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"david lee smith" Discussed on The Director's Cut

"Um i don't know how casse i've blacked out counter the way women forget giving birth i've forgotten how no i mean you know unfortunately unfortunate whatever like my whole you know quote unquote career is making lowbudget movies you know um so you just get used to that i mean how many how many locations word to your dear mick recall um uh you know we were like two days of the college and we were the girls apartment and leak owes apartment was was the same location so that was a day and then at the you're out in the woods for his sojourn was a day and you know arts house was a day but it we did something else that night i'm sure uh the the basement was a set we actually built a sat on a stage which is just amazing for lowbudget movie and we were on that for two and a half days on any other half a day we did did all the driving stuff on you know i forget now also you you have a three of the same actress from the first peace what's at you have three the same actors for that from the first movie yes the last one supposed to be a surprise right like when harry turns up that's supposed to be for people that are big fans my hope is that for people are big fancy the original movie you know when when they see harry the go in like it'll be a really big thing bathroom so in terms of the the the card and the horse a were you committed to getting those actors if you had not gotten william cat for example the w what how did you make certain that you've got the actors and a well however that process worker a guy gotcha on well the first thing i did was meet with david lee smith and make sure he was gonna wanna do it and scared the hell scare the hell out of me when i first saw him because he hid dumb.

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