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"david melzer" Discussed on Success, Motivation & Inspiration

"I mean, Doctor John Maxwell, the guy who's a phenomenal author, one of the best leadership speakers in the world bar none. I mean, I put him up there with the Tommy Robin Zig Ziglar, such a phenomenal reputation. You know, David Meltzer, a lot of people don't know David, of course, ran one of the largest sports management companies in the country and the movie Jerry Maguire was actually modeled after his company. And so, you know, he'll be there. Ken Joss, that Anthony trumps. All just phenomenal speakers. And you want to get there, you want to learn, and then of course you want to get home and just pick a couple of those ideas that you hear while you're there, implement them and I guarantee you'll see major major changes in your life over the next 6 to 12 months. And one of the things about the conference this being a, you know, not a ten X sized conference with tens of thousands of people there. But just being a smaller conference, it's going to give you the opportunity to be have these one on one connections and really get in there down down dirty with the local. You have what 20 different speakers yourself on the actual and just incredible leaders who can share a lot and can teach a lot. But then also Venus more event, you've got the opportunity to connect to some of these people and have a chance to not only be listening like a interview, but also be able to be there right down the front. See this wood on your forehead is you're talking on. Absolutely, you know what I can tell you just in my personal business, you know, being on stage, going to these events, taking pictures of myself with Floyd Mayweather, you know, shark tanks, Kevin Harrington, Sheeran actor, the Tim stories, the Bobby castros, the Brandon Dawson's Bradley's. It's definitely elevated my career, tremendously because it gives you so much credibility. Imagine if you're an entrepreneur, your business owner, you want to be a speaker. And you come to this event and you're taking pictures of you alongside Jesse itzler, you alongside David melzer and then you post that on your social media. It's going to give you credibility. It's going to give you social influence. It's going to make you a person of interest. And so don't underestimate how you can use this to your advantage in your branding in your marketing. And so, you know, you definitely want to be there. I'll be there. And like I said, I stay for the whole event. I'm not one of these flying in fly out. You can sit down and have breakfast with me, pull me aside, get to know me, ask questions by my books. But really, you know, I go to these really to add value and help people. You know, I wake up every day blessed. I don't need to be doing what I do. I've got mailbox money. I've got assets. I do it to help change people's lives and get everybody that wants to connect with me to a better place. If you guys have not got your ticket, be sure to go to the gross stack drive dot com forward slash bread, get yourself a ticket..

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