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"david isby" Discussed on Liberty Talk FM

"Actually, we're linked up in our sight as Abrams that net to our podcast at Spotify. So, um I have to tell you. I am just wowed and ordered that I was lucky enough. To be able to connect with a woman this past week. Named Kathleen Jarvis. Kathleen has been a volunteer at the ST Scholastica Monastery and forth Smith. Arkansas. Um, where we are Heard on K F F isn't Frank as a as in Stephanie Abrams K. F s a 9 50 on the am dial and 93.1 on the FM dial. And were heard on, Um Seven stations now all over Arkansas. So it's hard to lose us. But Sunday evenings we start in Arkansas at 6 P.m.. And, um, I was happy to be able to connect with Kathleen Jarvis. I haven't spoken to her in years now. And the only time I've ever been face to face with her was over a seven day period. In 2000 and eight When my husband and I flew to Ireland to make sure a trip That the Stephanie Abrams travel fairy godmother had planned. For Kathleen Jarvis, who worked diligently. To get sister Catherine Marquis to Ireland. Place she wanted to commune with her ancestors and her family history as she was approaching her 80th birthday. And 60 years as a nun. 30 of them at that point in this 13 years ago, so now be 43. Years ago, she became a Benedictine nun. Prior to that 30 years, she was a nun in another order. And she was the archivist at the monastery in Fort Smith, Arkansas. And when it turned out that the Car and driver I had arranged to show for them about for 11 Days and 10 nights. Um, wasn't going to be able to do Any more than the first three nights and maybe the last night. Where to Um Was I gonna do in the middle? And while I got hit with that news on the 30th of August, and they were departing on September 6 What is that a week away? I was flabbergasted. I know what I was going to do, especially because we were going to be in Mexico from the sixth of September to the eighth of September. They would need somebody to deal with there. Driving needs really from the 10th of September. But I sorted out. Somebody getting them from Galway to knock. We're not trying is in county Mayo for the 10th. And then they were gonna be Perusing the grounds of Not shrine and visiting the little town there. They didn't need a car that day. And we just surprised them on the 11th and showed up at the recommendation of my senior producer, David Isby, because when I looked astonished as the Oh my God, What am I going to do? Where we're going to find a suitable driver. To drive them around. And David looked at me like I don't know why you didn't think of this, but Why don't you fly over and do it? E. Just wild Deer urine, said I could do that. So we flew on the 10th. No. The ninth Wrong. The We have the ninth we flew From New York. Or new work. I'm not sure it was JFK or no work. We flew the eighth from Mexico City. Two. New York airport. I don't know. We overnighted at the airport in the ninth. We flew to Ireland. When you fly to Ireland. You fly in the evening. So when you land it's morning even though it's five hours later. So we landed on the 10th. We overnighted and go away. And on the morning of September 11th 2008. We drove to Knock. And we've showed up at the lobby reception area of the knock shrine. Lodgings, which are lovely. So if you want to stay on the grounds there, you can. And We connected with Sister Catherine Marquis and Kathleen Jarvis and you heard giggling in the background. We're going to be talking with Kathleen. About that trip. Brought to mind because We now have k f s A am 9 50 FM 93.1 As a radio station affiliates. And this and they're in Fort Smith, Arkansas. When I thought of Fort Smith, my first thing that comes to mind His sister, Kathryn and Kathleen Jarvis. And you got to hear about this. It's quite a story. So buckle your seat belt in your armchair assed. We take.

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