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"david shadrach smith" Discussed on Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Potential

Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Potential

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"david shadrach smith" Discussed on Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Potential

"Up. The best example of that indomitable human spirit and reminded of phrase from the great Indian to gore. He said every child that is born is proof that God has not yet given up on humans. So many things that make us human. But part of what makes us human his dad, which is not human from wildlife to resources knocked. Jane Goodall has reminded us today that the natural world is intricately apart of who we are and likely in more ways than we can even fat. Listeners who are interested in supporting dodge Goodell's ongoing work should visit roots and shoots dot ahrq. Her youth service organization whose mission is to foster respect and compassion for all living things to promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs and to inspire each individual to take action to make the world a better place for people other animals and the environment in some small way. I think she's done that for all of us who had the pleasure of listening to today. I'm Deepak Chopra. Thank you for listening to infinite potential. If this episode connected with you, please share it with the friend and leave us comments. So we get to hear from you. In our next episode. We explore the mind a one of the great comedians of our day Russell brand. Now, it's time for our gratitude list, infinite potential is produced by David Shadrach Smith, and Julie mcgruder it's edited by Sam dingman and Andy Jaskiewicz. The audio engineer is Bob tabards. Caroline wrangle is our associate producer and Serena Regan is the coordinating producer. We especially thank our guess sponsors, interns, and everyone who has contributed to bring infinite potential to you our show is created and executive produced by David Chadwick Smith. Jan Cohen and me, I'm departure. Thank you for joining me.

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