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"david krejci vernon" Discussed on Hysteria 51

"Shirt uh-huh damn by Alpha and Omega Komo. Sports all is lost. Woman made a pencil skirt of God. Oh Lord so we're back. We were talking fun sketches. Ask during the break. We don't Miss David Koresh. Yes I don't no no I'd say schedule. We know but to this point he's still been Vernon Howell and he is now the leader of the cult so he changes his name as you do. I don't know why didn't just stick with Vernon Jezreel Israel. Well I'll tell you why okay then and I can. I can weigh in a little bit on the name thing as far as some of the OT history than I think gives it real flesh on the bones should go for it. Why didn't change his name? So David of course being King David which was of the Israeli Judah Jews that it sounds like it. Sounds like a fucking sports drink. Choose that or you're yelling. In order to fucking Burger King. I'll take oh that was in the clerks. I'll take an EGA movie muffin. And a king of the juice all right. Let's let's let poor John. Thomas Finished Lee. Okay so so Karesh interesting little riff on talking about the history so so the the kingdom. NFL You know the kingdom Israel and Judah fell and then the Jews went into US called ASPRO which is where. They're kind of all over but the Babylonians noticed that There were a disproportionately huge amount of people in Judaism that could read and write and that was really useful skill so I took those folks and they essentially that stick pick them. Even to this day it helps reading. It'd be able to read and write. Yes I'm the dissenting opinions. So they kept them in captivity slavery. Whatever you WANNA call it And they were freed by the Persians so at that point Cyrus is the leader and he surprisingly. Is this fairly magnanimous conquer. That this is well I got no problem with you. Go back to take your let these people go. So he's he's he's embraced as as a Messiah and in the Old Testament Messiah didn't necessarily mean anything divide it was just meant essentially someone who saved us yet exactly in so Karesh is Hebrew. I said the Babylonian so in in that story They're kind of the bad guys. Yeah so the the babblings are the bad guys in the Old Testament in that at Motif is carried forward into the New Testament into the ready book of revelations. Say Hey I don't know the Cyrus has also Cyrus the great. He's referred to as is also remembered because he chose a form of the traveler the last time that goes with a gazillion game. Ascom shoe three feet above the covers as well. The reason I asked about the Babylonian says didn't Karesh and maybe we'll get into this. So I'm sorry if I'm jumping on Didn't caress preach that The American government was Babylon. Yeah so Babylon is like I said it's a it's a motif not F- along with Rome That is used commonly In Christian circles and sex as basically representation of of evil empire. So okay used interchange you wrote a really upbeat song about it. People Ericsson Avenue. Now I don't know I. I went to raging answer machine route. So yes that says a lot about both I think it does yeah. There's of course in revelation the horror of Babylon who's wearing a sash. So how was it like kind of like a scarlet letter type family. She had to wear it. So we're herbal was we're going to. We're going off royal color Roy. The Roman royal color specifically go. Okay well this woman. That was fun. Thank you played Roman hopscotch us to say what it was that a Roman hots hopscotch. Don't act like you don't know I don't know I. Yeah I don't know anyway speaking of Atlanta in the lion pit if you land on the six inch because now David Koresh. WHO's taking the name of King David and Cyrus the great becoming David Krejci Vernon now is gone because being a total shit stain on society is is beyond him in eighty? Nine Karesh uses power as spiritual leader of this group to take several spiritual in quotes as they put them wives as young. Their relationship was very physical. The was fucking the shit out of anything there. And you know what when you're in a close group in your your Bang and everything all of a sudden u-turn onto into you turn to like heeded children now Kevin. Yes interesting thing we say twelve. There is a lot of young girls and we Saito of. Why is that? What was the legal the age of consent in Texas well My rebuttal here. I don't have my legal counsel here Why are you asking me? No I'm just kidding with fifty states that some some level by that for I believe leave when I was reading about this. It said that it was like fourteen sort with parents consent. In Texas fourteen with consent they could get married. They could get married at fourteen with parents consent. INSENT but yeah and so you guys you know what. I'm saying that this is just to create a new lineage of world leaders. It's it's not because he is. He's taking one for the team. Well wait a minute. Why did it have to be the young kids to? There's only so many women there didn't read that they had to be virgins urgence for the the twenty four I I know I said No. Because he took wives of everyone there that was already but he okay so the offspring he was mixing. Metaphors is forty seven or twenty seven. I forget how many women I'm sorry children. He was supposed to bear. That would become the the new rulers. Well guess is what though people start talking and this raised allegations of child abuse which contributed to the siege. That eventually was going to happen by the ATF. And the reason why he did this as he was interpreting revelations chapter five specially verse to crush identified himself as is the lamb of God or the land. This ad mentioned the verse in the actual verse. Partout is at the strong angel claiming with a loud voice who is worthy to open the book and to lose the seals thereof him. He signed himself as the the seals. Now do you WanNa talk. Are you familiar with that. Like talk to us about it's traditionally is interpreted as a symbol of Jesus Christ and that's but not for Davey he thought of himself as that lamb and he was therefore Jesus yeah so if you read his his exegesis on the seven seals which he didn't get through all through I think the first one because it was written during during the siege. He talks about that He. He didn't proclaim to be Jesus Christ. He thought that Jesus Christ failed in his his mission and that he was the quote Unquote Sin Point. Asya the simple fire. We'll talk about. which by the way do you think sinful messiah sounds like a English English speed metal band from exactly thank them? They're they're in that David Koresh would be their their hit song maidenhead burden so so yeah. He was Interpreting that obviously differently That he was that at slane land that would be able to open the slain lamb. I actually saw them open sinful Messiah Time so this is fun and the thing about this is is when he's now he is this Messiah and he's taken on these quote Unquote Spiritual Eyes Fiona. That's his period. You don't have anything everything is his your TV your car. Your Wife your child. He was Lamma God and all things were his period. And if you're going to be in that group you were going to abide by those rules rules and what's crazies. You Talk to these people and they're like you were talking to him. He's took your wife. WHO's the only way he he? He deserves it you know. He's my brother and We separated them right. The men and the women well because he didn't want any right he made them in like get rid of photos. Oh does of their wives. That was not able to do that. And I mean obviously that speaks to his narcissism on a whole `nother level that he I mean when you you think of the narcissistic personality disorder. You have to understand that. They really feel like they're sometimes literally sometimes figuratively the center of the universe and so right right other people's desires don't really matter because they're bit players today. Well I think he really believed in some people you look at people that are in you know. Look at Jim Jones Jim Jones was a sham. I really think David Koresh thought that he was in the right or he was helping these people in fucked up way Kevin. I were talking about this earlier earlier in so I always go back to when we talk about These type of co-leaders. I feel like they fall into one of two branches. They either fall into opportunistic Charlatan or they fall into true believer and I was convinced especially with the spiritual wives that he was the opportunist An in didn't believe a word of it but but after reading some of his his like the exit Jesus's remark about. I think he might have believed some of this yet. I mean I really do. And it may have been something where where he vacillated back and forth right. Well yeah and that's something that they in themselves like why I'm having doubt and that's because I man and I need to as this and things things like that we're talking about what he did. Have one legal wife. Her name was Rachel Jones and she was fourteen actually at the time of their marriage. That's only legal marriage that he had a tonight and crush asses followers to embrace celibacy. We're talking about like you said you you. He notified their marriages. You're not a took the one for himself including Rachel's twelve year old sister Michelle so he was married spiritually to a twelve year old girl for sure now some of them there've been talks. He was with some as young as ten. The problem is when they testified. The story changed and things like that. So it's never been for sure as twelve is hideous radius enough behavior. I think it's all fucking hideous and I think this guy's so an I texted to bowl to you guys after doing some research. This guy is so full of Shit. Well if you're not to say that he didn't maybe not believe this the theological shit and have such narcissism that he thought he was the one who who only understood the seals and open them. But he's so full of Shit. Well you understand some if he fox you you're now in the House of David and that's all that's just because his name on the lease well and it's also also all the music played you gotta think he was just pumping that twenty four seven. He wasn't listening to like sales and crawl. Yeah Doc he admitted to fathering twelve children by several wives though other sources say fifteen which is a weird weird thing and unfortunately the seventy seven year old woman. That baby never came snits ski kicked it into the. That's exactly what goes people flock to him. Though they did they really did and they were convinced his word was truth and that he was the real profit this this you know the the center that they were promised our results speak he built up Mount Carmody include Chapel Sleeping Quarters Gym Swimming Pool Work Area that a gym swimming pool now they had everything time.

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