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"david otc" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"The premiere of rolling thunder that Alice, Tully hall. Yes. Rolling thunder. Now, I was never big Bob. Dylan fan. Yeah. But have to watch this this documentary that describes as you put together. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. What a good looking. I thought it was a doofus looking guy Bob Dylan when he was young handsome guy pound to take all the baby because he had he had a look to them. Beautiful is, I'm not gay but I've met was really very heavy. And it was a great show Scorsese put it together. And we went to the I, I stopped by by ten minutes to the tavern on the green, nice little late for me. And then my file going off at three thirty in the morning. I didn't have a nine volt battery. I'm running around neighbor. Bring it back pop it and still going to rip the thing. I've been up about. Battery is a moment. It ain't easy being both now. But yeah, we had a little action in the city. Thank god. It was nothing that was terrorist related. Do I fly in helicopters all the time like flying helicopters? Honestly. I don't like flying over the city because exactly what people say about this. No pace the land. I don't mind flying over the water. At least you got water land. Right. You have a shot, you hit concrete your day. It's so true. And the good Lord that that guy made the built in the he's a bit of a hero he's dead. But he's a bit of a hero. I mean, if that thing ever hit the side of the building, you could add a lot of people dead in could have been really devastating. What do you think about this? David Ortiz story. So with the room was we hearing, is that he's, he's having an affair with this drug mortgage wife. So the drug Lord sends the shooter, the guy shoots he doesn't kill David OTC does some. Well see me trying to kill him back. But if you're having sex with the drug lords wipe. He sent somebody to kill you. You know, the drug Lord is not okay. We tried if you want David Ortiz. I'm not scared. Well, like I said, everybody if you pick up the newspaper, don't go to Dominican Republic. Don't go, you got about, I think sixty people are being poisoned in these hotels, including the car. I'm not going to mention the name 'cause we have a relationship with but there's a lot of hotel. Don't go to Dominican Republic. I investigated a kid that was surfing at thirty five years old disappeared. They killed them. They're bad, bad. Bad place for crime is, is L Dominican Republic. I rather go to a toilet bowl to go to mimic Republic got the ball. I think, oh, that's all that's part of the United. There was a woman who was beaten to a pulp almost and left for dead by one. Yeah. Then they didn't even arrested guy. Well, put it this way. I people travelling Mexico's added of quest, they don't go to Mexico. I think we had fifty thousand murders in two thousand eighteen and then not all drug dealers. They have Torres is a lot of plus lavar. Plus they spiked the liquor down there as well. Yeah. And now we're supposedly these people like six people have died. Now, Americans have died in the hotels. They're drinking something out of the, the mini bar. I'm just one of someone someone put bleach in to a lot of a lot of six people are dead. And is about fifty that got really sick something's going down here? So, ladies and gentlemen, don't go to Dominican Republic to. Thereto of United States put any call after the parade on Sunday. So tell us a great parade that big bird, you know, because he doesn't care, of course out punk. And he hasn't I, oh, this guy's a puke. Dizzy introduces his wife. My wife Shelley, Shelly with two hundred fifty million dollars where I call upon us. Attorney southern district. What did they do with all that money? That's a very. Yeah. Two hundred fifty million last year. And when she's asked she goes, well, there's different levels levels. They'll be different levels of the prosecution. No money. You got kids, in classrooms, that a mentally ill that need to be held. You got people on the street sixty thousand plus mentally ill. And she goes pisses away this money. I don't think it was pissed away. I'd like to find out where the money went to these nonprofits, L Baco, and you wanna know something miss the US attorney southern district. We can't get Justice in the city without you com on into New York. I'll get myself deputize I'll put cups on the man this life. I like what you're saying. What is the latest? You know, I'm getting sick and tired of I've said this many times, but Menard, getting sick and tired of seeing Gwen caller on television. She's the mother of Eric garner. She's already gone, eight million dollars. He's out there every day, which is if she can't she didn't raise this kid. This kid was was. Criminal, he was he was an animal basically, finding we're all with Daniel pencil Leoni. Of they ran in the daily news the post on right? Anything won't put anything in about me for some reason, I get cock blocked by the New York Post. I used to three times a week four times a week, but I guess the Murdoch's don't like bow, you wanna know something find you don't like me. I read the post every day. Daily news, ran a nice article that I wrote about the whole thing with pit lean on all that. I'm just hoping that friend O'neil gets his balls up and realizes that this kid did wrong. And you wanna know something that's a terrible tragedy for anyone to die. But like I said, from the beginning of this guy did one push up he died of his ailments of his health. That's what he died of his daughter. I sister, his daughter assistance, twenty-seven died of a heart attack. Decision twenty seven years old. That's hot disease. Look at the cute heart problems, he had acute is he had diabetes at the end. The problem is if he was on the ground. I can't breathe that means you didn't get choked to death. And I talked to medical examiners that medical Gemini born fulfilling told facts, and this kid Pendolino this, this, please Commissioner whatever the outcome comes could this is a railroad court. Whatever the outcome is. He has the final decision. Let's see if a friend O'neil finds his testicles in his lament where I don't know if he wears shorts jockey short. And I hope he finds his balls and he does the right thing for this cop that cop was doing nothing but his job. Hey both data last week regarding Linda fist, and you called out the Manhattan. DA Vance said, hey, let's do a touch DNA because back in it was primitive. So you called him out. So certainly you heard from right? Right. Right. Okay. I did speak with Linda Linda's the way real fast. I wanna give my deepest sympathy to one of my ex guys I came on a job with Mikey. She wanted a great detectives. He was about the preppie murder. He was involved with this central park, five fiasco over there. This nonsense said that these, these little boys were in the park, pulling dilly of lilies. No, there were six people that will beat up by one guy. Got a lead pipe overs at no rob everybody. Okay. David Raipur but they certainly was on the scene. And I challenge right now there's evidence down in Manhattan, DA's. I challenge I we will find DNA of one or more of those central park. What are you gonna do that? You get eight million dollars. All right. They didn't rape them that idiot raise rate, the rate is, who was convicted of rape, and murder walked by, and he then put his DNA into. So that means whatever they did that and I was also. Side penalties his eight million eight and then the steak coughs up on another four million dollars. My point is days were no little kitties that were plucking daisies and riding their bicycles and enjoying themselves. They were out there Robin people and their DNA. I guarantee you is on evidence. I challenge again. Come on site. If you care about Justice and rights, let how did we get eight million dollars from each of them back, back, good luck? And then they run this Netflix thing. These little young boys Dave with here. They were boy scouts. It will walk through central park. Children plucking daisies, gimme a frigging break. You couldn't even go into central puck, if the doc in nineteen thousand eighty nine you get mugged, they, they were Ripa people of bicycles every day was going down the actual testimony was not beat at they had testimony from the girlfriend the one where he mentioned that. Oh, we didn't rape. I held the down the other guy said he played with a press. I mean this is. Factual testimony day. No never said they read it. They denied it which, I say they did not rape. But they certainly were there and they will mess with and they were on the scene. And you wanna know something that watch these stupid move. Then you've got Oprah Winfrey advocate put him on the free Winfrey. Net- network all these size. These little boys that guys big guys. My point is big guys. Now they come out with this new law, New York City, seventeen eighteen ninety. These are the worst kids, seventy eight thousand nine these are the ones that have to be contrary is out of control now. No bill. If you walk out of here tonight, and they stab you said and rob, you, you know what no bail. I know it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. It's, it's sick. The, you know how long do we keep fighting for the city got entity family, the Cuomo family? They're all behind this stuff that they cash. No Blasios avail. Yeah. Hey, look. So let's do this your podcast. One tough podcast is one of the most popular. Throughout the country, right here on a very own OG podcast network, who's coming up on the podcast, this week, we, we had Sean Avery less. I was great. Right. Sure. Navy's, cool guy. Yeah. Very tough tough guy. He's classic back and forth with Montand bro door when he was Goldie of the devils and played for the Rangers. Those two would mouth each other all night long for great stuff great. We got a surprise for coming up on on Thursday. I got I got a choice of three and I don't wanna mention case us. One of them we got. We will we always have interesting things. And then, like you guys to come on Loveday. Welcome. Both these guys on to talk about your radio careers. What you've been through with, with Don Imus? I talked to I talked to him talk. He texted me from Mexico in Kabul, Saint Lucas, really. And I told my hope you get robbed dash go into town. I said they're going to rob. You. Got fifty I only got fifty grand in savings account for your rub, if they kidnap you ransom. So he's laying there on the beach shows a pitch of his ugly legs over laying on I saw that on Twitter. And he did it the same day as d day. So everybody's putting out these pictures of our servicemen getting shot on the beach, and we are looking at right. I'm as stupid legs. You wanna talk about d day how eloquent was the speech by President Trump? Very good..

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