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"david gerry glenn ross" Discussed on KQED Radio

"I'm Scott Simon. Mike news bombers earning rave reviews for his portrayal of Rudy a grandfather whose confronted Lawson declined and Rachel bonds play curve of departure north light theater near Chicago. Mike Nussbaum won a drama desk. Award for his performance in David Gerry Glenn Ross in nineteen Eighty-four. He's done. Lots of Mamat, lots of Arthur Miller and had featured turns and several films, including men in black and fatal attraction. Mike Nussbaum has done a lot period. He's ninety four years old. He is reportedly the oldest working stage actor in America. Mike Nussbaum joins us from member station. WBZ in Chicago. Thanks so much for being with us. It's my pleasure, Scott. You started out in your forties. No, I started out professionally in my forties. But I was acting as since I was nine years old. And as a young man trying to make living in exterminator. But I was doing community theatre for many years before. I finally went ahead with it as a professional forgive me. You're an exterminator. Yes. I was. And by that I've lived to ninety four. There may be a secret ingredient in DD. Well, you would be a great ad for it. This current play curved departure. Yes. I don't know a nice way to put this. All right. What's it like to play somebody who has to look death in the face when you're ninety four? Well as a ninety four year old man looking death in the face. It's not a problem in all I think anybody who reaches my age. Is aware that it is. Gift to be able to live this long and not to expect that it will go on much longer in my note to BJ Jones who directed the show on is one of my oldest as friends I said if this plays is my last it's a great one to go out on. And that's exactly the way I feel. I am gifted and lucky to still be able to do the thing that is the most fun for me in life. As long as I can do it. I will and at the age of ninety four almost ninety five in December. Right. Yes. That's correct. How do you project onstage? Well, that's one of the things that I still have is a strong voice and audiences delighted with an old actor who can speak aloud because most of my audiences are also old when they don't hear the young actresses well because they come from a different era, and they speak softly, and they speak rapid they and they slur. And I don't. So what's your next roller? What you'd like to be your next role? As a matter of fact, I am going to be playing the grave digger in April at Chicago Shakespeare in hamlet after that, I have no idea it would take some courage for a theater to hire somebody who's ninety five. And I'm just hoping that somebody will Mike Nussbaum. Plays Rudy and Rachel bonds curve of departure at the Norfolk theater right outside of Chicago. We'll repeat it mister Nussbaum. Alter ninety five in December. Thanks so much for being with us, sir. My pleasure. When the new season of Saturday Night Live debuts tonight stand up comedian, Melissa BSN your will debut was a full cast member. He's been called an impression machine for impersonations of celebrities both real and imagined including Pokemon ash Ketchum. To get back in the bulky ball. Jill and Bjork. I have a cat and sometimes I like to follow her around. And pretend that I am to NPR's. Elizabeth Blair has this profile this summer Melissa via you performed at Montreal's just for laughs festival. She greets her audience with a warning..

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