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"david lonski" Discussed on The Jock and Nerd Podcast

"Is it really the cracking? I dunno. It's a sea creature. I don't know if it's the cracker. Julianne just paying a quack. Release. So that's kind of fun. You get a lot of happens. Titans there. I mean, you want to release the cracking anybody to release the crack? And now also breaking news not around this kind of come here. This just posted today. Here's a winner. Brother wonder whether next movie mixed movie, they've announced blue beetle, they are working on in development, and what brothers giving them a beetle. The what's his name Latino? So here's your diversity give you a Latino superhero on the big screen. This blue beetles ungraded could Could be be living. fun character venom because he does like talk to the scare. It's very similar where the scare all. It's basically venom. Venom venom something else. Venom basically of blue beetle sort of instrument. Yeah. I always. They'd come. I it's it's tech. Venom. Industry's giving. Wow. The first ever appearance of blue beetle is nineteen thirty nine. Holy shit. Yeah. This is. With the suit. Blue Beetle's eighty. I'll really eighty three was a suit beetle more aboard the DC when DC bought him. Jamie is. Wow. Two thousand six oh, that's. Crisis. Number three is he's great on a high may high male. Late in which way is based off the guy ver- and. Yeah. Throw names out there. That mean guy that has tech talks chain. Macgyver is awesome. The beetle from young Justice. That's a great beetle in that one. And that's coming back in January. I'm sorry Russ off track. But not bothering me. There wasn't. We were comparing a movie to venom or into another movie where guy talks the mask. The mask and blue beetle is the mass. Yeah, it's the same is done as well. Not as funny, but just as weird and that is not. Venoms character though. Yeah. Just wacky talk to yourself. I love these when there's a dual personality though when two two characters in one. So look we'll see if it ever comes out blue beetle. What do you know? Guess what? Guys. It's rose time. I got another fucking things we roast roast some nice smoked pork loin. Oh, opened fire. This is from our buddy, David Milososki. Editor editor at a place to hang your Cape roast. Hello Chuck in nerd, this is David Milososki from place to hang your Cape. I'd say congratulations on reaching two hundred and fifty shows. But honestly, I don't know what I've been listening to for these last few years. I mean, none of you know, anything about comics. You've got a jock who thinks the the best drug to take ADM show. You got to. Credentials seem to be that he calls himself under the key heard anything to suggest otherwise then got puppet can't even hold a comic little own read with those lazy googly eyes. I mean, come on guys. What are you doing all? Four years shit three and a half. Maybe come on. You guys can do better than this. He's. My little rose seriously guys, congratulations on two hundred and fifty episodes. It's crazy to me that I've spent five hundred hours listening to you guys. Talked stupid stupid fucking bullshit. For God knows how how m- along and. But seriously, it's been it's been great having you guys be part of our part of our site of friends of the site. And keep up the good work. And I hope you guys never make another episode again jacket nerd. Chugging comment on. Yes. He's got a his voice is so dainty. So it's going to go away. Even when he's roasting. It's like really sound like he just smoked joint. I say they've lost key in on one of the I do actually support us in like was like, hey, reached out to us guys. I'm putting you on our website. So he was like one of the OG supportive. And he's he's there yet. Lots of love say, I'm pounding my chest for David Milosevic the interview with Greg Weisman. He asked me to he did that calendar. The anti anti-bullying thing got me press pass Vegas. I didn't take Banjul advantage. gonna go by myself. Yeah. This is the kind of duty is lost. David Lonski is a great person always gives us up. Thanks for being there d from the beginning. Thanks for the Rossana the support day points the points. All right. There's another movie that screened and premiered, and there's reviews. I..

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