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"david scissorhands" Discussed on Impaulsive with Logan Paul

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"david scissorhands" Discussed on Impaulsive with Logan Paul

"Ladies and gentlemen, take two and roll it. Sort of small talk show me where you just angel by. Yeah, you're you're in. What's it like being in love? Everything must be. Hey, guys. Welcome back to Paul sieve, the number one podcast in the world. And by the way, in the Milky Way. Galaxy we just got that fact in so that's that's super dope. Thank you guys to all of our listeners and viewers. We absolutely love you. We have so much fun doing the show. And by the way, if you're not subscribing to do so wherever you listen to podcast Spotify, you to whatever we also do an exclusive question in audio question and answer audio only after the visual element on Spotify. Again, wherever you listen to podcasts for your listening. Pleasure. So today. Yeah. Today is gonna sit by see I can feel it. We got we got a dope yesterday. A very dope. Guest today. Guys. I want to introduce her. I wanna bring her in right? We're. Her last name is my favorite president's first name. She's the only person to make it out of teen. Mom with the career looking me, and we're gonna wave around. He's the only person make out of team with a career. It's reality starts and Adolfo mattress. Social media guru, faira Abraham. How are you? Welcome in the hair. Thank you coming on him bosses this. I'm impulsive, so welcome. Join the home. Yeah. Yeah. I love that pink hair, by the way. I'm so glad we got you in that David Scissorhands, snatched this. So I wanna be noticed. I noticed to your daughter so FIA miss Sophia. What's up? That the mere cat, right? Oh. Is she America in your spare time? Hello. Hasn't been on a podcast. I think in a bit. So you love human baby child. It's amazing. Do they have those around here? Baby. I'm looking to get one soon. Can we turn the camera? My dog is making love to a stuffed animal this this whole pocket killing that could be the first one is going to be. I'm a little I'm a little curious. Okay. What's stopping by saying? Hi, so factual. It's a little little bit of a bull move. I'm not sure what's going to come out of my mouth today is hippie impulsive less. The point of the show. Exact we embrace that. I have a question. Why did you how did we get you here on the show? Like, how do we convince you are you crazy crazy coming here? No, instagram. I happen to be in town. So I was like, okay, you're not based here. No, I'm not based here anymore since that whole jail. Beverly hills. Saying I want to ask I want to ask about that. We have so much so many questions. But yeah idea to you or it's always you and also is usually the one who helps me DM back from joy Holum. Yes. Who's joy? She's been my assistant for like five years. Now, she's like marketing coordinator, you know, just switch the titles as years go, right? Does she board whether doesn't she's the for Twas student and out of my hair? We were worried you were gonna show up with someone who's going to say and what not keep it real shell. I'm from the midwest. So join the club, Ohio Michigan. I have my best friend Heather Walsh from teen. Mom, my producer friends. She's in Connecticut. So we like I said, we are very lucky and happy to have you here. I have so many questions about like reality, TV, your career, etc. So that that is the child that was that was with you on the star baby. That's the star baby. You're a star. You know that how many does she have an Instagram fifty five hundred seven thousand it's growing. She's she's nine and you're twenty seven right. Yeah. All now. No, no, that's young. I think I Joan to me all this in a room. No. Yes. I am. Okay. I once dated a girl when my first girlfriend when I moved to LA, I was I think nineteen she was like twenty five and she had a seven year old. I played stepdad for a bit. It was dealing those ages. I mean, I didn't think that it's like a big deal..

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