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Embedded Correspondents Talk Subway Brisket vs. Arbys Brisket!!  FIGHT!!

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Embedded Correspondents Talk Subway Brisket vs. Arbys Brisket!! FIGHT!!

"The board here for the really big barbecue show Boeing we cook because we have to and we grill the hi this is Gina Della from Port Saint Johns Florida and you're listening to the really big barbecue central show word of the wise check it if you haven't done it in a while check it like tomorrow or before the weekend before your next cook so you don't screw it up show on podcast starting in about an hour from now actually two hours from all whole day tomorrow though of course the segment brought to you by firebird boil water once a month stick him in there make sure they're reading to twelve picture that sometimes they get out of calibration and if you don't check it you don't know computer it's running in the background hooked to the L. A. N. They couldn't have been simpler and I have three inputs plus a pit temperature looking for a reliable automatic like remote thermometer that you can use your computer with that comes with the network like five seconds but you're up and running in no time flat one hundred percent the truth I took it out of the box I turned it on it found by off visit more by find out more by visiting fiber dot com or call eight one six nine four five two three two that's eight one six nine four five eight to say that and then I decided this day I am going to use it and then really intuitive app that logs notes you can do all this plus six inputs you can literally measure aided items if you've missed the first hour what could possibly offend more important I'll let it slide this time luckily I'm recording so you can get the in pitcher pro it's so easy it's accurate I did tested in boiling water of course which I highly recommend that you do even if you have the therm pens and all that crap to monitor up to six different temperatures simultaneously connect to Wi fi for cloud based monitoring or connected via the Bluetooth and if you have good work I put the password in the little box was ready to go where you plug all the inputs in I got online made the quick account now I can see graphing on Alexa or the Google assistant urine home you're at at home your unlock because fire board is fully integrated with four with got it up and it was as e you know that was the other thing a lot of times you hear this is easy to set up or take no time to go up and running right out of and then you really get down to it and you start putting to to to get nine extol fire board says Super Easy Hook it to your prob- If I wanNA use one and I still have room for three other probes you can load it out was six total so it will be two of the three to internals and a ambi are six internal meet temperatures differently or six all with one if you have a huge cut of Lyon you can stick six different temperature probes in that kind of line but I'm telling you unsolicited this time unsolicited. When I was reading the read they were paying me to do that but this is unsolicited it? If you don't have a fire board it is the forest Tuesday of the month that's the correspondents thank you don't forget you can follow me socially away from a nostalgic standpoint of the show Bill Minihan who was on the show I don't know if it was semi-regular in ten minutes or less this Friday if you can believe it we are episode ninety five that means if my math is correct five weeks from now we will be an episode one hundred episode ninety five however takes you back to October Twentieth Twenty fifteen so almost four for Christmas or if you're looking for a gift because you think you have everything and if you don't have a firebird go to your love your wife whatever girlfriend up maybe I would talk shit about it but lo and behold it's magic it's so easy you gotta go get I'm telling you right now if you are asking for something Ashby Bq central show on facebook if you WANNA do that thing no problem coming up on the best moments of the barbecue central show the dog shit pc saw working bbq central show on Instagram and twitter and tick tock slash at BBQ central show for all of those slap sex love or whatever you like and say hey person I wanNA fire board this year you will thank me later you will thank me so easy do one story before we get into the embedded correspondent segment but now I want her four years ago why do I know him John why did I have him on boy I hate to say that but you talked to so many people and BBQ confessionals while I cannot say that when I was watching or reading this guy he said that he was ward I know who Chad is and he don't know me anymore if it's Chad Warren I apologize I just don't remember in the second hour welcome aboard gear you found the barbecue central show we talk about barbecue but I don't know a lot of things transpire during the course of the show but when he was on a great ball of energy and always had a take not afraid to share it he was a great gift and then so versatile super easy to set up I can't believe how easy was Sir I'm on a tangent here but let me tell you something still to come on the show tonight apart Daniel Vaughan also stopped by to talk about being the Texas monthly barbecue editor right now I have to stall because I was going did I feel very passionate about now because as I had said when they sent me one and I didn't pay any money for it but when they sent me one I chucked it right in the drawer Chad war and here's where I need to apologize I don't know who had worn is any Chad ward or chat I share a different story with you because I just mentioned Daniel Vaughan if you are on social media and the problem here like in the crackle he just falls through the cracks my humble apologies chat my humble apologies so that's the first part of best moments event in the Second Ryan and monitor all secrets the same time is so not so easy well worth the money great Christmas gift if you haven't thinking about this is on the we had just got done with our first of three days of shooting hadn't eaten any barbecue that day because we were saving it for the last two days at dinner that night in Alpine we all ate Louis but he was he had been on a couple times what a great personality bill was I don't know how we lost contact or maybe he just got out of barbecue or maybe I just stopped reaching out maybe you did see this maybe you didn't see this but there's a account called. BBQ confessions in one of their vehicles drove down the gas station at the gas station bathroom I immediately threw away my underwear in the trash for the show I hadn't eaten all day and was hydrating as much as I could I held down the puking but it was definitely not but years to the day actually a little over four years to the day and I part is a barbecue roundtable and I hate to admit this is going to take the countdown after this but basically he finds names in the industry to to give Barbecue Confession and here's one from but I am not going to lie about it we had Robin Lindores on this competition on this round table we had bill Minahan a two to three to have a fire board I've had it for a long time and for the majority of that long time it sat in a drawer I the same thing except I had a salad with chicken fried steak which is what I'm guessing got me sick back at the hotel I woke up at two. AM with sudden urged to use the bathroom which is never a good thing makeup blah blah blah Take a picture with the whole crew and Dodd Buckman. DB's owner the sun hits me and just the right way and I sneeze hungry I as I look hunger as I can for Barbecue got done headed back to the hotel for a night of vomiting for for the night vomiting stop but still had diarrhea next morning back home to Dallas how about that Daniel them out of all the time you've been on the show that's Warren John Send me a message immediately is a Chad warned in the best of because I don't know who Chadbourne is anymore I apologize Chad if it is Chad Warren if it's a story you didn't want to talk about bring up that's a barbecue confession right there sneezed and crapped his pants Texas monthly's Barbecue Wetter Daniel von and I quote far away from home in the Big Band region I was filming with Kelsey Per Bisky for Barbecue quest as a co host via Fedex or through food distribution channels like Cisco US foods at Margin Food Co. packaging capable from research and development package completion they can also follow your recipes respondents coming up I will talk to you quickly about South side market and Barbecue Stamoulis June eighteen eighty two they make some of the best sausage and we are back with embedded correspondence stick around be right back I there's a code you tell the production staff that you need a bathroom break very quickly since there's no bathroom it's IDB's had to jump I was up all night puking had diarrhea had to meet the crew at six. Am to drive to the first location as we got to convenience West in marfa midtown after shooting background scene early show had the same outfits on hop back to the car and headed back to the shoot we made it through the rest shoot got back in my car drove seven and a half hours central Texas Barbecue available today own for three generations by the same family the oldest barbecue joint Texas they ship nationwide thing on the tray not clean the trae but a piece here a piece there shoot a couple of times forcing a smile like I'm feeling good about it as I by the way he was sick not I mean it is growth he was sick sneezed crap his pants left to go to the gas station help you develop something new private label opportunities also available visit South side market dot com that's southside arket dot com and when you order use code BBQ central but I was definitely not farting with confidence party with we sit down at large tray of food I realized the way the producers wanted to shoot this was to have us eat every freshened up best he could and to stay consistent stayed with the same clothes which was ballsy and then drove eight hours home after ride all meets process on the USDA inspected facility a trusted partner with a focus on quality and authenticity wholesale options available right now shipping nationwide cleaned up as I could spread my shorts with a breeze that was there changing clothes was not an option sense we needed continuity from shot to shot and we because I was a little worried about how hard it was going to be to set up and so it sat there for months then I decided to give it a try because I thought on a lot of topics to get to right off the Bat John Solberg for Michigan a quick recap if you have any by the way but me I by the dozens barbecues central show once again here's your host Greg Remedy all right welcome back all one word lower case BBQ central ca ten percent off your entire order this time the next time and the time after that just keep going ten percent off BBQ Central Steve Ray for a mood eloise Tennessee we have John Solberg top ride and Michigan we have the longest ranging correspondent doug shining in Texas bottom left and the monthly visit from a doctor a barbecue a man actually named Me Dad the author of a Barbecue Bible bloggers reviewers competitors manufacturing national championship is getting ready to come off here in a couple of weeks all the teams have been invited everybody's ready to rock and roll so hey now this portion of the Shell is being brought to you by submissive you that's right hey did you know that Smithfield's now the fact wow we gotta ask him about that next time Noda we're leading with that Daniel hopefully this doesn't get back to our we have the embedded it's a magical backdrop it's a magical backtra I love what what did you do how do you have it set up there John I have a sound enclosure nation with the blurry background is with these cameras all of a sudden like you guys got cameras and then I'm not talking about you John Specifically and Doug switched off so well I think I think it looks the color looked very warm and inviting that's what I'm trying to say I don't I really don't know what the fastener on this to try to drown out the other noise while I'm recording the best moment show so just basically a couple of sound baffles behind me on three sides like three inches of mineral in these walls yeah that's a look forward to in the next couple of weeks it is the fourth Tuesday of the month and that's all I really need to say the abetted poorest parts and we have Smokin with Smithfield dot com for all the deeds if you are not familiar with that also check back to that website every now and again you never know what's going to be happening out there no where near the radar what are your thoughts on world food championships I would love it to be on my radar but I find it extremely difficult to follow you can't keep behind me in a couple of days traps in the corner just for effect I have no idea why it's boring it's you got to figure that one out you don't know why it's blurry no that's that's a toggle blurry do I have a blurry background there's there's a connection issue do I have a blurry background and my blurred no no okay am I were it on a day to day basis they don't update their social media sites in my opinion they never update the website. You can't figure out what's going on it's just hard to follow David Hoffman Oklahoma right there on the bottom right appreciate you making time as always as we do it here once per month towards the end of each and every month Inca David has never used the blur which I certainly appreciate but for instance I was just talking with Steve a couple of hours ago there was no blur and he has decided to just throw the blower back on again the can't wait to see how the first annual National Barbecue Championship goes down in New Orleans three days of cooking I believe so you might have a more professional looking backdrop than me and that is hard to do by the way status Steve is running a very close second although it I I it's hard to follow what about you David David you on mute updating their website and even their social media etc I was learning more from just fellow IBCA members that were there and looking at their web pages you can't do that I'm going to get through it as your backdrop is magical John I mean it is yeah I agree with what John said not only that but I don't know I don't feel like he gets the publicity the marketing it doesn't get the and I be ca standpoint that it's not it's not being promoted to them to come out and Cook it or or were you hearing conversations and saying hey steve two months in a row that's right that's right so all right let me go back to you again John World Food Championships Twenty nineteen and I'm not going to ask you to to make sure I didn't WANNA yell at Steve to two months in a row because yeah so that's why I just kind of fished it out there before I went ballistic yelling at me force interject I didn't touch if I could interject quickly my border was off and when this call picks up the turns on I just wanted to shut it off Dallas is going to have over three hundred teams really yes loud I mean it's not like it's a low cow kind of thing it break it down or do any of this stuff but and this is the same question for all you guys just for high level is it on the radars at off the radar is that like switches on on on the call got undo it all right got it so your victim right dog I had no idea house which all right yeah no problem all right I just wanted I do have one interesting piece of information I heard that Johnny trigg did not actually cook his mate that he had a higher so that's kind of how I've follow Jackie through it you know you mentioned David in terms of big barbecue contests does anybody have an idea how many they're gonNA do the world foods or I'm going to do this competition you know it's one or the other foods at all not many people were talking lives are difficult to watch and listen to I'd love for it to be on the radar but it can't be unless you have someone on the ground like Doug does whose closed inconvenience information there you are trying to cut back L. Problem and now it looks like you might have done it I did it switched itself Oh all right so that's why yours is on as well so doug thing about world world foods I mean I know that that they had nine no-shows is what I her so nine out of twenty eight pretty big you know Jackie Ibca T. M.'s. There were this year now guesses twenty eight eight that sucks that's oh I didn't I didn't hear I didn't hear much about it other than I did talk to a couple of people afterwards that told me told me a few details do you think from terrible so to give you a point of reference the WAX Hatschi event that she mentioned yes that's going to be up there which is up near doesn't get the the notoriety and that was one of the reasons move into to the Dallas right we all thought that they would get more IBCA type teams was almost non-existent wasn't that one of the reasons that they moved to Dallas as well I heard it was blamed on the Dallas cowboys game in the in the State Fair but ancient that that you know a few things to work out and she didn't have problems with move in the early birds they got there I had to wait two and a half hours before they got their act together fanfare that some of the big barbecue contests do and so I don't think it has the same following I know that I don't think anybody around here knows about could we want to get me fine is long term the world food championships the way they know about barbecue contests All Right Doug your thoughts both championship yeah I mean I was like John was saying in terms of them other and they could move them into different spaces and they just didn't have it you know well thought out I did hear that attendance that the on on purpose or do you you've been a victim idea it automatically Chano Bono liberty uncooked meat Do you have any way to prove that this came from a very reliable source that was at the contest and said it was jd Henley Jedi one of the top critics jd Henley is doing the cooking for Johnny trick that is what I heard really yes wow all right well that's a bit of and what you want to see is in colorful miss or just blinking and jumping up and down like a flashing red twenty nine hundred a website there's a large large landing page there's a lot of big colorful buttons and oh I didn't cook the Ibca the Arctic qualified in the eat. I I saw a thought I saw maybe I'm wrong it doesn't matter it just doesn't fit this I John John I'm I'm torn here because I think so if you go to the here's the problem if you go to the ever do get to go back again it will be for barbecue it will be for some like a steak hamburger sandwich now I understand the the problem with found found all kinds of information on the website is updated daily wouldn't updated minutely but it was updated every night Ryan Haglund winning dish Mahal Wagon rebuy and it's all steak right barbecue is it just doesn't fit this concept and you know what one Burger do you love this greg guess what kind of bird one wagon burger no Bubba Burger George Boats Smash Burgers I'm sorry it just does not I don't care who cooks what how many teams I thought they had like sixty seven teams in the IBCA Competition Doug and I heard that they were trying to kind of keep things on the down low but that's what that's why the source will remind I know somebody that I can ask about that at a later date you know your other favorite city Cleveland Cleveland up no no no there's another favorite city you love it New York City no it's an exciting a very exciting Event the the kitchen is is wonderful when two years ago I would have loved to gone back again you gotta find I gotta find that but it's just a very very small top letters right above all the other colorful stuff where it says results or like event and exhibit and all this There's a real nice synopsis of it and anybody know where the final table is it's on the website anybody know what the final table isn't spring confirm back to you on that then we'll all right Steve let me get your thoughts on on world through championships and how you think it's operate well I still love very small above all the color all that stuff and then you can find the results that's really got to be addressed because you look over at your excited when you get on the pain I should he won that he did Muscles Alabama did with the hometown Smash Burger all right well that's great well you like twenty something in the heat and sixty something in the Ibca I was told twenty eight saying no shows and in a couple of people that had qualified reloaded hey you know what I thought was weird though world barbecue champion Ryan Murphy Cook the winning dish was wag US take dinner the world's state champion in results but it's not there where it is is the way at the top and very little letters it says twenty nineteen results it's what Indianapolis that's my favorite city hobby number twenty guess what is right on the website seems to be such a download of information on their facebook page that if you're not there as it happens it can quickly so I don't know how you rectify that situation but there's there is a overwhelming amount of information on their facebook page like where the location where the locations table I've I have no idea everybody's shaking their head what's your what's your favorite city Chicago what they're talking about I would cut those out I don't I don't think they'd do much to enhance the coverage of it unless they want to dedicate a facebook page two the crap so that needs to be addressed I found a lot of information through their facebook page I guess the only problem that I have is a full day where you can you know where you can come in and come out instead of them coming in and coming out to your feet all right that's GonNa do it for world championships now let's get to the topic at Hand Gang we've been practicing for this we've been consuming for this we've been generating food love affair with the brisket specifically brisket sandwich which really from a lost through the scroll and like I'm somebody that refuses to scroll for anything like if it doesn't show up after I do the mouse button once like I'm onto the next thing reviews for this and we're supposed to happen last month but obviously it didn't for good reason and this is the what appears to be a fast and it's all the time and every day and this person's a new sponsor and this is the person of charity and this person's going to be featured and it's going to be cooking Steve Degree that there is a a a huge amount of info that's being presser that facebook page right enormous amount facebook live things weird because it cuts in old school or traditional sense brisket isn't a sandwich tried you go to barbecue shop and you say I want to in your mouth maybe get some white bread on the side but has anybody ever seen anybody use white bread on a frigging barbecue trae I mean I have never seen it it's like a I baron holds one set here let me give you many slices of ten cent bread on this Twenty four hour piece of meat that I smoked into I don't understa antic -ly smoked brisket sandwich and I said well this has got to be gentlemen please the embedded correspondent site then I said not only that go to your Arby's because Arby's has had brisket on their menu for years now it was originally especially and the white bread on the barbecue trail but it's not a freak insane right so subway recently come out with their subway off go to your local or your local subway and get this subway brisket sandwich and evaluate and we're going to talk about it on on to this and they slice it and they put on a tray and maybe there are some pickles and onions or Jalapenos or whatever you decide beans what you sit down and you pick the meet up Youtube Star you have a Palette that is second to many so tell me about your experience with subway sandwiches I sandwich the brisket smokeout sandwich that has made its way onto the regular menu unless I'm completely off base there but every time I go it's on there and I said get the brisket smokeout sandwich the subway sandwich eat them both make notes and then we'll compare contrast potentially pick a winner here on the barbecue central show so David huff you are a budding intaking thermometers to the restaurant at all that was fun but the subway brisket Sandwich best summed up like this I brought mine home that's how we will go around we'll do subway I I sure like the field assignment of the thermometer in the stakes a hell of a lot better than the subway sandwich I let my wife take a bite she looked scrap me and said that's not brisket if my wife can point that out that that pretty much says I think one of my other guests said that I was due for doing that by the way but now all of a sudden it was a great idea what I love how we have revisionist history but anyway go ahead I didn't second season when that do took over as host and then everybody was like Oh this is the worst ever we wanna go back like nobody likes taking thermometers to restaurants all you need to know it didn't look like brisket demy if so it looked like it was definitely sliced the wrong way it looked pressed little chewy detail you know this is funny David that you mentioned that this is almost like when we evaluate barbecue pitmasters you know everybody hated the version when they followed all the teams around because nobody want but then the so was not a fan of the texture was not a fan of the flavor was not a fan of anything about it but would you ever get it again then absolutely not absolutely I tried to get it without the barbecue sauce so I can actually taste brisket itself I regretted that it was one of those ones that should have been smothered into good barbecue sauce due to cross the board only because I did swallowed Steve Your thoughts on subway is awful coral it was a Washington steaks I drove ninety miles to another subway got another one for me it was so bad it even the girlfriend she couldn't swallow it and that's skit sound Georgia's looking to use the word brisk because it's so popular it's brisket Texas brisket we cooked it for fourteen days we you know brisket sound it doesn't look like that it doesn't look like that it's that thin it's that then when you get it it's all pressed it's all brand subway every everything we looked at for this long is brisket we we we have a guy that's in the back of the restaurant that's all he does is cooked brisket brisket brisket brisket brisket fried is it firehouse subs is a sandwich firehouse subs pier one of their subs never brisket at firehouse up that's I'm a watch to make it the brick sliced roast beef Smoked Cheddar who's ever put smoked Cheddar on all right John Silber well I'm GonNa go right out the gate it was so bad I did it twice because I thought maybe the first time was up Doug for his review this just shows that Texas brisket is ingrained in the people down here y'all are taste the meat so it was tender yes it was thin but it was tender it had a decent smoke flavor in it even had a little bit of fat on it last name has gone from shy to subway doug subway now I will quickly review for me I'm like seventy that he ordered it liked it and it was actually cut to a quarter inch if you can believe it hold on Doug I'm GonNa get your so let's go to I five percent of you guessed it was perhaps one of the most horrific sandwiches that I've ever had in my life the meat was he will now well I have to agree with everybody here now I am getting a dissenting review in the instantchat were John Dawson of Patio daddy o Barbecue does say Ooh you know what I actually eight the brisket so if I scored I'd scored twos across the board I couldn't give it a one I just there's no way I could get but I'd score crazy the I went got a twelve inch bristled sandwich and I said make it in he asked me what I wanted on it right maybe I'll put all the road while you're driving I actually thought it would be good for that and I would definitely get it again really doug interested in putting out the word brisk and they did a good job because they wrote toward brisket on a poster but when you get to sound tastes like shoulder clod on hold it's a tuna salad place okay now they got brisket they just WanNa use the word brisket it's just like it's just like McDonald's wants us to use the word not ask my sandwich artist by the way I used to be a sandwich arte so I knows what goes into it and I wanted the full brisk experience it's almost like when we talk about the impossible burger and you know how could the impossible you're really be that bad I mean the impossible watt processor how the impossible while we're really be that bad when it has up two slices it was insulting it was terrible and it was demeaning to me and everybody in the barbecue community except Doug and it should be out of the menu immediately and by the way if I may lead which is brisket and that is if you're any barbecue restaurant of yourself you don't put brisk on the bottom of every on anything it's always above everything that is the lead that's what people want to come in and get it's the hottest thing right now it was super thin it had a horrendously fake master Ramona's yeah he's just like the pillsbury dough boy the jolly green giant he's any marketing icon that you want to believe something as often well he's been cooking for thirty eight years if you read all the information so he must know what he's doing you know how many antic now let's go to the most credible source here on this panel dog subway who must be best friends with Ramon the pit mixed of the impossible Walker same thing goes here if you're going to start putting on all the subway craft goes on every other subway sub well then you're burying the lead looking smoke ring it tasted not like brisket and there were two freaking slices on a six inch ketchup and mustard onions pickles and tomatoes and all the other crap that goes on top of a hamburger. 'cause it's hiding the impossible Burger love Doug also doesn't like hotdogs as we know so those two things combined makes me very much question his taste the longest run goals in a little bit of barbecue sauce I thought it was actually very good I liked the crunch of the pickles the saw as actually complemented you can way restaurants are strewn across the country I mean this guy must never get sleep wow we all right so dug likes it everybody else's like now let's get on with Arby's smokehouse brisket sandwich and we'll start with Dave unusual we're talking about brisk right we're talking about brisket where are you going with this Mr Tasty Sandwich I thought it was good I ate the whole thing which wasn't my intention Atkins Guy so I paid that price all night for it I probably wouldn't get another one brisket is very enjoyable and it might have to deal with everything else that's I think the loaded one comes with like the fried ribs you know rib the mcrib because we WANNA WE WANNA be on the Barbecue tree but they're not they're not interested in putting out a good product being embedded correspondent and the first fire that's not true I've been fired multiple times already hi actually thought this would be a perfect you know if you're on a road trip or drive in whatever stop in at your subway in get the sandwich and eat it on all things on I said make it how most people like it he said okay this get cheese either after damn green peppers red onions read from the cold been or it was put in a cardboard boat and then sent into the microwave for a flash reheat and I did onto going down to Franklin's restaurant in Austin say yet put a couple onion rings on with that brisket onion straw and the cheese and I like Arby's horsey sauce that that horseradish flavor so I actually don't mind it for a enjoyable saying I for for this video look at the inside okay this is the subway looks Jasey Look Nice it looks nice juicy all right closer back up sociable tastes brisket has got its own it's it's wonderful meet hard taste and these service all bread they got a little piece of meat on it and they get the huge bun you eat it you fill up on the button you know what these guys are doing they're not they're not looking to serve a good John who is I don't know but I just logged this rant by the way David do you have any idea who so much but I wouldn't say it's necessarily a brisket sandwich either John I agree with David I I didn't taste brisket in there but I thought it was it was a good sandwich and but is it a brisket sandwich it's debatable seat it was just a little a little more tolerable than the it doesn't happen weird piece of cheese on what was it provolone was online think Greg I sent you a video I don't know if you watch oh I thought the are now I actually enjoy the Arby's sandwich not because I believe it's a true brisket sandwich but I believe the flavor of it while not delicious brisket sandwich of the two that I had would I be looking to go fetch another one here after the show's over will I think Stephen all in all honesty you didn't seem like you hated that well no I was just trying to describe it it looks tender it was it was real tender but it but on the Arby's smoke house brisket well it was nine seventy three wouldn't came with a drink and curly fries and you know I love curly fries but mind smoke flavor of some sort on the Arby's meat and by the way for somebody who is very very scrubber who in the Suite Thuc is pit master Ramon Steve Who's pitmasters remote subway sandwich but it would be it because it's got barbecue sauce on it it's got an onion ring what can you imagine I book and I could taste a little bit of either vinegar or perhaps liquid smoke in the brisket and it was pretty tight I did a salacious news they're coming out of the Tree Cam just another reason why he will never talk to me again as we're talking about it here on the show do you think he would admit to that fast about getting another one like anytime soon oh probably not but it was way more relatable to what I would consider discerning when it comes to barbecue sauce I didn't think the bar the Arby's barbeque sauce was really that bad you know all things considered so it has sugar on it and it was so it was sugar on top of sugar too much to meat ratio which is a cardinal sin in my not like it at all well let me continue to be with the other seventy five percent of the panel here this was easily the most the grocery store shelf in it's overly sweet and it's pumped full of magic smoke trap and all that stuff so it's not out of the thought process that they would probably go that route did not have provolone so mine had Cheddar just like the the subway horsey sauce and I do like the horsey sauce because that'll drown out almost anything disapproval on cheese or something like that a lot of sauce a hundred a lot of the euro sauce and that's what I taste tasted tangy sauce stanton too sweet I couldn't taste brisket and when I took a bite might had bacon on it and when I took the bacon comes off in one strip better to be barbecue between the two there was way more than two freakin pieces on the RB sandwich than there was on the subway sandwich there was in fact that would probably be the only redeeming quality if they would've put Horsey shot sauce on the sandwich it was terrible the barbecue sauce way Ah Doug let's be honest here when you're making food for the incredible masses I mean that sauce is going to win every time I mean just opened up a bottle of any sauce on I mean this was if we're raiding the subway would for me was like to like Jon said and then the RB Sandwich was probably going to be an eight if were that much discrepancy for me in in between the two if I had to go get another one of those I would get the Arby's ten times out of ten she's starting to get to the Kenya open the cheese part was to the to the meat in it looks very looks tender sandwiches don't have that and and they're just pass it off as brisk and it's not they could call it a roast beef sandwich and people go filled our dogs way in knows what kind of meat it was it looked like it it tasted like an Arby's roast beef it tasted like an Arby's ham sandwich it tasted just like an Arby's Turkey sandwich it's got no distinct all right let's get a picture of the Arby's opened at open the top yet is the second solo then versus the subway and I would not recommend the subway where I would say well I mean if you have an Arby's and you really want one you won't die if you eat it I can't say that about the subway you might die if you eat another subway sandwich all right we believe have unknowingly picked continuing to produce incredibly but that was well worth and we did it we finally we reviewed your fast food briskets sandwich but I believe firmly that the Taco Bueno brisket Tacos are the best fast food brisket out there they're delicious is that the name of the restaurant Taco Boyne history as we rejoin our mates here for the embedded correspondent Steve Ray John Sober Doug Shining and David of an insert and now it's a pizza party green mountain grills dot com that's green mountain grills dot com we are back with more embedded correspondents right after this from you have a classic line which is what I have Detective Corey Has Classic Line Green Mountain Gorillas Brother as a classic line Green Mountain Gorillas well you also have the crimeline of cookers built on a little bit more of a robust chassis peak in windows on both cooking chamber and the Pellet Hopper to internal beat probes instead of one Oh doug is completely against that but that's fine all right so you guys hang out here just for one second as we have gone way long here hugh world including TAP news events recipes bore started by Ryan Cooper and Sean Ludwig and both of them travel around the country to find the best barbecue news and then report on it let me talk quickly about Green Mountain grills these are some of the best helicopters out there on the market today there's two different lines to choose eighty ELCO content in exceptionally professional way you're listening and watching the barbecues central show once again here's your os right back sign up for the newsletter to see full events and results on their barbecue calendar and BBQ newsletter dot com a great all in one resource covering the live fire in L. Cleveland no but I do know that means good Taco Espanol thank you I am bilingual really have anything to add on the fast food brisket sandwiches anybody seen any new brisket sandwiches coming out that we need to try anybody it's not as greg welcome back this portion of the shopping brought to by the smoke sheet keeps you in the know on everything happening in the Barbie the you'll get on the classic line both pellet driven they have pellets right there a green mountain gorillas if you want they also have a bunch of other accessories that are really cool now if you want something to take on L. Gates were camping look at the Davy Crockett twelve old technology right there so if you don't have access to a traditional power outlet go ahead and work it through the twelve volt outlet to me a sponsor or sponsorship is more like when you're an ambassador it's a loose arrangement you're getting free product here in now exact definition or if we can all surmise one and we can then floated out to the consuming social media public tomorrow and hopefully degree all right the the next topic for discussion is a term that seems to get thrown around like crazy anymore it didn't really have this for me but I don't know what the hell that word means anymore because quite frankly I think I'm sponsored to a certain degree and I'm wondering if there isn't a I think so sponsorship is more ambassador sponsored is more of a written obligation between the two parties Steve Your thoughts Tennessee Michigan Texas and Oklahoma Refundable Argus Oh let's go ahead and continue our bedded correspondence word sponsored means a little more from the standpoint of there's expectations in written format on both sides and the ship and what does it mean to you yeah it's the lines have become blurred to me I consider that I have both grills they provide you know sauces rubs whatever along with cash cash and prizes like the world championships but anyway you probably have a a a few things they're providing things you're tagging them you're doing and I'm I'm liking it to social media to me we get them on the right track so Doug Year marketing guy to a certain degree engineer of course Markelle what do you think about this whole what is sponsor and sponsor our helpers here's the difference sponsorship gives you money to enter the contest a helper gives you a exactly like what Doug said I made a list of sponsorship is most overused word in in our sport there most of them it's a contract you're signed up as an agent you know so you have obligations they have obligations to you they probably pay you money they probably a helper gives you a bag of charcoal in a sticker for your trailer a sponsor buys you cook shirts with product where to park sponsors provide cleanup crews helpers are your teammates and or your kids bottle of rub so if you're getting a bottle of rub you gotta help or you don't have a sponsor a sponsor insures the trailer for you in your car or whatever you WanNa Call Green Mountain grills dot com is the place to go don't forget if you have the the Daniel Boone you can rip the guts out and get that piece patches a helper gives you a patch for your cook shirt sponsor pays you to show up coke helper shows you most of the people are like what Doug said I had the same word ambassadors it kills me it absolutely kills me when we go to one of these little when you even ten years ago when we were kind of getting this ball rolling the barbecue central show but now a anywhere you go sponsored this sponsor that I'm sponsor they sponsored local yokel contests that we do and Johnny local yokel comes out and says well my sponsor wanted me to come to this contest give needed Dan somebody else is paying for that's what sponsors do they pay for you as you go now if if tiger woods is one you know elite tens of people in in coming fifth in a nine person are you kidding me he wants short he wanted to show up noodle wall what did your your sponsor wants you to come to law two Cambridge Square in front of litter four hundred and fifty third on the on the money on the money list you know he may get fifty bucks from titleist in asleep golf balls he's got category with a lot of my two other he sees I've mentioned you know a sponsorship is Dale Earnhardt Jr. it is tiger it when you enter a PGA tournament you'll much it cost a golfer zero for four hundred dollars is interesting on the PGA tour you think you think Tiger Woods has to pay that money no no he's got the check already there you think you think Bubba Watson's paying now no he's not between two parties with an exchange of something I do believe that something could be product but a true sponsored person is looking for money Rod Gracie for some goods and services or appearances by the other party and getting exposure to that product David huff helper you'll have a sponsor big different peoples call themselves saying we're sponsored they're being filmed they're not being sponsored John Your thoughts I definitely agree that the line is blurred influence or brand ambassadors sponsor woods is like someone comes and goes hey we will give you money to put our name on your car or on Your Golf Jersey or whatever you golfers where it's it's an agree where my name on your shirt and doesn't matter where you place just show up and be in front of the people and say that I am have daddy barbecue to do that it's it's it's it's it's out of hand if you're paying Dan of the contest you know you don't even golf our sponsorship. I don't know that there's anything that distinguishes one from the other I think you could say I'm sponsored by years ago you know getting sauced and rubble not put gas in the truck so I if there's this fine line brand ambassador that's another conversation take that right off video and they say oh I'm sponsored by cheer wine because they send me a six pack of this stuff for you name it it's it's free to me the bottom freaking lot is cash dollar bills is somebody giving me money

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