one inch because that means you're so much taller than I am Mike Todd and Columbus Ohio not that might todd for those of you. Old enough to remember Elizabeth. Taylor's early husband. Mike Todd. Dear Ron when Bethesda bagels asked about Michael denied you'll say it was Michael at shot. Salah's Oh. No, I don't. I don't think that's a so well okay. If you're out on your bike, tined everybody has always do wear white. Get back to the The warning that I've received you may take it with how. However many grains of salt. You wish that the roundhouse at this circulating around this is not specifically to. Suggestions that you do stay away from. Your trip if I guess but the the if there is a warning on that one. Power. ME. Loss. were. and. Live. Tonight now. I. Fifty. What is they? Back. Fine. Oh.

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"Fusion patrol is a listener supported podcast find out how you can help support us at Patriotair. Dot Com slash fusion patrol. This is the fusion patrol vodka gassed each week we look at a different science fiction TV episode or movie, and over analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode of fusion patrol. I'm Eugene and I'm John at tonight we're looking at the sixth episode of Star Cops called in Warm Blood Episode, Synopsis Spacecraft. Pluto five is returning to the moon on automatic, but the crew are not responding to moon traffic control the STAR COPS David theroux investigates and discovers intact spacecraft and a completely dead crew they have mummified in the months since their death on an orbiting space research platform. A woman watches the news about Pluto five and cries Pluto five is owned by Japanese pharmaceutical giant Ahmed and they've run interference preventing spring from sending a boarding team until they send a corporate doctor to lead the investigation having been delayed. For Forty eight hours. Spring is not happy about the situation when Doctor Schumer is and even less happy when the moon base commander Alexi asked Spring to personally go check on a dear friend of his a research scientist named Christina. Johnson who hasn't responded to routine communication for two days. Johansen is a biochemist working alone on an orbiting space research platform Spring Listen Kinsey in his place along with David to board Pluto Five. What they find is a very hot spacecraft over forty one degrees and the crew all dead as if they died instantly at first, it seems as if one of them is missing, but his body is found to, he was attempting to repair a busted thermostat. Sean doesn't know what killed them. She is just a General Dr Not a forensic pathologist. It's possible. There is an invisible pathogen aboard the ship and they treated with full quarantine procedures aboard the space platform spring fines the platform to be unusually hot. He also finds Dr Johnson's corpse sitting in her chair. She hasn't been dead long, but she intentionally checking in two days ago spring suspects suicide, but it is unclear how she Died Divas does a background check on Johansen and they learned that Johnson won a Nobel prize for her research with space medicine but later was the subject of controversy when it was learned that are human clinical trials had been on unwitting participants Johansen worked for Hunnam ED shooting reports back one hundred CEO Richard Ho that she recommends that the ship be destroyed with all aboard as a precaution, Ho seems pleased with that result. The autopsy Johnson shows that all her blood clotted at once and spring has a working theory. Learned of the fate of Pluto five new something about it destroyed all the information on her computer system cut off communications and committed suicide spring suspects that Hunnam ed was testing medicines on the crew of Pluto five without their knowledge and Johnson wracked with guilt used whatever killed the crew on herself. He suspects that it is the iron supplements supplied to the crew. BY UNAMED HE CONFRONTS SEAN trying to get her to portray her company, which is like her father and mother to. Her she refuses and accuses Spring of using people. She leaves the moon and returns to Tokyo this accusation hit spring hard does he exploit people bucks thing so on earth shown questions how she wants to know if there is a connection between Pluto Five Johnson, he warns her to back off and calls on her unswerving Japanese cultural loyalty to the company to keep her in line spring since divas to earth the stupor and unamed, but he is immediately captured due to extreme incompetence. Soon after this Dr Shawn also infiltrates hose office with considerably more success she's able to use his computer to find the connection. The crew Pluto five was used as an unwitting test group. She calls Spring to tell him what she found out, but he's mostly asleep and she's got an accent and then she's captured by security cutting off the call Ho- give Schumer addressing down. She's fired barred from the company her career was ruined and he reminds her Johansen new. The right way out of the situation should should follow suit spring returns to the space platform where he is conducting tests on the mice that were left behind. It is here that Kinsey reaches him with word about. Davis's capture and the demands of the Japanese government that Spring travel to Earth and personally apologized to Ho in a humiliating way, and then the mice die spring goes to Tokyo and surprises how it is club in the steam room before introducing himself he gives of t he then confronts him with his suspicions. Ho admits nothing but reminds spring the s no proof and Pluto five was destroyed spring lays out his suspicion. The drug was a failure because if the temperature gets over forty one degrees, the blood in the patient instantly clots the Pluto Fives thermostat broke condemning the crew to death Johnson committed suicide by administering the drug to herself and turning up the heat on the platform. Spring plays bad cop and beats up a bit. He also turns the thermostat up in the steam room bringing the temperature dangerously close to forty one degrees. He tells how that he put the drug in his t and when the temperature goes over forty one, he'll die Ho breaks down admits what he did spring admits that he lied about putting the drug he's T. Back. On the Moon Star Cops learned spring has recruited a new star cop Dr Anna shook the end I'll start cops I suspect. I suspect that we're not going to be able to talk about this episode without addressing the huge huge stereotype racist nonsense. That permeates a bit of this episode just a bit. Pau. I was cringing. How bad not even American television in the eighties was this bad about these kinds of stereotypes bad. Yes. But this is this is a special kind of add. The. General physician Dr Soon. I think that she's actually a time traveler from the sixties. Her character was just not Didn't make the Asians look very good how `bout that new raiders for that matter and I gotTa Tell You I don't know what the Heck Sean is as a name isn't Japanese No. No it's going to get the Ho too. But yeah, it sounds it sounds Chinese but to two problems with that one I searched, I could not find any Chinese surname Sean. And there could be a number of different ways to pronounce spell that man you know it could be Cantonese it certainly doesn't feel Japanese in any way shape or form Ho is absolutely not Japanese that is that is absolutely a Chinese name. Rand and the actor. Richard Rees. Didn't look entirely. Agent Timmy I kinda think he went to the Peter Sellers School of how to be Asian. The Sean Connery School Yeah that too. Yes. I come to think of it. Yes. I'm not I'm not sure but looking at his I am DB. Right. He he certainly definitely played. Asian. Parts like over the years carrying. I I don't want to come out and say that guy is definitely a white man. Acting as an Asian. Because Well I off that that mustache didn't really look like an Asian mustache, but you know that's That's within very Sure. Sure. Maybe you know maybe his MOTHERLESS JAPANESE Chinese yeah exactly. We'll go because. My kids. Look at times more Asian than he did but. So. I I don't know what the circumstances a bet. But really he did not give a great performance either yeah man they couldn't find an agent guy to do this Jeez I mean slough again assuming that he you know. I mean you know they could hire me to play a native American guy, but I don't look the part. Not, the, Patriarch yes, you do write her. So you never can tell but I I spent a long I went back and watched scenes a second time just to look and I'm like. Yeah. I'M NOT GONNA call this one way or the other but it doesn't feel right doesn't feel right And that could partially just simply be the way the state of British acting resources in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty s were not up to snuff at as you know it's been. Only. Very recently that people refuse to cast white people in Asian roles beyond that's relatively recent phenomena. Maybe, you know maybe contractually obligated guy job or something my pet I. Don't know he was he was on the roster of actors to use for this. I. Can Sing I can ride a horse I can pretend to be Asian. You're in problem. I I learned that. British. In their they're like profile. Apparently. Have things like I can do. Yorkshire accent. I can do cockney accent. I. Can do Lithuanian accent they actually have that. So No, I think American actress do that probably do I've never looked at the I know that things like I can ride a horse or yeah. I can ride a motorcycle things like that are are in their BIOS so that they get more jobs. So his could just be I can pass for Asian British show I don't exactly. I couldn't I looked. I really did try to find this guy and I just could not find any biographical data on him I I can find a list of things that he was in and some of the character names that he played and clearly he was playing Asian characters. But beyond that, I couldn't find any other pictures of him I couldn't find anything. I hate to find out that he actually is like half. Asian. Basically. They could be. Well okay. So you remember the TV series, Lois, and Clark. Yeah Kane is half. Japanese. Tied known it. Never know it. That's right. Point. I mean he he's kind of like my kids you can. If somebody says it, you look a little bit. You can kind of go. Maybe I can see it but but no. You just. Reminds me of that. So yeah, I'm thinking that might be with the cases anywhere. We've wild on about that. Stuff to make fun of. I think the exercise regime on the moon is is definitely. Something this way up there as the. The high point to this episode tell the noisiest exercise bike. I've ever heard in my life I'm thinking that they actually made extra noisy just for that. Maybe when you know sound travels further on the moon because it weighs less exacting, we've discussed that before I believe I think yeah. So that's definitely what they. Well, no I do want to. Just. Get the whole Japanese thing out of the way. That was very. Very eighties. If you remember in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty s schools were at least in the United States schools were picking up Japanese language courses because college is because they were gonNA take over. The Japanese ability were were buying a lot of property and stuff like that. 'cause they're bubble had burst yet and would. Then, it did yeah and then we all switched Chinese all the same things because they're going to be taking over the but. There was a lot of I don't say learning because that's not the right word. But in other words, a lot was made about the fact that you know how the Japanese interact with their corporations and how the corporations family because they spend twenty seven hours a day there, and then spend the extra four hours a day after that drinking with the boss, right exactly afterwards and sleeping industry puking for a while. And the whole. The corporation is mother the corporation is father. The. Babylon five but. I've dishonored the company. I. Need to go commit Seppuku or it just it really was every stereotype you know you. Daughter. No no I mean there is there is truth to it but right but it's really. I agree the eighties set them up late up. You, know the the. Character that it, it boggles my mind that you could get away with that and. It also boggles my mind that you could. You could go after the Japanese and then get the names so wrong. That is weird. Maybe they're trying to make it like it's Japanese, but it's a multinational corporation. I don't know I don't know but why Maybe they'll the boss was just playing the whole You've dishonored the the company just to try to cover up the massive screw up that he he allowed to happen I. think that they were implying that is exactly how they ran the company for everybody I. Mean You know they gave her they all remember they said everybody lived at the corporation they fed. Them they Okay. Yeah. All right. So you know she her car was supplied by the companies. And you're going to go back to pack and fish for the fisherman's. Fisherman's daughter. Oh right. Yeah. We gave you an education. Made you a doctor. Yeah it was. It was Raise. Onerous thing was was really over the top it was it was as bad as the KLINGONS. Definitely Yeah And then and then Davis's little racist bit at the end was the Okra on top of the third sandwich. Apologies all you okra lovers out there. Both if there are any. You couldn't even give me a cherry to put on top of the Dirt Sandwich Oh Okay yes. Definitely. Yes. It's almost as bad as Duran but not quite. Yeah I mean. If if someone has not watched this and it's thinking, you're not going to watch this he makes. Those noises that people make when they're pretending to be doing like maybe a Bruce Lee or speaking Japa- Chinese Agen Ish before. Flying into sort of sumo attack it was it was. It, ended this episode. With a shiver while. like I was so pleased that no one in my family was watching this movie. Oh, yeah I can imagine that yeah it's like, what are you watching deer? Nothing. Terrible, that's what I'm watching. I'm watching shameful moments from the eighties here shape. Eighties Yup but it's British. It's Brin-. Actually when You know what it reminded me of what? It reminded me of of. Sam Tyler in life on Mars going back into the nineteen seventies and watching the cops in action Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It had that remember sort of like wow really. Was It really that it was really that bad was it was oh yeah. That's a really good analogy actually. Yeah. Except in this case, it's not fantasy. It. Were any real exactly. We're really looking into it. Be Like watching an episode of Charlie Chan. And I still like the Charlie Chan Films Dino you why brought it up? Yeah. But I will I will say this I. It's a shame. It's it is. It's I'M GONNA go so far as a crime but I mean it's definitely wrong that. Not by the standard of the day that they could never have. A good actor Asian actor any actor good better indifferent playing the part of Charlie Chan but it also Charlie Chan was like used his sort of stereotype against you Yeah. No, he was definitely. Martyr, he was in control and he he presented that image in a way to blow you into. Yeah. He knew how to work the people around him. Yup. Yeah. So. A lot of the yeah. There's a lot of baggage since. They are from the thirties for Cran. True true a lot. were learn something but maybe not. Although I. Don't know that I ever watch. I. Don't know if I could handle watching Mr Moto film. One of those. So I, I've seen a bit of them so. We treated the Japanese believe it or not worse than the Chinese I think about that time so. Yeah Yeah I can see that I think so so young people who had a grudge against them for some odd reason. Yeah. So we're condemning condemning the British here I know this is all about the British down that You know. If. You Watch more recent British television not like them. No No, no. No. In fact, we all would have been Japanese. Heck. Yeah and And who knows maybe he would have been subtitled and actually spoken in Japanese we could have done that. Yeah. I. Actually, I like that we would have been surprised to find out what Davis was saying at the end of the episode. Or perhaps they would have had to still censor that probably. or he wouldn't have said it at all I don't know who knows. So. Trying to put the the rampant horrible racism aside, right? Yes. It and perhaps the terrible acting we'll try to put that aside. Don't you think of the premise of this story. So far of all the episodes I think this is the most science fiction ish. One of all actually quite liked the premise I have the words. I really liked the premise here in my note, it did remind me of the drama to strain. Okay No. Because the people in Piedmont died is where the the probe landon they cracked it open because obviously the local doctor is A. Call to that sort of thing and everybody died of coagulated blood. Oh. Yeah. Forget that was kept IDA to exactly. Yeah. Cut The guy's arm and powder runs out. Yeah. Yeah. That's right but. Yes. So new I thought this was a really really good good science fiction story and I thought that. Yes, they do spell it out for you at the end but I mean it's actually quite brilliant that if you had a crew, they're going to be in complete isolation. Yeah. Though external factors you control food, you can show their medications and you give him a medical check before they get on board. You have you probably have somebody on board doing periodic or automated medical checks throughout the course of the right of which I be normal like data, and then you to check them when they come back it's absolutely transparent slipped them. Except for the whole ethics thing. Yeah intakes they've noticed something in this series apparently when you go into space, your ethics are left behind at least when you're a scientist you know well, he didn't say he did say they did ask spring about that. He you know he's saying anything all scientists they're bad or something in any goes no, I think all scientists are broke. You Okay yes. Yes. That's At first. I thought he meant either broken in the head. No Julie Broken. But he knew he knew poor well, both. Yeah. But he went on to explain he was talking about they need money. So. I think he met both. Facing scientists here. Amid. Hannam Corporis did yeah. corporate culture was screwed up on that one boy and you got to crack some eggs to make some omelets I guess. So but boy, you should really ask the eggs I. Ensure they. They astronauts on board that probe probably signed some papers that said Yeah you you. We are not willing guinea pigs but that probably wasn't really something that was highlighted right? It was an initial list page exactly and. You'll Here's your copy of my copy. Yeah I, think the one thing that A. The one flaw. Apart from a big ethical flaw, the one flaw that I see with this plan is the lack of control. Avoid that maybe they had another space probe out there someplace else you know Pluto four perhaps was the control well, no. I think that they needed to do, and here's what I can also tell you why they wouldn't do it. But what they needed to do since they signed the medicine, they should have just given somebody CBO. Yeah. They should have given one or more of them a placebo exactly badge or just actual farren all or whatever it was, and the problem with that is, is that if something like this happened and six of the eight died and? Left. To kill the other to exactly. Leading to do when they got back to home base? Yes. Yeah which yeah. So you know as good science goes there's the problem right there. You can't have a control on something like this. Nice So it's as. The handsome lifting that are intelligent. Then they should. They should run for public. Office. I do think that the that the whole forty one degree threshold thing was weird and you have to ask yourself how many other ships out there have been given this medication and their ship never hit forty one degrees. So the biggest problem exactly yeah. That's I mean wow. Okay. That's A. Course. I am. So for listeners who don't know both John I live in Arizona. And the fact that forty one degrees. Celsius is the maximum limit that humans can function in. Please how Larry ously. Funny. because. It's it's over forty one degrees for three months of the year shop at night. It's over that. At night three is six am before the sun comes up is that temperature? Yes. So it is hell unto Earth here it's fifty times. Yeah once. Once. Still. Couple Times really close but just the ones but still walking out, it's just no fun. Yeah. Now you know admittedly so hot my boy. Probably die. If you're out now all the time you'd probably die. You know we we go in the office we go in the House we I. After a while you get kind of acclimated to it, but it can't be good for you. But yeah, you have to live in it because there's places to get hotter than Phoenix. Yeah. And the Middle East dishing terribly hot and interim, any and a lot of places. Now, they didn't have it here man there's plenty of people who work outside all the time we're just wimps. and. We're talking about the British here. So yeah. Forty one is a lethal deaths frosty the snowman melting well, because they expect sixty or eighty percent humidity to who that is death right there. Yeah. That is death. That's true. There will strangle you have please don't try this at home I also thought it was very unusual for this show. I, really the racism thing just spoils what would have been the best episode of the show because we also get, we also get a little bit of soul searching from spring here about whether or not he uses people and that neatly parallels the fact that Hannah, Med is exploiting people. You know it's drew. It's driven home for him that you know what he does is in fact exploitive. But. It's kind of his job and will there discussion with box about well I mean, yeah. It's your job to push him out of the push him outta their zone right in order for them to screw up or call it. Yeah. But I don't actually think that the police really are supposed to provoke a response. Probably, not real police TV police TV's yes. But not yeah not no real police now nine think there's That that's nor do they trouble right pretend to poison people or beat them up in no. No I'm sure there's something in the academy about doing that is. Right out to it. Although again, that whole life on Mars thing and seventies. British cops they beat him up all the time. So I'm sure that was real. So Oh, that's just to convince people to confess. Well, they're not gonNA confess if they weren't really guilty. Yes exactly. Courage. -Ment. So spring talks box and he starts asking him questions like do I use people ought to be more concise and simple? AM I. Exploiting people unfairly to which box response? Can you explain people? Fairly IT'S A. It's an interesting question. I obviously not you can't I mean if you're exploiting them that by definition, right exactly exactly using them against tight and he kinda gets that that whole will you never since Lee was killed? I feel like I've come up here I feel like I'm doing it more. Mechanically in. Boxes will I don't see being? McCann. Chemical as being. Anything, to be, ashamed of. And it's not that that's particularly profound but it's remarkably self aware for box. Good good adaptive programming and Lynn linguistic parsing. And his craters part I don't know you know the the the character of box is have you ever seen? Something like this in a TV show that has such potential it is used so little. Oh boy. The. Only, thing that really POPs to mind is the classic transporter in Star Trek. Right you could do all sorts of stuff. With a transporter it exactly. Yeah. Matter destructor machine or the you know the the life photocopier. Backup System Yeah remove whatever you you know whatever tumors in your body just by beaming it out. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And that's the only thing that can really think of the top my head that comes close to how boxes not. Utilized or even recognized as being a stunning piece of technology. Yeah. By anybody that springs ever run into. Back, toy. Yeah I know I ask it questions when I stay up late at night. But. It answers with good good answers. That's it. It's like the ultimate Google assistant much better. It's much better than Alexis. Think of. Wanting it her name. So everybody's devices go off at the same time here when. I could say you know like I. Know I'm not GonNa do it again now. That if anybody would like all their lights set to chartreuse just say something exactly. You know where to right right well, will include it in one of the podcast maybe after the credits or something and maybe this one I dunno, we'll play havoc with your home, automation? Systems. You might end up with a lot of things showing your door from Amazon. Hannah's. Oh. So was Alexi the moon base commander. Is. He in on this. About the hunt amid Let me let me rephrase that I don't think he knew anything about the hand experience experiments or anything like that. But. If anything I think he suspected that his good friend might have had something to do with something. At the beginning that was the case or or that was later on. Because I'm wondering about how spring wants to get out to the ship right and he delayed by four Alexi stops in for forty eight hours because Ahmed doesn't want him to go to a doctor comes out and he says, Oh, they're putting pressure on me. Okay. Fine. They're putting pressure on him. And then when he goes. All right. Fine the doctors here now you guys can go out there by the way spring To do this other favor for me, I, and it kind of feels like he's trying to prevent him from going to the Pluto Five I think that he probably knew that his friend Johansen had worked on things like this and realize that you know maybe because Hamid is. Giving him such a hard time about having a scientist or having a doctor on hand for the ship showing up in there seems to be something up with it. They're not talking to US maybe I should check on her and when she doesn't reply for a couple of days, it's like there's something wrong. You know something's up I don't. I. Did Not know that. Bad things were foot. Gave me let me rephrase it. It's not that it's not that he wanted somebody checked on it. It's city insisted on spring doing it I mean if you thought your friend I, think he feels just say. Could you send somebody to check? That's that's what you do. You don't call the police commissioner and say, Hey, could you personally go check on my friend unless he will spring specifically not to go and I'm just kinda wondering if maybe Ahmed gave him a little bit of a you know a shirt they can go. If. If you WANNA send the amateur cops instead of the professional one, it'd become. I, think Alexi was was doing it in his own interest. He wanted somebody to go there that he knew that. If there was something going on something happened or whatever that he wants somebody that's actually capable of investigating okay fair. Enough v first on the scene. I think Alexi is. Has Some faith in spring that he's actually a decent cop and can do his job I don't think there's an adversarial. There I don't think anyways. I don't feel it I feel like they actually kind of. A handle like each other. Yeah. But at the same time, obviously, we still have that lingering. Hey, you got the Russians up here. Yeah. I think they both know that they're doing job and. Yeah I think each one of knows that the other guys good at what they do if there's no malice between them that I can tell man space light between earthen these and the moon is easy these days isn't it apparently? His hop on down. Okay. All right. I'll come down to. Yeah Yeah. It seems like it's about two hour flight the way they're they're hopping around to the moon I'm trying to remember how long seemed to take when a spring went from the moon to Italy. They did probably mention that didn't they but I don't know I want some reason I to say like. Twenty hours or something but I could just been making that up now I know that you have. Traveled to Asia yes. I have a couple of times as as have I and I think the the longest one I've ever endured is about four. Hours in the air sounds about right twelve or fourteen of forget what I was. Can you imagine a flight of what we know the moon travel is three days you know that kind of a liner well. It was a little more spacious than Apollo. That's for sure zero gravity. So being seated wouldn't be that bad. All right. Noon I can think of worse ways to go you. Know I suppose that would make a difference. It did seem kind of. Very much jetliner Yeah Oh, definitely move. Well. How do you go to the moon? Well, you're going to go into something that has lots of people in it and you know it's GonNa look like an airplane because, yeah, it's got to go into the atmosphere. So obviously, it's going to have a two by two seating down the aisle economy. Yes. If you're coming in concord if you're coming in on say, Tokyo you're GonNa stay weightless until you. Drop Point. Yeah. Yeah but you're not going to in other words you're not gonna fly in over Los Angeles and then do a transpacific flight at regular speeds going to drop in at or near. Tokyo. That You're going to probably start to send over the American coast or someplace that far out, just burn up the excess. But yeah it. Our flight it'll. Be. It'll be a few minutes. Yeah. Yeah. For the time you actually get to, you know when you're going to be starting to hit the atmosphere is just a couple minutes the land going mach twenty seven or something like that twenty. Yeah get some sonic booms go there. I meant to but I didn't because I figured you would know all about it so I did not. Take the opportunity to to look deeper into the science of bone loss blood. Chemical changes et Cetera from space travel. I know those are all real. Muscle loss Iron supplements is that really. IS THEY DO NO Well, that would probably help a little bit, but it's calcium and also the the body You know we're we're set up to adapt were surrounding. So if our body thinks that it doesn't need muscle or bone, it's not going to create A. Trick it by giving yourself. You know for hours of exercise a day just to stave off most of the effects but you still you lose, it's like one one and a half percent of your bone mass a month when you're in space, it's. Yeah, it can be crippling if you're there too long. You don't work enough. You will have serious issues when they get back to earth I mean it could be very bad for you and there's other things that it'll affect to your heart doesn't work right? It has long lasting effects. There's zero gravity bad for you. It's good for a vacation but for years oh no, you're not going to be in good shape at all. This is definitely a thing where if we are to exploit space expand out into space yes. Corporations need to step up or whoever needs to step up and find novel solutions. So either they're going have to have something that's going to replace the calcium and other stuff that you lose or they're going to have to start doing You know simulator gravity with centrifugal force or something like that NASA. Spent lots of money and research fact all the space agencies have done that and it's tough. It's really hard. What was some that and radiation? Two things will killian space. What was Davis is comment that he has to go back to Earth because he's a fifteen kilos on the moon, but he's ninety kilos on earth. Yeah something like that. What happened to a a fat man? world cigarette this way? If you have a lot of extra weight and you have osteoporosis, which is essentially what you'd have Ron. You trip you fall boom. You've broken your hip or anything you sit down hard. You could crack your spine main you could you'll blow out actual part of your spinal column or You know snappy risks by turning a doorknob knows you know it would be really really hard on you yeah. In fact, your your muscle loss probably. Make it very difficult for him to walk around. Yeah. That well, that's that's common for astronauts to have to be held off from the Soyuz when they land nowadays because they've they've lost a bit of their muscle mass and coordination and they don't don't function very well take some you know while while they were you know get back into shape also very unpleasant landing. Yes. Yes there's a a real big reason why the Soyuz craft have a form fitting. Seats that you sit in is so you don't get broken land yeah Yup. Fishing, gone for the water landings should gone for the water landings I. Think it's close to the same thing. Is it that hard I thought that that bums ape minor difference. Is Not quite the right word mean it's still a rough landing but yeah, you splashdown forget the big parachutes and stuff like that, and the water absorbs the the impact Pretty good. I'm GONNA guess that a water landing is more comfortable than a A. A land base landing or landing. Simply because. Because now, when you when they land now? I the distance, but it's not too far off the ground Retro rockets fire, and to kick the ship up a little bit so it doesn't hit with. Crushing Force to that that helps. Yeah. I don't know that I have anything else though is that the astronauts who were on the five had an MP three player. That was Kinda cool. Three. Players in the eighties. shh. Boy. I don't remember they have digital audio digital audio in the eighties well, not really I. I had a commodore sixty four that had a a digitized cry of somebody doing a crotty move and that was about as close as you got. Oh, I thought you were going to say had the wilhelm scream. No is game CRONICA IF I. Remember. Right. No. Thought that was kind of cute that they have I. think an MP threes came out in the Nineties that was amazed that The site of Dead People Freak the hell out of thoreau in Kinsey so badly. Yes. That was kind of odd. It's like you're cops you kinda deal with this I mean yeah it's. You know you might not get completely blase about seeing corpses all the time, but you know. They're dead people have not seen Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost Ark 'cause I mean. It's not nearly as bad as what happened to the Nazis? No. Yeah. No. I want to look if these guys are kind of you know desiccated defied. Yeah. Yeah. I. Going to an Egyptian exhibit at the museum. Some people do not deal well with that. Apparently, these two didn't yeah. Now to be fair throw does strike me as a type of overreact cheese. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly once again for oh boy. Why can't you get one of those? Those suits with the the bad controls on DART. That problem and that's right they did. I wasn't getting devious on the bike was hilarious I thought that was great. Still thinking that he's the best character on the series. He didn't get. This except be encompass, go. Yeah. That was great. It's like really come on Davies Jeez Wow. That was dumb. That was dumb like, oh, it's a it's a voice straight who are you? I'm Richard Ho. No. You're not heard. The Guy Playing Richard Ho isn't even Richard Ho. Wow. Yeah. Once again, the audio mix is not worth mentioning boy it was bad. Talk over each other quite a bit. Yeah. Well, and also the the once the music it's like are they at a carnival? This should be suspenseful. Why are they playing like upbeat music? Food didn't notice the Music Really I. AM. Not Odd. Yeah. I still notice that sadly I wish it didn't. That's kind of a shame. That the cross, my mind, there is the scene when. David is talking to Kinsey. They're very towards the no. Maybe a little earlier when spring has gone to Tokyo and he's asking her if spring told her anything about why he was going to Earth, right? You remember that scene I think so and she tells him, Oh, he said he's going to take a bath. And, but what did he do in that scene d? Do you remember it at all? He walks into that room one. None of these arm all over her. Yeah, that's right. That was. So Roy wasn't as wrong as the racial stereotyping, but it really is it's all those. This is sexual. Actually. Think Dave is just. Trying to Piss her off, you know really trying to drive home these a course bastard. It was so wrong because I didn't really I don't really get their Palffy at all but nobody there's nobody I do that to excel my wife but. No not this David Oh. Sorry. Oh Yeah. Right up Kinsey. He just around her and he. I'm like is. Are. Are they sleeping together what the heck? It's like, where did this come from and? Clear that that is just really inappropriate workplace behavior. His overall friendly nature. Okay. That's That's what they said about. Harvey Weinstein. Our CH-. Yeah. No I don't know. Once again I just. Could've cast a better actor. Well, that's that's not the actor. Well, I might be the actress fault to the fact that they even put that in there that the director allowed it. It's just so oh eighties maybe that was normal I, don't know I guess that's part of the problem it was normal. Yeah. We're just looking at it with different is like an yeah it's just I cannot. I cannot imagine doing that to a colleague no under any circumstances never. Know now can't think of that. No. New. New. New. Maybe helping them out of a ditch, they've just fallen into but even that. Any others. Oh, we get a new character in the show and Hsun is going to stay on with the force. Yes. That's what they need more people who are not cops. Yeah. Exactly and not a forensic expert. Right, you know well. Any doctor better than no doctor currently when you're on the moon. But didn't didn't. They say they had doctors on the moon. Yeah, do. I was kidding it's going to be horrible. He did say that I I did think it was interesting that Spring noticed the fact that it was odd that Hannam ed sent a doctor without forensic experience to examine the bodies. Yeah. You know Kudos to him Kudos to the in a way to the writing for setting that up as a believable, right? Yeah. You would not send a forensic. You'd send a doctor and having a Royal Horford doctor then or skills. That wouldn't it wouldn't be suspicious to ninety nine point nine percent of the population. We send a doctor me but. More. Things that spring notice that we're off about the whole yeah. Yeah he he's. He's written as. A good detective if nothing. If all the other things fail he's A lousy enforcer of beating people up but he's Kinder Gentler. Police Force. Different. Different. Era At different. Exactly. I am I am out. There that's about it. I'm kind of looking forward to the next episode. I WANNA see how. They handled the new a new recruit. The shaft some service space cop school for. Training in how to fill in forms I duNno. That's right. That'll be well. I. Hope they have people to work on next time Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe we'll have some more medical mysteries and space. Yeah. I think we've only got two more episodes left if I'm not mistaken that I don't remember to tours sounds about three at the most. High Will John Thank you for joining me Oh you're welcome unless there's I. Do hope you'll join us again next time on fusion patrol. You've been listening to fusion patrol listener supported podcast, find out how you can be a sponsor and get early access to all episodes and more at Patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. Come join the conversation on facebook or twitter. All episodes are available at fusion patrol dot Com. Our music is fight the future by Amber Wolf. This has been a lone locust production.

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490  Star Cops  A Double Life

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490 Star Cops A Double Life

"Fusion patrol is a listener supported podcast find out how you can help support us at Patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. This is the fusion patrol vodka gassed each week we look at a different science fiction TV episode or movie and analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode of fusion patrol I'm Eugene, and I'm John and tonight we're looking at the star cops episode a double life on Earth famous concert pianist James Bannerman please live before an appreciative audience on the moon in an unfinished medical area, an unseen interloper breaks into and steals fertilized embryos. The crime is almost immediately and the star cops are cold in and the base lockdown spring learns that this is a political hot potato. The embryos belong to Madame Assadi, a rich and powerful Saudi widow of a notorious arms dealer, they are being held to ransom for fifty million dollars. These embryos are her only chance to bear an heir to her late husband. She is a major donor to the medical area on moon base and is likely to pull both her funding and cause other funding to dry up. But there's more base commander Alexi. Let's spring. No. If this crime goes unsolved, he and spring will most likely have to take the fall for it. NEW STARK UP ANNA HSUN is on guard duty at one of the remaining base entry exit points and is attacked overwhelmed while the assailant escapes with the assailant now presumed to escape the. Base. Madame. Against Springs recommendation returns to Earth where her authorities can look into the matter when she's there, she gets a call from the embryo napper who to prove he's serious burns. One of the three embryos in acid anna is taking a Lotta Shit from Davis she's new inexperienced frail, and he doesn't feel she belongs on the force however, she perseveres and is able to put together a reconstructive image of her assailant. Funny thing is he looks just like famous concert pianist, James. Bannerman. The lead seems doubtful at best but then they turn up a motive. Bannerman is the illegitimate son of genetic researcher. Dr Teal Teal was doing private research into a new branch of. And had accepted large sums of money for his research including money from Madame Saudis late husband when the research was banned internationally -til had already spent the money. The European courts held that he was not required to pay it back. Assadi not bound by European laws or basic morality had -til murdered David throw is dispatched to the earth to conduct genetic matching of Bannerman to the material found at the scene of the crime. Bannerman is incensed he's being confined by the police and he's got an airtight alibi for the time of the crime, and yet he is an exact genetic match for the evidence at the crime scene. Alexi case, the political expediency and let's met him Assadi know that they have a suspect. She immediately dispatches her agents Britain to kidnap Bannerman and to bring him to her justice. The kidnapper context Assadi and having still not received the ransom burns a second embryo. In London David is injured and Bannerman taken by Assad. He's agents spring begins to put the clues together -til was estranged from banners mother and his son, but he cloned bannerman and raised him as his son elsewhere unknown to Bannerman this child Albie -til must be the embryo napper. He goes to Earth along with Kenzi to convince. Assadi that Bannerman is innocent and should be set free if he isn't dead already, she is unmoved by his please but Kinsey manages to get her to let him see Bannerman. He never met his father and he knows absolutely nothing about the matter. Assadi doubts any of this is true, but it doesn't matter because in her culture if you cannot punch the criminal directly, it is punish his family in their place Banham and remains a prisoner awaiting punishment for the crime on the moon. The team figure out that the kidnapper is still on the Moon in an abandoned mine shaft with David Injured Divas Must Take Anna along as backup on the armed mission to capture the villain unearth the embryo napper has called again for the third and final time. Confronted with the truth that Bannerman is not the criminal Assadi. lets him go. Who Am I kidding? Of course she doesn't let him go. She's an evil nasty person from a nasty barbaric culture I'll be seems positively. That his brother who cared nothing for their father is going to suffer with Anna in the Moon Buggy on standby Davis enters the mine and is immediately incapacitated by Albie as he prepares to destroy the final embryo arrives and threatens to shoot him when he calls her bluff, it turns out she wasn't bluffing and kills him. The embryo is saved and Bannerman is let free. On the flight back to the Moon Kenzi contemplates the difficulties they'll have with clones in the future as she spies a dead ringer for spring in another row of seats the end now I just WanNa say before we get into this one. Okay. That it has for the listeners. It has been for variety of reasons literally months since John and I recorded the last episode of Star Cops that we did. Yeah. We we recorded that in a world that had never heard of covid nineteen. Right. Nobody had the stay at home orders unless you are under house arrest do something naughty or you're in China and exactly I'm not even sure I'm not even sure it was it was bad and China yet. So it's been a while if my nose there correct the no I. I. Don't know how long ago it was but it was it was oh yeah it was February twelve. Yeah I don't know it was already pretty bad in China then yeah they weren't letting people know how pretty bad it wasn't anyway. Neither here nor there. The point is, is that It's been awhile since we talked about star cops and. I'd forgotten all about. Anish. Being, joining onto the forest and everything. What did you think of this episode? John. Those pretty good good good crime detective story with a little sci-fi thrown in there with the clones. I I actually one of the reasons I wanted to mention the length of time as I watched this one and I feel like I. enjoyed it better than the the first batch of episodes I didn't dislike them but. I don't know either this one was just better or absence makes the heart grow fonder I, don't know. But I just I yeah, pretty much enjoyed this from from beginning to end I have some questions about their. Attitudes towards the Saudi Arabians but. Oh Yeah, Oh, boy I and we can talk about that a little bit but Yeah Yeah. This is so. The raiders the same guy as the last episode, and if I seem to remember that one that was pretty decent to that was the one where we got Anna shown to join right? Right right. Freeze dried people freeze dried evil pharmaceuticals. Yeah. So maybe they're onto a good maybe they're onto a good writer mental flame maybe he in the second season, he'll. He'll do all the writing. Still waiting for that when to come out Blue Ray any day. Yes. Yes. If they get these out. In Force. For us over on this side of the pond I'm not even sure if they're out over there frankly maybe it's one of those on demand things so. Clarify something for me because after I got done with the episode and I wrote the Synopsis I- was not actually clear are our bannerman and I'll be both clones of -til or is Albie a clone of Bannerman? Albie is a clone of Bannerman but we don't know whether not Bannerman is a clone clone, right? We don't ordinary. I don't think he's probably Ordinance Probably Been Genetically Modified Somehow some way That's my guess anyway since his father was a geneticist, you probably had something to do with it somewhere. Had something to do with him being born being his father and all. But I I mean other than the good old fashioned way. Yeah. I don't know I I. Don't know I kind of walked away from it thinking originally thinking that that they were both clones but then I realized there was kind of this bannerman mother was an opera singer Yes, an artist a great. and. You could be forgiven to think that Bannerman is in fact, actually the child of the mother. So not a clone, right so it's dad right and mom. He's artistic keys. He's raised in that environment. They did say he was the illegitimate, which is an unusual. You never use that term now but that's actually with the computer called him the illegitimate son Oh. That's right. Yeah. Thank. The scientist end I mean I suppose he had a chance to the nipple little cells out of the kid and and then the other one and take your. Yeah so is actually the brother Yeah? Probably not much younger but. Brother and they mentioned about paying paying a woman to carry it to term but they didn't. They didn't mention that about the MOM. That's why I kind of came to the conclusion. Alvi was the only actual clone there. Yeah woody clone have the same fingerprints. It don't have an answer for that I don't think. So because I think the fingerprints are. I not sure how those are are determined. I'd have to look that one up. I thought it was interesting. They used no fingerprint evidence at all right yet they were doing for them earlier but I guess they didn't find any fingerprints at all gloves. Maybe I, was he wearing loss I didn't notice I. Think so. How did he lied never mind? A there you go. Maybe it wasn't wearing gloves. That's what they were. They weren't dusting for prints they were trying to get skin cells there you go there yep. He left. Behind yeah. Exactly. Them without one. That one. Yup Not sure why you would actually store your embryos on the moon yes. I know there's a double the chance of conception up there as triple triple, triple, double header whatever Kinsey said Yeah. It's much better but you radiation lots of radiation. That's a bad thing for cells and I. Yeah. We have to assume that the moon base is somehow adequately shielded. Is it I thought they had some medication or something like that. They took to counteract free Asian issues or was that zero gravity or low gravity think that was either the zero gravity, the low gravity or it was for the people who are on extended space missions. I. Let's face it. This paranoid is David Theroux is about radiation if they were. On the moon he wouldn't be there. Yeah. He'd be wearing a lead suit all the time. Yeah. Yeah. Not just lead acting he. led. To. Determined that he is. Resting Bitch Voice. Even when he's being nice. It sounds like you just really pissed off at you and they're trying to make his point. Yeah. Boy. anyways it's hard carrying that. American. Accent off all the time it's. I guess it is. You watch the wrong cop shows to get his addiction I guess. With the Moon, be a good place for medical facility I. Mean Obviously, you have to have medical facility. Wherever, you have people. Yeah. But for example, if you're in zero gravity I think I think you pretty much know you don't want to have any issue surgery no no. Blood or broken bones or pretty much anything is going to the body ups and letting it all spill out anything like well. Yeah. Just kind of congealed too big sphere. Yeah. I think it's wells right and if you're if you're not, oh, the body in low grab. Yeah. All the the the liquid a tends to gather in your center and your your legs and arms I. Guess it was a little bit. There's less fluid in them. But yeah any sort of a wound that's got any sort of bleeding all is going to be very, very bad news in in zero gravity and not that great a low gravity. Yeah that's we've got the moon. You've got some gravity. Yeah. I seem to recall some science fiction program I can't remember what it was that there were certain surge certain circumstances were zero gravity might be considered an advantage for medical procedures, but I cannot remember what they are Maybe. Bones healing I don't know why why would embryos have a better chance of implanting an growing in lesser gravity I don't know I think actual research has determined that it's more difficult for embryos to. Be fertilized income determine in low gravity it'll happen but it's more difficult. Not sure about that after actually Disney research. Yeah. I don't think he'd want to. I don't think you'd want to raise a child. There's no that would not be stances. W? In the expanse. Oh Yeah. Exactly. Exactly or basically breeding a whole new species of humans doing that I don't think they'd be like eight feet tall that would be a lot thinner and not very healthy. If you bad way to find out that there's lots of stuff that requires gravity for proper proper growth. Let's see I. Guess we will. We'll start with. Well, we've started. So we'll. We'll go onto. The depiction of the Saudis. Actually Saudis I think I think they call them Arabians right now. That's all I. Got I think that's that is Saudi Arabia but. L. Arabia's kind of the whole area. Well, I think you know especially the references to the Royal Family I, mean, obviously, they didn't want to call them Saudi Arabia because the writers would be killed. So move. And I'm. I'm half joking and I'm not half joking. I. Want to look at this thing I wanted I wanted to watch this and I wanted to look at it and say, wow, that is a seriously racist nineteen eighties ninety s view. Of the Arabians. Will very, very stereotypical, but there's a realized stereotype. I mean it hasn't been that long since the intelligence communities of the world have been pretty darn certain that the crown prince at a journalist. Murdered hacked up and I don't know Senate ups pieces somewhere. I. Mean. There is a there is a grain of truth to their though the fact that the that I believe they still do cut feeds hands off. Still one of their their forms of punishment like okay. Wow and yet in this far flung future. Madam Assadi seems to be pretty well set for a woman. Yes. That's kind of odd. Yeah it's like. Well, they're gonNA make progress in the future guess what though not that much progress welcome to the future and no no not so much. Yeah. I think they got something recently didn't they? Think women can drive. I'm not sure what Arab state that is but there's women that can drive now with its MRI I'm not sure. Yeah. So kind of like their views now that you mention it now that you mentioned, it's the same writer who did the last one which was all about Japan? And not to ring. True. Not Too flattering Japan either. A big Newsweek reader. So. Actually you know there is sort of almost a, there is an undercurrent throughout this entire show. They don't like the Americans. Don't like the Russians they don't like the Japanese they don't like the Italians. They don't like the Arabians they beat the French yet woo now. I I can't. I think they made some crack maybe about the French during the meeting when Spring Gut. Appointed but two more positions. Yeah, that's right. We still got a whole world to offend childcare with that very. I don't want to say it's British. That's not right. But I mean that is what we're getting here is that the Brits are kind of or spring anyway British policemen. Are. Pretty. Down on the rest of the world. Maybe. Maybe, there's some justification for it but still. And for the first time ever in one of these episodes 'cause I've heard this at lots of people have have mentioned this online there there. There's a couple of things that people keep coming back to is like one don't like the theme, music. To. Myself coming at the today by the way the incidental. Music Oh, God is sometimes incredibly wrong and I will tell you that throughout all these episodes to this date, I have actually not really noticed much in the way of the incidental music, but that music when they were in Arabia. Was You're driving me bonkers. Like. Wow you know if I I mean if you go into my house, you might hear music playing and and it might be the seven volume wild wild west soundtrack collection I don't know but it would not be the same tune over the course of three days continuously playing on music, which is what appears to be the case in this. I'm not sure about that because it was also playing in the the mining facility that Albie. was holed up in wasn't that coming over the radio from the link there at the end I don't think so you think that was actually truly incidental. Music as opposed to. I'm going to set the tone for Arabia now. Yeah Yeah. We're just GONNA trowel that on and better for three guys in the back beating bongos and playing the music or something. Yeah. Yeah. Somebody slaves. Yes. Something like that snakes. Yeah. Whatever they got. Camel snakes. And gals because I would blow their set budget. To say about that. Well say away because I couldn't figure out for the first few times if that was supposed to be the earth to the moon. For starters this is yet more proof is set designers should never build real rooms that pink horror is half Blackbox Theatre in half pervy candy store. That's Bannerman apartment only God. Let's like, okay. Let's put a lot of. Weird angles on this railing up here and The walls are just Ignore this big black space. You see nothing vinik because there's nothing bear. Oh, general he's an artist though. Isn't that a redress of springs home pretty much yeah. they just removed a couple panels and spray painted a few other ones and a yeah, it's just. They shot it from a different angle. I. I was I was looking at that when when he when throw came in and going so does everyone a Yeah twenty-first-century live in a sunken to story accessed by staircase elevator. that. You'll weird design. Why would you up? Why would you go up to the front door? I don't understand that I don't know like I said, set designers should not bill real rooms. In this one's not even good there. It's like like they had a special on one inch. Square Stock Steel still beams or something like that and said, okay, we have three tons of this stuff make a set it's like. I think. It was really steal though it of gets it cardboard. It didn't wiggle as much as the the walls did. Andy wants something metal if you're gonNA use the stairs which they did. In that stuff's too small of size to be would and be structurally sound in any way shape or form. But yes. So it's just steel bar stock that they'd welded up and l. man says awful Oh man the worst part of the sixties have come back I. Guess it reminded me of. Like I, keep wanting to say like an Austin powers film. But okay, we'll go with that writing Austin powers goes into that like A. Disco but it's a Gogo joint. There we go and they've got they've got the girl in the cage. Yeah and they've got they'll have a staircase coming down into it like that. That's what I think of when I look at that room. It's too small for that space but that's exactly what I was thinking of like you know go go go club. Yeah Sixty S. Kennedy. We spent a lot of money on the staircase and balcony by God. We're GONNA use it got to be on earth again, everyone lives like this. They live in holes in the ground I want to see what the outside of that House looks like. Little. J.J. on top that you walk in and climb down into the ground, it could be like one apartment in like a building with a thousand different rooms in it who knows In which case that would be any conduct credibly useless waste of. No kidding vaulted ceilings are to begin with but. Tilted entryways. Oh. I don't know. There's a huge amount on this I mean there is. I guess we have the sub theme. Of Anna. Being her first job as a star cop and divas being a royal jerk to her. Yeah. Partially warranted though. I don't know. I don't know divas resenting that somebody else's on the force I don't know maybe hoping for promotion or maybe he's just you know he's been married what five times or something like that. Maybe you know has a poor view of women I think. Ritual. Well. There is that. At the last scene you seem in, it seems like they might have. You know devious is going to accept to accept her as. One of their own. So I could. I could imagine okay and I think I can safely say that you and I both have with police officers. Yeah. I can see them being defensive about just here's a new COP. She was a scientist in in a pharmaceutical company yesterday and she's like twenty two years old and knows nothing about being a cop and she's your new equal stark up partner. Can kind of see them being and you can. You can put it as being cliqueish or you can put it well, it'd be fair and say you they have to depend on the exact their lives and She certainly hasn't earned that right? They have to depend on each other. You know when times are very difficult and you know she hasn't proven herself yet and I think in a lot of law enforcement agencies that you're not discouraged from. Not Having suspicion about the new guy at least that's what I've seen. anyways. I. Don't know maybe it's completely different by now. But back in eighties, we're probably not yeah and they're certainly not doing a very good job of projecting the future is being different from the way it was then well, you know what? There's a cop show in space trying to be familiar. Yup, familiar to some. and. That's why we're so completely horrified by their set designs. So. That's what the future's going to look like here's not ready for it. Maybe so experience cop man. This can't take the row with him on his mission because throws arm is broken he can't get it in a spacesuit. And it's an armed mission you're required by code to have to cops. which makes sense absolutely and Kinsey and spring or down in Arabia land. and. So he has to take Anna Right I'M GONNA get out there and they got guns yon he asks her you know. Shot when I can you know how to use the gun and she's like I prefer not to as a Buddhist I have reverence for all life Nice Asian accent there. Wow I. know it well. I don't think that's her real accent. I haven't looked up anything about. The actress. Her she'll definitely. Well I'm not thinks she. I'm just saying that if if that is her natural accent doing. British. Person Putting on yes. Terrible yellow terror era Fu Manchu type accent. Times I've heard some. British inflection on on words that sounded odd. With the put on Asian accent that you know. Okay to be fair to flip side that if I'm sure that you know my wife is Asian if she had come to Britain and learn English in Britain, she would speak differently true as American. So I I, don't know. I don't know a just it, and then when you combine it with phrases like. I'm a Buddhist and reference for it it. It comes off very fortune cookie, right? True. True. Yeah and again, not the most subtle of portrayals. Of Non. British. Cultures. On television there. So I'm more more interested in the fact that she is a Buddhist, and that probably would have come up in the interview the she had to go through in some way she performed especially like I don't know when she was getting out on weapons. Whoever signed off on her marksmanship proficiency she might have mentioned something about not wanting to shoot anybody because of religious reasons So you know why that didn't come up earlier. Who knows I guess they wanted to have some some possible growth in dramatic tension for the character do they have that problem in Buddhist countries? I don't know do Buddhists cops not. And I'm sure that there are people in listening to this in Britain right now we'll are cops don't shoot people think. Okay but that's actually Not. Always the norm round, the planet. I know that in in in Thailand. Predominant Religion is Buddhism and. The police are definitely armed. Yeah. They, shoot people. Yes. They do aid you. Yes. So I don't think that's a problem for him. So Yeah Yeah. But I mean. She came through and killed a guy in the end. Do those things only one setting? Yeah. Okay. Tri off they're not phasers. Incapacitate. I guess not but. They never really talked about it when they were. Selling the guns in the first place remember they brought him up and they were. A. Tell your laser weapons they I thought they were electrical of some kind I go back and watch that but she did it. But what I WANNA point out is I'm fun but the guy was coming to her, she gave him a warning she shot him I don't think anybody can blame him in that particular situation and he definitely was dangerous criminal given building the whole bit. Yeah. He'd been he'd been. Burning Embryos right and left. What I WANNA point out is it Mr supercop divas. Incapacitated so fast it's not even funny. Well, he's he's coming down that clunky clanking painter's ladder that they've got inside the little base there ain't still got his helmet on your even though there's Air Rysley and Yeah. I mean he he was couldn't see the guy walk up underneath him and pull a quick connect off the airline in spree in the the goes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah kind of you know sucks for Divas for not actually like going and tactically of any wish perform. Just there to read the meter. It was go and see what I see I don't know. Fifteen years on the forest I. Think he probably needs a refresher in. An. Entry Entry Minds. One one yeah. Oh well. Beg I got the drop on them. That was that was embarrassingly bad. The roseau done better when Anna was knocked out by the same gas when she was at the checkpoint, didn't she clear a guy like literally one and a half seconds before she was knocked out so like the guy there had to late sprint down a hallway or immediately jump through closed real fast. So he wouldn't have seen the person that just check him out get knocked out. The whole thing was a bit confusing the way it was shot and I. Think. We asked before the whole pacing of a lot of stuff on the series is just. Mind numbing fast, and slow and yeah and yeah, not explaining things very well You know I watched this a total of three times you know. First Time was just after our last recording in February. I watched it yesterday in Washington today. That's April just for the clarity for folks, April? Exactly. Sorry. Mid April and twenty three of Kobe. Nineteen. Whatever was left. Second, the shut in time. and. Yeah. I. Still. Some things I had to pause it in reverse go back and look at it again. It's like, okay. Got It. Jeez I'll tell you what I will say has gotten better. The sound mixing has gotten better I don't have trouble hearing what people are saying when I do hawking over each other. I still have troubles with our. Spring Kinsey, were talking about something she says saying it was like a mumble almost or was really fast and it just I had no idea what she said yeah. Relying that, yeah, that might be me I'm not sure Also. The you know they must have saved a lot of money by not using lights and a lot of sets you know when they're on the moon when the mind when they're Arabia, they'd have said you know all these lacey setup fulfill get rid of them. We like contrast. You know we've welded over here in totally black over there. Dramatic. Dramatic. Yeah you could say that or you could say just poor lighting direction. I think I. Remember something about halfway through here. Might be getting that confused another series the some designers were changed out or something like that I I don't know. Any. I'm tempted to look up and see who the lighting cameraman is on this. On this production and we'll probably find out he's like a BAFTA. winning. Name is Philip Philip Blind man. Or something like that. Yeah. British. Cinemas only blind to. Say overcome an amazing disability. Exactly. Exactly. Yes it's it is. It is weird. I mean, the moon base is pretty flat. Yeah. Very institutional very easy. It's dying sense. Yeah but but that I think has gotten a little bit more. Contrast slightly more contrast in the later episodes but minimum. But definitely on earth. It was horrible. Yeah. It would have been better if they would not have had completely black background elements. Because it just it made the whole thing look like I look like a play and I have nothing against plays. But when you're when you're experiencing one, you can see the whole stage and yeah. You don't see ceiling all the kind of stuff you're your belief is not supposed to be suspended quite like that. It's a bit different when you're watching television program where movie. Yeah. Yeah. You can't turn your head and see somebody you know eating popcorn. Yeah. It would be a theater you could but. If they had people, do you remember the episode of Ufo? where? Mind Ba-. Minder Bender Mind binder mind bender where straker suddenly thinks he's on a film set. Yes. It's kind of like that where you see them walk between two rooms that we know are like this is the command center that's the submarine. Yeah. But he can now walk between them and the camera can follow him and and it's like little bit normal lighting in the middle. Of It, it's like set for film. Yeah. Yeah it it does. It does throw you out which of course, is the point in mind bender. You know another thing everything on the show is shot on video and as video especially in the eighties didn't have the dynamic contrast that film does. So you're going to get you know rich your blacks are gonNA fall off a lot faster than they would normally plus it has at electric look to that's yeah it's going to happen. anyways. So maybe that's another part of it too but then again, your. Potter fee should know that and should be able to light to it. That's why they're called directors of photography. Yeah. Not. Like elmo a flashlight over you're saying, okay, you can work out light. So I think he can light are sets go for it. Yeah. I definitely think that they may have been chicken the budget on this one. Yeah. A little bit and yet that sort of multilayered set for the Medical Bay, which really didn't go anywhere I know why they bill that's a lot of work how it did seem like it was going to be more important in the story and then it wasn't maybe maybe we've been fooled that was like amazing model worker something, but it did seem like they built a multilayer. I the feeling that that a lot of a lot of the parts of that set might have been scavenged from other party the other sets they uttered sideways or you know that sort of thing, which is a good look for a moon base. Sure. Sure. Instruction Material Still Unaware that the corridors seemed to be about two feet wide. No no bad people allowed on as and you're never going to carry anything very big except for all the stuff that's in the offices Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Dehydrated. Or maybe there's simply Seal the doors to pressurise that to that room and Papa Wall off load everything into it seal the wall backup then boom filled with Aaron. BERNA although it's a little harsh when you're trying to bring in the fish tank no kidding. Potted plants, ouch. Man and that hamster. Wow poor guy a guy. He held his breath as long as he could and. He edit that part out. More not. These episodes. Go pop sometimes. True Let's see. What else have? We got this episode that with? The photofit thing was kind of interesting that face very much, very much for your eyes only with the identity graph. It didn't work worth being either yeah. I'm Kinda wondering if something like this was being used at that time was very new or they figured well, this is how people are identified. Now you know they have flip through books and choose type of is and that sort of thing. So well, it's going to be computerized in the future. Is that how they do it i. I. I. Mean. I've never done this. So all I ever get is from TV and I thought they sat you down with caricature artist and. Now I. Think the big round is like this no race race. No Yeah. No no no no. I think they. They. Have a out what are the? Little Kids books where you have the the animal with the HIPPOPOTAMUS head the. Body and the legs of a giraffe. You know that sort of thing one of those. I certainly would not look at that picture that she came up with and keep going. You just keep reminded me of the world famous pianist. James. Bannerman, if you've been unwrapped and flattened do. Horrible. That's what that looked like. That looked like a physical a UV for a three mile. It's like Oh. Dear. Wrapped it on a couple of polygons either pretty decent face. Wow they're cutting edge. Yeah. I I'm. Like I said, I enjoyed the episode, but I guess there is the question of, is there anything to explore about cloning? Because I don't feel that there is I don't feel that there's any. None of the ethical issues brought up in this I didn't mention any of that all whether or not Albie would actually had you know human rights I guess it was just a given he looks. Is what really was born exactly. Yeah. Born to a woman and Dr Teal and and was there was that what teals work that was banned was I don't I thought it was like Nouveau genetics or something like that is what he called it something. Nova. Genetics or I. Was I think it was the whole. You know we don't want somebody sitting in his lab designing You know a super race you know the whole eugenics. In one shot type. Probably what was get a whole lot of details that on the other hand you know I could certainly see that Assadi might want an air who is himself I'm not sure that I I'm not sure I understand that you know I I don't i. don't think I mean I like myself. I. Don't I don't think I'm one of those people that has a serious dissatisfaction with the way the way that I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination like myself, but I wouldn't want my kid to be me. Maybe they're maybe the thought is that if the child is a clone of me, I know how I think. So I would be able to control the child better I I don't know I don't quite understand that either I don't care it I. Mean I can get the ones where the clone somebody so you can have their liver when you need yeah. Yeah I'm not saying I'm endorsing that. No. Matter, how you would how somebody would do that probably somebody. Filthy rich and have to have an opinion of themselves but. Just, just again but. If. I understand what happened here -til wanted his son couldn't have his son because he was with Bannerman. Actually. Up Custody just have another one. Exactly. My own. I've got the plans here. I'll just whip one up in the lab wouldn't should then be in a position where you're like well, I have two kids and a missing one of them. I. Don't think I would be able to go. Okay. Fine I gotta copy. So that's that's great. You know it's a copy of a movie and finally got my coffee and keep you can keep the original air. I don't know. That's yeah. Quite understand that one. And they didn't go into it. No, which was. Interesting about the cloning they just ignored it pretty much just the macguffin I think that's the term. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's crime in. It's how do we make it spacey now? Do think it was Interesting that at the end Kenzi is finally putting out there. It's like you know this is GonNa make cop detection stuff a whole lot harder. But it was really just kind of a facile comment. Just throw up the joke about having another spring on board the the show. Yeah. Yeah. That had just been a simple joke that couldn't have been like for maybe a dreamt of second season where there will be problems with clones me one could hope they're thinking that far in the future but I kind of it. Yeah and we're GONNA. Go where they're gonNA go whether they thought they were GONNA go on no idea. Okay. but it did didn't do did he I don't know that I have anything else oh. Yeah. The communications blackout where Nathan couldn't speak to the moon base for half an hour until it rotated back into view. Please, you got satellites there's probably I don't know. Transatlantic or transpacific cables go to satellite. You should build a pick up the phone dial, the number and boom you're talking to the Moon I don't get it. Yeah. I. Mean it would be different if we were talking about. Well. No I was thinking like a space station bill even that you should now. Yeah they. Should have satellites that could really messages sitting out in geostationary orbit yes. But in the nineteen eighties I think we still experiencing communication blackouts. Ships were orbiting from time to time right. Yeah. That's Partially true. Yeah but that would not apply to the moon. Well, I guess I. Now, it shouldn't apply the moon. It's far enough out that they should be able to get an angle on it You know like I said if it was closer to the earth then. And it's. An assuming that you were beaming up through one of like general banker something not even that. Yeah. Then much smaller task can do it. Yeah I mean you just need to satellites and you'll be able to talk to the moon but yeah, I thought that was kind of odd. It's definitely a you know a reason for them to figure out why? or where the bad guy was. An excuse. Excuse. Oh, well, what about Alexi? In this episode it seems to me like. You're sort of getting along preamble except. Alexi is he did I made a note of this. He's he did a good job of being politician in I. Think he has springs back but Alexi realizes that money is the fuel for the base and if that that moon basis exactly and if you lose that then everything's gone, you know you are screwed and he's trying to balance out appeasing the funders and appeasing the police inspector. Yeah if he hadn't been rushing. have. Would he have given the name to Assadi because it? Spring said they're going to kill him you tell him they'll kill him. Yeah. I'm pretty sure lexi knew that that was a very good chance of happening But. I know it's definitely a plot device to to get. DIG At the guy into Rabia into the hands of the. The barbarians. This call him that. Any any any comment that we have about what's going on here is what's being portrayed in this show the in this show, our barbarians, they are unsympathetic. They are not portrayed as as civilized people I. Mean that is the portrayal that we're being given here. So yeah so I think you're I think you're justified in calling them barbarians. They're anybody who was GONNA cut the hand off a thief Geez. Why it's not just the threat you have to carry through with a threat to make sure people know that the threats are actually threatening exactly said the bully. Yeah. Yup. Yep But. anyways to Alexi the you know it was politically expedient. Moved them who it was knowing that they were probably going to go kill the guy. If that had been a British commander of the base. Would he have done it? Or is this part of that I? Mean we spring still makes a crack about Alexis brushing nece media at one point and coming through that surprising. Yeah exactly. So I, I wasn't sure whether that was also. I would think that yes, any other commander would have done that just because the reason they're in that position is because they have enough Political Wherewithal to appease the people who are you know the the people who fund the Moon Base just like in moon based three. The other series we've looked at where the the there's that fine line between. Keeping things going and doing right when he turned the information over, he knew that he had an air tight alibi didn't ya? I don't know I. Kinda got a bit of indifference from Alexi when when spring was talking to. Was a foregone conclusion that you know whoever you finger is going to be the guy that's GonNa. Get. The punishment no matter what you know we're just looking for someone to kill her. Could be the guy sitting over there just reading the paper doesn't matter. I try to think if I could do that. I couldn't I. I'll be wouldn't be a commander of a movement that was just GonNa say and there there you go ahead and Moon Bay John County would never do that he pretend like he was going to do it and then side with the bad guys and Everyone yeah and shoot Allen because because. He's too. And Alan will always take one for the command. and. But, of course, will also be the shouting at him because he can't believe that the commander is going to be doing this exact more shouting everyone else saying I can't believe you're backing down John. Koenig now depending on whichever way the story needed you to go but I think he'd like getting shot. That was his thing. Like the feeling of being stunned. Is it always main. anyways. I haven't got anything else on this. Let's see. No not really no. And I don't know what the name of the next episode is. I can tell you in a second other people, secrets, other people, secrets them down. That is episode eight if I had is correct sticking. You're coming rapidly to the end of this show. I know. All right. Well John Thank you for joining me. Oh you're very welcome Eugene. Listeners I hope you'll join us again next time on fusion patrol. You've been listening to fusion patrol to listener supported podcasts, binded how you can be a sponsor and get early access to all episodes and more at Patriot dot com slash fusion patrol. Come, join the conversation on facebook or twitter. All episodes are available at fusion patrol dot Com. Our music is fight the future by amber. Wolf? This has been a lone locus production.

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Most Libertarians Don't Understand Friedrich Hayek, Says Peter Boettke

Reason Podcast

1:19:11 hr | 2 years ago

Most Libertarians Don't Understand Friedrich Hayek, Says Peter Boettke

"With populism on the rise capitalism under attack, and socialism back in vogue the work of Austrian economist, Friedrich Hayek is more relevant than ever. I started his career as a vendor can professor joining the faculty of the London School of economics in his early thirties, and he was a central figure in the debates that consume the profession. During the great depression, he would go on to spend most of his seven decade-long career as an outsider who's worked diverged from the mainstream, following the Keynesian revolution of the nineteen thirties and nineteen forties. Eventually the world circled back to hikes ideas, and he shared the nineteen seventy four Nobel memorial prize and economics today hike is best known his enduring insights on emergent order as a critic of socialism in central planning. And for articulating that all knowledge in society is decentralized and thus a modern economy relies on the coordinating role of prices and private property. In order to function in his last book, the fatal concede hike attacked the hubris of central planning. In writing that the curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they magin. They can design hikes, enormous body of work is the subject of a new book by George Mason University economist Peter bed k, it takes a deep dive into hikes, writing and serves as a rousing call for a serious rethinking of libertarian, and classical liberal thought liberalism is in need of renewal rights. Becky, who started his career as an expert on post-communist economics in the former Soviet Union too much time and effort has been put into repackaging and marketing a fixed doctrine of internal truths rather than rethinking evolving to meet new challenges. Even Hayek Becky notes, made mistakes late in his career, including having kind words for Chilean dictator. Augusto Pinochet I great legacy is his understanding economics and liberal political theory as a process for creating a world in which individuals and society could become more free equal and prosperous over time. In this reason podcast, I talked with Becky about the historical and intellectual context of hikes, thought the influence of hikes, mentor Ludwig von measles on his work and how his rich opus can help guide libertarians in the twenty first century to follow high ex dictum that we must make the building of a free society wants more and intellectual adventure, Adid of courage. P tell me what is what is hikes relevance? What is what is his key relevance and meaning to the twenty first century? What I try to argue in the book is at Hayek had a research programme that focused on how alternative institutional arrangements impact the learning and social learning that we engage in as human beings and that that project has not yet been fully exhausted. And so despite the fact that he was writing and contributing things in the nineteen. Eighteen forties, fifties, sixties, and seventies. They're still very relevant for our day today because his ideas still speak to us. So you know, in in the book and then later a TV show that came at right at the end of the twentieth century. Daniel Yergin just Santa flaw in a tax called the commanding heights. The battle between government in the marketplace that is remaking the modern world. They declared twentieth the twentieth century battle between the ideas of Friedrich Hayek and John Maynard Keynes and they said that Hayek won in a rout. Is that still true? Or let's put that in context in historical context. Because the twentieth century was definitely a century of large government growth and not simply from a left wing or right wing perspective. But business got big, a social organization got big the idea of bigness whether it was in government or business was was the thing, and canes was kind of the prophet of that or the incarnation of that that we are smart enough, and we can come up with ways to understand things and manage things high. It was always pushing against that. And of course high for most of the twentieth century was or the second half was kind of declining and prestige and readership and all of that. But then at the end, you know, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and with, you know, even people like in then this is in a crude sense Bill Bill Clinton at the end of the twentieth century, saying the era of big. Government was over here is this still true? Well, I think there's a little thing called the financial crisis, which you know caused us to rethink. But to be honest with you, it actually goes back much further and it's, you know, I nine eleven. And then prior to that, also the globalization, its discontents and then you know, prior to that, the difficulties in post communism. So when you're again, you know, did the book they end the TV series. They were mainly focused when they first started doing it that the book is before the TV series. But when they've they're really talking about the Cold War and you know what happened with a Cold War. And so they like Fukuyama was kind of caught up in the end of history rhetoric and the ultimate victory kind of idea. And there was this triumphalism right on the ice of that, you know if. If there was the free world and the communist world, and one was predicated upon larger and larger institutions that were controlled by fewer and fewer people. What we saw at the collapse of communism, the rise of the internet really was a decentralized world, or I wear people wanted smaller organizations that were closer to home power rather than being done remotely as Stewart brand talked about in in the whole earth catalog in the late sixties, but that power and would be a two way street and would be closer to home that all seem to be happening in a big guy. And, but I think that what happened in the end of history rhetoric is than people by the conclusions, but they don't figure out the analysis that led high activists concludes. Well. You have to. We have to focus on the analysis because it's the analysis which allows us to adapt to the changing circumstances world. So high EQ is relevant to the collapse of communism as he is to explain the global financial crisis. Any has is as relevant to the rise at and tremendous, you know, explosion, non scaler growth that explains what McCloskey calls the great enrichment as well as the difficulties associated with world management of globalization, which led to the discontent kind of idea. And so I think Hayek is very much alive, but it's not his conclusions that are so important as much as his way of reasoning, his way of framing questions in the social sciences. Let's let's talk about, you know you, you say there were four great phases in his kind of economic growth over the course of his. His century as a thinker and the first three of the ones that you really go through. Let's let's let's talk about those. The first phase you say can be turned termed and this roughly hike writing from about nineteen twenty to nineteen Forty-five economic says a coordination problem. What it what is the essential hi-hacking insight there and what was he trying to achieve in in this period? So it's during this period of time that I think you see high Hayek, developing a deeper understanding of how the institutions, the legal and political and social institutions within which economic activity takes place play such a vital role in structuring, not only just the incentives that economic actors face, but the knowledge that they're able to process utilize discover grow. So you know a lot of ways high EQ like his friend Popper and others is a growth of knowledge. Anchor. And so a towel alternative institutional environments are either conducive or. Hinder the growth of knowledge and that growth of knowledge is essential for coordinating of of plans. And in the early period of time, the puzzle that really captured his imagination was how it is that economic activity is coordinated through time. And so his original work and economics was on what's called the imputation problem. And that's kind of a technical term in economics. But what it really means is, how is it that a farmer who's raising pigs can in fact figure out how to price the pigs and the resources that go to maintaining the pigs in order for the final goods that those pigs go to satisfy, which is, let's say, you know, ham, sandwiches or pork chops or whatever. Right. And so how do you coordinate that? Because I have to invest today in an imagined, future demand for those resources and when tastes change. I'm going to have to have some mechanism that means that I'll adapt and reallocate my resources back here. And so it's that puzzle and the complexity of that puzzle which completely engrossed Hayek in the early twenties and then led to his study of business cycles. And then eventually even the problems with efforts to regulate the prices them or to abolish the prices. So this part of what's going on here is that in the nineteenth century, we're talking about, obviously, I mean, it's an infinite every every year every day, every minute is kind of an infinite store of questions and things you can be answered, but you mentioned eardrum McCloskey in her discussion of the great enrichment. One of the things that really happened in the nineteenth century is that suddenly we went from a. Europe or North America went from a subsistence economy into a surplus economy where there was more stuff more people could buy and sell more stuff. More people could live. What was the role of prices property, profit and loss kind of as institutions that led to that surplus in the first place? Well, I mean, you gotta be complicated. You know, I gotta be subtle about this because as McCloskey points out, you know, you could have the formal adoption of institutions of property both prior to the take off, and then of course have to take off. And so you gotta watch out that you're not just engage in. Spurious correlations right and McCloskey, in my opinion, offers a combustible combination thesis. She would disagree. She thinks he's found the real cause which is ideas. But my view is that ideas are the spark with. Which within a certain institutional environment lead to the kind of capital accumulation in the expansion of the division of labor in the growth of of the economy that gives us this non scaler. I mean, the big issue with the great enrichment is the non scaler nature, right? If you look at the hockey stick, you know, we're going through time going through time going through time. And then what happens is you just go, you know, like, you know, it goes way up. It doesn't go on a scaler like I add one and it goes up and add one goes up. It's actually a non scaler. And so the question that draws us, our attention is we look at that point and we draw a circle around it and say like, okay, what's going on here in high EQ is coming after that and coming after that conversation, that is about those issues. You know that we're done by the great, you know, economists in in the late nineteenth century, and he is. Trying to articulate the value of those institutions that he believes led to that take off to a new audience. And so I think that that is critical. If you, you know the co development of economic thought and the institutions of British liberalism. Rule, you know, private property in the rule of law, those kind of ideas. They're all part and parcel of what it meant to be a classical economists. You know, Lionel Robbins is sorry for rambling a little bit, but Lana Robbins has a great book called the theory of economic policy and classical British economy economists. And one of the things he points out is from Adam Smith to John Stuart mill was that they took as critical the co evolution of the institutions of liberal government. And so it's not that they were ever perfect liberalism. So again, they're constantly modifying updating for the very things that you were talking. When you say liberal them. When you say liberal government, what what do you mean by that? You mean like the state. Maybe not restricted state, right? So that individuals have more of a fear of choosing how to live their lives of activity and none. None of this as utopian. But right. So you get autonomy, prosperity in peace is the goals that they're trying to do individual atonomy the maximum level of it participate in a market economy which allows them the experience generalized prosperity. So the spreading actually of wealth rather than concentrated just in the kings and the queens. But instead that it's it spreads. I mean, you know, this is during this period of time in the nineteenth century. So yes, of course, there's imperfections, there's all these past imperfections, and what happens especially the among the liberal economists. And this is important. Part of the history was the liberal economists that were opposed to slavery. They were the ones overturn, right? They're the ones who were opposed to colonialism. They were the ones who were saying that liberalism is an emancipation doctrine in which we. To free individuals from the bonds of previous oppression. Now, did they do it? Perfect. No, of course not. They have restrictions on, you know, voting and all kinds of things which in the twentieth century we've expanded upon, but the March of liberalism or the arc of liberalism is one towards greater and greater expansion of freedoms and freeing of individuals from oppression. I talk about this someone at the very end of the book because that's about reconstruction of liberalism based on high icky and ISM for us today as opposed to, you know, trying to treat Hayek as the source book right? Where I look, I go to the constitution liberty and say, what were the policies that hike believed? That's not what I'm trying to do. It's like, what does a high icky and ISM lead us to think about in terms of the flexibility and coherence of institutions that allow for human flourishing. And so for high Hayek, everything is process. It's really not the. The results at any given moment and Keita that then is. So you have in the nineteenth century with the gross with the growth of liberalism, which helps industrialism which helps people get richer by the twenties when he's writing in areas, really, I coming onto the scene in an in a big way, economic said, become a an and you talk about this economic says, a coordination problem that the the main debate that hike was in was with, I guess, socialists who took for granted a certain level of wealth that could then be redistributed and he's saying it's a little bit more complicated, right? So his friends. So here you know, I think this is the key thing to understand Hayek's possession, which is that he comes to the LLC with great fanfare, the British economy, like the economies in Europe in general, are suffering through the great. Oppression. And so economic stagnation is on the minds of everyone or to go back to the coordination theme. Malcolm ordination or miss coordination. Chips are passing each other in the night all the time and economics here and producing too much of certain things and not enough of other just like nothing quite as is adding. And so everyone is trying to figure out what's going on, right and Hayek comes there. And he gives an explanation that is based on basic economic reasoning, going back to sort of your nature of price signals. The role that price signals play in the economy as guides to production and exchange activity, the lure of profit, the penalty of loss, and he, he attracts a very big audience. You know, people are like, oh, my God. Hayek is is young, star economists. And so he gets involved in at the LLC. He and Robbins line. Robbins developed this seminar, it becomes famous. They have visitors from all over the world, the nineteen thirties or these years of high theory. They're the main opponents to the people in Cambridge who are called the Cambridge circus which is Joan Robinson. And you know, John Maynard Keynes and and others. And what happens is that by the end of the nineteen thirties, Hayek and Robbins are no longer the as viewed as much as a strong rival after the general theory becomes published. One of the reasons is that Robbins himself goes to work in the government. As an economist, Hayek has his students and they are his students, people like Abba Lerner and whatnot. Start writing about using the very same tools that high accused to now defend market socialism and so high ex, you know, colleagues and students at the LLC are now arguing that we are socialists in our economics because we're liberal in our politics, and that might could I just too late on that for a second. That means they believe in things like broad prosperity and inclusion, and and more people having more opportunities to live full lives and they wanna use kind of capitalist economics to spread the wealth around. Well, they want to use the mechanisms of the market to serve the goals of nineteenth century socialism, solidarity, fraternity, Justice, equality. These. Kind of things right? And they believe that they also value liberalism. So they're not totalitarians you know, in the same sense. So they're not making argument about bourgeois democracy and these other kinds of things. And so high EQ is saying to them, look, you guys are sounding an awful lot. Like what I just heard when I was hanging out in Vienna, you know. Close to twenty years ago right after the war and that that the consequences of that led to the rise of fascism and whatnot. And so that's why he calls it the road to serfdom. It's a tragedy because the collectivist think that they're going to be able to combine collectivist economics with democracy and liberal values. But the tragedy is that by giving over economic control, they end up by seeding the political liberties, right? And that's that's what leads to the road to serfdom. And so high EQ offers a warning. But before that he he tries to figure out, you know, as part of that project, that's a conclusion of his project. But part of that is what he's doing is he's thinking to himself, okay, why are these people being led astray? What's going on? And so what happens is he makes a move at the end of the nineteen thirties, both in an institutional direction. That institutions have to be more in the forefront of our analysis and economics rather than just in the background. And we have to talk about that and also philosophical because we have to understand why philosophically institutions were being disregarded right and by institutions, you mean things like the rule of law, the private property rights individual, or I mean explained a little bit what you mean by 'institutions economists talk a lot about how and you know, partly if not chiefly because of high institutions matter. But what does that mean? So the the broad-brush definition of institutions is just the social rules of the gain and their enforcement and those rules of the game can come in formal rules and informal rules. And so that's why it's important. I think to stress that it's not just the rule of law and private property. That's kind of a key. One, but they're also our political legal and social morals that are societas with this because certain attitudes and beliefs. This goes back to McCloskey point that we were making right about that at certain attitudes and beliefs about like, say trade and what McCloskey your first two as giving it a go and that that's going to be encouraged now as opposed to being viewed as you suspect behavior that makes enforcing of those institutions lower costs. So, and yeah, I mean, this is part of the liberal project, right? Not simply that we say, okay, you know, government doesn't get to stop people importing or exporting corn or textiles or setting the prices. But also part of the liberal project is a mindset that is talking back, kind of openness, toleration, pluralism. The willingness, not to immediately to try to shut down anything that is new or different. And I guess McCloskey also talks about how people within the system committed to assist them in which they would not necessarily come out. You know, in a business environment, for instance, they're gonna lay open markets where they might end up a losing their shirt, but there are okay with that. Well, I mean, I don't know if they're a k. whether, yeah. Society is okay with it and and and encourages the idea of risk taking and entrepreneurship as opposed to, you know, security and safety or whatever. But I think that one of the key issues to keep in mind about the liberal project is as you pointed out this issue of toleration and of descent, and the idea of openness, entrepreneurship in in a significant way is an act of dissent. You're trying to do something different than what it currently is done until you're breaking the traditions. You're, you know, snapping out of the current forms of things and with that is there's costs associated with that like any kind of new move. But there's also these tremendous benefits of opening up the world to possibilities that previously weren't being pursued. And so a large part of Hayek's ideas. How competition is this machinery? Not only for the efficient. Allocation of resources, which is how most economists talk about it. But competition is this procedure for discovering what is currently unknown. It's it's actually through that process that we now discover new possibilities that previously we were completely unaware of new who knew we needed personal computers or that we wanted personal computers until they suddenly became essential to our everyday life. Yeah, and let alone the smartphones that we carry around that are an evolution of that and and who would have thought we'd be able to do this as I I, I use a line in my book where I say that high EQ, you know, could not have imagined. Just it wouldn't even have come as part of his imagination that we'd be walking around with cell phones that would have the collected works of FA Hayek on them. Right. So the first phase of you talk about was that it was dealing with was economics. Says a coordination problem, and he's he's trying to explain why. I guess in the in the twenties and thirties or when when he started writing when the depression hats, when all kinds of bad things happen, there is a growth among even liberal people with liberal beliefs, but they say, you know, with economics, if we had enough power or if we had enough knowledge, we could figure out how to say, okay, well, you know you, you want x. number of pigs to be grown in nineteen thirty nine because that's what the demand is going to be where smart enough. We just have to figure out how to coordinate stuff and hike is saying it's much more complicated than that that we, there's just not enough knowledge in the world in that once you start to see control of economics or of your personal life to rulers that it's going to end poorly. I've just going to say, I think it's important to keep in mind that you know he, he's trying to address a with. The zeitgeist of the time, which is that markets suffer from inherent instability, they suffer from inherent inefficiencies. This is the rise of market failure theory and monopoly power, and they suffer from injustice, right? So you have instability inefficiency in injustice and Hayek is trying to explain how markets properly you know, organized within the right institutional environment. Don't get rid of those problems. I mean, that would be a huge mistake to claim that. You know, the Jedi mind trick in comics. You know, there is no no problems. What he tries to do instead is to say, market serve as these vehicles that ameliorate the sharp edges. They don't eliminate the sharp edges, but they ameliorate them. So markets might fail but use the market to fix the failure. Today's failure. Today's inefficiency, tomorrow's profit opportunity for the entrepreneur who knows how to act on that inefficiency and what happens in a lot of the economics that's rising up at the time is that it's excessively formalistic and excessively. Aggregated and because of those two problems, it's excessive aggregation and it's excessive formalism. It clouds our ability to see the dynamic adjustment process of the market that's guided by ISIS in the market, then is a process and it it. It both exposes error. I mean, it has errors come suddenly, one something becomes really profitable. A lot of people flood into it gets over produced, and then you realize you didn't really want it anyway. But his point is that that markets help you correct that they help you. It's a, it's a process by which you can you can get back on track, right. Well, these prices are such are so adaptability. So what happens with high IQ is markets. What matters for hike is not the static efficiency of markets, but the dynamic adjustment of markets guys who've prices the discovery process because we're also. Is coming out of an intellectual tradition of the Austrian school of economics, which is focused on subjective ISM or the idea that each of us individuals have different wants. We value different things at different levels at different times in our lives, and then the what the market does is kind of a Quillet all of this stuff into something that's not total chaos, right? That SARS gets fed as osteo at your sister and then you know, by the end of, obviously, you know, as you peg it, it's been nineteen twenty to nineteen forty. Five obviously fascism in many ways as well as economic planning in liberal economies was away to say, okay, let's get rid of the injustice. Let's get rid of this inefficiency where you have a lot of people doing the same thing when they could be doing this or that there's these tot- even ironically after World War Two and the defeat of at least of of the Nazis. There's an embrace of if not quite total institution. But this idea that there are certain people who are very smart or certain institutions who can it kind of direct and control regulate where we're going as a side and you talk about the second phase of his career and here you you say, this is stuff was working on basically between nineteen forty and nineteen sixty the abuse of reason project. Talk a little bit about what was Hayek in. What was he doing? What was he critiquing during the abuse of reason project period of his intellectual? So so I think that you hit the nail on the head. What happens in the twentieth century is that you end up by having this strange alliance that is in bodied in the progressive attitude, which is an alliance between state ISM or the managerial state and the intellectually -letes. So economics is transformed. From a science of social understanding to a science of social control and Hayek is agitating against that. And he doesn't understand why his colleagues don't have the humility that previous, you know, people in economics taught that economics is primarily a provide us with negative knowledge as opposed to positive knowledge by that. You mean it allows us to look back and see patterns or understand why certain things happen. But it really doesn't. Nobody. Nobody has the ability to say in one thousand nine hundred and twenty twenty four. We're going to need x. number of widgets. So let's cracking on let alone a bureaucrat who's going to stand on top of this and make these decisions. And Adam Smith, for example, just to capture what I was trying to say in terms of the transformation. If you look at Adam Smith, he argues not only in the theory of moral sentiments about the man of systems and his arrogance in his conceit that he could, you know, move people around like so many pieces on a chessboard, but also in the wealth of nations. He says that it that you can't trust this kind of power to know Senate or no law giver whatsoever, and that it's nowhere as dangerous is in the hands of a man who has the presumption that he in fact can rule over others. So in many ways, what Hayek is standing for like the older classical. Political economists was that we're gonna see a system in which we govern with rather than governed over. But in the twentieth century, the progressive ideology was one that starting with Wilson and continuing on Wilson, the United States, you can go over to Britain and you can look at that as well. The idea here was that you're going to have trained experts that are going to based on science and reason will be able to govern the economy appropriately are governed society appropriately. And so you have this alliance between this managerial state ISM and scientism the belief that I now have the the laws of science on my side to be able to, then you know, rationally engineer society and Hayek is is cutting against that. And so he's trying to blow that up. So it's called the abusive reason because. He says, he's going to use reason to whittle down the claims of reason which is aligned straight out of David Hume as well that you know the idea that if you know if you really understand how reason works in rationality works you, you want to take down a notch because you're gonna fall into error, but let me push back in this is not even talking about the, you know, the the, the large debate, the political debate between socialism or not socialism communism in the Soviet Union and that sort of like total planning versus what we're talking about in in the United States is stuff that John Kenneth Galbraith might might be considered like one of the the, the most coaching articulates of a new industrial state or of a managerial stay where it's like, we're going to soften the edges of capitalism. We're going to minimize the ups and downs, and we're gonna make sure that everybody gets a piece of the pie isn't isn't that partly what happened after. World War Two, though when the, you know, the managers came in whether they were at the US department of agriculture or at at General Motors, right. So I think that you have a couple of debates at Hayek is involved in one of them is the debate with hard socialism. That's like what you were talking about talibanism and then he has a second round of the debate which is on the issue of what you could call soft socialism, which in many ways is just the administrative state and those are different arguments. One argument in the first case is that you can't actually achieve what it is that you set out to achieve, but you try to achieve it anyway. And so what happens is you end up in this metaphor. Metamorphosis of the system which is ugly compared to anyone who looks at it. Okay. So that's like the road to serfdom. You end up in a system that ends up by trapping you in slavery in a way that you could never have imagined since you thought you were going to get this new freedom. On the other hand, the administrative state means that what you have is you have a state which causes periodic difficulties in the economy that prevents the adjustment process from fully working to the extent that it that it can that you get a bloated state that you get inefficiencies in in the sense that unintended consequences of the. Say, for example, the war on poverty, you end up by spending more and more dollars and getting less and less improvements. And so this is where the Galbraith e in new administrative state runs into hiking criticism, is that you know, you got to remember is that Galbraith was advocating that in the fifties and sixties by the nineteen seventies, right? You have a complete this frustration with that system, right? So if I would have thought, if we would have frozen time and just talked about the intention Alevis of the system, you know you would have looked in the Kennedy administration and Camelot, and all of that. And you would have said, oh, look at how great we're doing. You know, look, we've got the best in the brightest McNamara's in charge, you know, and everything like that and then fast forward ten years, you got the Vietnam war. You have, you know, going off the Vietnam war, you then run into what you end up running into then the stagflation of the seventies, you know, all of that. And so in high also pointed out that in these. Organizations that there there was a human cost to this to write that you know, working within one of these mega structures, whether it was a, you know, the Pentagon or IBM or AT and t. or General Motors that there was something distinctly existential unsatisfying for the individuals trapped in the systems. It's actually ironic thing. I don't talk about much in the book, but it you know, people that are critics of Hayek are critics of Buchanan or whatever. They often miss the kind of radicalism of those people that are consistent with the values that they have. So for example, Hayek is actually quite a strong critic of corporations, and the protections at the state provides to corporations and Buchanan was a radical critic of inherited wealth. I mean, he was an advocate of one hundred percent inheritance tax. Now I might disagree with aspects of what Hayek and Buchanan, arguing how they. Argue it and why they are you it. But the reality is you have to understand the positions and where they're coming from and why they think those positions are actually consistent with their liberalism. That as they understood it. And so that's what I find frustrating in the secondary literature criticizing. Some of these thinkers is because they failed to wreck. They have a caricature of these thinkers, and they don't really wrestle with the reality of these thinkers. And I mean, because they're people typically on the left, but they, they wanna see people like high can be Canada's apologists for power and for the status quo. And for. Both the kind of agregation of wealth and individual hands, but then the maintaining that against all comers, what you're saying is when you actually look at people like Hayek, he's he's talking about a completely different project. I mean, it's really about giving more space to individuals to figure out who they are and what they wanna do. Hike is not a champion of increasing Jan GDP. Right? So it's not you don't eat growth rate, t's all about trying to do you mean flourishing. What are the institutional environments that allow for individuals a big to live flourishing lives to live their life, not subject to discrimination nor subject to domination, you know, hike is trying to find that set of institutional environment. That's it's wishful pattern. Sorry, that subject individuals, neither to discrimination nor to domination, and that's his liberalism. That's why he stresses this Jenner. -ality norm. You know, in all of his ideas that is no no law shell benefit one group without benefiting all other groups. If all you can demonstrate is that a law benefits, one particular group that's called privileges hike is against privileges. That's why he doesn't like legislation. He thinks it's a vehicle for privileges rather than law, which is the general notion of it. And so all of that has to be now you could argue that he has wrong arguments right like that actually would be a fruitful conversation that look Hayek has inconsistencies because he wants to have this constitutionally protected sphere, which is follows a generality norm. But in order to operationalize it, he has to actually have some form of privileges, and then the whole system, you know, suffers from an internal dynamic problem. That could be an interesting conversation, but that's not the conversation that the critics have with hike. They have a caricature pie and they go from there. Yeah, let's let's get to that in. In a second put us now where we're talking about the the third grade phase of his life that you're talking about that she says the period between about nineteen sixty nine hundred eighty. When he and I'm quoting from you transition to a third phase of intellectual inquiry, the restatement of the liberal principles of Justice Hayek articulates the importance of general rules, which is part of the red serfdom, but also in things like the constitution of liberty and later talk. So one of one of the things that Hayek is often held up now in a, he's he's been dead for a long time who's a Nobel prize winner. And he's got some great quotes and he's held up as this kind of dry dusty piece of paper either as a caricature to be attacked a straw man to be burned. Whereas champion to contemporary libertarians who say, you know what he got right? Was that a little bit of planning leads to a lot of planning, the bad always got on. Top talk about the. He also stressed though that every generation has to re invent liberalism or restated in a way that makes it almost utopian ideal of that we can do better. We can have a freer society excetera how how does the articulate that and is it a? Is it a compelling vision? Yeah. So let me just actually read the quote. He says, if the old truce are to retain their hold on men's minds, they must be restated in the language and concepts of successive generations. What at one time are their most effective expressions gradually become so worn with us that they ceased to carry a definitive meaning. The underlying ideas may be valid as ever. But the words, even when they refer to problems that are still with us, no longer convey the same conviction. The arguments do not move in a context familiar to us and they rarely give us direct answers to questions we are asking. And so this is why the. Now, I'm just saying, this is why liberals have to constantly reinvent and the evolution of the argument is also made this argument which people tend to forget these guys did not have a cataclysm catechism that they tried to force you to solve a new dogma. They had a framework of thinking about the world which is constantly evolving and changing, and the idea was, again, greater and greater scopes of freedom for individuals, less oppression from all kinds of forms of oppression. So you know overcoming that's what it means to liberalize something. We understand that when we use the standard word liberalizing us, you know, liberalizing us against the dogma of our background liberalizing us against, you know, the dogma of of our religion. You know, liberalizing us from the restrictions on our activities, liberalizing marriage, you know? So now we can marry whoever the hell we wanna marry rather than the idea of what the church told us is the only way in in contemporary in contemporary libertarian arguments. Often sometimes comes up as the argument between thin and thick libertarianism and the thin libertarian. So you know, libertarianism or liberal liberalism is only philosophy of the relationship between the individual and the government or the individual in the state. The thick libertarians are kind of talking about what you're saying that you know there. There is a broad temperament that goes along with anything having to do with specific laws, regulating the size scope and spending of government Hayek thin is clearly thick libertarian. In this context. Well, I mean, I think he is a product of his age. So you have to remember that, you know, he has certain traditional values that he thinks are are vital glue that holds society together. And so he might make pronouncements on certain aspects of that. But the general thrust of his work high icky Anisim which is different from Hayek himself, but hiking and ISM pushes in a direction in which individuals and their projects become what you create, the institutions that gives scope for that. So that individuals have the freedom to pursue their projects as they see fit. And so I think that one of the real problems in modern libertarianism is I think we a lot of people got it wrong here. They think it's a marketing problem. We just have to market too bad. We don't have folksongs for libertarianism except for rush or something like that. Right. But that's not the problem. The problem is, is that a lot of libertarians were attracted by the architectonic system that say, you know someone like rand laid out or or Rothbart laid out for them, and they think of it as a comprehensive system and as opposed to an ongoing evolution of a set of arguments within a broader framework. And then they thought it was cute gain to play to try to derive logically from those axiom axioms what would be the most obnoxious behavior possible individually to hold two then take a litmus test. So I have the right to be a jerk, right? But not everyone has to interact with me as being a jerk, but I have a right to be a jerk, and I have a right to do that because this is my private property, and this is my individual freedom to do that. And so as a result, they held. That up as a litmus test. And if you backed off of it and said, jeez, people shouldn't really behave that way towards others. They said, see, you're not really a libertarian, and then they would make fun of you or whatever. And that's a thinking problem. I'm doing this as a character drugs, but I think it's a thinking problem. The alternative was of course to just do whatever the hell you want it to do and say, I have a right to be left alone, do whatever the hell I want to do and you know that has cost with it too, you know? So you know, in two thousand sixteen you know campaign, you turn on the TV to watch the libertarian convention. And you got like a clown show going on while and you're like, jeez, you know, maybe they should have recognized that maybe they had a chance to do something more normal and an appeal to a broader set of people. That's more of a strategy thing than a than a belief thing. But I think that this this litmus tesla -tarian ISM has to be rejected because what it does, it puts the focus on my ability. To say no, which is very important in the history of humanity. The idea of standing up and oppressor saying to, you know, I'm not going to do that, but this is Martin Luther saying here I stand. I mean, this is so awesome. Orne as Melville said saying, no in thunder, it's Henry David Theroux or Martin Luther King jail saying, I'm not. It's very, very important aspect of it. But I think just as important is the aspect of being able to say yes to opportunities which previously you didn't have to trade with people that you never would have known to cross borders, artificial borders to be able to experience new lives and create new opportunities for yourself. And what liberalism is about is actually like both sides of that equation saying yes to the possibilities of interactions with people of great social and geographic distance. Different language, communities, everything like that. And yet at the same time, being able to say no to those who want to rule over you. And so how do you coordinate that requires a set of institutions that enable you to both be able to overcome the grand difficulties of distance social and geographic distance so that you're able to actually interact with others? Right. But yet the same time, be able to protect your Altana Mus fear. So you have the freedom to interact with those others. And so I think liberalism becomes his framework that's vital. So, okay, so it's it's real. It is a framework as opposed to a catechism it. It's it's a kind of matrix or decision process rather than the end results from a high point of view. Let me ask because you know the the debate over things like gay marriage or same sex marriage, or essentially finished even conservatives want to that. But when when that debate even just a few years ago is going on a lot of people with point to Hayek and say, one of the great insights of high tech was that we disregard institutions that have been built up over time in proven value because they persist over centuries of not decades in so that if you come in and you say, you know what of marriage has been defined as a union between a single man and a single woman for hundreds of years now. And then you just say, okay, well, whoever wants to get married can get married, you. Are being anti-hijack Ian because you're just washing away. You know this. Revealed. I mean, you might not be able to articulate why this rule was in place, but it flourished so it must have some value. How how do you square from a Hayek in perspective interest in radical social change as well as entrepreneurial change with Hayek's embrace of kind of of tradition and of either the persistence of norms? That's a great question. I think that one way to think about that is that what you're capturing is high is saying that we disregard traditional institutions at our peril, but he also wrote why I'm not a conservative, and I think that people listeners if they want to delve deep into this need to read both the YM, not a conservative and. Also the essay errors of constructivism in combination with one another because what hike is really making in those arguments is a pistol melodic claim. His argument is that we social scientists specially we as true. Radical liberals need to question all of society's values. We need to have the freedom to to question all those society's values. But what is argument is, is that a pistol melodic -ly we cannot question all of those values at once. We always question on the margin. We have to take as a given background, you know, most of what going on and then just pick away at it. Given this background here we can't. We don't have an arc median point by which we can stand on top and attack all of society's values at once. And so that could lead to gradualism maybe but maybe not. This is one of the real tensions are questions that we have to wrestle with in high. It could actually cause remember he's also calling for being the true radical liberal which is that you genuinely are trying to overturn the institutions that are bonds of oppression. And so how do you sort out from that? That's a that's the sixty four million dollars question which of course in two thousand eighteen dollars is the sixty four dollar question. Yeah. So one of the critiques of high bad just just said that sixty four million. I feel like in. Yeah, no, but it's in the movie, you know the the Austin powers movie? Yes. When he track and he says one million dollars. Yeah. So you know, Hayek Hayek seems to have won a wide following among contemporary conservatives. He is becoming more and more of a villain of the contemporary left of the progressive left. And you know who rightly point out that towards the end of his life, he defended Augusta finish and Chile, and he, you know, he was not always particularly good. I mean, you mentioned in some of his particular policy pronouncements, but also in his endorsements or political commitments, how and you're talking, you know, liberalism or libertarianism and I like to I'm gonna last though you into my push to turn libertarian less into a noun and Moore's an adjective, and Michael Munger to Kaz talked about it as a direction rather than as a particular destination and all of that kind of stuff. But what is your answer to the people. People who say, look, this is a guy who you know loved one of the most loathsome dictators and you know, in recent memory and who who is a reactionary actually, that he's not forward-looking when it comes to making people freer look. I mean, I, I make a distinction book between high demand versus Hayek in ISM, and I don't wanna be in the business of defending Hayek demand. I want to be in the business of talking and articulating what Hayek n. ISM as a research programme promises us in the social sciences in the amenities. But I will say, and I think this is you have to be very, very careful on these pronouncements, both of muses and of Hayek making pronouncement and Friedman for that matter, making pronouncements in their lifetime about things. The first thing I would like to point out about Hayek is he was never a paid. Aid consultant for any of these regimes Thatcher or Pinna shea. He was an old man when Pinner shea was there. He relied on the judgment of people that were on the ground that told him things. You have the I n day regime. So look, there's a really good paper by Bruce Caldwell and Leon Monte who talk about the context of Hayek statements and why it is that you know, he made the kind of statements he has, but he just like Friedman, you know, he literally met with these people in the context of a conference in which he gave the same speech. He would give at any any place. You know, Friedman gave a speech that said, you double the money supply. You're going to double the price level and he would give that speech in Santiago Chile, or he'd give it in north New Jersey, or as he always like to point out, he gave it in. In China and no one ever complained about when he did it in China, which was in fact a very ruthless regime that he said the same thing. It wasn't, you know, the China under Deng Xiaoping. Did he gave it its before that gives us reform this? This is odd. I mean, there's a certain moral outrage that's selective both on the right and the left. I mean, people I just glitz is I, I don't think he's any libertarian idea of great economists necessarily, but he's a, he said, good things about you. Traumas cuts in all different directions. Google Google just said that. It doesn't want to work with the US Pentagon, but it's more than happy to help the Chinese government censor the internet. So it's like there's always selective outrage and it's very complicated issues because you know a, you know, like as an academic who goes to a lot of different countries. I started my career studying post-communism. Right. And you end up by showing up in these environments you, they take pictures of you. And the next thing you know you're sitting next to someone who is like a regional governor. You have no idea who they, you know, they're not. Well, this is the Rosalyn Carter John Wayne gay, see photo that haunts the youth of hunts, the memory of those of us who concert nature, right? Where you don't know who you're well. Well, by the same token, I don't wanna. I don't wanna excuse him because there's importance to do critical genealogies, and but I think it's important to also when doing critical genealogies to put ideas in context to understand, you know what's going on these guys like Hayek was not someone who worked for the World Bank. He didn't work for the WTO. He didn't work for the IMF. He wasn't a in the center. He wasn't at the council of economic advisers is an academic philosopher. Political economists who was asked questions in the abstract about the relationship between the moxie and liberalism. And he, he just simply said, look, in theory, we could have, you know, a liberal authoritarian, right? Nor we could have a liberal democracy or we could have a unconstrained democracy in a thorny -tarian democracy and our Terry. Oxy and he's like, okay, so which one could I imagine could work here and you know, he's going through the logic of that. It's similar to people get freaked out about Buchanan, doing thought experiments. You know, like you kinda do a thought experiment about the nature of trying to wrestle with leviathan, you know? And so someone is going to be, it's like knows its tail the slave. You know, it's a thought experiment that you go through. It's not advocating, you know that you could be a slave or whatever. He's talking about the different levels in which we think through these things. And sometimes people, you know, do quote marks in ellipses and things like that to capture people saying things that they didn't actually say speaking of genealogies, you actually quote at one point, Michelle suco the French social theorists who's famous for really kind of talking about the archaeology of knowledge and genealogies intellectual genealogies, and one of the overlaps between some. They like Fuko who is who is widely disliked and whatever. It's broad libertarian circle certainly conservative circles, even even many leftist circles because he wasn't sufficiently Marxist or political in many ways. But you know. Both high again, Fuko and coach words, the end of his life actually asked to students in Paris. This was in the early eighties to read Hayek and mazes with special care because he thought that liberalism was one possible way of constraining power over people over individuals. He alternately rejected a kind of libertarian a kind of hiking or museum understanding of liberalism and whatnot. But is there fertile ground to think about Hayek and Durham classy has written about this? I'm obviously an advocate for it as well that when you take seriously about the limits of our knowledge that he becomes somewhat postmodern or that, and that doesn't mean that nothing is true, everything just total subjectivity, but that we benefit when we start to emphasize more the limits of our knowledge rather than the extent of our knowledge and how that might justify our ability to control people. So I think. That it's important to distinguish between Postmodernism and deconstruction ISM as you just did. And in that post modernists, the Pistole Malla Judy in many ways is sort of MIR's post positive, est epistemology, and Hayek is clearly a post positive est explained. That means, especially in the context of, I suspect that if a lot of people listening to this in a lot of economists, if they think about positive ISM or in a more reduced for him, though they're thinking about an essay by Milton Friedman about economics as a positive science, what, what he post positive ISM. So I they're, you know, let me go back a little bit try to do this quickly, but there is a sense in which positive economic sources, normative economics is valuable to keep in mind a what is versus what should be kind of distinction and max vaber. At the turn of the twentieth century came up. With tools for conversation such that people across ideological divides could talk to each other rather than just scream at each other. And he argued that what we needed to do was treat ends as given and restrict our discussion to the ala. The effectiveness of means to the obtainment of those ends that others are pursuing in that very much influence the way that Ludwig von mises approached his economics. It also very much influenced the way Hayek approaches economics. It's one of the reasons why he dedicates the road to serfdom to socialists of all parties. He wants to have a shared strong understanding of what is the good and then analyzes the institutional patterns suggested by those dec- whether or not it can achieve but good or whether or not it achieves consequences, which are the opposite of what you hope to achieve. That's why it's called the road to serfdom not at rather than the wrote, the freedom, which is what they were hoping to get, and and. That's positive economics. Prior to posit a visit, by the time you get to Friedman his way in which he translates the Vienna circle unity of science approach. Is that what demarcates science from non science is that you submit your hypotheses to test in in an empirical tests. So you have you build models, they generate certain propositions, you submit those propositions to tests and unless you're doing that, you're not doing science, you're doing something else. And so that is a different kind of argument than what Hayek and nieces were making about positive economics. And that became Friedman and Samuelson. Samuelson was about excessive formalization and Friedman is about excessive empiricism. And that became the sort of standard way in which he collumnist practice the art of doing economics from say, nine. Nineteen fifties to nineteen eighties. You mentioned Deirdre McCloskey before deirdre's move from economic history into economic philosophy was her effort to what she called the rhetoric of economics, which was to import from Phyllis philosophy and the criticism of this Friedman Samuelson program into show that even Friedman and Samuelson type research relied low nevertheless on various tools of persuasion, which belie the idea of model empirical tests. So so so Deirdra tries to force economics to have a post modernist moment in the nineteen. Eighties Hayek. Sorry for talking over. But just Hayek start at this kind of change already in the nineteen fifties with a counter revolution of signs in which he argues and and a. I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier before, but the the earlier way in which Hayek and MRs saw their distinctiveness was that they were going to focus on the sciences of human action, which was focused on human purposes and plans versus disciplines that are not dealing with human purposes and plans. And so there was a difference between methodological duelists of the human sciences and the natural sciences that which turned on the humanness of the of the object of of the subject of our studies. But by later in life, Hayek switches away from that more to focus on simple phenomena and complex. Phenomena, and it's the sciences of complexity. That is the distinct characteristic of why the simple methodological notion of positive ISM that Friedman has is not going to be applicable to the sciences of complexity, and therefore we needed a different kind of methodology. And so it's that context in which Hayek is stressing the social nature of our Pistole Malla Judy. And so the different street Hayek and deconstructionist's is that Hayek, I would argue is an onto logical realist. Okay. So he believes that there is, you know, Samuel Johnson's rock, right? You know, there is a real world, but he doesn't believe that we have straight access to it. And so he's an epistemological contextual est. Our the way we learn is constantly in this context and trapped in the context of our times in the debates that were having with other people. And that that's the only way that we, in fact get approximations to figuring out what that rock is. And so he is a post modernist in that sense, there's an old essay by Gary Madison is a philosopher from Canada. I think he's passed away now. Not sure about that, but I think that's true, but but Gary on Hayek and his post modernism and it's it's stressing this idea of sub what you stress before subjective ISM interpretation, these kind of issues how. Maybe we'll, we'll end on this than how high Hayek in in many ways is, you know, he's he's a heavyweight champion. You know, he's if he's not quite Muhammad Ali, he's. You know, he, he's up. He's Larry Holmes at the very best and and yet people like Bruce Caldwell who you've mentioned, whose book from about fifteen years ago, hikes challenge ended in a saying that Hayek ultimately is arguably the most important, a communist impossibly social thinker of of a good chunk of the past. Fifty hundred years has had little institutional impact on the practice of economics or on the way we think about things. Can you summarize like, do you agree with that? Or in what ways has high radically transformed, either the academic pursuit of economics or more general understanding of how best we can go about making our way in the world, particularly towards the liberal ends of autonomy and independence and opportunity and Justice. So I think that Hayek has had a kind of a strange fate. So one of the things that you have to keep in mind is and I try to damage. Strate this in the in the book is that his career has an arc and it fits young yin archetype because he has a meteoric rise, a crashing defeat and then a resurrection. And so as a result, people pay attention to hike even when they don't like him, they he's a credit. They want to criticize them or they love them and they do that. But both the critics and the friends don't actually study him. And so what happened? His books became coffee table books, right? They get the constitutional liberty and you sit there and then you say, uh, see, I read high Eker, whatever, but you don't actually study it. You don't view it as an ongoing research program and his ideas in that sense that Caldwell develops and I tried to involving Caldwell. Try to also develop in this book. Those are still promising because they haven't been exhausted scientifically yet and but yet, Hayek's recognition should not be doubted. I mean, it's not like he both he and MRs for example, we're famous economists in their age. We as people like you and I, from our perspective, a large part of it is we tell a story about these thinkers which isn't actually borne out in reality, but it fits nicely with us, which is our favorite thinkers weren't paid attention to. You got to pay attention to our favorite thinkers. Our favorite thinkers were in fact superstars in the discipline they were, you know, Michael, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, you know, kind of idea misses a distinguished fellow of the American economic association. You don't give that away like candy. You know, Hayek was Nobel prize winner, but also won the highest. You know it was made a fellow of the British Academy. When he was a youngster, you know, actually, and all these kinds of these guys are superstars in the world of ideas now. But the idea is that high x program in my estimation hasn't been developed because people didn't take this institutional episode seriously when they tried to operationalize the research program because it was still constrained by the Friedman Samuelsson methodology in economics, what was easier to operationalize was incentive institutionalization. So I'm going to bring property rights in and I'm going to be able to talk about the costs and benefits structures. I'm going to bring politics in. I'm going to be talking about the cost and benefits structures a right. I'm going to bring in law and I'm going to be able to talk about benefit and cost and benefit structures. But what they didn't talk about is, how is it that individuals come to know what those costs and benefits are that they're doing these calculations with and that was high exp-, oin and part of it. Is is that during his evolution of his arguments, we didn't yet have tools that would satisfy the bar. Scientifically I'm putting that in quotes that would capture those issues because the mathematics of the time was limited to a different kind of of constraints. It had tech tools, tool constraints. Where did we start branching out? Well, one of them is Vernon Smith experiments. Now, all of a sudden we could use an experiment. We could simulate what the market process could result. Even though we couldn't put that down in a simultaneous equation system, right? The experiment gave us the adjustment of the market to market clearing within three rounds of the experiment or the development of complex, adaptive modeling systems, like with computer science and whatnot. And so now all of a sudden we're able to start seeing how agents within the model learn. You know how they learn how to go forward, you know, is a great story on this with regard to. I'm going to get it wrong probably. But you know your listeners can can listen to it, which is actually when they were trying to program in the last Lord of the rings, the the on the CGI battle scene, they were trying to get the. They were using complex adaptive modeling, right? And so they were trying to get the different, you know, orcs and the horses to be able to to attack the way that you know you would have them in unison. So they would smash into each other. But you know, the standard paradox of revolution is at the agents if they're rational, what they need to do, what they wanna do is they want to run away, right? So rather than run in unison, they'd start running away because they don't want to get killed in the story, right? But yet somehow in order to have the battle, be able to fight to increase their chances collectively of surviving, they have to stay together and hold the line. Right. And how do you model that they had. All kinds of problems. Well, that's what happens in social science. We see the tensions, we see the difficulties and that opens up these questions. And so to me, this is what Hayek is all about. And in that sense, he captures the essence of the scientific attitude is reflected in Richard fine. Men's, you know, point which is at Feinman always said, I'd much rather ask questions that I can't answer than ever provide an answer that can't be questioned. And that to me is what high x whole project is about. He's getting us to ask questions and think about things that we might not have all the answers for. But those questions are so beautiful for us to ask and he's never about trying to give us answers that you can never question. And so that's what liberalism is about. That's the attitude that's the spirit. And that's what needs to happen in the future. Do you think that that Hayek and understanding of liberalism is up to the. And I guess every moment it's like this at and it, it seems particularly now, for instance, you know it. It was recently reported that half of the world's population half of the gloves population. For the first time has something like a middle class or higher living standard. At the same time, we are going ape shit crazy in the west in particular in America about declining opportunities, and you know, student loan and credit card debt, etc. There's a revival of interest in socialism, at least as a name, what exactly what that content of that isn't quite clear. Do think Hayek provides that ability to kind of resuscitate liberalism and get us to focus. Then, I mean, if we agree on certain broad goals that people should be should have a lot of atonomy in their lives that people should. Be treated equally that of the worst outcome should be avoided, or or people can be helped. A high obviously was always a proponent of a social welfare state that certain types of the people you're certain libertarians you're talking about that they, they write him out of the movement as a terrible status because he believed in so security or something. Do you think he provides the most fertile ground than for conversations with broadly speaking, you know, people who have liberal ends, but then might be confused about the way to get there. Right. I think that that that's how I would view it high again, ISM. I think Hayek's name to some extent serves as a barrier to lot of these people because he's been, you know, a brandit in a certain way, which I think is unfair. But I think that if you can communicate what Heike and liberalism, what true radical liberalism is it is especially attractive to the curious youth and those. I mean, one of the problems that I have. In the way that I see what's going on on campuses is not the pain that people have. I think you know there's a great quote by James Baldwin, which says that nothing is more deplorable than dismissing other people's pains. Right? And so I think that actually, you know, you know there if people are angry, these young kids are angry, they're upset. We need to listen to them. We need to engage in active listening, like what's going on. But I think a high icky and analysis would actually, or, you know, would promise for them a world in which their curiosity could be unleashed. You just gotta get tap into their curiosity about how the world operates and get them to think that they don't that no one has all the right answers. It's one thing if you believe you have truth with a capital t in politics, it's a very short step from. That Tierney eliminate truth with a capital t in politics, and all we have is discussion, deliberation, compromise and agreement. And when you start from that point of view, then what is the framework within which that kind of discourse can take place which governing with Razan governing over can actually be institutionalized. That is the liberal project that Hayek has in mind that is a liberal order, which is constrained to exhibit neither discrimination nor dominion. And when you have that kind of framework that allows individuals with wildly different opinions to yet play out against one another, and we learn from each other rather than trying to demand my truth wins out over your truth and therefore I have the right to impose my truth on you and. To me, this is the problem of our age that we have to wrestle with that and. Unfortunately, because of the things that you mentioned earlier, we've had a discrediting of science because of an over zealousness of scientism. But yet they're also is this need for us to understand what you just said. Like basic facts about the world. For example, the whole issue having to do with the decline in abject poverty in the world or the rise of the middle class or the opportunities that people are confronted with and going back to the old argument about means and ends like that. Some ends while worthy and desirable. The chosen means that a lot of people try to throw in there are inconsistent with those. Those ends wishing it so doesn't make it so right, and so we have to have sober analysis to fit in there. And so to me Hayek as an economist as a political economists. And as. Social philosopher offers for us a promise for a political economy for the twenty first century, which could be robust against all these challenges, but it's a project that needs to be unfolding, not a project that is already completed. We're going to leave it there. We've been talking with Pete bit key. Thank you so much Pete for talking and thank you. This has been the reason podcasts. I've been your host Nicolas bay. Please subscribe to us at I tunes or Google play or reason dot com and Rayton reviews while you're there. Thanks for listening.

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Health Care Access and Orchard Valley Waldorf School Reopening Plans

The Dave Gram Show on WDEV

1:38:18 hr | 7 months ago

Health Care Access and Orchard Valley Waldorf School Reopening Plans

"The. From Radio Vermont. It's the Dave Graham show on wd. It's your show about the people, places and the issues that matter the most of you. Now, here's your host Dave Graham. Good. Morning Vermont. He is Friday August seventh twenty twenty and led to have you tune in. For our program this morning, we're GONNA be speaking first off with Mike Donahue. Longtime Vermont journalists who? Had Story interesting story in this morning's Times. Argus. Based in bury. Anytime Eric is published Mike. Donny's piece on a real curious Curious is scheduled to be pleading guilty in federal court today to a couple of crimes in connected with that five scandal. Up in the northeast kingdom, the famous string of development projects that well gets got. Swallowed up in a financial scandal will be talk with Microsoft bought that, and then another Mike Fisher joins us just after that where he and I he is the healthcare advocate the and he he is going to be talking with us about access to healthcare in this time of the Kobe nineteen crisis. How's that working out there? Later on in the program, we're speaking with a couple of people from the. Orchard Valley. Waldorf School based in base needs Montpellier. And the. Those folks are going to be talking about their plans, an interesting idea for how to get school up and running this fall. So it'd be speaking. With Mainly Beshir, the head of school, and also with Kathy. Of the. Waldorf. School the Orchard Valley Waldorf School in East Montpellier. Let's bring Mike. And then get an update on the EIB five situation here. Mike Good Morning. Thank you so much for joining me. On, gave. So You told me that I real curious is doing is if it's Federal Court today, right? federal court here in Burlington at nine thirty He's actually up here by video from Florida I. Believe. He and his lawyer and Plan is It's called the change of plea hearing. He's pled not guilty on. Twelve felony counts earlier and They've struck a deal with the government whereby he will admit to. Three felony counts of. Conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Money, laundering and concealment. Of Material Information. And How how stiffer sentence could he face and what is he likely to face? Well. They struck a deal whereby the government will ask for no more than Ninety, seven months. Which I love the Federal Court System always count them in months. But for those mathematically challenged. I believe that comes to eight years in one month That he will get for. Maximum. Potential maximum the the is free to ask for. For less, and it'll all be based on a bunch of things including. federal sentencing guidelines, pre sentence, investigation, report, and You know whatever the judge whenever the judges sold either side. Now, there are a couple of other people who are also charged in this in connection with the five scandal. Correct. Correct Bill Sanger. Probably the best known one. Out of Newport former president, CEO of. J. Peak is also. has denied ten counts Is a gentleman named William Kelly who got to Florida. Was An adviser to cure us. He's also played. not guilty to Ten felony counts, and there is a fourth gentleman who? last last. We knew or had been told. I think we're still in Korea has not been Arrested, whatever has not been extradited yet, who was sort of a partner. In In part of this whole thing also charged with ten counts. I see. Yeah. Okay. So so What I was reading your story this morning A. Actually distracted by phone call or something so. Maybe I'm still a little confused but I but I wanted to make sure people understand. That curious may be or is he likely be or expected to be? How do you describe it? Testifying. In the case against Stinger and Kelly right. Well that's what's going to be interesting besides secure US hearing. This morning is a hearing this afternoon. For Staggering Kelly what they call a status conference to see where they stand. All, three of them are scheduled as of now to go on trial in January is now been a move to delay the trial till April. And But David. Williams. Brew Brooks Macarthur Represent. Staying. Clearly said that. You know they think heroes is a key witness and they want him on the stand. The Office of Christina and all and sounds like May Not be inclined to offer them up and so. Macarthur and Williams file a motion yesterday late in the afternoon trying to. Force the issue and say you know they want. Bureaus. You know around to testify and that if the government is not planning column to present their primary taste that they want. US to be able to be called by the defense. To tell his side of exactly what happened and everything like that and Might. Jam that up whether he's been sentenced or not. But once he's been sentenced you. He loses all his Fifth Amendment, rights. Against Self incrimination everything like that, and the government is sounds like they are hoping to have his sentencing delayed until after. say There's a conviction for war. Sanger and Kelly, if there is such one now, obviously. Trial Go. But they're jumping way ahead. You know, Bang, we want the. We don't want him sentenced until after they might be sentenced or something like that to see how helpful. Hero says, and everything like that In. Testifying truthfully and everything like that. So I'm sure have not talked to Kelly's lawyer but I'm sure he's probably will join with them and and and saying I want heroes available as a witness and even if they have to you know. bricks, MacArthur. David. Williams proposed an alternative if You know a couple of different ways that it could be done. And So we'll. We'll see I. Don't know if there'll be any ruling today or with a judge, the federal judge Geoffrey Crawford will take it under advisement and Try to figure out. You know down the road how they're going to. See can which order? Break Right. So I mean, it's interesting to me that this case that that stretches back a decade. Basically, it was around, I think twenty eleven that was first announced that the That there was this big series of development projects going to be launched in the northeast kingdom, and of course, a lot of that has gone by the wayside. There's now a hole in downtown Newport people trying to figure out what to do with a new Ford Hall. There's also big hole in downtown, Burlington, but that's a different story. And the. The new Ford whole though is is pretty troubling. I think to a lot of folks in the northeast. Kenya who really have their hopes pinned for? You know this is going to be the new. Economy, the Northeast Kingdom and it's and it has not happened is it has any of it happened I, mean, is there anything built up there? Is there anything to sort of show for all the big talk back then? Well. I mean, if you talk about the whole thing, I mean, obviously the Jay peak resort got. That developed. and. There's a lot up there, but you know Newport city which you know Is. The main. Population. Center. Of Orleans County It's it's not a lot of Industry maybe up there and everything like that and There is What was proposed something called ANC Bio and? They were going to be you know this somewhat high tech. industry brought in these, we're going to be high paying jobs and hundreds and hundreds of them and. You know people like a all excited in the whole e B. Five situation I. Mean, this was being talked up quite a bit You know the witness list is. Partly who's who have remond politicians. US senators. Patrick, Lady Bernie Sanders. Representative Peter. Welch. Where I'm doing this list or I still on the witness list. Former. Governors like Jim Douglas and Peter Shoveling or on the witness list. I don't think You know I doubt, they'll ever be called, but you know you never know, but you know the potential. When you develop your witness, put everybody under the sun is to you know who did what? How he be five, all got funded and. PROPOSE DOWN IN WASHINGTON. And essentially, it guarantees for five, hundred, thousand dollars. it allows the developer to get shirt number of cards for people to. Come and become citizens. In the United States and? Now. It's. A lot of places and but. Is this some issues and? This. Is. One place that. Didn't go over so well. Right right. Yeah I. I mean this whole. This whole situation is finally, it's taken a long time to finally come to some kind of A. Of An outcome here I guess and and this is part of it is, is the the criminal cases against four individuals. One of them's still in Korea? But the other three are in the dock. Shall we say are real heros for a for a plea hearing a change of hearing this morning in federal court in Burlington where he's expected to? Is it you? I mean that's fair to say, right? He's expected to plead guilty to these. This reduced list of felonies. He'll he. He's likely to face some prison time. And and that's where things stand for him. Right. Yeah, I mean. It is the hearing. Today is policy change of plea hearing. It's one of those ones. I learned long ago that You know it ain't over till. It's over and you know he's supposed to enter a plea That's why they're having the hearing is so he can enter these guilty pleas. He has signed nine page. Lee, agreement with the US government, his lawyer says signed off on it. The US Attorney's Office signed off on it, and that's how I came up with the year prison term Propose there's a few other things that they're not. GonNa. Try. To do to them, they'll drop the other pending nine Charges against him what he gets sentenced. If he eats, you know there's no clean coming the. Outcome of this case. They want the government has agreed not to seek any forfeitures of any his property. If the court imposes some sort of restitution order. And so. We'll see what happens. There is one little potential curve. All that The government is brought to you tension of judge heroes was not paying his previous lawyer. He was allowed off occasion who came in and You'll tell her. actually shooed Aereo Heroes at one point earlier in his life over a case down in Florida. and. So there's some question as to whether there is A. Conflict of interest In this case according to earn. His. Office. they don't think it is but they also wanted on the record that. You know the curious you know understands that. You know this guy was against me a one point and You know. Just. Just wanted on the right word that he doesn't come back. You know you're to in prison and not happy that he's still in prison and. Tries to get his sentence overturned based on. You know. You gotTA. Cross all the t's and dot all the legal is here. Yeah. It might donahue. I gotta go. But I thank you very much for checking in this morning and filling us in the updating on the. Situation Our L. curious expected to plead guilty to crimes, today and that's a key punctuation point. In this whole story, I would say so for. It'll be big. Goes through Yeah. So thanks for. Your very, very good. Yep. Take Care in my next guest is Mike Fisher he is healthcare advocate and. Works really hard to to he and his office do to ensure that many honors as possible have access to healthcare. They need and I've been getting a little curious lately about how all of this has gone in this age of the covid. Nineteen crisis. Of course, you know we had some of our major. Hospitals. Zero University of Vermont Medical Center actually shut down parts of their operations for part of the Spring and. Elective surgeries were put on hold has one primary example I think of all this and and adult that of course, raises questions about how well for monitors can get access to the health care they need and just wanted to check in with Mike Fisher and find out kind of how things have been going what what trends are popping up out there and What might becoming. Good. Morning, Mike. Thanks for joining me. Happy to be. Here. And and happy to have this conversation with you and your listeners, sir? I'm really just hearing from people really in response to the questions you just raised. I was actually I, actually wanted to put that out there to thanks for reminding me that. I'm hoping during this next block of time here up until ten o'clock. This morning that we will get some calls from listeners who can tell us about the About the what they're seeing hearing out there in healthcare were, are you getting the healthcare? He'd Is it Is it? Is it going as smoothly as well as as you might expect to or do you feel like that? There are places where the systems being pinched and affected negatively by the covid nineteen crisis at etc. so our caller number is two, four, four, one, seven, seven, seven. That's the local number in Waterbury or you are also welcome to call us toll free at eight, hundred, eight, seven, seven, eight, seven, seven to nine, one, eight, two, five, five, and. One moment to. Sure? Take a moment to remind people about our office. What we do we are. We are a an independent. You don't work for the state. We don't work for an insurance company We're defining state statute and really have a contract with the state. Bernard, legal aid had a contract with the state to provide this service. And today's to all Vermont Tres and So we definitely want people to call in today and tell us their stories about what it's like to get care right now. But I also want people to know that you have a question about a bill that seems funky from your healthcare provider or you're having. A particular challenge getting the care you need Healthcare complicated and in the best of times. But when you're not feeling well or a family member WHO'S WHO's sick or injured, it's really good to have a resource. So our phone number is eight, hundred, nine, one, seven, seven, seven, eight, seven, or you can find us on the web at Vermont Law, help dot work bt, law, help out work. Health. If. You just Google bt, law health. Promote legal aid, cage and. And is prominent button on there. You can get to us. Yeah the your office. I'm wondering what you've witnessed and seen so far. Have you gotten a number of calls from people who? Have said, you know we're being told that we can't do this or we have to do that and we don't. We don't like the this outcome so far because of the covid nineteen crisis or is that not really been a factor in your work? I. It cuts both ways think the answer at this moment and for a number of months. Now, Medicaid has not been closing people. And and that has. You know resulted in a decrease in calls. We get a lot of calls from people who who are trying to get on or who are on a state program and having challenges staying on. Federal Program. And so. The. Combination of Medicaid, not closing people and the and blue, cross, and key not closing people during this time. because they haven't paid their full bill. Is. I think relieved a little bit of pressure, release some pressure for promoters and resulting in some people not having to call us. On the other side of the spectrum. Yeah. We we often get calls from people who are having a hard time getting in when I. Asked my advocates this morning by the way. I. Got the. It's not just me and got fifteen of advocates who are on phone right now, responding to the montage who are in some kind of a challenge or another getting the care they need. The. The answer that came back to me when I asked them what the hearing, the most about is dental. where people having their appointments postponed. We did a survey right in the certainly need the hardest part of You, know I, guess it was March. And April. Around March, or April, where we ask people if they were able to get the care they need. And we we got a really high number of people who were saying either that their provider wasn't open to them at that time where they were too scared to go in. We're a number of months later and Provided, you're open and providers are out there saying, Hey, come on in. and. I'm really curious today. You know what people are feeling or are they going in or able to get the care they need? some of those people call us, but I'm really interested to hear from your listeners. And and you're saying that that that. I. Let me see if I had this writer or are you saying that kind of the most common type of care that is the subject of calls Was the subject calls back in March and April had to do a dental care. No I'm saying that's a common themes, for us, ok is access. Access to dental particularly access to Medicaid Dental. March, to the state where there are just not enough providers taking Medicaid dental. Yeah See Okay And, and that, and that's gotta be A real tough situation for if particularly, if somebody is you know. A lot of folks have had this experience I think. I. Had once or twice in my life where all of sudden I developed a nasty toothache and I need some dental care. As soon as I can get it. Right? You know. Because you're you're you're living in pain for. The interim. And, and if you if you're getting, you're getting sort of A. Nobody answering the phone at your dentist office or you're getting somebody saying, sorry, we're closed because of the pandemic. That's not the answer you want to hear that point, right? Now actually and and you know again caller office. If you're in that situation there are providers out there. That are taking emergency at were taking emergency dental, and there are more provided up there particularly as a part of the FQHC, system. Yep but brought it in that and and so But there's a whole range of different conditions that people deal with. You know thinking about people who have chronic conditions like asthma. and the concept of telemedicine It's just And tell us an important tool for us to to get access to care during a public health emergency like this. But do you need a doctor measure You know the strength of how hard you can blow? Doesn't cut it. You can't measure that over on a computer screen or on the telephone so that that is something that You know you gotTa, you gotTa have some. I mean, there are some things that that never worked with telemedicine is much as a lot of the providers out. There were some still are. Trying to do things actually talk talk to me about that a little bit where things stand in terms of the the routine. I don't know your your routine visits when you develop A. you know, sore shoulder or something. You want to go talk to your doctor about it? Are they doing that by telemedicine or are they bringing people in? What's the General? General. It all over the place and many many providers are using telemedicine. I used elements into contact, my my doc about something and and for the purpose. I. Needed. It worked just fine YEP YEP. that. Link very quickly to broadband. and. Access to care requires a good Internet connection. while we have a pretty serious problem in major parts of our state. Yeah that that that is a key consideration. I mean we talk about it in the educational context certainly, but it's as we to whatever degree we're moving toward telemedicine. And I hear from some providers that they expect that to be continuing trend after the pandemic. It's an issue. So Hey, let's talk on the other side of the break. We're gonNA hear some CBS News at the bottom of the hour here, a couple of words from our sponsors and my guest is Mike Fisher healthcare advocate. Is Works under contract with the state in that role. And we'll be back, shortly folks. You Itching to get out, explore our great state. Don Your Mask and come to the Warren store and the Beautiful Mad River valley stores open to a limited number of customers upstairs and down Jelly takeout iphone or window, but you can finally choose beer wine ships, etc. No appointment needed upstairs well-stocked with cool summer clothing cards, candles, bags, and jewelry puzzles and toys for all ages, art supplies, books, and interactive. Learning Games are your kids board and driving you crazy bring them to the warrants store practicing all safe protocols masks required. It's the day Graham, show on Wd, FM and am. Staying with us into the second half hour of our program on this Friday morning, August seven, twenty, twenty. My guest is Mike Fisher used healthcare advocate under contract with state of respond to help ensure that for monitors have access to the healthcare they need, and we are hoping that some of our listeners out there will call in with any stories. They have share of access to healthcare or or denied access to healthcare. Particularly during this current cove nineteen crisis, which of course has has really affected our healthcare institutions, hospitals, doctors, offices, dentists, offices, you name it It's been a huge hit said a maybe a bigger impact on on that sector of of our economy than any other and. Just because they're not only dealing with the economic. Disruptions and Certainly, in some cases some pretty severe financial hits They are also dealing with the all the personnel issues, the trying to keep workers safe and and that that kind of thing is just a adds many many layers of concern to to what most of the public out there is facing. So anyway, if you've. got. Folks out there have have. Stories to tell about their healthcare situation in the Kobe nineteen crisis two, four, four, one, seven, seven, seven is the number in Waterbury, the toll free number, one, eight, seven, seven to nine, one, eight, two, five, five, or two, nine, one, Talk I. believe we do have a listener calling in and that is Ruth's, from Sheldon, Good Morning Ruth. Good Morning. Is it true that if you own property other than your primary residence that you can't get any help for your medical bills? Mike Fisher. What do you know what that? Looks good question and and. You know the way you phrase, it can't get any help for your medical bills. Of a broad question there may be you know. My first thing to say is I really want you if you have a specific question that's affecting you or or you know someone who's being affected by that I, really want them to call her office there are. Different and we don't qualify for Medicaid. They say we can't get Medicaid because we own properties other than our primary residence, and if we have a hospital bill when we go to the hospitals, they say, Oh, we have all kinds of health, but you to fill out these expensive forms and when you lift what your properties are, they say, no, we can't help you. You have to pay the full amount. So we're not getting any help and besides owning these properties, we have to pay our property taxes, but that's not considered when they are trying to figure out your income. Seventy chair. There's no, it doesn't. Now, I was a care provider and I took care of. Mentally, ill people disabled people and that was a very low income job and all of our people got Medicaid. They got all of the services you could possibly want while we went without because we own the business. And this is this is the financial problem that the hospitals are and they're relying on people like us to pay even more when we don't have anything now. Healthcare is a product that nobody can afford. Really. Really good points live. I want to say I WANNA say it again to the call I. I mean I might there. There's there's a person who does sound like kind of caught in the middle here. Right? I mean between an and she sounds a little resentful of this at least the her view that that people on Medicaid do get a lot of services that are probably not available to people who are kind of just above the Medicaid income range. Right. Yeah. There are all kinds of crazy cliffs in this system where you might get really good supports if you have this, but you if you don't have that and And it feels really unfair. Because it's complex. it. Has. Gone. I. Just WanNa say again. it sounds to me like ruth needs an advocate. And and I'm not gonNA. Say That we're going to be able to help her and her family because there's lots of places where the rules just are unfair but. Give us a shot will at least try. So I'm GonNa, give you the number again right now because maybe we're listening eight, hundred, nine, one, seven, seven, seven, eight, seven. But Lee. Said something else that I think was important and that's there's this. Discussion today about. The financing of healthcare and how we're paying for it and how we're going to manage. The crisis were in the middle of. You know. Where does the money come from to help the? And providers who are really not in some real stress right now. and just to describe it just to be really clear again, because we shut down much of our economy and much of our healthcare system during the pandemic. the financing system for our providers requires you know significantly requires that people go with the DOC. And So. There was a great deal of reduced or deferred care. particularly in the first three months. Of crisis. that so that you know resulted in some really low revenue for providers I believe and have argued that resulted in some pretty good months for our pairs for insurance. Company. we had less claims to pay and. Vermont sacrificed week did read the PAT ourselves on the back We did a pretty good job. We really shut things down and and protected each other and that was A. And Lot of people lost income. A lot of families and small businesses are in a different kind of economic stress than than we've ever seen. So you know. Working my way around the saying, you know we argued that. that there shouldn't be a rate increase this year. For The MVP and for blue, cross in and that decision is before the pre care board right now, but they'll decided In about a week. and at the same time hostels have come forward and said Hey, we're in trouble. we need. We need rate increases. We need to raise our rates and we continue to ask the question who can bear this burden because if if anybody thinks that Vermont, consumers are are flush and are able to sustain increase grapes. without pricing them out of the ability to get the care they need They're just not. Yeah. That is that is a tough. Tough situation there where Many many demands for increase increased payments being made on people who are Perhaps,