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"david taichi rideau" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

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"david taichi rideau" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"They lose money on have pro circuit events that they're investing into the few. Future of the players. So that we're really developing the next generation of players. And that's why it's so important to us by we believe having one competition Davis Cup would be would be great for tennis. And just lastly, what plans do you have to form? The Fed Cup of a sleigh. The women maybe have been a bit left out in this. So far with the Davis Cup performs ATP Cup. What can you say about the Fed Cup? Well, we've had some very productive meetings on Fed Cup as well. And I think for twenty twenty or fit Cup committee in board have have discussed the possibility of doing something similar where we would expand the size of the world group made teams to a minimum of sixteen have a round of home and away and then have a finals with maybe eight teams or twelve teams in in a location. We're looking potentially in April the second week of Fed Cup where we would do that. So it's something that we have ambition for for twenty twenty. And so that's the project that we're working on. We have a way to go to, you know, get all those details hired out. But that's that's what our plan is. Okay. Thanks, david. Thank you for joining us on the cost. And have you have a excellent Davis final. Thanks very much. Appreciate your time. So those David Haggerty with Matt robots of our parish tennis podcast, Catherine. That was fascinating wasn't it to to hear Matt put such direct blunt questions his way and see what he said. And I was at least encouraged by the fact that he said those conversations last week were about trying to get to point where we have one team competition because that's I think what we all think we need to end up with. Yeah. Absolutely. I was encouraged by David taxi had to say the he referenced the the the best interest of tennis, which is something disappointing. We. Mentioned that often. I mean, it does make that announcement in the cinema. Oh by Chris, low sweet old mall. Bizarre. The we, you know seeming that David Taichi Rideau n- on those meetings. Is we have no reason to think that that is no, you know, just is posturing it is all just starting about showing the size of your weaponry. Isn't it? It's it's. Sosa filariases, but. Yeah. It's it's I think what. It does it does. But, but you know, at least at least still round table. I mean. Yeah, it sounds like the table. You know consists of a little Blake's going this. You know, this is how big my. Bone is how big Ilbo. But you know. He says the table table at least around it. Hi, matt. I mean, that's I mentioned it supposed time. You've hunt chance to interview David Haggerty. The will appears to be there. I actually from I I'm sure the wheel is there on all sides. They all know as you said, you said yourself, you quoted Chris KOMO they all know where we need to get up to. It's just the the need to figure out a way that they can all walk away fit in light that one of it. Yeah. It's just it's just a shame that it feels like it's going to have to come situation where we have these two of events for few years before before they're able to actually do something about it. Because Catherine says. Going ahead with it all just makes it makes the words at the moment seem a little bit redundant for the time being. But hopefully look into the future they they are on the same page. But you know, what if what if the Davis Cup next day? It doesn't turn out to be great and the ATP Cup. Does suddenly you're in a situation where you know, the P cups in a stronger position and the Davis Cup. So most having to sit of concede something to that. So it's gonna be interesting to see how they do play out. But at least from what they told me Laos also have singing from the same hymn sheet. Question. And actually just one of the point. I mean this Davis Cup final that y'all rats is going to be shown on the tennis channel in the US..

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