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The Cabin with Bert Kreischer & The Trial of the Chicago 7

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The Cabin with Bert Kreischer & The Trial of the Chicago 7

"Edward David eyes it is the worst part of the whole thing with you a hundred percent. It's so beautifully shot. It's the sad the water and the pieta seen and I tell the kids every time every time somebody dies in somebody's lap by saying look a. A Cena. And finally the kids are catching on cuz when I was in film school like I I've made a couple of movies and and I always try to put a Phi seeds and but it only made sense in one of my movies. So I so I have one and wait, what is it? In a world where you only have trailers and posters to judge a movie Jim and Ted strike out to answer the age-old question. Will you see it? Hey Ted, it's a little bit of a short week episode 131. Welcome to Thursday. Not that Thursday this Thursday off. That means it's it's not the day that we it's a day that we dropped but it's also the day we recording next week's episode. That's right. And it's also the day that the the first football day of the week, you know, nowadays. Yeah. They're now it steals. Yeah, I'm pretty soon football is going to be like a weekly not weekly. It's gonna be like a daily occurrence man. I don't see this guy for like five six weeks needs like twice in a week. I don't have to do. All right. Let's get to some beer. I heard you went to whole paycheck to get some beer. That's right. I went to whole paycheck, but you get whole Whole Foods. I got some modern times. I didn't go too crazy. I was looking at some of their twenty $20 beers and I'm like really have that much. They have a couple they have like three or four of the you know, the cork topped with Little cage on it, you know. Oh, yeah. Yeah, but it's one with a modern times virtual future virtual future. There you go. We're talking a lot about virtual stuff. Yeah. So it's a it's a West Coast IPA. Cool. We're back in the west coast we better get back into the West Coast like the Beatles in the west coast and all right. Well, you're opening and pouring tell me I don't know if you've ever had this on the show, but I've had it. Okay simple everyday Anchor Steam. Yeah. Yeah just a good solid, you know twelve ounce bag. I think it's only like, I think it's like a 4.9. It's a couple anything under seven beard juice. Yeah. Well, we're clearly in mid midweek midweek. I gotta walk the morning man. The last thing I need is like a 10% or like right before better me, too. Me too. I was actually thinking about only drinking half of this thing cuz it's like drinking say I don't know. It's a 19.2 ounce or off. USA percent. Oh my God, then I definitely 19.2 hours. I just finished it. Yeah, you got all night. We got all that. You've had Anchor Steam before I mean, it's it's Steam Beer which means that they have a lager yeast that they treat similar to an a lease. So lager yeast ferment in colder temperatures Fountain warmer temperatures. So I think loggers off the top of my head will ferment about thirty-eight ish degrees. Whereas ales ferment like upper sixties low seventy degrees and change and what they do with this one. They do it like in the upper fifties low sixties. So do you think it's dresses the East out in the East is like, oh my God, I can't handle this. Oh, no, not at all. It's the opposite Mel. Is it out wage? What it no yeast love warm temps. Oh, okay, the warmer the better, but what happens is when you are in warm like you want to essentially ferment be wrong. At the lowest temperature possible to where you don't stall the fermentation. Okay, the warmer it gets then they start putting off like all these other off flavors and stuff. You know what I mean? They start like you took control it you want to have it very controlled if you can. Yeah. So essentially when you have an a leased, let's say you're doing an eighty degrees. Oh, yeah. The East is going to love you for that. But the beer is not going to taste very good. And when you do the same thing to The Lager yeast you raise the temp the East like it cuz they go they go they go crazy. It's just changes some of the flavor and that's where you get this Anchor Steam sort of a flavor is from that lager yeast warmer. So just a brief history of it way back when during the gold rush and everything there was a wild East strain that they found dead and they didn't have refrigeration and all this stuff. So they were just like wow these yeah, they were just brewing beer with this wild beasts train with like dead. On refrigeration and just doing what they could do with it and it made the steam beer and it was considered at the time like low-class beer Blue Collar Blue Collar. Yeah, exactly working man, you know, like we got some of that Steam Beer this, you know, it's like, you know, we don't want that. You know, we want the yellow fish for Milwaukee, you know, it's so funny. So funny that you said that because whenever I see ankerstein Steen or steam steam with an M right steam like as in the steam room like steam room. Yeah whenever sees Anchor Steam, I always think of Monterey Jack and Monterey is exactly that Monterrey's like upscale now totally but but back in the day and was Cannery Row it was Blue Collar as Blue Collar could be you know. I haven't yeah. Yeah bring in the fish can everything who is the guys Steinbeck right back? That's right. Yeah. That the expose right? Yeah. The horrors of The Cannery of Cannery Row. Yeah, like up to the Sinclair in the map. Chicago. Yeah. All right. What's your beer do what do you like about it? Like it's it is a so, it's an IP. So can't go wrong with the IP a solid all the time. It's Freer than I expected from Modern Times expected more of a happiness. Okay, but yeah. No, I solid. I can't really replace it. Not memorable. But but yet a solid IPA. It doesn't make sense. I don't even know. How was yours. How you doing here? You know? Oh, I mean, it's yeah, it's it's an Anchor Steam. It's it has it lager flavor, but with like a real twist to it now that I know that when we go back to Monterey cuz I feel like we're probably pretty good go to Ralphs and probably find it. I don't I only I only drink it in Monterey. Okay? Okay, I'll drink it with like oysters and and Anchor Steam. All right, that's it. I'm getting oysters juice. An Anchor Steam we're going to Frank's and shuck an oyster. And then just because that's what you said. All right. So yeah, how's your week this week? Yeah, I mean, you know work week long struggle and with the school and the kids and having them right right next to me that joke or not joke, but that comic Hanson. Yeah. It's like 2 on the nose. It's so painful. Like I was I couldn't even like Find humor in it because I was just every every like step of the day that she had I was just like, oh God, I'm living this thing. It's like a nightmare every step in the progression of this hero, you know, not all heroes wear capes and you know the parents and the and the teachers are are doing God's work. Oh man, and and the way she put it when you get to the point where you think you have everything like nailed down and I mean every day it's like a scavenger hunt trying to figure out Links are and stuff. Yeah, it's like no, where is it? Now? It was just here yesterday my head so the iTunes mightiness, you know is was in full effect. What was this today or yesterday the days all meld together, you know and and the teacher so one of his slides he had like eight slides to do and he had done seven of them and were like, where's your age sliding goes? There's no wait slide. There's no X line. So he had done the work on majority of these lights and he's like, it's Lionel just you know, I'll just text my teacher and he left a voicemail for his teacher the teacher in the chat stream, right the teacher wrote a voicemail back and she's like, I'll replace the aid slide. So but she didn't do it. She just restored it to the original which like blew out all his work off. Okay, and he's losing his mind over here and I'm just like, all right, and this is a this is Google, you know, I mean at work, we have Version Control, you know, you could hop in here and get some versions. I like move over wage. Over so he moved over I got in there. I found the versions I backed it up a couple of versions and then adds like well, you're going to lose the the new slide. I was like, that's fine. I'll do it as a copy, you know, you'll save it as a copy. So I saved as a copy. I said sure do not use all over this thing and then because that was the copy or whatever because then because it was the one that that didn't have any information on it off. I said this will be the basis cuz it's do not use cuz it's the the last thing that she put on there. The only thing we need to do is take the one slide off and put it into the work that he had done to the previous version. So yeah so long we finally got it all together. And we you know, I made sure I proofed his works and it showed all the stuff and then you click turn in, you know, and he'd click turn in but it had both of them attached with the ones that do not use and the other one so the teacher wrote back she goes it looks like you're still missing some stuff and you know, so it's like and I was like he looked the one that said do not use birth. So we'll we'll get it all straightened out to our Fridays have been quite the day. Do you guys have a different day on Friday for the kids? It's like a catch-up day like so what they do is they go Monday and Tuesday's school day standard school like 8 to 2:30. Let's say Wednesday's like a half day. They're done at 10:30 and then Thursday Friday. It's like kind of back to regular school. And the reason they do that is they give the teachers a chance for catch up and it allows for like teachers who are working on campus or things that are going on campus. It's like everybody's there are two days to custodians come in deep clean the rest of the day Wednesday teachers get a chance to do all their kind of catch-up work as do the kids. Oh, okay, and then Thursday Friday are kind of like regular school days as well. So they break it up in the middle of the week to kind of catch up on covid-19 and also catch up on like I don't know web app. A collaboration load up whatever they do and stuff, you know. Yeah. I mean, I'm a big I'm a big fan of that that schedule I think it's the it's the way to do it and I think if we could go back to the office that that would be the definitely the my choice of how to go back to the office two days then a work-from-home day Wednesday and then two days. Yeah and people come in and deep clean the office stuff and get everything back. Right? Exactly. So, how about you? How was how was your week? Did you do anything fun? It was good. Yeah, I bottled some beer. So I did a batch job and I think it was while you guys run your trip. So I had the Scottsdale and it's the one I made in the past. But while I was getting all the stuff out of the fridge, so I have like the Grain and then I have yeast and I have, you know, like the Hops and stuff and some of it needs to be refrigerated like the Hops and I'm getting everything out of the fridge and I come across all these hops like what are these hops from some thinking of myself? What? Yep? A p did I not use these hops? Oh, so well that that appears already been had so it's all gone. Not this current one. No, no. No, I just had two ounces of Columbus hops, is that a ladder a little I'm very sorry for not it's a lot because Columbus has a high alpha acid. Okay, so and two ounces of it is is a lot. So Alpha acids what leads to the bitterness and everything so I'm like well the Scottsdale I think was supposed to have like a 20 i b u or something by the time I was finished it had like a 95 IBU. So I thought you know, I put I blended all the Hops wage then it was supposed to have plus these extra two ounces. I found I broke him into six different distributions for the Hops schedule. So every ten minutes seemed like I put in one and that started the boil then at 50 minutes. I put the next 40 minutes and so on all the way to zero just to see what would happen, you know? Yeah, and so anyway bottled the beer and log At warm and young just out of the out of the car boy from fermenting. It is awesome. I can't wait to have it and I bottled it about 2 weeks ago. So that was long past week, but about two weeks ago. So two weeks in the bottle. I'm going to crack one for me and Frank tomorrow to see how it is sweet and I'll send one home to you nice so you could have it on the show or whatever. But yeah, it was just like I said the flat Warmness the only taste I had so we'll see how it turns out. It should be ready to go see taste it while you're bottling it you take you give a little taste to just see if the office hours are are getting there. Well, yeah, what I do is actually is a bottling and I didn't keg this when I bottled it cuz I wanted a gauge in a little bit but what you do is, you know, you kind of go through boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom boom, you know, you gotta put sugar in it and stuff. But before I do any of the sugar before I do and you know, the the the cane sugar corn sugar, I'm sorry the corn sugar before I do any of that I go through boom boom. Boom. Boom boom, you know and Ed. And you want to get all your bottles going and then I put Cask East in the bottles because a lot of my East drops out for some reason. I don't know why that means there's no yeast left to carbon but what I do though is I take just a little bit and I put it in like a tall tube. Yeah, and that's where I drop in the hydrometer to see what my final gravity is. Yeah, because I don't want to put any sugar in that's not yet fermented because then you know, it might throw up my numbers whatever so I see what that is, and just for the sake of cleanliness and I don't want to add contamination and everything. Yeah, you're not going to put that back right? So I always drink that and that's like my first foray into is this we're going to be good or not. And then you know, I drink that would then while I'm doing it's usually equivalent to probably like eight ounce beer or something. Okay? Yeah, you get like a good amount. I've actually dead. Depending on how on on how much alcohol that little bit that I that I taste. Oh, yeah, sometimes I get so buzzed up for that. Otherwise short week not much to report other than the school was and all that. Right right, which everybody in the world is experiencing when you see that, Q just like yeah, it's it's exactly like Global home and and even to think that some of these teachers also have kids that are in school, you know, I mean, they both be the teacher and then their kids don't owe. So we had we had the I had the most awful experience. If you tell he had he had the the president of you know, the the channels and whatever the the whole cable networks. So after the fox merger and the Zetas and that doesn't include Disney plus that's not well, no not does he he doesn't Disney plus doesn't fall under him but he's you know, he's he's a very good job. A fox executive. Oh a fox executive of fox executive that came over. He I think he reports directly to Bob. So he's like one step away from Bob or if not, I think he has one step away from home, but Bob definitely knows his name. So he's giving he's giving a speaker series to us, you know, there's like four hundred and ninety people like watching Zoom, you know, and there's a moderator and the guys moderating and halfway through this this you know, this awesome lecture on on diversity and inclusion took his his British. So it's like hold on and his and his wife walked into the room and she's off camera, but she is like, hold on I could speak to my wife for a second same you to zoom and you can see him talking there a little bit these kind of, you know joking and they're serious for a second that he's joking again. And and because that's my wife everybody. She goes home. Not just you know, it's not just the moderator. There's four hundred and some and then she just yells off camera. She says Hi everybody and then she walks out of the room off but I thought wow, well, you know it's like and and I told the story to an and hands like what's your point and I was like, oh, I just thought it was a funny story. I'm sorry, you know, it's like we're all struggling under the pressure of trying to work at home and like having these different inputs and people that so it's it's the thing about being in a place like when you're at the office you're all at the office and you all kind of know the you have a camaraderie that is very similar, but the four of us are all here and we're all doing things but we're all doing very disparate different things. Right? We're all in the same geographical space. So it's just there's a there's a tension there's attention to it. It's it's it's so hilarious because I see the same stuff in dog. Meetings and everything I'll be presenting a report or something and the dog will walk up and he'd like nudges his nose under my hand cuz he wanted a pet him or one time. You know, I'm sitting here talking about something next thing, you know of a red lightsaber flies across my forehead. I know cuz bikes like swinging it and all you hear in the background is you know, like Darth Vader and it was like all the go and like no you're not my father. Yeah, you know and it's hilarious, you know, and every once in a while, I'll have fun like a virtual background and then you see one of the boys heads pop. It looks like because I don't see him coming, you know? Yeah because if I didn't have the virtual background I could see them kind of course. Yeah, but I have the virtual background next thing, you know, their face pops in and poop. It pops out and then like they think it's funny and it's like yeah in and out. Yep. And how many how many years ago was that one guy that was giving his you know, his his his guest spot on a news show on CNN or something and hit the volume. Yeah. Yeah that that is their life. That was like I think it was like in March or April or something was definitely like last year. But yeah, but no but it was it was during covid-19. Oh, it's was a pretty covered. I'm sure it's pretty covered because when covid-19 like people started doing that pretty regularly and they were like this guy is completely off the hook, you know, and the wife comes in and off and like funnels the kids out the door. Yeah tries to get about a come out. All right, so let's get into it a little bit. Okay the cabin with okay start with that one. Yeah. I wanted to start with that for a reason you'll get it. Okay, tell me I could but yeah the cabin with Bert Kreischer so Netflix original series coming out. Yeah bath. So what do you think? I I like it. I mean I like the concept I like the comedian. I don't know if you're familiar with the machine his stand-up routine. No, I'm not. Oh God. Okay. I will send you some of the funniest 10-minute the the funniest 10 minutes at about him and the Russian mob like he was on a train in some you know in a up and he he ran into the Russian mob and you know, it's it it takes turns that you wouldn't see coming and then he and then he cut his part of his stick is that he does his show topless like he likes to take his shirt off but he's not in a he's not a classically attractive. You know, he looks like me a probably, you know a little bit probably saw them. Well, he looks like more like a well I would say body-wise like a Drew Carey or something. Yeah, you know, yeah, right, you know, he doesn't care. So yeah so long And so this is cool. Like I like the the setup of the trailer the trailer sets it up really? Well. I love the kids asking if he's in rehab right? It's real if it's staged but it off but it's so awesome that they would ask, you know, and then the thing that made me like it was just something to watch for a little bit but then when it had Caitlin are in it, I was just like oh man like this comedian is like no, you know, it's one of its one of Bill Burr's best friends and I'm not I'm saying Bill Burr's like would take off. It's just they're just no-nonsense guys, right? So it's like if they were they wouldn't say anything behind your back. They wouldn't say to your face. So when there's that tension with Caitlyn Jenner that is palpable, but yet playful. I just thought that was just this this evocative possible train wreck that I just want to see and I'm not and I'm not in birth. You know, I'm not a big Kardashian fan. I'm not a big, you know Caitlyn Jenner fan or or now even forgot what Jenner what is off? But yeah, so that was that was my hook that that just secured me for at least one episode. That'll put that'll come in episode 8 or something. So you're going to be but it's all it all it all drops at the same time even do. Oh, that's right. That's true. Yeah, and I think you know, like you said how you know like Bill Burr they're no-nonsense guys and everything and if you didn't know like if you were to watch bird for the very first time you're going to be like wow, this guy's a jerk or whatever, you know, the way he comes across the way he talks about things, you know, he's vulgar and any right? Well the way like it says Gangnam Style. Yeah, and then you learn that he's married to a black woman, right and it puts a perspective like where the guys coming from and what is comedy is about and it all month. Makes him funnier, you know because it like relieves some of the jerkiness and it allows the comedic sense to shine through I think and and I think when you get through that comedic style, which is I think it's totally a style. I think there's a genuineness and there's a there's a deeper thought there's a there's more of a meditation on on just the everydayness of what you're talking about. You know what I mean? So it's like that's why his his podcast the Monday morning podcast is like three hours of just him like being at his house and doing stuff. You know, it's like it is the most esoteric kind of podcast where it doesn't even matter what he's doing what he's saying. It's there's parts of it that are you know, enthralling so I think about that and then this and then now they have a podcast together where they both are on the same podcast and they oh do they really and they just kind of chat with each other so hilarious though. It's it's crazy. So, you know, I think that that has kind of sparked my interest in this well in this strikes me is like a non reality reality show. Okay. Do you know off like in a way it's because reality shows are kind of like they go out they recruit people and then there's like some weird competition that makes it like this is real but then if it's real this competition wouldn't exist. But yet it's almost like Bert invites a bunch of buddies over and he's like, hey, come on check it out. I decided to start keeping bees, you know, and they just walked over to see whether these are areas. Like, you know, he just comes up with like it's kind of like a board guy with money. Hey, let's see how well we can throw axes right or whatever it is, you know, and and it's just he and his buddies like drinking and doing dumb stuff and then it's almost like it's like it's almost like college off. Already frat boy nonsense, but they're like middle-aged guys, right? So, you know, we you know, we as the Willits are big big fans of somebody feed Phil right and off basically Phil Rosenthal the producer of Everybody Loves Raymond traveling around the world and eating in different cities and then doing a documentary series on each City back then and then on top of that there was this recently the more recently there was a oh, I forgot his name from a hold on High School Musical I should know in a High School Musical Zac Efron Zac Efron. Yeah. So more recently. There's a Zac Efron Series where he traveled around the world and talked about environmental concerns and had these great how long this is around the world. It's almost like Bert like saw these things and you know, Netflix and him and his manager and his agents are getting together like you should travel the world and off. Have you know famous people or do do things around the world is like screw that I'll go to a cabin in the woods and it'll be great. I don't have to travel the world. People will come to me right off. That's too funny. Yeah. I mean, I'll definitely give it a episode or two. It might be good trainer fodder or something where you can like turn off your brain a little bit off. Yeah not have to follow some deep story, you know with silent rape scenes, you know, and and yeah, I just goofy now. It's yeah, it's just goofy like Good Times. Yeah good times that the guys having with his buddies barbecuing in the woods drinking some beers throwing axes. You know what I mean calling? Yeah paintballing shooting trying to shoot apples off of your head with a cold air or whatever. That is crazy. That was yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Yep. Definitely give it an episode or two and if it's fun and it's like I said, even if it's like trainer fight or something then yeah watch a few more for sure good deal. All right, the trial of the Chicago seven comes out of Netflix and Select theaters. So what do you think Select theaters because that's their way of saying we wanted to come out nationally, but we're only took them out where they let us know. I think it's more about like it's still Academy and and it's also this cast they put together this cast is like a, you know movie there big time celebrities and they they're movie stars. So they I think they also need a movie that is not just a streaming service. You know, they want they want people to know that the Iraq exactly. Yeah, the money money money was spent this product, you know, not just streaming money, which Netflix proved is not as you age. The same if not more than fill money. But anyway, so yeah, it's feels like a movie. It's it is extremely topical feels like it's just right for the time of the social upheaval that we're experiencing and this is a social upheaval that feels like a snapshot in the past. But so relevant to the present, you know, yeah, I mean, I would agree with that. I think the main difference though is one was like anti-war protesting and today it's more social and rest and systemic problems with racism and write those sorts of things the cause might be a little bit different but I think the underlying segments of society and the way through felt that they were and you know, when you think about like Vietnam and everything, I mean who's going to war and who's getting drafted right non college kids, right? I mean, maybe it wasn't necessarily black dog. Was more working-class or blue collar kids, right? Even if they were white, right? So you're looking at maybe a more of a with maybe there cause it's more classism than it was racism with regarding the anti-war side of it. But then yeah, I mean and you know, the these were the hippies you're familiar with the hippies. Yep hippies the hippies hippies hippies hippies. No hippies. Happy's and hippies were hippies. What's a hippie? I don't know you'd be know the hippie was the youth international party was like a political party that they were trying to create or whatever you crazy Chicagoans come up with a crazier stuff. Yeah, but what's Abbey Hoffman, you know, he was like the main dude. Okay, and the one thing I want to see though. I'm not sure how much you know of it. I don't that's why I said Chicago in the title, and I was like, Jimmy will inform me. So two of the defendants Hoffman and Rubin they show up in court, you know, there were well there initially there were eight, but I think one dog Guys are something wound up getting like this court date has court was either prior to it or he got indicted earlier. I'm not really sure what happened but it wound up being seven thousand. So two of the guys show up to to court and they're wearing judge's robes. Oh, wow. So the judge of course orders them to take off the robe because they can't they can't wear the robe and the court so they must have known because they take off the robe and the wiring Chicago police uniforms. Yeah. It was it was I hope that that that's gotta be in there man. It's gotta be I mean, it's like famous, you know, and but you know, and the other thing I'm excited about this too is it's like it looks like a great dialogue movie with Aaron Sorkin. Come on. Yeah, and it's not going to be one of those explosion movies. I mean explosion movies are explosion movies, right? Every movie has its place. Yeah. Exactly. Yep. But I think like we get we go down these rabbit holes and societally and culturally we just it's like one explosion movie after another. Yeah, and it's like our attention span can't handle a log know you need a respite you need you need a a pace change and this is a this is a courtroom drama, you know, like a Few Good Men like some of the best movies are courtroom dramas and and courtroom dramas have this Empire. He just and so amazing and Sacha Baron Cohen, like seeing Sacha Baron Cohen in this role in the little bits that I saw him in like I'm excited to see him kind of stretched to this to this space to this point. He's not Borat that's not the bar at. I can actually real a real acting role like a real acting role and and like real chops. And he's I think he I think I've only you know, the fact that you could pull off. Off of Borat or you know do one of these characters Ali Ali G. You know, right right. If you could do this characters and stay in character, then you know, you know, you have the chops, but you don't really take it seriously. So this is I like this it feels like he's taking it. Seriously. He's getting to work with Aaron Sorkin, you know, and it's like that's kind of a great thing and and for us in a trailer junkies whenever I say Aaron Sorkin and I, you know thrown back to Molly's game, which is like our first episode. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That was that was like one of the first episode maybe if not our very first I think it was our fairy First episodes either that or 12 strong. I think those are the that might have been that might have been second whatever it is. Don't go listen to them. Nothing really better now, at least he sound better now, that's right. Hopefully, yeah, you know and the and the reason why I wanted to do this one second is because it gets home. Been into what we've been watching. Well before we get into that, let me back up and say yeah, this is a must-watch like there's no way no how I won't watch. Of course. I will. Yeah. I mean, it's just it's all around. It. Looks like an awesome movie. I'd love to again watch this one with my Uncle Bud because you know, he well he was a city worker at the time and he works streets and sanitation and essentially a garbage man, you know and a plow driver and so on work in the plows and such and he was dead. He talked about during the sixty-eight convention and the riots and all the stuff that was going on in Chicago. I mean this exact movie really about how they got the office workers in the in the the trash trucks and everything to like barricade streets really can't get through and so he was like almost as a city employee a city a city job. Parker Street the sanitation. He's like on the front lines trying to like walk Marchers and all that stuff, you know and ordered by Mayor Daley and everything. I mean watching this with him, it would be awesome, you know, because he was he was like right there living it. Yeah, but yeah, I would assume you're going to watch this too. I mean, so we have two two trailers this week both Netflix. There were other things that I saw that I kind of wanted to cover. But the this had this this very nice juxtaposition of of of aesthetically highbrow lowbrow, you know kind of thing but but as we've described, you know, we're there there are definitely value to both of these products. They're both on Netflix. So there's no barrier to entry no no no friction keeping us from this and I think you said it best. I mean, sometimes you need respite. Yeah, and and you were talking about respite to explosion movies, right? But I think you know, I mean, there's hurricane. Fires and pandemics and crazy election season and I mean like school. Oh and the whole school. Yeah, everything is just Insanity right now, like wage the markets like at record highs Plumbing right never thought you would beat the past record. It's high again higher than it was right plummets again. I mean, sometimes you just need like stupid like cleverly stupid right read, you know, you just to sit there and turn off I need to turn off from all that's just like negativity of whatever climate change and people yelling at the T and keep it, you know, I mean, you gotta go to these things sometimes, you know, just yeah just to take a break, you know, and but the thing about it though that I wanted to say with regard to like the Chicago seven, right and looking at you know, where we are with them. Been watching and you said you only watched half of it or whatever and you know, and I watched the whole thing. And and like I said, I think the the second half might have been a little better than the first half of the social dilemma. Okay, and that's just came out on Netflix like a week ago. So I watched it and you know, it's pretty much like how social media is causing all the civil unrest and I think what what's fascinating is civil unrest whether it's something like the Arab Spring or it's George Floyd protests or we just need the most recent one with the the acquittal or maybe not quibble but it was like the non-prosecution of Brianna Taylor's Killers. Yes. Yeah, you know what you would call them like one of them was like dating that dated. What's the the one of them was was charged with firing his weapon into into a neighbor's apartment or something. Yeah. It was something non like wage. Murder related or something. He was the one that didn't shoot Brianna Taylor, right? But he's he gets he gets like a dated or something. Yeah, you're not indicted but he has charged he gets charged. Guess the other guys get off, right, you know, whatever. We don't need to go down that thing but but what I'm saying though is and then and then like protest art and whether they're peaceful or they're not peaceful but most of these were peaceful fortunately but in the sixties though, they did all of that stuff whether it was in Chicago or it was in San Francisco or wherever it might have Berkeley and suck sea, come on GC. Ya bisi. Perfect one the bus boycott in Alabama Yea, Alabama. Yeah, like all that stuff, you know was all done without social media. Yeah. The organization is amazing. So when you think about how could people organize and protest get their point across? You know March whether it's in Washington or it's in Mississippi or wherever what they were doing in the sixties dated all of that without any of the social media you strip social media for people today. They're going to start walking in the walls. They won't know what to do and they will be so lost. And the the the reason I bring that up is I think there's something to the cultural fabric an organization and networking and the human connection when you do it off like playing the ground game, right? Right, right. We're like modern day social media and Twitter and everything. It's like too easy. Yeah, you know like one tweet and it's like it's like the nuclear option almost every everything every every time every time is the nuclear option right? It's like yeah it hits it is everywhere at once for everything. You know what I mean right home. And you and you have this this feedback loop from social media that you see you put a post up you put an Instagram picture up you put you know, anything up on social media page and you get feedback you get likes you get, you know retweets you get all that stuff. And when you get that you get very sensitive to offer this kind of post was successful, you know, it got hundreds of retweets. There's all that you know, and then this post wasn't so even without any kind of analytics you have this this visceral this gut-level analytics. That's like, oh when I put something like this I get, you know, like when I post puppies I get tons of likes and then when I post just me then I don't you know, so right I'm going to post tons of puppy pictures, you know with my face on that. So it's it's this it's dead. It's a cycle and it's this trap and and there's definitely a stickiness to it that that has its place and it has benefits but I think about you know what those what those experts what those engineers and what those people in the docks were saying was that you know, you take the good to take the bad, you know, and it's like it's so much bad like you just for the amount of good that it's done. It's done equally as much bad well and as they were saying No One Believes that anybody who creates a social platform, you know, whether Instagram or Facebook Twitter any of them WhatsApp, no one goes into its saying I want to like influence elections and create social upheaval around the world and stuff. I mean, I think they truly went into it believing that they were going to do, you know, they were going to connect people they were going to make families stay in touch across the country club. Whatever, you know, they know I really feel that in their mind. They were altruistic. It's just when you play a i when you play against AI in a video game or you play online against a real human people do things that are extremely unpredictable that you can't ever think through people come up with very unique ways to solve problems and sometimes their problems are like influencing elections, you know or whatever. Yeah. Well, here's here's a here's a small sample a small small strawberry of what what exactly what you're talking about. Like, I like playing Monopoly like so much so that like my son and embrace and I love to play Monopoly but you know drag the board out the game takes about two hours, you know, right and and it's it's such a laborious undertaking. I got Monopoly on the phone, right so you can play Monopoly Against the Machine or against the computer all day long, you know. Yeah, but wage When you play against a computer, I beat the computer like if you know if the dice fall like seventy percent of the time I can beat the computer, right? So it's like not so challenging but you get people involved and like depending on the three other people that are in the room with you like those people even if they're not good at it. Just the the, you know, sometimes you'll play with somebody so stubborn that they don't trade anything, you know, nobody's got you know monopolies on anything and then they're like I was like, all right. Well, you're just the first one I'm going to have to take out because you are trading with anybody, you know, so it's it's right. It's the there's a there's a stubbornness and there's a Savvy to the human equation that that isn't you know out of course the AI is kind of very simplistic and in this game cuz it's not really full but but yeah, so when you have the human element it definitely adds a flavor to it. So think oh, did they talk about Google home? First principle or whatever first Do no harm or something first Do no harm. Yeah, they talk about that. Yeah, they yeah, they they they did bring that up. I love they said there's no-one there's no-one villain in this page. Right? But the the Facebook lawyers told me to say that there's no one villain in this day know and I think you bring up a good point when you're saying that you when you're playing against the computer versus a human sometimes if you you have two people who equally know and understand the game or or whatever it is you're doing but say a game because they understand it at such a high level and they can work the game in ways that are so complex. Sometimes that makes them predictable because you you're you're also complex and you're expecting complex when you get somebody who is playing Monopoly for example, Chess or something and they're not complex and they don't even know what the heck they're doing and they're just throwing Dice and things and picking cards and it's like and you think to yourself like make sure they're easy to beat but at the same time you're like, why are they you don't know where they're going to go next? Yeah, there are so unpredictable because you're like, why are they doing this movie worst move they could do you know what they were you know, what the the first is the worst is fantasy football. Oh, right. If you get people in fantasy foot like I have like the the people that have. Fantasy football with for the past seven years and it's great because they're just a bunch of guys all over America are friends that move back. We went to Maine with he's the commish. Oh, okay, you know so so I was like we played for a really long time with him. But all these guys we are home kind of serious about it like so we're all serious. We're all up on it. It's great. So you win you lose it's it's predictable. It's great. Everybody has a good time, but then the work week comes off. And there's like all these people that are draft time. They're losing their mind the traffic they're drafted crazy and they're putting people in and they're doing trades and they shouldn't be doing and I'm like what's going on here if I had known this is going to happen. Like it's it's it's completely unpredictable. Oh and in Monopoly right before like I'll be ready to take somebody out and it'll be you know coming up on my my hotel row and I'm like, all right, it's coming, you know, you just land anywhere by hotels and you're out and they'll they'll like commit suicide though. I give all their stuff to somebody for a dollar and then they'll just like they knew that they're going to die on the next move, but just to screw me because I was been taking them out slowly over time. They'll just like, all right. I'm going to selling all my property to this other dude, that's called. No bite. Hoping that he takes you out, right? That's so funny, man. But yeah, yep. You know and that's I think one of the big issues when you look at these platforms is so on as you know, they start with ultra with altruistic means I truly believe that but people are unpredictable political states have agendas you encounter people who are extremely Savvy with how to disseminate information to counter that information. You're already playing defense, which means you already suck it what you're doing, you know, and and it's just yeah, it's, you know, if you could control the information space it doesn't I mean flat-earthers and such right? I mean You know, if you heard people have you heard about the bird people? Oh, yeah birds are real. Yeah, right, you know and and but you know here here's one of the main issues though, you hear flat-earthers or anti-vaxxers, whatever it might be but you hear flat-earthers and you're thinking of yourself and how could anyone believe that but then you hear the men because they start feeding it to you because you clicked on something even if it was by accident now, you're down the rabbit hole on YouTube or something right Twitter for some reason. They know you're into it and every platform is feeding this stuff and over and over and over you're seeing Flat Earth or propaganda. You start believing like well, maybe it is a flatter but I mean that might be a bit of an extreme but think about a political though. Yes, I I agree with you wholeheartedly hear these misinformation stories and then every story gets slightly Twisted from the other story. Yeah, and it goes off. Kaepernick taking a knee because of like police violence and everything against black police brutality. Yeah, and after that story gets told a thousand times across all these platforms from all these people all of a sudden he's anti-military and wants it to be a Marxist state or something and everybody's like half a tank. You know, he's a he wants he's a communist or you know, whatever it is and that's how this stuff just goes insane. Yeah. Yeah, it definitely spirals out of control and you know part the wage the thing that really made me turn it off the thing that made me despair a little bit was within the first twenty minutes of this documentary. They ask you they started out they ask these guys who were like, oh, you know head head of engineering at Facebook and Google and stuff like that, designers know ask them. So they asked him what the problem is and very few of them can encapsulate the pub. Album which a guy who invented the like button and then they asked him how do you fix it? And nobody has an answer at all, right. I mean and then they interspersed these with weird dramatic scenes with big name actors, like big name young actors. I was like, it's very strange. Don't did you think the segments were strange saw you have the documentary side of it? And then you have like the live-action fictional side of it that's playing out what they're talking about. Right? That was a little bit odd because I did you need it. No is it it's not it's not necessary. No, I agree with you on that and I think someone like me someone like you we get what's going on and stuff. It's a documentary just took a documentary. My mom wants let's say I say Mom, you gotta watch this cuz like you're playing Candy Crush way too much. Right? Right, right and she gets on there and I don't know if dead. I mean, I you know, how they I don't know if you saw that part. I don't know where you bought out, but they had like the three guys and they had the virtual guy that they were trying to like real back in because oh I didn't see that. Okay. Not not got there yet, but it was essentially these these guys were playing the role of the algorithm. Okay, but if you don't know like what a computer is doing and how it took us functioning, even on even on a very basic level. You're wondering why these people are pushing buttons and you think to yourself are there really people manipulating me and it's like well known know the the software they wrote is manipulating you but it's people who wrote the software right? But if you don't understand that I think you're going to be like wow, there's people actually literally watching every making you know, and and it's it's it's yeah, that was a little bit odd. I think that was a bit odd thing is interesting that you when you put it like that because the algorithm it can log. It manipulates us for serve for sure, but it can't it can't move us a hundred eighty degrees from where we are, right? They can probably give us 30 to 60 degrees off which is which is extremely far off. But but it's got to start where we are and take us along a path. You know what I mean? It knows how to get from A to Z, but it knows that oh this person started going to ask. Okay, I start them in half and I take them through the progression but I don't think it's so far off that page does it only exposes what we are and to me that that was the that was the despair that I kind of felt when they said how do you fix this problem? And I was like, my answer was you can't fix the problem humanity. Is there another mean well, I don't think I don't think humanity is the problem. I think our lizard brain, right? Okay that has evolved to be social and makes social. Connections and over like Millennia we've evolved to have these social connections of like tens of people. Right? Right. I mean if you think about like a village, yeah hunter-gatherer Village. I mean what's in the I don't know five hundred people great a large one. Yeah a large one and that's like a massive Social Circle, you know, but the reality is the people you're closest with in life. It's like tens of people. Yeah, you're not close with you know, I got like 5000 friends on Facebook. But now you wind up in this world where it's not about the intimate connection. It's about you have 10,000 followers. And this person who likes has 30,000 followers. So you're thinking wow, they're more influential than I am, right. How do I get in there better Graces to than build up on their ladder and it's it's like it's not even anything about you know dead. Like intimacy, let's see or connection and you're using these platforms to just feed this inner Beast that we're not even that that way we've evolved to want to have but we don't have the cognitive ability to control it because it's so deep in our lizard brain to make a connection that we can't escape it in a cognitive intelligent way because it's too like visceral right? So I mean and off, you know, and it's like it's simple things, you know, Jim tagged head in the photo Ted gets email saying I tagged you in a photo if they just said here if they just showed the picture in the email that I thought the interactions over. Oh cool. I like that picture, right? Whatever you're at Disneyland that that was a fun day, but they don't do that. They they leave it ambiguous and you're and you're sitting there like, oh, I'm too long. Z next thing, you know, man, it's like your jaw starts moving like you have some you have some addiction grinding your teeth. And yeah your grind your teeth, you know, you need that dopamine hit and you're just like what picture could it be so you click through right and when you click through its like, oh that picture I got it and then what happens is let's say you're not really on Facebook much. Right and let's say somebody from your high school is not really on Facebook much maybe once every who-knows-how-long right every like six months. You're on Facebook. Well, the people who are on Facebook a ton, they're not going to offer you up as a recommendation. What they're going to do is put two people who are almost never on and recommend those to each other because once you guys connect the chances are higher that you're going to re-engage again and stay on Facebook longer, right? So it's like a game. It is manipulative in many ways to get right. All they want to do is keep you there and not make you go away so they could continue to sell to advertisement. It's like it's criminal in some regard. Well, it's like we were just like we always talk about you go down the YouTube rabbit hole of course and and it always ends in Russian dash-cam videos wage because they're so enthralling come on man life and death and and snow there's so much snow in those Dash company has no horses flying through the year anyway, so I'm pretty much that and I think that's all we watched. I don't remember. Well, we have a couple episodes left of the handmaid's tale, but that was last week's news. But yeah, we're we'll finish it took probably like I well I hate to watch any episodes with my in-laws cuz I'm not sure what Barbara would do, you know watching a silent rape scene at least they're South Yeah, maybe she'll fall asleep before they right but it's the dystopic future that I don't want to see happen due to social media. Yeah. So we we've done watching since we were at home this week. Can I interrupt really quick go for it. So since we talked last week and we we covered the Mandalorian episode 130. Yeah. We are replaying the first season Mandalorian. Oh nice. Yeah. So I think we're what are we up to solid for? I want to say and I will say that the second run through the second viewing of it. Huh is way better off the first view. Oh, that's good. Yeah. I mean I'm picking up on a lot of things. I'm I don't know how I missed like just the fact that are on post-apocalyptic Horace off. You know, that was one. I'm like, oh that's what that is. How the how the Empire's like. Well I knew the empire was over, but but it's just you just pick up on different things right off. It's nuanced in many ways. Yes, so watching that and the boys I have to say too. I thought it was going to be too dark the animated Clone Wars I think worth like season four now that's way darker than I know. I know that is like super Sinister. It has it has an edge and I think because it's animation to entice or to prove itself. It's like the little guy it has to like it has to punch above its weight. You know, it has to be more more has tested show more. Yeah than than than Mandalorian does because mandalorians live-action. So Mandalorian can kind of be, you know, consider speak softly and carry a big stick, you know, but but I think cartoons have to like carry a big stick and hit you over the head with it. Ya know the Mandalorian those second run through anybody wage. You know once I'd recommend watch it again before the all right cool season 2 comes out. Anyway, didn't mean to interrupt you. No worries. That's a good that's a good tip pro-tip. Yeah, and I wasn't a huge fan the first time I watched it. I am enthralled with it now and I think it's fantastic. It's a more respectful viewing. It's like your your appreciation for it has grown. Yeah, and I also like now I'm looking to see well which of the directors directed this one because we watched now that you saw that behind-the-scenes stuff with all the yeah, exactly. Exactly. So I'm a little bit more sensitized to like who's doing what and and how it came about and the way they filmed it and this and the the page I and not the AI. What what would you call like the oh the the video the volume the Sound Stage, right? Yeah the volume the sound stages of volume stuff and how that played into it and everything. So no, I think it's wrong. Really like and I just think that they'll that what is it eighty to ninety percent of the reflection in the mandalorians gear and his helmet is from the void. So they they replace the replace it. Would CG right CGI the actual plates the actual backgrounds but with the void, but the I'm sorry, not the void the volume you're doing it. I see right. I took that mistake somebody else made and I now I'm doing it. So the volume the the game engine projection is the reflections off just preserve that reflection and they don't have to do that in post. So yeah, I think that's to me that's that's incredible, you know, an achievement of of cinematography and and practical cinematography. That's just amazing credible. All right, so you been watching what now? So the family and I have watched we watched all of Harry Potter since we got back brace wanted to see it. So we've been shopping wage. I've been watching it little by little it's like what is it nine movies I think are eleven. I think there's seven movies six books and movies. I thought it was because I thought they broke some of them into to Disney movies. That was just the last one Deathly Hallows. They did Deathly Hallows one and two. Oh, okay. But anyway, I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I've seen the movies like five times so so so I finally have figured out that that I'm a huge fan of Dobby the house elf. I love it when David eyes it is the worst part of the whole thing with you a hundred percent. It's so beautifully shot. It's it's the sad the water and the pieta seen and I tell the kids every time every time somebody dies in somebody's lap. I say look a. A Cena. Scene and finally the kids are catching on cuz when I was in film school, like I've made a couple of movies and and I always try to put a Phi season, but it only made sense in one of my movies so I took off Have one and wait, what is it? It's you know, did you know the sculpture the pieta? I don't maybe I don't think so. So it's it's a very famous sculpture. Okay, one of the one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did it and it's way too famous. And it's where Jesus is laying across Mary's lap and he's dying her dead in his in her low. Sure. Yeah and it's and it's one of the most famous sculptures in the world. Oh, so anytime you see somebody dying in someone's lap. Yes, what the pieta seen it's like it's the it is this it is it is a connection. It is the most intimate connection you can show that's not but I mean, it's probably more intimate Than Sex You know, it's like it is supposed to be dying in your arms. Well, you see like in warm ooh, yeah, exactly. Yeah exactly same right, right. I think it has like three of them only see something so profound job. Tell my wife just tell me I didn't die in vain. So right so yeah, so that to me. So Davi man just like he does so much and he's in such a few scenes and it's like, you know, he to me, he wins he wins the day of all the movies. So that's what we watch as a family and took my own. I'm trying to watch the boys and the boys is very very good. But I just can't I don't know. I can't bring myself to watch it. I just there's a there's a there's something wrong. It's like, I don't know. I don't know. I'm a I'm a I'm a muscle through it's got its got great writing. It's got great stories. It has this beautiful female protagonist and an antagonist sphere that it's chasing right now. So I don't know the the the jury is still out, but I will try to finish this season and will report back. Yeah. I've done that with song. Is we're like, you know, you like it, you know you want to watch it but there's something about it. You're like, I just don't have the emotional fortitude to carry through right now because life is like you have to be in a mindset right that says I'm prepared for what's to come because there's just some shows that like, I'm not emotionally ready for what might be witnessed. Right? Well, so and they bring back Elisabeth Shue in the season and when they bring her back, I'm like, all right, just dreams dream sequence, you know what I mean? Cuz he killed there in the first season and if her season so I'm like a dream sequence, but the reveal after that it's not a dream sequence, but I won't give any more away but it is the Pennysaver watch it. But it's the same travel in in in in all of the whole series So Okay, cool. So that is the thing that is going to keep me watching things like that. Have you seen the Umbrella Academy Audrey is a big dog. And I hear it's amazing and and I tried to watch it. We couldn't get into it not her cup of tea. I mean it really hits me in the same vein as the boys. It has that same feel of the the crew. It's like it's right everybody trying to capitalize on The Ensemble superhero space of the Avengers and I just think you know, I think we're kind of all tapped out good way to put it we're kind of tapped out on it, you know. Yeah. No, I agree. And Clarissa wanted me to get into the Umbrella Academy. She started watching it and I think she's like two episodes in I said no we're doing other things. How about when we're done with these other ones we can start that one is one is I'm let's finish up a handmaid's tale and then we'll we'll talk. Yeah from what that's a big future to another so but yeah cool. It sounds like you guys had a lot of good fun watching what since you've been home with your hat with Harry Potter and stuff off. I watched all the movies once of the I think what is it seven books. I think I read four of the books. Okay course of read all the books probably like a half dozen times. Yeah. I read four of the books. I watched all the movies once some of the movies were watching me and that might have been either a we started him too late or I don't even know what it was. But yeah, I just I remember like struggling on some of them. I would say my biggest complaint with the Harry Potters is when they when they get into too much of the modern day. I don't know Muggles stuff. I love the castle. I love the wizard real of Diagon Alley, right, you know and all this stuff that goes like that when when they get into like more the more medieval side of of the Wizardry and stuff. I really enjoy the fantasy side of it, but I don't enjoy as like the flying cars and wage. You know, you know, I mean like just all that kind of stuff. It's just doesn't do it for me. You see like the time the the the period piece of it but not the fantasy the full fantasy like the game, you know, like the Whimsical fancy to write the as if today that are Wizards doing what they're doing and I'm just like a tool in their world, right? You're a muggle. I'm a muggle in their world wage. Yeah. So all right man episode 131 and how is the Bier that finish out here finished off? Nice like, you know, the whole thing like every I did the whole 19.2 bounces perfect and and like the bottle like the can suggest the beverage get all beverage contained herein is seriously bomb IPA pouring clean and gold notes of citrus tropical off now at the center's we think you'll be pretty glad you had those extra 3.2 ounces. That's a pretty good. How do you you know, no oysters no down. No Seafood that go with it. Exactly. Unfortunately, no Easter's but no, I think the thing I like about it though is in and you said this before with with the yellow Fizz lagers off when they get warm, they're kind of like the you know, yeah, this is a lager yeast brewed like a nail as it gets warm. It takes on more real light characteristics of it. So rather than it turning into that like God, I don't even want anymore because it's getting warm it actually like improves a little bit. Yeah. So yeah, it was good. It was good. I liked it. So awesome. All right, man and Thursday, we will talk well a week from tomorrow and episode 132, but 1:31 is in the que. Catch you later, man, and have a good one. Next week join Jim and Ted as they disarmed another Hollywood bomb or marketing Masterpiece. Remember the Holy Trinity of podcasting subscribe like and share. Special thanks to Jeremy Camp Jackson for the voice over and really oh for the music.

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