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Make it Stop: Worst of Madonna

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Make it Stop: Worst of Madonna

"The diggers you have entered the halls of Pantheon podcasts. What you aren't listening to is new ordinary very podcast feed? This is an audio music magazine where you may or may not read. Well listen to be more exact to all the articles. But if you do indulge us here you will find amazing new content including music history commentary interviews reviews and more to satisfy the music lover in you here in the main hall. You will find all of the amazing music based PODCASTS. That make up the Pantheon network. Bud If you prefer each podcast title also has their own feed so you can find. Follow them wherever you are listening to great podcasts. The choice is yours mm-hmm Hello staffy speech where Madonna welcome to episode of Make It Stop Bad Music Times I'm Heather Mac Mike Dunn and we're back in the saddle one on one as this is Fun to occasionally do. We've had some wonderful guests wonderful episodes recently but We're GONNA do another one of our worst respective 's of Looking back at a very famous popular artists career and choosing Cherry picking the worst. First of their you know long. Many decades of contributions to our culture and we are going to sneer ear and short all at their occasional follies. Even though there's some of the most prolific artists of all time So we have done done. Three of these types of episodes are. This is our third who did to previously which were David Bowie and Prince. Yes I bring that up because I recently had lunch with my dad and he admitted that he was very upset that we even ever bothered to David Bowie. Worst of episode road to that. I say he should listen to the songs and then wake reassess. I know he didn't have much to say when I was like come on. New York's in Love New York's and love soon he yeah he yeah but mistreats it. Does he liked it. And no no but I think he would argue that like that. The whole whole of their contributions of David Bowie's contributions like far outshine. The you know occasional duds which eight you know is totally true but we are here to be snarky assholes also find the worst and everything. Yeah I mean that's kind of what we do and for the most part you know we focus on bad artists but I mean sometimes you get a turnover those rocks for your heroes and see the the gritty underbelly. The were like it's not we're not saying prince or David Bowie is bad. We're not saying thing with Donald Dad. You very lean we very lead guys already. So that's right now. I didn't oh but they already know it. Because they eh dot. It also said Bitch I'm Madonna can point we're talking Madonna CICCONI leaders and Oh yeah baby guests her real name just like Prince Prince Rogers Nelson and David Bowie was like something else David something. Oh I think he was David Joan David. That's right but he wouldn't be Davy Jones monkey so anyway. This is reflecting our knowledge. Guys we're here to speak our truth and to talk about Madonna the highest selling female artist of all time. Yeah yeah real trailblazer too. I mean if you look at top selling artists I watched this like INFO this like INFO graphic video showing the top charting artists of every quarter of every year. Starting with nineteen seventy. Yeah and it's like like it's all it's all dudes all the way until nineteen eighty to nineteen eighty three. And then it's Madonna and from then on you start seeing more and more female female artists start getting top hits you start seeing Celine Dion Carey. She kinda opened the doors for that stuff for. Yeah for I guess. Society as a whole start valuing women popstars. It's true. Yeah I mean we had Debbie Harry you know. He did have similar but she was. Yeah and Madonna definitely broke. I mean she yes. She paved the way for so many artists and is so legendary dairy that you know it is really kind of hard to take aim at Madonna. Donna has done some wild shit. Yes yes we'RE GONNA TAKE A. It's no worries. There will be some aim we'll be we'll be cocked and loaded for definit- definitely some some songs. But I do think that part of the reason why Madonna has done so much wild shit and has made More especially as of late in her career more misteps steps musically is because bitch she's Madonna and because she's kind of had such a such an aura. Such a protect of of protection around her and of and respect that she maybe is not as beholden to like taste anymore. Or you know what I mean like. She doesn't listen to anybody because she does what she wants. I would also argue that you know and I don't mean this disrespectfully Fli right But I do think that Madonna's whole career has been based around sort of appropriating something that's happening in the current Zeitgeist and fucking slaying putting her own mark on it you know. Yeah she did it. If you like with Erotica Erotica yes. down-tempo vogue yeah and the votes lasak appropriation. Right there that yeah And then onto onto even you know Ray of light like that was you know she was tapping into the electron that was happening at the time. And then even like like confessions on a dance floor. Like the resurgence of disco and French house and stuff. Yeah and I think then Ed Bitch I'm Madonna getting so feed to produce it exactly. Yeah and I think the problem is and you know. I don't want to spoil too much but a lot of the songs on this list are GonNa come from in her more recent albums as she gets older and as Pop Music morphs into an increasingly You know sort of robotic. EDM driven idea harper him. Ju Yeah just the latest the latest last few iterations of what pop music is. I don't really fit the Madonna aesthetic or it's just she's really having trouble adapting feeling well and I think that's the problem is that she went from setting the stage and setting the tone and leading the way to then having to Kind of follow and and she knew it like she. She has plenty of of of famous. You know writers and producers around her that she can easily call on and so she can approximate a sound of an of a time But before she would take that and she would really transform it and subvert it and do things like kiss black Jesus feet You know in a music video for for like a prayer and then you know cut to process burning and then a gospel choir singing and dancing around here. So she's still doing pretty pretty provocative stuff but it's people aren't really taking notice like they used to right well and it's also the Kabbalah stuff and there's fake accents and there's a lot of fake accents just going to the Lindsay Lohan school actually Lindsay Lohan was going to Madonna's school. The cost lyrical flaunting of her privileged privilege. Yeah like it's a big. But then the sanctimonious yeah the combination of both things of like. I'm looking down on you for not being in woken up and seeing through this American farce. But I'm GonNa talk about shaking my ass and doing pilates having three nanny again. I want to stress like I love. Madonna yeah I really do. I actually realized in the of course of this. How much I I really love Madonna more than I even gave myself for her credit for like I I was like I'm a huge aged prince fan? I'm a huge Bowie Fan. And when it was like worse than Madonna was like Oh this is going to be easy and even some of these songs like we had to go back and forth of until the very end to pick the the you know the bottom ten. 'cause some of them I was like this is honestly pretty good and actually a lot of them still they have like really good elements but then they oh my God that can be so terribly really frustrating and ruined and and you know eviscerate all goodwill that you build towards them. So don't worry stop as we do our due diligence. Actually Mike did his due-diligence and so you should talk about your process. How many albums? How many compilations will I will say? My Twenty Nineteen spotify wrap top artists was Madonna. Yeah it's because of this. I listened to every single Madonna Song ever fourteen studio albums three soundtrack albums five live albums. I didn't listen to live albums. Six nine six compilation albums did listen to the original songs on the compilation albums and thirty five other limited releases. I don't know that I got all of those I did. Did you listen to some songs that only releases a single lake Justify my love but obviously that song is good Didn't make this list and what what I did is I listened in reverse chronological order and I will say hether. I agree with you some of the songs they picked or some of the songs that would be sort of like squabbled over which ones we were going to use. Are there elements of them. That are good. I will say listening to her. Most recent albums twenty nine hundred. Madame exe which you were saying should have made the worst maybe made? The worst of the year definitely was a contender. But Yeah Twenty. Nine hundred madame x twenty. He's fifteen rebel. Heart Twenty twelve's MDA. I listened to the Super Deluxe versions of those albums which are like thirty tracks each And the the effect of listening to all those new Madonna songs like in a row for hours. It's as a some. They're worse than the individual parts. It is a cluster headache like several. It was a bad experience listening to the first few albums I did. Not It like it is starting to like hate Madonna. Oh them but then it was like as I started getting into Starting with two thousand five confessions fashions on the dance floor which is fucking amazing which is checked out a great album start from there and there was American life which I think is her. Absolute worst album Our friends at Jukebox heroes did an episode with our friends at Rock Candy. Yeah about that Albert Candy. Also on the Pantheon podcast network podcast network Everything before that like Music Ray of light bedtime stories erotica all that shit into the eighties classic material like it was like getting out of a cave into coming out of like crawling my way out of a cave into like the shining light next to a beautiful babbling creek. A A statue of the Virgin. Mary then comes to life and Madonna's making out with her in there becomes her. See that you just got a good idea. Madonna make that video. Oh but that's I think yes so it became a great experience not much bad stuff up until the two thousand. Yeah I mean. Honestly that's where we're all of us fell apart. Didn't we But she is definitely one of those eighties like we talk. We've talked about how a lot of seventies artist filled in the eighty s and a lot of eight hundred ninety s couldn't adapt but Madonna adapted well into her forties. And then I guess that was the shift where it went from from something that felt effortless trail-blazing into something that felt very effort full very like trying very hard to kind of catch up as opposed to setting the pace. And I don't know how that happened. I don't really know exactly. You know why that happened. I just decided maybe that there were so many Generations of now artists and and popstars budding. You know in her wake that we're so influenced by her like the Lady Gaga is that just kind of came came out and did Madonna into the next level. I don't know you know what I mean. Like her. Protege is kind of like took over. You know it's also Bir- Bowie was like. He was a popular artists but he was. You Know Glam Rock Experimental Art Rock. Yeah Prince had the defunct along the MINESSOTA sound he was popped too. But I've Madonna's pretty much pure pop has changed so much and it's a young person's it's your person's game yeah and also also she. Her brand is based around her sexiness. And she's clinging to that still into her sixties which she's looks great last look she does but like. It's still awkward. It's awkward. It's amy poehler from mean girls coming in with little teacup dog. Kuma Oh mom it's cool you can have a drink. I don't mind if you have it in the house like you know. And it's it's it's great that she's a cool mom but it's not it's not actually cool right at that's point. Yeah I'm the same way. It doesn't hit the same way that it did once so she also just started feeling like she needs to get political and then she needs to do get woke. I mean she's very political. It was about the communist revolution. Just sorry no. Of course Gore's not nothing she did before that was really political. Besides the fact that she was like Her existence was kind of political female artists. Papa don't preach was in the a lot of shit on the erotica album was about HIV yeah that's true But I think the Bush sh Era George W. Bush era on anybody to be honest. I don't know it's it's very as they say. Hollywood Hollywood liberal purview because that is also part of it to where we started to not pay attention as much to her music and and we were paying attention more to what the tabloids were saying about her and like her kids and her like fake religion. I mean what fake religion religion and You know and then I'm fairly focused. He yeah that probably was really bad. I did not watch it But then like also also really unfairly focusing on her looks and on her. You know getting earn her aging and and I mean that's GonNa fuck you up. I don't know basically what I want to say is Madonna. I Love I love you Madonna. I love you Madonna and so Mike Dunn loves you too. Yeah but we we gotta be honest. We gotTA talk about these ten songs right. Yeah we just gotTa have a quick talk. We're GONNA have a little chat. Should we real quick. Just talk about How two of our musical resolutions from the New Year have already come? Oh Yeah we can very briefly discuss that because an came true last year without me even realizing because my one of my resolutions was actually actually queer SAS revised survival. There's a band called brothers. Yeah and there's being called C.. You Space Cowboy. which is exactly that and I discovered them this past week? it's Yeah it's it's exactly what I call it exactly. Does it count as calling it if it already have it. We just didn't know well. You know it happened within the last year starting. It's starting okay. Also yeah and scarves back everybody. US four wave is here here and it's strange. It's so strange and I've had it stuck in my head for four days. It's awesome guys one hundred GECK'S GECAS GECAS banned from St Louis. I believe a duo electronics. Scary Glitch. E Fair Art Bre Ham freakout manic thank pastiches of the nineties like in the early two thousand and early two thousand bands. We've covered like mashed together. Like they're a broken side there there are. They said their biggest influences were John Zone and three Oh three. So then they have playboy Cardi. Yeah yes they Scott like trap influences power pop punk scream. Oh I it's it's an electronic and happy hardcore like intense electronic. Not just casual she i. It's it's weird did and I liked the song stupid horse. Yeah it is the first the first shots fired of the fourth wave of sky. Yeah we're in it and they even said it. They commented the fourth way this year. So there you go. Everything's coming true lack new metal. Thus we're eight non it'll happen in the FOO Ghazi Reunion. Come on Oh my God yeah seriously okay. So we got that the way back to Madonna. Let's go back to Madonna. And I think we should just get right into it to the tenth in our worst of Madonna. By the way we will make this playlist available to you. I don't know why you would want to listen to this stuffy visa again. That's why we do this work for you But if you WANNA listen to it and judge for yourself go right ahead. We'll leave it in the show nuts K. R.. Alright so this first on here is called Jimmy Jimmy. This is from true blue. Nineteen eighty six in uh-huh whatever that is la get. That's okay that that does not excuse the sense congas. I will say that I will say that the I just I I have a a sour spot in my heart for any like fifties like doo-wop influenced eighties music like I'd like. Oh Mickey you're so fine you know the mony mony cover cover it I I. It does sound very mony mony and I felt like I had to include something from the eighties to round out the list. Yeah Yeah you can tell I mean again that like that Little Hook. It's it's catchy. Her voice sounds good. She's got that eighty S. You know that eighties vibe that eighty sheen you can smell it. But it does sound like the soundtrack to an animatronic sock hop it. It's like a theme song for a pot. Arrose steakhouse you know. It's just hen zesty salads over here and ninety nine out day it just red lobster red lobster energy. Yeah but I don't even know if it's enough for the Olive Garden But there are since instruments on the on this song that I had never heard before so definitely the synth since Cuban drums since xylophone phone. We've heard before at some point. I think she might use the Cuban drums on La Bonita which is a great song. Yeah I know in other great song it honestly. This one's not that bad but it's great I think it's the worst of the worst of the batch for her eighty stuff though. Yeah shows how good her eighty stuff. It's really strong I mean. Have you heard the immaculate collection. Just goes on and on. It's just saying hi. Now Blessed Virgin Madonna but yes lyrically to it's just like Shangrila fifty s girl group. That's it's fucking great. Yeah but you know just like ooh bad boy and he's leaving town that's great. I love that. That's great. Okay the PAG. Yeah but it was of. It's time you know what I mean. Well I listen. I'm trying to bring back girl groups in the Lord Twenty twenty so like I of its time. What is time anyway? We're all living in a fucking hallucination. All right so I guess the Song Watch. I like the song. I don't love this song on but I don't have anything really bad to say about it. I just find it pretty repetitive. And annoying and it's it's one chord other than the other than Little Hook. She's like a two bar hook. That's just like a bound bound bound. BOP BOP BOP BOP BOP of the. It's just months quotes guardians. Her eighty stuff is generally much better than this. I'd say you think of any of the hits I know how this this compares to like borderline. I just. I love that Song I love. This is a throwaway filler. D- Madonna track. Yes yes it is still honestly is not that bad but okay sure all right. Let's move on to the next one Hanky Panky not the Dick Tracy Tracy as Amtrak. I'm breathless also did you. Did you know I didn't know this until I did this. Whole listen to every Madonna Song thing? Yeah she know. Vogue is on the Dick Tracy Soundtrack. Why why Literally why that makes absolutely no sense. I don't know it just is okay the closing track on Dick Tracy. Why she did the whole soundtrack? I mean that I understand. Yeah it's like Prince's Batman and that was the time to do when they were letting popstars do entire soundtracks in nineteen ninety. Yup that okay. Well let's listen to go all right. Let's hanky-panky here. This is you know some fun. Little late BPM fan fix lettering Madonna. Thank God and in back taxes. Don't ought to thank fakey. Nothing like a good spanky. There's nothing like it. She yes a lot of lyrics later in her career banks to notice that too but at least she's that's one way she's consistent one of the only ways as Yeah that's something just some some jazz hands and some light you know it's like it's like Cherry Poppin daddies addy's playing cassio. Oh that's basically what it is. Yeah then lyrics about getting spanked by Warren Beatty. What a fantasy? What a beautiful fantasy sir? Tourist Advantage Also don't give me no kisses. I could get that from my sister. I mean literally she wants to go straight into the paddling is what she's saying like. No time for pleasantries. You know direct. Do Not Pass Go. Oh do not collect two hundred dollars paddler ass all right so you know what just use the woman who knows what she wants Yeah I definitely gave me like high school musical rendition of Chicago. Five this is actual high school. Yeah precisely that Ashley Simpson is doing the League they say. Yeah it's it's it's definitely not good. It's definitely not good. I understand that she's supposed to be in character on this album job but it's just as cheesy as music can get. Yeah Yeah it's still that red lobster you know heavy red lobster. Five prepackaged repackaged very canned. Nothing feels organic about everything. Came Out of like a twenty Gallon Cisco Drum. It's not great. It's not great. Have you seen Dick Tracy now. I I haven't seen it since I was like five years old so I've never understood it okay. Great segment in the end. It's supposed to be bad right. I don't know is it. It looks cool. Colors are very braid. I remember that everyone's wearing neon suits Al Pacino. He had his book. I remember that okay. Cool Yeah Yeah that. That's our new segment. Heather in Mike Discuss things that they don't know anything about another show. I love the juxtaposition of the lyrics and the music to you know like this is just but a dinner theater spank more interesting. She figured it out on the next had a sometimes awkward like Madonna really goes there in with her sexual lyrics sometimes. Yeah but she kind of a suffers from the same ship. miley Cyrus suffers from share share. There were a little like it. It'd be it crosses the line from being actually sexy into being like a little bit revolting. Yeah especially when it is like your mom. She's the age of our parents and it gets a little weird but letter live. That's true women have sexuality okay. She was young. I'm here yeah that's true. So let's get spanked. She maybe she needs it. She deserves it the songs Kinda Kinda it's kind of cat soundtrack. A little tricky a little bit of ooh. Yeah don't insult Madonna like this is no McAvennie. Let's do we talk about cats. Oh we we did. We talked to him. I haven't seen it. I won't see it. Whatever we talked about in lost episodes too much all right? Let's move on to the third worst not the third worst seventh-worst whatever you know what I mean. The next one is worst. Yeah Oh yeah ten to nine eight. Yep Yep great doing great You know how much I love math. Another regular segment headed as math. Oh we didn't do the is Madonna a piece of shit but I feel like the answer is no not really No she's maybe she's a white woman so in that way. Yes she's like she's like. I put put her on the same sort of category as Bano. Yeah no charitable but pompous. Yup You know icon at attach a little little bit weird about it. Yeah okay all right another great segment. Okay guys let's move on to the next one which is called dark ballet. This is one of the weirdest songs this is six and a half songs. I don't know which clip to to play because you should play the Swan Lake Part. This is the category democracy of songs. It's just let's just throw more shit in there. I am in the we are nice aware current it just. It's not working and none of that has no. Oh no no no this where it does get real bad guys sits for sure bad now. So Madam X was her attempt at Baroque pop. I think this is her trying to be FDA twigs or oh But with like a Latin influence. There's a lot of singing in Spanish and Portuguese on this album lottery. McDonald's in a lot of an Italian too. Yeah but there's other songs things. She's now a little international flavor on this one except she literally grew up in New York. So she's not. She is Italian American arrogant. She's not Portuguese. She's not Spanish the first track on the album Madeline Madeline Not magdaline no But it's there's actually three Collaboration between her and the Sky Malima and he's like a young Latin performer. And like there's all these rumors swirling about them. Go get it Madonna go go. Fuck a young Latino L.. Like a beautiful young boy sock his. Life's blood. Whatever you need to shoot? Don't make this music don't do this. And she's like I'm going to do your music but I'm GonNa put put by the way I looked it up. It is from the Nutcracker Nutcracker yeah that Song lyrically she's like reading from the perspective of Joan of ARC is. Is that what that's supposed to be. Yeah Yeah and then but then it ends with this weird spoken word which we heard the bombing Assad where she sounds like a half rate like fake Disney. which that's about to curse baby? I you'll be cursed with blindness forever. Like what the fuck you'll be because tweets blind is more like fake French pseudo Italian bullshit and like I'm trying to figure out what she's talking about in the spoken word partly I almost almost feel like she's addressing Epstein conspiracy. Because she says they are so naive they think we are not aware of their crimes. We know but we are just not ready to act act. The storm isn't in the air inside of us. Like is this Cunanan. I don't think so I want to tell you about love and loneliness but it's getting late now. Can't you hear outside out of your Supreme Hoodie. The win this. That is the fucking shit over your Ed thinking that any of this was going to be taken seriously like I. I'm blown away by the by the ability to be like simultaneously like fucking like just like theatrical and like so goofy and ridiculously over the top like a caricature of like Liga bad fake Disney villain villainous and like an also managed to be like sanctimony and like you know we understand where the real ones who see the realized lies between the real was as guys you know like maybe he s Q on. I don't think so. I think it's just her trying to you. Know Virtue Signal and be fake woke by saying that she understood she gets it without actually having anything to get you know. It's always a little vague like you know. I don't know what I don't trust. Madonna have working class solidarity and she grew up working class but that was a very very. It was a long time ago long time ago. Yeah she's right. She's she's been immaculately conceived many times since then. Yeah I just I think that's her kinda trick is that she's like well if I you know if I paint this with a very broad watery brush than maybe okay. You won't notice that there's actually I painting anything like there's no picture here. You know what I mean like if you keep it just you know just vague enough then you can claim to be deep and just say that nobody got it but it really. There's not much to get well. I think she really thinks she's fighting the good fight to like you know with this Feminists imagery the Joan of arc stuff. And just the Madonna is a feminist icon in a lot of ways but she's also unfortunately a white feminist icon. Who really hasn't done a lot of that work to be You know thoughtful about intersection -ality or like thoughtful about the stories that she's telling paying or the languages and accents she's appropriate anger that you know or or the other like a lot of black artists that she's gotten to collaborate with her including Mickey Blanco. Go on this album. I think You know who is the Black Trans artists like one of my favorite artists who. I think it's all well intentioned but what like what actually is the intention like even we'll we'll talk about it today. You know Nicki Minaj and other songs she does with Lil Wayne where it's like She's trying to look like she is with it and she's hip and she's gets it Without actually doing any of the work to get there you know what I mean. It's unearned. Yeah yeah she definitely is at her worse when she's trying to do rap or so we haven't even talked about like dark carnival fuck invoked quarter shit like we didn't even talk about that we just get it right over that that's crazy. We didn't mention that yes. It was all vocal. It was crazy that was the what was the goal. She was trying to evoke a clockwork orange. Okay why I don't know it's you know this is one of many any madonna songs produced by Moore Wise. I'M A guy. She's clever with a lot. The I think he's a bad influence on Madonna to be honest with you He produced the whole album music. He produced all of American Life Those aren't great albums and she didn't really those albums are not great We'll we'll definitely get into that. It's but you're like in the sense that it sucked any momentum out of her potentially coming back into relevance would she came back into relevance. I feel feel like with the confessions on the dance floor by working with a different producer. Like this guy definitely Ulan that she worked with on that. No that was hard candy. Yeah Oh the timber brothers. There's hard candy. The timber brothers and ferrall and for the Neptune always good idea. Yeah great idea. When when you're old Madonna yeah but again similarly just appropriate? Yeah what other people and. That's kind of super appropriate black music for a long time black also appropriate. What's interesting thing is that there's a piece of like re appropriate like appropriating from pop stars? That probably got a lot of their influence originally from early Madonna Don regurgitation. You know psycho where she's like okay. Well they're now what's popular. Even though they took a lot of you know what made them popular from my original like playbook but instead of sticking to lake I guess what I'm good at I'm GonNa go back and like pillage from from them I. I don't know it's weird. It's just a very weird weird weird song yes very straight. I think it's like she's trying to be weird. Madame x like some of the songs are more successful than others like I did. I didn't I don't think this is her worst album But it's definitely her most transparently like try hard really. I need to be edgy. Really trying to be edgy. And and Outside the box. And it's you need. Give back in that box Madonna. You know we can make the box bigger and more comfortable for you. But it's we don't need voters and fucking spoken word on the same track is like six and a half songs on that on that song. Most of them are bad songs. They're just all layered on top of each other. It doesn't make any. It's not good and she said she wasn't too much. She said she was trying to do like a Bohemian rhapsody. Almost on this one oh really does the critics would that critics say about this album mix. Yeah the Maj stands the hardcore the pop heads. Yeah you ever go to slash pop. Heads is only gay. Men Who Post they're wonderful. They're all huge. Madonna stands J. in general on that board She's like the holy grail and they love this album. Okay the interesting but maybe I'll give it a chance but this is not the song onto enter into. I don't think it's as good as they think. It is on pop heads. I think this awkward the fact that she collaborated with Mickey Blanco's very interesting interesting. She's definitely done some neat collaboration. She's like you said that you're talking about Madonna that was a sophie collaborations. She You know yeah she's I mean she's got the connections no one's GonNa they know to him but he no except Mariah Carey really sworn enemy really pretty sure. Yeah she's she has a couple pop pop world roll beefs that are like really intense all right. Here's a list of her feuds. Apparently Elton John David Letterman. I don't know if these are really true. This is Yeah Sandra Bernhard Arsenio Hall Mark Wahlberg. Oh because Mark Wahlberg reportedly used a homophobic slur to refer to a member of Madonna's entourage of party already in nineteen ninety-three. Here we go it is Mariah Mariah. Carey's was definitely Madonna said in nine hundred ninety six Mariah. Carey's music wasn't art art and that if she had to sing Mariah Carey's song she'd kill herself The have never reconciled. That is a really shitty thing to say Madonna Madonna. What the fuck talking that rag? Here's an amazing vocalist. Apparently Madonna has a feud with dead mouse. Also Gwyneth Paltrow Elton John Janet Jackson's either. When I was trying to Janet Jackson and Madonna hate each other? I guess because Madonna tried to date Michael Jackson in the early nineties. ooh also apparently Madonna and Prince I didn't know about that. She dated him briefly. Also now I don't know if this is apparently she dated Britain's very very briefly. Whatever this is me reading some trash tabloid on the Internet so anyway I'm going to share and share? Also that's the big three riot share and Jackson Janet. And honestly you have to choose a side you have to choose a side. I choose not Madonna in uh-huh but I do think that's interesting right because she's Madonna Bitch. She's Madonna's icons I know what the fuck along women of color I don't know I don't know Madonna. It's not known to tell someone that their music is an art although we do that literally the episode. Jesus that's an excellent. This next one is called incredible. It is off of hard candy. The aforementioned collaboration with the timber brothers a hey justin timberlake timberland. Who are in fact? Brothers this one. I think this is produced by the Neptune's and pretty much Too Mine's Anita. You want. So this is another one that we're a little split on. Apparently we're split. I hate this song. I think it's okay. I think it's pretty good actually I. I don't unwind the I think the Huck is pretty good. I think the hook is bad. And it's a problem because it gets stuck in your head like it really lodges itself in there included credits. It's not even the bridge the the the hook though just like kicking answers my handler. Radic Ken my thing. That's Sir So we cook. I don't know I mean it might be a week hook in the Medina Lake. You Know Library but to be honest I said this week. Madonna Hook is a good somebody else's hook. I don't know I. I still think it's pretty. It's pretty good it's pretty infectious. It's I love. I love the production on it. Do do you those. It sounds very marie loup see the drums drums. The drums are very like drum topper. You know there's not a full drum there it's just it did it did it. Do you know I don't know though it's and it's the same drumbeat through the whole song. which is six minutes long? It just repeats endlessly. Yeah the main problem with this song. I would definitely say as the length because that's when I was texting you about how I liked this song and I thought it was the end of the song assumed it was ending and I realized it was only halfway through. And it's like six over six minute long. which for something like that? which is just kind of like a pretty mindless like pop hook that Ah does not need to be longer than two minutes really two and a half minutes? I don't think that she really fits with the production style. In general timber brothers Neptune's and this is also like two thousand eight. This is sort of when those producers styles had already started like falling falling by the wayside. You know yeah I I feel like their time was really early. Two Thousand Yeah. Yeah and she was a little bit late to the party. I think that's the that's the theme with a lot of this stuff is where she's a little bit late to the party. Yeah she's late to the party. It's a bad album cover. It's a bad fit yet album carver. Various really kind of uncomfortable. Yeah it doesn't it doesn't read. Well it's just it's her in a in a black vinyl like bodysuit kind of like looking being like a sex doll. She's fifty years old. Ladies and gentlemen I mean you. Yeah right arrate. She does not want you to think that that's why she's covering her entire body and black. Vinyl is their caution tate. There's something like that I think it's another one of those songs to where it's like. She couldn't just stick with one idea like she had to do like six different. You know songs like you. have this like Shimmery kind of electro pop and then you have like aggressive happy hardcore for some reason and then like weird R. and B. But you could just stick with one. I mean that's what she used to do is stick with the Shimmery electro pop and it was great or like stick with like you don't have to do six songs and one song to be eh innovative. It's just not I don't know she. It again feels very kind of desperate and yeah rhyming. Incredible with metaphysical. NFL All come on this one is a hard candy is considered by many of her fans to be her worst album for me. It's American life but I think there's a case to be made for hard candy. Although this is the only song from hard candy on the list I believe yeah I mean I did not think it was that bad but I have not listened to the the album. So the syst- I didn't think I didn't think the album was that bad in general was pretty mediocre But I don't think it's a good fit. I don't think I I don't. I don't think those those paths should crossed and I think it was at the time came off as like a grasp relevance it it it was out of the cheap cheap. Yeah I'll give you that all right. Let's move on. We are down to number five. I believe right yeah five is number six God damn it alright so this number six is a Luma Nadi of the new platinum. Tacoma's is not here. Mr Major. Don't don't make it into something soda. Steve It's not the United States is not wrong. That north on. Yeah that's Nice in China. Yeah Yeah everybody thirty in the party shining like luminosity. So the thesis of the Song is the illuminates not real deal. It's just me and my friends dancing at a club which also all of my friends are the most powerful. I thought she was saying thing. The aluminum body Israel their benevolence. Leave them alone. They're doing cool magic. The founding fathers started started it and they never made any mistakes literally if the enlightenment that started it all the founding fathers wrote it down on the wall and other medias misleading us all turn turning right into wrong millionaires and billionaires controlling. Everything is good friends with them. Were the people talk the Jeffrey Epstein killed himself it was a cut and dry cut. Dry situation nothing to see here. It's not not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. It's not Google or the United States. It's Bieber or Lebron Clinton or Obama as what is or anyone you love to hate and then so there's so then what what is dead. It's her it's her and Oliver other friends they're doing cool is wedge. Shot Orgies and we're not invited to wants us to know that they're all cool. Yeah Epstein was doing some Some rituals on the island right. He had the temple there and shit. I don't need to think about that. I don't I don't WanNa go down average though but I mean the the powerful powerful they get into this spooky stuff it is but it's just weird to me that she saying like yeah it's real and and chill out about belt no big deal. It's also just not already. It's just a part it's a party. It's also just not a very good song and again it sounds like her voice is pretty weak. It's very processed. It's it's very vocal Gordon and Lots of lots of bells and whistles. That's that's the thing I noticed. In the later Madonna albums mm says that she really is losing her voice. I thought actually I thought on hard candy. I thought the last song Incredible actually thought her voice sounded stronger than it had another another tracks but General Hard Candy was twelve years ago. Wow God Madonna just retire with the rest of your luminosity friends and see really control the world from whatever you know islander magical temple you need need to do so from and just give yourself a little break. I think she wants one more iconic classic album and she's GonNa keep trying for it. That's the sense that I get Chadron. Godhra strike because every album is different than less. She's trying a different approach. The last few just kind of the problem and I think in the past she just did so with more more confidence and more savviness and N and I bought it more. Choose more tuned in. I think she really was you know when she did vogue when she did Erotica I think she really was going to Seattle and stuff. You know she was actually. She wasn't just like getting tips from Gwyneth Paltrow in her vagina and the sun directed direct beams. Actually no she hates and file. That's right yeah for some reason. It doesn't matter because they're they're bullshit. Their rival Boston man. Yeah I was kind of saying that. I didn't think this was that bad. But if you actually think about the lyrical content the messaging behind it it's it it's not good it's definitely not good and it's not consigned to redeem it. I mean I think the the beats not great. I don't think it's I don't think is a good song other than lyrics either. I think that she rips off the melody to I'm on a boat. Big Watery road. Yeah that's right. Yeah that's true Yeah there's definitely a few of these songs that it does feel very like ripped off I had not thought about that connection. That's a deep deep cut. Well let's move on okay. I'm ready for a break. We'll be right back her all right guys. We're back and we are so stupid. We were fucking so stupid. I don't know what to tell you But let's listen to Madonna. Tell us how stupid she is And and when somebody tells you who they are believe them this is. I'm so stupid off of American Life Stupid stupid. I was stupid but I'm better now. I'm better than I used to live in a bubble. Yeah I I used to live in a bubble fame obsessed. You know I used to be cut off from the real problems of the world but not anymore not anymore more now now. I'm sitting in the front row of Hamilton and texting the whole time. I've learned I've grown. Now I'm now I'm posting weird videos videos where I call my son the n word. Okay Yeah so you do the little recite dead. There's gotta be some more recent controversies of of Madonna. That I'm forgetting thing about our like I didn't know about and those are those are a few interesting ones yes. She's got quite the quite quite a few blind spots quite a few Problematic Eric White woman blind spots she Kids and she referred to one of her kids who is a you know a young man of color as the N.. Word in a in a video instagram can. Your son gives you an N.. Word I don't think so. No no no Oh. I'm sure also it just picture. Madonna like sixty like I don't know maybe fifty five year old Madonna like being like. Yeah what's up my n word. No no I don't think she did a art her own son. I don't know it doesn't matter. It's stupid so bad dude. It's just ahead. Yeah and God. How stupid is this fucking and song is so fucking loud? Say I should be allowed to say that. Now it doesn't work that way Madonna. It does not work that you don't get it through as most and also that shouldn't be the first thing you go out and do like I've been waiting this whole time. You know it's just just like Morrissey saying Negro Yup immediately cash this in start just like oh you know. What did she do after this great awakening? She's talking about an American life. How did she separated herself from the fame and the artifice no way no? There's no sacrifices sacrifices. There's no humility. There's no and part of that is like Bitch Madonna. She can get away with anything. She doesn't make apologies man. She doesn't need to explain herself but she can. She can start fused with whoever she wants and she can you know just do some flagrant asked dumb shit all the time Woke Madonna is the the worst. It's literally what did she. What did she want? What does she wake will this? All of them are so. What was the song before this? Illuminate luminary that was on the album. That had the picture of her on the front with the with the ropes on her face Rebel heart. Yes and she also posted pictures of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King wearing with the same like ropes on their face discard. Who does she think it's leader like Saddam to Nelson Mandela? I take it all back zombies. I'm so sorry area. This is what happens when I don't do enough outrage research ahead of time. You GotTa have those in your back pocket. But yeah did tune Madonna she. She needs to take several seats. It's time it's time to say goodbye and I think you're right. Unfortunately Mike She's GonNa keep doing fucking middling bullshit like this forever until she gets that last asked hit which honestly she doesn't really deserve this point. This one American life is really rough. It's my least favorite Madonna album. 'cause it's like it's it's it's this terrible combination the nation of her looking outward and commenting on an on current events like from a very ignorant lens very again vague and you know surface level and just saying words without any depth and then no introspection. No actually that was going to say it's a combination of both. It's it's week false looking outward and then also like very hollow introspection this is like her like confessional album where she has songs about her our parents and about lake. And I'm so stupid about like Oh you know I'm commenting on my place in the world but like it's it's thing is still very so like ego centric and like it's almost the some effects that you get the sense that she really does feel like the world revolves around her. Yeah like she's he's the actual Madonna and the music is so bad on this album the guitar with the very jarring lake. It's it's you know synthetic drums like that is the sound of the album and so terrible in so dated. This is definitely the most dated sounding. Madonna Album American life like she sounds timeless on a lot of other stuff. She sounded all her. Eighty stuff is timeless. You know the fucking confessions on a dance floor is timelessly. Those songs I thought and not just timeless I think effortless. I think that's the piece of it. You know when you get to see you know how the sausage gets made and all of a sudden you're like I don't WanNa know how sausage gets me. I just want to eat it. I wanted to be tasty. I don't I don't want to pay attention to this shit. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa see her working at it. I I want it and that is a very tall order that is definitely like maybe an unrealistic standard to hold but she is the queen of Pop. She's risen to it time and time I'm again. She's been written off throughout her career. And generally you know through various phases of it come back like people wrote her off after like a virgin. There's like they thought her her time was up and then she dropped like a prayer people row her off in the nineties and then she came out with fucking Ray of light like people from the two thousand and she came out with confessions on the floor but through the twenty tens and has come back not happens not happening and I think the more the more desperately. She tries the more obvious obvious that it's desperate and the and no matter how good even a song could be Even if she gets a good track in here you know W- The track here or there. That's that's good. That's a good pop song. Just the the sheer like work that you see her putting into it the desperation of it really Kinda makes makes you can't surrender yourself to the pop fantasy. It's not I don't think she I don't think she's going to get it. I don't know maybe have a black star but what could be be. I don't know I don't like I don't think she's capable of a black star. I don't think I look again. Bless Madonna Ana for all the she has bestowed upon us. We have said but as a lyricist it's not in general. She's not going to be able to do the that sort of pathos right kyw Mera like pop doesn't even know what pop is anymore like like we don't even know I. It's it's hard to absorb like an identity that's so fragmented at this point to just in how music has has shifted and the Music Industry Korea shifted so pop. Music can mean so many things now in twenty twenty. There's no like thing that she can you. Know Chameleon is herself into like one thing thing. It's all things. It's so many things that I also. I just think the stuff that does make up pop. These days is not really her lane Herlin Trap Don is not best. No it's not it's just it's just doesn't work I don't know you know and it's it kind of sucks. You never had that signature. Sound that Prince David Bowie. Oh that's what I was thinking right and I think they made they. Pop took notes from them whereas Madonna took notes from from pop in some ways. I think she took notes from pop but at her best was her like still still like putting her stamp on it like owning it and doing it better than everyone else right. And and let's the one thing that we really haven't talked a lot about out but that also is is pretty like you know important to understanding Madonna's popularity and influence on the culture is also her live performances and her visuals Israel's and the things beyond just the songs themselves but also like how she presented herself her looks and her her stunning look for yes. Absolutely evolving evolving provocative fucking Lashin. Yeah and and and doing you know and being an actress and being you know she did a lot of other things besides making just straight you know music And Yeah this is it's not at Madonna. It's not in. It's not American life. Life is definitely not go listen to the jukebox Zeros episode with With with Rock Candy Where they do American life and you'll see for yourself it is a horrific album is a horrible horrible album? There's people out there the stand for it and maybe I'll get a negative review. I even saying this but like God like I don't understand that viewpoint point American life any of the songs on it and like Sec. Oh I think everyone wants to see it for her. Maybe just so then then she can go away afterwards. I would love if she did a black star I am just. I don't want to get my hopes up too much. Yeah that's fair. It's been a lot of bad albums in a row. I yeah yes. And it's been a witch songs in a row to. Let's do another one. Yes so this one. Initially we had one other time. I'm good I kind of pushed back on it because it was just it was fine. I don't know it's again. What is fine? What is truth? What is pop? What is love? Is this the first one. We're doing doing a DNA. This album really fucking blows. This one is this was full. EDM Pop Madonna. And it's bad. Look Donna Dub step dude. It's not great so we're going to listen to that right now. You get to live this disaster with stop. It's called gang. Bang you in view Bang. Why the what do you do with that man? This WANNA admit kind of worked for me until the DUB step breakdown I. They don't know about that. I mean it's just it's a dub step murder revenge fantasy but it's just so far it's fucking boring. It's so boring and so long even though like how long is it feels very lost five minutes. Yeah it's five minutes something. Yeah no the dumpster step breakdown another song with spoken word at the end and the line if you if you're going to act like a bitch then you're going to die like a bitch edge and shot in like what gunshots sound effects and the sirens and very atmospheric Um I think you know maybe doing a little too much a little too too. I would say so. Jesus fucking Christ us us. This is so it's so stupid it's one of those heart attack burgers that just you know. Nobody needs to eat that you don't need seven patties. You don't need you know Bacon on it and Friday and Mozzarella sticks you. Just don't but what do you think of. The techno beat stuff I think is so boring. I think it's so also it just. It's imperceptible that that would be a Madonna Song. Like I feel like that's it's just a nameless club track like there's nothing iconic about that. There's nothing queen of pop about that. It's very it's very fucking one. No it's definitely no Hung up you know. In terms of club crossover stuff when she's dipped into the How into house music or you know? When she was doing down you know down tempo stuff for she was doing techno unreal light? And I do you think this is poorly executed for that sort of crossover which is a disappointing. Because she's she done it well before yeah. Do you want what the different about like why I was going to say maybe. Let's play a clip from the other on that we were going to choose to. I don't give a okay. Okay so I honestly think they're interchangeable. They're both bad but bad for different reasons. And maybe that'll help us piece together. This this question because it doesn't actually make a a Lotta Sense. It's counting on the telephone. Yeah like that's pretty bad to talks right surprise. You don't WanNa do that one. Because it's but Donna wrapping is worst. Madonna You're wrapping with. Donna is worse Madonna. Madonna is also worse Madan. All badminton. DNA is very bad. We could definitely do episode of DNA. What's what's so weird about this one is that it's like it? Sounds like it's supposed to be a club track. But it's heard complaining about being an ex wife and raising children and you get so much of that in two thousand offense but Donna like so much of that and it's because you're old and very famous and rich and you're talking about shaking you're asking multitasking and going to the the gym and Shit like there's all talk about going to the gym boring. It had the material girl. And that's what happens when a material girl girl becomes immaterial God and that becomes like a like it just just makes music. This is like a song version of the show succession. You know like it's just the the characters on that show and the X.. The excess and the wealth and unliked disconnection from real humanities. What is she saying these lyrics? The lyrics are awful. They're just atrocious and again. They're so like their her trying to. I guess be like look at celebrities. They're just like us. You know connecting through the line went from nerd superb. Have you seen the new guy. I forgot the password word. GotTa call the baby sitter Tweeden on the elevator. I can take a helicopter. What okay immediate accession? Yeah Dude session. Where they're constantly traveling by helicopter copter for no good reason and talking about her screen up and getting her stockings on? I know it's fucking. She said the word stockings ugly. That's actually that's maybe one of the most egregious things if you're trying to hit. It's like a case for the guillotine like this this whole this whole of advertisers the legend we love dot until killer public. Yeah I'm not saying I want Madonna. What I'm saying that the things that Madonna has even for all the gifts that she's given us maybe they just the way that our society is structured? Maybe it's a little much that happens you can become that far disconnected from Like fucking reality. Yeah yeah no this is all this is all very true. I this is the top eleven now and that we become eleven. I and I think I mean the thing is is that they're both two sides of the same shitty coin and the same shitty album. It's it's doing too much and somehow still doing too little title and saying too little but with just all of these ridiculous over the top fucking you know tacky Bells and whistles. Ah that shows a very distinct lack of vision. I think is what it really is. And that's quite unfortunate for somebody who you so you could rightly call a visionary in other ways I also I feel more on the later stuff than on the earlier stuff like I feel a lot more sense of you've leaning on the producer and the production itself. Yeah for sure I duNno guys but we only have. We have three songs left to three. I don't know I can't count apparently. La like I literally. We have three laugh. Okay all right. Let's go on this one is fucking why. Oh yes. You'll will you WANNA talk about. Woke Madan God. This is insufferable. See how far we fall in our right. We're GONNA go right on into this one which which is called killers who are partying from Madame x twenty nine hundred twenty nine teen. This is just a mere few months ago. A UH-HUH Africa Guard Africa is shut down home. uh-huh a humiliating. Yeah well thank you. Madonna truly the the woman Here are suffering to here are polite to a martyr martyr for everyone who suffers for every group continent. I'm sorry Yes I'm sorry. An entire continent shot down. Just gets shut down. You will become that. So becomes of Africa fucking grandiose how disgustingly lose to you have to be home of God and the word. She's like where did she come up with this stuff if the gays getting burned the gay if the gay a Arbor Watch one burn for the whole game for the day then. Birds Word Africa's getting shot down. I will be Israel if they're incarcerated serrated like is that a Holocaust thing is she calling booking that's of six million million Jews and their torture and concentration camps. There's just incarceration What what does she even talking about about? If the if they send everyone in Israel to jail I'll be native Indian if the Indian has been taken. Yeah I'LL BE ISLAM IF ISLAM is hated like this stuff is all happening and has happened it is happening. How are you being it? Also Oh all sung in this in this insufferable fake Italian accent over like basically that dumb. Camila Cabello like Havana Hula. That's just what it's horrible like the song itself on its own is awful. And then when you think about the lyrical content and you think about the dangerousness crispness of that kind of thinking on shocking level of ignorance that you know this is beyond calling your child the N.. Word on instagram. Like this is i. I'll be Africa if Africa owes it shut shut down. I think it'd be just shut down like one day. They just shut down now. I thought it was shot down. Set the door he like. Where would we be without Madonna rhetorically pretending to be oppressed for like? It's like a white woman. Unfavorable pastime in the eighties when she was making great music. That's right that's actually wasn't doing. I feel like this is a transformation that happened around the late nineties. When when she got into a Kabbalah she got into like all that while eastern spiritualism fucking bullshit maybe like before when she did Evita that's when she first developed the fake British accent in the mid nineties Vita when she recorded the veto soundtrack and this is unprecedented and never been been done and original cast recording? She insisted on recording her vocals. Isolated from the rest of the cast. So they couldn't hear her singing winging what. Yeah what a fucking God Madonna. She's a legend. I mean they allowed to be genius. This crazy see blake but she's not allowed to be Africa Africa nor Islam nor the poor if the par humiliated if that ever happens if the poor ever humiliates. This is the of all of the White Women Boston. That's like it will listen. My grandfather was from Ireland and we were slaves to you. Know what I mean like this is this is It's all man Madonna. This came out this year's this Madonna. I'm not listening to this album. Madonna helping. She thinks she's helping. She thinks she's helping doing this by becoming poor the poor this is her showing A separate class. That's what it looks like when she tries. Looks like it's just saying you're you're a continent eight. That didn't she actually adopt a child from Africa. She called the N.. Word oh no I thought it was the other one know. How many children did she call the N.? Word hundreds thousands donat children. You know it doesn't matter it doesn't it doesn't matter it is. It's this should have never been allowed to be because that's the thing when you get to this point where you're such a god of music you never nobody can say no to you. You can't nobody will say now. She is one of the untouchable bowl ones. Yeah no one said no to prince either you know and he had a top ten to it happens these these people live in their own worlds. Man She's got a lot of lack children that she's adopted. Well she will be Africa down. Apparently that's how she because she becomes where black children. I guess. There are probably better than I. Don't I mean I don't know they're different. Lives than they would have had definitely their MOMS a lot lot more racist than she would have been. I don't know how are we supposed to say about that. I don't know I've been now. I'm finding about controversies about her foster. Children GEICO controversies that their father. The adopted twins father. The father said he thought that Madonna was only fostering them. I was told from the start that Esser and Stella we're going to a rich. It's woman's home abroad. That she would give them a good education. Then return them to me to live with me and help my family. She stole these children. Look on my God dude. Oh dude the phone know Madonna. Madge what are you doing honey. Oh Oh oh my God of yeah well shall we just move right on after that. One I don't know what else to say Madonna that maybe as a piece of Shit I guess I take it all back well. This next song is just justice. Big Old celebration of Madonna. A she really is good at celebrating herself isn't she. She she loves she. It is all about the signature Madonna. Move it's just it just work. Before she went so Kuku uh-huh Children Africa just like Lindsay Lohan again to install children it now leads the Lindsay Lohan tried to steal a child from She was in Greece. I think she's just tried to steal an immigrant woman baby off the street once yes try a whole other. Nancy also spoke with a British accent. They are the eluded Nadi. Yeah it's the already know awful. White people run society. But God damn alright so regardless of whether or not uh Madonna stole some children. She did what she did turns out regardless of the fact that she did Chile which it leased one child from Africa from his twins. They're twins at least at least two fathers hands arms rip wrench them right out. Of course. She denies this. But you know we know the truth. We're Madonna truth is now we've really done one eighty. How's the show? It always says this way isn't it. We always just end up rape back fucking. Oh God this is still not GonNa ruin her old stuff for me Bernau now but we'll find some new things to to ruin her image. We have two more songs. Yeah that's right okay. So yes it's a celebration of Madonna that's this is a big old celebrations self-congratulatory as ever the beat goes on and he it goes on here. We go this is B Day Song also off of M. D. N. A. M. Featuring M. I a some how the what the fuck yeah. So uh-huh barely feels like a song. This is like a drunken jam sessions or something like this is like A. This is a woman like a a twenty year old twenty one year old woman jumping up on stage the Hong Kong Karaoke combustion going. It's my fucking and then doing a Colt forty five and Tuesday. Afro basically required Anthem of all drunk white women in Boston. Doing Correo key. Yeah especially that this is a modern day Madonna. These these are the albums. We've been talking so much about how she can. She contrived if she's bending over packer try and reinvent herself. And take all these things and you know try to still be relevant and this is you're not trying at all on this one Madonna there. There is no attempt to do anything interesting on this. This is literally you're just saying I'm a happy girl in a happy world is my birthday tae-song I want. I want a diamond. Don't give me a fake. I'll let you lick the frosting off my cake. GimMe a spanking. Start the day off right. We'll we because it's my birthday. You'll be singing my song tonight. She does also have a fake British accent on this song. Yeah Oh some of that semi on a a happy go. That's contribution to the song. I'm so glad you used MS talent you know truly to. It's really extent. Yeah no I no. Of course not what. I'm saying. What a misuse of a feature? You paid her for that. You know what I mean like what are you thinking. Very half-hearted appearance by a on on this track this is bad very half hearted attempt from everyone involved on a on a Bidet song this this is one of the bonus tracks on the Super Deluxe version of DNA so at least bonus she had the good sense not to put it on the official track list. But still out there a and this is what you were saying before that Off My you know earlier was that this was the one that the majority of Madonna stands believed to be the worst song Yeah there was a poll done at pop heads. No word there was like a big thing is like you know assign every Madonna Song like a number rating and someone like aggregated all that NBA song was the bottom song. I can see why dude I mean. This doesn't ag- again. It doesn't feel like a song. It seems it. It's made up like it's it's fucking tossed off in the ultimate sense. It was literally literally jerked off and thrown away songs like dark ballet like em like Madonna fans are like split on the artistic merit of that sort of shift but pretty lockstep next up in the bidet song is fucking trash right because there's no lyrical content the song the sound of it is like super insipid. It's like it's like a bats. Bob Bob Road runner. Oh Yeah I can hear that a little bit. I guess but road now I the chord structures pretty pretty much the same Dan Dant and run a bit of a stretch. Yeah it's sure drove a pass the stop and shop with the radio anyway. That's a much better song That's a great great song. This is a very bad song. This is when any any Madonna pathologist has to has to reckon with this one. And and there's there's nothing really to defend at all there's nothing besides the fact that maybe is it short. Is it short short. Fuck Dude. I don't know yeah I I don't I don't understand it doesn't make any fucking sense. What kind of commentary? There's no why maybe asking that there's no on dancer Eh. The Great Job Killing it. There's there's no reason for Bidet song there's no the justification now now all right let's should we. Should we bring it on down fucking end this this misery and part of the song. You have foresight do okay. Yeah so should we drum roll. We're GONNA drum roll. The worse Madonna Song ever is American Life. ooh Here we go. Drink and Jimmy Allen cheap at the parties and you can give Amihai manager agent and the driver antibiotic it. I'd like to express my extreme point of view. I'm not I'm not extreme out the just. I'm done with that. I've done here. And you speak Madonna you are you are cancelled forever that is real. That is unreal. How fucking mind coming? That shit is. How unbelievably Oh my God? How self-satisfied must you be to be able to put put that out for people to listen to you WanNa hear quote? Let's hear it here's Madonna F- got it talking about recording the south with Mir wie basically we had recorded the whole song and we had this instrumental thing at the end and Mira was like Mir Moore Weiss. Weiss was like you know what you have to go and do a rap and I was like get Outta here. I don't rap and he was like yeah. You just go in there just do it. He totally encourage me. I had nothing planned. Nothing written and he just told me to do stream-of-consciousness whatever I was thinking because I was always drinking. SOIT LA taste in the studio. And I drive my mini Cooper. The studio I was just like okay. Let me just talk about the things that I like. So I went and it was just total Improv and obviously it was sloppy at first but I got out all my thoughts and everything down that I said and then I perfected the timing of it so it was totally spontaneous. Oh so that so that could have been avoided it could have been avoided. What was it where does he live? I'm serious where is he. He is French Of course born in Switzerland to an Afghan father and Italian mother. He is a leader in the French electronic dance music scene a member of the defunct nineteenth group tax girl and he met that Madonna in the late nineties when he submitted a demo to her. Then re maverick records names. Muir waste Mir Weis Ahmadzai I'm I'm probably mispronouncing. That and he's responsible for other words. Madonna music guys at fault for the what we just heard there. which is the worst the absolute need that wrap that particular? It is the new deer of Madonna's career. It is the worst thing she's ever done is worse than her stealing. That child is her wrapping. Burst stealing those children's. Oh my good at least two children. At least two this is equal. Because it's your children's lives. I think that God I can't even ask. How did this happen because that's how it happened? It's literally early this person for once. We know the answer and it's still not satisfied. I'm digging on isotopes. This metaphysics shit is dope fucking bags. How do they were? That's exactly what I was thinking. Oh my God if ICP was just a boozy boozy ASS fucking super rich white lady fucking talking about drinking lots as and but they're true working class heroes and that's why we support I pee on the show and we are jugglers. Yeah well not forget. I also don't support the Anything else about the song The production and is so hideous. Amount minute now. Now is the most grading irritating ship imaginable fashionable. It's very bad. Also the the the chorus Is Atrocious. I mean it's fucking. We didn't even play. Because like it's it's just a dream so let's re Russ recap because because this is the album that she put out in the fucking Bush era like with her face kind of like fashion like she some guerrilla like fighter with this like With these red stripes on are going are yeah. Yeah she's looking up to the to the you know up into into the right just like fucking is like it's it's that can't be an accident hundred percent intention just like just like the fucking ropes on her face it was the fucking pictures of Mandela shoes dressing. Cuban revolutionary all the time during this time slash. God Madonna is a piece of shit. What are you thinking? What are you thinking so this is supposed to be your commentary on like a post nine eleven? Like you know nightmarish fucking you you know pre this nightmare dystopia. This was the one this was our ard nightmare to still be a in our teens and there was a lot of people making political music sick. And there's a lot of things to be fucking angry about will. She doesn't understand it. It doesn't care to learn. She doesn't care it does it. She thinks she does know that's crazy. She knows that she has the this is. The Antidote is American Life Life and that's why she thinks that she knows better than a somebody's parent. That's in Malawi. And that's why you're gonNA take their kids away. I you know she. She knows better right. She's a white woman. They always know better right. I know dude it really. It's it's a gross. Gross things hang on so many levels remember remember like going to be I just okay I got a a lawyer and a manager and agent and chef three Nannies and assistant and a driver and a jet trainer and a Butler and a bodyguard. Her five a gardener in a stylus. Do you think I'm satisfied. Aspide I would hope absolutely love to have those things. Are you kidding me like you. FUCKING REV Lidge pompous compass out of touch elite. Mon- like idiot like I just can't I I. There's IT's inexcusable. It is inexcusable. Excusable tone-deaf Ness and literal tone deafness. Like there's no tone. There's no notes being hit and you're fucking rapping about your fucking mini Cooper. Get the kids to like me. I found another quote here. This is pretty angry. If you WANNA hear it oh to go on in I I know it sounds cliche. But I've had twenty years of fame and fortune and I feel that I have the right to an opinion on what it is and isn't all. Everyone is obsessed about now is being a celebrity. I'm saying saying that's bullshit and who knows better than me before it happens. You have all kinds of notions about how wonderful celebrity is and how much joy is going to bring you. Then you arrive in America more than any either pay place in the world you have the freedom to be anything you want to be which is all well and good. If you're a fucking light woman which is all well and good but it only works if you have a value system and we seem not to have what anymore the whiplash between the sanctimoniousness the boomer sanctimoniousness right now is out of control. They do continue. It's whatever it takes to get to the top. That's what you gotta do. It's dealer the beautiful life. Look like this. You're going to be happy drive this car. You're going to be popular where these clothes and people are GonNa WanNa fuck you. It's a very powerful allusion and people we're caught up in it including myself or I was boone. Mind blown really Madonna Way. Wait really we have A. We have a fame machine first of all like yes. That is the most obvious thing that you could ever fuck say it's not even a critique of consumerism or materialism resum because you are literally the material girl so anything that you would say about that rings incredibly hollow but also like you're not even saying that in the song and for her to be like I can speak on this stuff because I've transcended it at this point I'm now I have Graduated from fame into you. Know like what is she thinking what does she know. Revolutionary thinks he's a revolutionary civil rights leader and apparent of these children. Turn for we see thanks she is she is absolutely. It is the most ultimate white savior complex. I have graduated from fame. Too Revolutionary Life and that is why I can call my son the n word and that is why I can rap about my mini Cooper and pilates Ancelotti's and soya tastes. That's and that's woke. That's actually you're welcome. You're welcome. You're welcome. Oh God I I really hate Madonna. Now see that happened to me. That's why I went backwards chronologically on at the end of it. But I definitely hit a Madonna at the beginning but here here we are God. Keep going full circle. I'm going to have to listen to star on repeat importer wide. Oh I just you can't excuse it. You can't excuse it. No you want to. Though right like us. Parts there are parts that are sympathetic. Like parts of her. Like you know the way that she was you know vilified and like critiqued in the media for so so long and and just like you know not allowed to be sexual but or like wasn't sexual enough and to sexual and not sexual in the right ways. And she was. So scrutinized scrutinized many meter crazy. I don't know I think she used that to her advantage. And then she used the controversies to propel her to even bigger stardom mm-hmm and then at that point stopped having anything to relate to the rest of us and started believing the real like you know Prosperity Gospel of I'm rich and powerful and and therefore I am smart in virtuous and I'm here to save the day. Yes the American traffic's American American life. So speak AAC. There's nothing controversial about this. There's nothing in any way radical. You're not doing anything to challenge power. You're literally just saying because I'm in power. I'm I'm right. Yeah I mean everybody in this party is shining like it. Saloum Naughty. She wrote a song about how the luminosity is good. She did she did. Wow it's there we are again here we are make it stop at contact. You crave waiting getting it. Ruining your heroes Since two thousand seventeen now they ruined themselves. It's her fault I don't feel bad. I don't feel bad for her. No of course. So I don't feel bad for Madonna. I don't feel bad. I feel bad for us. I feel bad for us all right. Well how I'm glad we learn something here today. Let's see let's recap. We learned that Madonna likes sway. Lattice She likes to be spanked she likes to be spanked. There's nothing like a good spanky spanky. We learned that she likes to kidnap Brown around children. We learned that. She thinks she's very very smart but then also is so stupid. I don't She was she was stupid she was but now she's better but now she's better now she's Che but because she thinks she's better she's actually worse than ever. That's really what we've learned sorry Madonna typically and it's not going to happen for you. Yeah that big hits knocking the breakthroughs not happening. I'm I am still holding out. Hope all right it might happen. She has no self awareness. I don't I can't hear you. She'll get the clarity needs. There's no growth. It's it's only regression. Maybe when she's dying that's how that's that changes people's perspective a little bit. Let's hope man I don't know. Apparently she's She'll never die she'll just suck the life out of some other young hot booking backup dancer the newest bag. Yeah bring me a boy like hair of like eh young. I've taught young boys with like leeches circling their their life's blood. Yeah Dude actually. No really rich people do that by blood blood boys they have blood boys so it would not surprise me if Madonna had multiple blood boys God this is this. Is this journey. Everybody I'm glad you all took it with us. I is there anything else we I should say before. We wrap this shit up. Confessions on a dance floor to get the first four songs. Just listen the first four songs of that album to clear your palate. Well who are we gonNA put in the crosshairs next. Who's going to be our next year that we'd sleigh? Actually that's a great question. I think that's a good question to ask our stop. May maybe that we will. We'll let you all way in which which which hero should we take down next. which untouched seemingly untouchable Megastar needs to be taken down several pegs or or needs to be scrutinized a little bit more than they ever have been let us know? Stop as we love to hear your suggestions. We've had some thoughts about different ones like We were thinking radio had had. Yeah we were GONNA do radiohead and then I'm look. I don't think I'm biased. Because I'm not like the hugest radiohead seen anything. But they like their their. Their floor is like just mediocre. It's not that bad mariah Carey might be an interesting one. I think she had some bad albums for sure. Yeah she might might be fun. I was thinking the cure would be fun because the cure like the Beatles. Yeah with the bills would be hard beach. Boys could do the beach boys it I I just don't there's so many beach boys elms fuck it'd be saying we don't know it's my job. I'll fuck every beach boys song let's see we're martyrs orders were martyred Martin. Madonna is for Africa for the entire continent of Africa. She's the one making sure it doesn't get shut shutdown because she has become it. That was another thing we learned. Daughter is Africa. Alright Stop Fay's we wanNA thank you very much for tuning into the show once again Thank you to Pantheon podcasts for Supporting US and being part of the Pantheon podcast network. You should listen to. We talked about rock candy. PODCASTS always always support them but There's so many other podcasts. In that network to totally check out if you're a music nerd like us and I want to hear other people's opinions on On Music There's a lot of good shit and you can find us at. WWW DOT dot podcast dot com and on twitter facebook instagram Graham. At make it stop cast. You should still send us ratings or reviews my dudes If you want give us a five star rating in a comment comments About why we deserve it and if we get enough of them we'll we'll talk about. We'll be for many many hours have time we're running running out of time guys and that's probably for the best. I'm not that upset about that but we should get a couple so you know. Get those in We are actually GONNA go see little be next week. So maybe I'll bring my little recorder with me and we'll see if we can get a mini interview. We're GONNA TRY WE'RE GONNA do a little segment on it. Yes we'll do a segment on it now. Our next episode is going to A. B. Dave Matthews Band with Brian Mouland Sin formerly known as my Dad Host of the comcast and dear friend of ours and the most recurring guest Most book guest on the show so we are very excited about that. That'll be really So make sure to yeah follow US subscribed. Tell your friends about us. Send US emails if you you want But just keep us supporting this. This weird masochistic Universe we've created for ourselves We're having fun. I swear there is. We'll see next time by the ease. Lucas hair he's Kerry shale and this is a trailer for is it rolling Bob Token Dylan. We talked to interesting people like author. Neil gaiman dilemmas was more omnipresent omnipresent than you believe. Part three of American gods is cold this moment of the storm and of course a hard rain's GonNa fall is another way of saying that singer Billy Bragg Owen to Hammersmith Odeon with Chrissie Hinde and she totally spoiled the whole evening for me back I'm backstage beforehand and coming inside and to me. You must come back and say `table Oft was he'd love to meet you so I spend the entire Gig think myself I'm going to say it doesn't sound like Hello Bobo records. The actor David Morrissey the stories. They are all sit there. And you think God this is taking me on a journey not just by Each track but each album is such a chapter in a life singer Bob younger and suddenly something in the song you go being. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's today that's the reality of the quality of his understanding of humanity that kind of that really relentless gays is the legendary Larry Rutto Sloman. And that's what I talked about sad eyed lady and I said you know Bob I always wondered you know in the core issue. Say My warehouse. Eyes is my Arabian drums. G Lean is is verb or is there a comedy is in two different images and Sarah goes. Yeah I've always wanted that to ooh leaving alone writer David Hepworth honestly sweat dripping off me because again very far and your thing of can we get some quotes. I gotta get some lines and you because you can't get that out. Bumped does well on that and the woman from the record company said Tim. How's it going? I'm Bob this is a new. He keeps asking me questions and Dylan Authority Michael Gray. What he's doing that Dylan his his his breaking breaking through the sort of early engine smear of coast-to-coast important American television? And here's creating is busting through that and creating a alive event and authentic moment. Is it rolling Bob. Talking Dylan is voices really warm. It's just a it ain't got no four but it's just like a dead man's last pistol shot baby.

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