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"david gill david" Discussed on WTOP

"Is 608 Get a $59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 48. Might traffic and weather on the AIDS are things How are things going? David Gill David deals on down in For Coleman down It was actually pretty hectic start to the rush hour, but things have gotten a lot better over the past hour or so. So 66 were down to brief volume delays. Now South on 3 95 near Duke Street Landmark crash crowds, the right side of the off ramp and the district as we've been mentioning A bunch of arteries and bridges reopened late last night into this morning that slow down a little bit. The heavy duty barricades will take some time to deconstruct mainly down on the grid in Federal Triangle Metro Center near Fair Get along and South K Street, But Constitution Avenue reopened traffic around noontime today. Whitehurst Freeway Eastern Expressway or open all the bridges across the Potomac River are open. The exits to Independence Avenue Main Avenue are blocked from the TR Lincoln Circle and Potomac Freeway in Southwest Freeway. Still can't get Independence Avenue 12 3 tunnels closed Third Street tunnels open D C to 95 North Bound Benning Road, slowly getting by a crash by staying to the left the Beltway. Not bad at all. Just brief delays Interlude near Connecticut Avenue 95. South bound toward the Beltway. All lanes. Open Pace, improving crash clear to 70. North bound, just little congested. Through Gaithersburg, but that's not bad. W T O P Reporters are driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop fits first Save money on New Toyotas, Hyundais and Subaru. Subaru's visit fit small dot com Transparency You can trust David Building. W T O P. Traffic. All right, David. Thank you. Let's go to Amelia Draper and Storm team for so we check out how things are shaping up as we slip toward the weekend looking pretty nice today, but you think.

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