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"david ritchie ricchiuto" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"David Ritchie Ricchiuto from the left side and another two goal lead. Four buffalo. Oh, we just had plenty of time. Nobody was attacking number fifteen, Sean. And the nifty goal scorer, Shaun Evans. Eighty three points last year in a seventeen game campaign. Spores for buffalo and another two-goal we been nine Mark two minutes. Fifty four seconds before half-time here at the Wells Fargo center. So Evans who started his career in Rochester. And then a long play in Calgary for several years then to New England. Picked up by the bandits last year, and a trade tell him cropper going to the black wolves. Evans joining the bandits while they're on the road in Colorado. With sixteen goals, sixteen assists for the bandits in the seven games. Played found the marker this afternoon for the bandits eleven nine lead with two minutes. Twenty seven seconds remaining, but Philadelphia knocking on the door Rambo to the far side shot fired away by Philadelphia that's blocked by Vince. And the rebound is picked up by the mandates and cleared back out at midfield. Lebanon nine bandits Corey small what an afternoon he's having so far five looking for six shot Evans. The most recent the score for the bandits sort of the Nick we who's a part of the charge here down into the zone and over the shoulder feed. Corey small tried to get it out in front to thread, the needle couldn't do it. And the play goes along the end boards just to the right side of David Bruce dug out of the corner and the wings have got it may turn on the speed with the youngster net. Rambo he goes he's up ended by sweetie. Player that he is right acquisition by Dietrich into bandits coming from Colorado. Thirty remaining here in the first half of the with a two will lead eleven to nine. Philadelphia with a shot straight on fits making the save. The rebound comes up in buffalo. Got the ball. Down the left wing link comes chase Frazier in transition as he will do all season long. Frazier. Leaving the ball out in front. Nobody to pass it to get a shot away. And Philadelphia comes up with the ball. And here they come back out admits Jordan hall with a couple of goals so far here in this game in the second quarter of way down to the near side. Matisse's trying to set up a pick. But hall goes to the far side. Good defense for buffalo forcing the play. Now to the nearside is picked up with the shoveling move play. Right and fraud mad beds with that stop by the six time goaltender of the year. Vince, and he'll get the ball out of his crease. Area and leave it for Buffalo's defense pushing the ball with under a minute to play here in the second quarter eleven nine buffalo long drive by Josh Byrne turned aside by the ratio. Shot Evans with it from left getting in closer to narrow the margin on the big goaltender one arms. The play attended for Dade Smith. He stretches it. Go all the way back at mid crossing the line, and it'll be over in back charge on the bandits. So Philadelphia with nine minutes are checked at nineteen seconds in nineteen seconds remaining here in the second quarter. Affords Adelphia go ball down to the bandits own. The extra attacker is through shield goes to the bench. They're down by two five seconds remaining. In position they go clue Parsi pass shot straight on and bids comes up with the same. And that ends things. Here in the first half despite a hard shot by Josh Currier and abandons taken eleven nine lead to the dressing room. As we go to halftime. Battling back.

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