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Fresh update on "david french" discussed on Larry O'Connor

Larry O'Connor

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Fresh update on "david french" discussed on Larry O'Connor

"They tried to destroy it by signing on to the brush I Robert Mueller investigation and by continuing to perpetuate this lie about Russian collusion that Trump was somehow really secret Kremlin agent that his election was illegitimate, but the people who we just named who came around and I would say some of them are are some of the strongest trump supporters. I mean, they have integrity. I think they see what state here in the country and the other one. For whatever reason, what? Weather monetary, same fortune just keeping their career alive, You know, becoming never trump was the direction that they went west for whatever reason. Let's talk about the money for a minute. Julie Kelly, I know that you spend a lot of time in the book on that. I'm told often. I even had a color yesterday. You know? Do you know all the stuff that you say to support Donald Trump? You're just doing that for your payday. You're just doing that there's big money in being a never trump Republican. Isn't there I I It seems to me that the people who are making the big money right now from the conservative side of the equation, except for a couple of people who have their own shows on Fox News. The big money goes to the people who claim that they were Republican and now opposed Donald Trump. Well, exactly. I mean, you have. Steve Schmidt, who was the failed loser ran McCain's disastrous campaign in 2008. No one's heard of this guy. You know, for 10 years till he resurfaces, he's getting paid as an MSNBC contributor. Now he's part of this Lincoln project that I suspect is also funded by leftist. I think that that's well established some of them. This guy would lover be making what would he be doing? He'd probably be, you know, working at a car wash somewhere if it wasn't for his Never Trumpism. On what planet? Would Max boot have a Washington Post Colin and Jennifer Rubin? No one would listen to them. They wouldn't be paid. But what I what I dug into the most is how Bill Kristol and they're none. Nevertrump nonprofits have been seated with millions of dollars from a left wing tech billionaire, the founder of E Day. Also trump. So who is eating, creating these little non profit and then feeding them with millions of dollars to either buy cable news ads produced these ads do YouTube ad flood newspaper Abad pages with their anti Trump ranch? So this is where a lot of the money is coming from? Certainly not coming from conservative. This is Pierre Ahmed Yard. There's a lot in the book about that. And I know that you do trace the money certainly to funding the bulwark in a couple of other non profit enterprise. Is is that are associated with Charlie Sykes and Bill Kristol, another prominent Nevertrump Republicans. Is that also the same for the journal Goldberg, David French Steven Hayes Dispatch venture Have you been able to resent all privately funded? What have you learned there? I believe it's privately funded. I know they run subscriptions. I would actually be very surprised if they were taking money from Oh media and deny David French is at the top of my never trump a list of I think dishonest fraud, but I really don't think that they would be taking money from Omidyar be surprised, but you know they might be getting money seated from other, more less meaning, because there's very little conservative content on the dispatch. Either. I mean, you have David French coming out today defending with Tammy Duckworth's said, because she was a one time bet and accusing Tucker Carlson of not loving America that Tammy Duckworth's Loves Loves America more than Tucker Carlson. It's just You know, at this stage to side with the left and any Matter or defend them is really unforgivable, so I don't know where their money is coming from the honesty. I think it's not coming from me. It is not covered for Julie Kelly. That's for sure. All right, we'll leave it there. There's more to talk about and well, certainly as the as the entire summer goes on, and we make our way toward Election Day as we Seymour hijinks from the so called Republicans and conservatives who are now backing Joe Biden. Seems to me that if you're backing Joe Biden and an administration that will include Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Buddha Judge Corey Guard, You're no longer a Republican. You're a Democrat for crying out loud. Stop say, You're never trump Republicans say you're never Trump Democrat. That's exactly right. But you know, no one would pay attention to them that this is their performance. All right. We will like to talk to Julie Kelly many more times between now and election Day about this and many of the other great things. He's coming up with overt American greatness, but we'll leave it there again. The book is disloyal Opposition have the never trump right, tried and failed to take down the president. Julie Congratulations on the book. Thanks for joining us. You are the best. Thanks. Larry. Ed Rodriguez is now in the third report, sponsored by the Positive coaching alliance, right back to the Beltway in Bethesda, still jammed.

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