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"david mcgoldrick flake" Discussed on Men In Blazers

"And then you have. Ninety-eight committed walked up towards the ball. Really it was like was the four. Season landscaping yeah. It was so bizarre. I'm only seen it. Was that pat nevin penalty for chelsea in the nineteen seventies the only penalty arguably worse in the top flight of english football. This was shameful as scott parker said. Afterwards if you're gonna do that you better hit the net. Oh my god. I wanted mike pence when i was seven years of age public. And that's pretty much. What the mola day whip the game on the line but really that penco the balloon. Palanca shoes you just. How much confidence all the other peninsulas thrilled our spirit lifted. Our hearts made a sing because my god. When it doesn't come off you will never hear the end of and penco is named after human being ponente. I think now a penalty a look which is which is the opposite the opposite of that. It just looks so cheating. The child i should should be look away. One is probably what it should be. I do enjoy that role. That you air quotes. Want crap your pants in public when you at quotes seventy s old. Did i say seven okay. Brighton hill burnley a game. Best summed up by the fact. The closest either team came to scoring was went. Burnley's matt loudon hit the bar on. What was clearly an attempted crossed. The neal flat planets get their second point of the campaign as they continue their worst start to top license season avenue goals in four games for them not much better news for the seagulls who haven't one in six played tennis with a university of north carolina. Legend this weekend roach rob kelley of rob kelley huge brighton. Just so heartbroken so worried about his team thinks they might go down off. He's just putting it all in daddy. Well he's all in for danny whaleback. I will say is glorious to watch this team. Apart from the end product they find no nineteen shot shots by any side without scoring in the primarily so far old friend. Danny welby may well ray well. It's made it rain wrapping short after short. Unfortunately straight and nick pope to no avail slight panic. Not just for your mate. But for every fan of graham potter team who plays so optimistically but the point return for moral victories. Really good enough. To stay in the top-flight let us know that's not a little table. You want to lead really okay. During my whole i really chelsea sheffield united. One after a slow start in which they allowed the blades to go ahead through a very clever ninety minute. David mcgoldrick flake was spotted. Them one of the shell storm back by goals from tammy chilly tiago silva and turbo team. Verner the blades remind on one point. Deadlocked chelsea are unbeaten in eleven straight in all competitions thereafter. The much improved team from last year. As i said last week roach yeah. The game started the single. Most epic way. I've ever seen a football game began. Nbc bump straight in an ounce a forty six president of the united states and cut right from that to chelsea again sheffield united which might just be the biggest moment in american football history or at least up there with brick cheese state in the top five. All get into this well. Chelsea's defence vastly improved the laid back with turf edge. Edward mandate four straight clean. Shape are looking relishing. A game against the played sake only score three times this season. So of course chef. They only go into opened the scoring. Glory first mendy conceded in five hundred and fifty six minutes diction definition scored too early. He wound worried for a second way. You dave no no. I wasn't chelsea good. Yes sheffield united scored against the run of the play but then chelsea took over and just played some beautiful beautiful Football and it all starts at the back they look so solid tiago silva and kurt zuma learn everything he knows evanston wrote just starting to form a really great partnership that wide plas- so good reese james and cya roj just combining so beautifully down that right hand side and superb routine win some go fascinating kovachevich carrying the ball back man city style. Who's he find. Tummy abraham a if it was up to him what is blasted up all over the ball but luckily for chelsea fans tummy misfit perfectly. Yeah bruce up right into the left corner finance shave yeah no. He was unbelievable. A did so many things plays but so much joy raunchy chiesa play. Whoever you support you got to enjoy watching him play football. He was just great. I incredible wet bull in new. Exactly what he was aiming for. They must train on this. He whipped it right up against ben. Chill wills peanuts yeah. La takes it for the team testicle bullet but that third goal david the whipped in free kick off bonds. I mean i love the ac three assists two goals in four starts six chances created in this arrest barkley numbers. I mean not just football and there's imagination but his personality is what the do does not hide off the field. He's just a showman using science. They can you prove to me that he is not in fact a wizard would be very happy. If he's a wizard rod you know. I'm full in on possible And that goal that goal that quality that ball in and then go silva you know not many setbacks capable of the we've ever seen in the primarily capable of scoring that goal Amazing subtlety great celebration. His first his first goal for the club wrote. And what verna miss. The chance to deny hat trick of assist technically known as g raina but the german would eventually get his goal scored his last six attempts on target or which is a bit tasty chelsea and shut it down at the the butler with the addition of men damning if zuma can forget what he learned it everyday chelsea get them improve week till we a wind so comfortable that could even bring on giroux to win the eye candy competition. I'm feeling very good about this team that they've improved and even the games the points we've dropped the season you know very unlucky in some of those games and made some very uncharacteristic mistakes and they've certainly tightened up at the back. The mendis made a huge difference. I love what they've got going. On with reese james and saying now yet all around them with you know hopefully if christian pulisic comes back from injury. Okay which would really hoping is gonna happen..

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