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New Mutants Part 1- Character Corner #77

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New Mutants Part 1- Character Corner #77

"<music> welcome back to the early on. We got we got. We got we got ta. Welcome back your order you to be award. Nominated cared quarter podcasts podcast. I like it. I like you're going there but i like that yeah so we took a little break. You know there was a uh-huh comecon. Life just came at fast. We did put some stuff out on the <hes> on on the field you know <hes> defended his little short update for the tim drake podcasts and episode. We just put the pool this out but neither of those have been cared. Corner proper care to corner is show myself chris in d. palm talk about what are you know favorite characters combo characters comic series and we kind of discussed the history of them and go through them. We haven't really had a proper issue episodes. Since beginning of july <hes> for the chris claremont run we've been doing a mar <hes> x. men two <hes> and so after the episode dropped opt i noticed that the podcast awards were live and heavy nomination so i signed the carrico for that and i ask our fans ends on like facebook twitter or other shows we have in the network to kind of go and vote for us and it turns out. We actually got nominee. Were in the final ten sleep award winner tamer category for the podcast and like i said it's the funniest thing that opposite getting fired in your day off but i really did want to properly think everyone who voted for us on the fan voted for us to cater corner because it means a lot to it means a lot that we didn't actually put proper show out yet still got enough votes to get into this final slate of nominations here and i just wanted to say okay. Thank you very much in and honestly even we don't win. Which don't we wrong. We wanna win. We're really great yeah. We're really to me this portion here and this slug voting for the final vote so some you all who signed up to vote might have gotten e mails from the podcast of war to be in the final group of love of select listeners to vote for us but it's not a popular vote type of deal but the nominations are kind of so the fact that we were able to get in the top ten. Let's let's we know that our listeners at least you know support us and came out and voted in droves to kind of get us to this point and i wanted to say thank you very much like like i said depot and i love doing the show away for two to two friends talk about complicated. We honestly we do this. Shit probably if it wasn't a bucket apparently so because we end up talking a lot anyway with new tax and stuff like that anyway about stuff we read so we always find new ways to the pull is turned into its own like we need to talk about that. How we turn the bullets into the like that and you normally you complain when i do things like that to. You and you were just like y'all's do it so that just tells you how much we love talking about comic book characters so yeah i just wanted before we jump into this. This episodes fisher body for doing all right. Thank you everyone what he said to turn out listened and more than anything listening like y'all to mobilize now. Did something like your yeah at the top. Ten is nice and i do win. Honestly like i guess a real backing on there in the competitive challenges in those gas but it just shows support. You guys have a network of for us. We appreciate it also supporting us five star reviews. We've got a brand new one valve and chairman on repeat been listening to the podcast for years now now instill love it thank you i can listen to any episode and pick up stuff. I missed the first time around listening to the old. Tim drake before the updates short. Keep up the great work he very much the five star review always the possibility read on the air suggestion characters. You wanna see sometimes we ignore or any asked for and get really read a bunch of clermont excellent. Which is how we got here yeah. That's how we got here and started again just so we understand. This is doing this news part one because there's definitely going to be a part two. We're going to be attractive as we're doing. We're tracking as do the claremont x. Men and what i realize is we started doing claremont extra enron right we did up to the dark phoenix saga in the first episode and then the last episode we did issue two hundred which is the trolley magneto and we go through that like in between that piece right of of when we started part two after the dr phoenix and the trial magneto chris claremont went off decide to start another ex book <hes> with these near you and let me just say up front you can read all the claremont x. men and not touch the new mutants. You'll miss some stuff in there but you'll be far but reading. These thinks brings so much new like context to what you're reading in the main export that it's almost to the point where you like now you kinda gotta read. It's interesting to go back and read this. First of all. I think is the first time i sat down and read all <unk> onions yeah like i don't i think i've dabbled in here and there and like obviously these terrorists or something like favorite character shout cannonball but yeah this is the first concert concerted effort to read them all of the things i i forget. How cool bill thank you. It's drawing says it is something to be said about creator defining the look and feel the book. There's when it's on it's not yet it's we. It's it is what was issue was trying to think eighteen eleven of joe. I thought it was eighteen. I thought it was when he when he starts with big salad alan then yeah cloud yeah. It's the demon bear soggy he comes in from the point of view it completely and again it's not the same as that was bad beforehand but he can deem as like totally elevates the story and the seriousness of the book and what's going on. It's it's a lot and it's so funny. You mentioned that this is like the first time kind of going back and re reading. This new stuff is so funny because <unk> as i'm going through some of this stuff i realized that as we've done other episodes and just so we know. I just wanted to get to make this clear to everyone. We've been talking about how some point we'll do an excellent podcast like and that's our thing about all the episodes. We've already done we've done. We've done colossus. We've done 'cause you tried. We've done the summers brothers brothers who've done magneto. We did cable out of those six books right there. There's so many times we come back to. Some of these cases are here in the new moons or the new moon books themselves and i'm like yeah. We've actually we did emma frost like we do. I'm like oh my god. All this stuff like ties together so it's it's funny when we do these episodes how it's fun for us to kind of go back and rediscover and find new little pieces because especially when you do moral there everything's connected it so you can take the small chunk over here only focus on that then come back and do another trump and be like wow that puts will read before a whole new context like we'll get into later but like there's you get more information on the emma and kitty pryde feud that brings more into pitcher like her attitude towards emma like when joe sweden takes over that book and then afterwards you like i told you understand why katie over sure oh for sure like kitty hating makes a thousand percent since yeah. What are the core things but reading this now is that we're also currently reading the hitmen book and like we we talked about acquaint style bernie. See you applause as you like what happened. I picked up from just go back to books. I've been talking about <hes> hickman. It's like what if claremont plan is what it is like it because the the logical in his book should have been dumping <hes> but the way struck in the way he wrote. It didn't fit that way where he can. He was the in point which is something that i think even and even that era of writing didn't know what the point because they didn't get it. You'll be on a book for eleven years. It's kind of heard of but then again when you're on a book you don't actually envision the say don't have any right. This hickman's got he comes in and says. I've got a mission statement and the story wanted to now. I know the i know the beginning middle everyone out. Let's do it chris claremont just like that two years ago at mad like a motherfucker hucker. What is so funny where we're going into but it's like when <hes> sean dies karma dies in issues six and seven and that character comes back you find a is a live issue thirty two you know you're like. Did you plan that because that's whoa that's to lie and there's there's all these little pieces uses here. When you we go onto the scary rescued news but i'm gonna call burke the scary one even stuff like that is so much so i was going through the seven and it made me realize some things as we were looking at this right the the the the funny funny thing to me so there's two things i wanna get off before we even get down to this one. I wanted to say we put out a news episode before or that. New movie came out so i don't want you know we did not i did not actually plan do new mutants in august which is supposed to be the same month that nubian supposed to release leased lately is last release date which was august second. They're not playing that say yes now now. That disney is not not an immoral footage. Think think it was crazy as i look at that the who they cast and that kind of actually working really put them in costumes it could have actually worked. I can't remember who shot you. That's crazy. Chris wright say you know what i wanna do some having undone lavas podcast. I want to apologize the fox executives because i didn't really kind in invest heavily means. I forgot how weird in michigan a horror this book. Actually it's yeah so the idea of doing being a horror story with these characters isn't out as out of mine as it would see willy brandt. There's a really good way to do it. I i would just shoot dude demon bear honestly but i would just shoot that like frame for frame but no snow costs. Who's a big mistake huge mistake. I just luckily the year. Do you think it is realistic no-cost cost. You just ness not that. That's not how we do this. That's not i said also got me reading are reading this opening issue with jewish sentinels <hes> so they actually yeah yeah yeah so here's the funny thing as going through this and put this in the context of the older stuff. You've been reading claremont x. Men right to me. It's him on the news owns away up to reset the x. Men you know at this point the expert grown <hes> we do have kitty pryde who came in i kinda joined the x men there aren't any kids right and so you basically the retail the ordinate x. men the x. men teen stories with a new team. There are five members of the new means team. There were five of the original x men and like they each. It's like if you were to tell the x. Men origin but for that new time period after having knowing what you knew back in the sixties. Let's now tell that origin in the eighties with different characters but unlike d._c. Which is what it is. Redone rebooted the x. Men and you got an expert team. They're like no no we can. We'll we'll put them in in the same place we we. We've removed the x. Men from troubling xavier and we have a children's abraham's doubting himself who then gets these kids basically thrust on him. You know it's more a brings brings rain to him. They karma's actually actually shows up at and i want to say it was team of book. She's in another bucket moore for example the one hundred she meets fights has four and with the spider man yeah and those are like the first two student he brings in then they go and they fine nine sam they bring in bobby and they bring in daniel boone star so he reforms his team and has start all over again with from basically from scratch gotcha of teaching these young students and he's like. I don't want you guys to be exponential. Something new you know and we start over from there and what you do is you then take what with the x men had become at that point right one. You have a fully diverse team. You have sam who is. I think it was from kentucky choline from kentucky. You have sean from vietnam. You have our native american for the casa from brazil and you had rain from scotland so again just like that excellent giant-sized issue that brought a team together from different countries if the same thing here <hes> but then also the thing that really gets me as you have this young teenage squad of heroes who's not destroying their own powers but also own hangups right right so you have so as you go through the virtual team u._s._a. In guthrie who <hes> he's struggling with strange he he's the orders on the team after sean is so he's the next oldest is sixteen at when you meet him he is <hes> he's working in a coal mine because his father died that coal mine and he's he's trying to work in the coal mine so that maybe his brother his siblings would not have to do what he's doing which is working the coal mine because that was his father very important in what he's doing it for siblings because these motherfucking guthrie's will keep popping up over the course of your and and also really when you when read these issues you undertake taste like each one of these characters. Their backgrounds are where they come from informed so much of their personality so when he becomes one of the co co leaders of the team. He's very protective of the other members. He's very hard on himself because he feels like if he makes a mistake then he's let everybody else down and he also has the most problems controlling his powers and and the internal parts of he puts on himself so you see that with sam danielle she has she since the pride ride and confidence in the fact that she's but she's also deathly afraid of powers. There's several times when she believes her. Power will lead her parents to the demon bear which will get into a little bit later and she constantly find yourself going overboard. When i use her power she can only use their powers to pull out. People's fears like her power our is to pull illusions from people's minds and she's when she first uses power. She thinks her power is actually pull out their feared she has no other controller power also her powers feel so negative and she's always afraid of going too far and then she ever lose some poor powers even among our friends she's pulling out these she's pulling out their fears and so she's even though she projects a sense of pride and confidence she's free to that <hes> bobby who's athletic overconfident lucas the power of a son and of the son and so he thinks he's invulnerable but he's conflict is asphalt which is a layer we think invincib- so <hes> i also love the fact that clermont through that little racism in its way you know the the racism when when he when he first started remember when he's on the soccer field before his powers manifest like they don't like him because he's he's a black brazilian and he's he's dating a white brazilian. They literally call him a monster and he turns into bases black hole. It turns into a monster so it's like that's what he's so. I like how it's a play on the original. X men like jean grey but only player fears cannonball. It's exciting you fly but motherfucker cannot turn turn cannot cannot bank. Damn bobby's pretty clearly warren yeah. It's it's it's it's raining beast like these little twists and then you're like okay. Is it a little twist like you said but then they add the a piece of like making rain and some of her being ultra conservative and it's funny because he's ulta concerns. He's always talking about how she thinks things night. Crawler is this demon when we get liana and she's like well. She's a witch sorcerer c._d. Wouldn't am i literally turn into a werewolf. We meet you because the people are literally chasing after you franken like your like your friends monster but i love i love the fact that current as this nuance in this layers to <hes> terrain because her self loathing all this yeah yeah and then obviously even to this taylor peter david was pulling that out next baecker <hes> like he did and i think honestly this is him saying if i had gotten the original five the three girls to way more diverse in how they would have been an actual full people not just our classes and now spoilers for victims sarah kids if you look back now charles picking out violent power sets is not in the stake reverse. He's picking up a boy blast through walls and can't be armed interesting but the guy and and pink three roguish next question it also brings in rain right. Who who finds rain is more who who's the one that convinces charlie's asia oh you where's all right exactly like i'm sorry. The hickman stuff now makes me look at all of this of nike because you know he did right. I'm treading in his back matter for what he's doing. Now it's so interesting and so you have this and like you say. I like the idea idea of this being claremont going if i had if i control the x. men this is what i would. This is the diversity of made up front and then again. It's it's not really a racing what you did before but it's expanding when it right. It's like you get the self loathing of rain we know this overloading of of hang mcwilliam beach right we see everything he does but sometimes it's almost gives up when we were almost not sympathetic to sometimes like hank you do the yourself like kind of your smart but you kind of a dumb ass trying to get rid of mutant power right you kind of kind of kind of an asshole an addict yourself right so it's like you have have you can have that same with rain. Though you kind of just you feel for her because they're just little moments. There will be a moment when like i think it was like kamer norwich character was i put a dress on. She was like oh that's showing too much skin for me. I'm i'm too conservative and she has these real strongly moments where she's like. You thought she looks at night caller. She's like he's like a demon but i shouldn't feel this way because i know you so nice to me but i just i you see internal struggle with her the idea that she's an orphanage the initial she really does consider moyer her mother so she has these moments of feeling not wanted like there's a moment win later on in these issues where uh-huh a think it's banshee comes home right and he's hugging up on mora and enroll in rain season. She's he's like oh. She must have forgotten me about me already care about me any more and more as over terrain and be like no babe like oh. I still love you. You're still as a moment later well. I think it's an issue where they were. They revealed that legion is told an well. Actually we knew that before the lesion issue and they had all the new moon's controls the all gone to muir island and he's like this is the first time that rain calls her mother. I thought you have all this you you see the struggling with her and is very very intriguing very interesting to see this and then like she's not in there was five but but evil rasputin or she's not evil. She got evil in man. She's not lie hyphen elderly so funny thing about this care to right the way they did. This and i really look if you look at each one of these other characters even in there was no five of nubians and then they bro bring <hes> ileana in here when when they when they bring her in here i throw her into this five because he plays a huge huge role like rafter. I want to say i can't remember what issue number people who he's rolling this. When you look at her she really represents like the idea of a child hitting puberty the more likely a a young girl puberty particularly girls you know they get their period at that point. They're told they're evil something wrong with them. There's going to all these bali emotional changes are you literally watch as she grows up almost overnight and she literally has evil in hurt he has no idea how to control and with the do and she has all these people looking at her her as if she's as you see some kind of evil thing and she has a grown up overnight. It's like you see all every single. One of these characters hairdo has these things they're they're working through in addition to their ridiculous power set right and it's just an interest it makes it makes reading going through these things so gripping. I think vasant got me. He's our early. Eighties issues that right right here just is going from one to thirty four. I think thirty four when magneto takes over as headmaster just an just right there like it is. It's still a gripping story at no point. I feel alexa issues boy. They put these kids ringer issue you know i think that's the thing that gets me about these characters. Suggest how much that you can relate to everything they're going through. They have a real conversation real struggles. I mean there's times when they're going like we're not the accident minute. We shouldn't be doing all but they never right by. The way music comes out yet. No because then you you remember what it does is a reframe only read and there is an expert store. These are kids oh absolute absolute and and what they've done is again. It takes those those original issue number stories of you. Put you put you in new light. Them in new light can looking going. Oh tells us really was kind of running. Fucking military camp here with these these are old x men and it's completely different with the new moons right. It's like there's there's times when he's like. I don't want you guys out there and doing this. I don't what you guys get involved with this or there's times when they completely take charge xavier or the x. men completely off bore like if you wind back and listen to our x. men part two episode clermont episode you know there are several times when the exponentially the considered dead ed or have been all world or this plenty of these times and when you read new moons you star scenes like oh yeah there's that one moment went and again we'll we'll go through a more chronological order. I promise you folks but there's when emma frost kidnaps kitty pryde in the news. He's like we'll go. Call somebody else. This is called the action. They're gone go. Call the fantastic four <hes> they're going to we'll go. Hold the event other going to as well if i've held the very beginning of the story is the first story we told really is brewed story. Yeah it's it during the brutal war so the x men are our off world. I'm back when the other when when when keep prize kidnap would you find that happened during secret wars so that's why everybody is going to literally nobody else but them so you get this famous story of not that you have trouble pretending to run a school actually really paramilitary operation would would you have here actually is a man who really trying to help. These kids learn how to control their powers. Put them in school but by the way things are happening where he doesn't go out there but they're literally. Nobody else like somebody has kidnapped. One of their own and the kids are like we gotta go. Stop we go home because nobody is gonna to help us ourselves and so it's a really interesting way to tell the story now. I can only imagine in the eighties when you're reading this as a teenager. You're looking at yourself and again it. It's something we talked about when we talked about with your kids reading early in the <hes> we i think we did it in the silver age about <hes> a golden as what kids wanting to be here of themselves. It's like why <hes> suzanne capper moral such a connecting care archer site kids got to be the here right here same way right. The kids don't have to depend on the adults in a matter of fact. There's plenty of hundred going like the the adults <unk> are going to ignore aren't going to give we need so we're gonna go do it ourselves and that can connect a kid has a reading the story saying yeah you're right we can. We don't need adults we can we can say we can save ourselves so it was very very yeah very to run into this kind of already. Did you go to the mall. It's something so simple but you're right. This is the <music> exponentially over sure is what it is because again. It runs parallel to the stuff that we distort what i love about this. It runs parallel to the stuff. We just read so you have project wideawake. You have <hes> shabazz shamelle in in the hellfire club working <hes> working this long game to <hes> and you from the way where they're working like we've review mouton's as commodities and we wanna be on the right side. You know which is which is actually a very interesting point when you read m s kind of saying that and she's not in this first issue but later on she after kid. Can you pride to me. He says it's like you know. We've you the immune. It has a commodities end. That's a changing power in the world so we have the health club of people very rick means the money we can control the mutants and we can control the world <hes> which is an interesting thing when you come out of the different philosophies we see when we're dealing with the x. Men right you have a xavier with the peaceful coexistence apocalypse with survival the fitness magneto the next evolution of man the rightful heir the species but then you get emma ross and the hellfire club one means will never be accepted so it's best to explain it when we can for personal gain so you basically had going you ever our capitalist period pay. Maybe we're here. We're gonna we're gonna get paid for it so <hes> but yeah so oh <hes> rain in the first two of the new moons again the the official first appearance of the music together i think it was a marvel graphic havoc novel of the new moon to nineteen eighty two <hes> you do get <hes> you do get them a little bit. You get you get karma a little bit earlier than that i wanted there's more more maybe it was raining wasn't rain rain was in that one to a camera wasn't before so you get them all joining with xavier and he brings them all together and basis starting the expert again because exmoor gone and this is a book that was launched because at the time the editor in chief. I believe it was shipped with jim shooter. Look i wanted to spinoff as you said. If you don't come up with a new mutant book someone else will and that's where the modification virgil name of x. and became <unk> mutants and i thought it was at one of the things that like was it for better or worse. I didn't believe that he has an x. Men or computer pushing <unk> this way really create situation. We had to think outside the box because we're going to go through this. A lot of these stories. You're gonna hear aren't typical x-men fairly i l. e. joke. That astonishing is the big five. X men stories cure alien invasion enemy within signals one more but that's kind of like the big story. Tell with excellent told here. No these stores go darker worker. They're going more. Sorcery magic in is things that were so. I tend to you're right. Maybe at some point we would have gotten these in the stories but i think that having a different vehicle to tell them and tell them from a different side to because now when you again if you go and listen to our care corner or you read those excellent issues then you go back and read the new moon stuff you're like oh they work hand in hand together but they're not they complement each other right you can like the gulf and they're doing their own thing and you're like oh ashworth because every now and then when you read an expert in the news's pop up like there's again when we get doors into this and they just pop up from asker during the trial for the fuck of what do you needed new means. We're in asgard what the fuck happened. There and you read are like oh what's kind of like a one off contain story that didn't involve anybody else but as bigger bigger consequences but oh that makes sense sent so <hes> but yeah here you have the x. men dealing with that we again we the union deal on the x. men which his sentinels and probably wide awake and and having to step up because again next minute gone now brewed wars now <hes> so it's also funny that again it's it's so weird because claremont wrote this book but you can tell that it just allowed the tell. More story was telling me for later on here. Rachel shows up you know the radio show matter of fact during the during the beginning of the demon bear saga like rachel shows up for a quick hot second but you don't get more orientation go back to the x. men so it's like you have to read need to get the full story the read everything and that's what it seemed like claremont was doing here where he was telling a full story but he got the new miserable allowed him kind of finland in more gaps that we might we might not otherwise guy so early on in the first five five issues of six six issues the new moon to take on sentinel to take on silver samurai viper <hes> that end up in the apparent death of karma who was at that time was the oldest she was nineteen. <hes> in karma has the power to literally process people <hes> and had you know pretty fucking rough background to you think yeah man. She's like she had to kill a brother like a it's a whole thing and so i thought it was interesting kilograms early 'cause he kind of what happened with thunderbird but at the same time she was kind of she was the leader she was in charge. She was the oldest right and now it's like. I know we traditionally think of sam the leader but sam's sixteen at this point <hes> kids leading kids sam cam and sam and daniel muzar ended up cobaine code but each of them with their own their own hangups and like you said it's kids leading kids at this point and so it's really difficult and they they have their own insecurities series like sam continually again. We brought this up as he can't bank worth a damn so he has he has his power so he really is so fucking hilarious larry he can you know anybody who doesn't know cannibal generate energy from his legs and propel themselves through the air. He's invulnerable but like at lisa's whole lot of stuff of people just just out of the way and he can't change direction and he just barreled through while you call them a cannonball right like cannibal. Don't change direction when you fire them. They go one direction and that's it and that's what sam does so. He's always worried about you. Know trying to change direction and beans blunt object moon moon star mirage caller has issue of she will not is a funny thing because when we're trying to mirror some of the power sets the personalities of the original x men between karma in in emerge you have two characters that can literally violate you just like a telepathic fan right can violate your mind. Karma could literally possess your body to so that you would have you you would no longer exists like you would no longer you would not know what happened. She presented her body and walked across town when she professor body. You'd have no idea what happened in that that talk. How'd i get here and then you know penny can literally pull your deepest darkest fears for your mind. She doesn't have control over powers. Our she's doing it by accident so you know if she gets scared and she <hes> you know the instinct think can pull the image of men with pitchforks coming after rain and it feels like such a violation to ha- and now everybody can see that too so not everybody knows what you're you know and so it's a you had these two cares now can literally violate your your personal space was kinda. Mimics the idea of a tele path and you know with jean grey and things like that so it's in yeah yeah. It's just so oh wolf ruled c._v. Hunters here who helps help teaching the kids along with xavier moyer exit after sean on dies and again. They're not even sure that and to be fair. It was a no body no death type of thing where very where you kind. I don't like sean just disappears. After after <hes> viper blows up there <hes> blows up her headquarters her in silver samurai escape and the kids almost die all mistaken but nobody can find sean and so exactly beers says you know that she's dad and they need to move on with all the new like no we should look for. She's still around somewhere and you kind of forget because there's so many things that are happening than go on with them and you go through all the stuff and you're just like i we just don't have time for you kind of forget about it until it comes back up hope hill the bronx <hes> and then you bring start bringing in let's see when when do we asthma magma neck but i'm trying to figure out eight which is crazy so here's what we're and not get rigs. There been weird. He's they get weirder. 'cause they find ancient society of romans living in the brazilian amazon. Come on it's fucking weird but it but it works they call jim shooter emperor in the credits of issue nine th <unk> nicholas it's amazing because this is like so that was traded like dude patrolled x. Men like me to the analogs d._c. A marvelous note jim was never executive actions being they do control is clear that meets absolutely. I think we said that when we did our doom patrol episode clearly clue you visa rear trucking stories to weird story comes to know you're like wait. Why are we in rb down here. Are we agent room. What the fuck happened yet. It's weirdest shit in the world but it works is like a long way to to introduce <hes> <hes> so we start where we start adding to the team. I'm trying to see come courtesy win. The magic series acts. We came out so x uncanny x men one sixty nineteen eighty to august one thousand nine hundred. I'm trying to podcasts trying to find answers magic right the magic. The magic is happening so that is august nineteen eighty two yes so at this point we already because the but this point <hes> uh-huh we've already had the the x. men uncanny x men one sixty right where iliana going yeah newman's nineteen eighty-three so you've already had this this point so after the magazine's the time kind of weird them when they actress russian shoot moyer beginning of the book when they find out about david you're right you're right seize with you'd say on the on the southie thinking about her friend a kid. He's gone yeah <hes> because they also accept the fact that kitty and her best friend and all this other stuff right so <hes> mm surround this time there's also this magic series they bring in the storm and ileana magic series is a four issue that kind of explains that how how long was she inbetween where it was like seven seconds that it's it appears finger slip for seven seconds after i think it was like eight years past yes like seven or eight year and this series kind of explains what happens where anchoring her murder of x. Men repeatedly told you she's the evil. Mikhail is the evil rescue valid. Okay okay all right. Thanks all right all right all right <hes> but i think this this series important because it gives you the whole background on what happened during the seven seconds and why she reappears seven years older at fourteen and in that series you see that <hes> the demon <hes> let's go. He is basically you know. Cut all the other x. Men storm doesn't have her powers but now sorceress and kitty he was literally turned into a cat and this four issue mini kinda shows you how this young girl learns survive goes from the young girl to learn to survive in this was for seven years and becomes a sorceress and it also also brings in about what her meeting power or being powered to still interesting because you forget that her action power isn't the sorcerer yeah. It's the telephone stepping. This stepping disks yeah. That also just happened to pass. Limbo was houston. I'm sorry is that the path of limbo <hes> but it's also can also be space space but also time that becomes an issue as well when she starts almost time traveling as she slept through these sometimes so again so i won't call her the evil. I'll call her. The scary does that is that better. She is a scary in wrestlemania. That's very very very scared but i think there's also very scared because so and again this is part of that really kind of inform your story. You don't need need to read that magic series that medic series really informs who this character is when she comes back and that you start getting this p when she starts joint when she starts like a formerly joining versus new moons. She is hiding a huge portion oversell. She has cy block so charles xavier camera d'or which she's got a lot of you know not great stuff from there right. I it's not great so she you're not helping her. Her reputation is the scary one is because she's scared of what she is and she doesn't. She doesn't want anybody who think differently of her. Even though this is who she is now so huge she highs portion of there's also this whole thing and when she's in that miniseries which is her kind of understanding that is a part of her that actually like the demon sought right. There's a part of her that wanted to give in a part of her that might have enjoyed killing the expert in that in that right right and that's part that he's always trying to keep it bent and it's something that informs a character all shit up to rosenberg's x. Men actually run that shirt. It's it's always going to be something there. <hes> and it's always parts where it somebody trying to pull that demon dark side out of the demon to in the demon don't think you do you're wrong absolutely do not want not thing you don't want that dark out and she's always seeking also <hes> she also has sole sort that is also partner sorcery so she's doing building right. She has sorcery and she also has this mutant power and she also has art. She's also basically parking so it's she scary scary. Oh and she also has armor you you know joe so she has armor armament scored. You're in for some shit. Yeah it's yeah it's you know sore distressed magic contracts creatures and it's it it. She don't want yeah. You don't want them prob. I'm just gonna say right there. You don't you don't want them. You don't want them so she's definitely in the scary what but because she still trying to learn you know she traveled to learn how to use these powers and she also she does she doesn't want to unlike unlike the other other new into literally train these things with pug savior and everybody else she doesn't until she's basically teaching yourself to go along so we maddox. They should have like i'm good. I'm good right all right now. You don't need. I don't need no training practice. Talk about practice practice tis the soul sword. We talk about practice. I can tell a port across space and time talking about practice practice but she actually doesn't because teleport's. It'll be like oh yeah three weeks later. What how long were we in limbo <unk>. I thought we were just we water. We yeah it's it's a funny thing. It's a it's a funny funny thing so anyway back to because again. She started joining that she joins a team with magma. There's also interesting when he comes back right because there's also around the same time that a debut when when they come i think after brood war where they come back where it's like. Oh we got the new means now so kid. You're no longer an explanation during the nubian. She's like why because then that causes dumps earnings of getting say it again. You broke up a little bit about what goes circuits bar dropped on it yeah right <hes> but again. It's an interesting thing to kinda. See kitty react to people that are basically in her age group but she's like y'all kids all the ex babe. Everybody's like but you same. It's a spiderman me but us like like i just arrived space bitches what richmond the space in the space. I'm not talking about right now but again. It's an interesting thing because you get this also in the back on all of this stuff. Is you know the relationship between her ileana in an storm right. It's like they're. They're very very close and you also oh so get a carrying over a storm feeling very very protective of of of her her kids you know and yet kitty is not <hes> mm kid. He's not happy about being put on the same level as as small kids <hes> but again is an interesting thing thing because at beforehand it was just we had one kid among adults and kevin kitty. Try to find her place. In between both i think so gives you good interesting point of view because she has been she's. She's still trying to you know get the respect of being a full x. men but even when you look at it on paper light she's not. She's not really 'cause. She's she's been devoid more than that right this way right you know she kidnapped by emma frost for the second time. She's a veteran of this shit. You know a veteran kidnapped a veteran of being kidnapped. She's been the species all this stuff so. I think that that's an interest think also around the time we introduction of what might be the most useless municipal okay so doing this. You're gonna take tickets dance because eighties could make cypher cool that is making useless in a fight. He is no. He's not as you read body. They made him cool with it. Brought aww back. I'm not doing this for you. Okay we know what doug ramsey becomes cooler shit. Okay we get to that point. We can talk about it but right now thirty years right. I'll be really real. He sucks like thirty years. That's quite so funny right because so another another key talked about louis simonsen cheese and one that takes over after. I don't think we've gotten to that. We haven't gotten to getting this this year but <hes> afterwards but even she was like when she <unk> as killing off ciphers a little ways away to when they kill them all. She's yeah cutting hate writing them because he usually uses them to fight like we. Everybody hated draw like you. Just kill this guy. He's always had fucking tree warlock at one point when we're when they're fighting an asgard orleans basically forms themselves until a mexican cypher awesome the fucking you're so mean this is so rude but that is what grants me doug can read body language which the back they ate him tim dri well i mean you have to you have to do that because the way he is right. Now it's like wait. The powers like i can tell by the inflection your voices as institutional. They made him creepy which was awesome. Yeah that's awesome. That's awesome but and then with the internet they made him a junkie for the internet. I think one of those daredevil minis they find him. Living in the woods just made pretty much mainland high-speed incor- daredevil boy if somebody's not mainland in something in an daredevil book so i mean you gotta be you gotta have at at least one junkie in the book but it's so funny when we later find out when when <hes> sh- shocking thing over <hes> carmen carmen that's how she gets brought back is at one point where he's jumping between the different bodies and they're trying to figure out which one of them jumped into and eliana eliana forgot take out is doug g like yeah. We knew he would go to the weakest one who has no no purpose no power for this like out like that so he didn't like that that's mean just me. It's all me but it's it's what everybody nobody was thinking so wrong. It's just mean remain. The entire comedians dean litter on by himself because he can read the attacks like fuck this. We're not doug ramsey for life. We're not we're not thank. You just mean right now. His name cypher innocence like we haven't heard anything. It's doug cubo that donald she liked yeah. Yes it. There can be clearly. He was supposed to be like <hes> pseudo. Dating ileana the entire time i mean they were really that would have been when it comes up repeatedly in later xbox yeah yeah an issue sixteen. We get a <hes> again. This is when kitty pryde had been conducting a couple issues before by emma frost and again. We cover a little pieces of this on the flip subside in the x. men but this is a significant introduces the hell you are but just the first of many batteries yeah yeah i just you know i'm gonna make my own basically new means the cats are impove jetstream roulette terror and thunderbird which is john prowse stars brother james which if you can go back to our first set of claremont issues we're now come back full circle where now we get another example of claremont because remember and those remember marin john's bodies appears. We find out that his james and james is promising to get revenge for his brother. He's hooked up with a frost and has joined the hell <hes> yeah it. It really is like the not new mutants though as out of that because you got could even like thunder shirts you the walmart brand nubian it really is and he got thunderbird who is also native american like any you have jetstream who is literally just a a cannonball with a slightly better ability to turn corners. Only slightly impact can who can make people feel love. Nothing feel a certain emotion <hes> that he wants to which is you know similar to what danny was doing with her powers and even carmelo doing. They're controlling people's minds kassai who do i can't remember what exactly power but again she has a she has a feline form as a base form and the history can virtual rains yeah. Yes you reverse rain. We're rain. Excuse human trained into a this is like an actual giant cat they can. It's very very weird and then you got the ones that you got roulette. Who just gives people bad luck which i'm like your domino and then i just just just it's all terrible idea. It's she's got curves yeah but they don't explosive so she's pro gambia proto game. It's like hey what if what if we had. What are we at cards and they explode blow known as violent. What if we just pulled. Monsters on tarot cards sounds okay. Okay <hes> yeah so this is the first first hellenes cameras not great ideas but also the point where we get. 'em talk about why she doing it again. This is like i always love her conversations with kitty because kids always basically asner by the fuck you so. Why are you with your yeah. Why are you so evil and it just doesn't make any sense so here we go. He's like you see catherine. The goal of the hellfire club's intercepts is power sebastian show and i we've through rule. The world means our means that whether we like it or not kitty there are too many super beings we and other why people who begin to realize their value per person group collision country that possesses them as an incalculable advantage over those don't we used to be hated and now we are desired for the same reason because we are different from humanity for the same reason because we're informality. We've abilities homework paid sapient. <hes> does not <hes> they. They still fear us that will never change but now they wish to use us and they'll do whatever me's do. They'll do whatever they must persuade us to obey like you threatening my parents parents. I won't be the last you must decide whether you wish to be a ruler or a slave i want to do all i want is to be left alone. Live my life in pieces that too much ask. You lost that option the moment you were born. If you wish a truly be you've you wish true freedom catherine in your life. The grave is a mutant only last sanctuary. If you will join the hellfire club you'll be the choice as always yours and emma is an evil and this is why another do as another notch onto why pride a fraud but there is i mean there are some some small troops does not meet doing villainous oakland unisono storrow. There's troops. I mean there are right like you know at this point when you look at the full tilt hate totality what we've seen with the x men you're right. There is no freedom for for me. You know like you have to at some point. The the idea moons being being left alone is never on the table right. No matter whatever you fall into all those different people's opinions being just stuff on the side. I want to be a normal a normal person and not deal with any of this stuff. It's not an option. It's like it's like saying is. I'm a black person but i just want to be i. I don't want to cause an issue. I just want to keep my head down and go buy a business. That's fine but other people might be what you want but people outside of you're gonna make decisions for you so you need exact yeah. They're not gonna let you so and that's what i mean by saying that emma has some as good point she's wrong and how she does it and even on the way she's doing it because again is for herself because that's what does always more evil forget that but it sure it's it's it's this idea of trying to be left alone and just be yourself and not yeah that that chose with me for a long moment you were born. You're putting to the fight tonight. You wanna be on <hes> shirley episodes begins. The pair saga was last. What's that that about or issues. Yes reissues where takes over the are in it is fantastic is classic. It's a true this is true. Whore and some of them have been building up the entire time something something that you've been seeing danny struggle with this idea of this demon bear the bear that killed her parents and and this idea and <hes> yeah it's it's it's kind of fucking brutal brutal yeah it is. It's literally the thing that's haunted her. Since we started this and also happens to kind of distracting from all the other stories this becomes fucking problem and if you're not familiar it's if you've seen into the spider's that's his kingpin luxuries kingpin this big black void with the floating head and it's just so expressive in each taking mutants doing that here and also teaming beer is a first time really go full mystical. Eliana is like demonic it. This is all like we're going someplace in x. Men haven't really gone at the same time. We're getting the incoming thing with <hes> <hes> the beginning of hearing about what am i. I'm the failings coming down to yeah yeah. It's that same here seventeen plots at once chris claremont debit all but not always doing a weird way. It's almost like when we talked about how crazy easy <hes> babycare was able to get on red robin because no one was paying attention because it was a subsidiary book. That's kinda. How new mutants was or excellent subsidiary expo michael. I'm so glad you brought that up because as you go through this and it's hard sometimes to cover is really actually sometimes hard to cover everything that happened in the nubian books because because like there will be like ten different storylines one. I completely forgot around this time. We still yeah you're right. We we warlock. We get these images of warlock coming down to earth from being chased. We get <hes>. We're dealing with the demon bear stuff we get again in early on the economy thrown off because rachel chill richard summer shows up at the door and you see you're actually get this virtual summers being shot at with charles xavier and then shows up at the at the house and you're like with with was that and she just goes away and it never comes. I don't think that ever comes back in the new means book you pick that back up with the x. men books and so this is where like when you're reading this whole thing you get the whole full story of what's happening here but clermont because he's writing all these things concede them in a different books and take it from there and go from there <hes> but yeah you're absolutely right. I can believe forgot that happens with warlock coming down around this time as well well <hes> and it's <hes> it's a lot and <hes> any almost is she and <hes> yeah they eventually at some point they there's also where more and more of them become aware of <hes>. They have a little demon demon themselves. They have a little a little working with them and <hes> you had this. Yanna herself is kind of like cheese. Having she's learning more about her powers. This is when she started getting her armor that that homer that forms around here of forming up and things like that it's like she's learning how to use her power it at the same time we're going through this but also figuring out that she threw at this point she also takes over limbo becomes a ruler of limbo yet assistant. I mean like you said there's all this happening. If this book meanwhile danny's literally fighting for a life offering day liam spells it goes full weird real fast which plays in the same constraints like like oh. This is the perfect idea the perfect marriage again. We're you're not disparaging the pre eighteen. I'm just saying the marriage of writers subject matter artists it stride once bills on board yeah yeah and and it's fantastic and it and it gives me about a to l. Everything just kind of flows the next so you're going to this and you're dealing with this and you're getting danny confronting her fears at least her fears in a bleeding in her conquering during this fear in conquering the demon bear these are the return of repair could appears in consumer you know and so that also coincided with her when she's conquer this fear her going and they don't. They don't really call it <unk> out. I don't think but you see the way she uses her powers going from here her powerful way more under control as you can do way better thing with her powers. After this point danny yeah username sykes gone barrage now <hes> <hes> mhm like as citizens doug and warlick joined the team and we now have got other problems use condom kids con con saying <hes> who who who is introducing soleil. There's other. We're going all the way today. Let's talk about david so i haven't watched the show yet me either but i able to this. Show ins even told her yeah yeah yeah. I've watched the gifted so we watch the gifted so mayby i think same same same same show runner so i fully believe that it's good and it does it does yes this character because <hes> characters in saint. We're talking about david hallier and like comedy powerful yeah ridiculous telepathy <hes> telekinesis and what else third could actually formed into three different personality that i i had it it was because he has three split into three different personalities. Remember that yeah yeah. I know what it's like pirate because it pays also even in the first issue the whole run <hes>. It's been more finds out the the choices she i think in the first issue of this run yeah she gets the secret about having a kid and then it's kinda. It's blue clermont thing is the first real appearance of them is twenty. I five sister yeah assist there and then all all of a sudden they show back up point where his bacon or control his power because you also find out that more you're still been helping out because during the cop in and a nurse and a native american so weird weird i will sign thing to happen. It turned a native american. They get sent to muir island to be with with <hes> moyer and they bring in trailers area. They now need help of dave. You know tell telepathy telekinesis <hes> <hes> pioneer new. There's another at least and we know exactly what to say that starts here is contained in here and they they show that he's very very powerful to the point of almost running circles around not even almost running circles around charles eight this is off the scale at this point <hes> and gives charles real fucking problem <hes> and and that becomes because charles know that david his son and you kind of go through this realization as we go through this yes and like the nieminen not happy when they find what you guys didn't you probably should talk that information before we got started because that would probably be necessarily information when you're dealing with with they call him the other thing too. It's eighty autistic which i don't think autistic means. She didn't say so what i took. The problem is would be very much. The eighties exactly had to pull out the fact that it is the aid and we'll go from there so <hes> yeah so they're able to kind of so as my thing 'cause. His technically joined the news but he's day all the time. It's like the honestly i like until win issues when the extra had <unk> yeah that makes sense that makes there's a little uneasy at all times. He doesn't get a costume him get that. We're in the black and yellow l. A. cried so you don't get the black and yellow. You're not going to do that so we do have charles with with the help of the nubians kind of stopping david legion for now and it's like they enter into his personality. He has three two three threes flippers. Now is that each represent each one of his power to that point again. This is early on the creation of this character so he only limited the three powers. We do know that later on he gets much greater power sets. Its way scarier but were they did. Each of the each of the the personnel is inside of his mind held one piece of the actual power set and ah is basically they basically go into his mind to to try to figure out what dominant personality going to be there and they don't really succeed in the idea was to try to save the same piece but all three pieces day there so he stays crazy so it kinda just candidate put the pin back in the grenade for a little bit for lack of a better term is truly time oh yeah and that's basically it for over there so <hes> and we know again just one of those things where it comes in and you're like that's going to be a bigger issue later on <hes> and then from there we kind of go into we kinda started off talking about the beginning which is there's this whole thing where some of the members had kidnapped one of the peace we did miss of throughout here is there's a there's a significant piece in here early on i think even before the demon bear saga where we're dealing with coke and dagger and bobby ryan rains a little fairy tale story and everything right her fairytale story and also when bobby and rank injected with the same drugs that that gave cloak and dagger their powers and it kind of mutates them chose a whole ongoing thing there with with with with that as well and dealing with that and it's <hes> seeing seeing cloak and dagger because at one point they were trying to dagger to be part of the team <hes> but coking dagger are just. I never wanted to care to corner because they're just very very depressing. Every time i see them very depressed the reason why i don't watch ship not mutates or something else. They're very depressing. I think that's i. I just i'm yeah. This is why i don't watch the show because i'm like the show can't nothing quality of the show. I'm just saying it can't end well gets me is the fact that one of the ways to now. I have to watch it yeah yeah yeah so he goes have it in the last six. Seven issues is dealing what we did before. Which is this slow reveal that karma is still actually alive and has been taken over by the shadow also ties back into an earlier issue. We we dealt with in the clermont episode. When we were talking about how he confirmed that he had this battle with the shadow king in one and we see that he didn't and kill the shadow king the shadow king just went into his astral plane and to exact revenge on charles xavier. He's taken over one of new and trying to to eventually you slow roll his way back in and also to eventually get control of storm and have her we the one the kills xavier because again. That's tied together because again coming full circle all how all that all of them are related. We'll get more into that a little bit later reach because this is also on the time the ulster powers and we have not gotten to that piece in the claremont x. which is literally coming up right after start you know <hes> the other little backstory happening throughout this entire time again disagreeing how the stores expand we also get more information mation on the time of <hes> magneto with lee fort to happen the background which also then kind of informs us and leads this leads us to the point of getting to the trial magneto because you know how do you get from the point of magneto being this terrorist and now being you know the person who's on trial and having people actually defend him and you're like oh well magneto. Kinda sorta became a good guy. He's the one that rallies <hes> the troops when <hes> xavier's says hey the beyond irs on earth and seekers starts you know and and so you get this backstory there with magneto kind of learning to let his guard down around hyun because he falls in love with forest and back kind of softens magneto stance on a lot of things we didn't lead you into and we're gonna. This is where we kind of end. Which is you know xavier making asking magneto to be headmaster school which means he's also now headmaster of the new aw which by the way i think he's there to like seventies the he the longest running headmaster in this yeah. It's crazy that that this is the guy who was the this is. The end is thirty five seventy five. He is the headmaster and him as has as rough and tough charlie early on magnesium chart. Even nominally reformed <unk> the worst costume in comic books in the books chris. Can anyone defend the giant him no okay make sure not gonna get mean. Mean tweets rather say how to how how do we how do we know but how do we know of as magneto if he didn't have a dying minimum hate you you gotta remember but he walks in place like yes xavier appointed but the kids go to you know you're fucking magneto. They're either. It doesn't help defective needles kind of heartaches. It's it's it's so wild comes next time but like i run ahead floors like africa was attacked. Ticket benita ones did they. Yes oh the recording right. Oh yeah i it's it's a really fun thing like i said we kind of rushed to the incoming. We're we're really kind of we did it. We did an hour and fifteen minutes on this. I thought we'd be way less talk thirty s which is about authorities but again it covered you were saying there's so much stuff that happens in here like literally you know everything is so did i. I think it also kind of captures the kinetic energy of being a teenager where everything's important everything matters yeah. It's like they had one that he captured doesn't get connection because obviously older. He captures the foot. It feels like to be a teenager and even when when bobby his contained like flirting adding and rains like oh god is he like she her brain going into overdrive. You're like wow. That's one of the girl do <hes> yeah. It's it's especially with this shelters. Rain has been re re reading this now. I was very taken aback about how help well how developed the characters were it really as anchor at at a ileana at the end of the run here yeah he trained. He's trying to hurt us your tray because sin gotten his ear. Yeah what happens is in order to defeat you know for route. In order to shocking controlling karma karma can literally curry's like when you when you have control of karma whose power is really ridiculous powerful right. She can control other people and then with the shadow king inner. She can control multiple time so what ends up happening. Is you this whole thing. The happens after after we kind of quote unquote defeat legion. We're all of a sudden. You get this one moment when you know that it's emma site you know what not done fucking charles xavier what i wanna do is think or empathic camera which one it is basically says hey. We want you guys that kidnapped some charles xavier's. I think it's impact because it's like he wants to hurt emma's well once you to kidnaps on charles xavier new moons and and put them in the gladiator pits and you're like okay whatever and then there's always this shadow king either shadow figure in the back trump. Who's running running. All this up is his extra-large karma. She's now super big in super fat what happened and it takes me a welcome in some point and he just like you said it's such a fast pace at some point. You know bobby and bobby. Magma are are the ones that were captured in there fighting these pill. They're they're being told that <hes> if they don't fight some kids that they're being held hostage are going to be killed and so there by him the thing really honest shows up a week accuracy mente show up for them right and so you're going through. They're going through all this and they're just fighting because they feel like they have to. All this stuff happens and <hes> at one point storm shows up with inch now powers and and you should again as as being being reader this you kind of figure out. I was like oh this shadow because she keeps dropping hints that it's some i know i know it's not really who we think it is is somebody i've fought before going on and then you get the reveal that it's the shadow king that has taken over karma and it goes down from there then you start seeing ileana. She's he's hoping the shadow king and she takes warlock down to limbo and sume isn't a warlocks ear macy's like you know she killed you know we're down here right and she actually kind of enjoyed it and so when she comes back he wasn't killers like do you betrayed betrayed the team you sold hold them all out. You sold out storm. You sold out kitty sort of all these people and <hes> she has to basically convince world by not getting because she can stop them because she's she's in limbo right and if there's one place you don't wanna fight her is you don't wanna fight her in her element right. She just says no now she turns back and talk her little california almost like you wanna kill me. Don't wanna believe me. That's fine and there's a really powerful moment. Could you get warlike. We didn't really go into warlocks much but you know we ease ten of organic creature that falls earth as no not a mutant one of the one of the new means that is not actually a mutant and has a hard time adjusting and it's weird thing of him where he formed friendships with all these people are going very connected to them and when he feels feels like they've been betrayed. He's like oh baby ride or die. You can turn to find out that has a whole plan of how she can break. All the other nubians free a from <hes> for route but she needs he needed to get them all under control one point but even then she's dealing with his idea of her dark side of i'm saying i'm doing this because i have a bigger plan. But do i actually like to do. I actually enjoy being evil. S an ongoing thing with her refighting refighting the darkness inside of her and it's just there's so fucking much in these issues it is ridiculous that covered all and they go through all of it and it sets up nicely for us going into clermont par-three and no one really feel short-changed. No one feels like they're getting short shrift. Everyone feels like they've got time to breathing engrossed characters. It's a really delicate balancing act that he pulls off your the wanna do it because when you come into x and someone has got a favorite excellent everyone coming into this. He made a character. He's like oh no guarantee. He had. He knew he knew the avella. You're gonna to put these characters in probably early. Take the influence of where they absolutely absolutely and then we didn't even cover but you should definitely be condition. It's a fun story. The go to ask i literally after all of this shit they've just been they just find out that sean is still alive. They survive you know bobby. Magnum survived being in gladiator pits and almost fighting to the death of being taken a they all this and then them and storm get transported to ask our by loki and again they go through some shit like especially later. You know what it is is it. It happens right before of thirty thirty five. It's like a it's a new moon special. Oh okay big ones later on yeah. The big ones later but this is a new special where they they go in there. There sean becomes skinny again. Danny becomes a balcony kind of thrown in there real quick. I it's it's yeah yeah yeah. It's it's it's so much. It's so much stuff that happens in. This is ridiculous even every kind of an interesting time. We still but i would definitely say even if you read these. I like thirty five issues. You're going to see you're going to be like holy. Shit these yeah too much much. <hes> anything you wanna add to this no those fairly covering. We did a lot of stuff for for thirty four issues because a lot with his hair <hes>. We're going to keep covering this a little bit. We're not. I don't know how far we'll get into this because here's the other thing too. We've covered some of this already. I forgot that we covered a bit of the new music awards or back in of this when we get into cable because eventually the next headmaster technically initially i guess headmaster of the news is after magneto is cable but then he just turns them into a paramilitary force because rob live ashville lisa takes over at forty fifty five <hes> some louis takes over <hes> she'd been the editor on the book for a while she totally book to write the book karmanos claiming to write <unk> excalibur shoes fulfilling writer for six months and she's writing for three years so what the in i think it was for life. L. takes over as pinson co plotting the end of nineteen eighty nine nine. That's a cable introduced <hes> apparently they were this is reading the interviews round time <hes> silenced bob harris. Who's now the group editor for x. Men wasn't the relationship with heat. She a life comes along and so i was just said that the bob here's from rewrite her plots dial. The commission would not make sense. Although i wasn't being fired i think i was being shoved out the door by both hands both hands bob harris bob was wounded would expect you to do which was make rob life held happy. If you wanna get down to my real distasteful failed it starts in nineteen eighty nine <unk> wait. I felt maybe indicates. Last issues. Rob lie-filled being a dick. What's what's pushing female l. A. bologna creator bill correct the story of all time until this end. It weird no way whoa. I don't believe fear we're that's so again. Eric grayson smiling like an asshole anyway. I'm gonna go somewhere and draw some feet. <hes> thank you equipment. Yeah all right folks of so it's funny you said i did i did. I did go see hollywood as one thing that <hes> girlfriend she had to get over the fact that there's a lot of dirty feet on windows in this the thirty feet all the fucking way. It's anyway his john rudolph. Yeah folks. Thank you very much. That's where we end up. I mean we've you've been doing a lot of we're gonna come back another full episode for x. number three. I don't know what part how far we're getting into that <hes>. We might uh <music> before that maybe another little quick short. What'd you call care to court cater corner shorts <hes> yeah it's <music>. How's it gonna stick. We'll find out what it is. We might do some small. Maybe maybe we do a quick one while west and we were talking about the go-to knock that one now we have some really quick that we can do and talk to fifteen twenty minutes and then go from there although i'm saying that wally west and we'll see what happens i have emotions anger we we all we need to get it out and you go into that so <hes> keeping house and powers hours and hours of ten it doesn't immediately go do these things to go do that right now so again focusing very much for listening very so much for voting if you're a new listener because you've somehow found us because of the podcast awards very much. I hope you guys enjoy what you heard and <hes> <music> oscar mir yeah do that and we'll be back. We got plenty more to talk about and anything we miss trust me. We will cover it against some other time. Could you just tout works. We skipped over them. You means in like several times and here we are doing. A new means care corner. That's just go fucking pig. We can't help ourselves so anyway folks thing as much for listening and until next time we ready uh-huh.

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