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The Evening Briefing: Wednesday February 5

The Briefing

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The Evening Briefing: Wednesday February 5

"Good evening I'm Chris. Price with the briefing from the Telegraph bringing you up to speed. In two minutes is Wednesday February. The fifth and British passengers have revealed. Their ordeal being quarantined on corona virus. Cruise ship it was six thirty in the morning. When the voice of the captain came over the speakers of the luxury redeemed princess. The message told all passengers to head to their cabins immediately and said they should remain there for fourteen days. The ruling came from from the Japanese health authorities after fourteen passengers on the cruise ship. Tested Positive Corona virus is left three thousand seven hundred people on lockdown in the Japanese port of Yokohama. Nicholas Smith has an interview with two British holidaymakers on board. Since then another cruise ship has been docked in Hong Kong S. passengers on board attested and it comes the scientists in UK. Think they've made a significant breakthrough in the race to develop a vaccine. Francesca Marshall. Well has the details. You may have heard former black rod. David Leakey this morning expressing his views on a potential peerage for John Berko but but his disapproval claiming the former speaker would at times fly into a rage has sparked a controversy involving demand. Abbott Labour's shadow home secretary tweeted. It was unlikely unlikely. Mr Leakey would have been bullied by Mr Berko. Why she said it's because he served in the Military Danielle Sheridan details what. MP's think of her comments and if you're planning to do anything outdoors this weekend you might want to think again. The Met Office is warning. Britain will be battered by winds of up to eighty miles per hour from storm. Kira forecasters revising people to keep their mobile phones charged because the windy weather could bring down. Power Lines Jimmy. Johnson has everything you need to now right. Stay put if you're listening on. What apple send you those links. Now if you're listening on spotify apple or wherever you get your podcast you'll find them in the show notes as well as links is to stunning pictures of the wreckage of a plane crash in Istanbul. Where amazingly there have been no fatalities and with Donald Trump set to be acquitted in his impeachment trial? This evening. Read how how. American politics has become increasingly polarized. That sits you up to date more from Danny tomorrow morning.

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Katy Balls' Sunday Interviews Roundup - 09/02/20

Coffee House Shots

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Katy Balls' Sunday Interviews Roundup - 09/02/20

"Hello and welcome to coffee. House shots spectators. Daily politics focused on K.. Tables and this is a Sunday roundup. The former Speaker Speaker John Burqa is at the center of attention once again this afternoon. He appeared in Radio News Broadcasting House where host Paddy O'CONNELL asked if there was a conspiracy to stop him obtaining a seat in the house fluids after the government refused to nominate him for a peerage. Do you think there's a conspiracy to stop Berko going to to the other place too. So yes there's no doubt about that. That's absolutely blindingly obvious. is appointing fatty so obvious that they knew an extraordinarily clever and sophisticated. person could fail to grasp. So it's over for the Lord's for you. I didn't say that you ask me whether there was a concerted campaign whether there was a conspiracy whether it was an organized effort and I said it is blindingly obvious that eighty so as to what the outcome will be. Well we will have to see. There's no entitlement to go to the upper house every speaker couple of hundred years has been invited to do so the there's no entitlement. We'll have to see what happens. The Labor deputy dealership candidate doomed Butler defended burgers right to receive a peerage to save enrich. The row comes amid amid allegations. That burke abilities stuff something that Berko denies now. He's been accused of bullying staff members including by the form. Black Broad David Leakey who said he brutalized people. Who worked for him important to say? 'cause Tom Becka denies these allegations. Now there are reports that Jeremy Corbyn is nominating him for peerage Orig- do you think John Beco- should be given a payment. I think it is the norm that the speaker of the house is always given a peerage. I think the first first question for me is why. Hasn't he been given period. These allegations from the Conservatives will they haven't said that's the reason why they haven't given him a peerage and I would. I'd like to know why is the reason why he wasn't given periods. I suspect is actually to do with brexit rather than anything else the other thing is due process has to happen open so if you use somebody at bullying there needs to be due process. I'm a trade union activists. I am very I'm very forceful in terms of making sure that due process is followed so if John Burke has been accused of bullying then there needs to be processed and has been found guilty or was it just an accusation. And I think those are the things that we I have to go through but really do need to conservative. Why is it that you have? You haven't like everybody else's show that the speaker of the house is given a peerage. Okay otherwise I think that's a form of pudding too. However the Housing Secretary Robert Jan was far less? Flattering about his parliamentary colleague. I haven't seen the the list at the prime minister or indeed any be putting forward for peerages but personally I wouldn't offer John Berko a period. I think you've seen some very serious allegations of bullying and harassment from senior credible people including a left tenant general. Who worked with him? These are important. Turn things that need to be investigated before any decision like that's taken and in my own experience. Parliament is a better place without John Berko and long way that continue okay better place without John Burke important of course say that John Buck denies these allegations that investigation has of course been completed. And but what do you make a dawn butler. Specific comments saying that if a concept party is effectively bullying John Berkeley by not offering herridge on the grounds of Frank said. I don't agree with that. It's the prime minister chooses individuals who could sit in the House of Lords as Conservative peers. There's no obligation Gatien on the prime minister to make John Berko a member of the House of Lords. John Berko never believed in convention himself when he was speaker. He explicitly said that he didn't think conventions needed to be abided by. He said that if you do that nothing ever changes. So there's no obligation on the Prime Minister Convention. That speakers are elevates the house floors. We'll John Burqa. It was the first person to break conventions. I think what's important here is that there should be a high bar on anybody who ends up in the House of laws indeed in the House of Commons and the allegations against John Berko need now to be investigated and of course lots of his conduct is there for all the world to see because it was done. Sitting in the speaker's chair In the House of Commons Law Sunday. Sudesh Amman a former prisoner. who had been released Hoffy? His sentence carried a knife attack. unstretched him high-street and you are awesome. Awesome Justice Secretary wrote Buckland about proposed change in the law which toughened up early release flows convicted of terror related offenses. How quickly do you need? The the Laura B. Changed. When is the deadline? Well it would be tempting to talk about individual cases but I'll put it simply. We need the change in the law to happen this month. I want to make sure that we can get the bill that he's going to be introduced into the Commons next week through both houses so that we can get it onto the statute book later this month. Coming out this month next month yes we list and therefore I want to make sure that we can move as quickly accuse puzzled about fifty people that you're worried about. It's about fifty people who are subject to the automatic release provision. Yes the former House secretary. Jeremy Hunt his just being elected a new chairman of the House. That committee told rich a change. He wants to see. NHS But we have about four babies dying every single week across the H. S. and this is by the way not something that's unique to the NHL. This is something that's the case in healthcare systems across the world and and these are awful awful tragedies anyone can think of something that would be more traumatic. I've got three young children myself and is literally the worst thing that anyone can go through to see their own child di- but the truth is that what we've never properly cracked is how we learn from those mistakes. It's how we make sure that when those terrible things go wrong. What tends to happen at the moment? His people are worried about lawyers. They're worried about getting sacked. They're worried about the reputation of their hospital and they unit and these incredibly ethical doctors and nurses who want to do nothing more than be completely open. I'm transparent about what's happened. And if they made a mistake say so and make sure the lessons learned find. The system makes it absolutely impossible for them to do that. It can be done then we need to well. We need to change the culture. So that the moment in most professions your profession my profession fashion. Our bosses understand that. Sometimes we make mistakes and you make a very serious mistake. Will you might lose your job. If you a reckless Completely idiotic then of course you lose your job but if it was just the kind of ordinary human mistake that that we all make then you understand that something happens. This was all and we learn from it in mets and we don't really have that clear division because when someone dies it such a big deal and so sometimes even the ordinary human mistakes get elevated into something where someone has to lose their job and if that happens then of course people aren't going to be open about the mistakes and Metson it's an Israeli the only profession where the price of something going badly wrong is is often sadly you have these tragedies and that's what we have to change one of Labour's deputy leadership the ship candidates Richard. Bergen has cooled for Labor to change. It's constitution so that party members will be given a say over whether you can conduct military action overseas. He's his opponent Ziauddin. Khan told me that she thought this was a bad idea. We made some unforgivable mistakes. And I personally marched against going into war in Iraq but having been on the front lines still being a humanitarian aid. Doctor there are people whose lives depend on split-second decisions taken can as a result of access to highly intelligent information that is not public dissemination. It is not appropriate for people to have to wait for that to be a member's ballot and and finally the Chinese Ambassador to the Cages Fantozzi the company which will soon play a key part in the transition to five G. Hallway is a private company company. Nothing to do with the Chinese government The the only problem we have is the are a Chinese company and That's the problem You you know. China is a more open as we get back to original argument. Since the reform opening up China has run a market market oriented economy. One third of China's economy is a private owned the other thirty four in and John Onto Muncher so he's independent company and they are the leader in the in this area and I think the reason. Why the PRI? The Prime Minister decided decided to keep wabe is he has a very ambitious plan for your K- in the he want to have a five cover. UK By twenty twenty five employees can do but but the price he paid for. That was the incandescent anger of Donald Trump. How do you respond when you heard that? Donald Trump had absolutely blasted Boris Johnson. Will you please the team to your side of the fence. I will leave. Prime Minister to Deal with President Trump I think I always say you'll cake. Britain can only be great one. Eight has its own independent foreign policy. So I do hope that prime minister was stay with his decision because I think is in the interest of UK is in also in the interest of corporation important thing is is interest to maintaining the British image as the most open open under free mark economy in the world. That's this week. I'm Katie Bulls. This podcast was produced by Matthew. Taylor don't forget subscribed to the coffee shops podcast on the ITCHY and store and we also have a special offer. You can subscribe to the spectator for twelve weeks in print and online for just twelve pounds and also receive a free trend Japan voucher to spend at Amazon discourages potato dot co dot e. k. forward slash voucher. And if you enjoy this podcast de-subscribe described day. The evening blend EMA is a free round of all the political news each day long banalities and a diarrhea and what takes back next. Just Goatee spectator dot co two okay forward slash evening bland. That's all the plugs for this week. So thank you for listening and join us again next week

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Jazz Hands

LBC Election 2019

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Jazz Hands

"Hello I'm welcome to another edition of the full the many podcasts but it is a for the many podcast with a difference because Jackie is no here. Uh She's on her singles holiday swing solid as I like to call it in India for a couple of weeks but I'm delighted to welcome back. Aisha has a Rica who when she paid on this podcast last time went down and absolute storm went on the only. The thing is like from what you've said is is back is because I'm unbelievably smutty. I thought you were talking about for my fine political insight and analysis. You're like you've got a mind Cassia for me. That's a compliment. I know it's like I'm going on my gravestone now this episode we're recording on Thursday evening We're actually in the studio so we having sound problems hopefully So this is a next week. We'll also record on Thursday so we'll put it up. I think on Saturday mornings. So we're destroying your routine. I know that We apologize for that. But let me tell you what we're going to be talking about Donald Donald Trump Iowa the BBC reshuffle. We think he's going to be on Monday for the government. Labor leadership died Abbott. John Berko and hunt Tracy break-ins bash shoulder which I think needs discussion doesn't so let's imagine that we're back in the CNN talk studios we're talking about. Donald Trump seems a long time ago and I really missed it actually back in there on forty Liam Karbi with us but we. Yeah so if you're listening. Let's with impeachment. Donald trump was found not guilty. He was cleared how you want to put it. I've always thought this was a very stupid thing for the Democrats to have done and I think it would actually rebound on them and Donald Trump. I mean I I think in about forty minutes. He's giving a press conference. What could possibly go wrong? What should we be on the fallout from this? Well I'm inclined to agree agree with you. I was very nervous about the Democrats doing this and actually Nancy Pelosi was clearly very nervous about this as well. She use of resisted for quite a a long time and it was the younger more insurgents sort of moral is presumed. left-wing member saying no. We got to do something about this. We've got to be seen to be doing something and oh I think they've. I think it was a gaffe because I think in fact when we talked about this on CNN talk. I think she predicted that this would happen. That he would get away with. I love the fact that the result was fifty two. It's like nostradamus. Predicted based on these two numbers. cusses knows groundhog hold. And this just please to his very strong narrative that he's the outsider. The all these people were coming to get him and he would be victorious and that will sure up his piece. I mean that is a great message for his base and I think part of Nancy Pelosi's frustration. Shen is that she did kind of see this coming and was sort of swept along with this feeling the do something and I think the Democrats are in real danger of aping. What the currently party is going through the movements to stop you that you cannot use the word anymore particularly if you're quoting Shakespeare? Yeah I knew about not using it not matter. How user is race with that snore? Jackie going trouble probably not. I mean he knew that you weren't allowed. Apparently something about the slave trade. I didn't know that I did not know I sincerely do the apologize for any offence caused. They're mimicking Kaisei Mimic Mimika light okay. There are mimicking the Labor Party. which is well well? I am suspicious foreign. I think you'll find I'm going to deport myself as soon as we finish this podcast. But I think what they're endangered doing instead of. Actually can I swear gang their shit together as a as an alternative minus work compared to the One lady smut comes out with sometime we have to shift to the fuck last week witnessed. You gotTA buckets won't sounds quite messy. She brings. It's a ready supply of baby boy. Do stupid like a white clean finally. Imagine her hotel also sitting outside the Taj Mahal. Ah Looking with with our little. If on listening to this podcast want Diana with the with this week because I used to. Princess Diana's car car car new website today. And there's lots of lovely pictures of and there's one page with two little kids in there which everyone is William and Harry. It's noise the children my Swiss francs. Who are we going to Francis is the actual so when did did Wendy do you get it? How did you get? This is actually a question. That many put costs fan has asked sometimes exchanging mark I. I had called nine hundred ninety. Four ordered a brand new Audi cabriolet which is kind of thing to be seen in in the mid nineteen ninety s and I was Gonna Matching holiday throughout Europe and argue. I'm sorry we can't deliver. So I I treat to round all of the dealerships in London to see if they had ready made once the award of this. I went to John's wood and they had this magnificent looking like turquoise color white leather. We'll talks car so naturally. Hello sociable. Why he's done four thousand miles? Why would anyone out twenty four thousand miles in the assessment larvae? So that was Princess Diana and I said Yeah Right Anyway he then showed me pictures of her in it. I didn't negotiate at all. I'll have it. Oh my God honestly mice lovely car so I went on this holiday around Europe for a couple of weeks and I remember driving around Trafalgar Square One night with the roof down in this Paparazzi blow came up beside me on the motor oil. You've Princess Diana's new bloke. I think know you know what will calling about probably would have done that. I hope he just get the seats cleaned and funny enough. We did find a hair in it. Yeah it's a long blonde hair now for. I didn't find it. Remember who it was. He founded ah the creepy so far. Hadn't bought back. This is very strange. How life works out? How did I not bought that car? I would not be with John now because How shall I put this at one night? Stand with Joel but his ex. Aw and so the x said he for some reason. I told you about the a friend who really liked to see that so anyway the next week the car or Oh stop it you all worse than htay anyway so. They came up to London. A We met in covent garden somewhere and I'd had a really bad at work and I was at a really bad mood. I did not want to see them at all. By the way I carry. Cancel so sort of how to train shades around the car off they went. I think that expected to be invited back but they weren't in anyway later that evening John Phones me up and knowing what I know now he's a very private and shy person and then he found the next night so it might be. He made all running in this relationship. But how'd we had. I know I would never met him. He's like the ghost of like Diana John Together. How guys So on brand I love it so I feel like there's more to be typed the store who's GonNa play here in the uh-huh thought probably somebody very quickly. I would think somebody sounded Michael Wolff everyday enough. You Know My god also really somebody thought it was like sight of us. She's a good looking woman. I know she's also I was good for me. Good Hash go ahead. It's three Berry Guitar. Good dumb oh it's like well at least I've got some okay the transformation in the CNN makeup behold three times transformation junior. We'd like tied up looking like an absolute dog. I go in there and they pretty much. Give me plastic surgery. I'd look at myself. Merle fuck is basically. Oh you sickly. Explain why he was such a bitch to me on the program. Look look it was unbelievable because so I the best thing that CNN it was. I had massive like news anchor. Here was hair always dreamed Dolly Parton here the higher the hair the closer to God. It was so true. I felt like this warrior woman I was Ah Streisand town. Afterwards and people going to agree and then when people would see me normally without my hair and makeup they'd be like U. K.. Like what I want. So she turned up to do a GIG and they were so disappointed they were like. Where's the hair is like? I know this is the SOD British hair. This is not the American anchor. LOVES TO JOIN US if it will ever look anyway back to Donald Trump unified rony cool but more the veering off the point. I was trying to make ages. Go was my concern about. The Dame's is that there'd be not Labor just screaming house in the House of opposition on. They're not getting their shit together to actually be an alternative and trump is just winning. Trump is winning all the way. She's really funny because Liam always he said right from the beginning trump. We'll get a second term asking. That's not yeah I remember you said the woman. So you're talking about high pitched squealing UNCLOG. I got an oil by from sophomore. So he said that Ryan meaning. I wasn't so social but given that they had twenty four candidates to choose from and it looks as if they're going to come up with probably one of the most inappropriate ones either. Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren Or. He's the other one any sunders having said that people to Jag is Zay Pronuncia to the K.. Boy He somebody to pronounce it. But it's not buttigieg what. Cj is live to chase him on this. PODCAST g think Pete but she could actually pull through because he he he clearly has just about one hour. Still haven't got the full results New Hampshire Bernie Sanders from Vermont store. But as George Bush used to say it's about the big Mo and but she got it but she sat. There are some big cracks opening up across but she. It doesn't listen. He is if they were smart. He's the one they should go for because I think he's more moderate. I think he's a breath of fresh air. I think he's super articulate. He's stands for something very very progressive. He's he's run a little town. It's like not speak as Cambridge. That remember has hasn't done Senator Snowe. I think I think they should be breathed a my where I think they're going to end up is with Bernie Sanders so we're basically yeah. I think that's where they're going to end up and I do you know. Let's be honest. You'RE GONNA have an aging lefty socialist against a big blunt populist for go walking possibly go wrong. America learn from from our mistakes. What did you think of Nancy Pelosi ripping up Donald Trump's speech behind him at the state of the Union? She might live to regret that I just love. I just love Nancy. I just love Nancy. I mean I just mania. Love Nancy's hair. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Her hair is absolutely amazing. I just think she was so frustrated. And I think the the thing is she she holds herself with a lot of decorum a lot of the time. She is seen as very much the the grown up but I think she wanted to put something on the record but I think that is also because she's he's being slightly pursued by these new as I see these young new radicals the AMC's and everybody. I think she has to sort of sure. Radical leg from time to time and show that she's not just part of the establishment and she's just comfortable with all of this she has to do give it was probably a bit Virtue Signal Inc.. I think she probably needs is to do it to keep them off her keys. Nancy Pelosi in some ways reminds me of that woman off this morning that she could probably use a whole telephoto jelly. Let's China read every woman who had a toy and she won't like an Egyptian. I just think it's about being student governing. It was unbelievable. Just plus the K Y Jelly. Well I loved was holy. We'll response where she meets. There are other brands told. But you know I'm I'm Nancy Pelosi. In America. Harriet the tail end of government. We had like a proper meeting with her. It was so exciting. We were just besides ourselves with excitement. She was so impressive. A nice and kind of warm and cool. She was fantastic. Well let's move onto another subject. The BBC got the government wanting to while they've launched a consultation on decriminalising decriminalizing People don't pay for the license fee. This is being seen as part of a bit of a war on the BBC that boycotting various progress not just on the BBC has to be ebbets Sky Channel. Four news about what I've seen people on that. PM number payment pay. I think all the ministers have been and then we had all this with what you make of all this. Do you think that Dominic Cummings sort of sitting there in his his last stroking what Pussy racist and and he's just thinking they're all falling for my little antics. He or do you think that you can fight a war but not on so many fronts and it can't go on this law I actually don't I haven't made up my mind on. That question is somebody who has worked on both sides of the fence. I was the press secretary I words in Downing Street as well. You know. There's a certain I suppose from a press officer point of view whether you agree with the morality of it. There's a certain kind of audacious nece that dominic cummings is doing the thing that many a press secretary's tried I mean let's be honest even under mighty Alec Campbell operated. You knew quite a divide agent rule. I don't know if it was so much of it's an inner lobby but there was a court of John. Lewis absolutely caught got spoon fed to the goodies and other people. Google sort of frozen. I have to love when you see the likes of him and Tom Baldwin Gay on television outrageous anything yet you would do I completely. I agree and I think in a new labor were sort of modern day. Do you know gold fathers of spin if you if you like. Busselton suspend published a book. Look cool that by Nick Jones is absent Muse cell. Spins regard didn't publish them took another one. Cool to control for which Tacoma hated. Because it's all about him. I mean that thing has gone a long time however I do still think the it's not very healthy. I think one of the very important things about British Society for good or for ill is that we are famed for having a very boisterous very robust press particularly our political price and they attack all hues of government and that is correct. That is right and when you're on the other side I used to do it's not fun and it's not nice but it shouldn't be. You should not have a comfortable relationship if you are in government with the press is not that healthy but when you think the thing that really brought it home for me was When you have this huge kind of terror movement and people are genuinely genuinely concerned you do want to see the prime minister and senior ministers own programs like good morning Britain today programming? I would actually even see good morning Britain in some ways. This is even more important than the deprogrammed because a lot of like normal people are going to be watching really worried about what's happening so I think in situations like that. The government has ju not to communicate with the public via constant communicate. Who who is going to? They've got policies that presumably. You want to persuade us all really good. But they can't rely on surrogates to do it and there are many people I know. Sometimes people think of me is in that category aggressive. I go in and said it will try and explain it Tory policy but I mean there were Tory policies. Shall we say not explain because don't agree with and I think nature aboard a vacuum in the sort of media world. Remember when I first started doing impress this is back in one thousand nine hundred seventy this was I think twenty for a news was just beginning to be talked to buy. We had one new cycle a day which was governed by the daily newspapers. And then you'd have the big teatime bulletins the breakfast bulletins we live in an era now where there are kind of micro new cycles which you know change of our to our and you do unfortunately whether you like you know you do have to sort of feed that beast and you have to make an effort to get the narrative I the that you want and you have to engage with people and I think look all price vice officers will tell you. We've got to move away from the lobby. Regional prices really important specialist prices. Really important and there is a legitimate argument for that but but at the end of the day you can run away from the mainstream press nor should you particularly when we have an ex journalist in dining street and a couple of years musical. You'll remember this is when I was working in the party. There was an Almighty robot. Price Freedom with the Levinson inquiry and people like Boris Johnson. Others were you kind of say look we have to uphold press freedom all times and now you see Boris Johnson restricting press. Also hypocrisy on this into isn't that and kissed Alma for example so issuing a very grand tweet say this outrageous from the very same man. He went to the son. Jeremy Corbyn I I think has been just as bad. Boris Johnson avoiding the scrutiny of the media in any meaningful way over his entire period as leader. Well I mean are there is definitely some truth. I mean with Jeremy Corbyn they were very much picking and choosing who the they wanted to do business with them into the point where there was a joke than in the only if the jokes ain't Jeremy Corbyn one they have like a national network of Navarra a medium norovirus media as of liked to refer to them as. I'm curious as I think so. Yeah Rebecca Bailey. Did an interview with them the other night where she said something quarter she said. You don't need to have a charismatic leader to win. You just need big ideas. It's all about ideas it's like come on but Kia start. She made that comment in Liverpool. And I think he made a bit of a rookie Arab. I watched that online and he was in playing to the gallery because obviously Liverpool Masan. Don't have a great relationship so he's like I am never going to do an interview with the Sun. Rapturous applause comes down to London. I interview him later that day for the Fabian Society and I said to him you seriously not ever going to engage with the Sun newspaper when you have have to win over sun readers. Some who voted conservative this time but many of them have voted Labour in the past and is interesting slightly softened his view and he said well I mean we'll have to revisited off. Let's see if I win first and then we'll revisit it so I think he was doing a sort of a well. Let's let's come onto the Labour leadership. I don't actually know who you supporting to have. You know I haven't cleared you. Don't actually have made up mind you. I'm between a no. I'm between cure star at least a ninety so I interviewed Lisa. Nandy the new KIA very well. He is my local constituency. And I'm a huge fan of his I. She did. An event with him recently called desert island discs not to be very careful. The different island takes both houses. We both come on the streets like it's the wrong but we liam yeah and he was really interesting. He talked his back story. He's I think he's actually much more interesting person when you when he relaxes a bit he he is warm and he's charming and all that kind of thing and the ninety Lisa Nandy for the evening standard a couple of weeks ago and a half to say. I was really really impressed by a A. She is fluent smarts em you know. She's go a lightness of touch. One of the things she said to me. I don't have enough space to put into this thing. I really really lights better. She says she's very left wing. She's new she's not apologetic about being left wing from a great interesting family. Her father helped set up the runnymede. Trust which is a big antidiscrimination thing. He helped Roy Jenkins asked him to drop the race relations. Act Back in the days she steeped in various of left-wing. I am sort of culture but she said this thing about. I'm not here to hate the Tories. I'm not here to hate anybody. I'm here to build a positive vision. Shen that Labor has to show to the public and I was so hot into either because all I'm hearing from the Labor Party who they hate and what they're against as opposed to nasty Paul Salty. Well I I hate to agree with you because it's you know it's the party of my tribe. It's my family. It has become pretty ugly so essentially your position is that you probably at least ninety be concept publicly. Kiss Thomas I'm going to. I'll tell you what I'm GonNa do. I'm GonNa look look near the time I'm I don't you can write off Rebecca Long Bailey. This is the mistake. A lot of commentators are speaking to some insiders on this so yes she's not doing very well in the Iot side polls my own paper the evening standard had to pull out the oboe. That wasn't the whole selector it. It was a kind of a small small portion of it but I do know underestimate nice to meet a couple of things festival. The majority of Labor members are not these progressive people that have joined Jess Phillips. or Key your star. They're releasing releasing a lot of moderates. Who left over Anti Semitism and Brexit? So the rump of the Labor Party is still pretty wedded to Jeremy Corbyn and that is not to be underestimated committed second thing organization and Money Am Rebecca. Bailey has got the firepower and the Organization of unite and momentum and whether you agree agree with them whether you love them aluminum. They're bloody good at winning internal Leib elections on the third thing is data. Data is key Kearse campaign. Lisa's Lisa campaign have got new data. And they've got new experience of how to win these kinds of elections so I wouldn't write off Rebecca Long Bailey and remember this continuity. Corbin message is very powerful in my mind. Continuity corporate means she's going to continue a Labor slide into political irrelevance but you've got Corbin endorsing her and the other thing to watch out for just. We talked about America at the start of this if Bernie Sanders really soars over the next couple of weeks. Die Is going to give Rebecca Bailey. A real shot in the arm of the loss of Labor members. So I'm going to look at things closer to the time in the ballot strip and I'm I'm going to vote for whoever I think can beat Rebecca Long Bailey. And that's what I would urge. I think key or Lisa either of them will be very very good. But we've got to naught let the the hard left because if they take over the party this time in it really really is finished question on that from Harry. He says my question Shen is to Asia if Rebecca Long Bailey is elected as party leader. Will you stay in the Labour Party or can you see some sort of split between the moderates and the call ministers I'm nineteen. I'm from Manchester. My whole family has always voted Labor. But we all backed Boris. We would again if any candidate other than Lisa Nandy was elected i. I don't think there will be a split only because we are really bad at doing that is just absolutely useless. As we've said that would probably be defined stool for her Rebecca Bailey. One I get that and I think a lot of people thinking that but I hear people say that all the time a for me I feel. I'm a lifer in the Labor Party for better or for worse role. Probably scrapped up for me. Because I'm a slim again and indeterminate sentence. Pretty Patel's concern me. There'd be like she's Reshi. We don't trust that that she's de radical so for me. I very much. I have a very of tribal nostalgic very emotional shnell connection with Labor Party. Somebody's to meet leaving the League parties as you harder than leaving a marriage. It feels like that way but I do think Rebecca Long Bailey wins. Yeah I mean it's is going to be is terrible but I imagine that if she wins and things go really badly wrong there will probably be moved to get rid of a back quicker but maybe installed Shiberghan phone into my program tonight. Because we've got dave war to the leader the W and so she's kind of phone in so That'll be interesting. NO IDEA I mean I. I was hoping that she would come into our with me at some point but she says you come and do an hour now if all the other candidates there as well but she doesn't want she's done she's either done or is about to do an hour James Kids agree to do with me Lisa hasn't yet and emily was going to but it's gone remarkably silent. I don't need that to be fat to her. Her only objective is to get constituency instances penalties and a paving program. Is that going to help that. Probably not I'm. I'm genuinely surprised at how Emily's had such a tough time. Did you see the Tory party political broadcast this week. See I was thinking to myself which of the four Labor candidates could have actually carried off in the way that bursted did with guy and I came to the conclusion actually. Emily could've done but the other three probably couldn't that's really interesting. I thought was a really good ad for and kind of should send an absolute shivered. Spine of the Labor Party is waiting for the exposes actor. Now I don't think he lacks that cowboy a bit much. It's like where's the weapon. You're right but it kind of did fit in didn't it didn't look by. I know what you mean the whole music when I will allow change out of a goal for Brown just like I do actually think Lisa Nandy would be good not situation. I would probably be a bit awkward. I think probably Rebecca do Lisa. Nandy would be pretty good in that situation but what oh I thought was interesting in that advert. Was this freeze. You said it was about lending your I think I was powerful freeze. I was very smart. Freeze whoever wrote that for Boris Johnson. Because it comes across as not being arrogant it's not like they're claiming possession of these people's little absolutely they are talking about. Let's onto the reshuffle briefly. Tell me which remits tres. You have been impressed by. No this'll be a short conversation but we we all know who we rate in each of the different parties who do you think has actually proved themselves in their jobs so far and then there was silence. Well I'm genuine not saying this to be partisan because I tried to be as objective as I can. I do not think this is a cabinet. which is a normal cabinet and I think people are not really allowed to or able to shape their own department or be their impassioned person because everything's been dominated by breaks it so so far has been very very tight messaging on brexit dominic? Cummings has really ruled the roost priest in a pretty aggressive but effective. We saw anything any of them have been allowed to shine. None of them have live in in my view off agree with that in the they've goes for very small group of cabinet ministers that they put on the media. There's only four or five of them. Robot generate Richie. Sue Do not Brandon Lewis who else. That's about isn't it. Think about it. I mean Brandon. I think he was on. The first. More of the year is has always done question time. That's all over the suspect that those three are probably going to well. I mean brandon is a minister attending the camera high. They get rid of all of these ministers attending the cabin and just have a cabinet of twenty two twenty three. But I think he'll probably get promotion. And Richie soon knock. He's another one. He's attending he. Will I think it's a big department. Maybe business I'd probably would have thought he would stay where he is actually. He's he's made a bit of an impact yet. Woman problem hasn't ain't because all of the articles that you read are speculating that he wants to get rid of all women now. He's you're not going to do that. You just couldn't but there isn't a whole Phalanx of women. Ministers state level is caroline dying edge. Lucy Fraser those are the only to administer the state level. You think well yeah. They could go into the cabinet. There's a there's a other female junior ministers but none of them you can't think yet they would definitely be really good cabinet ministers. They probably need to minister state a difficult job to prove themselves. So there's a real dilemma for him that I was obstinately. And I think the optic we'll be terrible am am too to just junk. All the women ticky some of the women who've been pretty loyal to him on all the brexit stuff and did a lot of the heavy lifting. Look you know I knew. Fan of and Andrea. Let's however version of the media and I think she's got she's quite determinant. She's a survivor. That's a big thing. Think about Andrew. Why was just about to say I mean I'm not a fan of politics and all that comes thing? Yeah I would. I would agree with you and actually. She's been pretty impressive in parliament behind the scenes. She's done in a lot of stuff on the anti-bullying stuff. She really took on John Barracuda on the bullying stuff and she worked cross party with other women like Harriet. Harman Jo Swinson to introduce proxy voting in for for new female. MP's that had just had children. So I actually think she so I think it would be real shame to sort of just get rid of of somebody like her but I think the problem is bigger and it's more existential. I think the big test for this government is can it move from being very effective slow campaigning. Being sort of slogan machine. Get brexit done lenders. You've all that kind of thing to the very difficult very boring. Very sexy rule of delivering government policy and I was a civil servant for a long time before it was a special advisor in government. And actually you need a lot of people who are very effective boring middle managers to get things done in government. Have they got those people and will they allow those people to do those jobs. And we'll lose people have the ability because it's very easy particularly in politics right now to meet greet you know headlines by just saying outlandish things very polarized things. That's the easy bit of politics. The difficult cool stuff is delivering. I'm going to be fascinated to see. Is this budget because this budget is going to be so fascinating it. This is a party at the height of its powers eighteen majority. I don't think it will make up at the next election but probably likely to sort of go down height of pirates. Big Budget money where your mouth is time are. Are they going to you know really deliver and already. You're seeing a saw something this week about. Hi Sasha Javid is at war with Dominic Cummings. He's being called China's and chancellor in name only because there's such tensions so this is going to be the big test the fun bit in a way the fireworks are over you've won. They did brilliantly fairplay apply to them. Can they actually delivering. I agree with you on the budget. I think it's absolutely crucial that. This budget really sets the path for the next five years is such avid vit- radical Actually no evidence of him in previous jobs paying particular radically often talks a good game. But there's not much legacy when he moves onto another job and I think that's where some senior Tory those talking to you before he was appointed said he would be the worst appointment because he won't he hasn't gone. He's very conservative with a small. See and what you need now for. After brexit is a charter that will do some radical things. Yeah I completely i. I think we're going to learn a lot more. Oh from this budget than we normally would from a budget on one of the things I'm particularly interested in in tracking is the I think one of the reasons that the toys did variable other than breaks it but a message percentile that look the spending taps back on guys. We're really going to flood the north big infrastructure projects Blah Blah Blah. Now in the last couple of weeks you've seen messages coming out from the Treasury inside Javed's team saying well hang on a minute. Actually we may well be asking departments for carts now. That sounds a lot like authority to me. So you can't really have it. Both ways is a very interesting pace. I can't remember sort of somebody listed if you canceled. H as to how you could spend the money on all sorts of different infrastructure things in the north and the Midlands and and there are a whole load of them that would cost like eighty million one hundred million one hundred and fifty million. And you think that's what you need to be whether you ditch it just to not those are the things that people will notice difference in their local environments. And that's what they've got to do in five years time. They've got to be able to say to the voters of Bolton. Well this is what we've done in your ear to the voices of Halifax this is what we've done here. And those kind of infrastructure bonds they need infrastructure projects. They need to be started now so say five years time there are at least underway if not finished so that will be interesting stuff. A quick word about Diane Abbott and Johm Berko and the the Black Rod off of I interviewed the former black road last night. David Leakey who is shall we say he's got his dander up about Burqa Coke quite rightly in my view but Dina Abbott's tweet yesterday. She presumably saw what she then deleted. Effectively say that she didn't really believe David Lee because he was a genuine. How could a general possibly intimidates now thinking? I can't believe a black female lieber. MP could write something so crass when effectively effectively she say well. The victim shouldn't be believed. I was really flabbergasted by that because I thought that Diane would have a lot more empathy given the fact that she is one of the most bullied people on these shores. But also I've known Diane for a long time. I'm good friends with a dime but she's often been bean surprisingly sensitive and sympathetic to toxic masculinity. She worked with her when she was in. Alabama's front bench. She did a lot of work by a lot of the troubles. That boys and men have. She talked a lot about the need for focusing on them as well as women. You know all this kind of stuff so it just seemed extraordinary ornery and actually the other thing that we can have rammed whom to me. I listened a wee bit to Tom. Swore Bake who's sitting Eddie Mayor yesterday and he had a food in with a lot of 'em servicemen ringing in talking about the bullying they had experienced and the idea that you cannot be bullied because you have been a service matter ridiculous argument argument. I think she made a huge gaffe. She deleted the tweet but it was I. I don't know possess there it was. I don't understand listen cards on the table. I like John Becker. I've known John Becker for longtime that does not mean. I don't believe that the his victims. Why can't quite believe is why I had Jeremy Corbyn going to all this trouble? When Jeremy Corbyn is against the House of Lords there were tons of great labor? MP's lost their seats. Because of Jeremy Corbyn why is he losing all this tiny bit political capital. He's got let go. He doesn't have any on this matter. Bid To put John Back into the House of Lords. I don't understand it today. Minds though is just David Leakey alleging these things you could kind of understand people said well. That's one allegation. We've got to set against his everything else. He's done his great reforming speaker. And all that. But it's not just David Leakey. It is a multitude of people. All the people have been on Newsnight roy talking about Richard Rodgers Lewis Vein. I mean here is. Nobody's fool to my mind. I don't think he's it it. It should be ruled out that he should go to the hassles. But you've got to have this inquiry I and if he cleared then fine but it would be ridiculous for until you put it in the House of Lords bring the whole system into total disrepute even further to repeat it. I mean I I I cannot for the life of me understand but then are look who else leave. A party's nominating carry Murphy. Who is again you steeped in tons of pretty terrible? Bullying allegations along with a lot of bad behavior on the whole antisemitism thing thing so again I just feel the Labor Party has so lost. Its way on something that used to be so evidently Germain you. We are the party that always said look thank. You must listen to the victim. You must believe the victim one of the things that the Macpherson inquiry which a Labor government set which was into the death of even Lawrenson Tau Queens. The freeze institutional racism and prejudice is that you must always put yourself in the shoes of the victims of matter who they are without fear or favor. Yeah we seem to have lost our way massively on this. I mean to be part on. This wouldn't surprise me if it was a conservative prime minister doing this. I can't believe it's a lieber so of of administration or or or do you have some slight issue with automatically believing everybody that comes forward with navigation. Look what happened with called beach. How many people he Hoodwinked been several other cases. Okay we're talking about historic child sexual abuse here which is different to bullying. But I mean it's in in a similar area I do think initially you've got to kind of believe people and then sort of work out what's happened but the fact that a a lot of these allegations were made two or three years ago. Nothing has been done since just shows the the faulty system in cons but also I mean I have seen some young researchers who've been in touch with me and others in the last two weeks seeing that it's an some of the people they have accused of. Bullying have now been quite assertive and had been in touch with them seeing no one. No one believes you back often citing the whole system you need. I agree with you you can't you. You can't just accuse somebody in that is the end of it. You need to have a proper independent. A complaint systems investigates of different definition of what bullying actually actually means. I mean I mean you believe me every day on. CNN talk if you shout at somebody occasionally does not constitute bullying like remember. ABSOLUT's screaming match. I had with one of my produce during a live program now in theory you could say that was bullying because she was not doing something which I thought she ought to have been doing and was refusing to do it and it was an alive programme and I was going to have my say on this. No plenty of witnesses to uh-huh well now I don't believe that was bullying but by some of the definitions. I'm seeing of things that John Berko is supposed to done. I mean that would kind of be. Yeah but I think so. Much of this goes to the fact that M. Pot. Will I think this happens in a lot of organizations even whether is proper. Hr there's confusion about back. There's often a generational difference in terms of what's acceptable and what's not but the high success is even worse than that is just six hundred and fifty odd small businesses of running doing their own thing. There's no rhyme or reason nobody gets trained in terms of no one gets any training could be an MP conduct yourself as an N.. P. Or or was a senior staff member and I think you know more much much more needs to be done to modernize parliament from that point of view. I used to see it myself. A nice and footsie with me do it was the Diana car thinking if I never wanted you more maven you'll be like HR complained. Please see things onto cover before reducing questions. Because because I know you've got you've got the file to call him. Say Column to file the war of Tracy break-ins Shoulder. Have you ever seen anything anything. So ridiculous feet come the size of a bash shoulder in the house of the season of aroused a lot of Russia Russia blog today and it was completely ludicrous. I mean for God's sake have we got nothing to talk about than this woman shoulder. I mean they just just some sort of time warp. If I remember that film sort of Quantum meet with guides wake up it'd be like nineteen eight hundred three or something different. Not Remind you of when Jackie was sorry and she was stunning the dispatch voice. And I think the one of the papers referred to her Mellon's also. The title was Brace Minster The Sun to Islam. I think I think she was. I think somebody let me me too. Far lovely couple of Bobby's. There is something it's just like. I always carry on Parliament. I mean come on now I just thought I was either absolutely and after his just for the record. I'm not saying I wasn't drunk. I'm not a slapper. I haven't just been banged over really but you know in a way I think she comes out of it better and it's given her some probably useful proof proof I think she turned it to her advantage and she's come out of it like with a lot of support and needs to get good bras. Well I was reading the Evening Standard on my way home last night. Reading your column how you've got a column in that paper by the way because you haven't got double barrelled name. Don't tell us I'm she truly everybody else he. She writes columnists double-barreled. And you wrote the main bit. The column was about negotiating pay rises and it really struck a chord with me. Because I hate talking about money particularly when it's my money and what I want from Anybody that's wanting to me to do something and I get really really embarrassed about it and yet when I negotiate my contract to LBC James by former fact. He's the big boss here. He he always told the I was the one that was most difficult to negotiate with. Because I wouldn't back down so that's very interesting. So your interesting in the sense that you can negotiate professionally for yourself. WHOA but not for my radio stuff? You negotiate your contract. He yourself so that's interesting so your comfortable and good assertive started not comfortable doing tool but us on because there's always this voice in the back of my head the says actually still under selling yourself the bar. We always get to something that I'm happy with happy with otherwise I wouldn't sign a contract. Do you end up having to basically do. Hey drawing on the person I am. Do You keep a conversation or does it end up being on per se. I sometimes puts it in an email if I who sometimes I find. I'm never going to remember everything I won't say in. So I might send a preparatory amount symbol. This is what I won't then we'll have a compensation and they'll come come back with counteroffer. Nobody goes back two or three times either verbally on an email but I think that's quite normal so I think a lot of this is it's not just women by the way a lot a lot of men that should be coming big response. The the the column. I love mango and contrasting. How she felt exactly the same? We I think so much of it is bound up with to your psychology and how you see yourself and whether you feel that you are entitled to have that job. Do you have a bit of imposter syndrome. Do you feel comfortable by knowing your worth and articulate in your worth and I think for a lot of women they do feel quite uncomfortable with that I mean I I knew I I mean I I yeah I mean I negotiate my evening standard contract and ended up fine but it was the most like no my nerves were shredded but also the stakes are very high. I I think as well for a lot of people if this is your real dream job that you want and you what dead hard to get. You suddenly feel you're in a win is a binary win-lose like either. You're not going to get what you want. And you're GONNA have to sort of walk away to save face or you just simply not going to get the the money you want but what was interesting about this workshop which is really excellent. If anyone's go she wins and they're very very practical. What they do is go through a lot of the kind of psychology of it but also explained you the best negotiators to so so much preparation? So we're lying negoti kind of talking heart palpitations and then like going to give everything basically usual sex noise you. They don't WanNa go with your love away for your shoulder. Get your hands on combat later and I get very panicked. I think's but they also say just like the most important thing you can do is. Is Everything down on paper work. I you know what is the market rate of stuff you're going for and workout realistically will is a very sensible. You know high pitch to go for so you get a more is your absolute absolutely. I'm walking away. And then is your sensible. But in the middle and also widen pitch because when we see an you it's not just salary decimal point in the wrong place you know. There's lots of other perks that you can get. You can negotiate training or more holiday or something like that but I think you know I would say one of the things they should teach school forget Latin and all that nonsense teaching young people about basic life skills confidence how to do these kinds of negotiations high because in every walk of life you have to barter you left and I think that's a real skill into the school in Ilford. Recently and the first question was the eleven to eighteen. It's quite difficult to pitch it right to that kind of audience. This little boy put his hand up as much talk. Well done you and I thought well that I'm sure that wouldn't have happened twenty years ago. You're a lot of the questions were about sort of the business of the media rather than saying Humani celebrities it all worked up about negotiation also switching onto. Ah Let's go to the questions Richard says. Can I just ask in. Why so many call is to your show? Ask How you are start of the conversation. Don't they know that you're very likely to be the same as five minutes earlier. When you lost pay us any chance I use can outsmart Jackie? Well you've hunt you pref- in this podcast. I think on that. I think it's just. An icebreaker isn't as people generally people are polite. If you meet someone in the street that you know you generally ask how how they are basically does an. I often get complaints me. They've asked you how you are. You have an awesome. How they are well? No because I don't really care in in the percents that I won't get on with the program on ask every single caller how they are. Where's IT GONNA any good for? You knew what you've been five minutes and talking about someone's Boneyard you you own holiday so should. The government gives the option to overseas territories to become full members of the United Kingdom thus ending. MP's parliament I would. I'd say yes. Gibraltar the Falkland overpays in Palm. or You could have. One impeach represent the overseas territories. I think that'd be a good. I think that's a great idea. Whatever that remind because people forget in this country we have these overseas territory? Couldn't have an MP for the Falklands excuse me about two thousand people live that if you added up the different populations I see absolutely nothing. We need more. MP's disagree more orm well if you look at the electoral register it's out of D.. And a little busy built up urban areas a lot more people than is on the register wildly on the register because they move around a lot quite transient renters. Young people with us there was no the state has to help to. I'm sorry I think most people can just take two minutes to register only into that. That's a really busy. I'm too busy to call the doctor. I think I'm dying. I think it was terrible disease. I think I might. She taught by my she too busy individuals ability. So police off up by your straps you. That's that's what you would be like. I want to read the Eulogy At my funeral. She was so lazy she pulled her hair left on the few times. Eulogies coin. Okay I put you on the list. Cheryl Cole's forty-seven-year-old face. That's the twitter handle of this person. If you you were prime minister which law would immediately implement. Which one would you immediately revoke luck chance to think about that? I would revoke the loan charge and I would implement the inheritance tax brackets. Abolition brackets bill. I think I would remove. Do we still have the married married couples tax. I'd get rid of that because I think it's just really the old fashioned and sort of unnecessary. I don't think people get together for a for a tax break. 'em separate begetter. What would I introduce? I would introduce use some thing about. I don't know if it's necessarily I do something about introducing free social care just like that. It's not typical labor. More money than Max Cevic Kim Go. That's a difficult name to pronounce. uh-huh was it. So can I tonight question for this week's podcast as more of a centrist conservative. I often find myself warming too but cheeks. I mean Peter Partake take on Joe Biden more than I do to trump in many republicans. Not necessarily because I agree with everything they say but more. Because I can't relate to the sort of Christian conservatism. That is prevalent prevalent the American right. Who Do you nice must identify within the current? US Election Cycle. And do you think that a moderate Tory here is more of a centrist in in the US. Yeah in a sense both. The Republicans and Democrats have always being conservative parties. And I always identified to fight for the Republican Party until ten or fifteen years ago and I think it was two thousand eighteen election one I mean Joe McCain and I could quite easily support him but the Republican Party by that point had become a bit of a religious sect so I've never thought of myself as a Republican supporter ever since then an and which is a shame because if you go back in history and in great conservative Republicans I think we can learn a lot from but I can't think of many Republicans now in covent politics that I would want to learn anything from? I mean you personal I can think of the. I've got some respect for Mitt Romney after his speech last night our respect a man who strapped adult cage on the top of his car and drove hundreds of miles with his dog in the cage on the top of his car tomorrow. Do you might pain. Strange I haven't met Mike Pence. Did you interview. Mike Pompeo. Sorry Mike Pompeo cartel them apart and but no. It's a good question. I mean I think one of the one of the criticisms. I think this is something. That's plagued both the United Kingdom and the USC the and I think this is why both parties in our solve polarizing off to their sort of could've extremes is. I think a lot of voters felt that they were quite similar. There was sort of all the same. Everybody was crowded on the centre ground. And while I think there's the Samaritan it did switch off a lot of people as well which is well I think both parties have certainly in this country going this way and if they pick Bernie Sanders than that so the Democrats are going to go. I mean for me. I don't look many of the. I'm not that inspired by most of the Democrats. I mean there are some standard names I do think Elizabeth Warren is impressive. Save I think she has. I think she's interesting nobody. She's a bit more thoughtful than than Corbin. She's definitely more and more thoughtful than than Bernie Sanders. But Oh who's that guy that I quite like. That he was going to run. He did quite well and then he dropped out. He won his everyone. You wouldn't have really high hopes for him to read on twitter the other day. I have no idea if this is true but there were apparently twelve people who had seen what was on anyways laptop all of the different things nine of them now dead editor on twitter. It must be true. Of course is James Says Ian. Do you have any sympathy. They with Derek. MCI No not at all it. It's incredible this in many ways. In the first of all the oversee I see the sun in Scotland waited until the day of those delivering. His budget do it. I mean classic in in a way But the stupidity Pity of it. It was revolting. I was looking at some of the text messages. And by the way the the tacit grooming. Oh It's disgusting so oh creepy so creepy and total abusive power APPS and abuse of power. And I'm sorry there's a whole Lotta people up in Scotland going. Oh it's the sun will. I don't care if it's a son tough titty that they do on the day of the the budget. This is not the sunset problem. This is this guys problem for being a complete creep a friend undermine his guy said Isn't there a bit of homophobia about this and I thought well possibly Sibley a little bit but I think if it had been a sixteen year old girl it would have been equally sort of sixteen is young it is legalized uh-huh which nobis actually said that okay is legal. It is legal. But they're also what we think is all sort of social constructs which this. This is a much older man in a really significant position apartment. This is somebody who was to take over from Nicholas Sturgeon if she stood down and he's sending these message. This boy and this boy is clearly like clocking. This is slightly inappropriate. You know so rumors in Asia might stand down. Yeah there are absolute rumors and and he was very much one of the the people who was in the freedom. So I'm afraid I have no sympathy if as you say if the if the rules are reversed if it was an older man. Dan and a sixteen year old schoolgirl would be seeing exactly the same things. Also how stupid. How stupid of than the end? When that's that's what it comes down to and he's again? This is probably not the day to say this but whenever anybody whenever anybody finds themselves through their own fault or whatever at the center of a scandal like this I have to say I do sometimes think will getting a bit of care here because thought I could be in the next first minister scholar and his whole life has now been shattered through his own. Volt completely get that but the those circumstances where people do bad things you just wonder if people people have thought of that. I think the difficulty for him as well is I mean I don't know what his his status was but the hard thing about this Samardzija until he came out. I think it's absolutely which was rather than the the office today today. A huge amount of that new. Nobody wants to be in a position where somebody is driven to you know having suicidal thoughts or even even worse. But I'm afraid he does have to pay the price for you know really unnecessary. I mean in this day and age. How many scandals have we seen like this? I mean this guy is clearly articulate. He's intelligent he's high flying. He's I'm vicious so this was a a really really stupid thing to do. A nook or I get people have their own private passions but if you are going to to use your free let your Coke Guy Jaw judgment that that degrees. I'm afraid you you you you you are going to lose the thing that you would care to buy which was your career in your your status and everything else. Sorry I just thought to do for the list. Sorry I should. We'll we'll be back next week so many complaints that we could do this week she could see no smart all Let me just point. It was a couple of podcasts. Because on the all-talk podcast this week. We've all played it an interview I did in two thousand twelve with Donald Trump. Believe it or or not It's if you are I'm talking to somebody who's normal. Wow is worthless. It's twelve minutes long but he he's. He's funny we use. It was embarrassing. He was in trump tower. He was speaking conference of the cell centers plugging that we covered quite a lot of ground. And he that's such a great question preening myself. So there's that on the old folk podcast we've if you're listening to my show on Tuesday and you'll have a ah fantastic our with Michael Cashman. That's not going to be on the book club. PODCAST which is up that right now? And as if I hadn't got enough podcast that's going to be a fifth one from next week a Monday my whole. LBC show will be done is a podcast every day on Apple. podcast teens Google. Wherever you get your podcast from so if you live in the rest of the world and you fancy a bit of in every day this is the way too fancy right? I mean come on exactly right I still do you. Hold the record as the public figure with the most number of podcasts income. must do anyways could indeed the whole show and you can subscribe to it now and it will land on your phone by ten thirty each evening Monday to Thursday. We'll see you again next week. I shall myself and then we'll be hearing about Jackie. Swing swing is holiday. Or maybe we weren't she. She may get swept off her feet by some Indian prince like surface of an Indian d'essai Shirley it might be one of my dodgy relatives massively God hockey forget to say goodbye. Thank you for listening to this global original podcast from LBC. If you enjoyed it would love it if you could leave a rating and review on whichever podcast APP. You're using it helps people find us she say. And if you like this podcast detriot my other. Two weekly podcasts. The Ian Del Book Club where our interview talk talked about their new books and cost question. My weekly political panel debate show with top guests from the world of politics and the media. The book club. PODCAST is ready for download every Friday morning and cross-questioned from ten pm every Wednesday night and don't forget to listen to my daily l._B._C.. Show from seven to ten PM Monday to Thursday on L._B._C..

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"Hello and welcome to. Romania is now officially elite. The podcast of the Post brexit resistance after supping fail of freedom and sovereignty. Last week crowns have dispersed from Westminster last week. One thousand three hundred fifteen days is off the referendum pulling the NAF coin enough details. The government put on enough light. Show smack Margaret Exit. We are still hit. See through the ups and downs of of the transition. I'm Dorian Linski a big week for US joining me for it or a couple of our regulars the Learner Gentlemen semi right is induct editor politics dot UK and no stranger inches chuntering from a sedentary position. And do you have favorite standing order. Or you don't want to be fashionable. Is Standing Ending on twenty four cutting edge on my standing preferences. Yeah just like the Beatles. Isn't it the best. So honorable lady on my left is Ross Taylor editor of LLC breaks it alone. I was INS method of self care on Friday night with boozing. Geez he's How did you did you marco? Steve knew the or did you do as I did completely ignore it I tried to. I've been very sad. Order was wondering around just cry. Ransom awesome that was embarrassing especially at school pickup and then and then I decided to go to bed early Besides that I wouldn't have to you know I wouldn't be tempted to go on twitter or anything like that so I went to bed early and then at eleven o'clock I was woken up by the side of Fi. Works which some fucking had had had had been letting off over north London. I four places and I was so angry that I immediately went on twitter. Just got furious. I was doing fine as the the lead by donkey's white cliffs of Dover Thing MHM and I was like Damn. You made me cry with us. Today is a man who held the rare talent of making the last four years horrible and even entertaining through sheer force of up holding parliamentary sovereignty. This time nasty. Break with tradition by allowing a vote on the grief amendment you also denied the May government. His third vote on her deal. He's called breaks the biggest mistake since the Second World War which we like a lot and his autobiography unspeakable published this week where he gives his verdict on the four prime ministers who govern and on his watch among others and tells us what really went on in the parliamentary battles of the brexit years ago. This week is former speaker of the House of Commons the moisture of Erskine. May John Burke Jong to you and thank you for having me on your program on your podcast. How are you how you enjoying life outside outside the Commons do you? Do you feel the urge to to of tell people off in civilian life. I've not used the word chuntering from sedentary position with with anything like the same frequency in the previous ten years so now I'm enjoying life I'm trying to the living. have some famine in decoys. Possibly do some good and what I mean by the Lazarus that I can imagine undertaking some charitable activities in the future. But I haven't finally decided any one particular cause remember interested in the whole issue of social mobility corporate social responsibility in some but basically I'm making the living by communicating with business audiences. I am enjoying doing a bit of lecturing role Holloway College London University which is found Chancellor Counselor of my Old University Essex University which is an honorary position is not a paid position. As a great honor. Spending a bit more time with my family and indulging my passion for sports specifically Tennyson football when presuming. That you'll publicist haven't cunningly stayed this. On the way into the studio there were two strangers. His who deserve came up and said hello and thank you for what you're doing. It became kind of the star of the parliament channel. Las Jeremy It gave a client of conferred kind of celebrity. That the speaker doesn't n-normally enjoy has generally been a Nazi. You know celebrities sort of has as a has decided to it has it generally been kind of benign experience view have used sort of enjoyed The attention of strangers memes and so on. Yes if truth be told I have. I'm not even sure if I would call it. A benign phenomenon. I mean it's been very positive and uplifting from my I point view look a day make the mistake of thinking that it is proof of huge public popularity because I think the truth of the matter is and I think I said this to in when we met recently it self selecting the people who come up to you and express enthusiasm say well Donald. I'd like to say thank you for your service and it. It does happen. A lot in London happens every day without fail. They mean hundreds of people but I mean a steady trickle every day when I mountain public places. Isn't those people are choosing to come and say hello and say thank you or we support your. We think you did a great job because they are supportive. The will be huge numbers. The people who have the foggiest idea who you also think of coming up to you and saying and this face it will be people who don't approve of me who didn't think much of me as speaker or it don't approve of my political views. They see them and they're not all Maho with exceptions gain to come up and say anything. Why well because most people they want to cross the road to pick a fight? People got lives to lead and you know they probably don't want to have a free car or an altercation so they probably wouldn't but it's as to the means the means quite on I am od very recently familiar with the idea of me or what. My children described to me as a mash up mash up walls other than a collection of potatoes prepared to accompany the dish and I was astonished when I was first told about this but I saw a number of memes. I saw me on my mobile phone of me saying Mr Peter Bone Conservative member bottom of wedding. Bre and somebody had done a me more a mash up of me saying Mr Peter Bone to do. The music of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony was a member of the public who presumably either not fully gainfully employed or have been leisure time and he thought it would be fun to do so at meetings to burn cetera and the stuff on the Internet. I think of me sort of saying dumbass Chara Lambros. I'm Bruce and Sangam to yeah quite well then labor. MP's with very distinctive names. So have I found it from yes. I suppose you know I have to admit uh-huh do seek it but I have found it stimulating and to a degree to a very modest degree reassuring. I've I think I'm pretty robust. Oh you do get a lot of criticism and abuse and that goes with the turf of being a public figure. I'm not complaining about that but it's nice. Obviously it's human nature to want to have some approval rating is nice when people come up and say well what have they said. Thank you well dom we think you did a great job and some of them tend to focus on very simple things like you know. I enjoyed the way you kept older because lots of people in London in particular upset. So thank you for standing up for parliamentary democracy. Thank you assisting the encroachment by the executive thank you for enabling. MP's to speak their minds and vote in accordance with their conscience and notches rolling over to the government of the day. Now of course that which makes me popular with some people makes me. I absolutely accept very unpopular with others. Well what took Mala that later. which formula wants us? How many reality TV offers have you turned down so far? Well actually many I was asked about gang on. I'm a celebrity. Get me out of here as to strictly come dancing. I haven't been approach just to the best of my knowledge. I one time Judy Murray. Who is well known to man of whom I'm a big fan was aw sked because Oh she went on the program who from the world of politics and broadcasting would you like to see them strictly and she said Oh John Burton? Jeremy Paxman will to Bethesda. Judy I think she probably said me because my name was probably the first politicians name that came into her. Mind if judy had even the faces inkling of just how disastrously inadequate a ham as adults she might have ideas. I'm not sure wall. She would have been champing at the bit to see if she observed my imitation of Danzig. The truth of the matter is I've always enjoyed public speaking that I loathed on saying I complete understand why people love it and if it or even if they're not good at it and they have fun. I have no sense of timing and I resist in almost all circumstances being being dragged onto the dogs I have been asked to go celebrity vast divide. I've turned that down. Why do you ask in my mind? You could just may -letes aches well. I think it's a question over the specialist subject y questions especially subject because I think we could choose a specialist subject. Actually in Mike Is. It probably wouldn't be parliamentary procedure. Would probably be the career of Roger Federer in which I'm steeped am. I think I could probably learn a couple of thousand facts about his background background and career and track record and so on perform more than adequately on that front I think the real clincher is. Who's good at the general knowledge? Should I didn't think I've got a particularly good general knowledge. So would I want to a base myself and perhaps even disgrace myself by doing badly. If I'm really really honest about it. I think I'd rather not fair enough. Eskin may which is something you dabbled in while you focused on your proper edsa priorities. We'll hear lots more from John and discussing the government Tony progressional trade talks with the EU. We'll also talk about how remains should conduct themselves given the fight is over over or at least into a different phase does after few reminders from Ross. Two big things diary there is still tickets available for a maniacs live in Liverpool on Saturday fifteenth of February three at two. PM In producer Andrew. At I will be joined by not one. But Two star guests the great professor Michael Doug- of the University of Liverpool whose brilliant videos made sense of Brexit exit years before we did and Liverpool echoes political editor. Liam Thorpe who can tell us why. The area voted to remain more leveling up. The North means in the city with little fondness for Boris Johnson. Tickets are on sale at ticket. LINE DOT CO DOT UK slash maniacs and patching people get a discount. See The post on your patchy and homepage and if you're not in the northwest west. Why don't try our weekly companion? podcast the bunker. It's lighter maniacs. But without the BREXIT. This week's edition is out now. Features in Plus Helen Lewis at the Atlantic. And on on you best friend Arthur SNELL former British high commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago no less. They're talking about baby boomers populism Vladimir Putin when it's right to kick someone off off social media the bunkers out every Wednesday morning. Subscribe One apple podcast. So get it on spotify or wherever. You get your podcasts. It's the one with a yellow background and Blue Logo. Okay not the one. That's about golf. Wow this was important important distinction. We should have mogo tonight. We played tennis. Let's go now. How'd you I guess? This week is full speaker of the House of Commons. John Burke. His autobiography unspeakable would be out. By the time you read this John I did enjoy The memorably harsh lines about Various former colleagues and your house are any of them going to be. I think the one I liked the one about Michael Howard because some people cold others oily league Michael's peculiar distinction was to combine listen oiliness in equal measure their lifestyle and by that there were more experience alone alone in that category people Read that she think anybody would be would be surprised to read them or do you think that The people that you didn't get on with a well aware I think on the whole they surprised I think for the most part though be well aware I mean. I haven't spent any time thinking about that. Would Michael Howard. No that I didn't entertain warm opinions of him. He would certainly say that. And I think that's it's some of the others in fact most of the other probably would as well David Cameron and I've never been friends. We always got on well when we played tennis for the Commons Lords team together in the early noughties but oft that has to be said relations deteriorated rapidly and permanently said no. I didn't think the great shop none of them. is likely to be surprised. I've had probably the fewest conversations with Theresa May and always very courteous conversations. She might it be quite struck by the force of what I've said about her but I do also say positive things about You know I think. She's a decent public spirited person. I think she's extremely hard working. But I do do stand by my whiter verdict and in particular of political significance. I think that she suffered one huge huge and fatal floor that was apart from the complete lack of political imagination. You would assault that. Having gambled on the twentieth seventeen seventeen election and lost the gamble. It might have occurred to her not necessarily to abandon brexit but to pursue a different approach. Perhaps apps a more nuanced or calibrated tack and to try to reach across the house to get support. But not only didn't she do so. My impression was that it never even occurred to her to do so. She just continued rather monotonously on the same path and behaved as though nothing had happened and that seemed to me to be really very very misguided -an shortsighted on quest serious floor in validity leader. Will you take it. There's this imbalance as well but you. You take a on balance a fairly dim view of most of the party leaders and yet he praised many back benches with Stella creases their Williston bill cash. Will you know sits across the political spectrum Are you just is it. You have a sort of natural empathy with backbenchers particularly kind of rebellious ones. Because that's what you were but do you think there's there's is a problem that that much talent is is over there rather than in the leadership's is this something that stopping these people from becoming lead. Well I do naturally empathize with benches. And I think if I'm ready Candida Bassett. I do naturally empathize with people who are a bit different a beetle quote A. B. C. Independent minded and a bit insistent own the remorseless pursuit of their causes and I don't share bill caches views on Europe. As is now very well known and I think Brexit is the biggest firmly blunder of the postwar period riches gimpy gravely damaging to the UK. But I can admire and respect somebody who has plowed his his originally lonely furrow with such persistence and assiduity a very long period. I may be very opinionated. But I'm not a bigot. And I and I think he'd he's bigoted only to admire people of your own views. I think we all want to be able to think of people of whom we would say. Well I disagree with that that person but I respect her or him and I do respect bill. Why didn't those people progress? You also saying in a sense where they just too talented to progress. No I think the truth of the matter is the was one or other factor involved I either. Those people didn't progress because calls. They weren't regarded as team players. All they were thought to be too contrary or too stubborn or they didn't progress because because they chose not to do say candidly in in the book about being extremely right wing as as a young man and then This wonderful thing. You'll you'll rival for the post of their FCS is Is Our friend Frank Manslaughter mark and you ended up being too liberal. Oh for for sort of FAMO- stories and it makes me wonder that when people talk about Jeremy Corbyn Bernie Sanders. There is a huge admiration for people that have basically had lifelong lifelong consistency. There reading your book I wanted to do. You think that sort of changing your mind that the kind of reassessing opinions GonNa. John is sort of an underrated eighteen virtue. And I do. I mean I think the merits of consistency are overrated. I think when I was a young man I was rather attracted to people who are very consistent or at least being consistent on a subject for quite a long period and I tend to think oldish shows the principle integrity solidity reliability dependability. Call it what you like but I think that the merits of consistency are overstated. Estate Canes Famously said if the facts or circumstances change changed my opinion. What do you do and I think that it's more important to be right right than to be consistent? Most people I mean. This is a huge generalization. Dorian rose in but I suspect most people broadly do sit in the same place for most of their career if they're positional life if a member of civil set in not position but somebody political views. It probably do broadly speaking adhere to the same beliefs over a long period. And I think it's human nature the most people judge these things on the basis of their own experience in other words because they've tended to stay in the same place they think. That's what should be I. I think the important thing is to be true to oneself and to make judgements on the basis of the merit of the issues. The idea that you should remain consistent so as to avoid being accused of inconsistency or unreliability is frankly ridiculous at the time by the way that I beat Mark France one hundred ninety seven to one hundred twenty three eight hundred nine hundred eighty six clutch in those figures for my breasts and you can tell remains a great deal to me. Today I was very much on the radical right the thatcherite all right mark. Francois was regarded at the time as the very embodiment of moderation. I recognize them. As you in this studio and for your looseness this will be a soup. Cream chowder to even the most vivid imagination mark. Francois is moderate as rather restrained and understated understated fellow. headling very middle of the road toryism. But at the time Francois was the Madras and I was the radical right. Winger these days as you know Roles reverse MANTRAS. And he's pretty odd. And so there's this page right bang. Ultra Thatcherite your skeptic. Even much later than that so does does that mean that you therefore have more of an insight than for example and we do into the sort of the mindset of the year skeptics of the Brexit. Is I still struggle article two to share their values such as such but having been on that journey yourself were you able to kind of understand. Better the mindset. I think I did an even now I think I do understand their mindset. I wos us for a very long time. Dorian as you sort of hint to all intents and purposes brexit tear in other words even after I shifted my attitudes on other subjects. I've become very socially liberal. I've become a a keen supporter of LGBT. Equality of special educational needs provision being enhanced most of constitutional reform. But I think pretty well up until two thousand and five thousand four two thousand five. I was a hard-line euro-sceptic I think I remember speaking at a debate in the Commons in something like two thousand four in which I was still trotting out now those hardline anti e U messages. I came to believe over a period the when forced to identify identify particular examples of powers that we given up that we absolutely had to have back. Frankly I I couldn't find them. My overall take was look. We're in an interdependent world. Most of the problems that we face are complex and multifaceted and the not susceptible to simple solutions and by large. They're not going to be resolved or even significantly mitigated by one country acting alone. And what I think shifted me on. Europe was partly becoming more liberal politically. Generally if I'm honest and listening to people with my shed of of us being a European made me think gosh on my views on Europe paps a bit out of date or fossilized just wrong and partly okay. I think Michael had wouldn't approve of this but becoming shutters. Extra State for International Development and serving in that role for just under a year as a result of him appointed to that position calls me to think about not just development but globally sues foreign policy the approach to the resolution of some of the challenges around the world and I started to think well actually cooperating. Working together makes sense. Michael had had a particular obsession session with and absolutely unreconstructed opposition to the EU aid budget and impressed upon me as leaders. He was the very great importance of me. Prioritizing the pursuit of the repatriation of EU aid policy to the UK and. I was deeply unenthusiastic about doing that. Above from the Oh said to him but Michael. It can't actually be done. Legally would require the agreement of the Union for us to reclaim that the power and I mean he wasn't really inclined to let the facts get in the way of a political argument and it was a drum that he wanted me to bank did he have any interest in all tailed appreciation of aid policy more widely net on the referendum itself as a bit in the book. Where you talk about an attempt to twenty eleven's gotta a private member's Bill to get the referendum on the yes? I think I'm and then when it actually happened. You described the cameron referendums a massive reckless disasters. Gamble Campbell. which I think we we? We would agree with that. I Apologize For state But there was only made me wonder into whether you thought that it could be postponed indefinitely. Do you do you feel that there had to be a referendum some point or do you would you know you could have held fast and the pressure would have gone away now. I didn't think that did have to be a referendum. I mean I myself have not been consistent on the subject. Not only in the sense that I used to be as border of Brexit and now a very determined an inveterate opponent of it but in the sense that I have in the past I think publicly voiced either support support for recognition of the possible merits of a referendum. But you asked me the very particular question could the pressure of being gene resisted amounts or the absent. He could have been because there was no great hopley clamor for a referendum and the people clamoring four. It were on the one hand you KIP. And on the other hand. Tory backbenches who brexit is now. David Cameron wanted to ward off the threat of U. KIP and to assuage or pacify Tori. Brexit is on his own benches. Was it essential to call the referendum a friend for that purpose. No and I'll tell you something else I don't actually think I comprehended. You'd have to ask him. But I didn't actually think David Cameron ever expected to have to fulfil the commitment to a referendum. Because of course if you look back you'll recall that what he said was that a majority conservative government would stage in Thames Reverend Izing he fully expected and hoped I guess for us to say and hoped that he'd remain in a coalition government. Because I always felt that David was both politically and temperamentally and in terms of has not very comfortable working with Nick Clegg and I thought well he would rather depend on. I'M NICK CLEGG THAN ON BILL. Cash John Redwood and I could almost hear him in a sense will visualize him saying well. I hope by audible friend will understand the particular pledge that I made and those not the circumstances now we haven't got a majority government and therefore I have to disappoint my honorable friend and say that I'm not in a position to offer any such referendum and he basically blamed the Liberal Democrat sadly once he got the majority. Yeah I sp- as he felt he had no choice but to stage the referendum and David was. I'm afraid guilty of overconfidence. He I think famously said somewhere that he would win and somebody said to him. Well how come what makes you say that. And he said what I always do. Dave always wins and he always says poll the head of his party so he probably thought he would be able to hack it. Continue to fly by the seat of his parents and through his natural eloquence and get his way but he roadblocking eventually he ran out of Lacombe my biggest criticism of him and he does have many gifts admit but my biggest criticism of him is that given a choice between tactics. Ticks and strategy he on during -ly opted for the former tactics rather than the latter strategy to give you another counterfactual asleep was your job to To try and stop or you know moderate Brexit but you did have really have a s with a front row seat to to other people's efforts to sorta decide and when we did leave the last week on many pundits sort of playing the couch game again. Well there was. This chance was missed. That Johnson's announcers missed one of them. For example was the the antiquity votes and if the Dick devotes more way than that could've up do you feel that there were turning points that you observed where a few votes on the other way or if somebody sorta tactics Gino what if we just go for this software version of breaks or whatever that it could could have We could have ended up in a very different place. Did you think that those kind of their turning points there were the places where it really digits. Turn turn on the decision of a few. MP's or is that too neat. I think there is something in that. I mean to be fair as far as the votes on the referendum what concerned the referendum supporters. Were quite a long way short of having a majority in the house. If memory serves me correctly that got up to two seven three or to stretch two seven six supporting referendum. They never had anything very close to majority of the House of those innocence eligible to vote. which would have meant am having in practice given Shin Fain not taking pause on the audience of the channel Beijing it would have meant in practice them needing to have? Let's say three hundred twenty votes. There was quite a long way short of that Dorian but on the other hand and if supporters of another referendum had had a few more votes then the vote for would have been bigger than the vote for any other of the sort of multiple choice options. If you like in the indicative votes and that might have I've triggered a referendum. I knew that it was talk in the ether as late as last October. All of a source of gravitational pull towards referendum among some conservative members. who hadn't articulated it now to this day? I don't know whether that's true. And even if it is true at an air how how many were in that category. But if you ask me do I think it was a point at which I either a referendum could have happened. All the house could have voted for a customs. Custom's Union Limerick Brexit. The answer is yes and I think that these missions narrowly failed. And I by the way I mm you also about whether a referendum was inevitable you could equally ask was an election inevitable in my own personal view. An early general election was naught inevitable was quite a widely held view that because of brexit fatigue because of public anger the irresolution of parliament on the subject. Brexit we really had no choice but in a sense to sit way into an early general idea actually by that I think it would have been perfectly possible to continue the parliament in the end for for a variety of reasons. Opposition parties usually thinking of their own circumstances decided to embrace the idea of early election. And and I think that that has proved to be you know not least from their point of view and certainly from her maniacs point of view a mistake we talk about fatigue there an we had. MP's coming going in and they really taught particularly last year about the kind of immense sort of strain and exhaustion. And obviously part of your agenda as speaker you know see stand up for parliament. Went reform in certain ways An an an awfully close to make it a place the more people who would would want to enter We you very conscious wisdom. It'll jiffy anything you could do for these kind of or rather another way to put it is how much longer could have gone on people. Having to sort of you know these constant crunch points in these constant late votes and people getting so much pressure from stitcher in sometimes abuse because there were certain people people are just. I just thought like how much longer could this go on and in a way the election not very happy about it. Generally sort of allow some sort of normality to return return to the Commons. Well you know it may be that. I'm very heavily outnumbered in this opinion but my own feeling is that it could have gone all indefinitely because the legal position you basically our politics not the same thing but the legal position walls that the next general election was not due you until twenty twenty two but I mean the human costs like did you notice people Frei yes. I think that I'm a huge supporter of my. Because you now have often spoken up for parliament I don't share the view of Seventieth says and the detractors parliament was a disgrace and the house had lost all all more authorities to sit at hit. Accept any of that for one moment and I'm not pejorative by colleagues. I thought most about him was a good parliament. Parliament was doing. It's juicy and questioning probing and scrutinizing Utah challenging contradicting and exposing the omission and Commission of the executive branch. So I I certainly wouldn't want to join the hue and cry. Gainst them one thing however which is critical critical that I would say is that. Ultimately Brits Fatigue had something of the same impact on parliamentary entry colleagues is it probably did members of the public in other words causing people to get a bit frazzled and Irascible and pap short tempered with each other. I think it was a bit. Like a war of attrition and colleagues probably got bored with having to say the same things over and over and over again arguments made in speech after speech to speech but if the other locked would saying their messages over and over and over again then and those people who were bored with they had to respond in kind but in the process people was probably less kind towards and tolerant of each of towards the end of the parliament with notable exceptions takes Hillary. Hillary is virtually a saint saint and seems to be incapable of getting very angry that he's capable of getting angry about an issue very passionate but he's never unkind or discourteous to anybody. I didn't witness it in him but I did with colleagues on both sides of the House and on both sides of the exit argument find that they got pretty and fed up with the Jilin. MM-HMM I have to odds. In the in the book you address on kind of rebut allegations of bullying a couple of years ago as he loses resurfaced with with with the David Leakey What where do you think these are coming from white? Why do these allegations sort of keep coming up sometime after the fact act and and what are we what are we to make of them in relation to his Lee this disappear edge is she? Why do they keep coming up at short answer is is that the was a sprinkling of people in the house who very very accustomed not only having their say but to having their way and who took umbrage as a speaker saying no now? We're going to do it differently. Now for the most part and this is the subject for quite a full discussion another orange essentially so. I'm really trying to summarize it. But for the most part they were people who'd worked in the house or in another another career of Arava structured kind for a very long time so they were people that I would describe as institutionalized and they were very a traditional and in some cases frankly plainly reactionary and accustomed to having their way because that was the natural order of things and into having their approach adopted and they didn't like it being challenged and partly as a result of having pap serve for very long period. They'd come to be very comfortable with existing arrangements on which they found it difficult to imagine improving and I came along and wanted to do things differently differently and I explained in the book at least in relation to one of the individuals that we just differed on issue after issue after issue. We tried to make it work. We worked together together. This was somebody that I inherited. I hadn't appointed time and time again. I would say I want to do X.. On this person say Mr Speaker. Not Dumb like that or alternatively Sibley he would specify doing something and I would say over. I just do it this way. Learning it is not on my that Mr Speaker. I would say why has never been done that way. Alternatively attentively in commending a particular broached me he would say to me Mr Speaker it's always been Bumba way and I was able. That may very well be. But it isn't holy writ it. It's not a rule of the house favorite longstanding convention. And I would say well it may be a long standing convention but I want to different and my basic attitude. Dorian I say this to would of you in the studio and your listeners. My basic attitude was reform reform reform reform. Where reform was it's necessary desired and overdue reform in the Chamber to engender more invigorating atmosphere atmosphere in the proper deployment parliamentary scrutiny of the executive reform in the management of the parliamentary estate making it more child-friendly establishing education central as well as a nursery ensuring staff profile of the house at senior levels was more diverse and reform in the use of speakers house to host? I I think an unprecedentedly. Large number of charitable events bill also a mindset of engagement with civil society so so that was what underpinned me wanting to chair and chairing as I did every year for ten years the UK Youth Parliament and go to that conference every year and gained a schools and universities and faith eighth groups voluntary organizations. Now that was probably the least controversial of the reforms but nonetheless a very prominent official. Who worked with me had absolutely no interest? What so ever in joining me on any of those visits his attitude was no he would stay base camp and it wasn't his style as because he puts it the fact that it was my style and I was elected to become had a mandate? Just didn't way with him at all I think he felt that it was my responsibility to adjust to him raw than the other way rounded sounded. I'm afraid I reject that I must say to you. I completely reject the suggestion that I ever bullied. Anyone anywhere anytime I to to I reject and robot these allegations which are hurtful and of course An attack Oh my character and property and I totally we reject it some of the people who are getting for man. It's very obvious that is an orchestrated. Effort may be politically motivated. Ez some of them quenching titled People Who Frankly Rather Look down on me. Look down on me now and look down on me then and you know I have had quite a lot in course of my life Russell. sniffy in some cases snobbish people who think their superior will. I'm afraid I frankly that. Not much trump will. This is obviously in the context of being performed for a peerage bridge and if it if that does go ahead and is by the way the motivation is absolutely explicit. have in one of them has been in the sense. Hopefully explicit in sagged. That's that's coming up. Apparent e attach enormous wait till his own views and thinks that the nation should keenly attend to his every astronauts. The person concerned has very little knowledge of the House of Commons and had very limited interaction with me. We had a couple of arguments wanting twenty eleven on the other in two thousand twelve. He wasn't one of these. People wasn't two the employees of the House of Commons by. He obviously thinks that his words were very very way too important and must be repeated on innumerable locations. And you know He. He appears in the media very regularly. He signed up to an agency getting him work in this field and I mean we work. I'd say he's paid paid work or not. I'm making no allegation in that sense. But what I'm saying is obviously thinks terribly important but he takes to the public square and he's been very explicit in saying yes. He doesn't think I should be a member of the house where we're extraordinary Marie grateful to him for his house. But he's not the arbiter of these few to get if you can have lords. UFC came as a speaker. You had big priority list of priorities. If you're in the Lord's awards. What would you want to do that? They at least sure if I were there I would want to draw my experience prince to talk about parliamentary themes and parliamentary reform and to champion causes the dare to me a one calls that is incredibly dear to me is the pursuit of gracious Social Mobility and the adoption of an internationalist outlook in tackling and some of the problems that our country and the world face. I have no right. It is not a matter of entitlement. They're a very respectable arguments for saying that the speaker shouldn't automatically go to the House of Blues but ordinarily when there is an idea abroad overlaps changing an established procedure the would be some in consideration of that that might be a consideration by the procedure committee. A report undertaken and the house would consider. Let's be absolutely clear. That's not what has happened in this case base indeed until very recently. CD Ministers gave me the impression that they fully intended that. I should go to the hassles. What's happened here? Is the a group. The people have come together and said either for reasons brexit related or other reasons. Let Block him. That's what's happened. While I'm sure that the the yearbook will come will come your foes down when they read your warm testaments. Ucla flying very is thank. Thank you Jim Berg thank you mm-hmm Now for the berthollet section of the show as he said step out the government to start it as it means to go along by mmediately getting aggressive towards EU about things that have already been agreed upon an adjuster said. There's no need for trade deals except e rules on competition. Subsidies environmental anything similar similar but the political declaration that the UK. Andy you sign says almost exactly the opposite How sustainable is this truth truth manipulation why I mean it seemed to play for the more rider in the election? The Nets I'm guessing. They're thinking that they can just conduct themselves this time. It's you know the funny part. It is is the while on a day in which he's accusing the EU of betraying deal that he is himself betraying writing because he's literally going against the text of what he'd signed he is then also saying to them. You don't need to stick any rules on US don't worry. Three opponents woman contain with a standard and just like a basic human emotional level. You just yet but do we make because out there boy. Now how contradicting the words. That are coming out their whole. And you've got to think about this whole level plain foods don't think about it from the perspective right like obviously seen on basically suicide was just slashes corporation taxes in order to get companies to invest their their thinking. They just passed him extremely wide-ranging very ambitious environmental legislation that we do more they come and they're just thinking well if we can't just keep on doing is just this medium to large size. Economy just sat right here going. I don't worry. Don't worry businesses. We're not GONNA do any of this stuff so you can still come and invest. So they know it's a it's a question of trust in the future. That's what it's all about. So it makes so strange at the method of communicating with so patently hypocritical regardless of the content rosie. UK's negotiating strategy at the moment ceased to be avoiding services. Westerns highlights the fact their make up almost eighty percent of the economy. Why is this well? I think the simple answer. Is that a slow. Bleed of management consultants and financial CA services. People to various cities in Europe does not have the impact that driving a JC through a wall of Palestinian blocks. Does what does what exactly and I think. The only have a dream speech I in. This is entirely entirely cynical on the part of Johnson. He's allowing kind of slowly lead. I mean basically the important thing thing to know here is that the companies concerned when they're bigger companies are getting round it by setting up subsidiaries and setting up basis in other European European cities. I can't say are the European cities anymore. Now can I Dublin Frankfurt Amsterdam placed it like that and so that is to enable them to continue to operate and therefore they're able to kind of slow down the impact on their businesses. They're able to moderate it a bit and so there's no big punch like the punch that you get when the factory closes down Because of Brexit they're dealing very well. They're going big plans in place. All these big companies for basically spreading ED business to minimize the risk. And that's why he's able to get away with this. Do you think the large part of his agenda the moment is really just how how to spin this. To the electorate little mice. That is more of a priority than actually yeah negotiate eight is creating sort of narrative from which Anything that goes wrong is is just not as volt. Yeah and also you gotta remember that. There's no public sympathy or very little for people who earn high salaries salaries in the city of London and part of the services not all of it but the bigger companies which are the ones that get all the publicity Do employees those people the the people who get sympathy our middle alertness working in factories. And so he's concentrating won't say I mean he's being story extremely reckless on every level in my view but he's not paying much heed to complaining from the city in Monday lobby. Journalists Water briefing at number ten concern publications indications were were barred from it. It seemed like a very Trumpian move from Don Comings. I'm obviously when these things happen. We certainly the trump is the first time it happens is all of our age but then journalists tend not to stick together and let me just think. Well we're kind of not going to throw away our access on the point of principle bill for these guys And then it sort of ends up becoming actually the norm. Do you have more faith in the British media To sort of push back against the sort of blatant strong arming I. I was quite impressed by what happened this week because I usually I would happen to go along with the analysis of no have very little confidence. The people will be able to sit together and they did This also this thing of like. How often can you burn light comings and his guys have burned a lot of journals? A lot of times wind really senior Janis. We've seen it happen. He's been what's having them. I think I'm not sure that there were really aware when the what's up to coming in that that clearly being sent to multiple John. Because I think this is my exclusive about a tweet quickly the same if you look at like. Do you remember the spectrum when he got a deal remember. He burned spectator pretty hard. They they went. I think the front page of is going to be no till whatever and it was I tend to others. You keep them burning journalists and after a while they're going to be like well even middleman selfish instincts. I don't know how this is going to pan out from it and if there's any point taking this information from you so far I thought the weeks going pretty badly for the looking at yesterday yesterday comes out with this announcement on 'cause However I mean the six o'clock news was featuring him being basically doorstep by their correspondent? Not Sorry no does. He refused to take any questions on the stage. He goes off and the clip that shown of him as him running away from questioning when he gets off. And you think would. That isn't really helping you very much to do that. However that plan is clearly basically? The media forced up doesn't matter that it just cost doesn't matter you don't need these guys and you can do most of the work on facebook in two ways firstly by doing his A. What Shampoo d US Prime Minister you know? How is it you you should get your side? Lovely stuff on his people's PM key thing. And secondly by using the Cossack tactic of segmenting voter groups and speaking to them very precisely and very directly Lee about what they want around election time so it seems that the strategy is ultimately facebook. Fuck the media agenda. How far that gets you caught him that for because we don't have any sorry keep up by number? The Daily Mail had a fucking editorial today talking about the freedom of the press attacking him on the day. The presumably what they want from this newspapers for them to be assisting him in his attack on the BBC ABC so even in that front. That is not going as well for him. As you would hope so I do have Mogae more hope than I would normally have on this subject you. It's still it's still pretty fragile. And for a former journalist he's behaving in a very cavalier fashion. He knows you comfort the media he no. He's a journalist. Unlisted behaved in a row heavily. No but no. But you'd think he'd grasp how important the media was to him and will be again. I I don't think that ultimately he will be able to wrap up the British population through facebook and the way that he wants to do. It's just a dangerous to lie about what happened with the amount of outrage. That came mostly from the the message. They put out after saying they barged into number ten and it was. You know this kind of meeting took an inner lobby which doesn't exist. which was it seems to me that there was more anger over that the post briefing of what happened and there was the original Mike like fun to see is within a few months? Some kind of like you know that Cummings overreach is just going to get worse and worse than he's GonNa be some Koloss all fall. COBB way thinks he's cleverer than years. What was he has achieved various coming in terrible things but this is something about him that so my slight not quite bannon and because Johnson is not as irascible and paranoid is trump but something where he just kind of really Fox it up yeah? He's visiting ship right now. Leasing leasing. I'm his war which no one can explain to me. What the fuck is about with Saya Javid? He's you losing plenty of internal battles. I haven't seen him. I mean. Look the big win. Lean is the general election. You you can't fly around with that. That's a black and white win. But since that it's hard to put your finger on any of the internal battles that he's one you know it's not insane. Suggest he may not be long for this for this world but wait till his squad arrives outside rainy. We never do. It's time for another round of are bracing new segment to the barricades. This is our new drive to spread good vibes in the remains fair by giving you the listener. One good and useful thing to do this week. Rose what have you got for us well can undermine the whole spirit of turn to the barricades by saying that. I'm GONNA talk about Jetties A. K.. And you might. You might see cognitive dissonance here but let me become judges yet. No no no not. Let's become chetty so judges. Are you know often pompous term tosses. But they often also very misunderstood and we don't in Britain understand very well the job that they do and we don't understand why they why they do it the importance of it to them and this week King's College London has launched what used to be called a mook but that was the two rubbish name that no one calls it that anymore which is basically an online course force explaining how judges work and talking to them and lots of videos and lots of interviews and stuff which explains how Jewish urgel system works. And it's run by GEICO James Lee at King's college and I highly recommend that you start taking this because I began last night and it was really good. It's okay it's about three or four hours a week of your time which is quite a long time info. I'm sure lots of Romania. It's a few weeks but it will give you an inside the judiciary. They haven't even tried to give before which is to my mind to my Saad. Kehinde quite exciting. We look at Wikipedia page for judges. Now you cannot talk to the homework barricades finally this week. How do we conduct ourselves now? That brexit has been done and so has everyone else. There was unavoidable. Sadness remains on Friday as the rights enjoyed as Europeans the rights of citizens and wants to come here taken away in an instant and the evening wasn't helped by the site of people in two world wars one referendum t-shirt literally said referendum challenge will now reach turn collective garment rending into something positive. Ross here is the conundrum that we've watched Britain being presented on TV as the lead a pretty angry and unpleasant people frosting journalists if -able songs etc But but then also if you criticize any of them even people who say referendum Then that's just elitists sneering so as a result of any criticism of your average kind of voter he's not like super engaged and just felt like they wanted that life to get better or you they wanted to kick out the the the POWs The bay but the even even the kind of the hardcore. You're not allowed to to sort of mark because then that's just middle class sneering. Yeah that's exactly why you lost to quote the tweet that I see about every single day and he talked. Look this is why he lost. Because you don't like racist you can't spell so think Goodwin here is it sort of. Is it just kind of you can't win good No you can't because basically all. This is a massive amount provocation. I was in Parliament Square on Friday. I went along because I want to a felt I need to see the site the spectacle it was an offer and it was one extrordinary bloody spectacle. So they were they were bikers for Brexit. who were lined up with blackouts? Now they're big bichsel so lined up. There were a ton of Evangelical Christians who kind of not just one group but loads of different ones. You've kind of jumped on the bandwagon promising harder and harder and harder more biblical Brexit said horsemen of no and there was a there was a world war. Two one of them's called lorry queues world. WHOA to era pickup truck which was driving around Parliament Square with with one of those white plastic guard pieces of God furniture in the back with no one sitting it alone alerts? Little flusher your Union Jacks back. Then and everybody was it was all completely performance. They were all there to be on TV and to basically say the most extreme things they could possibly say just to get on the whig author mainers and that was exactly what they were there and in many cases they succeeded. But you've got to remember. This is not the vast majority of the population there may be a culture war. You being stroke. There is a culture war being stoked but all this was just for for the cameras and it was the most extraordinary amount of acting in for a very long time when a second referendum was a AH possibility A little bit weird so told to hold. Our tongues is like. Don't mock the people that you might have to Persuade I mean not that it sounds like the people rose describing wherever that persuadable but it was always like you know hold back Hobart. Dan could size leave his Now I mean is there anything or love. This became upright thing. I'm to lose because point the whole point about culture wars is that it ain't stop because the other side just goes. I'm just GonNa not saying anything. I'm just going to ignore them and they'll go away. They weren't go way because then those people angry about doctor who or something it's like you can't if you they don't go away so what I'm saying is can we just come. We make fun. Is it okay to make fun of people in referendum t shirts. Yeah I think it's but he's an elitist to say we're not going to point out. That spending is wrong or that. You've just said the accord is here. When of course is there or that you're able to spend if anyone in any situation if you Weiji one x to happen and someone can't tell you why then obviously you're the discussion? I mean basically to save ECON address. That is like saying that some people literally are incapable of any reason or logic whatsoever so that seems to to me to be the elitist thing you go and you have argument anyone that actually gave a fuck about the public and that actually gave a shit about people's lives which they were politics is about the fucking the arguments that's what you do have the argument so it just it seems to me a complete reverse elitism and then of course it also accepts the narrative framing. And we'll do this right. I mean because we macos houses the not a single episode of this is passed without one of US mocking one of the other ones being basically saying a really a flat white and did you have it enhanced it you you know what I mean. We play into it but obviously it's not correct like it is simply not true the way that the vote played in this country or even the way the vote played in the US where exactly the same narrative of elites versus the real people place. And when we do it when we sign up to it what we're doing is we're hoping that owed old old. Owed nationalist idea like for Mussolini. From before missing any of the people we represent the people in the nation in new guys these subversive missive elitist international money swapping conspiritors who wants to destroy the people of the country. So all of that is fucking horseshoe. Marsha you have the discussion and of course if you don't have the discussion if you play into this allow it to be this thing that I'm not allowed to say what if they succeed in doing all this. Because you've been doing this convincing you that the best way. Oh you can advance. Your cause is by not saying anything at all. They have completely fucking commuted you so yes say what you want. Say the fuck inaugural I find like the the the tone policing or the lentil around this way is dishonest because essentially the ideas. You can't say anything at all so maybe if you go oh Leave voters was mainly voters that we know what voting for and you go. How dare you? They know. People are very intelligent some anxiety and then when you can literally prove because they're talking to the BBC and disowned her her These people don't know mark them for not knowing the very busy But you just said I wasn't allowed to say that they didn't know it's when you basically when you've gone through like a couple of cycles like that in the in the media you know which I think we'll probably knew this back in two thousand sixteen You just realize that actually actually there is. No you can say this Yukon say that here is the line. It's really like you cannot say anything. You cannot make any criticism because whatever you say okay and however you say it and this is why there's so little you know why a low counts factuals. What remains should have done really gets on my nerves because I remember for a long time people going? Don't bloody have your European flags don't have all this kind of like over emotional kind of staff because that puts people off and then you'd have people going where you can't just concentrate the only dry economic facts of the things you have to talk about the emotional connection with your you. And so essentially what he is everything you do is wrong exactly a now. The you know they safest January is past. I'm just like I don't care anymore. But he ever have you ever had a imagine having that conversation in a pub imagine you having a disagreement with them on any any fucking subjects on earth and you then think no your member of the real people I have somehow been magic's out of human existence and under number so I cannot now respond to you just like how fucking Patrick treating them like children. The idea like I can't imagine anything that should be more offensive to someone than for someone is basically like you know like having a running competition with five year old child win. No Fuck. That people are growing. Shouldn't shouldn't have the fucking but with a child. You should do that. Sure it is watching our child. You know when you're playing football with them and you just let them score loads of Goldens. Yeah now you're right. It's just like no. They are to respect someone you have to respect their right to be fucking wrong idiots. Yeah it's politics is made up of people with different opinions. Who the argue it through until one of them is found to be correct? That's the whole system of the whole thing so I mean it was like for us right now. It feels like the way that the anti anti immigration guys used to say it was for them before brooks or you can't even raise your just concerns about immigration right now racist. I can't even raise money just just magazines the weeds the end of the show. The brexit time capsule has now been buried remains scavenges to dig up in the centuries to come marvel at this this halcion age. If you've got an idea for new segments to help bats away the brexit demons send us your thoughts at infrared maniacs calm because we're all out of ideas buster very tired you can also email US foreign language clips a president. A racist poster went up at a tower block in Norwich explaining. Because we taking back control owning the Queen's English. We spoken here for now on every week on Romania's conversely we remind you that will always be an island full of diverse voices and what's more important than ever put that on a sign in tower block in marriage. This week's clip is in Danish from listener. Jesper Berga Toft. TV's again attack fiscal office and that means and this is becoming a bit of a theme so long. Thanks rule the fish. I'm not the show. Thanks to in Rosina's special guest. Jean Berko thanks for coming in. Thank you if you after next. Slice of the Romanians Pie. Forget our new poltics. Poke cost the Bunka now. It's time for theme tune deemed as a monster by corner shop. And thank you to some of our the latest patriots backers. This week's bit different special. Greetings following supporters of Romania. Mr Simon Wail reaching Stevens was an witter woodhall. Ms Vanessa rollins Mr Tom Brown David. Martin Mr Collins Scott Andy Green and was Melissa Johnson. Andrew Jackson Mister Declan Monaghan and lost. But not least the Mr Nick Perry. Hello yes my name is Ian Dunton. I'm thank you very much to Holly Lawson Jack Jefferson Gabriel Eric. Stone John. Gooden and Lindsey Maiden near Wilson and Simon Wintom. Hello from me to appear. Peterson beat Joseph Erba. Christopher Thornton Dave Lowney four Roberts Michael Shabwa Christian cable Paul Allen Chris Better than just your train and Alex Jones not that addicks Jones finally. Thanks thanks for me to Craig Bowls Pita White. Francesca brutal Roman Dobbins Brian. Bateman Scott Edwards. Harriet Kosta Shaughnessy. O'Brien season Brayshaw. Asia Colin Hazelden Royce. Rachel Wadsworth Russia would and Redo for maniacs was produced and presented by Dory and then scheme in Doen't across Thailand production and scripting was by me aleks race the producer is under Carson assistant producer. Jacob remaining is production.

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# 12  Somethings Burning Uncut  Grace Helbig & Brooks Wheelan

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2:02:09 hr | 1 year ago

# 12 Somethings Burning Uncut Grace Helbig & Brooks Wheelan

"Hey everybody this is something burning uncut This is my cooking show from the Internet that we just release the full audio from when the mics go on until the Mexico off by the way I love that concept and I think we're thinking about doing it for my netflix show and then posting these here because we have fucking crazy hilarious content that we just won't have time for for especially I think in the length of that show so get ready because I think that will probably overtake this but or we'll just keep doing them all. Maybe I'll res Release Lisa podcast every single day. Maybe that's my goal. But this podcast is with grace helbig and Brooks whalen Brooks. You'll hear this but I met him when he was a child in Java very young man in Cedar Rapids Iowa Cedar rapids that right place. By the way I'll be hitting getting up. Cedar Rapids Iowa on the boy. World Tour Starts January Thirtieth Burlington Vermont Rochester. New York thinks can activity maybe and then no. Maybe that's a little later. Breezy think Burlington Rochester. And then Dayton I think is Burlington Rochester Dayton San San Jose Sacramento Bakersfield Indianapolis Evansville Louisville Medford Mass Nantucket Portland wilkes-barre Schenectady New George Washington New Orleans Montgomery on Phil Springfield Peoria Sioux City Cedar rapids then Cedar rapids thought. God My memory is getting so much which better. I'm doing this APP. That to get my memory better and I can't believe I can remember all those dates added six shows. Presale is still alive right now Use the Promo Code Party boy. Tampa Washington Saint Louis Fargo Minneapolis and proud last one. So so this is interesting because this is when grace and brooks were dating and they're not anymore. Yeah kind of a bummer. I liked them together but by think they're a weird people in that they thought it was better for them and so they moved on and they are still friends and happy. And I'll somewhat not brooks has a show on all things comedy you called travels and such I think is the name of it. It's where he goes camping with his buddies and they do fund shit. It's really good show. Sounds a great show. I'm and we talk about how the naming of it on this podcast. So so I hope you guys Enjoy the something's burning uncut with grace helbig and broke waylon. Hold on one second. I can't believe this is happening twice to me in one fucking day. Oh Hey spoke them back for a bomb back the fuck. Hey you're binge-watching I'm really bad at hosting shows. I must've been so fucking frustrating. To The editors I've worked with I didn't realize until I started making my own thing. What a fucking nightmare I am? Hey guys welcome to a brand. Please use all of that please all. Something's burning this. This is the show. The builder is footing the bill for we're just trying to get numbers to make his money back so we don't end up just ten years now. Having all things comedy ladies shirts like I remember that faulk let me doing anyway. I don't think it would take ten years. I don't know what have we made any money from the show. Oh and that's why we have today. Youtube feel my daughter is so excited sided. You're here. Isn't that crazy. Like I was like I was like at Grace Helbig on by the way. I'm excited because you rebooted a show that defined my sexuality sex welby letterman girl male. Wait what you were one. You're literally the only no there's been two others. We know the original note very well. It was on on Saturday mornings when I was a kid and it was part of the whole thing. There was there was nature boy in and SASQUATCH bigfoot were apart and I became nature boy because of that or wild boy was this and the very funny Brooks whalen. I mean look Dan. I don't want to get into the item I is. It goes by being we instagram story. Our lives and sure I like instagram scramble. Lot either you guys on instagram. I don't think so this follows you sentence it's mostly just US screaming at wwe matches film the other one summer slam was yesterday. I'm sure this will be timely when it comes out no behind the cameras all. It's a personal. It's not for the okay for this show. It's a person tell you what's really fun to do. And I say this the people you're listening get a pay per view event on your TV. Okay like I did this with the conor McGregor fight and then don't watch it that night have a morning viewing party make breakfast and have your friends over and it's so much fun but then how trying to hear who won and everyone getting there in the morning on. You haven't listened right. They're like no. No one has any idea. It's almost like if you save Christmas for like the twenty seventh. That's GONNA be more patient with it. Yeah it was the greatest time knowing. How did you guys meet Well we knew each other before dating dating evidence but we knew each other so I was like you are. We knew of each other. It never met before your house with. That's not the right thing to say. Yeah we the we had had a ton of mutual friends Ben Diagrams of friends that completely overlap and so we just had never hung out with each other one on one and so. He's the only a person on a dating APP that I felt safe to meet in person as a woman in two thousand eighteen that it was like okay. I hear the train wreck but I know that you exist. Best train wreck I together. Now it would be so easy. I hope this comes out right. This is not gonNA come. It would be so easy to to get your trust because you've put out so much information about yourself like people to me. They go they go. Hey how's house Islas foot doing or something daughter inaugural what forget I even said it. Yeah no the thing is that he hadn't looked up about grace. I'd seen one. I looked at one video before when on a date and you reviewed Hokey Mon- yeah and then. I told you that you're like I don't remember doing that. Yeah you'd never see me to stand no but I had a couple of close friends telling me that you were not in a good head space. We'll hang out really pretty I was a squarely guy for a minute like posting. How's local? You're the most pleasant surprise That I've been able to share with my friends we were at the store doing storytelling show. I think yeah that was a I wanNA say sugar and Ari were in the back with me and I like both I know Brooks. He's really funny and they go he got fired from. SNL and we're and you always think like is how's this going to pan out for his career and you went onstage and fucking murder and they're like that might have been the best thing that ever happened to them. Yeah no I'm much happier but there's like a year where I was grumbling. Of course everyone's dream you get your dream is taken away from you and it's not taken away from you in private is taken away from you in public. So you've got to have say face to that tough. Yeah I did stand up. Do that's the best thing you could ever done. Because you're a much more talented standup than you are guy that could impersonate a girl. Oh Oh yeah yeah no. I wasn't really much else you'd be done and I know that you know to drag race because my daughter pulled up all their all her favorite videos videos of yours. You did on auditions for bad about girls. Club is like day Okra. Sins favorite cliche overtake tale dresses. Like he's in bad girls club. JUS got the finger. Bright kid is in Salt Lake City in big as like. I've never excuse say for Ski Lessons Ski Buddies. We've been joking about Ski Buddy Jackson who six years old and we just have this visual big J inskeep. He's fingerless gloves. Shorts change putting out a cigarette and stop them out with the skiing to Jackson. You told me this one is. It's scary Jeez so great but every time he's on stage I I just want to talk about the gloves. It's such a coup de jokers. Oddly sadly funny great comedian. He is the funniest guy you'll ever meet. But anyways fingerless gloves in you like but he doesn't talk about it. He loves apple. Levin he wears fingerless gloves. He carries a nine foot scarf in his back pocket. Like he is being most straight trucker that you've ever seen in Your Life Cutler trucker pirate you could very easily convince them into. I make up very easily. Like he's got a hair and he's got a big blue and listen. I've just kind of trash. Big Jerod always watches special. What's his special? I mean he's really just put on a special on. It's called say it's some. The crowd was great. He's the best. Did you can trash someone as long as you promote them. I love him out. This is my good big Joe Kherson story so I was in a rough spot in New York. ORC party little too hard. Never heard of. It wasn't feeling so hot. I don't know if you've ever been there. We were like just need like his needs. Some help needs some alone time. Jay saw that my eyes and he goes you want to go back to my house and wants to really goes. It's the greatest thing you'll ever seen your life in an ironic way. It's really amazing. And so I went back to J.'s house nursing a beer had barbecue and like got my head straight and laughed my adult yet and we just we just hung out his house special about like a community respect together watching someone else bombed that you don't really like all these we ain't that we bought name in case they bring back drumline too. Yeah hat believe in drumline. So so we do you ever do you. Ever as a as his girlfriend and someone who probably knows where this business this is going more than anyone ever take a look at his career Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks. You GotTa do this a little bit more constantly all those so so upset with my lack. This is what I've got my wife going are you. Do you WANNA keep a camera on you. And I'm like this is ridiculous burt. My wife drives no she. I don't self promote. I'm really bad at self promotion And Grace's furious with it most of the time she's like no one knows you're going to be there and I'm like I don't know if they did. Oh fine you got that comic spirit that everyone's has you gotta try that completely ridiculous out of touch. I'm too hugh cool to promote myself said area. I'm just like I duNNo. I'll do one post like how you get mad you. I can tell. The shows was a great promotes for me. Hey if you're in San Jose this weekend brooks will be here and like it helps a lot. That does I think like okay. This is not going to say it's GONNA come fucking wrong to. Do you want something to drink grace. Thank taking a drink. Yeah turns out. Oh Wow yes. That's why I am a little concerned that your daughter watches chance my daughter. My daughter is a big fan. She the first one she found was an essay. One that you are in a group of people all that redefined the business. Og She's you on Youtube in two thousand seven. I started in two thousand seven but just tell you how it started you house sitting. She was housesitting issues. which is a really big fan? And she was like she was like. What are you GonNa talk to her about and I was like what do you mean? You don't know anything anything about her. I guess I do fourteen. Okay yes she goes. She has come on and brought me inside. And by the way the sidebar my one of my dearest friends my favorite human being in the world probably and I'm not joking when I say this and I hope this makes the cut one of the coolest taste makers in the business when this guy finds something funny and he shares it it is about to blow up. I'm not even joking Vincent. Nasseri is one of your managers. I love and I ran into him. He said I said he was used to be my manager. And I said what are you doing. And he said I'm working with grace helbig and name ARY Heart the nice and immediately I was like can you give me on the podcast. There was like I don't know by the way I mean like. He was pretty honest. I don't know yeah you got something coming out big bird. I was like okay. I'm doing your podcast Wednesday. So as soon as he said that I went. Okay I got to find out who the fuck these two are. And that's where I ran into to doniger electro woman girl we still haven't seen dude is it is the basis for all sem. Okay okay. So we're really proud of making like a female awesome awesome. No but I'm saying but did you want her movie different. I haven't seen her movie is what I'm saying. You haven't seen this one no we don't watch the stuff we have on so so. I was with a Dominatrix for TV. Show now what. Your movie is. No no no no was so long I said I said there are certain elements of what she did. That I found cool or sexier they registered with me I should also rallies determine when you're young when you're young. That's where you discovered things so all those medicines up getting tied up by the bad guy or they gloves were they like. And that's all these like cleaning things. Is that like a turn on for you. He's got a cooking shows like winter. I turn on for you like gloves. That's how much it. Yeah no no no you tell you my turn on. I don't hundred secrets podcast. You got so then so I cut you off about your crew. But I'm curious to see I'm curious to know we're GONNA start cooking in a second but I'm curious to know when you were like. Oh this is turning into something. Yeah no so so I started in. I'm from New Jersey and started a New York does New Jersey's isn't Florida. Yeah this is my high school like Tennis League in southern New Jersey. But Yeah I started when I was house sitting on this House in South Orange New Jersey and I was working in Manhattan so I was taking taking the train and all the time and then I got hired by this website called item channel Dot com to make videos waning days. All of it initially. Yeah and so. I was hired to make a web series for this website to promote things like rainy days and talk to the audience and like direct people around this website so for four to five years. I made five videos a week for this website Under a series called daily grace and in that time I learn that YouTube buzzer thing was a platform was like a career opportunity. I was doing it really wrong because I was under contract to this website so so everything I was making even though it looked like a you know a girl at home making web videos on posting them on Youtube it was all owned by this website. So you all things comedy. Yeah that's interesting. We thank you got paid. I don't even get paid this. Should I got free Tito's coming hoodwinked. Okay I know yeah In that time I learned that like Oh meeting Hannah and amory was like sisters. They're not nor they wives. They are friends that just coincidentally incidentally have the same. Last name is really interesting. Isn't it weird heart to heart the heart heart it was an old A it was an eighty S. TV show keeping our politics. No no you you were two million hours like. I thought like as Comedians. Yeah and then I met you guys. We don't do shit like stand up so yeah yeah so we don't work. If I didn't one video a month I'd be like asprey I do. I did a blog for a second. I got obsessed. It had like hands straight up straight up long edited it posted it. They were like fifteen minutes. It's long this will bring us back together so there was a guy who who worked at the BETTENDORF PENGUINS EQUI- yeah Johnson. Ran It guide you remember. He was a young. I mean I used to work there. Remember Kidding Benji thinks with Nan Mad Lib sentences that was the penguins I worked at the Cedar rapids. Penguins easer to comedy. Let me clubs and I with the reason I got into comedy. I met burt. I remember in two thousand seven. I don't remember as the kid who runs the lights. You remember everybody in happier. Came so funny but it was the same time this how long ago was good. Guitar Hero had come out the game in penguins had a TV behind it you would perform in front of a TV and after your set. I hooked up guitar hero and showed everybody Penguins Guitar Hero. I remember that that was me. I brought it. Yeah shut us so I would have been like nineteen. Oh Yeah and I'm drinking good drinking too. I'm Mnaya Oh my God you walk out of this club and it smelled like oatmeal cookies. Yeah everyone knows cedar rapids. McGrath's Croat's outs factories. Like right across the street. So you'd walk out some of making cookies and then like knows what her town smells like. Yeah Much Jersey where it smells like cookies. Were one out of one thousand days you got on a good day of. There's this kid Benji who was Nans Assistant. He was just like a flamboyant a kid. I mean I'm I'm beating. The Bush was definitely gay but he moved to He moved to the to the islands to get away from everything. Thank you mean the island of Ireland to the Virgin Islands and he did a log where he didn't eat for thirty days. He did a fast. It's an art. It was horribly shot. It was not barely edited but I was fucking fascinated. I would wake up and go a wonder what Benji is doing and go to the Youtube and I watched this and I I remember that show distinctly and then when I st- when I was lost at travel channel I didn't know what I was doing in life and I just was bored. I got Linda blogs and I got into this Kid Casey Nice. That's your favorite. and well I mean back when he had his HBO show Oh Yeah Dude. He's mad asked. Take that guy. Should do a do a film how to organize your office. His office is so fucking amazing. His office came from the dude. This artists that he used to work for that he interned for it so he worked under another artist to an office. Like that I can't think of what the guy's name is but he's this famous. Tom Something Tom. Something is famous New York artists that Casey Van bans his brother his brother by the way it's so fucked up forty five and I know that no I'm like I'm like really inter- uh-huh really into it was like the cool twenty known. He's got his his John is in college now owned ooh gap that. Hbo Show Thousand Them. Yeah so what do all you do is that are you calling being called all of Youtube saying what you guys are. Cool being comedian's comedian and it's almost a big Dick Comedian. Yeah Trust me. I wish. Shut the youtuber acronym was like a little bit better because there's a lot of bad youtubers also bad comedians. Yes but still it has I I guess more weight than Youtuber. Sure but I think it's only because comedians been around longer if you said you were a comedian in nineteen fifty. They'd be like what let's to Asaki ball wait. I definitely could not cook the meal tonight. I just talked about. This is the first time I've been like I mean. Do you really need to eat Kinda late the task. Because I'm genuinely genuinely say enamored by what you do because what you do comes from such a independently solely inspirational place unlike comics like when we when we basically copied and also we need somebody to say okay. Which is the difference between you due to the audience in case you cut out the middleman when you're in charge of your own career and we need a booker to to say yes? You're in trouble. They said on Youtube sometimes. But it's not the trouble that we get into talking for you like I'm saying like burn. I do dumb shit that you don't. What do you really do more control than I am? At least yeah I mean I'm mindful better. Have Fourteen year old girls that watch my staff. I yell he needs. It's really about keeping your virginity with. That'd be cool. I'd like to hear you do how saving drugs for sat's getting a scholarship so your dad does not pay for your college education. I'm talking about it's all about herpes Herbie's Josh from kissing a boy who and upto Benji got into the blogs. In that it's hard man you got to. You got to stay up on it. You know what I mean dude and I'll tell you right now and craziness nice that I think is the person that show this to me. Is it cannibalize your real life. The AM everything everything turns into a blog. -able moment my birthday my fucking forty third birthday party. My birthday's in two hours. What Yeah I've three I feel guilty? What time zone were you born in forty third birthday? Sorry I got got. My daughter's got me a surprise and I do this and I'm logging all day and then all of a sudden I'm flogging surprised the prize and I wasn't even surprised because I was like oh shooting it shooting it and my daughter's Dad my daughter's Dad Dad stop it's a fucking out L. and I'm like a real big the ones that attack you know. I'm obsessed with owls. My spirit animal attack and so so no not this one. I hung out my man cave for the night. Just fucking flyer is you can't legally own analysis from outkast. AH WE REACH OUT TO BID. Went Andre Three thousand shiftily. Something's burning obsessed with big boy. He's got all scams owls about the staircase. The documentary the Netflix. It's called the staircase where a guy allegedly killed his wife to watch his staircase on that flakes. Hell conspiracy theory that an owl did in. It's like a pretty sound theory really. Yeah you gotTa check it out allows AH bows murderers. Can I tell you trying to tell you a bit. I think I'll do on Conan. Bob would already have done it. But it's a true story so if you're hearing now you're like Oh you did CONAN. Yeah no fuck. No fucking Shit Hassle okay stopping funding. How about that office and you don't like it just stopping them? Gentle timid the damn tunnel do you have did put that into the reads. Welcome to your Damn Channel Grace. Hopefully she's not. She's not with them anymore. She went into pin so my dad started being marijuana. Hip hurt to normal. Just like the buds nothing. Aw He's trying to get out of Montreal and get rid of his weed and the bathroom I know he's not edibles. Pretzels three milligrams super super lightweight. Pretzels covered pretzels. I'm guessing no sals. You just they just put it on they just sprinkle it on. I don't know I don't know it'll make it so I barely can make the finance started making dish so we go down to we. Go down me and my daughters are all down there in Tampa and he's you can tell you start saying dude a lot the fucking seventy dude dude dude. I'm like Nice. So he says my mom goes honey. You should go out and take the girls out to the dock and talk to your owl like what does like dude I got this. Al also has anelle now some all like sure so we all go to the doctor glass red wine and he just gets off the dock. My daughters is there any like flaring uniquely Flat Lines Among the my daughter's time they selling a bunch of crips letting everyone know the cops are in the neighborhood right and so then all of a sudden. We're like Daddy go dad. I don't think it's going to happen. He's Tim Apollo Tomorrow night and we start walking back in it. Sure enough we here who were like what so. We always have the documentaries. I told you to. He's he's like who who says I might go. That's fucking amazing. Oldest daughter hits me. She goes. Do you see the old man on his dock and there's another must've been in his house and his honey honey you're running out breath hold weirdos too old why it's called white privilege. Have you guys ever done soggy bombs. Soccer MOMS yeah soccer MOMS Soccer Walker MOMS end sake bombs. I said one time on Douglas Movies. It's all about fucking fat. Check not allowed to say that anymore because it's like a hate crime and got grown and I was like I'm still fucking fat. Check here we ago you ready. Well I don't want to commit in that like fucking sue prevents a okay great now. I remember the first place you were when you did the sake bomb evangelos start cooking. Yeah I've never done this. I'll give you have bombs interest. I did it a Benny Honner. The only place to do a soccer mom out really great changeup soccer mom and be my mom soccer. Mom Yeah. Do you grab them slam. Conceiving of find that interesting the thing that connects what's his what's similar between doing a sake bomb and doing soccer mom ladybugs eight bucks. The movie do I eighty bucks is the one where the boy pretends to be a girl and they wake up in modern movies. He's not hold up these days in Seoul man know where this guy's dresses in black face. Seeing handles were basically really just sexually assault every chick throughout the bug doesn't play out as we're a little different. We all right. We just don't have Ted Danson did black face and it like oh it blew our minds. We read that he did with Whoopi. Goldberg encouraged remember driving back in. You pulled up the transcript and we were laughing so hard with how offensive it was. I had a pool. Oh it's because because he goes in black face and justice really raised more times in the most racist cop. You've ever heard it's crazy like look up the transcript and be like Ted Danson marriage bad. Nancy it's mine daughter. Just got him a computer right and he's online is wait. What's this youtube and the way way I'm a I'm a chef I like cooking? It's crazy talk. I'm still getting the blackfish shift phrase dude secret time I remember I remember people take time with seven cameras around you. Go on remember I remember. I remember our cheerleaders in highschool. No joke coming out to babies baby's got back in full black face. I swear to you picture of it on facebook. Where what what? Where is what state Florida never mind? That totally makes it to kids without tongues growing up tons of desserts Brett and all right. Let's due soccer balls pop punchy ground and then they all owners until it falls and then you know definitely broken. Running glass glass broke. It does sound very careful. Very careful mine is intact. I can't believe you're second. You're better great. Feels great shows gray. That's the one thing about Obama. Feel great afterwards and you feel like you sucked a helium balloon and you feel great are going to be honest with you. I think I'd rather be a porn star. GonNa Act okay go on me. I just feel like I could really really direct amazing horn-like real saying you don't want to be a porn. He went direct. I want to do both. I think all people that do porn direct also. He's hard to be ended up in the porn. Okay well this is a new segment called random wrong with that Guy Marissa Ariza by performance in the sake bomb. Wait wait wait wait wait hold on long been David Leakey here and a half years have had sex so one time. Well we're waiting sh. I forgot to tell Jesus before I told you that we Jesus together Brady Bill like I do watch. This is like super game right so tonight we are making. What are they making can? Can we guess based on the future monster gathered here. What would you guess it's happening because I see shrimp trips over our I would guess Sushi? nope okay we're making Josie. She didn't I'll always about you know I love. That's why I'm making. It gives you the other night. Don't get your hopes up not going to be that good. It's going to be shrimp cabbage and Pork Goza. Great are you guys. Have you ever made them before this. Is this going to be super interactive. Love we'll all get everyone involved because I don't kind of know what I'm doing okay. That sounds good. We've done like we the trader Joe's which is like the like an adult hungry man where you just get it and then you it's in a bag and you open it and you fry trader Joe's it's not a fucking park good. Yeah it's you feel like an adult but it really is just like what party by numbers. What part of you do you see Z.? In her that's not the right way to address a human. When do you see when we see the in him? And when do you see the Jersey corn. He loves corn Selma very a cord less. Yeah no he loves making CORN AND IN JERSEY. There is such a thing as Jersey corn. And I've tried to explain it to you and your mom got into a slight tiff one time. Just because she was I think Jersey's known for corn I was like dude. We don't have a fucking lot in Iowa. Let us have no but I was like we don't have a lot like just let me have corn. You guys have the forty of boardwalk empire and calm down doesn't mean any harm. Yeah No. She's so nice. I'd say the Most Jersey thing about you is garbage monster. Yeah Yeah you do. You dislike trashy stuff. Oh I like housewives. Oh Yeah love real housewives trash with trash clear Your Jersey Z.. Trash Jerseys Jersey gets a bad rap deserves. I don't think that's a bad rap. Gets a completely warranted rats. uh-huh fucking weird and grows and terrible and there's some paper by the way thank you. That was really I was kind of concerned but I know I started. Doc Sketchy now what I'm GonNa do is I'm GonNa Struggle teaspoons tablespoons right miniature. I'm GONNA speak beer. Hit me I can you see it. I Love Sake bombs and loves hockey I never did I have I have. I remember the first time I did this. Hockey bomb fucking amazing. And I didn't realize I was putting a shot at subbing in that. Shawna socking which is like wine. Lunch occupy the way but also sake is like less alcohol content than like Taylor Vodka. You've read the first time you did a yeager bomb I eighteen in this is the first one booze tasted good to me. As I can activity I remember. Did you engage. I remember the first time I tasted a wine cooler and it was almost like I kissed the dude I liked it. I didn't know how to tell my friends. I like wine coolers so good who were so good and it ruins like the present one cooler and I was like. Yeah hold motive for someone in my head. I was like it was like literally being caused gave for me and then and then having to come out with my friends like a really like wine. Coolers they're great. I love a lot my mom drink wine coolers number. How about the skinny Virginia Slims cigarettes? You ever have like a clean wobble. It's fantastic. I used to wear women's Clo women's clothes all through like seventh and eighth grade. Not knowing that you couldn't wear like your mom's blouse and pants to school who is just get off the subject K.. Got Drunk Boone's firm. It's appropriate because it's a lot it's like you got a lot of two teaspoons teaspoon felt she will we. We gotta we gotta get the. Oh you can't overdo it on salt. Sure Bruce and then what it does. Is it sucks moisture out for fifteen minutes we're GONNA sit there and it sucks some moisture. Cheesecloth I beat out the the liquid in it and and then we mix it with what we got here on. Here's port I'm hosting the fuck out of this. We got pork and shrimp. And then we'll make our filling and you don't cook them. Is that surprise. You you reporting organ. Shrimp no you. Don't cook the pork did this. This is fucking panning out. Perfectly being pranked. No it's not it's abuse show called someone throwing up really concerned about getting sick from fucking Williams picked about the ingredients and then refused to eat them. I'm not sure how penguins one of the funniest guys ever really isn't. He's so fucking quick. Yeah no I mean for for sure if you could steal someone's act and murder them. They never knew they existed. And you've got to do their act every night might be Jimmy Pardo. I loved you fucking funniest this shit. He's a penguins guy. He's he's a pay was amazing comedian. WHO Like every show? You feel like he's improvising. It and then you see a couple of times. You're like he's done a such a good job of making it. Look Yeah. What about you owe to tell across all the way? Even the he can't drink anymore we started. You couldn't anymore grace. What about intervention so about I would want to go to fucking rehab would be so gluttonous just me sitting there? It sounds fine honestly. You've got a pool new booze yoga and all day isn't comedians. Yeah fucking wet. Dream out. Comeback Comebacks felt book abby. Your rift I'd be like I'm sorry fucking talking about the drinking problem jets. Yeah Oh he's he's a little buzzed. Grace who could who would you murder and take their our persona. I know I know one who admire. Who View Admire enough? That you wish you could do what we're GonNa do ready grace. We're going to do three categories. Okay your podcast. That's very four categories race. A steal and take over the PODCASTS. Still take over the Youtube Channel Steel and take over there acting acting. Wow this is people. You admire murder okay. So so an apology gas world. I mean I mean Joe Rogan podcast. The best just outside of here. He's like kind of crazy so it seems like a trap for a lot of people people I think. Mark Mirren's podcast is interesting. We can't be marked Mirren's both sides of the crazy here. I like both those guys. Put Joe and mark are both like something in the middle there. Okay so make enemies with these to grow and very gingerly around this. Make sure no careers ruined over this. Look you're saying they're totally different PODCASTS. But I'm seeing both are on a separate end of the podcast spectra trump. They're totally different podcasters. And what they offer totally different both grain. They're both fantastic okay. Would you guys like to answer for me to the worst thing. Sorry I apologize. Where's Hellene the most successful missile? My thoughts are wrong and the most successful take the million times in my career. Really Fun Youtube her. You're saying some books that were good. Thanks yes I did because nine did not make them newer. I wrote a book and no one buck and read it. I've thought about writing books so we just don't do it. Correct okay. Grace go on the other categories acting Pakistan so you don't you WanNa do mark man. It's not really but that's the first person that comes to mind and I don't get a chance to explain it screams over. Yeah captain screams. Yeah A lot. acting I think Allison Brie glow is really great so I would love that kind of world where she gets to be like really funny and also like a really great actress school yeah to to To Call Him Ballinger who does Miranda sings and she's got married Well she's engage right now and she's pregnant she's awesome. She's someone I've met a years ago and she has the most incredible career. She's one of the people that I admire so much like. I'm sure you guys have people in the comedy world that you admire because they just work yourself Cohen. Now you can cut yourself. It's okay we can put a missile. Listen I missed. It is one of one of the Bourbon. Really General She works really hard and releasing also works really hard so those are sincere answers at like very much so you want to kill those people and take over their lives album of their lives that night so this is the shrimp and the sausage mixed together and some birds blood and a little bit of blood. Aw We got to put in garlic ginger green onions motherfucking. This is complicated. Hey do you want to cut up some onions for. Let Me Grace Green onions. Just stop. And here's Marina. These are the dirtiest although the largest green onions. You get the sprouts. I don't know I stopped telling people I know the answer because I never know the fuck answer on this show. I like sprouts. Where do you shop for Gilson's grace we shop together. No no no I would say twenty two hours. It was a day but we can. I reverse ask you guys like who. What acting career would you wanNA take over? What a great question question I mean you ask me I so congrats to you? But it's like I mean who do you think it's cool. I think that day Lewis is like the greatest actor ever but I don't WanNa be crazy left handed is this. I'm sorry looked handed the way you're saying But we so you would want I don't want to do. I think these women. COMEDIANS sounds like you don't want to like a welfare or like a Chris Pratt because because I wanna go outside the box a little bit Okay I mean that's who I liked to strive strive to be but somebody if I had to pick out. I mean Britain pitches seems cool. I mean seems okay. Here's a brand new question if you could can you saying saying what about you know but berth okay. So I said Brad Pitt. Who Do you pick acting? I Dunno I gotta be honest with you. I got traffic like I forgot. Brad Pitt would be an option and thinking sit folks fantasies. He's always shooting down for. I was like I wouldn't mind. Being on fucking Smallville rose amongst got a nice career. You know no actually you know who I think can do it on the plenary now. You're reading his interview earlier. Michael Shannon Michael Shannon's. Steve is New Jersey isn't he. Kogyo I mean Chicago Guy. He's a he's bad ass. I love him he just now. He's turned on label interview. He tried to bite. Somebody's nose off. I heard one time. You can't tell you about my favorite actor is is the Guy Hi to you. Know The guy who was the brother in. What's the Netflix? Movie that Netflix Show Shot in Florida where they were killing each other. And they're all related lines lose the pile Chandler no-no bed fucking mendelssohn food. What else has he been in his movie? Would you law fucking submarine. Today that I saw was like he is fucking amazing. I don't mean to be rude and be like windows but I don't know that name in. That's fine line Ben. Mendelsohn is fucking amazing. This guy is so impressive I was. He's just a great like smaller actor like the things he does. He keeps a cigarette tangling from his lip. And it makes me WANNA smoke I know what you mean C. C. A.. Cool smoke a cigarette smoke cigarettes and they used the these fingers I I would. I mean we smoke. Cigarette sometimes do really who on your deck every once in a while twice a year. Maybe we've I wish I had that ability to do anything twice a year. Celebrate Christmas twice. Okay Elson Johnson fucking amazing question. Can you do okay. Call Down If you could would replace someone in a band ban would you want to show okay now if you could be added to a pan without replacing someone one like who would you. What scenario would you WANNA be? Attitude can add it to a ban. In what instrument are you taking. Well no no no. Oh okay. Sorry for being fucking guitars that everyone goes. Oh yeah and then do mystique. Quiet guitarist like John Fashanu. Jesus Christ what Ben. Okay definitely be from men and I'd have to. It would have to power ballads. I mean party wants to go like I I would be. I would love to be leasing rush. I would love to be like the who was obsessed with fucking six year old women. But don't have to do that. Almost all the shows is going into this by the way. Let me know when you start running out of battery everyone. That's working on the show. 'cause I'm certain this is going fucking mall. I don't know what. Oh you plugged in then fuck it. How long has this been fifteen minutes right? Yeah that's for sure okay. So we're gonNA cheesecloth this bitch. What Bam when I being important like how great would be to be Sammy? Hagar just go out and I remember back over. Who's better you or David Lee Roth? No I love that. I love that I mean. You're taking this very obsessed with this question because I was in a band in college and I kicked out Taurus. What was the name of your band was given out spankings? Thank name of the band he started was called creed. Okay so this really hits home said so the winning and I got to be I got I got to visit credence. Okay I got this thing with Scott stapp on comedy central and it was one of the coolest feelings I've ever had in my life. It was literally like next level amazing and I was like an I. I've done a lot of big shows as a comedian but for four eight hundred people in a room singing higher the energy when when that rockstar energy put out is just addicted Pilots I would like to go in like I mean Goddamn such fucking Shit on the Red Hot Chili peppers on Saturday night live and then I saw sleet and I felt I couldn't go up to him and tell my loved them. We're not Chili. Peppers would be a bad ass to be a part of. I know I got it. And you're GonNa hate this answer answer limpest. Yeah I hate that answer is love it I love it crease. Stretch decimals New Jersey thing about trash. Ashbourne biking garbage would be cool shit everything corn limp biscuit turning to the Grapes of Wrath over there. This didn't work the way I think we thought it would but we got it. limpets gets entire career. Then the whole scenario. Wow Okay so this is our thing. What else do we need to put in here? You know so why do you why is it. Why was it such a fucking lightning both limp biscuit? 'cause I WANNA BE YOU WANNA make mission policy those thirty that only thing faith. They could literally shop between two tour buses. Like it's so shut the fuck talk this biscuit in high school. I was listening to At a cross country meet one time and somebody screaming singing it when you listen to headphones guy was okay. You can't do that. They got shucked cup yelled at and then he took me to my coach and was like he's screaming among kid rock which is apparently was by nookie kid rock rock could be a great one. The Kid rock was one side kick. It's going to be birth and then you go out with them and sing whenever all Josie who a metro see Amancio. CNN met Uncle Kracker with the K.. A. Who wrote a movie. The only full length movie I've written is about to A Freshman College from Detroit to Miami to stop their girlfriends from second kid. Rock stick I wrote in. It's one hundred ten pages documentary battery. What's it called? It's called killing the most. Because that's the name of his crews gotTa go get on his cruise. Oh that's fucking. Aw We sent it everywhere and everyone was like sure no but fun then amazing that like great ideas. Just don't get made people are afraid of them. That's that's a very generous about what he just wants to buy. The rights to children them all Hundred Dollars I'm done with it. I will out dumb you for pitches any day of the week this year. Righty Ton Hon. What will run through all of them? I was called Moat crashers. You're familiar with bath. crashers and House crashers everyman's. It's houses castle. Every castle needs a moat. That's where we go into the shovel. Section of a home depot here is building a moat. You know what it is like a moat and we build them a fully functioning. Oh right okay. Next one blind design. We've a blind guy come into designing harmonizing the when you walk in. You're like what the fought. Steve staring stared at the refrigerator. He does on your house. Someone's in here right. How about this one this one? Hey bathrooms bathroom bathrooms as we'll be going to your house every room in the bathroom you come into the fourth actor like Oh my God what happened to my little more like you mean your bathroom. Hedberg jump but did he tell jokes stolen from him more than he does because I got a two bedroom house but I think it's up to me. How many bedrooms were in my house? It looked better than my pitch. Yeah he's like he's like this. There's this bedroom has a toilet. This bedroom is in a neighbor's house. Are you aware you have one of my bedroom. Perfect for best in dreaming. I just said to me and it's just he's just presences around there yet. Here are more beer is we should do another round sake bomb fuck grizzlies. TV show show tomorrow. I don't fucking you ready for the one. That was the worst one that they pass on to it was they were looking for something. Different Concern Levi network known ever. We're looking for something DIF- shoveling don't even know Sharon spike looking for something different. And I was like I got different. It's called Kennedy Kidnap your child. That's where I go in and I tried to kidnap your child. You can't do anything different. You've gotTA stand your regular setup and then I if I kidnapped your child then they just go the van and I give him the grandparents they go to Disney the week. That's when the game shows starts is the kid now that they're being kidnapped. Talk show that exists already like okay. Then we'll pass on that one you want to pass on that one this ready black versus white. That's where nothing spiders. No It's where me a Warren Sapp go out and we know we we go you fight black versus white and we go to. Church is the first day and we all go to different churches all different ethnicities our churches and hold on. This is where the game show starts is me and worn then. Then have to deliver a sermon. Whatever all my all my sitcom ideas they always pitched me the dad the drinks lot and look it doesn't take someone had it doesn't have to shrimp on their hands? Get are so weak. What was how did black versus white end up and and so they pass on everything but sure? No that wasn't me. Moore's have gone and we research churches and then we deliver sermons a mixed congregation and then they determined. Oh Oh Blah better than churches and white people. It was a coffee cooler table cooler water cooler talk. Show the verse White. We kicked your ashes barbecues in but oh are yes all the way up early go for it will be and I'm like on board but I just think that with African American churches are more fun. Yeah book put us in a competition. To Buddy show is two guys competing like like each other and worn this fucking funniest guy on the fucking world. Yeah I'm in Houston for two. I'm like a like a southern fund church and it was I I was like I get it. This is awesome. Do Black Churches kick. Oh aw you would love it. It's real regional one. I like it in small doses. You you watch it as like a binge you really dig clear. Wait Grace Oh here we go here that here are the things okay so we need these. And then we're going to heat up some oil. Oh yes three to put this whole mix into the family. I we're GONNA form them first. United Four It will learn better doing a most. You're doing I'm just going to pour my next breaking glass. It did sound like hell broke. Cheers thanks for having us on your show. Thank you for doing this. Terrible Bitch is is right. So that bad bitch disservice country do okay. Can I ask you what you're thinking about your career you've kids no it's like. Why would that be a question? She asked me friend here. Armie hammer what are your daughters. Think about anything okay. Cool Shit like you know. My daughter went to camp this year and the kids were like your Dad's a comedian just embarrasses her issues like washing machine and like even. I'm being serious. If they met hugh and their fans they wouldn't play off they'd be like they'd be like it just want way. You're I mean you think of your kid have you okay. Here's a question in view because the people know you across the country and you travel a lot for comedy etc.. What's like the weirdest situation you've had with someone that either airports all you like in a show after show like what's the Weirdest Fan interaction that you've had heard so many of those you have? Yeah I I couldn't even just on a daily basis. I was saying this to my buddy today. I do my show. shortlists meeting research shirtless and so everyone takes her shirt off. Times a hardcore is giving a gun you bring it to you you create the audience intact commission here so here take this this and then we gotta you gotTa do you put it in and then you put like a T.. Here watches I mean on the cameras can get talking. We also got the Whitewater meet on their. Did we just so if it shows up on camera how moist services services but so okay. It's a meet and greet completely shirtless. Yes cars take their shirts off a lot of girls shirts off as a sign of like yeah just like they just decided and I like it. I don't mind it like the weirdest interactions like A. UPS driver takes Pakistan. My door and I opened the door. He goes pull shit the fuck machine. I go yeah and he goes. You live here and I'm like yeah. He goes so this is your house. And I'm like Jack. We stopped doing that breath. Okay Watch Watch watch. This is by the way I don't know. But this is a little package amendment on Christmas. Honest fork around it right. She racial said or some Komo. That's GonNa look it added preemptively before sealing the package so then you go like this and then you fold it uniform. I saw person one time to you. Grace that made me laugh. Airport just went up and was said. Are you famous. And you're like I don't know and then they just said commit take a photo of you and you're like with me and they go no and then. They took a photo gist of your face. I was a flood or that because I there have been A few times where like young girls have come up and they're very nervous and so you're trying to like make them comfortable and they might be a little scared to like. Ask Ask for photo so you want to be like kind of just do but it goes bad. Sometimes because I've had a couple of times all right then we take a photo and they're like I'm okay. We worse thing that could ever happen to you. I'm okay okay. Well I'm just completely awful even suggesting that. Got It so that yeah this all came up. Yeah she was very nice but yes. She's Super Nice but she just wanted to. Just of you fucking buzz or elect when Blackpool recognize me okay. I'm thinking what they were like. When you go to Scott up and they're like all the white people recognize you wanNA creep away black will celebrate you like Oh shit? Oh Oh shit I'll fucking you get excited you like. I did it. The first time ever got recognized ever I was on travel channel and we went to magic. Johnson's wins Fridays Airport. If it is you don't know magic. Johnson has lost a bunch of businesses. And they'll have magic Johnson in front of them and and they're basically black on black operated. It's it's it's really fucking awesome. Also beat aid thing Magic Johnson. Yeah yeah yeah easily and so we go into on a Sunday and it's football Sunday right and so we go in. I just ended my daughter's with me and we go into the bar bar. I go into the bar just got on the plane so I go to grab a beer. This blackout recognized. It scare me. He got so excited. Like you were like Oh shit is and everyone around that. He's only when the recognize me but everyone's celebrated me and I told them what they did for living and they thought it was Solaire that I wrote rollercoasters for a living and then they all wanted pictures and then we got our meal copy contract meal that got US beers and it was like so much fun but oh my daughters saw was that that black is lose their ship for dad so anytime for the next month they saw black right there. And I'm like Sir. My daughter's make fun of me if I recognize. Now 'cause I do the same thing I'd like to go to a difficult to Thanks thanks so much. Appreciate it man. Thanks sure grateful but I say the word brother Lot. WWe wrestling today. Florida hundred fucking and my daughter's market market. They're like older brother brother brother and then it really shows you what it sounds like when you hear it from like a twelve year old like oh serious problematic. What a great little thing for us to do is make these together and Chit Chat? Chrissy Teigen makes her recipes for her cutbacks on Blue Apron this month Oh we do blue apron blue apron by. They're not a sponsor this by fucking love blue. We're Blue Apron. News show would be right up their alley. How are you nuts answered by blue apron? All things comedy I have a podcast called entry level I would love some sponsors Blue Apron would be welcome on aprons fucking amazing they. I would do a fifteen minute. Read for them right here. They changed the word family around. No matter. podcast makes we gotTA stop talking about because sponsored but they are great. I wish I wish that I wish you could go out and say who you want sponsors from I tried to Who Do you want on this show like what would be ideal sponsor organic organic sponsorship or Toilet Company? There's a company means cigarette and Rogan. Use that does they spray Rasoul with water day you don't talking about I know I I'm a huge pooper. Fan like thirteen through yeah grace uses Potpourri staying after you shared. It makes it smell. I'm like I know what happened. Yeah it doesn't matter. If you know what happens I am trying to make it a pleasant in front of each other. I see he. Here is his very formal legs crossed in address trillion. US on with. I'm doing great for our new podcast called Shits and giggles. We WanNa do like a ten minute. podcast where we bring in people and they toler favorite shit stories. That's on my podcast. You will see on Wednesday like I asked. Everyone's like where's pension story. Yes give a precursor so you can give burt. So Oh you do this. On every episode podcast to divert right. Now okay this is a teaser for your again on my gas but so now it's you're going to get cross. It's called enough for us. We need more think. Let's keep making 'em keep on I ask every guest my podcast. How how many their worst pensioning story or close call but you can only use three words or three small phrases or a mix of bit too so mine is college jogging looking front lawn? So when you're I mean what would your was targeting times. Can Yeah no follow up question to follow Berwick got many three words men you were either okay Do Small as they can do singular words but I like that you you have actual a lot of experiences because there are people that are like I don't know anything that I haven't told you grace's house else today. Oh Nice I can do not about myself. I've not about myself Their daughter Diarrhea tickling. Oh No tickle the shit out of that. Obviously I've seen her bed she shit in our bed in my wife's yelling dog trying to eat it. She's crying that's been. It's fucking brilliant by the way three words to describe your worth. I got my worship. My story ever ever and it would be wait. Save it for my podcast. There's a new story here so we can cross promote because they've been these commodities similar times chai a fucking talk to this. I've I've seen my pet so much. Okay how do you think the the word Porn Star. How many times kiss somebody hit the bed this year? Purchase entered dude. This new world who that happens for a couple of times the bed so fat. Oh tell me about. When do we less than we were in Australia? Oh Yeah Cut In grew. I wish No we were I had worked in Australia but my friend and I and I went and watched like this underground wrestling match one night and so when grace goes to Australia for shows I tag along and do the indie shows. You know what I mean. Do fine local shows. Ah He was Doing a bunch of seven memory and I had gotten like we had written to this underground wrestling unit. got like free. Tickets went and saw this amazing match and came back. Black and Brown said had like a full night out full night out along. Well both newest comedy. Yeah okay meetings. Comedians you get so excited. Man fully went out and expressive and then came To him Laying face down on the bed like fully passed out and I was like. Are you OK. News like yes. I'm fine okay cool. That's enough for me. And then in the middle of the night I was awoken to the sound of a complete like dead body hitting the floor for rolled completely off the bed fully like Komo's but then stood up and said Oh hello and then walk to the bathroom and turn the shower on Ole wet and pissed in the toilet flush the toilet and then came back to bed with the showers still on and then like completely fell asleep next to me so he fell off. The bed woke me up. Turner shower on wall saying Oh and Peter Toilet and came back to bed and the next morning. I had to be like so I woke up and had to turn the shower off you the ship my pants and fully didn't pro. I one time I one time was let me help you. Let the best shitting in Aspen and it smells so bad. I sorta throw up and I leaned into the TUB to throw up in the TUB and Nice Shit all over the wall right. But it's in the middle of this airbnb too because aspirin doesn't have nice intolerance and AIRBNB and so I just leave it. I get in the shower a rinse off I get out. I told my moms air. My Mama Go. MOM showed the wall. Just see no this shit on the wall and she comes. Rex goes it's gone and that is the closest I've ever come to believing in God. Awed God took show in the walls. I I'm not GonNa let anyone deal with this today we got. We got kicked out of Aspen. One time and we were in college. We went there and my friend. Pass out you got kicked out of the city. Well does not big hotels. We stayed in a friend of ours worked for Budweiser and he rigged it. So that we won a contest to go so for suicidal to people are GonNa ask eleven of US went Staying in a bed and breakfast they can tell eleven people staying in their house to you. Remember when you thought you were smarter than everyone when you're a kid. Yeah you're like I know what we're doing we're GonNa get this by them and you're unique. You're like Oh we weren't fooling anybody. No my friend passed out in the hot tub Eating Cheetos Cheetos were just on top of the hot tub. They've tasked us out and it's about the end of that story. We had to go back to Denver. She's like my wife. That's not a great story and I'm proud of that one. Here's what we do. Now we put these in the vegetable fryer. We make Golden Brown the and we put them in this thing waiting to Gordon Brown. Then we put it in a cup of water then that steams them then we take the top off and we let them fry just a little bit more and then are we supposed to make a sauce or something at this Rachel and then we're going to mix the vinegar soy sauce and we're going to dip them in there. and Bob's your Uncle Cook Sweep. Where's the craziest place you have fence? Grace like Dubai everywhere the same thing. It's a global. Oh platform global than I travel like you because this is the net thing is i. I know you from your travel show. Oh but I know that you've done comedy way before all that so it must be weird like your fan base. Must be like a weird mix of like mid Western moms that love you say ah I don't have very many fans anymore Meaning I don't think anyone ever discovered mealtime with Taylor. Well that's the first time I saw you and then knowing when you are like an actual comedians. And like the same way I love Samantha. B I thought she was not meant to be the brown the show and she was the first person that I really truly when I lived in Brooklyn it was doing comedy I was like. She is the coolest person that is making travel Acceptable to a younger audience. That was very very cool but and you did the same thing. So I'm like the audience must be so bizarre for you. I'm a crazy. I did a lot of people found me on Rogan and when I started doing standup meaning back stand up and got out of trouble channel. A A lot of them were like. Oh you do stand up now travel channel or yeah when I got fired for travel channel and by the way brooks identify so fucking hard with getting being let go from a job and that fucking morning you get up like Shit I had my whole fucking spiel down censure. I'm cooking these right. But we're GONNA put water water now. browns going around pretty quick. I think I'm burning your view watering their. I got to cover it right here right now. We're GONNA lower this like getting fired for something. I want our travel channel to this day. I have a hard time really dealing with the emotions. I felt because I was like nick. I put everything into you guys like. I traveled over seven years for you. You can't just end it seven years seven years on that network in great spirits great experience but it's a lot the stripper. Yeah but it's also like the same thing that I had with him channel where it's like you a lot of your actual creative work. It's owned by someone else. Kitsch share it because some stuff on that network that was so damn funny soundbite motion saying like I know who you are because you are the most realistic travel person on that show of the Brown. Who is that? She was trying to appeal to young moms etcetera. And you mean you watching you. Sister Beers in this refrigerator is authentic personality. That I should to exactly what I wanted people to think in here about me or feel about. Tell me a little bit. I have friends that work with food network etcetera and it's the same thing and she is a wonderful awful human but you know same thing. By circumstances work my one defense of many boom I is is is tough and not a friendly guy to necessarily have beer boss but a he's a comedian at heart. And whatever you right on that show. It doesn't make it in. Then he leads. You take it when you leave a really. Yeah Yeah so you can take sketches. He wrote for the show. That didn't make it so it'd be He'd like he's a writer and I hate to that fucking show but I'm hard it's sued. I've been there but I'm GonNa say so hard because I I still love travel channel and being fired. You're just sitting there like you'd see new show come out and you want to promote it because you thought it was good that the party would be like my cock like Y CALC him. I can't stand up. No I'm in what was Nice was lor was nice to me after I got fired. So that's all that matters to me and you have. That stamp is a stamp that you should remember Lou grace's us. I'll have these crazy dad issues like I mean it's just like from this person who won't who never give approval it is really hard So we you know ultimately like your didn't it didn't work out on that show but I think some funny I still feel okay. It's cues raise your experience that no one else has sure everyone else thing is when you work on this show. All your friends have had that experience so I know fifty people. I've had that experience. Yeah so what I'd trade I trade it. I'd trade it for what she did. He would trade your trovato experience for being my own independent person my world. My trajectory suck a lot so I wouldn't trade like like I wouldn't do that like a TV show what TV show would do. Would you do. Where would you do it? Let's do let's do two let's go both UK re- reality non scripted. We're is your television show together next next month for real. Yeah it's real good tripped. Yes you're talking about it but I mean that's my dream and she's going to pitch scripts shows. Yeah and I had a great show. Yeah we know everyone data. TV turns out this right now is working good for me. People come into my chosen they go. Oh something's burning man and I go all thanks. We love you. PODCAST Rogan Tom. Show where your mom's house then pour me goes okay. If that's what my fans are all just keep doing exactly a decade a decade. But it's also like even know when you wake up in the morning you check everything on your phone you don't go to your TV and log in like looking at like I miss like Thursday night on NBC. Like friends when we were growing up like it's not the same thing anymore so to justify that to myself. I spend my wife said you spent an hour on instagram this morning. It's it just doing the Ju- This you're like look at instagram. Like it and this is the saddest thing I do as an adult man. You look at it like instagram than you. Put Away your phone back out and open it back up before you thought about anything else. Yeah it's like it's like a crazy. What's his face? Just texted you back. Billy yeah this is just talking about no Nobili Wayne Davison. Good from Davis. He didn't my podcasts. As great great turning up your mouth sauce with what rice vinegar and I will read Vanilla and salt and in what tonight put into this here we go i. Gotcha Chili's good easy. I am like I am. I've never been drunk in my life. Could you gave it all you hear. Soya it's awesome on here. Grace I got. I WanNa flip this bitch of these stock in good. They looked really good. I wish we'd made a hundred more. Thank Greatest Miracle That's happened very tender testicle sacks but you gotta you can't talk around with him too much tax. If you've been one time I told someone you didn't find for second second I was like. How many times have I can't tell you when I told someone one time you got hit in the head with a hammer? Wouldn't hurt and the very next area eh decorative snowball and exploded in my pants and doctor doctor and the same girl Lottie neum. I thought can haven ahead of your Dick with a hammer you tell you dig a professional snowball fight in Alaska. And what's the difference in amateur and professional symbol. They make them in their Scottish fucking rock. What all baseball hitting Alaska Anchorage Alaska's fucking gorge? I've been to Alaska. Do you ever look at your life and you go if I take this trip and I put it online a really good a lot of its ownership shit. Hi Welcome to me standing up for the first five nine half shit I know right. You're told him I thought it'd be. I go football your grace has been to Alaska. I've been to Alaska but I went to Alaska to do to. I'd like to fix myself one time. Have you ever done that. Almost did that in two weeks. No I booked a trip to either Alaska. Alaska Beijing Shanghai or not you but when I was about to and my wife said let's just go to Paris it now. We're going to Paris together. We're going to Tasmania on Wednesday to Tasmania fucking fat. I can't wait. I don't know about grace you'RE GONNA love. It can't wait all right all right. I think these are done. I'm an aside these right here I think we we stepped over something. We're no no no no no no. So what are we doing. I you guys are very easy. Couple of hang out with Oestmann wife was here to. That'd be my wife. I don't know the Tasmanian Wednesdays. This is your ideas and my wife. Are you trying. I what the fuck is wrong. You gotta grow up to spend. The money could have fucking money. That's like an extra just like an extra five thousand dollars that we could. I'd spend having fun in Tasmania. It's about it's about the experience man just trying to pull a fucking cap off corona. I don't want this show to end. I'm having so much better than I moved from Iowa. Quick favorite trick. Oh Aw I love it. That's the first time we've actually seen. What a cool guy? If I find out I have a month to live the last day of that month GonNa go to a bar and grabs loans beer and go. I can do this by the way I thought I would just walk away. Wherever we're how we've all been to Alaska I love Alaska? I went I went there to try to find myself. I got drunk at a pizza place for a week. You realize your path is my path in this business. Except we're so much better. Whenever I went to find myself it was just me by myself? A hotel room going. You know the Jamie Kennedy Movie Pizza Place. We ate edibles to try to go to Denali the the mountain and we fell asleep. And then we Miss Thang. They dropped us off like did you guys see the bear and we're like to reset for eight hours on that bus. Oh my God and then you went you were on Glazer's stuff yes. We made a vodka snow cones on glacier in. I'll ask your shit together. Brace no not only hiding it real. You seem like you really cleaned ended up so that people think I care about this is really hot. I'm not in a race to end this episode. Tom What are these. These like shrimp geordies. Actually try. Because I've heard of trips before I Alexa look make it rain. Is this not clean also. This looks incredible. Shockingly kingly like looks really good yours a common thread in this show people go. I did not expect it to look good Harley on at all no I know Harley podcast maybe okay I seen like a cutlass any fog and a great personality someone found binge washed. That's a beautiful thing about youtube is like you find someone you love and you Binge Watch the shit out of their life and sell them to someone and that's my funnest thing about youtube is like when you go. Oh my God. Have you ever seen a mist in. Someone's like no and you're like and you're like oh here. What's the best best radio show? Yeah Yeah No. That's when we first met. It was like he had never heard of names. Before I can bread crumbs the good graces finds something ideas cool seuss unit six years ago when I met every time when I met him the cool thing about him was the fact that he had no experience with scumbag. Steve and like Jean Bloomberg's D do You guys all know who's combat. Yeah you really fully soup you guys. I know who come back. Yeah okay let everyone else here. Explain this to you after the fact but he's one of the founders of memes basically. It's a wonderful wonderful team. That you should indulgent. It's fantastic is kind of like the introduction. The first time we really hung out acme acme the first two years ago doing acne and we came. We are crying laughing in the air in the airplane. Because they didn't what memes were either gifts I call I call gifts. Are they just gifts. Well it's chew choosing programmers sous chefs. So I call them gifts. But you like the jets and Alabama Mike. Why have I had my head in the sand? Like a fucking ostrich wjr funniest. Nothing's funny than meam knows. Stand up comedian is ever going to be funnier than a properly four sentence worded me. You beat a perfect image with the perfect. I tell you the side of the Oslo that was like the most romantic thing ever heard you say relationship US camping okay. Two weeks ago. I did a triathlon. Aw I tell you this already what I know about these guys anything. I'm embarrassed to share this two weeks ago. I did a triathlon. John and I was really scared of this and I was really scared of the day. It was short swim Komo by five. Three five hundred meter did something so I do the swimming. I'm scared of this What was this like stack? Pick it up like forty minutes up to five. We can't a bunch. Oh Yeah we're told that we can't Balat stakes just right up the five. It's just up to five. That's it is that the one on the left or the right of the right so I go. I do the swim and I've I've been on instagram a lot right. I'm on Instagram a lot lately. I'm in the middle of swim and I'm thinking I see the sun rise. The morning I see the sun coming up over the mountains and I see one hundred people with me swimming and I and I are all cameras going out. Okay Eh just a off the same exact on. So I'm I'm in the middle of a hundred people and I look up. I see the sun coming up over the mountains and I realized Bert. You're forty five years old and you're competing in a triathlon. That you've been training two months for and I hear the dumbest thirteen year old Hashtag in my head I go you're living your best last life in Queens trouser newsroom chips you got this prolonged eat. Pray love good thing. I think they're exactly as good. A curious shape. We we try these. We do it in other sake bomb and then you can find an altro just woman two hours we've desert and we have sir us yet here. We'll be done. I'm fine I don't give a fuck grace has shifted. Get Out of here. I'm sure right. Tell us tell us we. There's no but I'm just saying keep on. Whatever you have to do is try these yes? They looked delicious and we sent to somewhere else. What Oh Yeah Abbott Camping? Show what we do this but campy you fucking serious come on one shot that the actual Pharma Promo for that show so I love camping so we shot. We already did one where we went camping. We went to Malibu we kept on Point Moo Goo to me Cornell read Nick referred and we just made food got drunk partied all night camped in all things how many shot at so we have a new campaign show to please put me in that little stabby lease put me in. Oh yeah did we got so drunk. Play a knife catch we read. What is that is that we no? It's where we were just throwing knives that can I tell you the game. I WANNA play with a knife game. You play with an old school like nineteen thirties game. I don't want we throw it by your feet. And the person who throws it closest to their feet wins a mandate trying to tell us about nice to each other either way. Yeah no yeah we can show instead of cooking lease. I would love to do that. Please me and Bill Burr. Oh yeah no no. No no no me you bill burr. We'll get we'll get like four hundred dollars whiskey some thirty five dollars cigars friends. Yeah got it got it again. I'm a busy right now to allow Chilean. It'll be good but yeah get him to fly a helicopter. Oh Bill Hill. After off a fucking grid he'll cover lands. We stay there. We can't helicopter takes off in the morning. I love this. Hey Man if you want to do that. The thing comedy foots bill on all things. Companies Bill footing the bill again. A helicopter being -cluded come with the time grace. ooh dating all hang out like that all right as a sample these go I think we should do one without it. I just okay right. I feel like I forgot. All cheers. Thank you so much. Thank Hugh chairs like upsettingly. Really God. I'm talking I'm shocked Sean. Murray turned into a race with mustard. This is the most like like high end drunk food that you could ever make for for yourself. This is to win together. But that's fine. That's a really good is really good. That's amazing it's like angry. How good it is yeah? Good job you did it. Good job you did a lot of times to enroll or bobby lead. Yeah Yeah Different community favorite moving show favorite cooking. Show me Oh Ming Si- MHM sincere most sincere and really like good at what he does. The last are you kidding me. My brother loves him so much watched him when we were kids. Ah I don't know well that's a no so smart funny survey. We went to these restaurant by the way big Fan. So just let me plant. I would definitely defend my eight year brother till the debt and this is not anything think offensive towards doing we can get the humor basic in him. I understand though. Welcome means so he is. We go we go to soon. He doesn't turn it off. When you meet Guy we've guy thing where you go like like it's almost like you met Snoop Dogg and they went bow and you're like ooh yeah nine I've seen happen? Yeah so we were in New York City just so happens. University of Iowa's plane gene in Yankee Stadium. So for our whole again going in this basically at the end of it is the place to go in New York. Both of our phones are dead so we didn't have been so cold it freezes your phone yes. I have. The upper peninsula of Michigan New York did it to us that it wasn't that both our phone batteries dead and that's it so we just a grace. Do your stand up with you and go out until you saw what happened. Go pop up video. No yet she actually called me out. I got attacked on twitter. Hard this night gone. Oh yeah because So we went to. I was like guys yet has a restaurant in Times Square. This is Joe. We've had for a long time about like ridiculous is let's just go there. We have no no other like our phones are dead. There's either Olive Garden Restaurant Yup So we go. It is huge. It's like the most massive robot in Times Square doesn't make sense. How much real estate? He has to pay for monthly and but it's also like kind of abandoned when we walk in. There's there's trash there's there's a lot of trash. Yeah there's like a lot of Napkins Star before tables. That aren't clean. There's a lot of like we quit tonight. Restored ask some questions. Yeah you've you've sort of affair bureaucracies. You Cook buys us some shots. What's going on there this restaurants closing tomorrow so We leave I steal a guy menu. Well they can't that the kid the shots that worked for Guy Fanny we were like. What's he like his honestly? He's really nice. I got yeah. He came in and was Super Nice. Staff like really friendly but the restaurant shutting down memo the kid had a full bottle of like a great. Do Things like the restaurant shutting down. I'm taking whatever I can right now. mcdonagh's shots I didn't care all but told us I was Super Super Nice and then yet bookstore menu menu and we still have it. Hangs at your house. 'cause it's now defunct Nora but then I lied on. INSTAGRAM found. A guy like as a comedian respect this as a comedians girlfriend does respect it as a federal guy at his restaurants closing so I I went to steal a menu and she just called me on she blew me up. She was like did not know. Did it when we found go instagram. It's like everyone to shame him online. s everyone to write lies as comments on his instagram. So he's got two thousand thousand lives year liar on this post your mom called you and was because my mom just in the middle of August she just come into Merry Christmas I Seven hundred lies euro-lire I hate you. You're a liar. MIAMI MOMS Christmas Inc five hundred more eurolines segments like my. It's like my wife. She'll just as you tell the story she goes. That's not how it half honey. You WanNa bore them. My wife tells the story. It's like five pages out of Moby. Dick Komo Wale these a beginning middle and an end point do I need. How do I do this? I am so beautifully beautifully buzz right now fucking perfect I mean you were very very similar in like energy and I think I think also someone like grace gets it like a race wouldn't understand. Yeah you and I are embellished. And she is savvy and it's like stop embellishing and be Steve reasonable type. Yeah I just don't I mean I can't lie. That's I saw comedian Louis. This happened the other day making it easier when Lina just telling you what happened the other day. Okay tell me tell me wants to find your. He makes jokes about scenarios and he says he's high when he's really drunk. I'm being high. Funnier joke sometimes. Because he's not a star like he doesn't smoke at all so I like to pretend like I'm the weird way high as the acceptable buzz. Every joke fucking drunk as fuck every problem. No I get that. But it's like one joke that is specifically about being high rather than because I don't want to be a drug and every it's weird to be a stone or than to be it's acceptable to be high. At every moment I was I was dropped my kids off and I was high Shit Shit. Oh totally as I was driving my kids often I was drunk and everything or are you drinking at five in the morning gig gets it burke he should date and then your wife grace condemn and dawn Leeann. We'll be right next to knowing the kids could meet us. Tommy John is great drove. Tell penguins the big show for penguin up. Close right no no got flooded. They open a different room. HANGLAND's is read. Hey think raising like I really admire penguins. I Admire Jeff Johnson the owner payments Butler. In this I'm supposed to be making something this forward. The Greatest Oil Heathrow Victor. Yeah let's do the desert. No I I know no no they WANNA make and take fucking a year here all right. Let's do this. We'll try to do this uh-huh and then we'll get you guys out of here. Yeah you gotta get to never going to happen on this fucking thing. Let's do it here it'll get you. It's all good. I mean we've already by the way I'm just letting you know in case you do have a hard out. We already have an amazing fucking show. Oh and this is just one more thing that we can make or we WANNA do it. Yeah Okay we would either WANNA come into the camping show. It's fun already. Said yes but it's not like to our commitment. It's forty eight hour commits. Yeah I gotcha okay. I was going to like I received. The campaign show is fun. We who showed the camping show right became eastern leads the title. Oh Yeah we do need a title. Oh my God grace handle this and tell them to talk in the comment instruction talking to come. No no no. Let's let's title camping show right now. yeah I mean what do you think okay so. It's a camping show. I love camping. Gene we're okay just in general. What should the drink onum beers called? Something's burning I'm good at titles. Okay so this is a campaign show where we all go hang. It's COMEDIANS camping. I mean that's what it says. COMEDIANS getting coffee. Should we call it that. COMEDIANS titles taken fuck. Look I don't know can't be comedians camping. That's too boring hamming campfire. We got sleeping bags the same bags camping Just like rough it. No no no. I think you're headed that one. Br Brooks in it Babbling Brooks. I'm not as into titles with my name in naming naming it got up your name and help with. I don't need a Pun. No no no no no no I think it it disturbs you with your name on it or not give you example members food. They would look at them. Richmond go ahead never sued and he was like my name's Adam and they'd be like no you're man versus food congress birth conquer. That's right. Her great does now. Now your name just me because I wanted friends so you won't like something like like let's getting out there. What about getting out there? I can't think you're getting out there. Little Walk out there with Brooks over author grid. I do off the grid bomb but we have a camera crew original show a couple cameos. I've tried to pitch the campaign shows my whole life No bears allowed GIG is wrestling speed. Does that sounds great. Uh No I don't know what do you think grace. You didn't know where we're going to brainstorm your show tonight so fun. Refund Campbell. Can't no camp stories do ooh. I can't kisses. I don't know I got figured out. Call it family ties back to the future apart. Yeah no part two camps camp hip fire conundrum. Well what about because I don't want to stick can't because we don't want to see one and shoot their instead of just like travels so you don't want to just do camping camping. You wanted to be able to go like fuck it. We're going to transport because it's going to be called to go camping telling you ready for this. I think of Brooks and Dunn Can. Can I tell you when I I. I told you when I first saw Brooks in Donohoe's at Florida state and the two biggest football players were Derrick Brooks and work done and a cassette of Brooks and Dunn. No an are cool. They must put out a hip hop album. The the running back in the linebackers so I bought it and then I put in my car and I listen to country music and I went so interesting they would have decided to do country. Music must be country fans and I want. It's not that bad and I was like. Wow that's amazing. They're actually really good country artists and will play with Derrick Brooks from work done throughout not a country album by the way no one who brooks and Dunn were. This is like an. I must have done that for a year and I didn't even like it but I was like but they're my they were probably. Yeah Names Brooks Ninety one. I was born in eighty six and people are named after Garth Brooks. I'm like no. It came out. Come on a Brooks Robinson's baseball player. what about How much longer do you WanNa Bring Concern Year show title grace? Don't think this from Yeah I don't know how about how `bout you're not helping the obviously hot. We put the ice cream in there and we just drop offerman camping cooking camping. Just can't traveling. Just do with KS three KS cooking camp. I put my finger and the oldest is a bad idea. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah you gotta get it hot travels in such travels inside. That sounds like a pressure. Tell you what I would love you to do. Travels in search which travels and such a wheeling and dealing. I don't I don't like puns travels and such seems like it's not aggressive. Do things like a mom that was librarian. Having a love moment travels inside. What about uh-huh liked? I like not aggressive. You'd you really but with your name Brooks Elam. Hi This is Brooklyn travels and today. We're going to explore Rome on a budget. I've got my inside fanny pack so I don't get I don't mind travel. avalon travel from such. Because it like being so under Agra. Actually if you're saying you're not go. The opposite of Agra Agra about travel our shouts nothing just think through. He doesn't want to oversell it he doesn't want to be like I don't want to be like we. We fight bitches. Swinging takes travels almost like it almost like it in like an anti like travels. It's almost like you can see the fanny pack. Okay the hallmark network. Oh my God. So here's the thing with travels in such it's traveling such and then it turns into dudes getting hammered insight. No goes watching travels and such but it's never really inside drunk dude. I might make a hard call right right now. To Colorado Wheelin. Travels Fitzwilliam traveling such anything. The people go traveling but the such is so much fun run one in such and such is like something interesting interesting. Such travels in such a higher travels one word Air Travels Troubles in such a ring to it. It's innocent. We're not trying to be mean or agro notice. It's got a Bob Bob. Ross field trips travels and such not GonNa be Bob Ross is gonNA be completely disappointing. But that's what I'd like a wood. None Agro Oh comedy I really sincere and signing up for you can tell them traveled since. I like what this is going into because what I like is your transitions are no thing script issue but like your transitions are like billy like crooked crochet and bills like and just travels in such coach travel such check out books we in travels in such on all things comedy on the Youtube Network. Come into a two year. This is GonNa totally subject this hour. That's a log. Line is a huge show. And grace doesn't agree travis. What is your problem? That trump's grace no nothing we listen to the one person that made it on their own. Okay this this is definitely not working. Okay here we go ready yet. We're either going to melt ice cream. I'm in here or this. Is Going to get deep fried like modify go right so this one hundred race. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA use this because I don't think we have enough oil on high so either you're going to what's matter what happened. Oh she has she has for your perfect also just like I am a full. Aw Trash Monster and I'm looking at the Dir- under all your fingernails. I see touch. Everything's on saying that we're going to eat with her mouth. This is due for long enough. You've got to do great grandma who's been burnt so much buildings Yup melting now. I think they're done. The boy melted in every Michelin Chef. Says deliver a meal really is going to put them on the map secured. You WanNa try we Remove any of that would stop a camera way. Can we really want to see being exactly what we're being served at least three slammer. Also let's put some raw shrimp next to it just for Hey like this is Martha Stewart Dreams. S birding fucking presentation when you think of the Brand Cook. This is what I think's group. Did you made me a double team. The Soda You did okay. Can you have another beer. More serious has to leave yes. Thank you it's it's such a I'm so glad that The dementia grace I really. I'm AH important like I'm so impressed by the things you guys did to change. Its business very like I say your travel show was amazing and very cool and I'm glad that you were doing with the help of all these wonderful people behind the scenes like something that is Truitt you like. And that's what really matters. Thank evenly of daughters. Like it's very cool that you're doing something really fully will give grace one hundred hundred percent Credit for the fact that this is a fucking thing right now like good common really big fucking thing to say and do you know what I mean makes a hundred percent sense without without people like you who created fucking brilliant me. It's not me but I'm the like you this idea of making you to more than just. Hey I got hit in the Dick sure but I. I think you did a great job. I'm just accepted compliment because I think every single person is behind this camera. Right now is an sorry I deflect is a really great job that that's a brilliant statement made and you should take that for a second because look they're not going to say that about Brooks and what we do know we're always just doing what our heroes did exotic exotic you came in and made something that all of us looked at him and I don't have to do with the system tells me I have to do I pitched something's burning the food network and they're like are you a chef. No and they were like well. Then we don't want it to be funny and they're like you know it won't and I was like. Nah I think by my friends on and I people interested in on the. It'll be a good show and there won't they turn it down. The latest thing was Ronnie. I know we're very well choosen executive food network. Now we're making it and and there's a million people that are like this is fucking cool and trust me. Say this young lady and I say this to you young lady. I would never done this shit if you hadn't fucking excuse me. Is that fucking. I'm GonNa do this shit about us talking thank you. Can I tell you. Thank you because like a traditional company. World doesn't accept you to allow the time we get looked at like this piece of shit like simple I can. I just say that it's really nice to hear that is really powerful in Israel. Really Nice that. Here's what I try to tell. Grace a comedian who actually who are good comedians. Respect the fuck out of hard working people and it's so it's pieces of Shit. Who who like all? They're not making it so they think Youtube seeks because they didn't make it in Youtube they didn't make them comedy real comedians. Respect the fuck out of anybody. Who did what what it took anyone? Henry funny anyone the coolest title they gave you guys was creators youtube creators. And it's because and let me tell you something big uh and I bust bill burs balls every single chance I get but Bill Byrne went out to breakfast heather day and he said he said if we just get five more guys that were like on top the wanted to create. And that's what we're trying to do is get US comics to get on board with what you already did and just create shit shit let it suck. Look there's some in some episodes of soft and one but go out and let yourself suck and do a hundred and suck ninety times but all ten good once you get better. And that's I mean look. I'll never have that moniker in my title of someone who changed the game you do. Oh because I I'm telling you. I watch travel network which wasn't a channel for comedy ever and you really made that. Like take a pivot into a world of comedy by and then they took it back not comedy and what a dump network now bottom line. I just really want to say that. I Love Bert. Kreischer on log. Oh Yeah Comedians. Do not get milk you shit. I don't get scared about kissing his lips. Kiss all uploaded very just let you know if you up. Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah this is all things. Calm everything but I have boundaries. All right we should wrap this up. I don't know how big retailers ice cream real quick should definitely try it. It looks like it stopped. Melting looks like slime which is a very big GonNa Slam flam account on Youtube on touching. Sign the count. She got a slime account. And can I tell you that I'm into more more. Oh Oh you are. I'm bringing whatever's in here. The whisper off into like the role playing of all of it. I didn't know my daughter's turned me onto it and there was something I found on some are that I was like I love that. My daughter's like stop being so fucking honest. What's the point of your out? That was actually really that was. There's some of us have ever had pretty good. Didn't feel prepared. I mean it was really had to say this eastern in dirty drawer but that literally had a piece of corn and the actual so hey I'll get a little uh-huh spurt. It's been an honor. Thank you guys. Survive Fun on. And we're having dividend oil also. Give it no sugar kind of waster. Ice Cream frenzy is fame. So that's like that's waster snow. It's green tea at motor like multi mode. Yeah it is it's like an aggressive Called Punch in the Mouth Austin. You're just eating the front part you you found the oil during in here stopping so fucking. Have Fun podcast next week. This week. Wednesday yeah like literally sixteen hours from now it is. Should we gotta come on my podcast to only go camping with you or for Real podcast fun and easier but can't be his in organized camping. That'd be blast bad jobs you've had your whole Ho Ho Ho Farther Barnes and noble for working out in the underwear wearing the basement. Checkout entry with Bruce Pretty soon man I got bad jobs all right yeah you can close it out. I'm moaning so much check out a girl. Shy and then. Also birth conqueror been cancelled for like three years I saw your penguins man. This is very cool to hang out. This is a this has been a this is one of my favorite ones. I've ever done well. That's very nice. Very mental When you would really really good comedians would come through Cedar Rapids Silent Mental Cause Us hack back then sure yes owes? Who's doing whatever I wasn't thinking of Peace Christ just as a youtube creator one of the tops in your game I need a good outflow like a catchphrase and like go to the camera nine so I got nothing I always have the you guys do it and go to the camera and go and like come up with something fun? We've done like Sitcom endings. We've done like you've been burned what you've been burned you've been Bert Bert. WHAT HAVE I? What have I do this? You can burn. That's a good one right now with crammers situation where ten years down the line. We'll be like news races. altro Brooks Human Brooks come up with it on the fly I defer to Brooks whalen defer to be. I'm where I am now a year on this network back bathroom. No I'm right here. Standing Choi Tulsa one idea for births. No bad just give me one. Here is my one idea India. That's it that's that's ending your as you have one. Oh I got ten years the school deliveries do an Improv. Haven't known I literally don't have once I don't know why you're out okay. What we'll do is we'll do an altro and then we'll all walk down the stairs? I haven't done that yet. Hold on hold on. That's an escalator. I I know I got rid of. There was a something on the stairs. That would've allowed us to slip. And I don't want your started off. Okay you gotta sit back down here and I'll start it off and and then you can either choose escalator stairs or elevator. I Am Cup. Ah Water our guys is been a great upset. I really appreciate you guys doing this. I've had I've had literally had one of my favorite conversations I've ever had. I'm GonNa go downstairs and Dan Jimmy car mature bears deer tar that. That was your car your car to talk. I have a reason to go downstairs. Pinball let him do anything the car. That was a fantastic Ryan guys. I was doing it. I'm going to go downstairs camping stuff I got for your new show Brooks and such comer. Fuck fuck what's called camping and such. I mean it travels traveling. Hey they're all terrible names. Hey guys around talking to the cameras. Hey Hey uh guys plays a great time with you. Oh my goodness so listen. I'm really excited for your show traveling such and I wanNA show you all the stuff I keep in the basement for travels and taught so come down there. Yeah I'm gonNA take the stairs. I might take the elevator escalator. Well I always follow random man. Downtown is basement for such. Oh I'm taking. The escalator turns out the elevator. Right here you think I'm doing. It could be bad on with Gregg beat to beat the.

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