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"david fin" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Offense jazz beat the warriors one twenty two one await Rudy go bear twenty five points fourteen rebounds aluminum twelve from the floor shot ninety two percent from the field pressed by a jazz player since Karl Malone in two thousand one on the opposite end of the route to go bear stat line Boston's Jayson Tatum Celtics beat the Mavericks by ten Tatum from the floor one of eighteen six percent shooting he finished with five points in the win he will be hosting the pistons on Tuesday the heat though of course of the weekend suspending guard Dion waiters ten games without pay for conduct detrimental to the team after the incident on the team charter last Thursday waiters second suspension of the season he experienced a what's being called a panic attack on the team flight from Phoenix to LA after consuming a THC infused edible ESPN insider Bobbi marks I would be stunned if we ever see Dion waiters back on the court again you know in in Miami I would be really surprised just by I guess we always talk about culture down there right as far as him with the with he culture there so you kind of just wait it out I wouldn't do anything with a buyout of course because you don't so much money but you just kind of played out and you try to I guess kind of give your distance to him as far as him being part of this group here and on Tuesday it's the heat hosted the pistons also on Tuesday schedule Lakers playing in Phoenix LA off to a seven and to start sustainable ESPN's Dave McMenamin lebron James how can this be sustainable through eighty two games that at some point you know he told me he has no plan the load and spend some point you figure he since and also at some point you figure it out for him to be really this amped up in November and he's going to do it for seven more months in a row is that possible and so this is the lock to feeling cars about so far with this team but I don't think it's an open and shut case at all in terms of them being attended to favor general ninety has been radio brought to you by the new Shelby power Nitroplus premium gasoline now with four levels of defense against drunk where corrosion and friction so the Lakers and Phoenix in action on Tuesday LA seven into this season also Tuesday Knicks and the bulls Nick's are not off to a seven to start they played ten games they lost eight of them many of them haven't been close for the last four games twenty point losses and on Sunday we heard from the front office they're not thrilled about it they came out today expected better from coach David fins Dale and the next really runny has been ready or Stephen a Smith laser jammer I'm just going to lose it I'm trying not to lose it I'm trying let me say this what date yesterday you don't want to fire the main before you fire him do I want to coach the tape what they did yesterday you will come out conference what are straight right what the Cavaliers school and literally straight thanks we were supposed to be better than what you really don't what one to have an impromptu press conference in the immediate aftermath of a game L. loss against the hapless Cleveland Cavaliers you expected to be better I believe Steve mills should be drug tested for that statement what the hell you mean you thought you were going to be better we all know you know what they're going to be what Bob vagrants cops and changing the cop look at four dollars so they could get a male found a way to tell me that Mexico stake this year you know yeah I swear to god you're looking over FCC airwaves all my lord if there was ever a time that I wish that I wasn't restricted by FCC airwaves if this the president of basketball operations is sitting here with a straight face telling us that you expect it to be better you to state you do to date of his bill and Abbas do you understand David is this done I am telling you he has been under the box it's a great responsible we you draw Davis is still on a bus ten games why see YA going to cover you know you know what we do have to xerneas paean radio rockfall New York mixture to an eight so the giants judge in two and seven but there are no more unbeaten teams in the NFL that's not exports are all my continues its ESPN radio.

Rudy eighteen six percent ninety two percent four dollars